How Turncoat shot himself in the foot with his “iftar dinner”

Sheikh Shady’s views and teachings on homosexuality are not his personal views. The sheikh’s teachings on homosexuality and adultery reflect the mainstream position of Islam. And now, to top it all off, the sinister mufti of Oz doubles down on Turnbull’s cognitive dissonance:


By Mark Durie

A widely-publicised Iftar dinner, intended to show that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gets what it means to be inclusive, ended badly after he was advised that one of his guests, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, had taught that Islam prescribes death for adulterers, and homosexuals spread diseases. No rogue maverick, Australian-born Sheikh Shady is the elected national president of the Australian National Imams Council.
Although insistingthat ‘mutual respect is absolutely critical’, Turnbull subjected this prominent Muslim leader to public humiliation. He regretted inviting him to dinner and counselled the sheikh ‘to reflect on what he has said and recant’. In the middle of an election, wanting to limit fallout from the dinner-gone-wrong, held only days after the Orlando massacre, Turnbull stated that his no-longer-welcome guest’s views are ‘wrong, unacceptable and I condemn them’.

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Oz Grand Mufti: those who support homosexuality are “igniting fires, dividing our society and spreading hatred” and “intellectually terrorising” some Muslims

Take that, Turnbull. Your iftar dinner brings out the best in these people, who are religiously obliged to put us on the right path.

Mufti defies Malcolm Turnbull on anti-gay speech

The Australian

The Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed was a guest at the Prime Minister’s iftar dinner on June 16. Picture: James Croucher

Australia’s Grand Mufti has ­defended Islam against critics of the religion’s “longstanding” ­position on homosexuality, repudiating Malcolm Turnbull’s ­condemnation of anti-gay speech and warning that any attempt to call out its teachings could lead to radicalisation.

Criticism of Islam makes Muslims so angry that they are forced to become terrorists. What is it you don’t understand about that, kafirs?

In a two-page defence of Australian National Imams Council president Shady Alsuleiman, his colleague Ibrahim Abu Mohammed said critics were “igniting fires, dividing our society and spreading hatred” and “intellectually terrorising” some Muslims.

The Grand Mufti’s defence centres on Sheik Shady but declines to mention two other members of the ANIC executive, one of whom confirmed with The Australian that homosexuality was punishable by death under sharia after the “proper process” and ­another who said he was certain it attracted a punishment but would “have to check” the severity.

Islam is Islam and that’s it, said Taiyyip Erdogan.

“We cannot describe those who disagree with homosexuality, or simply communicate a ­religious ruling that one firmly believes in, that such a person does not respect or accept others,” Dr Mohammed said. “We cannot claim that he spreads hatred in our society. Despite Islam’s longstanding position on homosexuality, which no person can ever change, no matter who they are, I would like to state the following. That which Sheik Shady has said regarding homosexuality is simply a conveyance of a religious fact which is known to every practising person in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.”

Yes, you filthy kafirs: Islam is just upholding the law that the Jews and the Christians are supposed to follow. They have gone astray and it is the Muslims job to correct them. Or else….

Mr Turnbull has used his prime ministership as a bridge-building exercise with the Islamic community, attempting to repair relations with its leaders after they were strained during Tony ­Abbott’s leadership.

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Japan’s rich Muslim past and present

Top court green-lights surveillance of Japan’s Muslims

Legal challenge to police profiling of North Asian country’s Islamic population dismissed by Supreme Court.
Ian Munroe@al Jizz

Where would Japan be without Mustards? Its not that Muselmaniacs ever had any input in the development of Japan, but that doesn’t mean the spin doctors of Islam haven’t got a ready made history to replace the Japanese Jahiliyya with the light of Islam.

Japan’s rich Muslim past and present

“They made us terrorist suspects,” he says. “We never did anything wrong – on the contrary.”

Junko Hayashi is the lawyer for plaintiffs who challenged police surveillance of Japan's Muslim community [Ian Munroe/Al Jazeera]

Junko Hayashi is the lawyer for plaintiffs who challenged police surveillance of Japan’s Muslim community [Ian Munroe/Al Jazeera]

Tokyo, Japan – Mohamed Fujita used to host religious study groups at his home that were open to all Muslims. But today he’s afraid to invite strangers, in case they’re police informants.

Extensive surveillance has put many people of his faith on edge, he says, sowing mistrust.

A native of Japan who converted to Islam more than two decades ago, Fujita was one of 17 plaintiffs in a lawsuit that challenged blanket monitoring of the country’s followers of Islam. His name has been changed in this story to protect his identity, after police documents labelling him a possible security threat were leaked online.

“They made us terrorist suspects,” he says. “We never did anything wrong – on the contrary.”

Islam in the Land of the Rising Sun 

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Julie Bishop on Anne Aly: ‘We aren’t funding her to give references to hate preachers’

Labor candidate has ‘criticised our national security efforts’, foreign minister says, denying that the Coalition is engaging in “Islamophobic dog whistling”

Julie Bishop steps up attack on Anne Aly in ‘hate preacher’ row

Good to see Julie Bishop do her job for once. Instead of handing over million dollar cheques to Islamic museums she calls out Islamo agitprop Anne Aly on her nefarious activities.

Julie Bishop has escalated criticism of the Labor candidate Anne Aly, claiming she does not support the government’s national security efforts and tried to secure reduced jail time for a “hate preacher”.

Aly, Labor’s candidate for the Western Australian seat of Cowan, is a deradicalisation expert whose work is funded by the government and has been invited by Barack Obama to attend a White House summit on countering violent extremism.

On Thursday, the justice minister, Michael Keenan, launched an attack on Aly, criticising her for writing a submission on sentencing for the radical preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne, who was jailed for flying under a false name.

On Friday, the foreign minister told Radio National that Keenan had “quite rightly” pointed out that Aly “has criticised our national security efforts”.

“She did write a letter for a known hate preacher … in an attempt to get him off jail time,” Bishop said. “That is not part of the role the federal government was funding her for.”

She denied the Coalition was engaged in Islamophobic dog-whistling.

“The funding of the organisation linked to Anne Aly from the government was to mentor young people before they were radicalised. It was not to write references to release convicted criminals from their jail sentence.”

Bishop said Aly’s lack of support of the government’s national security efforts was “a pattern across the Labor party”.

“We now see there are about 50 Labor members and candidates who disagree with Bill Shorten when he backs the Turnbull government’s approach to border protection.”

In her submission, Aly explained that she had met Thorne and his co-accused, Mostafa Shiddiqzman, and encouraged them to re-enter higher education and access counselling. Aly did not personally vouch for the accused, nor did she advocate a lighter sentence.

Thorne’s sentence was reduced by one month on appeal, the judge making reference to Aly’s letter in his reasoning.

Keenan said the letter showed “pretty poor judgment” and he accused Aly of not supporting the government’s national security efforts.

Aly accused Keenan of a “despicable smear campaign” and, when she called into one of his radio interviews for a right of reply, he refused to talk to her.

Aly is despicable.

On Thursday Shorten called on Malcolm Turnbull to “call his attack dogs off Anne Aly”.

“If President Obama and the [US] Department of Homeland Security regard her as a global expert on deradicalisation, I think we can do a little better than Michael Keenan trying to imply the opposite,” he said.

Shorty cannot possibly be THAT deluded. Hussein Obama is a Muslim and the DHS is run by John Brennan, a convert to Islam who purged the department of all material that mentions Islam, jihad or taqiyya.

“Aly has made it clear because of her views of standing up, of counter-radicalisation, she has been put on the kill lists of extremist groups.

“Aly is an outstanding Australian. I know the Liberal party want to get votes by smearing Labor candidates. I think they should back off this one altogether.”

That’s what Moonbats say about Huma Abedin. Anne Aly and Huma would get along beautifully.  They are both engaged in high treason (sheik yer’mami)

FGM Surges, STD Surges, Migrant Crime Surges…..

Female Genital Mutilation Cases Increase Due to Migrants

Female Genital Mutilation Spikes Due to Migrants…
WTF? Economist Mag Column OKs FGM — So Long as It’s Done by Medical Professionals…

Brexit or not, they just keep coming

More than 7000 in the last 2 days landed in Italy:



Soros Blames Merkel, Open Border ‘Chaos’ for Globalist Setback…Brexit Campaigners ‘Exploited’ Images of Violent Migrants

Soros Juncker

The billionaire Hungarian-American open borders advocate George Soros has said Angela Merkel provoked the migrant crisis with her open-door policy, which brought “chaos” to the continent. However, the investor and left wing activist also accused the “xenophobic” UK Independence Party


hijacking the EUSSR

The Turks don’t like it:

Brexit gives anti-EU parties wings
Brexit gives anti-EU parties wings
France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy all are home to influential political leaders calling for EU referendums

World Bulletin / News Desk

While the news of the impending Brexit was received with shock and disappointment by all major European governments, the continent’s increasingly popular anti-immigration and Eurosceptic parties rejoiced, calling for EU referendums in their own countries.

