Trashida rubs it

Obama protege Trashida is legitimised by former president Hussein Obama, who told Tlaib personally, “I’m proud of you.” 
Rashida Tlaib (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) tweeted an attack on Israel on Sunday even as Palestinian terrorists fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians, bringing the death toll to four — including, ironically, a Muslim Arab citizen of Israel.

Tlaib was responding to, and agreeing with, anti-Israel activist Yousef Munayyer, who had criticized a New York Times headline that read: “Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets, and Israel Responds with Airstrikes.” (The Times evidently prefers to avoid the word “terrorists” when dealing with Palestinians who murder Israelis.) That was unacceptable to Munayyer, who complained that Israel had started the violence by shooting “unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza.” Continue reading Trashida rubs it

EUrabia, Invasion & Resistance

Pope Decries ‘Excessive Demands’ for National Sovereignty

Pope Francis urges migrant-skeptic Bulgaria to welcome “refugees”

He’s lying. Mohammedans are not “well-meaning migrants”. They’re not coming for a “safe refuge”. They’re on a mission to occupy your country and make you submit to Islam.

Orthodox Church Snubs Pope Francis on Bulgaria Visit
In a meeting with government officials on Sunday, Pope Francis urged Bulgarians to open their hearts and homes to “well-meaning migrants” and recognize they were fleeing war and poverty “to find new opportunities in life or simply a safe refuge.”  | DW | 
Pope Francis Says That ‘Homosexuality Is No Longer A Sin’

Liberal Pope Francis has told a homosexual man that being gay is fine with God, and that “God made you like this,” suggesting that the far left pontiff has recently been spending more time listening to Lady Gaga than reading the Bible.

Orban: Hungary and Italy Have Proved Illegal Mass Migration Can Be Stopped

Salvini Tops Polls in Italy Ahead of E.U. Election as Orban Alliance Takes Shape

 Stones thrown, clashes in Modena ahead of Salvini visit

Austrians Describe ‘Feeling Like Foreigners’ in Own Country

The French too. And the Germans. The Dutch! The Belgians! They’re all slaving to pay the jiziya already!

Austria “far-right” leader ramps up anti-immigration rhetoric before European elections

The language al Reuters uses to smear elected politicians they don’t like is no different from al Jizzeera.

Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics after Easter attacks

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has expelled over 600 foreign nationals, including around 200 Islamic clerics.

Do read on:   Pretty good. Sri Lanka should keep it up.


In related news:

Catholic Mass services in Sri Lanka are cancelled for a second weekend after warnings of two possible attacks on churches

MI5: Radical Islamic Terrorism Remains ‘Most Acute’ Threat to the British People

BBC ‘glamorises sexual exploitation’ by promoting Asian grime star’s song boasting about making prostitution and drug cash from ‘white girls’

In England, “Asian” is an euphemism for Paki cultural enrichers. The term is not normally used to describe Japanese or Chinese.

Donald Trump: ‘Terrorism Against People of All Faiths Must End’

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The Freedom of Hamas

Let me tell you all what Hamas is doing here:

1. On the EVE of Ramadan they fire rockets at Israel, Israel retaliates, people die,

2. FakeNews uproar, Pals seek financial aid (happens every 3 yrs)

3. DemoRats Trashida, Ilhan & Pelousi attack Trump…

Bombs rain down on Gaza and kill ‘mother and her unborn baby’ after hundreds of rockets are launched at Israel

But wait, there’s more:

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: ‘We’re close to open war with Israel’…

Israel’s threats against the Palestinian “resistance don’t scare us,” said Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas official. “We are confident that the resistance is capable of teaching the enemy harsh and painful lessons.”

Israel, he added, will not “see security as long as the blockade, sanctions and aggression continue.”

 Israel has to go into Gaza and remove the cancer that is Hamas. Israel has every right to defend itself from terror. We stand with Israel and the IDF as they protect Israeli civilians from genocidal, Hamas terrorists.

Trashida’s “Freedom”

“Freedom” for Mohammedans means to be in a position to force Islamic ‘law’, the sharia, on everyone.

What on Earth do you mean “OUR” Palestinian People?! You’re a sworn member of Congress. You work for the AMERICAN people. Or do you??

Israeli babies in Southern Israel are sleeping in bomb shelters tonight. Don’t they deserve to live normal lives, with no rockets hitting Israeli homes?

There’s not a country in the world that would not—or should not—completely eliminate a missile threat like the one from Gaza. Every serious person knows this.

