CHAZ, a new state is born!

Tearing Up America


There is nothing Democrats will not inflict on this country in order to achieve maximum power as quickly as possible, as the year 2020 has proven repeatedly.

Tony Heller has been debunking the global warming hoax for years. In the video below, he debunks the mainstream media’s narrative as he puts this catastrophic year in the appropriate context: a leftist power grab implemented through one scam after another.

The crybully Black Lives Matter ideology endorsed by the entire liberal establishment is as much a scam as the Russian collusion hoax. Systemic racism in law enforcement does not exist.

Their first act was to build a wall. They had armed, masked guards asking for ID😂😂

Woke mobs rise up in war on the West

The West is in the grip of a cultural revolution. Modern-day Red Guards

The West is being overrun by the new cultural revolutionaries. The Black Lives Matter protests have morphed with staggering speed into a frenzied assault on history, liberty and reason, writes Brendan O’Neill.

'Outside of work hours': Captain Cook statue defacer identified as Greens staffer

‘Outside of work hours’: Captain Cook statue defacer identified as Greens staffer

One of the two women charged with defacing a Captain Cook statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park has been identified as a part-time worker within Greens MP David Shoebridge’s office.

Xiaoran Shi, 28, faced Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday alongside her friend Charmaine Morrison-Mills, 27, after the pair allegedly graffitied a statue of Captain Cook at about 4am on Sunday.

What’s a ChiCom ‘s beef with James Cook?


Here comes the French:

Thousands of people have protested in central Paris in the latest demonstration against alleged racism and violence by the police. #9News

Thousands protest French police violence

Thousands protest French police violence

Several thousand anti-racism protesters Mohammedans, African savages & leftist Moonbats have gathered in central Paris to denounce police violence.
For decades now, France has been terrorised by migrant savages. It is they who cause untold damage to property & the morale of French people. 
Thousands of people have protested in central Paris in the latest demonstration against alleged racism and violence by the police.
The demonstration was called by Assa Traore, whose brother Adama, a young black man, died in disputed circumstances after his arrest by gendarmes in 2016 in a town north of Paris.
We can’t have mosques promoting slavery in Australia.
Close all mosques! Muhammad was a slave dealer!

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