Shrillary is so crooked she needs a corkscrew to get into her pantsuit

We Deplorables are the BREAD basket of America.

Lester Holt shows he doesn’t know the meaning of impartial.

Under Hussein Obama, America is run by Presstitutes &  Drive by media

Hillary will strip Americans of guns But she’ll arm nations if they donate to her


It’s bad enough that FBI Director James Comey agreed to pass out immunity deals like candy to material witnesses and potential targets of his investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

But now we learn that some of them were immunized despite lying to Comey’s investigators.

In the latest bombshell from Congress’ probe into what’s looking more and more like an FBI whitewash (or coverup) of criminal behavior by the Democratic nominee and her aides, the Denver-based tech who destroyed subpoenaed emails from Clinton’s server allegedly lied to FBI agents after he got an immunity deal.

That’s normally a felony. As a federal prosecutor, Comey tossed Martha Stewart in jail for it and helped convict Scooter Libby for it as well. Yet the key Clinton witness still maintained his protection from criminal prosecution.


With Comey’s blessing, Obama prosecutors cut the deal with the email administrator, Paul Combetta, in 2015 in exchange for his full cooperation and honest testimony. But the House Judiciary Committee revealed Wednesday that he falsely told agents in a Feb. 18 interview that he had no knowledge that emails he bleached from the server were under congressional orders to be preserved as evidence.

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Ahmed the Clock Boy Is Suing Everyone in Sight



The 15 minutes of fame Ahmed Mohamed (a.k.a. Ahmed the Clock Boy) earned by bringing a fake bomb to school have expired, but he and his Islamic activist father are still attempting to milk his brief stint in the limelight for financial profit:

Now, Ahmed’s father is suing multiple media companies and personalities for defamation, including The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Center for Security Policy, Fox Television Stations, LLC, Ben Ferguson, and Beth Van Duyne, as well as [Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben] Shapiro.

Clock Boy did not make his eponymous clock but rather disemboweled it and repurposed it as a fake bomb for propaganda purposes, likely with close guidance from his father and certainly with slavish support from Obama and the liberal media. Anyone who publicly acknowledged this is now subject to be sued.

This is not the Mohamed family’s only ongoing lawsuit; they’ve also sued the city of Irving and the school district for some $15 million and apologies.

Earlier, Ahmed and his clan left America for shariah-compliant Qatar, presumably because he could no longer endure our narrow-minded Islamophobia. Yet here they are back again, hands out, palm up — playing straight into the entitled Third World immigrant and cry bully Muslim stereotypes.

In other news:


I remember being required to chant “marg bar Amrika” (death to America) at every school assembly. And Obama gave this regime a nuclear deal.



The Freedom Sack Hits Playboy Magazine, “Making a Forceful Case For Modesty.”

Muslim headwear
Muslim headwear

Fetishising the hijab

Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist radical who now advocates for reform within the religion, writes about Playboy magazine’s hijab hijinks.

Playboy magazine has just featured an article about a hijab-wearing Muslim-American, Noor Taguri, “making a forceful case for modesty.”

Yes. You read that correctly.

In its October “Renegades” issue, Playboy is showcasing a religious-conservative practice as emblematic of an independent woman.

In the West, the hijab should be a choice that faces the same liberal scrutiny that all other religious-conservative choices face, which it currently doesn’t.

Globally, though, it is not a choice.

Millions of girls are forced to be “modest” by wearing the hijab. Of course women should be left to choose what to wear, but it has only ever been male Quran exegetes who have told women that covering up equates to modesty.

As such, the hijab is enforced by law over female populations in theocratic Muslim states.This is why the Catholic nun’s habit is no comparison. 

No state in the world enforces the Catholic habit over all women then punishes them for not complying. And rarely would a nun be glamorized by American liberals, or by Playboy, as a symbol of female emancipation. 

The assumption made by some liberals is that the “authentic” Muslim woman is the hijab-wearing one, while non-hijabis are seen as Westernized, inauthentic Muslims. 

Likewise, the religious-conservative Muslim assumption equates concealing the female form to “modesty,” as if a woman who shows her hair or reveals her figure is somehow immodest.

This is a not-so-subtle form of bigotry against the female form, and it has real consequences, including rising social-conservative attitudes across Muslim communities around gender and sexual freedom. 

In too many instances across Muslim-majority societies, including those embedded in Europe, this “modesty theology” has led to slut-shaming of women who do not cover. 

Worse yet, it can lead to so-called honor killings.

We must never forget that these garments are used to subjugate women…they are nothing but instruments of oppression.

The Jihad Against Poland

Islam is patient. It does not matter if the Islamization of Kafir territory is immediate, or takes centuries. Both through birth and through migration, the goal of political Islam is Islamic domination and for all to submit to the will of Allah.

It must be remembered that Islam means submission, not peace.

Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

by Anestos Canelides

It is not shocking to see Pope Francis, a globalist puppet, attempt to put the Polish people on a guilt trip to make them embrace the largely Muslim immigrants into Poland as refugees. Why does the Pope want to bring these Muslim immigrants into Poland? How will this benefit Poland culturally? Or is it a threat to their way of life and freedoms? Will it enrich Poland, or become cultural suicide for the Polish people?

From the mouth of the Pope — Addressing civil authorities and members of the country’s diplomatic corps, the Pope states:

….being aware of identity was “indispensable for establishing a national community on the foundation of its human, social, political, economic and religious heritage,” but that people must remain open to renewal and to change. He added that while good memory can remind society of God and his saving work.

Pope Francis called on the people of Poland to hold on to their positive memories so they can look to the future with hope in respecting human dignity, economical and environmental concerns and “the complex phenomenon of migration.[1]

In reality, the Pope wants the Polish people to adapt to the changes that will arise with Islamic immigration. The Poles must conform to the cultural needs and religious demands of these so-called refugees (really invaders). These changes are bound to bring cultural conflict with the new arrivals. Migration is a form of violent or stealth jihad, and with Poland’s low birth rate and the high birth rate of Muslims, it would not take all that long for the Muslims to outnumber the Poles.

More from the Gates of Vienna

Montreal Muslim school president was ‘devastated’ by feminist’s criticisms, slander trial hears

Litigation jihad in Canuckistan:

“A feminist activist for secularism is being brought before the courts. It’s as if they were trying to make it an offence to have an opinion”

That’s exactly what they are trying to do.

The school is seeking $95,000 in damages, but Benhabib’s supporters said outside the court that the real objective is to silence a critic.

“If we disallow criticism on such a fundamental question to be expressed, is there really freedom of expression?”

Montreal Muslim school president was ‘devastated’ by feminist’s criticisms, slander trial hears

Graeme Hamilton 

From the National Post of Canada

MONTREAL — Quebec’s long-running debate over secularism and the place of religious minorities moved into the courtroom Monday as a slander trial opened against an outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism.

Benhabib, who was born in Ukraine but spent much of her childhood in Algeria,

A crowd of supporters, including two who arrived from France, filled the room to hear the case against Djemila Benhabib, who is being sued by a private Muslim school after she likened its teaching to the instruction received in terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Benhabib told 98.5 FM host Benoît Dutrizac that she was shocked by what she found on the school’s website.

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Stephen Coughlin: Suppressing “Hate Speech” Means Suppressing Free Speech

Thanks to Vlad Tepes & the Gates of Vienna

The Human Dimension* Implementation Meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) convened for its second week in Warsaw. A team from the transatlantic Counterjihad is there to take part in the proceedings.

Stephen Coughlin, representing Unconstrained Analytics, gave the following intervention this afternoon. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

* The OSCE’s “Human Dimension” project gives governments and NGOs the opportunity to send representatives to discuss policies and initiatives of interest to all the member states of the OSCE. In the last few years it has been mostly co-opted by Muslim groups under the guidance of the OIC.

For links to previous articles about the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, see the OSCE Archives.

ISIS INVASION: Thousands of jihadis headed for Europe as spooks predict wave of terror


ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is set to unleash a wave of terror on Europe as thousands of jihadis head back to the continent from Syria and Iraq, security chiefs have warned today.

EU anti-terror chief Gilles de KerchoveGETTY

The EU’s anti-terror chief has warned a wave of ISIS fighters are on their way to Europe

Emergency services are bracing for a spate of deadly car bomb attacks on European cities as the group’s so-called Caliphate in the Middle East continues to disintegrate.Spooks are particularly alarmed by the prospect of homegrown jihadis packing cars full of explosives and detonating them at public places to cause civilian casualties on a massive scale.
And he cautioned twisted terrorists  (they are not ‘twisted’, they are devout) could even manufacture chemical weapons, using techniques learned at ISIS academies in Syria, to unleash at popular tourist revealed this month how bigwigs in Brussels have bomb-proofed the EU parliament building amid fears it could be targeted by crazed Islamists loyal to the hate cult, which is also known as Daesh.

