Former Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa: Human Rights Watch Is Stupid and Ignorant


Former Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa: Human Rights Watch Is Stupid and Ignorant

In a December 6, 2014 interview with the Egyptian CBC TV channel, former Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa criticized Human Rights Watch, saying that treating boys between ages 12 and 18 as children was “extremely stupid and ignorant.” He further said that homosexuality “belongs to the rights of the shameless, the impious, and the criminal.”

Transcript is pending.

Obama Thanks Muslims for Building America
The Most Ridiculous Statements to come from the White House…ever! Okay… be sure you are well seated when you read this. This is one of the most ridiculous statements to come from the White House website… ever! It’s absolutely…

In other news:

Stabbing Christians is not enough. Now Muslims  busy themselves with attacking Christians in their churches in Germany. …
Movie News:

Egyptian censors have decided to ban the Ridley Scott Biblical epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

Two reasons were given.

One is that the film apparently implies that the Jews built the Pyramids, a very touchy subject in Egypt. Morocco and Egypt ban “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Here’s why.

Islamic inventions:

Egypt: the device that detects and cures AIDS and Hepatitis C is not quite ready yet…..


An Iranian scientist claimed this week that he had invented a radar system which can detect drug addicts from nearly a mile away, EoZ

Rectal bombs are a touchy subject

Thanks to the Religion of Peace.

Al Qaeda members aren’t the only ones afraid of talking about it.

U.S. news organizations also struggled in trying to describe the al-Asiri attack with the New York Times writing that the “bomb had been hidden internally” (though the newspaper also referred to it later in the article as a “rectal bomb”) and the Associated Press merely says the bomb was “inside” Al-Asiri’s body (some accounts claimed it was strapped to al-Asiri’s legs).

The al Qaeda magazine does offer some helpful advice to the would-be lone Muja- butt bomber once seated in the plane: “Relax, do not become tense.”

Informed WoJ readers should insist that all Mohammedans boarding a flight should be given mandatory enemas…..

The Mohammedan Jesus is an insult to Christians…..

Some great links thanks to Mullah, pbuh:

Another inside job?

There has been an intensification of hatred against Muslims,” Sweden’s Islamic Association head Omar Mustafa told public radio SR. … (Mosque fire injures five….)

The AGE produces burqa grievances

There has recently been a surge in reports of violence and harassment against Australian Muslims:

“The government isn’t doing anything to address these issues and I’m an innocent victim of their ignorant bigoted comments by the parliament members,” she said.

Jesus, a Muslim prophet?

Sufyan bin Uzayr at is a Muselmaniac who would have you believe that the Christian messiah was a Mohammedan headbanger, 500 years before  the meshugga prophet of Arabia raided caravans and murdered Jews.

The Muslim Jesus, (Issa) is like everything Islamic, a perverted Jesus: Muslims believe “Issa” will return, break the cross, kill the swine and abolish the jiziyah. The swine are of course the Christians, just in case you were wondering…..

Not Islam, not headchopping, not terror: Islamophobia is the problem:

“Islamophobia poses a big problem in Germany, like anti-Semitism,” warns Ozcan Mutlu, a representative of the Green Party in the German parliament in Berlin. …More equating fear of islam with anti-Semitism at Turkish Weekly

Turkish parliamentary spokesturd: Terrorism is harming Islam!

Çiçek said some countries and societies were now wrongly linking Islam with terrorism in the world. …More turd-tarnishing and correctly linking the evil religion with terrorism at Hurriyet

ISIS Islamic after all:

Dr. Al-Burgha rejects the theory according to which IS does not represent Islam and is incensed at Obama’s declarations on the subject. For her IS strictly follows sharia law. She condemns the Muslims who remain silent while sharia is not implemented, while the Muslim nation is humiliated and dominated by Jews “who kill our people in front of us.” …

Mohammedanism in Austria

“I don’t want that. It has to go!”.

Muselmaniac calls 60-year old crucifix an  “eyesore” and attacks it with angle-grinder.

The mayor has called the act of vandalism “radical”, “offensive”, and “inflammatory”.

Grossenzersdorf council

WTF is wrong with our judiciary?

How do these people get into public office?

Magistrate William Pierce last year granted bail to Martin Place terrorist Man Monis and his wife Amirah Droudis after they were charged with the murder of Monis’s previous wife, Noleen Hayson Pal: Mr Pierce  granted Monis and Droudis bail on the grounds that the case against them was “weak”. 

Fanciful claims... Man Haron Monis.

Fanciful claims… Man Haron Monis.

Mr Pierce then granted Monis and Droudis bail on the grounds that the case against them was “weak”.

