Australia: Freedom of Speech Under Siege

Corporate Terror Against Alan Jones

Alan Jones has seen his Brisbane audience plummet in the fallout over his comments about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Jones had told his audience on 4BC that Prime Minister Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down” Ms Ardern’s throat over her stance on climate change.

The comments saw advertisers abandon the 78-year-old broadcaster in droves amid accusations of misogyny.

We hear people discussing the urgency to protect freedom of speech that is being taken from us, so we have all agreed to black-ban every business that interferes with our right to freedom of speech that our soldiers fought and died for — Lest We Forget.
They showed opposition to freedom of speech by withdrawing advertising from the Alan Jones radio program and contempt for our democratic right to express differing opinions — we exercise our democratic right to shop elsewhere.
We are members of many Clubs, community organisations with a huge regular contact of ‘friends’ across Australia, we will continue to encourage others to join in our support for freedom of speech.
Keep out of our lives or we keep out of your shops and ban your products and services.
We, family, friends and thinking people of Australia do not need you — you need us, just remember whose money and patronage you need — show some respect for the lives of our fallen soldiers who fought and died for this freedom you arrogantly interfere with.
Withdrawn from Alan Jones 2GB
The following companies have committed in writing to withdraw advertising from Alan Jones 2GB.
AccorHotels Aus
Anytime Fitness
Aqua Shield Bathrooms
Australian Made Australian
Seniors Insurance
Aveo Retirement Villages
Bank of Queensland
Bexley Dental
Big W Bingle
Bing Lee
Blooms the Chemist
Blue Haven
BP Australia
Bunnings Warehouse
Campbell’s Superior Meats
Chemist Warehouse
Coates Hire
Coles Supermarkets
Commonwealth Bank
Connect Hearing
Eckersley’s Art & Craft
ESL Insurance Services
Flight Centre
Forty Winks
Guzman Y Gomez
Hardi Aged Care
Hearing Australia
Homesafe Wealth Release
Hyundai Australia I
IKEA Australia
Ingleburn RSL
AJAX Tyres Geelong
Kennards Hire
King Living Furniture
Koala Mattress
Lowes Menswear
Luxury Escapes
Maserati Australia
ME Bank
Mercedes Benz Sydney
Nick Scali
Original Mattress Factory
Palmers Glass
Priceline Pharmacy
Red Cross
Renault Australia
RSL Art Union
Sleeping Duck
Snooze Beds
Subaru Australia
Sydney Blinds & Screens
Sydney City Skoda
Sydney Opera House
The Good Guys AU
Total Tools
Trafalgar Trip-a-Deal
Vintage Cellars
Virgin Australia
Volkswagen Australia
Your Town Prize Homes

2 thoughts on “Australia: Freedom of Speech Under Siege”

  1. A very good list of companies to forever avoid. We should thank them for coming out of the closet and showing their true colours.

    Ensure that this list is kept as a sticky here

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