1. Hamas controls Gaza.

2. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel.

3. is defending Hamas.

Real question is how many times will rush to the defense of terrorists?

See how Trashida’s sister in Islam tries to whip up anti-Israel sentiments?  Note also how she uses psychobabble keywords like “unsustainable” and red herrings like “security and lasting peace”, which exists nowhere in the dar al Islam.

This is outright Hamas propaganda, rife with countless falsehoods. There is no occupation in Gaza. Omar’sHamas friends are responsible for the deaths of children. They were not protesters. Stop defending jihadi terrorists!



‘Unintended’ ‘Oversight’.  Pull my other leg.

The kids were well rehearsed in this “oversight”.

Muslim American Society investigating ‘oversight’ following controversial video at Philly Islamic center; event organizer ‘dismissed’

Muslim American Muslim Brotherhood Society investigating ‘oversight’ following “controversial video” | Inquirer

Humbug. They’ve been caught. They’re not investigating f*kc all. What they’re doing is damage control.

“Controversial video” is ridiculous. “Abhorrent” is the proper word.

This makes it so, so much worse. A prominent national org shrugged that it was an “unintentional mistake” that children were indoctrinated to “torture” enemies of Islam and chop off their heads — and its statement condemned “hate, bigotry, and ISLAMOPHOBIA.”

The Muslim American Society aka Muslim Brotherhood has just been caught.  This is not an “oversight” This is terrorist indoctrination & brainwashing. Referring to it as anything less is downplaying its significance.

The only remorse they have is that they were caught. Shut them down. This isn’t an isolated “mistake”, it’s exactly what MAS is all about, all the time, everywhere they exist.

Children at Muslim School in Philadelphia Sing Jihadist Songs

Not only. They are being indoctrinated with hatred of the kuffar.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported Friday that the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia (MAS Philly) had uploaded a video of children wearing Palestinian attire and singing jihadist songs.


What does a “proportionate response” to 600 unguided rockets look like?

urges international community to act on ‘Israel’s disproportionate actions’ in Gaza

A “proportionate” response would involve leveling every structure in Gaza.

600 rockets in 30 hours.

An average of one rocket every three minutes.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis within rocket range and tens of thousands of families huddled in bomb shelters since yesterday morning.

No other country would tolerate this.

The MSM refuses to acknowledge Israel is the target of Palestinian terror & hate.

“Ackshually, Hamas is not so bad. They’re forced to terrorize and murder innocent civilians”


Hamas has claimed responsibility for three Israeli deaths, as well as the scores who were wounded, through the barrage of rockets they fired into Israeli territory over the past 24 hours.

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Iranian-born Australian Shia Muslim Imam and President of the Islamic Association of South Australia Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, called out Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and fellow congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan for their lack of condemnation in Hamas’ actions over the weekend.

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Car-swarm, just like in the old days!

Good shooting:

Hamas field commander 39-yr old Hamed Hamdan El Hadary smoked by Israeli airstrike.

: Israel accurately strikes terrorists while driving in Gaza city, eliminating senior Gazan terrorist, Hamed Al-Khudari. This is the only language they understand – iron fist.

Hamas savages in Gaza are celebrating as rockets are fired towards Israeli civilians in the south.

This is a sick cult that celebrates mass-murder.  The world must see this.

Rocket fire from Gaza into Israel continues unabated: incoming rocket sirens are sounding in towns and cities across southern Israel.

In the past 24 hours, Pali-ruled Gaza fired 400+ rockets at Israeli civilians, killing 60-year-old Moshe Agadi & 2 others, injuring 90. Hamas & Islamic Jihad were incentivized by ‘s latest inquiry that ignored their human shields tactics & instead condemned Israel.


Robert Spencer:

“Ramadan is the month of Jihad, the month when Muslims strive to please Allah more fervently.” Just before it begins on Monday, Palestinian jihadists fired over “250 rockets into Israel on Saturday, drawing dozens of retaliatory airstrikes in a round of intense fighting”.

“For Gazans, the violence continued as they prepared to begin fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Monday” and as the death toll climbs, the Palestinian propaganda mill with move into overdrive, accusing Israel of murder during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

IDF ready to retaliate after “Palestinian militants” fire more than 450 rockets into Israel

Israel’s army ‘is ready to launch a ground invasion’ into Gaza after militants fired more than 450 rockets into its territory in the past 24 hours

Hamas Sends 200 Rockets into Israel…

  • An Israeli man in his 50s became the first citizen to be killed in the Middle East country since the 2014 war 
  • Seven Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her baby daughter, were reportedly killed 
  • Three Israelis, including an 80-year-old woman, were also wounded by rocket fire in the weekend of combat

Israel’s troops are reportedly preparing to siege the Gaza border after Palestinian militants fired more than 450 rockets on to their territory which killed the first Israeli citizen since 2014.

