The Mothers of Chutzpah

Grievance mongering and finger pointing goes hand in hand for these Islamopropagandists. They are the mothers of chutzpah. Chutzpah is when you murder your mother and father and claim leniency because you’re an orphan…. Muslims murder our people and not only claim victimhood, they spit in our face. How much longer will we let them get away with it?

‘There is an onslaught against Islam and Muslims’: Australian Muslims conference speaker lashes out at politicians’ treatment of Grand Mufti in aftermath of Paris terror attacks


  • Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla has lashed out at ‘onslaught’ against Muslims 
  • Islamic leader said politicians say ‘outrageous things’ about Muslims 
  • Conference speakers also criticised treatment of Australian Grand Mufti
  • Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed faced backlash over speech after Paris attacks

An Islamic leader has lashed out at the ‘onslaught’ against Muslims and treatment of the Grand Mufti in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.

Islamic leader and academic Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla (pictured) has lashed out at the ‘onslaught’ against Muslims

Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla told the annual Sydney Muslim Conference that some Australian politicians said ‘outrageous things’ about Islam and used the situation for ‘political opportunity’.

The Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, faced a backlash after saying he should not need to continually condemn Islamic State following the massacre which left 131 people dead.

Liberal frontbencher Josh Frydenberg described the spiritual leader’s initial statement as a ‘graphic failure’, which he then sought to cover up.

Dr Abdalla, an associate professor at Griffith University, said Australian Muslims must be more wily in dealing with politicians.

‘We have some politicians who come out and say the most outrageous things about Islam and Muslims,’ he said.

‘There are many politicians, unfortunately, who use the situation for political opportunity.

‘And if you do not know how to play the game, you will continue to be the ball that will be kicked around.’

He also argued that the Muslim community must address the piecemeal approach to speaking publicly if it was to counteract Islamophobia.

Read it and weep.

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Drugs & Ice, (nothing to do with Islam…)

Australia: Muslim screaming about Allah tries to strangle rabbi 
“It was an isolated incident and it was handled very well. It wasn’t anti-Semitic. The guy was on drugs and ice.” Yes, of course. Watch the video. Nothing anti-Semitic…Australia: Muslim screaming about Allah tries to strangle rabbi
The denial continues, as the frog suns himself in the warming water.

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The safest way to protect the resident population is to keep Third World invaders out

Is the best way to honor the legacy of the pilgrims is by inviting a whole bunch of Islamists to America?

Muslims have driven Christians out of their lands. Enslaved them. Forcibly converted them to Islam. Murdered them. But the Obama administration’s anti-Christian animus is so deep and thoroughgoing that Obama has refused to meet with victims of the Muslim persecution of Christians, and now the administration refuses to designate this persecution of Christians a genocide. — Daniel Greenfield

ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule
A report by a renowned journalist states that Christians are to be excluded from an impending official United States government declaration of ISIS genocide. If true,…

This is a new level of lawlessness even for Obama


Muslim Colonists Are Importing More Than Terrorism


In addition to bringing in terrorism and a permanent unassimilable underclass, Muslims are also enriching the vibrant multicultural tapestry of Europe with deadly disease:

World Health Organisation director for Europe Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab said: “Despite all the efforts to fight HIV, this year the European Region has reached over 142,000 new HIV infections, the highest number ever… this is a serious concern”.

In a remarkable admission, the director named migrants travelling across Europe as being a particular risk for spreading HIV in the continent, reportsThe Independent. …

A third of all new HIV diagnoses in Europe are to migrants and non-native Europeans, despite [non-Europeans] only accounting for a fraction of the population.

WHO being part of the United Nations, which in turn is part of the left-liberal establishment, Jakab naturally offers socialism as the solution to the problem that government has caused by allowing in the “refugees”:

To help limit the spread of the potentially fatal virus, Dr. Jakab called on European nations to offer free HIV treatment to all, regardless of their origin and nationality. [She] said: “This is also the safest way to protect the resident population from HIV infection”.

Wrong. The safest way to protect the resident population is to keep Third World invaders out.

Islam isn’t the only disease they carry.

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Erdogan: Russia should apologise!

