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Their children will murder your children

by sheikyer mami on August 27, 2014

Their children will murder our children:

 Und morgen die ganze Welt:
Some people think this Obama bastard is quite extreme, but you may agree with him:

Obama said the answer for ISIS’s “evolving terrorist threat” is not for America to “occupy” countries and end up “feeding extremism.”

Obama--103771This mad dog is the elected president of the United States.

Hamas Sermon: We Pledged Before The Commanders Of The Jihad To Die For The Sake Of Allah; We Have Gathered The Zionists From All Corners Of The Globe So That It Will Be Easier To Slaughter And Kill Them


Why arrest him? Why not help him get his virgins?

No wonder they hate us:

A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad. … More narrative malfunction at thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Arrests of would-be British jihadis increase five fold

The number of would-be British jihadists and their supporters has increased five-fold in the last year, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has warned. …  More from the decaying nation at The Telegraph

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Beer offends Muselmaniacs

by sheikyer mami on August 26, 2014

Muslims Offended by Beer Fest

If it is worth having, then either liberals want to take it away from you, or Muslims do. What could be more worth having than a beer fest? Unsurprisingly, Muslims are offended over this:

Sadly, some thirsty Israelis will probably stay home out of fear of getting blown up by savages for the crime of enjoying a few beers. (Moonbattery)
Gaza Ceasefire, Even Less Than A Hudaibiyya Hudna 
Hugh Fitzgerald
clearGun-toting children celebrating along with the adults they sedulouusly ape, declarations of “victory,” and a Hamas bigshot  telling Gazan Arabs, that Hamas would immediately start rebuidling its arsenal, making it bigger and better than ever, for the “final war of liberation.”-Here.

Someone Is Jayvee, but It Isn’t the Islamic State


This the deadly level of cluelessness that results when you elect on an Affirmative Action basis an adolescent “president” who appoints left-wing kooks to top national security positions and then blows off briefings anyway to play golf …(MOONBATTERY)

Enemedia Jihad:

Ex-AP Jerusalem correspondent: How the AP (and others) covered up the truth in the cause of Islam

These media revelations are astonishing but not surprising. What is missing from this report is names. Name the Goebbels army of editors. Name names. We have long known that the media was sharia-compliant – (Geller)

Dutch” Headchopper Meets Virgins:

Dutch Muslim Jihad Porn Leader Killed in Iraq

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.31.27 PMOne can only take pity on his 72 raisins. “Infamous ISIS Militant Who Loved Taking Photos With Severed Heads Killed In Iraq,” via Reporting Nigeria By Dominic Kelly, Opposing Views,  August 25, 2014 A well-known ISIS militant was killed in battle several days ago. Multiple reports say that Khalid K. from Almere was taken out […]READ MORE (Geller)
The Brits allow the  most demented swine on earth to turn their children into sex-slaves, for fear of being called “racists”

UK: More than a thousand non-Muslim children subjected to “appalling sexual exploitation” by Muslim gangs, British Govt. Refused to Stop Muslim Sex Trafficking Ring Because it ‘Feared Being Perceived as Racist’

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.57.18 PMThousands of victims, hundreds of Muslims indicted, and still reports of thousands more infidel girls  raped, sold and abused by Muslims child sex trafficking gangs. These Muslims were enjoying the sex slaves allowed by the Qur’an (men may enjoy ‘what your right hands own,’ 4:3) and Islamic law from among unbelieving women.” A newly released […]READ MORE


Islam yet again taken out of context by its believers

3 articles by Andrew Bolt

So why do so many Muslims believe Islam condones – even demands - such cruelty? Yes, the majority may disagree with them, but what in the faith leaves itself so open to such barbarity?

The leader of Nigeria’s Islamist group Boko Haram said his fighters were now ruling the captured northeastern town of Gwoza “by Islamic law”, in the first video to state a territorial claim in more than five years of violent insurrection. His message also contained taunts for Western governments and compared democracy to incest…

Abubakar Shekau’s forces have killed thousands since launching an uprising in 2009…

In an attack on Sunday in the remote northeastern town of Gamboru, the insurgents killed 15 people, survivors said on Monday. The gunmen came in armed pick up trucks, throwing explosives and spraying the town with bullets… (The video) ends with scenes of executing captives in pre-dug mass graves, some of them beaten to death with spades…

“Democracy is worse than homosexuality, worse than sleeping with your mother,” Shekau says. “You are all pagans and we will kill you, even if you do not attack us we will kill you … Allah commands us to kill without pity.”

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The headchoppers must be sheiking in their Birkenstock sandals:
Christian 'crusaders' traveling to fight in Middle-East

Germany’s Focus magazine ran an article titled ‘Christian Union against Terrorism’ which claimed that so far at least 10 Christians have gone to Iraq to fight.

It has been revealed that Christian militants in Switzerland are traveling to the Middle-East to fight for Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Germany’s Focus magazine ran an article titled ‘Christian Union against Terrorism’ which claimed that so far at least 10 Christians have gone to Iraq to fight.

The article, which cites Switzerland’s Sonntags Zeitung newspaper, said that money is also being collected in the country to support the Christian militants who trained in secret camps. (World Bulletin / News Desk)

More Islamo BS:

“Experts” say Foley execution video was faked

…and Bush did 9/11, the Jews bake matzo’s with the blood of Palli children, and  Islam is a religion of peace.



More fakery here:



“Not all Muslims are headchoppers….”

by sheikyer mami on August 26, 2014

“Not all Muslims….” (beheaded James Foley) “the enemy is terrorism” and other stupidity by clueless politprops who submissively  pay the jiziya in the vain hope to keep us safe from Islam:

Counter terrorism measures  Muslims to receive $64m in funding: Tony Abbott

In the hope not to blow us up, crucify us or behead us:

Speaking at the Peter MacCallum cancer centre in Melbourne, the Prime Minister said terrorism was “a problem for us” and the “medieval barbarism” being carried out in Iraq could not be ignored by Australians. …More medieval barbarism (savagery?) at

There is no end to this cocksuckery:

In the unlikely event that you were going to blame all British Muslims for the beheading of James Foley in front of the whole world, you really shouldn’t. …  More narrative rejection at The Daily Caller thanks to Jim Treacher and Mullah/pbuh


“Crazy Criminals”

Metro Detroit Muslim leaders denounce ISIS as ‘crazy criminals’

Niraj Warikoo , Gannett Michigan

 ISIS members are “crazy criminals who are abusing our religion,” said Imam Mohammed Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. “You’re a bunch of gangsters … you’re not Islamic.” … More abuse of the evil, blasphemous religion at Lansing State Journal (Niraj Warikoo is a dogs breakfast who attacked Spencer/Geller in the most vicious ways….)

bild43Reaffirming promises and duties of a mental disorder called multiculturalism

When something doesn’t work, we gotta have more of it to make it work, or something:

What we now see in small pockets of second and third-generation Australian Muslim men is a radicalisation and an aggressive denial of Australian culture. … More reality diluted in multicultural fantasy at The Australian

Islamic preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne to conduct ‘spiritual cleansing’ sesssions with followers

Islamic preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne will conduct “spiritual cleansing” sessions with radical followers devout Muslims in Sydney this week. …  More firebrand preaching of false gospel (with attendant anathema) at The Courier-Mail

Muselmanic headchoppers must be protected from aggressive Islamophobes:

….the actions of Islamic State terrorists – including beheadings and crucifixions – should not be used as an excuse for “to justify attacking Muslim people or places of worship”, as some anti-Semitic attacks have been blamed on Israel’s actions in Gaza. …   More no excuse for resisting islam at London24, along with more threats to shut the stable door…. (Mullah)

Tony Abbott warned against dealing with certain Islamic groups

No politician should be allowed to deal with Islamic groups.

He then went on to warn the Prime Minister against dealing with individuals such as the Sydney Muslim community leader Keysar Trad and groups like the Islamic Council of Victoria, parts of which have advocated for some aspects of sharia law in Australia. …  More common sense from Senator Bernardi at Sydney Morning Herald, August 26, 2014/Latika Bourke, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The Islamic Terror Orchestra

BqHnwsECMAAopjM-665x385By caring about the feelings of Muslims more than American citizens’ right to the truth, and without naming Islam by name, the US government and media will usher America into a dark phase marking the beginning of tyranny and the end of liberty. FrontPage Magazine, by Nonie Darwish

Hollywood Condemns Muhammad


Yes, there are people who are that stupid:

Australia stuck on stoopid too:

Don’t attack Islamic leaders: ASIO boss

A real sweetheart (but totally incompetent for the job)

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation boss David Irvine will on Wednesday hit back at suggestions that Muslim leaders are not doing enough to counter extremism in their communities, saying they should be thanked rather than criticised

…the Abbott government announced it was spending $64 million to stop radicalisation of Australians at home. The money will come from the $630 million counterterrorism boost the government has already announced.

Much of this money will go to “community groups” (Muslims) in the hope they will police themselves and not blow us up. These groups will see this money as the jiziya which is due to them, and will demand more and more as they increase their strength.

On this point our politicians fail. You have to identify the enemy.

The enemy is ISLAM, not terrorism

Stepping up his case, Prime Minister Abbott told parliament: “I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that the enemy here is terrorism, it’s not any particular faith; it’s not any particular community.

Hopeless. Cowardly and deceptive. But still, the opposition is worse:

A CENTRAL plank of Tony ­Abbott’s push to toughen counter-terrorism laws — aimed at guarding against the heightened threat from Australians being radicalised in foreign wars and returning to engage in homegrown attacks….

A COURT has given the green light for the first fake asylum seeker to be forcibly removed from Australia to Afghanistan.

The 29-year-old Hazara man is due to board a plane from Sydney tonight.

However, question marks still hang over what will happen to him when he arrives in Kabul as the Afghan government has repeatedly said it will not accept people forcibly removed from Australia. …See More

Sweden’s collapse:
Sweden imports at least a hundred thousand Muslims each year, in a case of mass suicide to do away with themselves….
Links from the Q-Society and Jihad Watch


And jihad does not mean “inner struggle”.

Which part of this is it you don’t understand, you leftist a$$holes?

“Islam is a religion of power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed.”

“Chopping off the heads of infidels is an act whose permissibility the [Muslim] ummah agrees on. Beheading a harbi infidel is a blessed act for which a Muslim is rewarded.”–READ MORE


Muslim Leader Declares Nigerian town seized by Boko Haram ‘part of Islamic caliphate’, ‘Allah Commands Us to Kill Without Pity’ 

Every Muslim leader scumbag waging jihad across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia says the same thing with absolute consistency. This is jihad in the cause of Islam. Nigerian town seized by Boko Haram ‘part of Islamic caliphate’, leader says A town in the north east of Nigeria is under an ‘Islamic caliphate’

“Removing these obstacles…”

 Islamo-f*kctards like Anne Aly are deceiving  and indoctrinating future generations in our universities:

Australia: Muslim university researcher says there’s nothing Islamic about beheading, women have equal rights in Islam

aly-300x200Anne Aly’s statements are designed to comfort and reassure non-Muslims. And they no doubt do just that, unless the non-Muslims in question are knowledgeable enough about Islam to see through them. The assertion in the article’s headline, that “there is nothing Islamic about a beheading,” doesn’t appear in the article, but in any case it […]Continue Reading »

“British” Islamist headbanger Abu Sayfullah: Only ISIS Will Help Palestinians, All Muslims Believe in Jihad against the Infidels:

British Islamist  All Muslims Believe in Jihad against the Infidels

In a recent video, posted on the Internet on August 13, British Islamist Abu Sayfullah outlines the vision of ISIS for an Islamic Caliphate that includes Spain and all other lands that were once Muslim. “They are the only people that I see sending an army to help [the Palestinians],” he said. This video compilation also includes excerpts from lectures given in December 2013 and July 2014, in which he justifies the killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.


UK Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper: Islamic State holds “perverted, oppressive ideology that bears no relation to Islam”– Me thinks Yvette Cooper herself lacks basic intelligence….


Muselmaniacs lie out of habit or to deceive. Leftist stupidity allows them to get away with it:

International Business Times piece by Muslim photojournalist: There is nothing in Islam to justify Islamic State beheadings

“Zaid Al Fares is a photojournalist who moved from Raqqa, his home city, to Turkey following the Isis takeover.” Here he retails more deceptions and detours to try to claim that what the Islamic State is doing has nothing to do with Islam. Why does it matter whether or not what the Islamic State is […] Continue Reading »


When did Islam become “extremism?”

by sheikyer mami on August 26, 2014

Targeting Nothing in Particular

What a waste:

The federal government will spend $64 million on new counter-terrorism measures, with $13 million going to community programs aimed at combating home-grown terrorism.

“Obviously we are boosting our security services generally,” he said. “We have got new laws to ensure that people who are coming back from terrorist activity in the Middle East can be arrested and detained.”

Mr Abbott said the measures aimed at “targeting extremism,” rather than any particular religion or community group.  10606495_581428298669102_4397396472162251204_n

Is ISIS already here?


Pamela Geller vs leftard Tina Dupuy:

“Allah commands us to rule  by Islamic law. In fact, he commands us to rule the rest of the world, not only Nigeria, and now we have started.”


To hear some Palestinian advocates, if Israel simply lifted its blockade on Gaza – aimed at curbing weapons smuggling into the Hamas-controlled territory – then peace could be enjoyed by all.
The Vietnam War was won by American forces in the field, together with South Vietnamese, but it was lost in the media. Even forty years ago the media were largely penetrated by the hard left, which has its real sympathies with Marxist internationalism; it is ideologically anti-national, as is plain…  FAITHFREEDOM.ORG