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Islamic organisations are now fighting back to protect a billion dollar industry that thrives on labelling Australian products as “halal certified”. Now that the extortion racket has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are shunning the “certified” products to the dismay of Australian manufacturers and processors.


An avalanche of Australian companies are now declaring their products as “non-halal certified” to protect their domestic market, and the Muslim mobsters who control the racket are incensed at their potential loss of income.

Not to be outdone, Islamic certification activists, who go by the names of Charkawi Wesam and Abu Hanifa, are fighting back, naming and shaming Australian companies who are refusing to pay (or who are avoiding paying) outrageous sums of money to be “certified” as halal.


“Rape is OK in our culture…”

The Muslim Obssesion With SEX
Islam is fundamentally a religion built on signs of uncontrolled sex addiction. Muslims are complete and out of control sex addicts. All they talk about is sex. All they think about is sex. 6-year …
Pamela Geller, WND: “U.K. Rape Jihadis: ‘This Is OK In Our Culture’
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Disgrace……..but then again, “what difference does it make?”
Shrillary Emails Reveal She Didn’t Know Murdered Ambassador’s Name
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Radical London preacher Abu Haleema banned from promoting his views online
A radical  preacher from London has been banned from using social media to promote his views after being arrested by Met detectives on suspicion of…  WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK
Democrats want Obama to relocate 60,000 Muslims from SYRIA into the U.S.!
Democrats are demanding that Obama move to bring in 60,000 Syrian refugees and resettle them in America, with  the majority being Muslim. — JEWSNEWS.CO.IL

True Aussie Battler

Thanks to Tim Blair

little Aussie battler considers the cost of failed legal action:

Muslim spokesturd Keysar Trad says he will be made homeless after being ordered to pay 2GB radio station almost $550,000 in costs, having lost one of the country’s longest-running defamation cases …

Mr Trad said he would appeal against the costs ruling.

“If I’d known the system was stacked so much against a plaintiff such as myself, then in hindsight I would not recommend to anyone to instigate court proceedings because there are so many elements that are against the ordinary Australian battler, such as me,” he said.

Nothing that some crowdfunding can’t fix. Come on, lefties. Help a brother out.


In other news:

Head choppers just wanna go home:

The family that slays together doesn’t stay together:

Notorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children, including the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are seeking to return to Australia.


Fairfax Media understands the family of Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, is trying to help her and the couple’s five children return to Sydney.

Sharrouf himself is sticking it out in Syria, where he’ll still have plenty of companionship.

Drama Queen Julian Burnside is trivialising the Holocaust

How dare Burnside use the Holocaust to play such cheap politics

Andrew Bolt


Leftoids like SHY imported people like this:

“…you’re a whore, you are Christian, you will burn in hell. You will be the first one in uniform to have your throat slit.”

Australia, 2015:

A WOMAN detained in a counterterrorism raid allegedly punched one police officer in the face and told another she would have her throat slit…

The Muslim woman, who declined to stand for Magistrate Margaret McGlynn during the Parramatta Local Court hearing yesterday, is charged with assaulting and intimidating police. (Andrew Bolt has more)


Burnside, Drama Queen:

First, some context.

Number of people killed at the Auschwitz death camp – between 1,100,000 and 1,500,000.

Number of people lured to their deaths at sea by Labor’s weakened border laws – at least 1200

Number of people who have died at the Manus detention centre – 2 (one bashed in a riot, the other from blood poisoning).

Now to the grotesque moral equivalence of “human rights” campaigner Julian Burnside, a QC:


Burnside is seriously suggesting that this is what Manus is like:

Burnside makes an analogy not just offensive to Australia but deeply disrespectful to those who suffered and died at Auschwitz. He is trivialising the Holocaust.

As for Burnside dismissing the 1200 drown boat people as merely “a few accidents”, what is left to say?


By Kirralie Smith 

Halal as a concept only exists because of Sharia Law. If there was no Islamic Sharia Law there would be no such thing as halal. “Halal” is simply a word that means lawful or permissible. There is no problem with Muslims eating halal food in this or any other country. The problem with halal certification is that producers pay fees to claim a product is “halal”.

saudi-arabian-men-at-a-feastIt It is both amusing and frustrating when we hear companies and Muslims alike trying to convince us halal certification is not about Sharia Law, or that the money raised is not about promoting Islam in Australia.

