Jihad doesn’t stop for Easter… or Pesach

A statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in a small French village yesterday, the latest in a deluge of anti-Christian attacks in France which numbered almost 900 in 2018 alone.

Spain: Son of imam of Seville’s most important mosque plotted jihad massacre at Holy Week observances

Moroccan police arrest 23-year-old Zouhair El Bouhdidi, claiming the radical headbanger was plotting a terror attack in the Spanish city of Seville. He had been living in Spain for 14 years. Integration working out fantastically.

Where did Zouhair el Bouhdidi learn his Islam? Could it have been from Abderrahim Bouhdidi, his father and imam? Will the teachings of this mosque be investigated? Will it be shut down? Why not?

Denmark: Muslims Try to Attack Activist Who Threw Koran in the Air

Anti-Islam demonstration leads to huge riot.

A shocking video out of Denmark shows police bundling an activist into a van after he was attacked by Muslims for throwing a Koran in the air.

Lawyer and political campaigner Rasmus Paludan was surrounded by police and placed inside a cordon for the protest in Copenhagen.

The video shows him catching a copy of the Koran as it is thrown to him.

All hell then breaks loose as one Muslim man tries to attack Paludan while others began rioting.

The riots continued for the rest of the day, with rocks and fireworks being thrown at police.

The fire brigade responded to 20 fires while shops and cars were also torched.

Paludan said he was protesting against the 2015 Islamist Copenhagen terror attack.

One wonders what the response from Christians would have been in a similar situation.

Germany- Three AfD vehicles burned. Police believe the attack to be politically motivated.

European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched “Every Day”

by Raymond Ibrahim

  • In Germany, four separate churches were vandalized and/or torched in March alone. “In this country,” PI-News, a German news site, explained, “there is a creeping war against everything that symbolizes Christianity: attacks on mountain-summit crosses, on sacred statues by the wayside, on churches… and recently also on cemeteries.”


  • In virtually every instance of church attacks, authorities and media obfuscate the identity of the vandals. In those rare instances when the Muslim (or “migrant”) identity of the destroyers is leaked, the desecraters are then presented as suffering from mental health issues.


  • “Hardly anyone writes and speaks about the increasing attacks on Christian symbols. There is an eloquent silence in both France and Germany about the scandal of the desecrations and the origin of the perpetrators…. Not a word, not even the slightest hint that could in anyway lead to the suspicion of migrants… It is not the perpetrators who are in danger of being ostracized, but those who dare to associate the desecration of Christian symbols with immigrant imports. They are accused of hatred, hate speech and racism.” — PI News, March 24, 2019

In February, vandals desecrated and smashed crosses and statues at Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, France, and mangled the arms of a statue of a crucified Christ in a mocking manner. In addition, an altar cloth was burned. (Image source: Eutrope/Wikimedia Commons)

Countless churches throughout Western Europe are being vandalized, defecated on, and torched.

In France, two churches are desecrated every day on average. According to PI-News, a German news site, 1,063 attacks on Christian churches or symbols (crucifixes, icons, statues) were registered in France in 2018. This represents a 17% increase compared to the previous year (2017), when 878 attacks were registered — meaning that such attacks are only going from bad to worse.

Among some of the recent desecrations in France, the following took place in just February and March:

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“Oak that is 800 years old doesn’t burn (just) like that….You would need a lot of kindling…”

How Difficult Was it to Set Fire to the Ancient Oak Beams of Notre Dame?

With thanks to Vlad Tepes & GoV

The following video features a TV discussion with the retired architect-in-chief at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. He says the 800-year-old oak beams are very difficult to ignite.

“Oak that is 800 years old doesn’t burn like that….You would need a lot of kindling to succeed.”

Nevertheless, French authorities are treating the disaster as an accident, rather than arson.

In other news:

Turkish Newspaper Celebrates Notre Dame Fire as Retribution for France’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Muslim Politician in Canada Says Notre Dame Fire Was “Divine Intervention”

French Journalist: Two Churches in France Are Vandalized Every Day and No One Gives a F***

Charlie Hebdo Uses Notre Dame Fire to Slam Macron

Lou Dobbs: It Was a ‘Political Decision’ To Rule Out Arson in Notre Dame Blaze
» Macron: Notre-Dame Will be Rebuilt as Fund Nears €1bn
» Notre Dame: What Happened?
» Notre Dame: Media Claim Prosecutors Have ‘Ruled Out Arson’ Before Start of Police Investigation
» Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: No Workmen on Site When Blaze Started
“Finally”: Swedish Leftist Journo Rejoices Over Notre Dame Fire
» 850 Years, Two World Wars, But “Some People Did Something”
Rita Panahi: Israel Folau-bashing just a clumsy tackle on free speech

“…atheists and fornicators, just like homosexuals, are doing nothing wrong or harmful to society”.

