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Ban Ki Moonbat is outraged!

by sheikyer mami on July 24, 2014

No shiite!

UN BanThe ongoing saga of the UN agency that has found itself both storing for and then supplying back terror weapons to terrorists has an update. Ban Ki-moon, who was telling the Qataris how terrible Israel is last week, and was in Israel yesterday telling us we’re bad and to restrain ourselves, has issued a statement! (More from Israellycool)

Allahu akbar! A Middle Eastern Funeral With Entertainment Value:

Muselmaniacs are famous for their stated love of death, destruction and the shedding of blood. They consider it a glorious honor to strap suicide bomb vests onto the bodies of men, women, children and anyone else who is stupid enough to sacrifice their lives to the moon god Allah.

But as you will see in this funeral for one of their own fallen terrorists, there was an “unexpected surprise” awaiting them. Turns out they don’t like death, destruction and the shedding of blood so much when it’s their own. Someone should have told the funeral director to remove the suicide vest before holding the funeral….the last 30 seconds of this video will horrifically astound you. (Thanks to Oz Rita)


Resurrected: Hamas Casualty List has 33 Duplicate Names

Maybe Hamas has a zombie army.

Are the Gazans Who Voted for Hamas Ever Responsible for their Actions?

Many of the rules of warfare that we follow have no application when fighting terrorists


“The Children, The Children…”


By Daniel Greenfield Via Front Page Mag- 

Baby Killers of Hamas

Every year the kindergartens of Gaza graduate a new class of children dressed like terrorists and suicide bombers. There are child sized coffins decorated with the flags of Islamic terrorist groups and colorful balloons.

A teacher explained that, “In every year’s kindergarten graduation ceremonies we focus on the children to represent the role of struggling and resistance in the way of Allah.”

One child spoke of wanting to blow himself and kill the most Jews. The article boasted that the children were “hoping to be volunteers in the future.”


Mosqueteers & Monketeers

by sheikyer mami on July 24, 2014

Far away from Gaza, in opulent Qatar, the MuBro’s are enjoying themselves:

While those brave Hamas fighters in Gaza scurry down into shelters leaving their women and children on the street to deflect the wrath of Israel, the leadership team of Hamas are doing it tough in Qatar.
The Lame Stream Media will never report this inconvenient truth.

The oil that the western world is buying from them is funding the world wide  Islamic terror groups…


Gulf emirate is branded the villain behind Hamas belligerence, with PM’s former security adviser saying it funds tunnel diggers and rocket launchers… President Shimon Peres accused Qatar on Wednesday of becoming “the world’s largest funder of terror” due to its financial support for Hamas in Gaza

“Qatar does not have the right to send money for rockets and tunnels which are fired at innocent civilians,” the outgoing statesman told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Jerusalem. “Their funding of terror must stop. If they want to build then they should, but they must not be allowed to destroy.”

Dalai Lama Not Leader of Buddhists

images-1The giggling monketeer gets no respect from Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka

A hardline Sri Lankan Buddhist monk leading an anti-Muslim campaign accused the Dalai Lama on Tuesday of being influenced by Islam and said the Tibetan could not be accepted as a world Buddhist leader.

Central African Republic Muslim headbangers demand partition

They must not be given anything. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero, niente.

Seleka terrorists have demanded that Central African Republic be partitioned into a Muslim north and a Christian south, a surprise move at talks aimed at halting religious violence, sources at the meeting said on Tuesday.

Three out of 30.000, how good is that?

Go home, Kerry!

Turkey demands…

What difference does it make?


UN human rights council launches probe into ‘war crimes’ in Gaza despite USA’s disapproval

unrwaaThe United States was the only country that voted against the resolution as all European countries on the council abstained. Israel has strongly condemned the Council’s decision as a “travesty that should be rejected by decent people everywhere.”

Obama’s Flight Ban to Israel Lifted

The ban was put in place on Tuesday after a rocket fired by Islamic terrorists hit an Israeli village 5km from Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main hub to the rest of the world. After the MH17 shoot-down this was too close for comfort for many airlines.

SOME good news: not all Hamas headbangers are ready to meet the virgins:

The IDF took over 150 Hamas terrorists prisoner after they surrendered in last night’s offensive on the neighborhoods of Khan Yunis and Rafiyah in the Gaza Strip.

Anti-Islam Groups in Australia Unite Against Building of Bendigo Mosque

Council typically receives only a handful of objections to most applications, if any at all. The number of objections received – 432 – is the most objections received by this council ever, for any application. Regardless whether one considers the objections valid or not, this is far more objections than has ever been received before.

Andrew Bolt wrote for News Corp Australia last week: “The more Muslim immigrants we admit, the more terrorists we risk one day having.” Mr Bolt believed Muslim immigration should be restricted to “give us fewer to monitor. If Islamic leaders can’t stamp out jihadism we may have to defend ourselves as best we can.”

Mustard Riots in Canuckistan; Jews Attacked, Police Does Nothing

 Islam finds itself more and more often in the spotlight of the world’s attention…

Not even Friday yet:

Foreign journalists receive death threats for ‘fabricating information for Israel,’ accused of informing on terrorists.


Mohammedan Madness

by sheikyer mami on July 24, 2014

A Turkish Cafe In Belgium: “Dogs Allowed, Jews Forbidden”

Under the Nazis, they got away with it. They should not get away with it now.

Mini skirts cause earthquakes. Alcohol and uncovered females crash airplanes…

From the Sydney Moonbat Herald/by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Kuala Lumpur: The youth leader of a Malaysian opposition party has claimed the MH17 tragedy was God Allah punishing Malaysia Airlines for serving alcohol on its flights and its “indecent” dress code.

Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, the youth information chief of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), said the serving of alcohol, which is prohibited under Islam, and the dress code of Malaysia Airlines flight attendants’ “cross the boundaries of Islam.”

MALAYSIAMH17 crash ‘punishment’ for Malaysia Airlines offering alcohol, flight attendants’ dress: Islamic party

The second coming of the caliphate in Spain

In austerity-stricken Spain, the government and media have been warning of  (nonexistent) threats of radicalisation and terrorism. The severely afflicted Belen Fernandez blames “Islamophobes”, again…

Al Jizz darling Marwan Bishara: On stupidity and war

“Israel is in the midst of a fight against a people’s struggle for freedom and independence (like) colonial powers of the past”


Hamas, the MuBro’s and the Fakestinians are not interested in “freedom”, and they will never achieve “independence” if they don’t start producing something of value instead of waging jihad to destroy Israel.

In the final analysis, if the Mohammedan usurpers don’t start packing and leaving the occupied territories soon, many of them will perish because conditions are bound to get much worse.

Late is better than never learning the primary lesson from this conflict: It’s the occupation of infidel lands, stupid.

Dear Muslim Protestors: Yes, Freedom Of Speech Does Mean That The Prophet Can Be Insulted


Sheikh Faiz Al-Aqtab Siddiqui:

“Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people. Organisations like Google are key players and have to take responsibility for civility. You can’t just say it doesn’t matter that it’s freedom of speech. It’s anarchy.”

No. Its not. In a free society we will not be told by Mohammedan headbangers what’s halal and haram. Piss off, Mustards! Ship out!

That “Genocide” In Gaza

Corey Feldman, here.

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Hamas Does the Dead Baby Jihad

by sheikyer mami on July 24, 2014

Pali Supporters Continue to Call Terrorists ‘Innocent Civilians’

“Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank,” the guidelines state. “Don’t forget to always add ‘innocent civilian’ or ‘innocent citizen’ in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.” Mainstream media outlets would do well to remember this when quoting distorted reports from Gaza of civilian casualties. (Molschky)


Hamas shells field hospital set up to help Gazans

You won’t see this reported in the lame stream media.

UNRWA praised the smuggling of cement into Gaza in 2011. What did they know then?

Lots of the cement that was earmarked for UNRWA projects was being diverted to Hamas tunnels -  UNRWA officials were complicit with this crime. UNRWA’s administrators union is dominated by – Hamas

THE Hamas Koranimals who run Gaza love dead children.

