Prison for Burning EU Flag?

Latest news roundup:

Salvini Directly Accuses Sea-Watch Migrant Ferry NGO of Human Trafficking

Salvini Directly Accuses Sea-Watch Migrant Ferry NGO of Human Trafficking

Italy holds Netherlands, EU ‘responsible’ for migrant boat

Italy’s hard-line Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he would hold the Netherlands and the European Union “responsible” for the fate of 42 migrants that Rome has blocked from disembarking at Italian ports for over a week.

Libyans Stop Boats Carrying Hundreds of Migrants to Europe

Germany: Lawmakers Want Three-year Prison Terms for Burning EU Flag

Germany: Lawmakers Want Prison for Burning EU Flag

Everything will be forbidden in the EUSSR. 

Huge crowds of protesters demand Czech PM step down

Here’s a former communist apparatchik showing amazing entrepreneurial skills to fill his pockets, but the people are onto him:

Huge crowds flooded central Prague demanding Prime Minister Andrej Babis step down over allegations of graft in a protest that organisers and local media claim drew around 250,000 people, making it the largest since the fall of communism in 1989.

Christian Persecution 2019 a Scourge of ‘Mammoth Proportions’

Christians in North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and a host of other countries live under a constant threat of active persecution, as documented by Open Doors, a Christian persecution watchdog group.

There’s a lot happening in the world that is not covered by al BeBeeCeera or any of the other gov’t propaganda channels in Eurabia.

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