Muslims riot in Dutch Jewish Quarter. Rabbi Seeks “Interfaith Dialogue”

Netherlands: Muslims riot, chant against “Jewish murderers”

“…when the calm returns, it is time to take these young men by the hand and show them their own Schilderswijk’s history.”–Lody van Der Kamp, a Dutch rabbi who dabbles in “interfaith dialogue”.

Dutch-RiotsYou will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers to be the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82

In practice, that verse usually works out in the opposite way: Muslims are the most intense of the people in animosity toward the Jews.

“Rioters chant against ‘Jewish murderers’ in Muslim Dutch neighborhood,” JTA, July 3, 2015 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

In other news:

Tunisian President Declares State of Emergency Following Terror Attacks
“As we see in other countries, if attacks like Sousse happen again, the country will collapse.”–THEBLAZE.COM

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IS releases mass execution video by child executioners from Palmyra


Using kids to carry out mass murder. If you think the Khmer Rouge were bad, these killer zombies do it with religious fervour:

ISIS child executioners kill 25 Syrian regime soldiers in Palmyra
ISIS has released a significant new video of a mass slaughter of regime soldiers in the amphitheatre in the ancient city of Palmyra, which the terror group captured…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
This barbaric freak show rolls on. The junior soldiers of Allah display their ‘religion of peace’ credentials in a Roman Amphitheatre.
IS releases mass execution video from Palmyra
The terror organization Islamic State releases video showing execution of about 25 Syrian captives in the ancient city of Palmyra.
Islamic State in Nigeria murders nearly 200 in 48 hours
Savages doing service to their bloodthirsty god. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State several months ago. “Boko Haram kills nearly 200 in 48 hours – Militants unleash female suicide bombers North East Nigeria,” AFP, July 4, 2015:
11703068_830979460349746_1907517078427613525_n Muslims invading Serbia
They already got greater Albania, they got Bosnia, they are driving the last of the Christian Serbs out of Kosovo and Herzegovina, and now they’re invading Serbia proper.
“Nearly 40,000 asylum seekers in Serbia” 
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Ramadan Offerings

Islamic militants arrested over fears of London 7/7 anniversary terror plot
Three men were seized in Pakistan’s dangerous North West province, bordering Afghanistan, with London maps and IS propaganda on their computers
Terror threat ‘will outlast ISIS’, says AFP

As long as you allow Muslims to brainwash their children with the  genocidal doctrine of Quran, sira and hadith you will have the adherents of Islam “strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”.

Islamic State’s influence in Australia has become so powerful that the threat of terrorism will long outlast the conflict in Syria and Iraq and will remain for at least a generation.-THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU
Islamists only want one thing. We cannot appease them
Like the old Leninists, Isil truly believes only it can defeat the conspiracy that runs the world. There is no possible common ground
Saying one thing and doing another
 Statements from the French prime minister that France is fighting a ‘war of civilizations’ against global jihad don’t amount to much when the French government continues funding organizations who call for a boycott against Israel.–YNETNEWS.COM
Nusra Front Fighters Killed in Mosque Bombing in Syria

Nothing says Ramadan like flying body parts. We won’t shed any tears for these guys, though. NYTimes:

BEIRUT — Activists say a bomb has exploded inside a mosque where al-Qaida’s branch in Syria was holding a fast-breaking meal, killing at least 14.

Activists say the bombing inside the Salem Mosque in the northern town of Ariha occurred shortly after sunset Friday when scores of Nusra Front members gathered to break their fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Saturday that the explosion killed 31 Nusra Front members including five commanders.

Syria-based activist Ahmad al-Ahmad said 15 Nusra Front fighters were killed and more than 30 wounded.

The differences in casualty estimates could not be immediately explained since the Nusra Front cordoned off the area.