Seven Palestinian’s have also died, including a pregnant woman and a one-year-old-baby, in airstrikes as Israel retaliated.

The fighting came as leaders from Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, and the smaller armed faction Islamic Jihad, were in Cairo for talks with Egyptian mediators aimed at preventing a fraying ceasefire from collapsing altogether.

It also comes at a sensitive time for Israel, which is to mark its Memorial Day and Independence Day holiday this week, before hosting the Eurovision song contest in the middle of the month. Prolonged fighting could overshadow the Eurovision and potentially deter international travelers from coming in for the festive event.  The Gaza health ministry reported a 22-year-old man as well as a 14-month-old baby and her pregnant mother killed, with 17 others wounded

The Gaza health ministry reported a 22-year-old man as well as a 14-month-old baby and her pregnant mother killed, with 17 others wounded

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U.S.: “high risk” Afghan pilot trainees go AWOL

Quick news flash:

Hamas Sends 200 Rockets into Israel…

Pentagon Ends Afghan Pilot Training Program After Nearly Half Went AWOL Inside U.S.

Not for the first time.

Who in his right mind would invite Afghan savages who are known to be “high risk” to come to the U.S. and offer them flight training, all expenses paid?

In this photograph taken on September 29, 2016, new Afghan air force pilots attend a class at the air force university in Kabul. Under pressure from the Taliban, Afghanistan's military is increasingly relying on the country's young air force, and, together with Western allies, is speeding up its training of …

The United States military “disbanded” a United States-based Afghan pilot training program after over 40 percent of the trainees went absent without leave (AWOL), the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a watchdog agency, revealed this week.

Although SIGAR did not provide updated data on if U.S. authorities captured the AWOL pilots, the watchdog agency reported in October 2017:

We found that nearly half of all foreign military trainees that went AWOL while training in the United States since 2005 were from Afghanistan (152 of 320). Of the 152 AWOL Afghan trainees, 83 either fled the United States after going AWOL or remain unaccounted for.

At the time, the watchdog agency deemed the unaccounted Afghan service members to be “high-risk.”

In other news:

British Pakistani Youth Council President Would ‘Salute’ Hitler for Killing Jews

Mohammedans suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk.

Vatican Cardinal: No Papal Blessing for Matteo Salvini

Salvini should not accept a blessing from this heretic.

Study Forecasts 50% Drop in German Church Membership

People had enough of the scandals and the antics of this useful idiot pope…

Salvini Tops Polls in Italy Ahead of E.U. Election as Orban Alliance Takes Shape

Good to see.

Facebook Bans ‘Dangerous’ Conservative Figures – Continues to Allow Leftist Calls for Violence

James Woods Banned from Twitter Amid Silicon Valley’s Conservative Blacklisting Campaign

Conservative Hollywood Powerhouse James Woods Banned from Twitter

What are they afraid of?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “jihad is ongoing until the day of judgment”

‘Jihad Is the Best Part of Worship’: Taliban, Islamic State Gear Up for Ramadan

Let the slaughter begin!

“As the holy fasting month of Ramadan begins in just days, experts warn there could be even more [ISIS] attacks looming,” — Associated Press (AP)


Terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and the Taliban in recent days made their annual call to arms as Ramadan approaches, claiming Allah exceptionally rewards martyrdom during the holy month.

This year, the holiest month for Muslims is expected to run from the evening of May 5 to June 5, depending on the phases of the moon.

On April 29, days after ISIS claimed to have carried out the wave of suicide bombings primarily targeting Christians in Sri Lanka, the group’s elusive leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, resurfaced in his first video in five years. He urged Muslims to carry out more attacks and pledged to continue the crusade against ISIS enemies, particularly those who demolished the so-called caliphate.

“Our battle today is one of attrition and stretching the enemy. They should know that jihad is ongoing until the day of judgment,” al-Baghdadi proclaimed.

More from the Religion of Peace:

UK Mosque Charity Found to Be “Facilitating Terrorism”…
Sri Lanka: Explosives Cache Discovered at Mosque…
Bulgarian Imam Sentenced for Inciting Religious Hatred, Slaughter

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