Have we become so supersensitive and censorious as a community that what is in the Bible is now regarded as “hate speech”?

“Is this still Spain or are we in Iran?

Spain: Does the Term ‘Islamist’ Constitute Hate Speech?

Spanish prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation to determine whether the secretary general of Vox, a fast-rising Spanish populist party, is guilty of hate speech for warning of an “Islamist invasion.”

by Soeren Kern

  • “The external enemies want to tell us how to run our country…. Angela Merkel and her fellow travelers, George Soros, the immigration mafias, believe that they can tell us who can and cannot enter our country. They demand that our boats pluck so-called castaways out of the sea, transfer them to our ports and shower them with money. Who do they think we are?” — Ortega Smith, Secretary General of the Vox party, Spain.


  • “These…. groups stand out not because of prejudice (‘Islamophobia’ or racism) but due to their being the least assimilable of foreigners, an array of problems associated with them, such as not working and criminal activity, and a fear that they will impose their ways on Europe…. Other concerns deal with Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, including Christophobia and Judeophobia, jihadi violence, and the insistence that Islam enjoy a privileged status vis-à-vis other religions” — Daniel Pipes, historian, “Europe’s Civilizationist Parties,” Commentary, November 2018.


  • “We all know about the lack of freedom, if not direct persecution, suffered by women and Christians in Islamic countries, while here they enjoy the generosity characteristic of freedom, democracy and reciprocity, of course, all of which they systematically deny….” — Santiago Abascal, President of the Vox party, “Trojan Horse,” Libertad Digital, December 2014.


  • “The left defends any gratuitous offense, even the most beastly ones, against Christians as ‘freedom of expression.’ At the same time, the mere fact of criticizing Islam is branded as ‘Islamophobia.’ …. Is this still Spain or are we in Iran?” — Elantir, blogger, Contando Estrelas.
Vox, a fast-rising Spanish populist party, describes itself as is a socially conservative political project aimed at defending traditional Spanish values from the challenges posed by mass migration, multiculturalism and globalism. Vox’s foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. Pictured: Santiago Abascal, President of Vox, arrives at a party rally in Granada, Spain on April 17, 2019. (Image source: David Ramos/Getty Images)


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Qanta Ahmed’s “Nothing-to-do-with-Islam”committed by “Islamists who hijacked true Islam”

Qanta Ahmed, Death Cap Mushrooms and Islam

Mateen Elass

“Radical Islam – also known as Islamism – is a deviant, fictional and extreme distortion of true Islam, perpetrated by Islamist Muslims who use it to justify hatred and lethal violence that in reality have nothing to do with Islam.”–Qanta Ahmed

Qanta Ahmed has created a fantasy Islam, one that exists in her mind and nowhere else. Qanta’s Islam is toxic and therefore not recommendable for infidel consumption. Some TV talking heads love Quanta, because she appears so Western, with her doctorate, and because she is so well spoken and so convincing. She offends no one; apart from the Koranimals in the mosques of course, who would stone her if only they could get their hands on her.

Qanta Ahmed, a naturalized American, accomplished doctor and liberal Muslim, is at it again. Claiming to represent true Islam, she has launched another diatribe against Ilhan Omar over her recent, infamous CAIR speech in which the Minnesota Democrat congresswoman described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “some people did something.”

Ahmed quite rightly calls Omar “…a disgrace for me and other American Muslims with her outrageous, ignorant, anti-Semitic and now anti-American comments.” But then she misleads her readers by claiming falsely that Omar “…repeatedly projects a distorted and patently Islamist interpretation of Islam – a religion that in reality stands for the values of justice, peace and ethical conduct.”

Ahmed sets up a false dichotomy, painting Islam as a rosy religion of peace and harmony, and Islamism as a perversion of Islam, focused inexplicably on violence, bloodshed, hatred and terror.Image result for qanta ahmed She never explains how Muslim “radicals” could ever come up with their worldview and attribute it to Islam, or how Muslims from disparate realms and cultures could come to the same conclusion — that they are compelled to violent jihad against the non-Muslim world — with nothing in common except the Qur’an, the traditions of Muhammad, and fourteen hundred years of bloody Islamic history.

