Muslims support the revolution…

A video connecting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to the violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots has been circulating the web.
In the video, Chief Executive Officer of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Nihad Awad is heard saying: “Black lives matter is our matter. Black lives matter is our campaign.”
CAIR was founded by Hamas and is often accused of being a front-group for the terrorist organization.

Leaked Video Alleges Hamas Behind Violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riots
The United Nations Hates America And Loves Antifa... Should We Cut Them Loose?
The United Nations Hates America And Loves Antifa… 

“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” – Thomas Sowell

Jihad harlot Begum
 Shamima Begum and other jihadis jailed in the Middle East ‘should be allowed BACK to their homelands in a bid to break the cycle of extremism’, says report

The report is from a Mohammedan, “ex-FBI agent”. No vested interest to see here, people. Why would a Mohammedan not try to dump jihadists on western countries?

Ali Soufan interviewed on The New Yorker

Ali Soufan interviewed on The New Yorker

Anti-racism protesters mistakenly topple statue of anti-slavery activist
A statue of one of America’s fiercest anti-slavery activists has been decapitated and dragged into a lake after being wrongly targeted by anti-racism protesters during a night of violence in the country’s Midwest.
Muslim end of Ramadan celebration responsible for large cluster of Victoria's Coronavirus cases

One of Victoria’s biggest coronavirus clusters came from a Muslim family who broke public health orders to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

The state has had 128 new cases of COVID-19 in the past week, with 20 cases and a death recorded on Wednesday.

A gathering in Coburg, north of the city, last month has been linked to at least 14 cases across multiple households.


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