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John Brennan: ‘Pathological Deceiver’ Trump ‘Rankles Me to No End’

“…my beef with Donald Trump is not because he has done some very foolish things – like reneging on the Iran nuclear deal, or..blah blah…”

Former CIA Director John Brennan has once again spoken out against President Donald Trump, describing him in a recent interview as a “pathological deceiver” who “rankles” him “to no end.”

This Marxist Moslem infil-traitor is projecting. Brennan’s dishonesty, his lack of ethics and principles and character, the way he demeans and degrades and denigrates the president is not just annoying. It is a shameless attempt to turn reality on its head.

Protesters Claim Sudanese Militia Raped Men and Women During Crackdown

Protesters Claim Sudanese Militia Raped Men and Women During Crackdown

Mohammedans f*kc anything that moves.

Trump officials pushing to strip convicted jihad terrorists of citizenship

These people should be encouraged.

Turkey calls for global crackdown against “anti-Islam” attacks from the “far right”

Sure. All opposition to Islamic rule must be eliminated.

What Kind of Students would Call for Firing of Professor Who Criticized Illegal Immigration?

Pew: Americans Say Fake News Is Bigger Problem than ‘Climate Change’

Poll: Americans Think Fake News Bigger Problem than ‘Climate Change’

Which means Americans are very well aware of the fake news problem.

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