All evidence to the contrary, Ahmed vainly tries to separate Islamism from Islam. Were Muhammad alive today, he would thrash her for hypocrisy — attempting to portray his
“revealed religion” as something less than it is. Amanita phalloides 1.JPGShe is like a chef touting the wonders of the death cap mushroom, deadly poisonous as its name implies, by claiming the mushroom itself is beautiful and healthy, and that the poison dwelling in every aspect of the mushroom has nothing to do with the mushroom itself. Yet the two are impossible to separate.

Ahmed skillfully pillories Omar’s vile 9/11 dismissal by drawing attention not only to the initial murder and carnage perpetrated by the Muslim attackers but also to the ongoing fallout over the almost 18 years since — deaths due to disaster-related diseases contracted by rescuers, chronic mental health issues among survivors and family members of those lost in the massacre, and the fear and animus generated in the non-Muslim world toward Muslims as a result of this (and 34,800+ Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11).

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“Authorities said…”

Notre-Dame Burning ‘Act of Liberation’

The cause of the massive blaze that engulfed the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is under investigation, authorities said.

Some “experts” said the extensive renovations going on at the historic building could have contributed to the fire.

“The fire started up near the roof top, while another fire started in the north bell tower,” Picaud told NBC News.

So the fire accidentally started in two separate places?

Pentagon Official: Europe Aiding Muslim Repression by Joining China’s Belt and Road

“Muslim Repression?” Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

WASHINGTON, DC — European countries that joined Beijing’s’ multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are enabling Beijing’s “repression” of Muslims in its far west, considered a crucial gateway for the project that seeks to connect China to the rest of the world along one route, a top Pentagon official suggested this week.

Muslim Woman Burned to Death in Bangladesh for Reporting Sexual Assault

Fourteen passengers have been shot dead after dozens of gunmen ambushed a bus in Pakistan. The men allegedly boarded the vehicle and demanded to see ID cards. Certain passengers were then forced off the bus, taken to another location and massacred.

Charlie Hebdo Uses Notre Dame Fire To Slam Macron…

Spain Bans Anti-Mass Migration “Populists” from TV Debates

What kind of democracy is that when the opposition to Moslem invasion is banned from debating life & death issues?

Iran: ‘Global Demand’ for Regime Change in U.S.

Alternative reality:

“The global community’s growing opposition to [the U.S.] behavior and the actions it takes in violation of international law has triggered a global demand for the U.S. regime nature to undergo change,” Moussavi asserted, according to the state-run PressTV. He went on to claim the United States does not respect international law and is “endangering international order, peace, and stability on a daily basis.”

For Mohammedans, “International Law” means sharia.

“The one who needs to change in nature is the US itself, not Iran,” the spokesman asserted, in direct response to Pompeo.

In other words, he demands that America submits.

Iran’s Rouhani Anti-Israel Attack: Urges ‘Righteous’ Muslim Nations to ‘Rid the Region’ of ‘Zionism’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivers a speech during a parade on the occasion of the country's Army Day on April 18, 2018, in Tehran. / AFP PHOTO / ATTA KENARE (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)Iranian President Hassan Rouhani used an address at an Army Day parade in Tehran on Thursday to call on “righteous” Muslim countries across the Middle East to unite against Israel and the United States.

In urging neighbouring countries to “drive back Zionism”, the Islamic republic’s leader said the U.S. and its ally Israel were the root cause of all the troubled region’s problems.

Islam is the root cause of all the problems in the region.

“The region’s nations have lived alongside each other for centuries and never had a problem… If there is a problem, it is caused by others,” he said in the speech broadcast live on state television. “Let us stand together, be together and rid the region of the aggressor’s presence.”

Report: U.S. Conducting Dozens of Operations Against Jihadis in Africa

U.S. Conducting Dozens of Operations Against Jihadis in Africa

PICTURES: Eco-Activists Bring London to a Standstill, Majority of Britons Oppose Protests

Eco-Loons Bring London to a Standstill, Majority of Britons Oppose Protests

‘Wealthy people’ who can’t be named offer generous help to children of headchoppers

All hail the bleeding hearts! These children will murder our children:

Life after ISIS for Sharrouf kids: Mystery benefactors offer to help orphaned children of Australian terrorist with FREE houses, schooling and healthcare if they escape Syria
  • Mystery benefactors have come forward to help the orphaned Sharrouf kids
  • Zaynab, 17, Hoda, 16 and Humzeh, eight, are trapped in Syrian refugee camp 
  • ‘Wealthy people’ have blown the orphans away with generous offers of help 
  • ‘We want to fund their progress … getting back into a normal society’
  • ‘If they come back (to Australia), people have offered free accommodation’ 
Karen Nettleton was reunited with her grand and great-grandchildren in Syria last month
Karen Nettleton was reunited with her grand and great-grandchildren in Syria last month

Mystery benefactors have offered the children of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf free accommodation and money for healthcare and education once they escape their Syrian hellhole.