These strong calls to leave the EU, or at least vote on it, have picked up solid momentum throughout Europe over the past few years, causing some to wonder if Britain’s decision to leave has been the first step in unraveling the entire European project.

France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy all are home to influential political leaders calling for EU referendums.

In other news:

Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

EU SUPERSTATE RISING: Expansion Plan Unveiled… Shared Army, Turkish Membership

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It is very difficult to get your hands on a weapon in Germany

Islamist extremists Devout Muslims hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque

A HUGE stash of weapons reportedly belonging to Islamist soldiers of allah extremists have been found hidden near a mosque in Germany.

The stockpile of weapons was found near a mosque

The stockpile of weapons was found near a mosque

The weapons arsenal was discovered during a top secret raid by a SWAT team in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Local politician Ismail Tipi revealed details of the raid and warned of “the danger of fundamentalists”.

Me thinks Ismail Tipi could well be one of them. What say you?

The Bolt Report: Why these attacks on Christianity from people silent on Islam as terrorists attack Istanbul?

Jihadists kill their own relatives in Iraq but shove “Islamophobia” down our throats

Westerners who have bought into the victimology subterfuge of the “Islamophobia” narrative seem to have a mental block about how far-reaching jihadist violence is and the magnitude of the devastation experienced by its real victims. Jihadist victimization includes terrorism against the West, threats to the State of Israel, persecution of Christians, severe abuse of women and girls (Muslim and non-Muslim), and Muslim-on-Muslim violence, the latter of which includes relatives warring against relatives in Iraq.

The article below points out: “When Iraqi Sunnis talk about fighting the Islamic State, it is not a discussion of some shadowy and unknowable force. It is about sons and brothers, nephews and neighbors.”

This dark force of Islamic jihad is expansive, and knows no boundaries….


“A War of Brothers in Iraq: ‘I Will Kill Him With My Own Hands,’” by Tim Arango and Filih Hassan, The New York Times, June 18, 2016:

FALLUJA, Iraq — In the days leading up to the storming of Falluja by Iraqi forces, Brig. Gen. Hadi Razaij, the leading Sunni police commander in the campaign, sat on a cot in an abandoned house near the front line. He described the resistance that lay ahead: a determined force of hundreds of jihadists that had months to prepare.

General Razaij’s presence on the battlefield shows that local Sunnis, and not just the Shiite forces that now dominate Iraqi politics, are fighting to liberate their own communities, and has helped tamp down fears that the battle for Falluja would heighten sectarian tensions.

Islamic State suicide bombers kill 36 at Istanbul airport


Big explosion in ‪#‎Istanbul‬! Obama sends in CIA with instructions to look for clues such as Bibles and Confederate flags!–Dinesh D’Souza

Istanbul airport2

“Nearly 50 dead, more than 100 reported injured in terror attack at Istanbul airport,”, June 28, 2016 (thanks to Kenneth):

BREAKING: Close to 50 people were killed and over 100 more were injured when three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul’s main international airport Tuesday night, a senior official said.The Associated Press, quoting an anonymous Turkish official, reported that “nearly” 50 people were dead in the blasts at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The private NTV broadcaster, citing hospital sources, reported that 106 people had been wounded. A Turkish official told Reuters that the “vast majority” of victims were Turkish, but some foreigners were also affected.

ISTANBUL / Reuters

Three suicide bombers opened fire then blew themselves up in Istanbul’s main international airport on Tuesday, killing 36 people and wounding close to 150 in what Turkey’s prime minister said appeared to have been an attack by Islamic State militants.

One attacker opened fire in the departures hall with an automatic rifle, sending passengers diving for cover and trying to flee, before all three blew themselves up in or around the arrivals hall a floor below, witnesses and officials said.

The attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport was one of the deadliest in a series of suicide bombings in Turkey, which is part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State and is struggling to contain the spillover from neighboring Syria’s civil war. It is also battling an insurgency by Kurdish militants in its largely Kurdish southeast.

Muslim Lone Wolves Should Target Whites, Not Minorities

Why Muslim Lone Wolves May Now Target Based on Race

Moon battery

Moonbats have a remarkable knack for getting everyone to view life through their identity politics lens — even those who don’t normally think in those terms, like Muslim terrorists. Al Qaeda offers a solution to the problem posed by liberal authorities twisting the Orlando terror atrocity into a hate crime against sacred homosexuals and/or Hispanics rather than a mighty blow against America on behalf of Allah:

Lone wolf jihadists should target white Americans so no one mistakes their terror attacks for hate crimes unrelated to the cause of radical Islam, Al Qaeda writes in the latest edition of its online magazine.

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