Tell Mama Watch: Mendacious Grievance Monger Fiyaz Mughals Litigation Jihad

All paid for by Theresa May’s hapless government. If you believed the creep had his funding pulled you’re wrong.  Mughal is back in business and pretends he is a snowflake in need of protection.

Tim Burton vs. Fiyaz Mughal

Press release from Liberty GB:

by Rebecca Bynum

Fiyaz Mughal

On Monday 30 January 2017, one of the most important political show trials of the century is taking place at Southwark Crown Court in London. One of our Liberty GB Executive Council members, Tim Burton, is being prosecuted for the heinous crime of sending a handful of humorous and satirical emails, employing mockery and ridicule, to Tell Mama UK, an organisation run by a prominent Muslim, Fiyaz Mughal OBE.

Fiyaz Mughal has declared himself to be harassed, alarmed, threatened, distressed and allegedly generally discombobulated, not to mention offended and insulted, by the veritable flood of the said humorous and satirical emails emanating from the email account of the “far-right, bigoted, racist and Islamophobic” Tim Burton, as a result of Tell Mama advertising a job vacancy for a caseworker on its website in April 2016.

At one point in these emails, Tim Burton referred to Mr Mughal as “the Mendacious, Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-In-Chief of Tell Mama UK.” (Taqiyya is part of the Islamic doctrine of deceit – divinely sanctioned in Islam’s “holy book”, the Quran – a doctrine that tells Muslims that they may deceive non-Muslims if the goal is to advance the cause of Islam or to prevent the denigration of Islam in the eyes of non-Muslims.)

At the last count, there were no less than four of these emails – five if you count the email where Tim Burton is enquiring after the status of his job application – and this has evidently been enough to inspire Mr Mughal to complain bitterly to the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, who complied with alacrity to his request to have Tim Burton charged and prosecuted for Religiously Aggravated Harassment – a charge which upon conviction can result in a substantial fine, not to mention a long prison sentence.

Unremarkable enough, one might think, were it not for the fact that Fiyaz Mughal sits on a panel that advises the Crown Prosecution Service on how to prosecute cases of so-called “Islamophobia” and whose organisation Tell Mama UK works closely with the Metropolitan Police to ensure than no stone is left unturned to deal robustly with the wave of “Islamophobia” that is sweeping the country and terrorising the Muslim community.

One does not want to invoke any suggestion of conflict of interest, but it might be worth considering how a non-Muslim might be treated were he to go into a police station or a courtroom and complain that a Muslim had been mean to him via email, or had had a Muslim cast aspersions on the honesty and integrity of his organisation. We venture to suggest that a non-Muslim in such circumstances would have been laughed out of the police station or the courtroom, or at the very least told to go away and stop wasting police time.

It might be worth recalling at this point how Fiyaz Mughal was called out by Andrew Gilligan of the Daily Telegraph in June 2013 for (allegedly) fraudulently manipulating the so-called “hate crime” figures of Tell Mama UK in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder in order to maintain his enormous six-figure taxpayer grant. (Following this exposure in the press, Tell Mama UK was investigated and temporarily had its funding withdrawn. Strangely, no charges of fraud were ever brought about by the Metropolitan Police or the CPS.)

Since then, Tell Mama UK has had its funding quietly reinstated and is carrying on its activities much as before, with Fiyaz Mughal frequently hitting the headlines with stories concerning the mythical “Islamophobic” backlash against the Muslim community (which never actually materialises) in the wake of the numerous terrorist atrocities such as the truck attack in France which killed 84 people and injured 120  more in July, or the truck attack on the German Christmas market which killed 12 people and injured 56 more in December.

In the opinion of all of us here at Liberty GB, this prosecution embodies everything that is wrong with the criminal justice system when it comes to the double standard with which Muslims and non-Muslims are treated. We think it is time for a review into the preferential status that Islam currently enjoys under UK law.

