Keysar Trad? Head of our top Muslim body?


Andrew Bolt

Excuse me? Keysar Trad now heads the top Islamic body in the country?

The president of Australia’s peak Muslim body has stepped down and been ­replaced by community spokesman Keysar Trad…

Hafez Kassem sent the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils executive committee notice of his resignation on Tuesday night, suggesting Mr Trad as his successor. Mr Trad, a former treasurer of the organisation, was unanimously elected its president yesterday….

Mr Trad told The Australian he planned to raise awareness about Islam and step up deradicalisation programs…

This is surely a joke. Some history:

Trad was the former spokesman of the pro-Hezbollah Mufti of Australia, the extremist Sheik Taj Al-Din Al-Hilaly… [Trad] had been a translator for the pro-Osama bin Laden and pro-jihadist Nida’ul Islam magazine, where he wrote: “The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country . . . and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.’’

More history: Keysar Trad, ominously described as Sydney Muslim community leader, shedding far too many tears for the families of Islamic State murderers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, reportedly killed in Iraq:

My deepest condolences to their family and let’s hope we can give some support to their wives and children,” said Mr Trad, who maintains young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution.

More excuse-making for jihadists:

Young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution and international atrocities committed by the West, a local Muslim leader has warned.

Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, told a university forum that his comments may be “dangerous” and “politically incorrect” but they were crucial to understanding why more than 200 Australians have taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.

In a scathing assessment of Australia’s efforts to create a harmonious society, he said constant persecution, hypocritical Australian laws, vitriolic media and repeated invasions in the Middle East were pushing young Muslims “to the margins of society” and driving them to radicalisation.

Denying the root causes is like applying a Band-Aid to an open wound before cleaning and disinfecting it,” he told an anti-radicalisation forum at the University of Western Sydney on Wednesday night.

Mr Trad, a controversial figure who described himself as a “roving imam”, said he could understand why young Australians were driven to join Islamic State but he tried to convince them it was not the solution…

Mr Trad said Australian Muslims were confronted with “systemic discrimination”, opportunistic political commentary, unemployment and “duplicitous standards” in law enforcement.

“It is hard to argue with a young person who starts to cite all these issues, you can see the fire in their bellies, you in fact feel the same fire yourself,” he said.

“All the above factors compound to different extents the sense of victimisation and alienation amongst youths in general and Muslim youths in particular.” 

More history, detailed by Senator Cory Bernardi in the Senate:

In 2009, the New South Wales Supreme Court found that Mr Trad ‘incites people to commit acts of violence’, ‘incites people to have racist attitudes’ and is a ‘dangerous and disgraceful individual’. This stemmed from a defamation case that Mr Trad brought against Harbour Radio…

The courts based their finding that Mr Trad incites people to commit acts of violence on the following evidence: Mr Trad’s own website used to have a link to a website he touted as having ‘very good articles concerning Islam and Muslims’. But the courts found that this website held ‘significant anti-Semitic views’… When he was interviewed by a journalist, Mr Trad said words to the effect of, ‘There are many Jews who question how many died in the Holocaust’, which the judge saw as ‘an attempt to diminish the significance of those events.’ In the end, both courts deemed that this showed that Mr Keysar Trad incited violence against Jewish people…

Then there is the finding that Mr Trad is a ‘dangerous individual’… This was based on the following opinion of Mr Trad: When talking about the gang rape of young women in Sydney by a group of Lebanese men, in one interview Mr Trad chose to tell a joke and described these types of perpetrators as ‘stupid young boys’. The court said that his comments about the issue ‘demeaned the victims of the crime’, ‘did not condemn the perpetrators’ and ‘trivialised the responsibility of rapists.’ ..

Mr Trad failed to condemn [Hilali’s] reference to ‘the blessings of the 11th of September’ and the Sheik’s condoning of the use of boys as martyrs in the cause of radical Islam. The court said that this ‘involved putting forward ideas which risk an unbalanced or fanatical person being encouraged, or encouraging others, to participate in such activities’…

In 2005, he wrote an article published in the Daily Telegraph that said ‘Australians should be more concerned with the United States than radical Islam.’ … And a year after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US, Mr Trad was reported in the Weekend Australian as saying: 
Osama bin Laden would have trouble teaching someone to drive a car … how could a man living in a backward country mastermind the hijacking of several planes, with the whole operation going off like clockwork? … I just don’t want to believe Muslims were behind it. 

More history:

Trad supports a call by imam Sheik Khalil Chami, from the Islamic Welfare Centre in Lakemba, NSW for polygamous marriages to be legally recognised…

Trad says women are left in a vulnerable financial position if the man dies….

