French No Go Zone Stops Selling Gas Due to Car-B-Ques

Because French Police Asked a Muslim Woman Remove Veil: Hundreds of Cars Torched…

Muslims erupt in “extremely violent” riots after woman is ordered to remove her niqab

Vlad Tepes:

As a result, we now have gun control, knife control, and now gasoline control because we steadfastly refuse to implement Mustard control.

But at least they got pretty boys on TV reading the news:

In other news:

(France) Parents Name Baby ‘Jihad’: ‘Born on 9/11’…

A Toulouse court ordered Friday a family to change their baby’s name, who was born in August 2017, from Jihad to Jahid due to thinking the name alludes to radical Islam, Le Parisien reported. The court had the authority to enact the change to the birth certificate due to Article 57 of the French Civil Code that permits a name change for the “best interests of the child.”

POLITICO: Shootings in Sweden ‘So Common They Don’t Make Headlines’, Cities Rocked by Bombs, Grenade Blasts

Shootings in Sweden ‘So Common They Don’t Make Headlines’

Muslims Reach Out to Catholic Priests to Request Exorcisms

Too bizarre for words….

Experts: Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’

Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’

Something that has largely gone under the radar….

Report: Jewish Teen Belt-Whipped, Abused on Berlin Street by Muslim Attacker

Berlin: Muslim Belt Whips, Abuses Jewish Teen on Street

“A group of three unidentified men can be heard on the video clearly shouting ‘Yahudi’, the Arabic word for Jew.”

Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies have created the environment where this sort of thing happens. “Jewish men beaten with belt in Berlin anti-Semitic attack,” by Justin Huggler, Telegraph

Al Maggot fells mistreated:


Tim Blair

Yassmin Abdel-Magied apparently believes her life is at risk every time she crosses a border:

“If you are a person of privilege, a white straight male going through border security, you have a sense of assuredness this system has your back. You believe the rule of law is there to protect you.


“I don’t believe the rule of law is there to protect me, in fact, I know there are laws out there that find ways to make life more difficult for people like me.

A border control person being rude and aggressive to me can end in me being shot then them not going to jail. That’s the risk we’re talking about, it’s not just discomfort for a few hours.”

Alternatively, she could simply make sure she’s got the correct visa

France: Police Forced to Act Against Mass Muslim Street Prayers After Residents Complain

This is not about praying at all. Its Mohammedans asserting themselves. Its their way of saying’ here we are, we control the streets and there’s nothing you can do about it, kafir.’ And the gov’t refuses to enforce the law against the sharia.

Police in the French city of Orléans will be making sure that Muslim worshippers cease using the public street to pray after residents wrote to the city’s government to complain. 
The main complaint against the street prayers came from an angry resident living on the Rue de Limare on which the Ibn-Badis Mosque is located, Magcentre reports.The resident sent a picture of Muslim worshippers praying outside the mosque on the street asking, “Is this allowed by law? If not, what will be your action to ensure that Republican law is respected?”
Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Olivier Geffroy is said to have immediately been in contact with the heads of the mosque to deal with the street prayers which are unlawful due to French public secularity laws, known as Laïcité.
“This morning I received the persons in charge of the prayer room. I told them the impossibility of prayers in the public space, with which they completely agreed,” Geffroy said.

Macron: “Migratory phenomenon” is “historic,” Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”

France’s Macron urges EU to shun nationalism

Everything must go. Lets bring in the liquidators. France in receivership. Macron  the appointed administrator. Winding up  2000 years  of Western civilisation and culture to replace it with Mohammedan & black African savagery:

‘Bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration, Emmanuel Macron has said, asserting that the two continents’ destinies are “bound”.

The future of Europe

The French people may have a different vision, given their calls to outlaw “radical Islam” and their demands for the deportation of 11,000 known jihadists. Macron talks the talk when it suits him, when he promises the French people that he will fight the jihad ideology, but his other statements present a different portrait.

Macron once asserted that jihad terrorism was now part of daily life in France, so the French may as well get used to it.