Not just dead Jewish children but Pali ones.

And it’s working. Media reports keep asking: why are so many Pali children dying as Israel now strikes back at Hamas?

The easy and lazy answer is because Israel is firing missiles and tank rounds at targets in the heavily populated Gaza area.

But there are two more relevant answers.

(Read full article here.)


The way some pro-Pali protesters behave even on Melbourne’s streets tell us plenty:

The woman is brave.

In France, pro-Palestinian thugs attack Israeli soccer players:

These thugs don’t seem to want peace, to judge by their actions and the swords. They just think the wrong side is winning:


This busy page being run by the savages in France and their leftists scum friends are listing Jews for targeting, naming them and putting pictures up. If you speak French maybe try to warn the targets, this is for reporting purposes a credible threat of violence.

Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français

Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français

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GAZA LADSOrganiser Abu Hamza returned my call. He spoke in thick Australian strine as he explained the rage developing in western Sydney over Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

Asked if anyone was going over there to help, he was quietly non committal…

(Larry Pickering)

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Brown Lipstick, Halal Grub and Throw That Jew Down The Well!

by EHSSAN VEISZADEH (thanks to Q)

Imagine you’re the Premier of NSW and put on extra special halal grub (at taxpayers expense) to show the self-appointed Muselmanic community leaders how much you respect and love them – and then they snub you and say they won’t come – unless….

…you get rid of that Jew!

So for next time you want them to grace your party with their presence, better make sure your house is Judenrein and you follow the instructions below.

10346002_728670243867404_1751223482747219850_nSydney Muslim leaders will boycott a Ramadan event hosted by Premier Mike Baird over pro-Israeli comments by the state’s Community Relations Commission (CRC) chief.

Community groups have demanded the CRC’s Vic Alhadeff be sacked after he sent an email backing Israel’s efforts to “defend its citizens” in its fight against “terrorists in Gaza”.

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Obama to the rescue – of Hamas

by sheikyer mami on July 23, 2014

Caroline Glick

US to send $47M in humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip– no humanitarian aid for Jews, those pesky sons of apes and swine…

Wounded soldiers  have given a clearer picture of what Hamas’s battlefield looks like. When our forces came to Sejeiyah, Hamas sent children into the street wearing suicide vest and with rifles and orders to shoot at our soldiers. One soldier told his parents that a terrorist carrying a baby in one hand and a rifle in the other hand charged and him and his comrades.


Finally, Obama leads from the front; stops flights to Ben Gurion

This is an act of aggression by the Obama administration against he Jewish state. The fact that there is no FAA flight ban on Pakistan, where civilian jetliners have been downed by the Taliban again just makes clear the double standard at work here.  This was a presidential decision. It was a decision to harm the Israeli economy and make it difficult for Jews to come to Israel.

Hamas: “The success of Hamas in closing Israeli airspace is a great victory for the resistance, and is the crown of Israel’s failure”

Indeed, the ban sends the signal that terrorism works, and that the Western powers do not have the will to fight against it, but instead are all too willing to acquiesce to it and change their behavior accordingly. “World suspension of Israel flights a ‘great victory’: Hamas,” AFP, July 23, 2014: Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) [Robert Spencer]Continue Reading »

“Extreme Concern”

Now 3,000 jihadis with Western passports in Iraq and Syria

“It’s something that gives us really extreme, extreme concern,” said Holder. “In some ways, it’s more frightening than anything I think I’ve seen as attorney general.”Continue Reading »

Rockets of no concern:

UNRWA gives Hamas rockets found in Gaza school back to Hamas

UNHRC head Navi Pillay pretends to be even handed as she bashes Israel

Yesterday was another day of insane, hate filled, anti-Israel vitriol at the UN Human Right Council, in a special meeting convened purely for the purpose of slandering Israel. 

Forgetting the one-sided, slanderous accusations of many of the members of the UNHRC, let’s look at what Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – someone who has an obligation to be fair – had to say.


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency reports:

Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip. As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets.

It’s enough that rockets are stored in schools. This yet again confirms the IDF’s view: