Oz ‘Activists’ & the Politics of Shame

Activists declare COVID-19 a scam and defy restrictions in city rallies | Sky News Australia

Activists declare COVID-19 a scam and defy restrictions in city rallies

Impoverish Australians through unreliable energy. Impoverish Australians by destroying coal-fired power stations. Impoverish Australians through the foolishness of Snowy Hydro. Impoverish Australians through the lunacy of selling unreliable energy by undersea cable to Singapore and Vietnam. Impoverish Australians by the fantasy of mass hydrogen production from solar energy. Impoverish Australians and leave them undefended with political submarines. Why are we encouraging or even tolerating policies of shame?
In other news:

Channel crossings will continue as long as illegal migrants are allowed to stay in Britain

The business model for people smugglers depends on countries’ unwillingness to turn would-be migrants away

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott:

650,000 migrants ready to leave Libya for Europe, UN report reveals

Around 650,000 migrants in Libya are currently waiting to immigrate to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, a report from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed.

Why only 650.000? Why not millions? Isn’t that what the open borders advocates want?

Libyan authorities stop nearly 400 migrants attempting to cross to Europe

They will try again. How much were these  “authorities” paid to prevent them from taking off?

Czech refuses to accept migrants from Greece; minister says 17-year-old male migrants not suitable for country

Mohammedan testosterone bombs are not suitable for any country.

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