Macron is a leftist who has gone along to get along with the EU. He has embraced the EU’s suicidal globalist vision of wide-open borders, in the bizarre hope that migrants from oppressive countries in the Middle East and North Africa would somehow peacefully integrate, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Just ignore the anti-Western rancor of Muslim migrants, indoctrinated into them from early childhood. Europe is determined to continue its utopian dream of peace, while the hijrah continues as well. European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has declared that “Europe has a ‘clear need’ for mass migration from Africa,” and even claims that without millions of migrants coming in, “Europe will be lost.”


CONSERVATIVE lawmaker Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the head of the mainstream nationalist political party Debout la France (Stand up France), has labelled the French president Emmanuel Macron a “traitor” who was “liquidating” the country.

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Ahmed rubs it

Akbar Ahmed’s Islamic Mirage II

The documentary Journey into Europe, the basis for a recent book, presents an “Islam which is very benign,” skeptically noted one audience questioner during a January 28, 2016, German embassy preview screening in Washington, DC. A previous review of the film’s sanitized treatment of Europe’s Islamic history thoroughly justified his disbelief, and the film’s latter half focused on modern West European Muslims does nothing to improve the film’s balance.

After successively analyzing Islam’s influence upon Spain, Sicily, and the Balkans, the film’s research project director, American University anthropology professor Akbar Ahmed, turns to modern Western Europe. Here he always presents Muslims as suffering from political and socioeconomic marginalization that leads to “radicalization,” even though studies of jihadists consistently reveal that they do not have deprived backgrounds. The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding’s European director, Samia Hathroubi, states that French-born Muslims turned to terrorism because France was a “mother that didn’t fully love them.”

Meanwhile, Church of England Bradford Bishop Tom Butler states that “Islam is a very civilized and noble faith,” but suggests that British involvement in Afghan and Iraqi military operations has angered Muslims. His fellow Anglican, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, shows more concern over “strange words like ‘Islamist’” that reflect “Islamophobia” than he has in the past while considering sharia arbitration in the United Kingdom. Scottish cabinet member Humza Yousef also decries the “deeply Islamophobic” United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) as representative of a “xenophobic tidal wave that’s sweeping across Europe.” Continue reading Ahmed rubs it

Grooming gangs, UK: there is no end to this….

The police tried to silence a victim of Muslim grooming gangs by threatening to take away her children. The British police & the state will stop at nothing to try & silence victims & sweep these horrific crimes under the carpet – all in the name of multiculturalism.

WTF? How do these cretins sleep at night with views like this?

 The key to preventing child sexual exploitation is stopping young people who are “determined to put themselves at risk”, from running away from care homes, the chief constable of Greater Manchester Police said. (2015)

Sir Peter Fahy insisted that the police had learned lessons after an investigation highlighted “significant failures” in the handling of widespread abuse in Rochdale.

Telford Council finally agrees to independent inquiry into child sexual abuse

Members of Oxford child sex gang who indecently assaulted three teenage girls and sexually humiliated another are jailed for total of 20 years

‘Grooming gangs’ is a euphemism for sex slavery, practiced on ‘Kaffir’ girls who are considered less than human & fair game. Justified by the perpetrators because the teachings of the sex predator & sadist who invented their religion.

  • Raheem Ahmed and Kamran Khan, of Bolton, were jailed for a total of 20 years 
  • The two men were ‘at worst’ on the periphery of the Oxford child sex gang 
  • Ahmed forced a teenage girl when she was 14 to perform oral sex on him in a car

Two (Musel-)men on the periphery of a twisted child sex gang who indecently assaulted three teenage girls and sexually humiliated another were jailed for a total of 20 years today.

The victims of Raheem Ahmed and Kamran Khan, of Bolton, said they thought the abuse was normal.

They added that they could never lead a normal life after being forced to perform sex acts on the pair.

One girl said she had lowered her ‘life expectations’ and another said it had ‘shook up her whole life’ because of the abuse they suffered at the hands of a gang of men.

Judge Peter Ross heard at Oxford Crown Court how the girls were left permanently scarred by the abuse.

Jailing Ahmed, aged 41 years, for 12 years and 37-year-old Khan for eight years, Judge Ross said the duo were ‘at worst’ on the periphery of a child sex grooming gang.

They were convicted of a total of three indecent assaults and one count each of false imprisonment between 2000 and 2001, following a lengthy trial in March.

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Residents of Fulda terrorized by allahuakbaring savages

Over half of Germans are afraid of lawless no-go areas where even police can’t intervene and work safely, a poll released by the German newspaper Bild on Sunday has shown.

Heavy refugee inflows have sparked serious security concerns among local residents, especially when it comes to dangerous neighborhoods in which law-enforcement services enter only when heavily armed.

An Afghan “youth” used rocks and a baton to attack people in a bakery in the German town of Fulda, wounding several people before being shot dead by police. In public discussions after the attack, German Gutmenschen seemed to feel that the trigger-happy police had used disproportionate force against the unfortunate youngster.

Angry Muslims took to the streets of Fulda yesterday in support of the puir wee bairn and to protest his wanton slaughter by the police.

An Afghan mob, carrying Afghan flags and shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, paraded through Fulda’s streets on Sunday, denouncing German state power and demanding “justice” — probably according to Sharia Law — because one of their warriors was killed after an armed attack on German “infidels”.

In other news:

Germany: Politician of Merkel’s party will earn millions by hosting Muslim migrants in her hotel

Now we begin to see why so many politicians have become earnest internationalists, even willing to abet their country’s national suicide.

“Politician of Merkel’s party will earn millions with refugees in her hotel,” Voice of Europe, April 15, 2018:

For hotel owners the refugee crisis is big business in Germany. Only in Cologne 2,200 refugees already live in hotels and owners receive a compensation of between 20 to 35 euros per day.

It now turned out that Andrea Horitzky, a local politician of Merkel’s CDU party, is one of the hotel owners that has a long term contract with the city to host refugees. But that’s not the whole story.

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Swedish trollops want to ban anyone who criticises the Mohammedan invasion

Swedish feminazis want to ban parties and organisations that criticise migration

Soraya Post, a Member of the European Parliament for Sweden’s Feminist Initiative, suggests that the country ban political parties that criticise migration, Friatider reports.

 “Sweden must ban organisations advocating racism” or “it will end with genocide in Sweden”.

It will most certainly end with the Mohammedans annihilating the Swedes. Soraya Post doesn’t know that yet.


The Arab League Condemns Resistance to Islam

Arab League: “We strongly condemn attempts to link terrorism and Islam” 

Whether you condemn or not condemn, its in the scriptures. Its undeniable. But who of our spineless ‘leaders’ will confront these desert rats with  their own Qur’an?  The texts are clear and for all to read. Muhammad said “terror made me victorious”, and every Mohammedan must emulate the profit of Islam, which is what the religion commands.

Now do you understand why you are constantly being reported about the “persecuted” Palestinians and Rohingya but never hear what’s happening in West Papua?

Austria- The mosque in Vienna has cancelled all martyr plays after these pictures were made public. 

More than 90 American Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year. 

The blue Muslim wave: American Muslims launch political campaigns, hope to deliver ‘sweet justice’ to Trump

Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots. But they represent a collective gamble: that voters are so disgusted by America’s least popular president on record that they’re willing to elect members of America’s least popular religious minority group.

Although their number seems small, the candidacies mark an unprecedented rise for the nation’s diverse Muslim community that typically has been underrepresented in American politics. (WaPo scribblers would have you believe that’s a good thing…)

Thomas Sowell:

WTF is happening to us?

My Intolerance of Intolerance

By Sam Vimes

It’s April 2018, and there’s hardly a day that goes by in which I don’t ask myself how the hell we got to this point? When did society, collectively, lose the plot to the extent that it has? What was the pivotal moment?

In case you have any doubt about what I’m on about, I’m referring to the suffocating cultural miasma that we’re all floating around in daily, the one that spruiks repression of common sense values, hatred of anything vaguely Western, white, Christian, capitalist or male, and generally is making a misery out of most public exchanges, movies, music, television, and relationships by turning practically every subject known to man (sorry – peoplekind) into a loaded and intellectually challenged political discussion, devoid of humour, nuance or empathy.

