UK Sharia Court Puts Tommy Robinson in Jail For Reporting About Paki Rape Gang

Robert Spencer:
Arrested, tried, and sentenced within an hour: Tommy Robinson gets 13 months for livestreaming outside courthouse
Pauline Hanson:

has been arrested in the UK for “breaching the peace” while reporting on Islamic grooming gangs. This is what happens when a society doesn’t foster a culture of open debate & honesty. This is a stark warning for Australia not to continue down the same path. -PH

Katie Hopkins:

Tommy warned us about these rape gangs. You laughed and called him a racist Tommy will die in prison at the hands of these gangs. You will laugh and say it served him right Then you will remember YOU have a daughter.

Tommy Robinson has just been sentenced to jail for 13 months. There is a UK reporting ban. No one there is allowed to talk about it.

This is a death sentence for Tommy. He’s going to be murdered in jail. This has to be stopped. The political class & the judiciary is clearly on the side of the Mohammedan insurgents.

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White Flight, Sharia & Migration in the name of allah

“I’m terrified”: Katie Hopkins visits America’s largest mosque, in Dearborn, Michigan

– The Rebel

Muslims secretly admire the jihadists whose personal commitment to establishing sharia under a caliph is glorified by Islam.

Rotherham Child Groomer Claims Victim is ‘Anti-Muslim’…

Put some pork on your fork!

Muslim prisoners fed pork during Ramadan.

A federal judge granted a restraining order Thursday forcing prison guards in Alaska to stop giving Muslim inmates pork as they break their fasts during Ramadan,  rights campaigners  Hamas/CAIR said. 

Canada’s Beach Jihad

Robert Spencer


NSW Labor leader Luke Foley is right. Mass immigration is causing “white flight” in some Sydney suburbs, and shutting him up doesn’t change a reality most politicians are too scared to face. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

Where we gonna run to?

Thanks to unelected communist apparatchiks in the EUSSR, George Soros & the UN, Europe is being overrun by unassimilable, illiterate savages from Africa, 

The Hungarian government appears to be the only government that considers whether the citizens it was elected to serve would support the declaration (African mass-migration). Other European governments appear to think that asking their electorates what they think about African migration into Europe is irrelevant. Indeed, the Rabat Process, including the latest conference in Marrakesh, has gone largely unreported in the European press and is not the subject of debate, because most Europeans will have never heard of it.

Islam. Nothing else matters

French magazine Charlie Hebdo portrays hijabi student ‘as a monkey’

French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo – which has previously sparked controversy over its anti-Islam cartoons– who’s whole crew was assassinated by fanatical Koranimals – released a vile cartoon in light of the hate, in which it depicted the 19-year-old as a monkey. … but frankly, I don’t give a shiite.

Turkey to build schools for Moro Muslims in Philippines
Turkey to build schools for Moro Muslims in Philippines

Construction to take place in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region where Moro Muslims live

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) will build five schoolbuildings and three health facilities in the Philippines, it said on Thursday.

According to a statement, the construction will take place in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of the country, where the Moro Muslims live.

Qatar’s Islamic Affairs Minister: Ramadan is the Month of Jihad…

Website Run By “Moderate” Qatar Min of Islamic Affairs Proudly Acknowledges, & Cites Koran 9:111 Extolling Jihad Murder/Martyrdom”Per Islam’s prophet Muhammad 

Click on image to enlarge!

 Hamas Chief Boasts of ‘Almost Daily’ Coordination with Iran-Backed Hezbollah

Freed Palestinian prisoner Palestinian Yehiye Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, talks during a rally in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Oct. 21, 2011. Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, served almost 25 years of four life sentences he was given for his role in the abduction …
AP/Hatem Moussa
TEL AVIV – Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar this week bragged on TV about the heavy funding and training the terror group has received from Iran and said that the group is in touch with Iranian proxy Hezbollah “on an almost daily basis.” Continue reading Islam. Nothing else matters

Silver Spoons, Arson & Grooming Gangs

Sweden: Girls fearing forced marriage advised to put metal spoon in underwear to alert airport security

The ostrich syndrome has taken hold of Swedish leaders and their European Union cohorts as the West has imported large numbers of people who engage in dangerous practices and hold to damaging ideologies. These people are harming Muslim women as well as infidels, who were once safe in the West. Now:

Girls in Sweden are being advised that if they fear being taken overseas to be subjected to a forced marriage or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that they should hide a spoon in their underwear. “The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks,” said Katarina Idegård who is the development manager for the unit charged with tackling honour-based violence in Sweden’s second biggest city Gothenburg.

