Migration Jihad

71 per cent of British adults said they were in support of deploying naval vessels to prevent illegal crossings 

UK: Boris Johnson accused of lacking the ‘political will’ to stop daily arrivals of illegal Muslim migrant boats

Nigel Farage, has come out swinging against Boris Johnson’s mismanagement of mass Muslim migration, compounded by the coronavirus lockdown.

Migrants crossing English Channel warn they will attempt to DROWN

Migrants crossing English Channel warn they will attempt to DROWN

Migrants crossing English Channel warn they will jump overboard and attempt to DROWN if their boats are stopped as French politicians say they want UK benefits and black market jobs – and crisis is Britain’s fault
  • Migrants attempting to cross the Channel have threatened to drown themselves 
  • Families preparing to make the crossing to Britain from refugee camps in Calais 
  • They claim the stretch of water will become ‘a sea of bodies’ if stopped by Navy 
  • French officials blame UK’s ‘hypocrisy’ for increasing the number of migrants

Migrants attempting to cross the Channel have threatened to drown themselves if they are stopped by the Royal Navy.

Families preparing to make the crossing to Britain from Calais claim the stretch of water will become ‘a sea of bodies’ if the British government intervenes and sends them back to France.

Christian convert Kamal Sadeghi getting set to make the perilous journey with his wife and 11-month-old daughter after fleeing his home in Iran. 

Conversion?  The soldiers of allah do not easily convert. But no one in the west will test such converts of their sincerity.

After French navy helps flood of illegal Muslim migrants enter UK, France demands $39,000,000 to take them back

That would be another 39 million, because the French have just recently received a similar payment.

Italy: Muslim migrants ‘revolt’ aboard Italian coronavirus quarantine ship

The illegal Muslim migrants who are flowing into Italy are becoming more brazen. Some are now revolting against any effort to protect Italian citizens from coronavirus, with which many migrants have been found to be infected. Never mind the security issue; it has long taken a back seat with Italy’s globalist Leftist coalition government.

Britain is facing the same problem, with an illegal Muslim migrant invasion coming in from theEnglish Channel, with no end in sight. Nothing is being done, either, despite alarming warnings. All of this is happening during the coronavirus lockdown, which has seen economies dive and law-abiding citizens suffer.

On August 5, Jihad Watch reported on  11,000 migrants arriving in Italy in a single week. Over 130 of these migrants tested positive for coronavirus.

The governments of the UK and Italy are to squarely blame for all this. They have not only permitted, but emboldened, those who have thumbed their noses at the Western rule of law.




Gunmen kill six French aid workers in Niger attack

BBC Social Justice Reporter:
Inspector, do we know if the terrorists were wearing masks?

No, they were just killing innocent people!

BBC Reporter:
Yes, exactly.
They all died, because the terrorists were not wearing masks!

I’m joining the militia…


Niger COVID-19 statistics went up 6 deaths yesterday, due to a second wave of a deadly outbreak. Caused by terrorists not wearing masks. Government will NOW mandate an immediate directive to wear masks or face penalty of Boko Haram!

The attack happened in a region which draws visitors to the last giraffe herds in West Africa.
French Aid Workers Shot to Death in Niger…
Pakistani Judge Orders Christian Teen Back into Forced Marriage…
Mob Tries to Lynch ‘Blasphemer’ for Criticizing Animal Sacrifice…
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Germany: Only 24% of Eligible Syrian ‘Refugees’ Bother to Work…
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Boy Sodomized by Imam While Reading Quran…
NZ: Shooter Trial About “Social Justice,” Media Must Obey Rules…
Miyetti Allah Brags of Having “Vigilantes” Across Nigeria…
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