You can take your pick from a list of issues that have been subsumed by the culture as quantifiable truths that define the polarised nature of all public discourse and political policy, yet somehow bear no semblance to reality:

• Words are violence
• Free speech is not important
• Hate speech is whatever “I” define it as
• Gender is a social construct – anyone can identify as any gender whenever they want to
• Biology plays no part in determining who is male and female, society does
• Islam is a religion of peace and its corollary … Criticism of any aspect of Islam is Islamophobia
• Christian fundamentalism is equivalent to Islamic extremism
• Only white people are capable of racism, brown people cannot be racist because …
• White male patriarchy is the dominant structure of oppression in history and …
• Non-white people are inherently victims of this oppression
• The slave trade was a uniquely Western institution, no other races or cultures were ever involved other than as victims
• Equality of opportunity is not enough and is itself oppressive – equality of outcome is the only fair option
• All white people are guilty of unconscious bias i.e. are guilty of micro-aggressions aimed at any and all oppressed groups
• Offence may be taken without it being given – those who have taken offence must be praised while those that have been deemed to have given offence must apologise
• White people achieve success or acclaim only through the colour of their skin and their white privilege – hard work and application are irrelevant
• Men perpetrate violence upon women uniquely, in fact …
• There’s an epidemic of rape in society, especially on university campuses by young men, so much so that an accusation of rape is more legitimate than the right of the accused to a fair hearing, although …
• A very real epidemic of rape, abuse of women and practices such as honour murders of girls and women in certain non-Western countries is perfectly tolerable because ‘culture’
• All cultures are equal
• Religious beliefs (particularly Christian) are no longer tolerable in a progressive society, in fact …
• Were Christianity to disappear altogether it would be a boon to society
• Capitalism is a uniquely oppressive economic system, responsible for huge inequality and injustice
• Socialism on the other hand is the only fair economic system and will lead to equality for all
• The gender wage gap is proof that women are subjugated by the patriarchy, and of course …
• The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!!!

Honestly, I could keep going for a while with this, and I’m sure you, dear reader, could add your own favourites in the comments below [actually that might be a useful experiment to see just how long a consolidated list of leftist lunacy could be] – suffice it to say, in today’s hyper-polarised world, it’s not that I mind so much that a large portion of society clings to issues such as those listed above, but that the moderators of public opinion – the media, academics and professional opinion-brokers alike – define all of us who dare to call bullshit on this stuff as CIS-normative-racist-bigoted-mysoginist-sexist-denier-god-botherer-homophobic-rape-apologist-intolerant FASCISTS.

Hands up if you’ve been called some variant of the above already on social media in the past year? Continue reading WTF is happening to us?

Soutpompousass stirring shiite, again….

The Australian Human Rights Commission and its risible blueprint on cultural diversity are truly pitiful, writes Judith Sloan.

 It was a great pity that Tony Abbott didn’t get around to abolishing the Australian Human Rights Commission. It was on his to-do list — he did manage to ditch quite a few other useless agencies — but he was rudely interrupted.

Mind you, whether he would have succeeded in pulling the plug on the AHRC is an open question. After all, he squibbed the challenge of getting rid of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act or even amending it.

We were reminded last week of what a pitiful organisation the AHRC is with the release of the risible report entitled Leading for Change: A Blueprint for Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Revisited.

Yes, that really is a mouthful.

Mind you, it’s hardly surprising that the AHRC puts out these ridiculous reports because there is just so little work for it to do. With a budget allocation of almost $15 million, it handled 1939 complaints last year. This was slightly down on the number of complaints handled in the previous year — a total of 2013.

 Australian Human Rights Commission Complains About White People Again

The Australian Human Rights Commission has long had a black-armband view of Australian society. They believe the nation is full of racists, sexists and bigots who need their free speech stifled. They also believe we need cultural diversity enforced upon us through the opening up of our borders and more affirmative action for positions of authority.

This mindset was set in motion when Gillian Triggs was President of the Human Rights Commission and remains her legacy, the person who has taken the baton as Australia basher in chief is Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane. He has a history of seeing bigots everywhere and has to date complained about too many white people on Australian television and also spent taxpayer funds on disgraceful advertising campaign slurring all white males as racist (he spends this money in addition to his 300k taxpayer-funded salary). Continue reading Soutpompousass stirring shiite, again….