Charlie just left the Facebook building

Facebook censors images of Profit Mo

Facebook has agreed to block pages showing images of the “Prophet” Mohammed after a Turkish court ruling, despite its chief executive giving his support to freedom of speech proclaiming “Je Suis Charlie”. …

More fear of Charlie by Raziye Akkoc at The Telegraph thanks to Mullah, pbuh

charlie hebdo post massacre74

 German carnival drops Charlie Hebdo float over fear of jihad terror

Why do we have jihad terrorism? Because it works. Weren’t any of these people taught that the worst thing you can do with a bully is kowtow and give him what he wants, and that you simply have to stand up to him? “German carnival drops Charlie Hebdo-inspired float after Paris attack,” Reuters, January 29, [ BY 

‘Decapitation Strategy’ Claims Another Victim as Left Targets Leaders of PEGIDA

The filthy rich Arabs  got their money by getting foreigners to extract oil from under their desert, and are now happily “investing” these billions within western democracies, while requiring that those same nation states import islamic peoples whereupon their “religious funding” will radicalise them.
At the same time, our “green” fanatics decry the very fossil fuels fuelling this islamisation/radicalisation.
Utter insanity.

Still, Enoch did warn that first they would drive us mad…….

Rotherham Victim Says Abusers ‘Untouchable’

A Sky News investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham learns that hundreds of new cases continue to emerge.

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham claims she still sees her abusers “driving young girls in their car”, as a Sky News investigation reveals hundreds of new cases continue to emerge.

In August 2014, the Alexis Jay report identified 1,400 cases of child sexual exploitation in the Yorkshire town.

But Sky News has learned that hundreds more cases were known to authorities prior to its publication and that hundreds more are being reported.

Victims continue to feel let down by authorities.

One survivor “Gemma” told Sky News: “It’s still going on if not worse, because now they’re having to hide it more.

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“Muslims are the victims of Muslim terrorism…”

EU Considering a Ban on Islamophobia after Paris Attacks
The bogus narrative of “Muslims are the victims of Muslim terrorism” has kicked up a notch with France banning protests against Islam.    | Cultural Marxism
IDF soldiers killed in Hezbollah Mt. Dov attack named
Captain Yohai Klangel and Sergeant Dor Nini were killed when Hezbollah fighters fired anti-tank missile at army convoy; 7 others wounded.–YNETNEWS.COM
No More Mosques in Lombardy Region, Italy, from Today

Sky News‘s editors make poor choice of visuals on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sky News airs Gaza war images during Holocaust segment
After BBC sparked uproar when it asked viewers whether it was time to ‘lay the Holocaust to rest,’ another British TV network raises ire with controversial choice…YNETNEWS.COM
Disturbed and confused about “allahu akbar”
The writer of this drivel is either pig ignorant or a corrupt pig. The latter seems much more likely, if he’s not already a taqiyya spewing convert.
Most disturbing is that Charles C. Haynes is senior scholar at the First Amendment Center.  His email address is

No Moe Charlie in Cologne

Germany submits:

Cologne Karneval scraps Charlie Hebdo float
 A second item from the German edition of The Local Cologne’s planned Charlie Hebdo float in its Rosenmontag parade was a false start, after the organising committee scrapped its construction over security concerns.  The Festival Committee of the Cologne Carnival said in a statement on Wednesday …Read More…
Tareq Yousef Al-Masri: Admit It — Muslims Are Time Bombs, We Hate Christians

Here. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

He can’t allow himself to locate the source of the problem in the Qur’an, in the Hadith, in the example of Muhammad — though he does indicate that the “kind verses” in the Qur’an are treated by those who apply “naskh” (abrogation) as of no value, demonstrating that there are other, unkind verses in the Qur’an, leading to the unkindest cuts of all.

But he’s stating some home truths, to fellow Muslims. He describes those Muslims who, “repenting” of their Western decadence, pick up bombs by way of showing they have Got That Old-Time Religion. He mentions that Muslims hate Christians — but he sticks to the example of their refusing to wish Christians “Merry Christmas” and does not discuss the verses in the Qur’an that inculcate hatred of Jews and Christians, and of course of all those who are not even Ahl Al-Kitab, “People of the Book.”

It’s remarkable. One wonders how that imam is now faring.

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Nobody is Charlie in Paris

Prayer rug artwork pulled “due to Muslim concerns”

I wouldn’t call it “Muslim concerns”. Its the fear of being murdered by Mohammedan head choppers for pretending free speech is still alive and well in EUrabia.

Prayer rug artwork pulled due to Muslim concernsAn art installation showing high heels on Islamic prayer rug has been pulled over fears of “uncontrollable” reactions.  Read the rest below the fold….

‘Nothing to do with Islam”

White House: Taliban not a terrorist group

Taliban not a terrorist group: White House

The slaughter of moderate Afghans, the gassing of girls schools, their brutal treatment of women, imposing the vicious sharia, bombing of markets, police stations and schools — what exactly is Obama’s definition of a terrorist?  (Pamela Geller)

Okay, I’ll bite:

“…what exactly is Obama’s definition of a terrorist?” Lets see: Christians, pro-Israeli Jews, conservatives, vets, the Tea Party, people defending the constitution and the bill of rights,  and anyone upholding the 2nd amendment. And of course all those who oppose Islam and the redistribution of other peoples money.

That wasn’t hard, was it? Did I miss anything?

Al Jazeera English Bans Employees from Using Terms Jihad, Islamist, Radical
ISIS is demanding a swap for Japanese journalist and Jordanian pilot – but why Rishawi of Al Qaeda in Iraq?
Muslim group Boko Haram training children to “‘slaughter people like animals’
Officially called, “People Committed to the Prophet’s Teachings for Propagation and Jihad” otherwise known as Boko Haram control more land than the Islamic State….
Say NO to World Hijab Day—February 1 
SAY NO to World Hijab Day: A female must wear a Hijib because to Muslim men her entire body is a “SEX ORGAN” This means if any part of her body is exposed..-| ConCit

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Islamic Parasites Try to Impose Free Speech Limits On Free People

Round them up and throw them out!
Saskatoon Muslims rally saying free speech has limits

Muslims never rally to denounce the terrorist acts perpetrated daily in the name of Islam by their fellow Muslims, or for solidarity with the millions of Christians, Bahais, Jews, yazidis, hindous, buddhists, and atheists killed daily by Muslims in the name of Islam …They only rally for 2 reasons: Imposing sharia on non-muslims as this one (restricting free speech), and showing their deep hatred to jews.

It’s time to say to Muslims: Enough is enough, the western world is not your place, go back from where you came from !!!

Members of Saskatoon’s Muslim community rally, say there are certain limitations on free speech.
#Brancodoesitagain!  So Climate Change/Gore-Bull warming is the greatest threat to the world....yet said "Climatologists" can't even get a fucking snowstorm right?  Meanwhile, the savage animal mooslimes are still committing atrocities daily.  270 MILLION killed since 632 AD due to islam, but we're supposed to buy the greatest lie ever told to us?  Nope, I'm calling bullshit. Antonio F. Branco totally gets it!

‪#‎Brancodoesitagain‬! So Climate Change/Gore-Bull warming is the greatest threat to the world….yet said “Climatologists” can’t even get a fucking snowstorm 

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Ray Felitto III's photo.
Ben Shapiro: The First Amendment is Dead
 The first amendment is dead; long live the reign of sensitivity. Ben Shapiro explores how Americans have forfeited their fundamental rights in the name of political correctness.

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Slavakia, the place to be!

PM: Slovakia is Christian, No to Muslims and Mosques

“Slovakia is a Christian country, we can’t accept 400,000 Muslim immigrants and their mosques” said Slovak Prime Minister.

By Enza Ferreri

Muslims rally worldwide against free speech

….and then they tell you that Muhammad was the greatest free speecher the world has ever known…

Good piece over at WND: Muslims rally worldwide against free speech, WND, Janauary 26, 2015 Demands for restrictions on any criticism of Muhammad surge in wake of Paris murders In protests around the globe, Muslims are demanding an end to free speech when it concerns satire or criticism of Islam’s founder,…
While Hezbollah supporters celebrate in Dahieh, senior Lebanese officials say Nasrallah is dragging the country into another war in Israel.
Many Lebanese say they are tired of Hezbollah using the country’s territory to attack Israel – because they are the ones who pay the price.–ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM

Every day we step closer to defeat, and surrender to fear. Now the BBC is instructing reporters how to report the news. 

Every day we step closer to defeat, and surrender to fear. Now the BBC is instructing reporters how to report the news.


UN peacekeeper Cpl. Francisco Javier Soria Toledo, 36, dies amid Israel-Lebanese border clashes

News: Head of UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon urges ‘maximum restraint’ from all parties to prevent escalation on Lebanese -Israeli border.–YNETNEWS.COM/- Israel News, Ynetnews
It’s good to know our Dept. of Homeland Security has such a good grip on this program…  –|BY PATTY MCMURRAY

Hezbollah to Jews: don’t mind if we kill you, we don’t really want war, just revenge….

Hezbollah sends message to Israel: We’re not interested in further escalation. Attack was an ‘eye for an eye’ -revenge for January 18 attack in Syria 

Hezbollah sends message to Israel: We're not interested in further escalation. Attack was an 'eye for an eye' - revenge for January 18 attack in Syria attributed to Israel.</p>
<p>(Photo: AP)Islamic terrorist group Hizbollah kills two Israeli soldiers and causes multiple injuries in a cross-boarder attack, and then states it does not wish to increase tensions. Perhaps Hizbollah should consider delivering rounds of falafel and humus instead of RPG grenades.

Hizbollah (Party of Allah) is supported by Iran and Syria and responsible for numerous attacks on northern Israel, some of which have lead to outright war between Israel and the powerful terrorist organisation.

IDF convoy hit in attack was unarmored
Despite high alert level, soldiers were travelling in unarmored vehicle when they were hit by Hezbollah ambush; at least 7 others were wounded in attack.–YNETNEWS.COM

From the Q-Society:

After Killing 2 IDF Soldiers, Hezbollah Calls for Calm
Hezbollah sent a message Wednesday night that it was not seeking to increase tensions with Israel. –ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM