15,000 March Against ‘Demise of The West’ and Radical Islam as Weekly Protest Grows

In their ninth weekly ‘evening stroll’, German anti-Islamification group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) have attracted a remarkable 15,000 supporters as mothers, children, and pensioners joined together under “for the future of our children” banners and marched through Dresden. (continued below the fold)

Thousands Protest Parallel ‘Sharia Societies’ in Germany | Clarion Project

The guardians of German multiculturalism are fighting back: they are seeking to delegitimize the protesters by branding them as “neo-Nazis” and by claiming that the Islamization of Germany is a myth contrived by misinformed citizens.

But there is a mounting public backlash over what many perceive as the government’s indifference to the growing influence of Islam in German society. This backlash represents a potentially significant turning point—one that implies that the days of unrestrained German multiculturalism may be coming to an end.

The protests are part of a burgeoning grassroots movement calling for an end to the spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany.
Germans are protesting to make their voices heard. Are liberal politicians listening?

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‘We wanna have Dzhokhar’s baby!”

Tim Blair:

Accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces court, with the backing of fans and supporters:

In a preview of the bedlam that could become a daily event at the terrorism trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, his fans outside waved provocative signs as a Boston Marathon amputee confronted them yesterday, while a supporter inside the courtroom shouted out in Russian, “Be strong, son” …

“I’m sure outside every day will be an absolute chaotic scene,” said Matt Sienkiewicz, a media culture professor at Boston College. “We have been living in the shadow of fear since Sept. 11, 2011. And fear is not just something we feel: It’s a ratings-grabber. When a particular case hits the public nerve, you’ve got to deal with this.”

He said while bestowing Tsarnaev “rock-star status sounds crass, there are certain people who are interested in finding symbols that are against establishment,” even though “he stands for terrorism and horror.”

Deadly Islamists are now “the coolest gang on the planet”, as Mark Steyn noted following recent Canadian atrocities. We’re hitting a wall here. A western social class that rages against any perceived gender or ethnic slur now celebrates a man on trial for the murder and maiming of innocent people. In Australia, the same class excuses an Islamic terrorist on the basis on assumed mental frailty. Here’s Overland editor Jeff Sparrow’s advice in the wake of Martin Place:

We might profitably launch a discussion about how Australia deals with mental illness and whether or not those at risk of a psychotic breakdown are receiving the help they need.

The poor babies.

Resistance to Islam is Divisive and Racist?

Tim Blair:

Cuddlebunnies and hugwads worldwide have embraced the #illridewithyou self-congratulation movement. Iowahawk’s response:

imageFour men who shouted  “Islam is evil” and “not all cultures are equal – Islam is inferior” were shouted down by members of the public  unhinged Moonbats who had gathered in Martin Place.  – Australian Leftards singlehandedly turning Muslim terrorists into victims….

“Tony Abbott – Will you protect us from multiculturalism?” and “We didn’t start the fire!” …

It was interesting to notice how PM Tony Abbott addressed the hostage-taking. In a press conference a few hours after the incident,  Abbott avoided the use of sensitive words, like “Muslim”, “terrorists”, “jihadist”, or “IS”. He referred to the siege as “a very disturbing incident” perpetrated by “an armed person claiming political motivation”. …

View image on Twitter
Is #illridewithyou just #illfibtoyou?

The #Illridewithyou hashtag already seemed yet another Twitter outburst of narcissism. After all, how many of the hundreds of thousands who tweeted their support actually rode with a Muslim to work as a result? None? One?

But now it seems like just another typical Leftist myth, told to seem good rather than do it:

GAPS have appeared in the story that inspired the #illridewithyou Twitter phenomenon.  (Andrew Bolt has the story)

Leftoids sure know how to hate:

How many of the hundreds of thousands who tweeted their support actually rode with a Muslim to work as a result? None? One?

This was not a manifestation of tolerance but its reverse, as demonstrated by an earlier posting by Tessa Kum, the woman who created the hashtag:

I’m learning about hate because I am coming to hate you, white person. You have all the control, all the power, all the privilege, and there is nothing holding you accountable. I hate the double standards and hypocrisy you display, the rank dishonesty of your conduct. I hate that you can harm us, when we cannot harm you. 



