Beirut, Israel, UAE & Hezbollah

Netanyahu says West Bank annexation plans still ‘on the table’

Israeli PM says there is no change in his plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank despite a deal with the UAE.

Fury over Beirut blast fuels protests, clashes with police

Beirut Boiling: protesters, police Clash After Blast…

…Govt Building Stormed…

…’resignation or Hang’…

Lebanese Protesters Hang Effigy of Hezbollah Chief, President

…Effigy of President, Hezbollah Terror Head

Explosion: Hezbollah Stockpiled Chemicals in London & Germany..

Lebanese politician on Beirut blast: ‘It’s crystal clear Hizballah are in charge of the port and warehouse’

Beirut police fire tear gas as protesters regroup: Live updates


Beirut police fire tear gas as protesters regroup: Live updates

Two ministers and nine members of parliament have resigned, while international leaders pledge $300mn in aid.

Fifteen Years After Gaza Pullout, Israeli Minister Vows: ‘We Will Take over Gaza Again’

Why wait? Do it now!

Hizballah linked to spike in drug trafficking across the Middle East and Europe

US-based researcher says the armed group is ‘regrouping’ and remains a ‘persistent’ threat in the oil-rich nation.

Every Mohammedan is part of ISIL. Nothing to do with Libya.


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