Here is a link to the circumstances surrounding the trial –

Australia: Jihad Mufti Wants Stronger Blasphemy Laws

Here’s a better idea: Muslims should pay a terrorist security tax to cover their presence here,  much like they get us to pay halal certification. In addition, we should make them pay for every potential terrorist attack, and for keeping their terrorists out of circulation. Furthermore, 18C should be used rigorously against Mohammedan hate-preachers, whenever they incite violence against disbelievers.

All ideologies must be subject to critical thought, analysis, satire and debate.

Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed

Muslim push for 18C protection

Australia’s Grand Mufti has called for Muslims to be given the same protections as ethnic groups under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, saying the law must be “strengthened”, not weakened, in the interest of minor­ities.

The push to broaden the act is already drawing criticism from conservative government MPs, with one Liberal senator warning it would be tantamount to creating a “national blasphemy law”.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti since 2011, has added his voice to a growing backlash from community, relig­ious and ethnic groups against reforming section 18C, in a cam­paign that will test Malcolm Turnbull’s ­resolve to change the law.

In his submission to the freedom-of-speech inquiry, which the Prime Minister ordered to examine 18C and the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Dr Mohammed says any ­“watering down” of the law would “expose” minority groups — especially Muslims — to discrimin­ation, vilification and hate speech.

He also recommends amending the act to include the prohibition of religious vilification to cover Muslims and all religions, in accordance with article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Victorian Liberal senator James Paterson, a member of the parliamentary joint committee on human rights inquiring into 18C, slammed the idea as “very dangerous”. “Effectively that would mean Australia has a nation­al blasphemy law because criticising someone’s religious belief­s in a way that offended them could breach the law.

“That would mean legitimate criticism of religion or religious beliefs could become unlawful in Australia,” Senator Paterson said.

“Religion shouldn’t be off limits­ for public criticism and debate­, and widening this law would mean atheists, who often ridicule religious beliefs … would effect­ively be stopped from critic­ising ­religion.”

As the committee prepares to embark on hearings nationwide, The Australian can reveal there is some sceptic­ism within government ranks that the inquiry process can prod­uce a clear and workable path toward­s reform.

It is illegal under section 18C to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person on the basis of race, colour, or national or ethni­c origin­. The AHRC says “ethnic origin” has been broadly interpreted in several jurisdictions to include Jewish and Sikh people but does not cover Muslims as the faith is widespread and across many nations and languages.

It can consider claims of racial hatred made by Muslims “if on the face of the information they have provided it appears the act of racial ­hatred is connected to their race, colour, or national or ethnic ­origin”.

But if a person alleges that they have been subjected­ to hate speech “solely on the basis of their Muslim identity in an area outside their employment”, the AHRC would say their concerns were not covered­ by the act.

How Importing Vast Numbers of Potential Terrorists Fights Terrorism


There is a line between totally full of baloney and psychopathologically delusional. Barking from atop the CNN soapbox, Robert Verkaik crosses it:

I believe that Germany’s open-door refugee policy will, in the long run, help protect Germans from terrorism.

Surely, he can back up this preposterous statement, or he wouldn’t have made it. No wait — he can’t:

Rather than focus on the imagined [!!!!] links between terrorism and immigration, we should look at the long-term benefits of pursuing a plan that is helping to build stronger multi-cultural communities that can fight extremism.

In Germany, this policy is already delivering results with vital intelligence being passed by resident Muslims to the country’s domestic security service, the BND.

Importing massive numbers of Muslims reduces Muslim terrorism because occasionally some of the Muslims rat each other out. Literally, that is his argument.

There is also evidence around the case of the Berlin market investigation that community informants have played their part in warning about the threat posed by prime suspect Anis Amri before the attack.

These community informants did not prevent 12 people from being killed and a German tradition from being fast-tracked for demise when Amri hijacked a truck and drove it through a Christmas market.

Leftists are not helping their cause by making outlandish assertions that insult our intelligence. We know that not all Muslims are terrorists, or even approve of terrorism. We also know that virtually all terrorism in the West is inflicted by Muslim foreigners, Muslim immigrants, the offspring of Muslim immigrants, or losers motivated by the malevolent ideology imported by Muslim immigrants. We know that unassimilable Muslim communities spawn terrorists and provide them with a base from which to operate.

Immigrants from anywhere can be a blessing if they arrive in numbers that can be assimilated. But importing vast hordes from the Islamic world that has been waging a terror war against Western Civilization is either treasonous or insane.

syrian refugees
Leaving the door open is not going to reduce terror, obviously.

What’s the difference between these messages?


“If you have a problem with that, you are the problem”

There is none. Both images are used to spread Islam. The first one is a full frontal attack on the infidel nation state by Mohammedans, who use children for propaganda and  jihad, and the second one is a more insidious form of  Islam promo used by leftist useful idiots and Mohammedans alike  to rub Islam right in our face for Australia Day.

The usual suspects are trying to milk it for all its worth:

The leftist -marxist -muslim plan is to get our national days abolished b/c they’re too “divisive”.

Islamo-agitprop (Iranian corruptocrat) Sam Dastiary  sticks a fork in it:


Australia is better than how these girls have been treated.


I’ll take the two kids celebrating Aust Day over the angry aggressive thugs any day.

Another photo of Australians celebrating their country, at last year’s Australia Day Festival in Melbourne.

Another photo of Australians celebrating their country, at last year’s Australia Day Festival in

“Their country?”  WTF? Did the Murdoch press sell it to the Mohammedans?  

They’re winning. They got the media on their side and  it appears the do-gooders are stupid enough to throw money at it:

Crowd-funding raises thousands for new ad campaign featuring girls in hijabs
Hundreds of people give money to fund an advertising campaign featuring two girls in hijabs, after an Australia Day billboard which used their photo was taken down…   ABC.NET.AU
Veiszadeh is jubilant. Go to her twitter page. She is busy!

Get ready for this:

Critics of Australia Day billboard unrepentant, as families fear backlash could reach young girls

“Backlash” is the Mohammedan war cry after every terrorist attack. Curiously, no backlash ever materialises.  But the journaille immediately sides with the killers and blames infidels for planning something worse for the poor little Muslims. Disgraceful and outrageous.  Unfortunately,  this is the rinse and repeat ever since 9/11 and the 30.000 jihad attacks that followed.

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Adelaide “artist” sells Afghan camel jockeys as ‘Aussies’….

Which means in his queer and twisted worldview regular Australians are to be ignored and third world savages elevated to “Aussie” status.

Who pays this ignorant punk (Peter Drew) for his rubbish?

The cameleers where hired hands on 3-year contracts. They were never meant to settle here, and those few who were allowed to remain caused nothing but trouble. Two of them waged jihad against the people of Australia, 102 years ago in Broken Hill. They shot up the New Years picnic train. You might be surprised to learn that the enraged Broken Hill people of the day  then turned against the German community rather than going after the Mohammedans. We’re seeing similar misguided and misdirected attacks today against patriotic Aussies.

Man behind Real Australians Say Welcome campaign touring the country

Meet the man behind the Real Australians Say Welcome poster

An Adelaide-based artist wants to remind people what it means to be an Australian.

IF you live in one of Australia’s capital cities, you’ve likely seen this poster. The artist says if you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon.

There are 1500 of these posters being plastered around the country. They feature the faces of Australians from different generations and of different origins with the word “AUSSIE”.

The artist, 32-year-old Adelaide man Peter Drew, has form when it comes to challenging Australia’s views on immigration.

He was behind the hugely-successful Real Australians Say Welcome campaign that included a 1000-strong poster drop in 2015 and was shared on social media in huge numbers.

Mr Drew told his new project is simple: He’s targeting what he calls the “people in the middle” who belong neither to the right or the left of the political debate.

“There are people that are primed to really like this stuff and people that are primed to hate it,” he said.

One of Peter’s posters at the beach.

One of Peter’s posters at the beach.Source:Supplied

“I think the audience that I’m after are people right in the middle that just need a bit of a reminder about Australia’s real identity. These people are not bigots, they’re just people who have forgotten our strength.”

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Australia needs a commissioner to go after deranged Anglican priests

I you’re wondering why,  just go ahead and read this drivel by Reverend Dr Michael Bird, who is an Anglican priest and a lecturer in theology at Ridley College.  If you thought the Gosford Goose is bad news, this one is just nucking futz.

We are at risk in Australia of creating a political climate where extremists like Holland’s anti-immigration activist Geert Wilders or Greece’s communist leader Dimitris Koutsoumpas are electable, writes Mike Bird. We must rise to defend our pluralism.

Burning anger has, lamentably, become the dominating feature of the Australian political climate.

Walking through Melbourne’s Brunswick recently, I noticed Sex Party signs that say “Tax the Church” — trying to create the impression that all churches are contemptible multi-million dollar mega-complexes built on the moral bankruptcy of a televangelist.

Meanwhile, Liberal MPs Cory Bernardi and George Christensen are reportedly set to attend a dinner to raise funds for an anti-Islam and anti-immigration group called the Q-Society, whose views can be easily characterised as xenophobic.

How did this happen? How did we come to the point where disdain for others was the new normal in Australian politics?

The rancorous debates over same-sex marriage, immigration, refugees, and climate change, combined with people’s fatigue with the two-party system, has created the perfect storm for some political monster to emerge from the abyss of communal fragmentation and political opportunism.

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Here’s Why Trump Does Not Trust Obama’s Islamised Intelligence Community

… the CIA’s Islamisation of the White House was well underway

By Larry Pickering

Californian journalist, Michael Hastings, was working on a story about CIA Director John Brennan’s conversion to Islam and another CIA operative who had converted to Islam, Andrew Warren. The journalist died in a suspicious fiery auto accident in California in June 2013, just three months after Obama had appointed Brennan as CIA Director.

Obama had wanted to appoint Brennan as CIA Director way back in 2009, but there was Congressional opposition to his nomination. The actual reasons for that opposition remain unclear as none of the interrogators pinpointed or even queried his reported close relationship with Islam.

Now I am far from a conspiracy theorist but at least 48 people have died suspiciously during the Clintons’ rule and many of those had claimed to be exposers of White House Islamic connections. It makes ex KGB Putin’s activities look boy scoutish.

Six more high profile anti-Clinton activists have met suspicious deaths that have not been investigated.

Although Brennan has denied the charges heatedly and repeatedly when they first surfaced early in 2014, Brennan has now admitted and apologised for CIA Agency employees having spied on a Congressional Intelligence Committee set up to investigate torture during the Bush years. The CIA had “improperly accessed” computers used to catalogue the committee’s investigation.

In a statement that followed the revelations, Sen. Udall among many others, declared, “I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan.” The calls were ignored by Obama.

You don’t need to be a member of Mensa to conclude that Obama, if not a Muslim himself, was extremely sympathetic to Muslims and would not tolerate any criticism of Islam, despite Islam forecasting the demise of democracy and declaring the eventual destruction of the West and Israel through jihadism.

It was also concerning that Obama installed a new fence around the White House recently and after closer inspection many people aren’t too happy with it’s peculiar design. All changes or improvements must go directly through Obama’s Office so there’s no denying he knew exactly what was taking place only steps away from America’s iconic White House. They made sure to add in one not so subtle feature that has many Americans calling for it to be taken down.

One patriotic photographer made sure to snap a pic (above) of the new design built into the fence that surrounds the White House. Included in the revamped fence are what appear to be small Islamic minarets like the ones from the Ottoman Empire. This type of classic Islamic architecture is commonplace in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but lining the fence of the White House in Washington, DC, they do offend and indicate where Obama’s allegiances lie.

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Not enough yet? Leftist punks insist on ramming Islam down our throats for Australia Day

A crowd-funding campaign to return the billboard has raised more than $16K in 3 hours

An Australia Day billboard featuring Muslim girls celebrating is set to return after threats saw it removed

News Corp AustraliaNews Corp Australia Network

A CONTROVERSIAL Melbourne billboard depicting two Muslim girls celebrating Australia Day that was taken down due to threats from far right groups, is set to be resurrected in every capital city across the country.

Yesterday Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott revealed the image would be removed after the company behind the advertisement, QMS, received threats.

But advertising guru Dee Madigan has struck back in launching a crowd funding appeal to have the billboard brought back and she has received a stunning response.

The Muslim girls who feature on the banned billboard. Picture: Supplied

The Muslim girls who feature on the banned billboard. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

Who promotes this dreck?

A photo of 2 Aus girls celebrating Aus day. If you have a problem with that, you are the problem. 

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Turncoat Gubmint Pulls Hijab Promo For Australia Day After Aussies Revolt

Kim, a scribbler for Newscorp, dutifully reports “an Islamophobic backlash (after) threats of violence by members of far right social media groups”.

Social media erupted with an Islamophobic backlash after this photo of a billboard in Melbourne began circulating.
Australia Day billboard pulled after far right backlash

MEMBERS of far right social media groups are celebrating a win for “people power” after an Australia Day billboard depicting two Muslim women was hastily pulled following an Islamophobia-fuelled outcry.

Social media erupted after a picture of the billboard began circulating last Friday, with many Facebook users slamming the Melbourne freeway advertisement as “un-Australian”.

On Tuesday, Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott revealed the image would be removed, after the company behind the ad, QMS, received threats.

Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott  should be put on notice. Treason is still treason. This is intolerable.

But he warned the issuers of the threats not to take the action as a win.

“Anyone who considers this a victory needs a refresher on the true meaning of Australia Day,” Mr Scott said.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott needs some education about Australia Day. There are many here among us who wouldn’t mind to set him straight.

However, members of far right Facebook groups — many of whom had earlier lamented the depiction of two women in hijabs front of an Australian flag was the ultimate insult to our country’s scared, national day — were quick to celebrate.

“POWER TO THE PEOPLE at last,” wrote one commenter.

“Good. Should have had a BBQ at the beach scene instead. That’s more Australian,” wrote another.

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French Politicians “shocked” that Christianity is a value of the republic?

There seems to be a lot of confusion among those who want to lead France out of its horrible predicament: they simply don’t know how to go about it and they don’t seem to get their value system in order. Gallia Watch keeps an eye on it. We have posted some excerpts below the fold.


France’s left-wing government is as big a lame duck as Obama and Kerry. Hollande is wildly unpopular and a thorough failure. While his Socialist economic policies also failed miserably, his mishandling of terrorism helped turn life into a nightmare for many in France.

And now Hollande is lecturing Israel on “settlements” when he would be better served worrying about the Muslim settlements around Paris. And instead of pushing his absurd summit, Hollande might have tried for a summit with the representatives of the Islamic occupying forces in the No Go Zones of France.

Hollande shamefully equated Jews living in ’67 Israel with Islamic terrorism. France has seen enough terror under him that he ought to know better than to legitimize Islamic grievances by justifying its xenophobic hatred of non-Muslims or upholding its demands for Apartheid states for Muslims.

The French government is very worried about Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Hollande might want to spend less time worrying about whether Jerusalem will be Jewish than whether Paris will be French.

Le Pen wants foreigners in France to pay for own health costs for first two years
Le Pen wants foreigners in France to pay for own health costs for first two years
Photo: The carte vitale which is used to get health costs reimbursed by the state. Photo: AFP
Foreign citizens legally living and working in France could have to pay for their own health care for their first two years in France, under Marine Le Pen’s plan.

Le Pen’s desire to give priority to French citizens when it comes to benefits and the health system means foreigners will have to pay the price.

On Monday the leader of the far right National Front party and presidential election candidate revealed details of a plan to bar legal foreign immigrants from being reimbursed for health costs by the French state for the first two years of their time in France.

“Someone who arrives legally should wait some time before benefiting from the reimbursement of health costs,” Le Pen told RTL radio on Monday.

That means that even if foreigners pay their taxes and social charges to the French state just like French people, they would still not be allowed to claim money back for treatment, under Le Pen’s plan.

In France patients will normally pay a fee up front for their treatment, before being reimbursed through a combination of the state’s social security system and insurance companies known as “mutuelles”.

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