Cartoon Terror Escalates


The Arab legislator Masoud Ganaim urged the right-wing leader to stop the distribution of offending magazine.

“I hereby appeal to your sense of honor; please personally intervene to prevent Steimatzky from distribution the magazine and the damaging images of the Prophet Mohammed, lest the Israeli government and Steimatzky be responsible for every consequence.”

Arab MK warns Netanyahu against publishing Charlie Hebdo issue
MK Masoud Ganaim urges prime minister to halt release of magazine featuring Mohammed, says Steimatzky and PM will ‘be responsible for consequences’.–YNETNEWS.COM
Israeli book seller cancels Charlie Hebdo launch event
In a letter to the prime minister, Ganaim said, “Steimatzky intends to distribute images which hurt the Prophet Mohammed. This is a very serious, dangerous, and stupid step. This is not freedom of expression but a hard hit on the holiest of holies to Muslims, which will bring about unrest and anger among the Arabs and Muslims in the country… and no one can predict the results.”
Swedes are a minority in Sweden’s third largest city
The crime rate has exploded, so have several bombs in the city.
The Tyrant is Dead. Long Live the Tyrant!

The new tyrant promises continuity. Western stooges are pleased…

Dignitaries head to Saudi Arabia after King Abdullah’s death
Obama cuts short India visit to travel to Saudi to pay his respects; in unusual visit, rival Iran sends foreign minister to offer condolences as well.–YNETNEWS.COM
Violent Muselmaniacs  get anti-social behaviour orders (Asbo) .
A group of Muslim men have been given three-year anti-social behaviour orders (Asbo) for threatening violence. The 12 were convicted of public order offences after disorder at a Edgware Road…  CPNAGASAKI.WORDPRESS.COM
Germany: “we want Jews and Israelis to feel safe in Europe.”
In exclusive Ynetnews interview, spokesperson of anti-Islamization grassroots initiative addresses Jewish world’s concerns about the movement, says “we want Jews and Israelis to feel safe in Europe.”
Anti-terror chief tells police not to go out on the streets alone
Police were last night urged to patrol in pairs for their own safety amid rising fears of a terrorist plot to murder an officer on UK streets.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Muslim woman files federal suit after police force her to remove hijab
A Muslim woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, its police department and police chief, after being forced to remove her…
Islamic school rated failure by Ofsted after ‘failing to promote British values’
A primary school run by a charity once described by David Cameron as a “front” for a radical Islamist group has been rated inadequate by the Ofsted watchdog…STANDARD.CO.UK
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged senior Muslims to ‘dissociate’ themselves from a message of hate.
This report was given to me by one of our brave Patriot women who actually went to Lakemba with a group of Patriots.–ISLAM4INFIDELS.COM

Everyone needs to read this and let it soak in. We are no longer free to walk the streets, the streets are being taken from us by followers of Islam..

LAST NIGHT there was a muslim protest rally in support of their prophet. This was organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir who publicly state their support of ISIS, their desire to force Shar’ia law onto us and their desire for an Islamic Caliphate here in Australia. The rally was held in front of the war memorial monument near the Lakemba 

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Terror arrests in UK linked to Syria have soared by 600 per cent in last year
TERRORISM arrests in Britain linked to the civil war in Syria have soared by more than 600 per cent last year.
Dumbing down in Norway
Norway: The People’s Revolution vs. The “Religion of Peace”
In Norway’s educational system, history is not a valued subject. It is included under either “Social Studies” or “Norwegian.” Many Norwegians are therefore unaware… GATESTONEINSTITUTE.ORG|BY BJORN JANSEN
Pakistan: Muslim groups place bounties totaling over $1 million on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists
These MF’s have cannot feed themselves, but they are determined to murder everyone who stands in the way of their perverted profit…

“Backlash” is worse than murdering cartoonists

(Quran (2:191-193: “unbelief is worse than slaughter!” 

Petrodollars buy any amount of hired scribblers to produce this kind of manure:

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, there are signs of increasing Islamophobia in Europe, writes David Tresilian in Paris

There have been increased reports of insults being shouted at people thought to be of Muslim appearance and of increased “ethnic profiling”, in which people of Muslim appearance face harassment or are stopped and searched by members of the security forces more often than those thought to be of other religions. …

More increased reports of massacres of muslims insults being shouted at Al-Ahram thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“Luton Man”

THE actions of a Luton man who skipped bail to join terrorist group ISIS in Syria have been labelled as an ‘individual choice’ which is unrepresentative of the town’s Muslim community.

More nothing to do with something or other at LutonOnSunday….

German Mustard council warns of rise in anti-Islam attacks

“Insults against Muslims, often women with a headscarf, vandalism against mosques and violence against imams have become a daily occurrence,” Mayzek told the online magazine Online Focus in a report published on Saturday. …

More tales of fear of the evil religion at DW

ISIL Hijackers of Islam Behead Japanese Hostage

The group has now demanded that one of its members is released from custody in Jordan as a swap for the release of Kenji Goto, a freelance Japanese journalist who was was abducted while reporting on Syria’s civil war last year. …

More betrayal and hijacking of the evil, blasphemous religion at Al Jazeera

 ‘Best quality stun free meat’ causes ‘backlash’

Fury over plans to use taxpayers’ money to fund halal abattoir that refuses to stun its animals before killing them

  • Vets condemned plans to use taxpayers’ money to fund Pak Mecca Meats
  • British Veterinary Association is calling on Welsh government to end talks with the company over subsidising job creation in Caernarfon, Wales
  • On its website, the company says it supplies ‘best quality stun free meat’

More subsidised meats sacrificed to the evil god of islam By Khaleda Rahman at MailOnline

“No room for anything but Americans who have a right to be stupid”
Kerry: Muslims Don’t Raze Villages, American Soldiers Do
Here’s John Kerry at Davos now. “Obviously the biggest error that we could make would be to blame Muslims collectively for crimes not committed by Muslims…   | FrontPage Magazine
Kerry seeks more resources in anti- jihad

… “Unless we direct our energies in the right direction, we may very well fuel the very fires we want to put out,” he said. “There’s no room for sectarian division, there’s no room for anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.”-Reuters

John Kerry: Terrorists Kill for Thrill Seeking, Not Islamic Jihad

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama called him courageous. A prominent UK paper has slammed him as a “tyrant”.

But Australia has joined the UK in paying tribute to this controversial leader today on our most iconic landmarks. …

More on the late tyrant at

Its not just shameful what this sewer rat is doing to America. Its embarrassing that Americans let him get away with it.

Ben Shapiro

GloBama Goes Full Troll

Spain: “Allahu Akbar, all you Christians will die!”

Leading Muslim scholars urge UN to outlaw “contempt of religions”

They say “religions,” but of course they mean only Islam. No one cares when Christianity or Judaism are insulted or criticized or mocked, and Christians and Jews don’t riot and kill over insults. This is just another salvo in the Islamic war against …

German harlots in Iran:
Bin derzeit mit meiner Bundestagskollegin Claudia Roth im Iran! Ein sehr wichtiges Thema ist für mich die aktuelle Situation des im Iran inhaftierten Nürnberger Menschenrechtspreisträgers Soltani! Es ist wichtiger Gespräche auf allen Ebenen zu führen, als durch Protest Gespräche zu verweigern!

Bin derzeit mit meiner Bundestagskollegin Claudia Roth im Iran! Ein sehr wichtiges Thema ist für mich die aktuelle Situation des im Iran inhaftierten NürnbergerSee More

The fascinating story of a key figure in the decades-old friendship between Israel and the Kurds, Brig. Gen. Tzuri Sagi.
Spanish police arrest Muslim brothers plotting jihad; “many parallels” with Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre
Spain: Violent Muslim screaming “Allahu Akbar, all you Christians will die!” gets arrested
Philippines: Islamic jihadis suspected as bomb at bar kills two, injures 54
New video claims Islamic State jihadis have beheaded one of their two Japanese hostages
ONE Pissed OFF American's photo.
MUSLIMS in Australia calling for creation of an ‘Australian All-Muslim Army’ to impose sharia law
A Muslim Call to Arms over the weekend even has the left wing Muslim-sympathetic media taking notice. A leader of radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir that is allowed to operate freely in Australia…
Boko Haram leader threatens war and more massacres in new video
In a new video, Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram says that the recent mass killings in Nigeria, which left 2,000 dead were just the tip of the iceberg and that… DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
War hero and former Republican congressman Allen West is asking how long it will take for “you people” – white Americans – to realize that their president “abjectly…

1.5 gazillion Muselmaniacs suffering from cartoonphobia!

Paki Muslim leader says Muhammad cartoons could lead to World War III, calls on UN to outlaw blasphemy

Muhammad declared war on the world 1400 years ago. It is up to us to make an end to it.

I have spent most of the last fortnight debating Islam and blasphemy and wanted to take the opportunity to put down a few unwritten thoughts. - Spectator Blogs
Dignitaries head to Saudi Arabia after King Abdullah’s death

Annoying that the UK and Australia fly their flags at half-mast for this slave of Allah….

Obama cuts short India visit to travel to Saudi to pay his respects; in unusual visit, rival Iran sends foreign minister to offer condolences as well.–YNETNEWS.COM
 Islamic State executes Japanese hostage
According to intelligence group, radical jihadists force Kenji Goto Jogo, one of two hostages, to report his countryman’s execution.
Over 45,000 Muslims protest against Muhammad cartoons in Asia, Africa, and Australia
Canada-based Muslim charged with jihad plots to kill Americans and support jihad terror groups–|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Perpetual Victimhood from the Religion of Peace
As American Sniper continues to ignite political debate, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is worried about ‘serious threats’ being made to Arabs… USATODAY.COM
Obama Says America is the #1 Muslim Country in The World
Just when you think the conspiracies can’t be true…
The Obamster gets away with murder and nobody holds him to account. When he says America is a Muslim country  the journallie should go in for the kill, but no one ever called him out on it. Won’t be long before he flies the black flag of Islam over the white house.
Obama interviewed by newly signed CNN Anchor from the New Day show GloZell .<br />
What is wrong with this country?<br />
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Obama interviewed by newly signed CNN Anchor from the New Day show GloZell .
WTF is wrong with this country?
Well you are looking at it in this picture pleas…  See More

Robert Spencer on Sun TV on Obama’s denial of the reality of Islamic jihad


HIZB ut-Tahrir leaders last night urged a crowd of about 500 in Sydney’s Lakemba to rise as one to defend­ the name of the prophet Mohammed, extolling them to reject the West’s concept of freedom of speech as a “smokescreen” to oppress Muslims.


Happy Australia Day!

Abe Dilligaf-Nfse's photo.
In Iran, they don’t celebrate. They want us dead:
Iran:“Death to France, death to Israel, death to Britain, death to Charlie Hebdo.”

Tens of thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of speech

Mideast Iran Charlie Hebdo Protest-1

Meanwhile, in the Britain on which the protesters wish death, the BBC is certain that the vast majority of Muslims reject jihad and embrace the freedom of speech. Where are they marching?

“Iran cities in big protests over Charlie Hebdo,” Agence France-Presse, January 23, 2015:

Tens of thousands took to the streets in cities across Iran after Friday prayers to condemn French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Clashes in occupied Kashmir over Charlie Hebdo cartoons
Clashes in occupied Kashmir over Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Shutdown was called for by Hurriyat leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik.

Erdogan Grooms a New Jihad Generation
First, he promised to build a new, “religious generation.” Now, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to be going one step further: creating, too, a new generation for jihad. If that sounds a bit like the Islamic…
Hamas Quietly Looking To Sell Giant Nude Portrait Of Muhammad

“Even though this is high art, those philistines in ISIS probably don’t understand the finer points of Islamic culture.”

By Tzvi Ben Yaakov

Gaza City, January 22 – What has long greeted visiting journalists and dignitaries to the palatial Hamas headquarters in Gaza City was a surprise: an imposing, forty-foot-tall portrait of the prophet Muhammad, riding naked and bareback on a camel toward Jerusalem.

riding a camel

Called ‘Stallion of the Desert,’ it has long been admired in Islamic art circles and is one of the Gaza Strip’s major – and only – tourist attractions. (If you believe that you believe anything.)

Archlunatic of Canterbury blames Christians for the Balkan jihad

Equable attitude from the Archbishop of Canterbury

“…as Christians we have to recognize the slightly thin moral ground, the slightly thin moral standing, that we have. We only have to go back to the Balkans 20 years ago and Srebrenica to find Christians killing 7,000 Muslim men….”

The reality is that the Muslims waged jihad on the Serbian heartland of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. And guess who ended up with the land after slick Willie bombed the Christian Serbs….?


I want to live in a country that erases Mohammedanism

Carmine Sabia Jr.'s photo.

Only a well armed militia can fix this problem now:

Generals Conclude Obama Supports Al-Qaida 
According to a report by WND, a probe of military generals has revealed that that the U.S. did indeed ‘switch sides’ in the war on terror. - Truth And Action
Cruz Files Bill to Ban Americans Islamic State Fighters from Returning to U.S.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) will file legislation on Friday to ban American citizens who fight alongside the Islamic State (IS) and other terror groups from returning to the…
Stop Islamization of the world's photo.
Australia’s terrorism laws ‘could criminalise preaching from Qur’an’
The Australian National Imams Council said the proposed broadening of the offence of advocating terrorism to include those who “promote” and “encourage” violence would have “serious implications on free speech and will have a chilling effect on legitimate religious and political debate”. …

More preaching nothing to do with islam (which means peace) or something at The Guardian thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

I want to live in a country that erases Mohammedanism
Stop the Mosque in Bendigo's photo.
Pauline Hanson wants referendum on burqa

Pauline Hanson wants the PM to take the controversial issue to a referendum.  She believes the average Australian is “fed up” with the sight of the burqa.

“I find it very confronting [and] un-Australian. I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

“Come on, women, break the shackles. This is Australia. If you want to live that way of life, go back to a Muslim country.”
Kim Ray's photo.
Flags on Sydney Harbour Bridge fly at half-mast as tribute to late Saudi King
THE flags on the Sydney Harbour Bridge flew at half-mast today as a mark of respect to the late Saudi Arabian King. NEWS.COM.AU
From the religion of peace:
Unity”? About What Exactly?  (Gatestone)
How can we unite against an enemy that we refuse to name?
Jihad in Tel Aviv  (FrontPage Magazine)
While Western leaders have trouble connecting the dots, that isn’t the case in Israel.
al-Qaeda is On the Run?  (American Thinker)
al-Qaeda controls more territory and has more safe havens than ever before.
Islamic State Prime Time  (FrontPage Magazine)
Reality TV with a big bite.“It’s Not Islam,” They Say. . . But It Is  (American Thinker)

Muselmaniacs Urge UN to Outlaw “Contempt of Religions”

“Religions” means Islam. Only. Nothing else matters.

 Its the old “we have ways to make you like it, or else…”  method that should convince everyone.

Last Night’s “Support the Prophet” rally: 

“If we want to change the world today, for the benefit of every man, woman and child…we dont care to be blamed as radicals and extremists..The issue is what to keep carrying… the call for Islam…. (Islam as the dominant religion, all lands submitted to Islam—Koran)

Once again and in public Muslim leaders are calling for Muslims to get about their “business” of taking over of the West and causing all people to become submitted under the caliphate and Islam and acknowledging that activity as “extremist”.

Surge in Support for UKIP MEP sued by Labour
The MEP who is facing civil action from three Labour MPs after her passionate speech on stopping child grooming offended them is reported to have seen a a huge surge in support from local residents.
But now, the three Labour MPs who represent Rochester constituencies have demanded £300,000 from her after she said any politicians or officials who knew about the child grooming in Rotherham should face criminal charges.  – Breitbart

Intolerant Muselmanic students attempt to silence professor:

Intolerant Muslim Vanderbilt Students Prove Professor Right about Islamic Culture by doing THIS
Part of the assimilation of Muslims into countries where speech is indeed free should be explaining to them that if they don’t like it, it’s really too bad.
There will be no Charlie Hebdo exhibition in this museum:
Das Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve (Wallonien Brabant) hat die Ausstellung zu Ehren des französischen Satiremagazins Charlie Hebdo, die heute eröffnen sollte, abgesagt.
Muslim scholars urge UN to outlaw ‘contempt’ of religions

You’re not allowed to dislike the religion of peace. Submit, infidel!  Allah demands it from you….

A leading Islamic organisation has called on the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal and urged the West to protect Muslim communities foll…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Aussie Khaled Sharrouf teaches sons to torture girls after he rapes them
SYDNEY’S Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and…–DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU
Tea Party's photo.
CAIR Exposed's photo.
Michelle Malkin – Obama’s Bloody Yemen Disaster
When President Obama declares something a “success story,” you know it has “TOTAL FAILURE” embedded in its DNA.
Bet you thought something didn’t smell right about the “Muslim hero” who allegedly saved several…
Once again, the media fabricates a hero where there actually wasn’t one. GalliaWatch (h/t The Opinionator) In the Kosher market stand-off in Paris, where…  BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Did ISIL murder the two Japanese hostages?
Mother makes tearful appeal to IS to release Japanese hostages as ransom deadline passes
A DISTRAUGHT mother made a tearful appeal to Islamic State (IS) to release two Japanese hostages threatened with execution as a ransom deadline passed.

During last week’s Islam-critical demonstration in Oslo, in which Hermansen was the initiator, one of TV2 reporters was harassed on live TV. The incident received considerable attention, and Hermansen had to answer to criticism. However, many regards the incident as a setup from the Norwegian nation wide broadcaster, and the reporter, Kadafi Zaman, himself a muslim, made sure that the incident was made the top story, and that it was in focus for days. Kadafi Zaman covers most of the stories involving anything about Islam for TV2.

The Norwegian Pegida-leader lost his job
The leader of Pegida Norway have been sacked because of his views on Islam.    –SPEISA.COM|BY SPEISA
ISIS Now Present In Yemen, Competing With Al-Qaeda
One group has slight advantage over the other.
AUSTRIA: Muselmaniacs try to forbid Austrians to cook pork in the same building
Österreich: Zugewanderte Muslimmenschen klagen gegen Kochen vom Schweinefleisch in Nachbarwohnung</p>
<p>Diese Unmenschen, die Anderen in ihren Herkunftsländern sogar das Lesen der Bibel verbieten, wollen in Österreich den Österreichern per Gerichtsurteil verbieten, Gerichte aus Schweinefleisch in der Nachbarwohnung zu kochen:</p>
<p>"Typisch Österreich. Nur einen Tag nach dem Gerichtsurteil bez. Rauchverbot in Wohnung in Wien, wegen Belästigung der Nachbarn hat heute Vormittag der Anwalt einer ägyptischen Familie bei einem Bezirksgericht in Wien eine Klage eingebracht, auf Basis dieses Urteils, das er sich als einer der wenigen muslimischen Mieter in einem Gemeinde Wien Wohnungsbau, durch die massiven Gerüche von Schweinefleisch bei deren Zubereitung als praktizierende Muslime angewidert fühlen und sogar dem brechreiz dadurch nahe sind.</p>
<p>Hab die Info vor 2 Stunden von nem Freund, der in dem Bezirksgericht Rechtspfleger ist gekriegt." </p>
<p>Wir hätten echt lieber Wanderratten, Heuschrecken oder hungrige Wölfe als Einwanderer, aber auf diese  menschlichen Einwanderer mit ihen vielgepriesenen Kulturen könnten wir jederzeit verzichten.</p>

Österreich: Zugewanderte Muslimmenschen klagen gegen Kochen vom Schweinefleisch in Nachbarwohnung,- See More

Austria: Recent Muslim arrivals complain against cooking of pork in a neighbouring apartment. These Brutes, who prohibit others to even read the Bible in their countries of origin have the audacity, in Austria, to demand by court order to prohibit, the Austrians  to cook dishes of pork in the neighbouring apartment: the lawyer of an Egyptian family at a District Court in Vienna brought charges for harassment of neighbours. A few Muslim tenants in a municipal housing are enraged by the massive smell of pork meat as practicing Muslims feel disgusted and claim suffering from nausea as a result.

Lost his mind in the sixties and remains stuck on stupid ever since:
Secretary of State John Kerry met with EU High Representative Federica Mogherini at the State Department Wednesday and afterwards addressed the press and…




“Americans have a right to be stupid”– John Kerry. His own words.

Australia: 1,000 Muslims rally against Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of speech
Hanson wants referendum on burqa
One Nation founder Pauline Hanson says the prime minister should take the issue of banning the burqa to a referendum.
Antwerp Mayor bans anti-Islam demonstration
Since October 2014 Pegida has been organising public demonstrations in Germany against what it claims to be the “Islamisation” of the Western world. A Flemish branch of Pegida was set up recently and the organisation had hoped to stage a…
There are also several cities (Madrid & Valencia) in Spain that banned rallies against Islam….
Sydney: Thousand Hizbuttniks Rally to “Defend” the Profit 

These tards spit on the victims and free speech. They are enemies of Australia. What exactly is the government doing to keep us safe from these head choppers?

Hizb ut-Tahrir at Lakemba Station.

Hizb ut-Tahrir at Lakemba Station. 

SYDNEY’S Muslim community has been urged to not turn the other cheek to “insults” and “attacks” on Islam and the prophet Muhammad.

In response to the terror attacks that rocked Paris last month, 1000 Muslims gathered in Lakemba last night.

Members of the crowd waved provocative signs that proclaimed “Je suis Muslims” — mimicking a phrase used in support of slain workers of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo — and chanted a promise to protect Muhammad and their faith.

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