Rackete wants to “tear down capitalism”

And you thought it was about the environment?

Many readers will remember Carola Rackete, the captain of the migrant-ferry vessel Sea-Watch 3. A few months ago Ms. Rackete and her boatload of “refugees” attempted to run the Italian blockade at Lampedusa, ramming a police patrol boat in the process. Matteo Salvini was the interior minister at the time, so she was arrested and her vessel was impounded. However, a judge later ordered the release of both — Mr. Salvini, like Donald Trump, was frequently thwarted by the actions of the judiciary.

Since then Ms. Rackete has moved on. She is now gung-ho to save the climate, and plans to help Extinction Rebellion shut down Germany and Europe in order to implement measures against climate change. Via blockades, I might add. Blockades are evil when they keep out migrants, but good when they save the climate.

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