‘Wealthy people’, who won’t be publicly named, have stunned the orphans with generous offers of help, family lawyer Robert Van Aalst told Daily Mail Australia this week.

‘I can’t believe people who don’t even know us want to help us,’ one of the children wrote to their grandmother Karen Nettleton and supporter Mr Van Aalst.

Orphans Zaynab, 17, Hoda, 16, and Humzeh Sharrouf, eight, have spent almost five years under the thumb of the Islamic State in Syria. Continue reading ‘Wealthy people’ who can’t be named offer generous help to children of headchoppers

Muselmaniacs are NOT exempt from Australian law

But here we have judges who assure Mohammedans that our law is just like sharia:

Muslims who claimed to be above Australian law fined by non-Muslim judge who assures them he follows Qur’an

“The Holy Koran considers justice a supreme virtue, and I assure the defendants that this court pursues that virtue in every case it deals with, just as the Holy Koran requires of its adherents,” Justice Terence Sheahan told Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali.

He could have just said, “In Australia, Australian law applies to everyone.”

Instead, he engaged in this shameless Islamopandering, attempting to convince them that the Qur’an teaches what he says it does, not what they say it does. This is as foolish as the many judges who lecture jihadi defendants about how Islam teaches peace. Instead of pontificating about a book he has almost certainly not read or studied, Sheahan and his fellow judges should be pondering the implications of statements such as the one Mustapha Kara-Ali made upon leaving the court: “Our religion is prime, the cross belongs in the dustbin of history.” They should be pondering what that means for Australia’s future, and trying to determine how many Muslims in Australia agree with the Kara-Alis. But they won’t.

“Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali charged with contempt of court for clearing land,” by Benedict Brook, News.com.au, April 18, 2019

Brothers who illegally cleared Colo land fined $100,000 and convicted of contempt of court

There were fireworks inside Sydney’s Land and Environment Court as two men who took part in illegal land clearing began shouting and heckling before they were fined $100,000.

Key points:

  • The men were found to have conducted illegal land clearing at their Colo property
  • Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali and Diaa Kara-Ali ran a religious guild on the land, in Sydney’s northwest
  • They had claimed their property was exempt from Australian law

Brothers Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali illegally cleared land and developed on a bush block in Sydney’s northwest, claiming the Islamic spiritual group they ran on the property was exempt from Australian law.

The pair were asked to leave the courtroom by their lawyer at one stage and came back after they had calmed down.

Hawkesbury City Council took the brothers to the Land and Environment Court in June last year.

From the beginning, the duo refused to take part in court proceedings and ignored orders by the court to stop construction works on the land.

Today they were convicted of 12 counts of contempt of court.

The Kara-Alis argued they were exempt from Australian law because their spiritual group, Diwan al Dawla, was classed as a basic religious charity.

That claim was not endorsed by the Australia Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, who later stripped the group of its charity status.

The brothers were also accused of locking in a man delivering them court documents by padlocking the gates on the Colo property while he was still inside. Continue reading Muselmaniacs are NOT exempt from Australian law

“We will eventually learn that this was arson.”

UPDATE on Notre Dame Fire:

Here’s what we know about what started the fire:

Pamela Geller

Here is a little background first from Maxime Lépante, our French correspondent in France:

Notre-Dame was one of the most important jewels of all human history. It started the “Gothic” architecture revolution, that was, from 12th to 15th century called “francigenum opus” (“French art”) before being called “gothic” by the Italians. It’s the epitome of Western civilization and Christian art. The framing of the roof, which was one of the biggest masterpieces of human carpentry, is permanently destroyed. The stained glasses (biggest and most ancient rose windows in Europe) are probably saved.

Some other information :

1) the workers who were refurbishing the roof of Notre-Dame are among the best specialized craftsmen in the world, concerning the restauration of medieval monuments (their title is “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”).They love their work, and take all the necessary precautions. They have worked in many rooms of the Castle of Versailles, they have restored many churches and cathedrals. For example, they worked during more than 20 years on the marvelous Strasbourg cathedral (I lived in Strasbourg and saw their progress), and there was never a single problem.