The girls have a myriad of ways to get attention from security. Unfortunately, abused girls are often too afraid to draw attention and/or oppose their abusers, especially when the abusers are backed by communities that are complicit in widespread human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam. What do Swedish officials think these girls’ families will do to them once the spoon is found? —“Girls Fearing Forced Marriage Told to Stick a Spoon in Underwear to Alert Airport Security,”

Paki Rape & Grooming Gangs:

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Leeds court for reporting on grooming gangs. More updates to follow.

There is a big Court case in Leeds at the moment involving a gang of Paki mustards who have systematically raped and abused girls as young as 11 over a number of years.

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson has just been released.


There were 1030 newly recorded cases of female genital mutilation in the UK from October to December 2017.  The journaille is a bit too politically afraid to go near the topic.

Migration Watch UK

The population of England increased by more than 400,000 over the past year with a considerable share of this directly and indirectly due to immigration. England is already one of the most crowded places in Europe. Simply unsustainable.

France Warned of Arson if Ramadan Tents are Removed…

A new migrant camp reminiscent of the late great “Jungle” in Calais has formed on the streets of Paris. About 2,500 migrants are thought to be living there, but a French government plan to evict them cannot be implemented, since Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo refuses to approve the action.

SPLC has continued defending MS-13, now claiming that Trump’s attack on the gang is “racist” and “dehumanizing.”

No Joke: Germany Trains New Arrivals to Drive Trucks…

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Is it “hate” to oppose jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression?

Rotherham Grooming Suspect Cries Islamophobia as Legal Defense

Not very original, but always worth a try.

Defence for Alleged Rotherham Groomer: Assault Claim Part of Anti-Muslim Campaign

Concerned About ‘Giving Oxygen to Racists’, MPs ‘Ignored Our Cries for Help’: Rotherham Victim

The defence lawyer for a Rotherham man on trial for sexually abusing two underage girls claimed that one alleged victim “made up” the assault claim to “carry on the campaign in relation to Muslims”.

The court had heard that Girl A had attended speeches about “Muslim grooming” organised by the English Defence League – which was founded by now-citizen journalist Tommy Robinson to highlight Muslim grooming gangs in his hometown of Luton, Bedfordshire – but she maintained that she had not been involved with the group for over a year.

What could be a greater crime than listening to EDLspeeches & Tommy Robinson?

Motherly Love

A (Paki) woman who forced her teenage daughter to marry a male relative who had raped and impregnated her as a child has been jailed for four and a half years in the UK’s first successful prosecution of its kind.

Jihad Watch Warns Against Amazon’s Demonetization of Conservatives

Amazon banned the popular website Jihad Watch from their Amazon Associates program four years ago, now they have banned another conservative website — Legal Insurrection.

Jihad Watch believes that the website was banned from the Amazon Associates program following their classification as a “hate group” by the left-leaning Marxist subversive Southern Poverty Law Center.

Demonitized: Amazon Cuts Off Conservative Blog Legal Insurrection Without Warning

Demonetized: Amazon Cuts Off Conservative Blog Without Warning

is it “hate” to oppose jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression?

Amazon Selling Bomb-Making, Islamic Extremist Books…
250 Bangladeshis Arrested on Texas Border

Banglatrash on the move….

Teenagers ‘Too Afraid to Go out’ in Sadiq Khan’s London as Violence Soars

Imam Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Boy in Mosque, Muslim Community Turned Against Victim

Imam Found Guilty of Abusing Boy in Mosque — Muslim Community Turned Against Victim

A Muslim faith leader in Nottinghamshire was found guilty of three counts of indecently assaulting a young teen boy in the mosque where he preached and taught children the Quran.

Why would we want this headchopper back in Australia?

ISIS fighter Neil Prakash’s extradition may take years after shock court hearing

AUSTRALIA’S most wanted terrorist Neil Prakash claims to have fathered at least three children by two wives while fighting with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

News Corp Australia can reveal what the Melbourne-born monster told Turkish investigators when he was arrested in 2016 after fleeing across the border from Syria.

He admitted to them he had fathered children with two jihadi brides — a Dutch-Syrian woman and a French-Syrian woman.

MORE: From ‘lion of the Caliphate to desperate fugitive’

Australia’s spy chief warns of ongoing IS threat

In two cases, each had given birth about a month apart, according to Prakash’s claims, relayed to News Corp Australia by one officer through an intermediary.

Those two children would now be aged about 20 and 21 months. All would be eligible for Australian citizenship. But the whereabouts of the children and their mothers are unknown, and it cannot be confirmed they are still alive.

Neil Prakash faces court in Kilis, Turkey, via videolink.

“He was consistent about his wives,’’ the officer said. “He has two wives. The (children) was one month old (when he was arrested). He was rewarded as a senior ISIS fighter, an emir, with two wives.’’ Continue reading Why would we want this headchopper back in Australia?


Thanks to the producer Michael Hansen & Vlad Tepes for uploading this video.

‘ISIS-supporting’ UK mosque teacher ‘urged followers to inject supermarket ice cream with poison 
  • A 31-year-old from Lancashire has gone on trial over six terrorism charges
  • He gave ‘unstoppable and hate-filled encouragement’ to terrorists, jury told
  • Prosecutor says he encouraged attacks on Prince George and British children
  • He denies the charges 

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“Populist” must be the dumbest word ever invented by leftist imbeciles….

Italian President Sergio Mattarella has approved Giuseppe Conte’s nomination for prime minister, bringing Italy one step closer to its first ever populist government. 

Tommy Robinson on the lies of the government-media complex

Denmark minister calls fasting Muslims ‘a danger’ in Ramadan

Her comments prompted criticism from Muslims and immigration advocates.

Even the mildest criticism  of the Mohammedan insurgency enrages the soldiers of allah.

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Telling the truth is “deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty”

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley yesterday spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the pressures associated with placing thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees Mohammedans in Western Sydney, and the resultant “white flight” among long-term residents.

Foley today discovered there are certain topics one may not discuss and certain phrases one must not use: “White flight” is one of them.

Instantly, Soupie spilled his ink:

Our political leaders must be vigilant about our racial harmony. At a time when populism fuels fear and the demonisation of migrants, we should do nothing to excite racial feelings about new arrivals


Londonistan: Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in Hyde Park

Last month a courageous woman confronted the police about the fact that Muslims were holding group prayers in Hyde Park, Londonistan, which no other groups were allowed do because it was against official park rules.  Vlad Tepes & GoV  posted the video.

This upstanding lady showed the police the park regulations and got them to admit that they allowed Muslims to break the law,  after first denying it.

Here is the video of that event.

Now we know why the police sergeant kept demanding the woman’s “details”: she has been arrested. She wouldn’t give her details that day, but the cops managed to find her anyway.

The following cell phone video was taken in her flat in the few minutes just before the police entered and arrested her. At first she refused to let them in, and only talked back and forth with them through the door. I kept rooting for her not to let them in, but she eventually gave in and opened the door. At that point she was arrested.

If you ever wondered what an English-language police state looks like, this is it:

Watch this stunning and disgusting video of her subsequent arrest by what can only be described as droogs from A Clockwork Orange scenario.


Moonbattery has an update to the cow fart story we posted a few days ago:

No, taxing cow farts will not change the climate

Odious Netflix moonbat Bill Nye has an ingenious plan for raising the price of food — tax cow flatulence: Continue reading Londonistan: Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in Hyde Park