Making sure no leftard ever lets truth or fact get in the way of their feelings:

“Our” ABC keeps adding Insult to Injury

“Our” ABC retards keep rubbing it in. No dissent allowed. If you were hoping they would bring   someone  on to tell the truth about Islam you must be a racist-bigot-Islamophobe.   Sunrise, a Moonbat fever swamp, keeps torturing us with Islamo-spokesturds and propagandists:  SunriseOn7

Thanks to Mullah for putting this up:

Proud of way Australia has responded (nothing to do with islam / muslims as victims of fear of islamophonia)

Back to reality:
>:( PLEASE LIKE OUR PAGE! >:(<br /> Exposing islam<br /> In the wake of the terrorist attack on innocent Australians, the appeasers were quick to make out the muslims to be the victims with the hashtag #I'llridewithyou!?<br /> What I want to know is, who will ride with the service men and women who are a target because they choose to proudly defend their country!?</p> <p>Australian Defence Force personnel advised to wear civvies due to terror threats:<br />
“Allah will not give the disbelievers any way (of success) against the believers.” (Qur’an 4:141) This is not, you will note, a call for equality of rights for all people.  “I…

Multiculti Uber Alles

A terrible (s-)hit piece from ,  a milquetoast who penned this for the Sydney Moonbat Herald. He appears to be very pleased that  Muslims and Moonbats teamed up to shout down dissenters, all 4 of them:

Anti-Islamic protesters disrupt Martin Place memorial

The four men were shouted down by members of the public who had gathered in Martin Place.Nick Folkes: “The police moved us on. They wanted to move us on because…some of the Muslims and lefties didn’t want us there.”

“Islam is not a race. We’re criticising a political ideology that is totalitarian in nature,” he said.

The Party for Freedom website refers to playing “spot the Aussie” in Australia’s cities. It criticises the national immigration policy, and contains racially motivated statements, including that Australia is “over-run with third world intruders”.- Sydney Moonbat Herald

Q: who pays for the disposal of Monis cadaver?

A: the Taxpayers, who else?

Monis, who was on welfare at the time of the siege, may not have  assets to pay for the arrangements.

Taxpayers could pay for Monis funeral
Adding insult to injury. The “authorities” should dump the cadaver at the Lakemba mosque and let his coreligionists dispose of it.

TAXPAYERS, including the hostages held at gunpoint by Man Haron Monis, may have to foot the bill for his funeral arrangements if no one comes forward to claim his body.

THE autopsy on Monis, who was killed when his 16-hour siege of a Sydney cafe came to a violent end on Tuesday morning, began on Thursday and could be completed as early as Friday.

British Citizens Warned to Observe Sharia Law This Christmas to Avoid Long Jail Sentences -…
The Foreign Office has launched a campaign to remind travellers to respect Islamic law at Christmas while abroad.–BREITBART.COM
Opposing Islamic Terror  Equals Terrorism

Mohammedan brain-farts break the ‘communal spirit’

An anti-Islam protest by the Party for Freedom calling for an end to Muslim immigration and multiculturalism broke the communal spirit, when barrister Bilal Rauf, who studied law with Ms Dawson, compared the party’s views as “on the same par as (Islamic extremists) ”.

“Mate, I’m an Australian Muslim and I identify more with this country than any other country,” Mr Rauf said.

A Muslim wouldn’t lie to us now, would he? Note that he says he identifies with the country, not with the people, not with our political system or with our lifestyle. He says he identifies with the country, and when that comes from a Muslim it means the country and everything in it belongs to allah, case closed.

More ‘breaking the communal spirit’ at The Australian thanks to Mullah

Beware of the Speech Police!

 If you get robbed they tell you “bad luck”. If you get mugged they give you a cuppa and send you on your way. “Too bad” they say. But if someone is RUDE to a moslem OMG! Then they come down on you like a ton of bricks. What a joke our society has become where  invading welfare parasites  get preference over  tax payers….

Sydney: Cops Bend Over to Protect Muslims From ‘Bias Crime’

Sydney siege aftermath: Man charged following alleged hate threats to Auburn mosque

Shame they weren’t as vigilant with the Lindt jihadist before he was released on bail. Released to strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers….

Sydney siege aftermath: Man charged following alleged hate threats to mosque

Hundreds of extra police will flood popular destinations in Sydney following the Martin Place siege and alleged hate threats, including hoax phone calls threatening to destroy a mosque in Auburn.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Fuller said police dealt with a number of “hate and bias” crimes following the fatal siege but said extra officers were being stationed across Sydney’s CBD to ensure people Muslims felt safe.