An ISIS flag above a town in SyriaGETTY

The terror group’s so-called Caliphate in the Middle East is disintegrating

ISIS fightersNC

More than 5,000 Europeans have gone to the Middle East to fight for ISIS

Mohammedans. Not Europeans. The moment one becomes a Mohammedan he ceases to be European. You are either one of us, or you are one of them.

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COPENHAGEN IN FLAMES: 200 cars set on fire as arsonist attacks continue


COPENHAGEN police are fighting an uphill battle to stop thugs from setting cars on fire as the capital has been plagued with more than 200 arsonist attacks in just nine months.

Since New Year’s Eve cars have been set alight in more than 110 different locations in Denmark’s capital.

Over the weekend another eleven burning cars were reported in Copenhagen and police have now detained a 17-year-old for one of the blazes.

The teenagers was reportedly arrested after acquaintances noticed that he had suffered burns.

Cars burning in DenmarkTV2

Police are fighting an uphill battle to stop thugs from setting cars on fire

Copenhagen Police inspector Jens Møller said: “He simply burned himself. We were contacted by people who know him, who could tell us about his burns.”

After appearing in court on Monday, the teenager admitted to having started a car blaze in Amager.

However the 17-year-old denied that he had torched the car on behest of another.

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‘We cannot live among people who support Islamic law’ – Nicolas Sarkozy

FORMER head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy has said France will never accept Sharia and that any radical muslims should be “kicked out”.

What? Sarko, the guy who is in bed with the Qataris and has his son manage some of their investment funds?  Is this the same Sarkozy who threatened the French they would be forced to intermarry with Mohammedan savages? And didn’t the same Sarkozy assure the Arabs that he doesn’t think that our civilisation is superior to the retarded Arab shari’a? The video is below the fold.

Sarkozy and a koranGETTY

The former president of France said Muslims are not integrating with French society

An opinion poll carried out by the Montaigne Institute, a liberal think tank, revealed that 29 per cent of Muslims living in France were hardline – known as “ultras” in France – who believe the country should respect Islamic law.

Sharia is widely considered as unsecular and flying in the face of the country’s liberal values.

Responding to this “troubling” poll during a radio interview with Europe 1 today Mr Sarkozy, said that the “zealous” Muslim community – the 29 per cent – should be deported from France, or be forced to assimilate – not just integrate – into French society.

He said: “The Montaigne Institute’s poll is extremely troubling. It proves that a quarter of young Muslims are being seduced by radical ideology.”

Integrating radical youngsters into France’s Republican society has not worked —Nicolas Sarkozy

According to the right-wing presidential candidate, it would be “irresponsible” for the government to allow these pro-Sharia youngsters to follow their Islamic law dream and said: “I’m not being over dramatic.

“The truth is this, simply integrating radical youngsters into France’s Republican society has not worked, it will never work. They must assimilate into French society and culture.”

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More than Half of Germans Fear Islamisation of Their Country

With 57 the Germans are eight points ahead of us Australians, where 49 per cent would like a ban on Mohammedan immigration, if the polls are to be believed. All in all there is hope that the tide is turning, but not for the far-left political class of traitors and the pressititutes of the lame stream media, who keep painting a picture of “right-wing extremists” that is not based on reality; whereas leftist thuggery is largely ignored.

More than half the German people fear the rise of Islam in their country, including two thirds of over-45s, a study has found.

The study, conducted by polling firm INSA Consulere for the Evangelical News Agency, found 57 per cent of Germans hold a negative few of Islam in their country, including 61 per cent of women. Less than a third of respondents did not share this fear.

The fear of Islam is also particularly strong among Catholics at 61.5 percent, mainline Protestants at 59.6 per cent and other Christians at 55.5 per cent. Non-churchgoers are also wary of rising Islam, with 57 per cent saying they fear it.

The survey comes as German Chancellor Angel Merkel faces increasing criticism over her decision to open Germany’s borders to over a million migrants last year, leading to a backlash among the German people and the rise of the anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The poll also found that fear of rising crime as a result of the migrant influx is also high, particularly among the country’s Jewish population, with 92 per cent of Jews saying they fear attacks.

Christians of all denominations also believe Germany will be less safe as a result of the migrant surge, with more than three in five saying they believe crime will rise.

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