Have a look at the constitution of Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat on Australia (S.I.C.H.M.A)

Under point 2 titled “Objects of the Organisation” it states: “The Organisation shall be a non-profit RELIGIOUS organisation DEDICATED to the PROMOTION of the Islamic religion, culture and principles.” Their words, not mine (although I capitalised some to make a point).

It goes on to state that the objectives are to prepare halal meat “strictly to Islamic Sharia”.

The Islamic Council of Queensland confirms this by stating: “Islam is not a mere religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance.” They also spell out that the concept of halal in Islam has very specific motives. Among them is to preserve the purity of the (Islamic) religion.


“…To me it’s not a crime, to you it’s a crime…”

IS fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children seek return to Australia

Notorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s spouse and youngsters, together with the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are looking for to return to Australia. …

australia-146469638454More muslim murder and madness at Gazette Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“…just funding my innocent brothers and sisters…”

Terror-fund accused Hassan El Sabsabi on new charges


“I know what I’ve done and I know what you want to charge me for. To me it’s not a crime, to you it’s a crime,” he allegedly told police on his arrest.

“I wasn’t giving money to no terrorist,” he said, adding that he was “funding my innocent brothers and sisters”. …

More on the ‘brainwashed’ follower of the false prophet of islam at Herald Sun thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Kenya: Dozens of Police Killed in Jihad Attacks 
Kenya: Once the beacon of democracy on the dark continent, now under siege by jihad.| Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs: Islam, Jihad,…
Turkey’s wannabe caliph is becoming increasingly unhinged
‘Know your place’, Turkey’s Erdogan tells New York Times
“As a newspaper, you (the New York Times) should know your place,” he said in a televised speech in Istanbul. “You are meddling in Turkey’s affairs by writing…  NEWS.YAHOO.COM|BY STUART WILLIAMS
“Government language”, not jihad, creating fear and suspicion:

THE Islamic Council of Victoria has criticised the Abbott government for continuing to sideline Muslim groups when forming policy responses aimed at countering radicalisation.–The ultimate effect would only be to drive young people further towards radicalisation. …

Shitties vs Sunnies
Denmark: Armed criminal gangs dividing into Sunni and Shia
Islamic State forces Yezidi boys to convert to Islam, sends them into battle—-JIHADWATCH.ORG|BY NICOLAI SENNELS


Only Leftoid serfs of the Mohammedans would ban Free Speech in favor of protecting Child rapists. 

Officials in the Paki child rape gang scandal town of Rotherham are moving to ban protests against their own incompetence. They have appealed to the home secretary for emergency special powers under the Public Order Act 1986.

Breitbart/by OLIVER LANE thanks to DP111


The council first came to national prominence when its social services worked together with elements of the Greater Manchester Police to spectacularly fail to detect the systematic grooming, rape and prostitution of over 1,400 vulnerable children. The victims were often in the care of the council children’s services and “as young as 12″, and “barely pubescent”. Council commissioners claim the protests against them are becoming prohibitively expensive to police, with one event in September 2014 costing over one million pounds, meaning they should therefore be banned, reports local newspaper The Star.

Commissioner Mary Ney, who was appointed by the government as part of a group of five professionals who took over running the town in February to replace the failed former council, acknowledged that the £2 million extra spent on policing operations was covered by Home Office spending in her letter. Writing to the Home Secretary Theresa May, commissioner complained it was the protests, rather than the problem the town has with child rape that was causing reputational damage: She wrote:

“Over an extended period, the town has been subject to a significant number of events by right-wing groups, and counter demonstrations by left wing groups.

“This has, and continues to, consume a vast amount of police resource, both within and outside South Yorkshire, at significant cost to the public purse. However, more significant is the damage to the reputation of the town, and the impact that this has had on the town centre in particular, which has been the focus of these events.

“Due to their regularity there is a real perception amongst people using the town that it is not safe, and that there are protests every Saturday… The town needs to move on and further events will be damaging both to community cohesion, and the ability of the town to recover”.

