POPE FRANCIS: ‘Our duty is to obey the United Nations!’

This is Satan’s right-hand man in Rome.

Francis says Catholics must obey the United Nations.

Francis claims his critics use “rigid ideology” to mask their own moral failings.

Archbishop Vigano tells Robert Moynihan that the plot to destroy the Church is Freemasonic.

Prestigious priests, Italian journalists and activists speak out against Francis.

Paedophile priest committed abuse in the ‘safety’ of another clergyman’s home, survivor says

‘I told him he shouldn’t have taken those boys upstairs’.”

The catholic church was not a church who just happened to have paedophiles within. It was a network of pedophiles sharing victims and protecting each other. 😡

19 Sept 2019 – By Charlotte King/ABC Ballarat
More evidence has come to light that paedophile priests working in the Melbourne and Ballarat Catholic dioceses operated in an organised network that included a suburban ‘safe hSee more

Peak Greta: ‘only a few months left to save the world’

Teen Climate Activist Retards Tells Congress Climate Crisis Is Linked to ‘Colonialism, Slavery’

It’s party time, people! It kicks off this Friday with a global climate strike inspired by Swedish apocalypse baby Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg to US Congress on climate change: ‘Wake up’ The Swedish teen activist tells US politicians to ‘listen to scientists’ and enact strong measures on climate change.

Teen climate activist scientist Jamie Margolin testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis alongside fellow activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday and declared that the climate “crisis” is directly linked to colonialism and slavery.

The Seattle native — joined by Thunberg, the famed European climate activist who recently received stunning accolades from former President Obama — told U.S. lawmakers that her generation lives with constant “fear and despair” due to the climate crisis and added that climate change is directly linked to colonialism, slavery, and natural resource extraction.

“…we only have a few months left to create the massive political shift needed to transition our world to an entirely renewable energy economy,” she said.

“I want the entirety of Congress — in fact, the whole U.S. government — to remember the fear and despair that my generation lives with every day, and I want you to hold on to it,” she said.

Who has been funding Greta Thunberg?

Delingpole: Fact Checking Alarmist Kids’ False Claims at Climate Crisis Hearing

“I want you to unite behind the science,” said Greta Thunberg to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

Finally, something on which the pig-tailed 16-year-old Swedish climate activist and I can agree. I too believe passionately that if the world’s governments are going to spend upwards of $1.5 trillion of our money a year on ‘combating climate change’ then at least they ought to have some credible evidence that this expenditure is necessary.

Perhaps, I thought, some of this credible evidence might be presented at today’s Climate Crisis Hearing, subtitled ‘Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis.’ Continue reading Peak Greta: ‘only a few months left to save the world’

What makes Moonbats like these go to Iran?

A British-Australian Islamic studies instructor has been held in Iran for nearly a year — in the same prison as the young travel-blogging couple held for flying a drone without a permit near Tehran, officials revealed.


Don’t go to Iran, Moonbats!

Vloggers held in Iranian prison for flying drone without permission

Two vloggers, Jolie King and Mark Firkin, were locked up in Iran in July at the same prison.
Two vloggers, Jolie King and Mark Firkin, were locked up in Iran in July at the same prison.

Jolie King and Mark Firkin, vloggers chronicling their journey across Asia and the Middle East, were locked up in July.

In blog posts, the couple wrote that they decided to quit their jobs in Perth, Australia, and drive across Asia, the Middle East and Europe to inspire prospective travellers and “also try to break the stigma around travelling to countries which get a bad rap in the media.”

Europe swamped with 82 million ‘migrants’

Not so long ago Gaddafi warned us that Europe would fall with 50 million Mohammedan invaders.

Migrant flows to Greek islands continue unabated

Migrant flows from Turkey to the islands of the eastern Aegean continued unabated this week, with 694 people arriving on the shores of Lesvos, Samos and Chios between early Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon.

According to the latest data, 26,600 people are currently housed on the islands. Lesvos, which hosts the lion’s share, has received 2,427 people since the beginning of the month, swelling the numbers at the Moria reception center to over 10,751 people.

Another 3,156 are located on Chios and 4,941 on Samos.

Meanwhile, according to data released by the United Nations on Tuesday, the total number of migrants globally reached an estimated 272 million this year, posting an increase of 51 million since 2010.

Europe hosts the largest number of international migrants at 82 million this year, followed by North America with 59 million, and North Africa and Western Asia with 49 million people.

Don’t be fooled, EUSSR apparatchiks are the worst enablers. And they know what’s coming:

Most fleeing to Europe are ‘not refugees’, EU official says

Frans Timmermans is one of the worst EU apparatchiks responsible for the Kalergi plan, the population replacement project.

Dutch commissioner Frans Timmermans says 60% of arrivals are economic migrants

More than half of those fleeing to Europe from the Middle East and Africa are economic migrants and not asylum seekers fleeing the horrors of war in Iraq or Syria, according to first vice-president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.

Related links:

EU Vice Prez Lobbies Openly Against Orban, Brands Hungarians ‘Weak’ for Opposing Migration

Also Timmermans:

Uniting Europe With Africa ‘Matter of Destiny’

Hungary Demands ‘Coward’ Timmermans Resign After He Brands Criticism of Soros ‘Anti-Semitic’

Frans Timmermans is a traitor to European culture & civilisation.

Continue reading Europe swamped with 82 million ‘migrants’

Climate Retards: “no more contact with climate change deniers”

“Climate deniers are dangerous, they have arguments we can’t refute…”

‘The Conversation’ will change its name to ‘No Conversation’ to reflect its new policy of banning scientific debate.

The Conversation said constructive positive discussions did not include having contact with “climate change deniers”.

Academic website, The Conversation, has banned publication of comments that dispute man-made climate change and will lock the accounts of readers who attempt to post dissenting views.

So much for the ‘science’.

New York global epicentre of climate fight

It’s party time, people! All the entertainment kicks off this Friday with a global climate strike inspired by Swedish apocalypse baby Greta Thunberg.

Climate retard Greta

Obama on Climate Kid Greta Thunberg: ‘One of Our Planet’s Greatest Advocates’

The Moonbat messiah knows all about collective insanity. It’s what got him elected.

Flim Flammery

Has Flannery, our former chief climate commissioner and now a professorial fellow at Melbourne University, become unhinged?

In the taxpayer-funded Conversation, Flim Flannery claims that man-made global warming and dwindling resources may wipe out most of the Earth’s nearly eight billion people.

Sarah Silverman Says Jesus ‘Is This Girl’ Greta Thunberg

Sarah Silverman Says Jesus ‘Is This Girl’ Greta Thunberg

I wish Jesus would come back to tell her how he really feels.

NYC Schools Allowing Students to Skip Class to Join Greta for Climate Change Protest

That’s not a good thing.

Meanwhile, the jihad doesn’t stop:

Pakistan: Hindu Arrested After Muslim Mob Ransacks Hindu Temple over ‘Blasphemy’

Pakistan: Hindu Arrested After Muslim Mob Ransacks Hindu Temple over ‘Blasphemy’

It’s an elimination program.  Paki Koranimals have done well and eliminated most minorities in that part of India. Now they’re systematically eradicating the rest. That’s jihad.

Sarah Haider “For so long I had supported a worldview that brought so much misery to this world.”

Sarah (@SarahTheHaider) explaining how she is greater without religion and how life is more beautiful after leaving Islam.

Al-Qaeda’s Somali Branch Kills 17 People over Weekend

Ilhan Omar Inexplicably Deletes Father’s Day Message from 2013

Ilhan Omar Deletes Father’s Day Message from 2013

Because it’s evidence of her immigration fraud.

170-Plus Taliban Jihadis Killed amid Attacks After Peace Talks Cancelled

170+ Talibandits Eliminated After Peace Talks Cancelled

Islamic State ‘Caliph’: Help Terrorists Escape ‘Prisons of Humiliation Run by Crusaders’

Islamic State ‘Caliph’: Help Terrorists Escape ‘Prisons of Humiliation Run by Crusaders’

Rotherham child abuser trolled victim on Facebook and Twitter

Rotherham child abuser trolled victim on Facebook and Twitter during investigation claiming she was making up the claims to get a new house

  • Waseem Khaliq, 35, used a false name and pretended to be a journalist 
  • Used Facebook and Twitter to troll one victim of his Rotherham grooming gang 
  • Also threatened investigating officers saying he hoped they died of cancer 

A member of a Rotherham child sex abuse gang has been given extra jail time for trolling one of his victims on Facebook.

