Germany: ‘Allahuakbaring’ Savage Ruins Wedding Day

Frankly, It is a disaster if a people don’t have the resolve to beat a a muselmanic savage to death on the spot when he desecrates their holy sites on their wedding day.

Mohammedan Migrant screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ bursts into a wedding in a German church and tears down decorations
  • Marcel Lohbeck, 35, and bride Friederike married in Duisburg, Germany
  • They were celebrating their wedding with 90 guests at a church
  • A 23-year-old Syrian man appeared at the back of the church 
  • Groom claims he ‘fondled the statue of Mary’ and destroyed flowers 

“After a medical examination, the 23-year-old Syrian man was taken to a psychiatric hospital.”

Because clearly a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” and disrupting a Christian religious service must be insane, right? There couldn’t possibly be any other motive. Jihad? Islamic supremacism? Hatred and contempt for the unbelievers whom the Qur’an designates “the most vile of created beings” (98:6)? Don’t be silly, you greasy Islamophobe! This is just another instance of the global outbreak of mental illness.

“The officer said: ‘We tried to calm the obviously traumatised Syrian man.’” The poor dear! Good thing they were there to comfort him!

A newlywed couple have claimed their big day was ruined when a man burst inside the church shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then started tearing down wedding decorations.

Groom Marcel Lohbeck, 35, and bride Friederike were celebrating their wedding with 90 guests in the Karmel Church in Duisburg, a city in western Germany.

Lochbeck said: ‘At the beginning of the ceremony, a man with a thick jumper and a hat on came into the church and sat in the back row.

‘Shortly afterwards, he stood up and wandered around the candles. He laughed in a disturbing manner and then fondled the statue of Mary.

‘He had been speaking in Arabic and partly English. He then started destroying the flowers and kept shouting “Allahu Akbar”.’

Two newlyweds have complained that their wedding day was ruined when a man burst inside the Karmel Church in Duisburg shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (file photo)
Two newlyweds have complained that their wedding day was ruined when a man burst inside the Karmel Church in Duisburg shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (file photo)

Police officer Ludger A., 57, the uncle of the groom, reportedly tried to intervene along with the church sexton.

The officer said: ‘We tried to calm the obviously traumatised Syrian man.’

After the man again refused to leave the church, there was a fight in which the police officer got slight injuries to his face.

Yet he managed to restrain the man until his colleagues from the Duisburg police could arrive.

After a medical examination, the 23-year-old Syrian man was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

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The government of Gambia accuses Europeans of “genocide” of migrants on Europe’s shores.

Gambians also declared it amounts to “persecution and humiliation” of Africans.

You couldn’t make it up. No one asked them to come. Since when do failed African states have an entitlement to ship their surplus humanity to Europe?

“Thousands of young Africans in search of greener pastures have been dying on European coasts on weekly basis,” Bojang said. “For what crime – because they are black?”

“We depend on almighty Allah and Allah-willing all the racist, genocidal criminals responsible for the continuing mass slaughter of Africans will face justice,” he added.

Gambia pulls out of International Criminal Court, citing hypocrisy
The government of Gambia has declared it is leaving the International Criminal Court, accusing it of “persecution and humiliation” of Africans.  | News | DW.COM | 26.10.2016
What kind of ‘genocide’ is this?

Last year 1 million illegal immigrants from the Third World invaded Europe.

The number now is lower than that extraordinary high, but still so high that Europe will pay.

The International Organisation for Migration said 318,816 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in the year to October 16. The number of deaths recorded by the group (3,649) over the period is 532 more compared with the same time last year.

Austria:”Hate-speech” terror against those who oppose Islamisation

Editor of Austria’s Largest Paper Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ over Migrant Article


Kronen Zeitung/

An editor of Austria’s largest paper, Kronen Zeitung, is to be tried for hate speech over a commentary he wrote about the migrant crisis last year.

On 25 October 2015, Christoph Biro wrote of the masses of migrants who were travelling through the Styrian countryside and remarked on the assaults and property damage committed by migrants, reports Kurier.

Calling the majority of the migrants “testosterone-driven Syrians”, Mr. Biro recounted the multiple reports of migrants carrying out, in his words, “extremely aggressive sexual assaults”.

He also detailed Afghan men had slashed the seats of the trains that were transporting them to Germany because they refused to sit where Christians had previously sat.

In other news:

UK to Take Hundreds More ‘Child’ Migrants After French Pressure

Labour MP Freaks Out over Joke Poster Depicting Elderly ‘Child Migrant’

Labour MP Freaks Out over Joke Poster Depicting Elderly ‘Child Migrant’

The commentary provoked a negative reaction at the time with 37 complaints lodged against Mr. Biro. He took four weeks off from his position at the time, claiming that he had lost perspective and proportion of the situation.

Islam 101: Unbelievers Are Lower Than Animals

Syrian Mother: Islamic State Baked Christians, ‘Kneaded’ Children in Bakery Machines

A Syrian Christian mother shared her story of escaping the Islamic State terrorist group in a suburb of Damascus while losing her son, George, after he refused to identify himself to the terrorists by a Muslim name.

TOPSHOT - David Dosha, the priest of the Church of Mart Shmony, located in the Christian Iraqi town of Bartella, about 15 kilometres (10 miles) east of Mosul, inspects the damage on October 24, 2016 at the church's compound after Iraqi forces retook control of the town from jihadists of the Islamic State group. The counter-terrorism service (CTS), Iraq's best-trained and most battle-seasoned force, retook full control of Bartalla on October 20. / AFP / SAFIN HAMED (Photo credit should read SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

The woman, Alice Assaf, said that she had heard that her son, who was beaten and shot to death, was spared a much worse fate: being baked in the ovens of the local bakery or “kneaded” to death in the bakery’s industrial-sized mixer.

Assaf told her story to Roads of Success, a human rights NGO with a focus on the rights of women and Christians in the Middle East. The group has provided testimony of the plight of Christians and Yazidis persecuted by the Islamic State to the House Foreign Relations Committee and regularly publishes video interviews with ISIS attack survivors.

The Christian Post picked up the story and video interview, in which Assaf narrates the final days of her 18-year-old’s life.

Assaf says her suburb was targeted two years ago by Islamic State jihadists. She and her children hid in the home of a Muslim neighbor when she first heard that ISIS had come to town to kill its Christian population.

“Later on, we heard that the militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine,” she said.

When the army of dictator Bashar al-Assad arrived to quell the ISIS uprising, the jihadist began throwing children off of balconies and roofs in an attempt to scare the soldiers away. “The oldest was 4,” she recalls.

The killing, “in the beginning… was against Christians,” but they later started killing anyone who they believed affiliated to the Syrian army.

Assaf and her family were betrayed by the Muslim neighbor who hid them. She pleaded with her eldest son, George, to use a Muslim name and deny his faith. “I don’t want to hide myself,” Assaf says her son said, “you are the one who taught me to follow what Christ said: whoever denies me before men, I will also deny them before Heaven.”
“They took him to the backyard to shot and kill him… they killed him because his name was ‘George,’” a Christian name, she notes. George was buried in a mass grave, and Assaf does not know his whereabouts.
While Assaf managed to escape, many Christian communities in Syria and Iraq remain under siege. One of the largest regional Christian population centers – Mosul, Iraq – remains under Islamic State control, with a coalition of Iraqi soldiers, Kurds, and Shiite militias working to liberate it. There is no guarantee that Christians will return to repopulate those areas.
Roads of Success has profiled those Christians who insist on staying in Iraq and Syria and, perhaps even more dangerous, proselytizing their faith.
“The great thing is that despite all the destruction around us, there is still life, hope, and joy,” Father Michel Noman tells the NGO in a video posted last week, showing classrooms full of Christian children living their lives in Syria.

Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system & the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy

‘You can’t have TWO laws!’ Former Bishop  Nazir-Ali BLASTS Government for even considering Sharia law

A GOVERNMENT inquiry into Sharia law in the UK has been blasted as a politically correct whitewash by an expert called to the investigating committee. The Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, blasted the Government’s ongoing inquiry into the Islamic law system.

He warned Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system and that the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy. In written evidence to the Commons Home Affairs committee he said the investigation, put forward by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary, could even jeopardise the entire justice system in the UK.
Part of the committee’s investigation looks at the possibility of running a twin-track justice system – with Islamic Sharia law sitting alongside the existing British justice system.But Dr Nazir-Ali said: “It asks whether the ‘application’ of Sharia is incompatible with English law, when it should be asking whether Sharia itself is incompatible with English law. “If Sharia is recognised in any way in terms of the public law, it will introduce a principle of contradiction in the body of the law, which will cause enormous problems.” 

Critics argue Sharia law is incompatible with democracy, as well as in breach of human rights

Dr Nazir-Ali also criticised the make-up of the investigation panel, which does not include any non-Muslim experts on Islam. 

Professor Mona Siddiqui, who is heading the inquiry, has promised the inquiry will be “wide ranging, timely and thorough.”


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A revolting piece of Islamopuffery from Australia’s ABC

Muslim model Mariah Idrissi “breaking down barriers” in fashion world

“Breaking down barriers” is code for removing any form of resistance against the spread of Islam and the imposition of Muslim dominance and Muslim rule. (SY)

Lateline By London bureau chief Lisa Millar

Auntie Does Dawa: Australia’s ABC With Yet More Islamopuffery, Starring Hijabette Model Mariah Idrissi

7961584-3x2-700x467This is not the first time that Australia’s ABC – let alone other media outlets – has given us an article that promotes the Islamic Slave Rag/ Sharia Badge and seems to be subliminally aimed at getting  young Infidel women to associate Islam with everything exotic, fashionable and ‘cool’.

Australia’s London Bureau Chief Lisa Millar, doing a piece for “Lateline”, studiously ignores any number of other much more confronting stories she could have done, about Islam and women in the UK – Muslim rape gangs, anyone? has she even bothered to read “Easy Meat”?  would she interview Michael Nazir-Ali about the Sharia?  would she interview the young apostates from Islam, such as Hannah Shah, author of “The Imam’s Daughter”?  would she interview Baroness Caroline Cox about the Sharia courts and what they do to women? would she interview Rosemary Sookhdeo or read her book “Secrets Behind the Burka”…?  nah, not important – and gives us a fsoft-focus puff piece about a Somali Muslim hijabette who is doing her perfectly-made-up best to distract from the ugly reality of Jihad and Sharia.   One may note, by the by, that this talk about ‘breaking down barriers’ has an ominous sort of overtone if one is familiar with the Islamic concept of ‘futuhat’, ‘opening’; the thing that Islam will not and cannot abide is any form of resistance against its spread and the imposition of Muslim dominance and Muslim rule; futuhat, ‘opening’ is the process whereby places and societies resistant to Islam are made to ‘open’ so that they may be Islamised, and forced to Submit.  Ms Idrissi is part of that process; she is ‘opening’ the world of fashion in order to further the Cause of Islam.

“Muslim Model Mariah Idrissi Breaking Down Barriers in Fashion World”.

‘Mariah Idrissi was walking through a shopping centre near Wembley in London when a woman stopped her, took a photo, and asked for her phone number.

‘She did not know it then, but that was to be a turning point in her life.

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Trumpophobia beats jihad, mass-murders, terrorist attacks…. everything!

Muslims have been at the center of political rhetoric and discourse from both parties, especially during this election. Research shows that it is political rhetoric, not terrorist events, that stoke the fires of anti-Muslim sentiment. …

 Muselmaniacs are facing acceptance issues

To many persons, Islam and Muslims are unknown entity; although Muslims discovered Algebra, Medicine…. (and invented the wheel)


1001 so-called Muslim inventions, virtually none of which were actually invented by Muslims

CNN psychobabble about “Islamophobia” and things that destroy Europe
Columbus condemns imaginary disease:

City Council: Columbus passes resolution that condemns Islamophobia

Not only kumbaya Jews, Catholics are also whoring for Islam:
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia: “I admire the integrity” of Muslim women who wear hijab and burqa

The Archbishop’s remarks on the hijab and burqa in full:

In Philadelphia I’m struck by how many women I now see on the street wearing the hijab or even the burqa. Some of my friends are annoyed by that kind of “in your face” Islam. But I understand it. The hijab and the burqa say two important things in a morally confused culture: “I’m not sexually available;” and “I belong to a community different and separate from you and your obsessions.”


I have a long list of concerns with the content of Islam. But I admire the integrity of those Muslim women. And we need to help Catholics recover their own sense of distinction from the surrounding secular meltdown. The Church and American democracy are very different kinds of societies with very different structures and goals. They can never be fully integrated without eviscerating the Christian faith. An appropriate “separateness” for Catholics is already there in the New Testament. We’ve too often ignored it because Western civilization has such deep Christian roots. But we need to reclaim it, starting now.

These people are insane.Full post below the fold.

More of the same BS:

Starting Oct. 25, the Church of St. Paul the Apostle along with Openings, an artist collective project sponsored by the Paulist fathers, is presenting an art exhibition that the collective says is the first exhibit of Islamic contemporary art in a Catholic place of worship.