“If it was a business and the business had four partners, we’d recognise that, but why don’t we recognise it when it comes to consensual relationships among adults?”

More from this turd:


Serfs of Satan

After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy
After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy

The worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler is bent on national suicide. “Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks,” BBC, July 28, 2016: Recent attacks in Germany involving asylum-seekers would not change its willingness to take in refugees, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. She said the attackers “wanted to undermine our sense of community, […]

Juncker: No Matter How Bad Migrant Crisis, Terrorism Gets, We’ll Never Give Up On Open Borders

Mr. Juncker insisted that however bad the “migrant crisis” and terrorism in Europe gets, the EU will never call into question the free movement of people within the bloc.

“This is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the founding Treaty of Rome. It is an inviolable principle,” he said.

“We will never give up” he said.

Juncker and Merkel should know that we will never give up defending ourselves against the islamic invasion and to bring these traitors to justice. 

Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed that no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis get, the EU will never give up on open borders.
The Pope says Europe is seeing an ‘Arab invasion’ 

…. turns around and says ‘nothing to do with islam.’

Pope Francis described the influx of migrants into Europe as an ‘Arab invasion’ before explaining that the new arrivals will enhance Europe for the better.—DAILYMAIL.CO.UK


propaganda is too predictable. Just like MPs not housing one single refugee.

The EUSSR is run by a gang of unelected Stalinists

These people are usurpers, crooks and criminals. This dictatorship will not stand.

Spain & Portugal face BILLIONS in FINES as Juncker pushes PUNISHMENT on beleaguered states
SPAIN and Portugal could soon be hit with huge fines for repeatedly breaking European Union (EU) budget rules.
CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel has said Germany is facing a “major” threat from terrorism but that this should not stop refugees being welcomed to Europe.  | Pamela Geller


French Citizens Gear Up For Civil War Against Orwellian Government
Australian Muslims may ‘take matters into their own hands’

This putz should have his visa revoked right away and put on a plane out and back to where he came from.

The founder of the fledgling Islamic Association of SA warns a lack of tolerance could spark violence.—ABC.NET.AU
Hungary slams the UN “This is not a refugee crisis, but a mass Muslim population movement”
Hungary FM historic speech at the United Nations. Watch & Share this video!…
Keysar Trad returns to be spokesturd for mufti

Muslim leader stands down amid school brawl


The president of Australia’s peak Muslim body has stepped down and been ­replaced by community spokesman Keysar Trad amid a battle against one of its largest schools, Malek Fahd, over $13 million.

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Eurabian Breakfast

Is this the only man who sees clearly in Europe?

Hungary PM blisters EU elites, says Muslim migration “increases terrorism and crime” and “destroys national culture”


After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy

The worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler is bent on national suicide.


“Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks,” BBC, July 28, 2016:

Recent attacks in Germany involving asylum-seekers would not change its willingness to take in refugees, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said.

She said the attackers “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this”.

But she did propose new measures to improve security.

These include information sharing, deciphering web chatter and tackling arms sales on the internet.

Two recent attacks in Bavaria were both by asylum seekers. A suicide bomb attack in Ansbach on Sunday that injured 15 people was carried out by a Syrian who had been denied asylum but given temporary leave to stay.

An axe and knife attack on a train in Wuerzburg on 18 July that wounded five people was carried out by an asylum seeker from Afghanistan.

Both men had claimed allegiance to so-called Islamic State.

The deadliest recent attack – in Munich on 22 July which left nine dead – was carried out by a German teenager of Iranian extraction but was not jihadist-related.

Or so the mainstream media claims.

More below the fold.

French media to stop publishing photos and names of terrorists

The media is colluding with the Hollande regime. Both are  not only derelict in their duty to protect, but also criminal in hiding information from the public.

Le Monde and La Croix will no longer use images of terrorist killers, while Europe 1 radio will not broadcast their names
U.S., European Elites Just Not Equipped to Deal with Islam’s Insurgency

The terror attacks in Nice and Wurzburg are the latest manifestations of what should now be seen as a still fairly low-level Islamist insurgency taking place in a number of west European countries. The fact that this insurgency has been allowed to kindle itself and slowly emerge before now bursting forth represents a profound failure of Western European political culture and of the continent’s elites.

This is not merely a matter of poor police or intelligence work. Rather, it is the culmination of a long process of enfeeblement. The Islamist insurgency is a disease attacking an already weakened body which lacks the means to defend itself.

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Motherly Love (this is no way to win a war)

Mom says of Islamic State jihadist son who murdered priest: he’s a good Frenchman, I didn’t produce a devil

Not good, not French and yes: she did produce a murderous devil.

“He’s a good Frenchman. He’s soft. I know my kid. I know by son…..He’s not at all the monster that people want us to believe.”

Those words are from the mother of Abdelmalik Petitjean, one of the “sick” Islamic State jihadists who slit the throat of an elderly priest during morning mass after first forcing the 86-year-old Father Jacques Hamel to his knees. The two jihadists then captured the gruesome murder on tape and declared (pictured below): “we give Bayah (allegiance) to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”.

Al-Baghdadi has invoked Qur’anic verses to command his followers, teaching them to strike fear into unbelievers as the Qur’an dictates, and has openly declared Islamic war against disbelievers:

“It is unprecedented in the history of our Ummah (Islamic nation) that all the world came against it in one battle, as it is happening today. It is the battle of all the disbelievers against all the Muslims.”

He also stated that if “the Saudi-led alliance was truly Islamic, then it would fight the Syrian army and its Russian ‘masters,’ as well as Shiites and Jews”.

Petitjean’s mother cannot believe that this “devil” is actually her son as she declares: “I didn’t produce a devil. No, no, it’s impossible.” If she is being honest, her chilling words of denial in the face of her son’s confirmed “sick” action indicate the capability of jihadist doctrine to foster in its adherents a bloodthirsty fanaticism and religious zeal that was unrecognizable even to a mother.


“Mum of ISIS terrorist who killed priest: ‘He’s not the monster. He’s soft’”, by Peter Allen, Mirror UK, July 28, 2016:

The mother of one of the sick ISIS militants who slit open a priest’s throat during morning mass claims ‘he’s not a monster’.

Abdelmalik Petitjean, 19, stormed the church in Normandy with Adel Kermiche and forced 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel to his knees before butchering him in front of nuns and worshippers.

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“African Youths”

There is no reason whatsoever to import “African youth” into this country. We have many reasons to believe that it would be far better to export our social engineers to Africa instead.

The price of naive immigration policies is very high

Andrew Bolt

You cannot bring in people from a Third World war zone and expect a painless assimilation:

African youths causing a crime wave in Victoria are the product of eroded family units, trauma and an Australian society which does not sanction corporal punishment as a means of keeping them in line, claims a community leader.

Gangs of teenagers and young adults have been contributing to a surge in crimes, particularly in Melbourne’s east where carjackings, burglaries and theft are on the rise. But one of the defining characteristics of the young ­offenders is boldness and apparent indifferent to consequences…

Crime generally in Victoria is up 12.3 per cent in the past year. Violent crime has increased, as has theft.

In the Greater Dandenong region, where the Apex gang took its name from a local street, more than 14,000 crimes of property, deception and crimes against people (assault) were committed in the year to March. The previous year fewer than 11,000 such offences were recorded. The rate is higher still in Latrobe.

Pope Francis: “the world is at war, but its not a war of religion…”

Allahu akbar,  “its not a war of religion”. Does it get any dumber?

Pope Francis called the murder ‘absurd violence’. Only someone who is completely ignorant of Islam and in denial about the global jihad would regard the murder of a Christian priest by two Muslims absurd.

Muslims kill Christian
Just another ordinary day for Islam. The only shocking aspect of this story is that it happened in France.


Which Pope was right?

Andrew Bolt goes there:

The Pope has a moment of clarity. The question is whether it came before or after his adviser stepped in:

Pope Francis says the recent attacks on innocent people in Europe, including the murder of a priest in France, is proof that “the world is at war”…

“The world is in a state of war in bits and pieces,” he said, adding that the attacks could be seen as another world war, specifically mentioning World War I and II.

“Now there is this one (war). It is perhaps not organic, but it is organised and it is war.

“We should not be afraid to speak this truth…”

About 15 minutes later, after an adviser spoke to him, Pope Francis took the microphone again as he was leaving the journalists’ section in the plane and said he wanted “to clarify” that he was not referring to a war of religion.

“Not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for money. There is a war for natural resources. There is a war for domination of peoples. This is the war,” he said.

“All religions want peace. Others want war. Do you understand?”

From the Koran:

9:29 “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his apostle nor acknowledge the religion of truth of the people of the Book (the Jews and the Christians) until they pay the Jizya [tax on non-Muslims] with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.”… 

25:52 So obey not the unbelievers and fight strenuously with them in many a strenuous fight…

47:4 Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens. Thus (are ye commanded): but if it had been God’s Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them (Himself); but (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are slain in the Way of God, – He will never let their deeds be lost.

Germany: Knife Attack by Mustards Against Doctor & His Wife “Not Enough to Arrest”

Knife attack against a medical doctor and a physical attack against his wife smashing her face is not enough to arrest the perps? This is unheard of. Scandalous!  Outrageous! The Merkel regime has abdicated its responsibility. They are derelict in their duty to protect and complicit in “striking terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”.