2) the workers stopped at 6:00 PM, the fire started at 6:50 PM, near scaffoldings, used to climb there.

3) no electricity was allowed near the roof because it was made in wood and as a matter of security, every inflammable thing was banned too. So, to have a fire there, someone needed to bring something.

Here is the latest update from Maxime Lépante, our French correspondent in France (emphasis is mine):

This is an update about what we know today about the fire that destroyed the roof and parts of the vaults of Notre-Dame:

1) Restoration work hadn’t started on the roof. The scaffolding were still being put in place. The architect in chief of the “Monuments Historiques” (“Historical Monuments”, the administration that maintains and repairs monuments in France), Philippe Villeneuve, who was responsible for the refurbishing of the spire of Notre-Dame, has stated that: “Work had not started yet, scaffoldings were still being built”.

2) Everything was done to avoid any source of heat near the wood of the roof. No electrical plug, no welding were allowed. So, Philippe Villeneuve says: “The hot spot hypothesis is therefore not the right one”.

3) The head of the company that was building the scaffoldings (Europe Echafaudage) (Europe Scaffolding), Julien Le Bras, was interviewed by a French TV (BFM) : “All I can say for the time being is that at the moment of the fire, absolutely none of the employees of my company was present on site”.

4) He added: “All safety procedures on the Notre-Dame de Paris site have been respected”.

5) One of my friends sent me an email concerning the security on the roof of Notre-Dame. She has a diploma in Art history and studied in the “Ecole du Louvre” (“Louvre School”, were students learn art history and restoration processes) : “I visited the framing of Notre Dame with architects of the “Bâtiments de France” (“Buildings of France”, the highest rank for an architect in France), some years ago. This 13th-century timber frame was extremely protected. Each intervention is always accompanied by historians, architects, experts; no work is envisaged without extreme caution; no source of heat, no torch, no electrical apparatus is allowed; a high-performance alarm system is in place, and very strict supervision of all people allowed there. I think we will eventually learn that this was arson.”

6) So, as I said yesterday, with all these security measures, to have a fire on the roof of Notre-Dame, someone had to bring something there and lit it up.

Sources :

For 1 and 2, see the article of “Le Monde”, reserved to the paying members, but the important parts have been copied here:

For 3 and 4, see the article of the “Journal du Dimanche”, here.

Notre Dame: “800-years old timber doesn’t just burn like that…”

Architect of restorations for Notre Dame Speaks Out:

There were no welding works going on, and there were “NO HOT SPOTS” according to the company, or flames being used. The company and workers confirmed to investigation police the BRI.

Media: “So you’re telling us that this type of timber doesn’t burn like that?”

Notre Dame Architect: “NO, You know, oak that is 800 years old doesn’t burn like that….You would need a lot of kindling to succeed.”

Elitist architects reacted to the fire which tore through Notre Dame by arguing that the rebuilding should not reflect “white European France.”

 One of them literally said: “Its burning feels like an act of liberation”.

“The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation,” said Patricio del Real, an architecture historian at Harvard University.

To describe a horrendous fire that almost completely destroyed the historic cathedral had firefighters not rescued it just in time as “an act of liberation” is completely callous.

The writer of the Rolling Stone piece agues that the rebuilding of Notre Dame should not reflect “a non-secular, white European France,” but should instead be “a reflection of the France of today, a France that is currently in the making.”

This view is echoed by Cesare Birignani, assistant professor at the Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York, who says that the previous restoration of the cathedral, which sought to keep it as true to its origins as possible, represented “an idealized version of French history that arguably never existed in the first place.”

What are they going to do, put a crescent moon on top of it? How about surrounding it with minarets? Will that be politically correct enough? Continue reading Notre Dame: “800-years old timber doesn’t just burn like that…”

Man in Custody After Trying to Bring Gas Cans Into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Man arrested after walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans

Now let’s not jump to conclusions here, people…

NYPD: Man walks into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans, is arrested

What are the chances that he’s a Muselman?

Police said the man may have been emotionally disturbed.

Right Sherlock. They’re delivering the motive before the investigation.


“A New Jersey man” is in custody after he walked into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, allegedly carrying gasoline canisters.

The NYPD says that the incident happened Wednesday night at the Midtown church. The 37-year-old man was spotted carrying two gas cans near the pews and was grabbed by security.

It was not clear who the man is or why he was inside the church.

The incident comes just days after New Jersey State Police announced increased patrols near churches and synagogues as the holy holidays of Easter and Passover approach.


In other news:

Macron has other problems: