A Moslem Exodus, wouldn’t that be nice?

Informed WoJ readers know that The Independent is an Arab/Muslim owned propaganda rag that tries to outdo the leftarded Guardian. The stupid is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife.

Shayma Bakht

An exodus of British Muslims is happening right under our noses – and still we’re asking whether Islamophobia exists

As normalised hate trickles from the top down in society, adults and children born and raised here have been left feeling like there’s no choice but to leave

British Muslims – many who have lived here for generations – are packing up their belongings, parting ways with their loved ones, established careers and the country they were born in to move to somewhere safer. …

If only! We can only hope.

UK: Legislation to Block Automatic Release of Terrorists to Become Law

UK: Legislation to Block Automatic Release of Terrorists to Become Law

The law is an ass. We shall see how long they can keep this up.

Hamas-linked CAIR calls for resignation of councilman who shared post saying Muslims should obey US law

Religious liberties override U.S. law, right?

Donald Trump Corrects BBC Reporter Claim over United States ‘Muslim Ban’

France: Macron poses in selfie with niqabi who defied French law

This picture is evidence that sharia rules France. According to Macron’s law she should have been arrested on the spot.

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