Vlad Tepes:


Earlier today, we published a translation of a news article about a Hungarian (guessing by the name) doctor who was attacked along with his wife by a clan of angry Muselmaniacs who threatened to kill him for (?) some reason and made the doctor humiliate himself to be spared death.

Here is an interview with that doctor when he found out that all the perps had been released from custody this same day.

Yes. Three muslims burst into a doctors office threatening multiple people with death and were all released on the same day.

I hope for the sake of this man and his family he moves his multiple medical practices from Germany to Hungary where Orban is keeping them safe from the Islamic invasion. Hungary deserves a skilled practitioner like this and at the moment, Germany does not.

If it looks like a duck….

 “Designated terrorist group CAIR is right…not all Muslims are terrorists…” 

1706…but all Muslims are jihadists who share the same doctrine of Islamic jihad as the terrorists. So, don’t blame all Muslims for terrorism, blame Islam, the holy book that can turn an ordinary Muslim jihadist into terrorist at a moment’s notice because the doctrine of jihad is behind every act of Islamic terrorism.

And while we’re on the subject of jihad, not all jihad involves terrorism. In fact, if you live in America or especially in Europe, you’ve already been a victim of several types of jihad, but probably don’t know it.


Thanks to BNI

The “Real” Victims of Terrorism – Quote of the Day 
It’s not often you come across this special kind of stupid (actually, who am I kidding?), but when you do it’s worth sharing (credit goes to Paul Joseph Watson for noticing this). This tweet, posted by ‘Zanib’ gets to the heart of the problem of terrorism,…

The last three successful terror attacks in Australia were all committed by Muslim “refugees”

Mental health conditions of particular interest in “lone wolf attacks”—Psychobabble @ al Jizz

Who let them in?

Andrew Bolt

The last three successful terror attacks in Australia were all committed by refugees. The last four mass attacks in Germany were all carried out by asylum seekers or – in the Munich massacre – by the child or asylum seekers.

Now this:

TWO flatmates have pleaded guilty to making preparations for a terrorist attack but deny they intended to kill anyone instead saying they were planning to destroy property.

Six days before they were set to face trial, Fairfield flatmates Omar Al-Kutobi, 25, and Mohammad Kiad, 26, pleaded guilty in the NSW Supreme Court this morning to one count each of conspiring to do an act in preparation for a terrorist act or acts…

Al-Kutobi, an Iraqi refugee and Kiad, a Kuwaiti student, were arrested on February 11 last year …

Jihadists threaten ‘London is next’ after spate of European terror attacks
Jihadists have issued threats to London’s safety after a spate of horrific terror attacks hit Europe. Images threatening atrocities in London and other capital cities have been widely posted on a jihadi messaging app, according to analysts tracking extremist activity …Read More…From the London Evening Standard
The greatest threat to civilization is loss of free speech
 Islamism will defeat us only if we submit to censorship of free speech and the demands of the radical left, guilty liberals and Social Justice Warriors, including those sitting in seats of power in academia. Great Britain is taking the lead on this but American universities are not …Read More… by Lorna Salzman
Normandy church knifeman was convicted terrorist monitored with electronic tag
 ONE of the two knifeman who murdered a priest during morning mass at a church in Normandy was a convicted terrorist who was known to the French authorities and should have been monitored with an electronic tag. The as-yet unnamed individual attempted to travel to …Read More… From the Express ht Rebecca

Halal Sam & Koran Husic

Ed Husic swore in on the Koran. Dastyari promotes halal. I’d say they are both “practising” something like Islamic deception.

On Q & A last week: non-practicing Muslim Sam Dastyari.

On Q & A this week: non-practicing Muslim Ed Husic.

Neither were asked for nor offered any views as to why they’d moved away from Islam. That topic might make for an interesting episode. (Tim Blair)

On Q&A this week Pauline Hanson was surprised to hear from Labor Senator Sam Dastyari that he has the word ‘Muslim’ next to his name on his Iranian birth certificate.

When she asked if he was a practicing Muslim, Slippery Sam looked stunned then evaded, then played the well-worn victim card accusing Hanson of making a joke of a ‘serious’ situation.

Hanson replied she wasn’t, that she was just surprised he was a Muslim, which prompted Greens Senator Larissa Waters to pipe in, asking if Hanson was surprised because Dastyari “…doesn’t have three heads?”

The obvious smart-arse answer to a flippant smart-arse question is clearly, “No – but he does have two faces.”

‘Halal’ Sam has since clarified he’s a secular Iranian, that his parents, Nasser and Ella, were “activists” who fled Iran after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

I would dispute that. There is reason to believe they migrated to spread Islam in Australia.

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