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Reforming Islam?

by sheikyer mami on October 21, 2014

Islam is perfect. Its been perfected for all times and any place by its founder, Muhammad. Any kind of reform is called ‘bida’ (novelty) and is, you guessed it, haram (forbidden). That’s why, when you see so called ‘reformers’ in Islam, its never about reform; its about taking us back to the days of the prophet, back to the 7th century.

Muslim Reformers’ “Trick” Is No Treat

Ali Sina, an Iranian ex-Muslim writer, poses the confounding question of our day: how can Muslim “reformers” express reverence for Islam’s founder and yet do their utmost to try to distance themselves from his more violent and draconian ways and teachings, including his call to wage jihad until such time as the infidel submits (to the lowly status Islam forces on him) and agrees to fork over what, in Mafioso terms, would be called “protection money,” but which Islam calls the jizya?

Sina views this sort of compartmentalization as a kind of “trick”. A feat of legerdemain and sleight of hand as the problematic is fudged, misrepresented or outright ignored. (Another tactic, one which Daniel Pipes, who should know better, has been known to employ: assert that Islam must not be “essentialized,” because that’s a disservice to the reform-minded who want to focus only on the fluffy, non-threatening form of jihad that amounts to a personal, internal “struggle” to be a good Muslim.)

Me? I think it’s more a matter of silencing any and all cognitive dissonance that may or may not break through the reformers’ denial barrier every now and them.

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10444554_269399956579981_4516802497149033083_nHow come there is never any “interfaith dialogue” in countries that are ruled by the soldiers of allah? Another worthless ‘debate’ about the profits beard, at Quadrant.

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There is nothing “traditional” about the burqa

Paris Opera performers refused to perform for a faceless audience member,

The fuss blew on Sunday, October 19, in French media.

niqab.siThe woman and her companion(s), tourists from one of the Gulf States, were sitting just behind the conductor and were visible to monitors. Their seats were reportedly the most expensive in the opera, costing 231 euros ($294) each.

In Iraq, the show goes on as it must:




The Hypocrisy of Mohammedans Knows No Bounds:

Time Israel turned their backs on these violent terrorists instead of constantly treating them in their own hospitals.

Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital confirms the girl was treated and released a week ago.

This is not surprising — silver-tongued Muslim leaders dupe the West while pursuing supremacist goals. When the toll of jihadi wars becomes impossible to ignore, Muslim leaders like the Sheikh (and Hamas-CAIR) offer limpwristed condemnations of beheadings and such, but never condemn the Islamic texts and teachings that command such actions.

They give Western media and corrupt politicians just enough to silence criticism of the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. (Geller)

Obama White House Celebrates Mohammedan Blood Orgy “Eid al-Adha”

The White House hosted an event to celebrate Eid al-Adha on Tuesday for the first »»


Iraqi Uni Prof Beheaded In Front of Her Children

by sheikyer mami on October 20, 2014

Allah is unforgiving and merciless:

ISIL beheading a uni. professor while her children watching / GRAPHIC

An Iraqi professor who had protested against crimes ISIL committed in Mousel-Iraq was beheaded in front of her children.

An Iraqi professor who had protested against crimes ISIL committed in Iraq was beheaded in front of her children.

ISIL terrorists beheaded “Hanna Al-Baghdadi”, former university professor thursday morning while her family and also her children were watching this brutal crime.

She was accused of posting some notes in her facebook page against ISIL and critised this terrorist group’s activities against innocent people.

The Dhimmi Must Never Complain 

The Muslim Brotherhood may have been forced underground in Egypt today, but that doesn’t mean that Islamic supremacism has been eradicated. Clearly, it is alive and well in Minya, and on the police force. “Minya security assault the Copts at Bani Ahmed East village,” by Naim Youssef, Copts United, October 20, 2014 (thanks to Maged): /Comments…] Continue Reading »

Serial BS-Peddler Reza Azlan Lies His A$$ Off

Reza Aslan: “The very first thing that Muhammad did was outlaw slavery”Reza Aslan: “The very first thing that Muhammad did was outlaw slavery”

The first thing Muhammad did was kill the Jews and rape their women. And then he sold their children into slavery.

If I never hear the names Reza Aslan and Bill Maher again, that would be just fine with me, but nonetheless, this ongoing controversy is highly illuminating in numerous ways. One thing it exposes is how absolutely one-sided the mainstream media is: after Maher left the reservation, mainstream media publications vied with one another to [/ CommentsContinue Reading »

A Nigerian court has approved banning Muslim headscarves (hijab) at public schools, a ruling that drew the ire of the Muslim community, which has vowed to appeal the decision.

Mustard Outrage Over Ban On Hijabbery

Muslims in Lagos recently launched a “no hijab, no vote” campaign ahead of 2015 state elections, in which candidates’ religions often determine the outcome…

 FBI Warning — CAIR Organized by Hamas

In 2008 the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned the United States that the self-proclaimed “Muslim civil rights” group Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) was really part of the Palestinian terrorist organization the Hamas.


From the Religion of Peace:

How the Muslim World Benefits from ISIS  (Daniel Greenfield)

The game now being played on us is “Good Caliph, Bad Caliph”.

Condemnation Does Not Make IS UnIslamic  (Molschky)

“If Muslim scholars wish to condemn the violence of ISIS, that is a good thing. But pulling the wool over the eyes of the West is something else entirely.”



Arabs blaming Jews for the weather

by sheikyer mami on October 20, 2014

Palestinian “experts” are saying that the amount of Israeli air raids and the resulting tiny particles that went into the air will affect the weather in much of the region, including Gaza, the West Bank, the “occupied territories” (meaning Israel,) West and South Jordan and parts of the Sinai.
kassam-tugay-qassam-fighters146597UNRWA’s educational vision includes “upholding human values and religious tolerance.”

UNRWA site, quoting hadith, says Jews are dirty

UNRWA has now removed practically all of its websites associated with Gaza schools, after the Elder exposed their extremismJew-hatred and lies.

They removed the sites stealthily, without any public statement. There has been no apology for their lies and propaganda, no explanation on how they were discovered to be teaching lessons that are entirely opposing the UN’s and UNRWA’s own published ideals and standards. They even removed their website dedicated to teaching human rights to Gaza children rather than fix the problem.

How often does he have to say this, before the American government decides to read him the riot act, and articles about kicking Turkey out of NATO appear everywhere, and begin to be taken seriously by the big shots?  Story here.

Oh noes! Bleeding Hearts Meltdown:

Rohingya baby born in Australia denied refugee statusFile Photo

Court denies 11-month-old “Rohingya Muslim” boy residence despite Australian birth

A court in Australia has ruled that a Muslim Rohingya baby born in a Brisbane hospital does not have the right to refugee status, local media reported Wednesday.–World Bulletin/News Desk



Pat Condell: Boo Hoo Palestine

by sheikyer mami on October 20, 2014

The Remarkable Ayad Jamal Al-Din Tells The Truth About Islam, Calling It The “Fiqh”


Here. by Hugh Fitzgerald

He’s a Shiite cleric and former Iraqi MP. He insists on telling as much of the truth about Islam as he can without beijng accused of apostasy (for all I know, by now he may well have given up Islam, but for many reasons, he chooses to present himself still as a Muslim, trying to save not Islam, but the Muslim peoples from Islam itself). He focusses on “fiqh” – his synecoche for Islam. And he makes clear the world-wide support for ISIS, from Muslims who from every country where there are large numbers of them clamor to join, and he mentions the “thousands” or “perhaps many more” mosques that actively encourage Believers to support ISIS. He repeatedly says that both the Sunni and the Shiite fiqh support the killing of the Yazidis; both the Sunni and the Shiite fiqh support violence. Only at one point, when the fearful moderator of the program, needing to make sure the program does not get out of hand by too much truth-telling, asks him if he believes Islam itself is a religion of “tolerance and peace” does Ayad Jamal Al-Din say, with deep insincerity, yes, he does, but for 1400 years, it is not the true Islam but the distorting and dangerous fiqh that has manipulated and directed Muslim minds.

This is one of the most instructive of the videos that MEMRI, that indispensable organization and website, has recorded, translated, disseminated. Would that many see it.