Outpouring of support: Floral tributes at Martin Place on Wednesday.Outpouring of support: Floral tributes at Martin Place on Wednesday. Photo: Peter Rae

“There has been some issues of hate or bias crime but it’s certainly minimal compared to the outpouring of support and you’ve all seen the flowers at Martin Place,” Mr Fuller said.

In other news:

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Happy Chanukah!

If you’re Jewish or not, join us to celebrate the festival of lights. Chag Sameach to all our Jewish readers and all our supporters!

What is the light in your life?</p><br /><br /> <p>Happy Chanukah!

What is the light in your life?

Happy Chanukah!

In other news:


The left organized an ‘anti-backlash’ campaign before the standoff at the Lindt coffee shop in Australia was even over:

The former Greens candidate whose touching tale of multicultural compassion inspired the #illridewithyou movement has now changed her story.  (Tim Blair)

Not much upstairs:


The Cowards Down Under
Muslim terrorists have succeeded in stealing Christmas joy from Sydney’s train travelers. The traditional Yuletide ­tinsel, baubles and bunting that normally greet commuters at the city’s busiest s…
Farcebook has banned Larry Pickering for a week for something deemed offensive. Can't be the chopping of heads, cutting beating hearts out of bodies, rape, mass murder or demanding the annihaltion of Israel.<br />
We know for a fact all this meets Farcebook community standards. </p>
<p>Perhaps it was an exposed knee when a lady laid down some flowers at the Lindt cafe in Martinplace. But Allah knows best.</p>
<p>So for all friends of Q, Liberty and a good bed time story, here is Larry's latest.<br />
If you can't sleep, there's more over at

Farcebook has banned Larry Pickering for a week for something deemed offensive. Can’t be the chopping of heads, cutting beating hearts out of bodies, rape, mass murder or demanding the annihaltion of Israel. We know for a fact all this meets Farcebook community standards.

Perhaps it was an exposed knee when a lady laid down some flowers at the Lindt cafe in Martinplace. But Allah knows best.

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Opposing Mohammedanism doesn’t divide us, it brings us together!

Muslims “are often represented as a marauding horde, a grotesque collective that acts on nothing other than primitive, religious ideology”.

Is that stereotyping? Sure. But I shall remind you that stereotypes are the combined sum of experiences, and we have plenty of experience to judge. Besides, it is Muslims who imply collective guilt on all infidels if they feel their religion has been slighted.

Illustration: John Spooner.

“Lone wolves” may have no formal ties to terror groups, be criminals or mentally ill, but their ideology is key to understanding their actions.

Hanson is divisive?

Just keep an eye on the leftist journallie, then you know what divides us:

Hanson is divisive and her brand of politics appeals to the lowest common denominator, feeding off the lonely, the ignorant and the racist.

Pauline Hanson is the last person Australians need right now

Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t tell us what we need, so the whole piece descends into psychobabble. Madonna King tells us all the things we don’t need but forgets to put herself on the list.

What creed demanded these children be killed?


The Sydney chocolate shop murders were in no way the worst atrocities committed by Islamists this week:

HEARTBREAKING images show the innocent victims gunned down by in a Taliban raid on a Pakistani school that left 148 children dead as grief-stricken families bury their dead and spoke of their dreams. 

The child killers:


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Islamically Correct

Taliban spokesman: “The Peshawar attack is in complete accordance with the Prophet’s teachings”
Khorasani justifies attack74

According to Hindol Sengupta, the Editor-at-Large at Fortune India, Taliban spokesman Muhammad Khorasani has justified the Peshawar jihad massacre by likening it to Muhammad’s massacre of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe.

Khorasani says: “The Mujahideen were instructed to only kill the older children. The Peshawar attack is in complete accordance with the Prophet’s teachings because when the Prophet killed the Jewish Tribe of Banu Qurayza, he put the same guideline, that only the children who have hair below their belly button (pubic hair) are allowed to be killed. Killing of women and children is also in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet. Those who object to this claim can refer to Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Hadith 148.”


How refreshing it would be if some of the people, Muslim or non-Muslim, who insist that the Islamic State is not Islamic would show how this penal code is contrary to Islam and Sharia. But they will not do so, because they can’t.“.–JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER

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