Muhammad Art Exhibition London 2015
 George Garbow / YOUTUBE.COM
Denmark to slash benefits for asylum seekers
Denmark’s new right-wing government said on Wednesday it would slash benefits for asylum seekers to bring down the number of refugees coming to the country.  | ARY NEWS

Homo marriage is the new climate change

Its more than that. Its homosexual bullying on steroids. The hysterics of the homo-lobby are out of control. The Gaystapo is out to destroy everyone who doesn’t submit. Alinsky tactics are in full swing.


If you don’t support the rush towards gay marriage, you are either out of touch or just a bigot

IT seems to have boiled down to this. If you don’t support the rush towards gay marriage, you are either out of touch or just a bigot. Or worse still, you’re a mean-spirited and gay-hating denier, standing in the way of love … and you ought to be ashamed.

These are familiar arguments to any politician or public commentator who has taken a stance against the ­fashionable and fast-moving tide to redefine what marriage is about.

In parliament, those who oppose a change on both sides of politics are a frightened majority.

Not that you’d know it.

A casual reader of the news could easily be left with the impression that this is all just a fait accompli.

Here we are again, back in the zone where having an ­alternative view makes you the enemy.

Speak against the fashion and be prepared to be smeared, ridiculed and bullied.

These are the climate change tactics back again.

Something is wrong with you if you haven’t decorated your Facebook photo with rainbow colours. Good luck if you have but it turns out you’ve been sucked in by yet another data-collecting exercise. 

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You ain’t seen nothing yet

Tunisia faces MORE terror attacks as bars and airports are on Islamic State hitlist
ISLAMIC State (ISIS) supporters have taken to social networks to urge for a summer of attacks in Tunisia.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY ROB VIRTUE
Egypt terror warning: Tourist hotspots like Sharm El Sheikh on high alert from ISIS attack
SECURITY has been beefed up at a number of popular tourist resorts in Egypt after an attack by Islamic State (ISIS) militants on a town just a few hours drive away.
Five Brit students from SAME school killed fighting for ISIS
SAME SCHOOL: The men, clockwise from top left,, Mohammed el-Araj, Hamza Parvez, Fatlum Shalaku, Nassim Terreri and main, right, Mohammed Nasser,…JEWSNEWS.CO.IL
Luton family release statement confirming they are in Syria with ISIS
A family of 12 from Luton has released a statement to say they are now living under ISIS rule in Syria – and urged other Muslims to do the same. The Mannan family…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Iran lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters

Gee, that wasn’t hard, was it?

Iran lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters
Human rights activists say approved bill, making girls vulnerable to the ruling from age 13, ‘legalises paedophilia’
Horrible: 60% of Female Genital Mutilation in Iran!
A woman in Iran's southern Hormozgan province which has the highest practice of FGM in the country. Photo: AFP
A woman in Iran’s southern Hormozgan province which has the highest practice of FGM in the country. Photo: AFP
Naftali Bennett's photo.

If a man comes to kill you, kill him first
I fully back the Binyamin Brigade Commander who acted against a terrorist to protect himself and the lives of his soldiers.
This is the conduct that we expect from IDF commanders.

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ISIS says it is their ‘religious duty’ to destroy Egypt’s pyramids and the Sphinx
Not that have ever seen anyone pray to the pyramids or to the Sphinx.  But by making these threats the devout Muslims of ISIL are giving the game away. The western world needs to start doing what needs to be done to make an end to this spook.
The pyramids and Sphinx are a massive part of Egypt’s tourism industry and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
ISIS is getting paranoid
The Islamic State rules over the areas it controls using fear tactics to terrifying its populace into submission, but its leaders are also quite paranoid.–UK.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM
ISIS terrorists cut off two men’s hand and foot for ‘banditry’
(VIDEO BELOW) WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS terrorists cut off two men’s hand and foot for ‘banditry’–PZFEED.COM

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Rotherham Taxi Muslims Strike Over Surveillance Cameras

Of course the bastards don’t want to be caught on their own cameras raping underage British girls. Just goes to show what their intentions and priorities are.

Rotherham taxi drivers on strike over CCTV rule
Taxi drivers in Rotherham begin an “indefinite” strike over new rules requiring them to install CCTV cameras. – BBC News
Commonwealth DPP refuses to appeal NSW Supreme Court decision allowing accused ISIS recruiter to  to live in primary school…
DESPITE pressure from state and federal ministers, the Commonwealth DPP yesterday refused to appeal a NSW Supreme Court decision to allow an accused ISIS recruiter to live in the grounds of a primary school.–SSLCAM.NEWS.COM.AU
Victoria, where the kumbaya never ends
New Vic police chief hosts Ramadan dinner
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graeme Ashton has drawn praise from the Muslim community for hosting a Ramadan dinner on his first day.
Navy can fire to turn back boats

Looking forward to see that.

RAN authorised to fire over bows of asylum-seeker boats. | ‘Navy gave us a boat’–AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM
Lambie compares Greens to Islamic State

There is nothing wrong with using a bit of hyperbole against the hysterical shriekers from the watermelon party:

The Greens have demanded an apology from Jacqui Lambie after she compared them to the Islamic State.
Global Terror: France’s Islamic problem
Despite growing challenge of Islamic terrorism, the Republic is refusing to tackle the problem head on, and PM Manuel Valls is a lone voice willing to talk about a clash of civilization.

Muslims must be very clear… (and lie about their true intentions)

“…terrorists are damaging Islam and Muslims”

Irish followers of the false prophet hold a ‘not in my name’ gathering to deny any link between terrorism and allah’s terror-striking religion  (Mullah)

“…Ireland is affected, Irish citizens have been affected. So it is very important for Muslims to be very clear … and to emphasise that is Islam can never justify killing, murder .. they can never be justified in the name of Islam,” he said. 

Infiltration on every level

Mohammed the Peacemaker and other nonsense] The Launch of Islamic Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorism

ISIS Could Exist Without Islam Because There Is Christianity & Judaism


Dalia Mogahed, a research director for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, said that ISIS could exist without Islam because extremist groups simply use “the local social currency” to carry out their terror and that could just as easily be Christianity or Judaism.

Mogahed is not merely some policy wonk for an obscure institute. As Hudson Institute fellow Lee Smith, author of The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab, put it: “Dalia Mogahed may be the most influential person guiding the Obama Administration’s Middle East outreach.” For years she has been a frequent spokesperson in league with the most prominent Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America: CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, and MPAC. Check out her extensive profile here at the Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks resources site.

Speaking at a global terrorism forum at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Mogahed said, “[A] world without Islam would still have a group like ISIS — they would just be called something else that may be less catchy.” She added, “That is sometimes Christianity. That is sometimes Judaism. That is sometimes Buddhism. And it is sometimes secular ideologies.”

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The Madness of Juan Cole

Islam, the religion of the (far left) professors. Juan Cole is not only a lunatic and a pseudo-academic, he is also a prostitute for Mohammedan causes.

Historian blames Charleston church shooting on ‘right-wing Jews’
A University of Michigan history professor is blaming the Charleston church shooting on “Islamophobia” being spread by “right wing Jews” such as Pamela Geller…WND.COM

Mourners pray following the mass shooting of Christians at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last month.

A University of Michigan history professor is blaming the Charleston church shooting on “Islamophobia” being spread by “right wing Jews” such as Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes.

Professor Juan Cole argues in his blog, Informed Comment, that “far right wing Jews” like Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller, French politician Marine LePen and Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and “the whole Islamophobic Network” were “a key influence” in Dylann Roof’s shooting of nine people in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, reported Campus Reform.

Professor Juan Cole
Juan Cole

Cole cites Roof’s comments against European immigrants in a manifesto published in the wake of the death of Trayvon Martin as evidence that anti-Islamic “writings and web sites … made Roof ‘completely racially aware.’”

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