Waseem Khaliq, 35, was convicted of indecent assault and child abduction at Sheffield Crown Court on August 28 after a widespread investigation into grooming gangs in Rotherham

Waseem Khaliq, 35, was convicted of indecent assault and child abduction at Sheffield Crown Court on August 28 after a widespread investigation into grooming gangs in Rotherham

Waseem Khaliq, 35, was convicted of indecent assault and child abduction at Sheffield Crown Court on August 28 after a widespread investigation into grooming gangs in the South Yorkshire town.

But he has now had his sentence extended by three years and nine months after being found guilty of abusing one of his victims on social media and threatening two officers investigating his case.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Khaliq made a phone call from prison to the National Crime Agency control centre threatening two of the investigating officers.

He said he knew where one of them lived, was close to finding out the address of the other, and hoped they died of cancer or AIDS.

He previously used the false name ‘Andros Simpson’, claiming to be an investigative journalist looking into what was happening in Rotherham, to contact one of his victims.

He also used a Facebook account with that name to make a series of allegations about one of his victims, claiming she was lying and had only agreed to give evidence after the NCA offered her cash and a new house.

The Facebook account was used to contact a number of associates of the victim as well.

The NCA contacted Facebook and had the account closed down, but similar posts continued to be made on other Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Eventually, they stopped when Khaliq was remanded in custody in March 2019. 

In other news:

Hardcore Remain activists are now claiming to “defend democracy” by trying to subvert the will of 17.4m Brits, as expressed in the largest democratic exercise in British history. The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds – they are well and truly beyond parody!

“Culturally insensitive”

A ban on eating dog and cat meat in the UK has reportedly been blocked by the UK government out of fear of being ‘culturally insensitive’ towards  Asians.

However, the Ministry of Justice has reportedly blocked the ruling, saying it would be ‘culturally insensitive’ of the Government to tell other nations what they can and can’t eat.

Lunatics, all of them…

Governor-General David Hurley has defended the role of Islam in Australian society and champ­ioned the importance of “faith in people’s lives” amid a national debat­e on religious freedom protections.

The former defence force chief, sworn in as Governor-General on July 1, told Islamic leaders at the Perth mosque that he held “enormous respect for Islam” and its contribution to the nation. …

The Australian

UK charity axes over 100 jobs within the country while spending millions on burkinis for Muslim women in Tanzania

Concern for the jobs of Britons? Pah! That would be “Islamophobic.”

Churchill would shake his fists in rage if he knew.

“RNLI buys burkinis for Africans as it axes 100 UK jobs: How £3.3million of donations to lifeboat charity are spent abroad including aid for Tanzania swimmers and creches in Bangladesh,” by Michael Powell, The Mail on Sunday,

UK: Muslim migrant rapes 11-year-old girl, who leaped out of window to escape

Sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction. One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use…

Morocco Calls for Adoption of World Anti-Islamophobia Day

Thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

Morocco says it wants the day to be about “internationally celebrating tolerance and coexistence” and refuting “the heinous rhetoric against Islam and Muslims.”

Ignore the heinous crimes, the terror, the murders & the rape of disbelievers. Just worry about ‘climate change’  “Islamophobia”.

In Morocco, the death penalty can apply for serious offences, such as high treason, terrorism, multiple murder and rape.

Activities that are illegal in Morocco include:

  • homosexuality – more information: LGBTI travellers
  • heterosexual relations outside marriage
  • preaching a religion other than Islam
  • importing religious materials other than those relating to Islam …

So much for Islamic “tolerance & coexistence”.

One in 10 Germans want a new Fuhrer in charge ‘to counter Muslim immigrants’

Given how bad the situation has become, one would be hard-pressed not to ask why that would be a bad thing.

But it is what the nutroots want to hear.

The article is from the British Express. Just another smear-job calling everyone opposing Islamisation “racist-bigot-Islamophobe-Nazi”.


One-in-ten Germans want a new Fuhrer, according to a new study

A SHOCKING new poll has revealed one-in-10 Germans want a new Fuhrer, who would use a “firm hand for the common good” and establish a “dictatorship in the national interest.”

The survey, conducted by the University of Leipzig, also revealed a huge number of German citizens are now extremely worried about immigration in their country – with special emphasis on Muslim immigrants.

A huge 34 per cent of the 2,240 respondents declared the country “dangerously overpopulated by foreigners”, with half saying they sometimes felt like a foreigner in their own country.

Four out of 10 even called for a blanket ban on Muslims travelling to Germany, while 11 per cent said Jewish people have too much influence.

In a worrying throwback to the 1930s and 1940s, 12 percent of respondents said German people are “superior” to other people.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been blasted for her open-arms policy to the migrant crisis, with a huge number of those surveyed expressing concerns about the number of people admitted to the country.


A series of far-right, anti-migrant protests have been held in Germany

Forget about yesterday’s Nazis. They’re gone and they won’t be back. The new Nazis are already in charge of the EUSSR:

Just under one-in-three said the country had been “infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerous way”, while 60 per cent believed asylum seekers fleeing war were “not really at risk.”

The report said: “There is a clear polarisation and radicalisation in German society.


An anti-migrant protest in Germany

Continue reading One in 10 Germans want a new Fuhrer in charge ‘to counter Muslim immigrants’

UN warns two million people in Somalia at risk of starvation

Gotta bring them here so we don’t have to feed them there. Right?

Drought, al-Shabab violence send thousands of Somalis to Baidoa, putting centuries of nomadic way of life at risk.

The United Nations is warning some two million people in Somalia are at risk of starvation, amid the country’s worst drought since 2011, and is calling for more support from the international community.

Central African President: ‘No Stability in Europe if There Is None in Africa’

Central African President: ‘No Stability in Europe if There Is None in Africa’

The hubris of these c*nts is unbelievable. Colonialism was bad, they say. But they still demand we take care of their needs and their surplus humanity.

Spanish Archbishop: Europe Has ‘Inescapable Duty’ to Receive Migrants

Spanish Archbishop: Europe Has ‘Inescapable Duty’ to Receive Migrants

 I have a haunting suspicion that this church is doomed.

Verhofstadt wants a totalitarian EUSSR. No more nation states. An Empire!


Orban Buries EU’s Juncker Over ‘Blind National Politician’ Comments

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban responded to European Union president Jean-Claude Juncker’s description of him as a “blind national politician” in brutal fashion, suggesting he would not expect a Luxembourger to understand national pride.

“Some people did something”
Rep. Omar Schools Son of 9/11 Victim: ‘I Was a Victim Too’…

Ilhan Omar just completely dodged any kind of apology or acknowledgment that what she said about 9/11 was hurtful to the over 3,000 victims and all Americans.

She appeared on Face the Nation and was asked if she understood why Americans would be so offended by the comment she made about 9/11: “Some people did something.”…

The video below will make your blood boil because all Omar talks about is how she and other Muslims were treated after 9/11/ She doesn’t realize that playing the victim after the great loss of life for so many is disgusting.

More Newslinks from the Gates of Vienna:

Continue reading UN warns two million people in Somalia at risk of starvation

Britain appoints radial headbanger as ‘Islamophobia’ czar

An independent adviser has been appointed to provide expert advice on a definition of Islamophobia to the government.

He’s a Muselmaniac. Nothing “independent” about him. He will strife hard to put all ‘expressions of Muslimness’ above criticism.

I am humbled and honoured to have been appointed an adviser to establish a definition of #Islamophobia  –Imam Qari Asim MBE

Theresa May’s last stab at Boris Johnson before leaving office:

Government ‘Islamophobia’ adviser wants Islamic blasphemy law

Tim Dieppe comments on the new government-appointed adviser to establish a definition of Islamophobia.

Last month, the government appointed Imam Qari Asim to lead a process for establishing a definition of Islamophobia. The government had previously announced that, while it would not be accepting the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims proposed definition of Islamophobia, it would instead appoint two advisers to propose an alternative definition. The government says that the appointment of a second adviser will follow in due course.

In the last hours of Theresa May’s administration

The timing and manner of the appointment look like Theresa May’s administration was desperate to make this appointment on its last full day in office, even though the second adviser has not yet been decided. This leaves the new Boris Johnson administration with an appointment which cannot easily be repealed.

Indeed, the appointment may also have been a deliberate parting shot at the new prime minister, given that Qari Asim has been a vocal critic of Boris Johnson. Johnson said last year that wearing the burqa made people resemble “bank robbers” and “letter boxes,” but he also made clear that he did not think the burqa should be banned even though it has been banned in many other countries. Continue reading Britain appoints radial headbanger as ‘Islamophobia’ czar