The hide and the hubris of this Muselputz is hard to stomach. We can only hope that Putin will give him a taste of his own medicine.

Turkey’s Erdogan says Russia should apologise after jet downing – CNN

Russia should apologise for violating Turkey’s airspace, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying on Thursday, days after a Russian jet was shot down near the Syria border.

“Those who violated our airspace are the ones who need to apologise,” Erdogan was quoted as saying on the CNN website.

“Our pilots and our armed forces, they simply fulfilled their duties, which consisted of responding to … violations of the rules of engagement. I think this is the essence.”

Turkish claims that the downed Russian Su-24 jet “violated” its airspace have sparked outrage among Greeks, who took to social media to say it is a clear-cut…RT.COM
Unreal: Erdogan Warns Russia Against Downing Turkish Jets in Syrian Airspace
Check out the latest from Turkey’s aspiring sultan: When asked what would happen if Russia shot down a Turkish jet that strayed into Syrian airspace, Turkey’s…
Report: Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State
Report: Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State
 This damning report on rapidly re-islamizing Turkey’s support for the Islamic State from last year is updated with fresh documentation, corroborating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s charge that Turkey is an “accomplice to terrorists.” Putin and French President Hollande just conducted a meeting in Moscow, indicating Russia and France will cooperate more closely in targeting ISIS’ (Robert Spencer…]
Putin says Turkey’s leaders back ‘Islamization’ of Turkish society: agencies 

A world leader is finally saying what we have been reporting since the election of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Prime Minister of Turkey (and now President). ErdoganSee More

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Turkey’s political leaders had been encouraging the Islamisation of Turkish…| Pamela Geller

The Ordeal of Michael Stürzenberger

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Mr. Stürzenberger has been tried, convicted, and sentenced in Austria.

This is the source of the problem:

Islam has been an official religion in Austria since 1912. The Islam law, the “Islamgesetz”, was brought in by the Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph, after Austria’s annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Under the law, Muslims, like Catholics, Jews and Protestants, are guaranteed wide-ranging rights, including religious education in state schools.

Criticism of Islam is verboten!

Michael Stürzenberger: Silenced in Graz

Long-time readers are familiar with Michael Stürzenberger, the German anti-jihad activist and member of Die Freiheit. Mr. Stürzenberger has been up on charges before for his political views in Germany, but now he has been tried, convicted, and sentenced in Austria. One of his “crimes” was to quote Voltaire on the topic of Islam.

Below is the report on the case from Michael Mannheimer’s blog. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Austria: Stürzenberger Sentenced to Prison and Fine

Today, in Graz, Austria, German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger was tried for “hate speech and denigration of religious doctrines.” The decision: Four months probation and a fine of €960. Since he asked for three days to consider, the decision is not yet legally binding.

If Voltaire were alive today, it would have been no different for him than for Stürzenberger. He would have been sentenced to prison because of his criticism of Islam. In a speech in Austria, Stürzenberger quoted the former terrorist imam, Nassim Ben Iman (who had turned his back on Islam) by saying: Islam is a religion that legitimizes killing. And paraphrased him: Every Muslim is a potential terrorist.

Well, anyone who knows the Koran knows that this is required by the Koran. And that brought him yesterday’s conviction. Even though the facts are clear: Anyone who refuses the battle against “infidels” is not seen by the Koran as a complete Muslim. In Graz, the gutmenschen (plaintiffs were the Greens) won a victory. But it is a pyrrhic one. For they have now created a martyr from the Islam-critical milieu. Not just anyone, but one of the best-known and most informed Islam-critics in Germany and Europe. Islam-criticism will show a strong growth. And the Red-Greens will find their Waterloo.

— Michael Mannheimer November 18, 2015

Voltaire said:

The Koran teaches fear, hatred, contempt for others. Murder as a legitimate means of spreading and maintaining this devil’s doctrine. It denigrates women, divides people into classes and demands blood and more blood.

That a camel driver creates an uproar in his one-horse town; that he wants to make his fellow citizens believe that he had a talk with the Archangel Gabriel; that he brags he was carried away to Heaven and received there a part of this indigestible book, whose every page makes healthy human reason quiver; that to create respect for this book, he subjects his land to fire and sword; that he strangles fathers, abducts daughters; that he offers those defeated the choice of death or accepting his faith.

That, of a certainty, is something no one can excuse, unless he was born a Turk or superstition has extinguished any natural light of his understanding.

The trial is reported in the Tiroler Tageszeitung:

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“Man in coma”- disgraceful reporting from the Moonbat Herald

What kind of religion? How come this teen is described as a “man” by a disgraceful media that regularly calls Mohammedan savages “teens?”

Schoolies brawl was over religion
A NSW schoolie has faced a Queensland court after an alleged assault that left another teenager with critical head injuries on the Gold Coast.–9NEWS.COM.AU
More Skewered reporting from the Moonbat Herald

Two NSW school-leavers have been charged after an “alleged” bashing in the Surfers Paradise Schoolies precinct overnight.

Man in coma” after alleged attack at Schoolies 2015
A Queensland school-leaver was placed in an induced coma after being taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition.
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.02.57 AM

“They want the West not to understand Islam.”

Brigitte Gabriel’s  response to Donald J. Trump’s statement on closing down radical mosques in America.

(18 NOV 2015)

Nothing good comes from the Islamically correct CNN. Robert Spencer takes their propaganda  apart:

New “Study Quran” aims to convince you that the Muslim holy book doesn’t really mean what it says

Is this a genuine attempt to counter the jihadists’ interpretation of Islam, or a cynical exercise designed to deceive Western non-Muslims and keep them ignorant and complacent about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat? Well, it’s not a good sign that two of the five Muslim scholars who put “The Study Quran” together are the arrogant and vapid puffball Joseph Lumbard and the even more arrogant, rude, hostile, condescending, and hate-filled Islamic supremacist Caner K. Dagli.

Arrogance, rudeness and condescension are, however, the hallmarks of so many Muslim scholars today (think Reza Aslan) that this book cannot be dismissed on that basis alone, although this recurring personality trait doesn’t speak well of Islam’s ability to instill in its believers any sense of basic human courtesy (except perhaps for fellow Muslims). This book, like all books, should be reviewed on its merits alone — so let’s see what its creators say about it in this CNN puff piece. Much more interspersed below.

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“People who are ideologically supportive surged tenfold in the past three years”

Who let their families in, and made us seem too soiled for their loyalty?

An imported cultural clash – although “clash” is an understatement:

Andrew Bolt

THE number of Victorian terrorism sympathisers on the police radar has surged tenfold in the past three years, the state’s police chief has revealed.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said “persons of interest” known to counter-terrorism investigators now included children as young as 12…

“It’s people who are ideologically supportive and are under increasing influence of social media in relation to supporting, primarily, IS,” he said…

The demand on police resources from such an undertaking was enormous and this week’s state government $49 million cash injection was vital, Mr Ashton said.

We need a conservation about the policies, assumptions and moral posturing that led to the importation of this danger, and to the coaching of the essential wickedness of this racist, genocidal and land-raping country? But seeing how those responsible include many members of our political and media class I doubt we will get it.

“Pilgrims” Demand EU Entry

“After every single Islamist terror attack we’re subjected to the same BS from the media and the regressive left. This is just a tiny minority of radical extremists. This has nothing to do with Islam. There’s no such thing as moderate Islam.”

‘The Truth About Islam’ takes on myths surrounding ‘moderate Muslims’
“Until leftists and grow a spine and stop making apologies, the cycle of violence will never be checked. The problem is not radical Islam. The problem is just Islam.”–THEREBEL.MEDIA
Czech independent TV exposes many ‘refugees’ are actually jihadis

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Greece: “Open the border!” – Asian migrants demand EU entrance

Hundreds of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people protested at the border crossing point near Idomeni, Thursday, demanding to Macedonian police to open the border and let them enter the country.

Ankara’s oil business with ISIS
Turkish social media has posted photos of Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s son Necmettin Bilal having dinner in an Istambul restaurant with an alleged ISIS leader, who it is claimed participated in massacres in Syria’s Homs and Rojava, the…–RT.COM
John Bell Kelman's photo.

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