Despite insisting it was time for the town to forget child abuse and move on, The Star also reports today a further four men were arrested this weekend for ‘abduction and grooming’.

The town doesn’t “have to move on”. The citizens of Rotherham need to stand up and start protecting the dignity of their daughters, by whatever means necessary.  The rape gangs and their enablers need to be eliminated.

“Blacktown Mum”

Blacktown Mum Abandones Kids For Islamic State

A Sydney mother has reportedly abandoned her young children in the city’s west and fled to Islamic State-run Syria.

According to News Corp, Jasmina Milovanov told her babysitter she was going to pick up a new car earlier this month – but never returned to her Blacktown home.

Reports say the 26-year-old mother has remarried in Syria. Photo: 7News

Jasmina’s ex-husband claims she sent him a text message letting him know that she was in Syria and he believes she has now remarried there, News Corp reports.

The 26-year-old, also known as Assma Abdullah, is believed to have been lured overseas by a notorious jihadi bride recruiter.

Ms Milovanov reportedly text her Turkish-Australian ex-husband in early May telling him she was in ‘sham’, an Arabic term for Syria.

Milovanov, 26, is a convert to Islam and has two children in Western Sydney – a son and a daughter – aged 5 and 7.

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The Jihad of the 5-year Old’s

Hugh Fitzgerald

There is no way to immunize Muslim children from finding out what is in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. If you are a Muslim parent, and want to prevent your children coming to no good, which includes possibly going off to join the Islamic State or enrolling in similar activities at home, the only way is not to hide from them what Islam, the full Islam, inculcates, but to abandon Islam — what has it done for you, after all, what has it done for anyone? — altogether. And if you live among non-Muslims, the indifference of non-intelligent people to the Muslim threat can’t be much solace. For Islam, and Muslims, are coming to be understood by intelligent non-Muslims, forced to do so by events, and that means that distrust of Muslims, hostility toward Muslims, by those who are the well-informed, cannot disappear and, pari passu with the hideous Islam-connected news of the day, growing.


Jihadi threat requires move into ‘private space’ of UK Muslims, says police chief
by Esmerelda Weatherwax

I don’t normally link to the Guardian, a left wing newspaper I find particularly patronising and treasonous. But in this case they are the source of the interview with the remaining (other ‘most senior’ officers having been sacked/imprisoned for corruption) most senior Muslim police officer. That he fears for his own children shows how serious the situation is.

Islamist propaganda is so potent it is influencing children as young as five and should be countered with intensified monitoring to detect the earliest signs of anti-western sentiment, Britain’s most senior Muslim police chief has warned.


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“Earthquakes are caused by the Jeans-Wearing Women”

Maulana Fazlur Rehman: “From earthquakes to inflation are caused by the Jeans-Wearing Women”


Islamabad: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman following the Friday sermon requested the armed forces of Pakistan to launch a military operation against “jeans-wearing women” all over Pakistan in a press conference at a local hotel in Islamabad. Fazlur Rehman while highlighting the demerits of an operation against the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said that the Taliban were not Pakistan’s enemy and the forces needed to target the real enemies of Pakistan.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.27.46 am“The Taliban are our brothers and their angst against the state is justified,” Fazl said adding that, “As brother Ansar Abbasi has so eloquently put in the past: TTP’s suicide bombings are just Allah’s wrath upon us. And so there is a need to earmark and eliminate the real enemy of Pakistan: every woman who wears jeans.”

Ein TV-Imam aus der Türkei warnt seine männlichen Zuschauer davor, sich mit der Hand einen „runterzuholen“. Denn die vergewaltigte Hand werde am Tag des…
The “moderate Muslim” majority may actually be a tiny minority. poll shows over 80% of Muslims support ISIS

The huge “moderate Muslim” majority the Obama leftists in the mainstream media have spent so much effort trying to convince you exists apparently only exists in the twisted Utopian heads of the imbeciles who report such tripe. It turns out the “moderate Muslim” community is more like a teeny-weeny minority, say less than 20%.

In a recent poll by 80.2% of respondents supported a conquest of Iraq and Syria by ISIS.