The exhibit, titled “Brothers and Sisters: Islamic Art/Christian Space,” will feature work from nine New York-based artists who use Islamic art forms or are inspired by Islamic sources. 

Ignore the bombs, the beheadings, the horror: 

Lets focus on Trumpophobia instead:

It is not hard to see the obvious Islamophobia in the United States right now. With Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump encouraging so much hate and racism, the role of Muslims and practitioners of Islam in American culture is blah blah….

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Merkel blames the German people for her catastrophic policies

The following video is excerpted from remarks made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to members of her political party, the CDU (Christian Democrats). In it you’ll hear her hectoring her minions about the lack of Christmas carols at their events, and deprecating their musical skills.

Yes, this barren hag has the hide to tell the Germans they should learn how to sing Christmas songs and play a recorder. She says “we are the party with the C in the name!” And then she wonders “Do we have any self-confidence left?”

Since when did Mrs. Merkel ever care about Christians, Christianity, or Christendom? Is there anything Christian about her except her party’s name? It’s a bizarre performance, but that’s from a foreigner’s perspective. Maybe if I understood the German context more deeply, it wouldn’t seem strange at all.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article on Tatjana Festerling’s Facebook page (and also on her website) in which she answers an article on N24 about Mrs. Merkel’s little speech at the CDU Party Convention. For clarity, with the translator’s help, I’ve broken out the text into quotes from N24 alternating with Ms. Festerling’s commentary.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for this translation, too:

Merkel gets laughs with these scurrilous suggestions

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Mustards in Bulgaria whine about not getting the red carpet treatment

 ‘Asylum Seekers’ Mohammedan Invaders Protest Quality of Free Food and Board…

Bulgaria: Asylum Seekers Protest in Bulgaria over Poor Conditions

Hundreds of asylum seekers demonstrated in the accommodation center in Harmanli, southern Bulgaria, over the conditions offered to them.

The residents complained about the food and lodging offered by the camp, setting out different demands such as an escort to Serbia, where they can head on to Western Europe. Others asked to be granted refugee status immediately.

Police and representatives of the local administration arrived at the site and talked them out of the protest in the afternoon, but police presence remained heavy in the area, according to the Bulgarian National Radio.

There were no clashes with police and no detentions of asylum seekers during the protest.

There are as many as 3000 people living in Bulgaria’s biggest camp as of Monday, most of them with pending protection requests, Dimitar Zahariev, who runs the accommodation center, is quoted as saying.

The residents cannot be granted any status immediartely as the procedure goes on between three and six months, he added.

Shrillary’s Muslim Campaign Aide: Syrian Refugees are “My Battle Cry”

Hillary Clinton and her closest adviser and campaign vp, Huma Abedin, are not concerned with Americans. Rather, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Abedin’s battle cry is importing Muslims to America.

Five decades of efforts were spent with billions to ensure that Muslim refugees and immigrants will be an “unassimilated group” which then can infuence the non-Muslim host nation and other nations, regardless of how small the numbers of Muslims, by shifting the demographic scale due to their population growth in favor of this Saudi agenda.

Thanks to Creeping Sharia

More about the the Abedin family’s Grand Jihad on America:


via O’Keefe Releases Undercover Video Of Huma | The Daily Caller

A new undercover video released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign vice chair, Huma Abedin, assuring an undercover reporter that the Democratic presidential candidate is committed to allowing Syrian refugees to settle in the U.S. and that Republican opposition to the plan is “really scary.”

The video, shared exclusively with The Daily Caller, also includes new hidden cam footage of Syrian refugees in Greece singing Clinton’s praises. O’Keefe’s group released a first installment of the video last week of the same Syrian men discussing using fake passports to enter Europe.

“We are a country of immigrants. We welcome people, and when you listen to the Republicans, and this is my battle cry, it is really scary on the other side,” Abedin tells an undercover Project Veritas reporter during a closed-media event held last week in New York City.

The reassurance that Clinton will provide relief to Syrian refugees is “music to the ears” of the Syrians O’Keefe’s undercover reporters interviewed last week, the muckraker asserts in the video.

In that video, filmed just after ISIS terrorists killed 130 people in Paris, the Syrian men discussed using fake passports to travel to Germany and perhaps to the U.S. And asked if the like or dislike Clinton, they said they have a favorable view of the former secretary of state.

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