“Are they a threat to other people? No they are not. If there was a threat it was to this woman who was murdered,” Mr Pierce said.

(Do read on, by Tim Blair: NO THREAT TO THE DEAD)

Another enabler cocksucker resigned, but is that enough to escape his responsibility?


NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has resigned.

It comes after revelations that Mr Robertson signed a letter for Lindt cafe gunman Man Haron Monis in 2011 – two years after the extremist was charged with sending offensive letters to the families of slain diggers.


Tipped as possible replacements: Michael Daley and Luke Foley. (Tim Blair) Continue reading

Virgins and idiots….

The latest British ISIS fighter to be killed in Syria
British jihadis Abu Abdel Maliki was pictured smiling as he posed with an assault rifle before he became the thirty fifth Briton to have been killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria.
Words of wisdom from Islamic holy men:
A Revolt - Digital Anarchy's photo.
Most violations of religious freedom occur in Muslim countries
Pope says Islam is religion of peace, then begs Muslims to condemn violence
More Pope Fiction: “Islam is a religion of peace, one which is compatible with respect for human rights and peaceful coexistence,” says the Pope. JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
This pope is useless .This is a South American wannabe-redistributor of other peoples money. He should join Ban Ki Moonbat and the looters and moochers at the UN….
Female circumcision happening in Australia
Australian health authorities are concerned about the growing number of women who have undergone genital mutilation.
How Western media enable Islamic terrorism – 
The Western media is desperate to whitewash Islamic terrorism, as multiple examples (quoted below) suggest. They try to draw an equivalence between…The Commentator
Father and daughter’s car attacked by Palestinians in West Bank, leading girl to suffer third degree wounds to over 50% of her body after car catches fire.
Arsonist sets fire to Swedish mosque, injuring five 
Arsonist sets fire to Swedish mosque, injuring five </p>

The immigration debate has pitted the far right, which wants to cut the number of asylum seekers allowed into Sweden by 90 percent, against mainstream parties intent on preserving the Nordic country’s liberal policy. 
This may have been simply an accident. It may have been. But the Islamic State has recently called on Muslims to use their cars as weapons against the Infidels….
Pakistan: Muslim cleric says fight against Taliban is “un-Islamic”

Of course it is. ‘Taliban’ means ‘student of Islam’, and fighting Islam is haram, forbidden. 

Abdul AzizNow wait a minute. In the West, both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders constantly tell us that groups like the Taliban are un-Islamic, and that anyone who dares to suspect otherwise is a racist, bigoted Islamophobe. Now Abdul Aziz is saying the exact opposite. Is he ignorant of the contents of the books he is waving around in the photo? Has he somehow missed, in his lifelong study of Islam, the Qur’an’s vaunted teachings of peace and tolerance? It would be refreshing if one of the Muslim or non-Muslim spokesmen in the West were to take up Abdul Aziz’s challenge of a debate. None will do so, however — which is interesting in itself.

“Pak Red Mosque cleric calls anti-Taliban fight ‘un-Islamic,’” Press Trust of India,

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All Europe needs now is more Muslim immigration….

France: Politclowns and Muselmaniacs worry about “backlash” against Mohammedan terror attacks

Prime Minister Manuel Valls urged France to avoid overreacting to isolated incidents in a country on alert after repeated threats from Muslim extremists, including one broadcast in a propaganda video on Friday by a masked and bearded Frenchman surrounded by gun-toting Islamic State fighters

Muslim destroys Christmas decorations, screams “Allahu akbar”
When confronted, he tried to seize the police officer’s weapon. He is, of course, mentally ill. The frightful outbreak of mental illness in France continues.
Gunman carrying two loaded shotguns and a knife arrested in Cannes
A gunman armed with two fully loaded shotguns and a knife has been arrested by French police just hours after the government deployed another 300 soldiers to… DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
The Allahu Akbar Derangement Syndrome 
The medical community is alarmed by the recent outbreaks of the AAD Syndrome. Recent virulent outbreaks have occurred in Australia, England and France. France has been especially plagued by AAD outbreaks spread by an as yet unidentified virus. Just recently (12/23) a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” started …Read More…
ISIS Jihadists Vow to Conquer Europe, Kill 500 Million People
This is a problem that can only be solved with more Muslim immigration.  | FrontPage Magazine
Norwegian politician wants to move asylum seekers into people’s homes

As an alternative to the overcrowded reception centers liberal politician Rita Sletner suggest to accommodate refugees into people’s private homes.

My suggestion is that we can have host families for asylum seekers. It would be very good integration, where asylum seekers have to deal with Norwegian culture, Sletner says. 






Within a few weeks, the hosts would be murdered, raped or forcibly converted to Islam. Some surviving females would  ‘voluntarily’ wear burqas and blame infidels for oppressing poor Muslims. The learning disability of leftoids is appalling….

Sweden’s Christmas Present: New Laws Curbing Free Speech

The problem is that within the extremely politically correct culture of Sweden, questions, insults and criticism are often viewed as one and the same.

“Swedes who disagree… risk being labeled racist, fascist, even Nazi.” — Mikael Jalving, Author of Absolute Sweden.–by Timon Dias  

In Germany, The Demonstrators Against Islamisation And The Elites Who Are Unable To Oppose Them

(Reuters) – More than 17,000 people took part in Germany’s largest anti-immigrant rally to date on Monday….

The word used in the report in Le Monde is “demuni” — meaning they are helpless in the face of those demonstrations, because they have no convincing arguments, only the usual attitudinizing and treacly statements about  the wonderfulness of Muslim immigrants, who fit in so well, and since that is palpably false, and the observable behavior of Muslim immigrants everywhere in the world, and the behavior of Muslims toward non-Muslims, based on the texts of Islam, so clear, both in Dar al-Islam and in Dar al-Harb, the nonsensical pap that used to be on offer is now spat out as soon as it is force-fed to the public. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

Germany on high alert over Islamic terror attack threats “highest in 40 years”
While Chancellor Angela Merkel and her administration are busy denouncing peaceful demonstrations against islamization and jihad, jihadis are plotting to blow… (Geller)
No Christmas decorations in ‘Brunei’
Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 forbids decorations that are against Islamic beliefs.
Looks like a false flag operation:
A march by “Hooligans Against Salafism” turned violent on Sunday. Some shouted “foreigners out” and displayed far-right paraphernalia.
Rest assured that most of them were union and Antifa-thugs….

Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen in the US: “Explode yourselves like a bomb against the US”

Wait for the “out of context” vomit, that is as certain as the ‘allahu akbar’ from the headchoppers:

VIDEO of Pennsylvania Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen: “Explode yourselves like a bomb against the US”

Fethullah Gülen, the leader of the Gülen Movement who claims to base his movement on dialogue and tolerance amongst different religions, has previously made radical remarks encouraging Muslims to destroy “infidels.”

Fethullah Gulen is an Islamic organization focused on building charter schools in the US  to indoctrinate an entire generation using US taxpayer dollars. Their schools have been raided by the FBI, but that hasn’t stopped Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes from doing a glowing piece on these Islamic supremacists.

The fact is that Gulen left Turkey in March 1998 citing health reasons. At the time, he was being investigated for plotting to overthrow the secular republic to replace it with an Islamic state (he had been imprisoned for six months in 1971 under a similar charge).

More from Pamela Geller

When Hussein Obama condemned the Taliban’s horrific mass murder of children in a school in Peshawar last week, he referred to “terrorists” who, he said, “have once… - Breitbart
It’s like ranking serial killers based on how many people they didn’t kill. | FrontPage Magazine
NYPD Cop Killer Worked For Muslim Terror Front Group
The Muslim NYPD cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley worked for a Muslim Brotherhood front group, according to his Facebook…***MUST CREDIT GOTNEWS.COM

Allahu akbar!

Obama stands with the Muslims, the only promise he ever kept. He used the release of the traitor Bergdahl  to do da’awa, another teachable moment from which Americans learned nothing. Who will rid us of this putz?  Now this:

Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, author of The Last Line, and Ret. Col. David Hunt joined Bill O’Reilly to give an update on the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap. Lt. Colonel… THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM

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Who is behind the “lone wolf” jihad?

The global jihadi masterminds endorse a new style of operation, particularly for those in the non-Muslim world arena: small cells, few connections, low cost munitions and high density, high profile crowds. “It’s the al Suri Strategy come home to roost.”

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus

abu Musab al Suri a/k/a Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, once al Qaeda's no.4, released by Syria last year to get back at U.S. for backing Syrian rebels, possible source of motivation for Tsarnaevs' terrorism
abu Musab al Suri a/k/a Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, global jihadi strategist, author of the ‘Jihadi Mein Kampf’

We live in a world profoundly confused about how, when and whether to assign blame when terrorists hurt innocent people.

Did the Tsarnaev brothers maim and murder innocent Americans because Islam instructs them to do so?  That goes further than almost anyone is willing to go.

Did the Tsarnaev brothers detonate bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th because they were indirectly but clearly instructed to do that by a powerful jihadi strategist, and did that man issue those instructions because he, and many others, believe they were told to do it because Islam insists on it?  That may be the case, whether or not U.S. officials want the connection known.

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