“Not all Muslims….”

by sheikyer mami on October 20, 2014

Niqabbery Needs Explaining?

Another nauseating story about your typical Aussie mum who floats around ninja style in her garden, growing figs, olives, persimmons and mulberrys she also manages to work full time and run a beauty school. This paragon of virtue is tired of being judged. The answer, according to a friend of the family, is to ‘take out some of her blood and some of their blood just to see that we are all the same’
Sigh….. and our taxes go to fund this nonsense!  (Thanks to the Q-Society)

Three generations of women in a Muslim Australian family invite us into their lives and home as they talk about what their faith and clothing means to them.

Freedom Sack Enforcement 

Another diplomatic problem for Israel:

Hamas, MuBro’s supporting Qatar seeks UN chief position

1798551_854755191225632_8063972424085938832_nQatar eyeing UN chief position 

U of Jordan students chant “Khaybar, Khaybar O Jews”


The protests included a flash mob event, an explanation of how Muslims try to stop Jews from ascending to the Mount, and a chant of “Khaybar, Khaybar O Jews, The Army of Mohammed Will Return.”

A handful of Moroccans protest “normalization” with Israel

See, only a “handful”, the rest are ‘moderates’…..

“Right Wing Media Causes Islamophobia”

Workplace beheadings by allahu-akbaring coworkers should be overlooked because not all Muslims behead infidels:

….political leaders in the US have publicly asked Americans to avoid conflating the recent terrorist acts with the Muslim religion, he said “religious leaders here have joined in stressing that most Muslims are peaceful”.

Abbas says international law denies religious freedom for Jews 

On Friday, “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech telling Palestinian Arabs to do everything necessary to physically prevent Jews from visiting their holiest site:

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas yesterday called on his people to prevent Israeli settlers from entering Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al Aqsa mosque and use “all means” to protect the site.

“It is not enough to say the settlers came, but they must be barred from entering the compound by any means. This is our Aqsa… and they have no right to enter it and desecrate it,” Abbas said.

On Saturday, Abbas said he wants international law to enforce a ban on Jews from visiting the Temple Mount…

Anne Bayefsky: The UN’s terrorism apologists

Over the past week, the UN’s top legal committee — a General Assembly body where all 193 states are represented — met to discuss terrorism. The webcasts are broadcast globally in multiple languages. The documents are translated and disseminated on a mammoth website free of charge.
It’s a two-step charade. First, since the UN has no definition of terrorism, state sponsors of terrorism happily denounce “terrorism” at the very same time as they promote it. Second, the terrorist funders and weapons suppliers redirect the world’s attention to the supposed “root causes” of terrorism.
Conveniently, the catalog of root causes of terrorism dreamed up in these circles never includes religiously driven bigotry doled out by anti-Semites and misogynist, homophobic sociopaths — whose need to torture, rape and kill requires no deep explanation.
A quick moral inversion, and the terrorist becomes the victim.
The UN was full of such dangerous canards last week.
All 56 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have signed on to the Islamic Convention on Combating International Terrorism, which gives a green light to killing Israelis, Americans and anybody else deemed fair game. The treaty says: “Peoples’ struggle, including armed struggle against foreign occupation, aggression, colonialism and hegemony, aimed at liberation and self-determination . . . shall not be considered a terrorist crime.”


Muslim vs Office Dog

by sheikyer mami on October 20, 2014

With links from Blazing Cat Fur, Andrew Bolt & Jihad Watch

Integrate this:

Australia: Should we banish the office dog just because our new employee has a problem with it?

Strike a blow against the global jihad — get your Big Mac today!

No antiSemitism to see here, move on:

French town names street for Palestinian murder convict Barghouti

A watchdog on anti-Semitism vowed legal action against a French municipality that named a street after Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian who was convicted of murdering Israelis.

It has come to this:

Terrorist calls America a Terrorist Nation

Bill Ayers: America Is A Terrorist Nation – Breitbart

This week on on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show,”  Bill Ayers, one-time leader of the Weather Underground and reported Chicago political mentor of a young Barack Obama said America is a terrorist nation that creates groups like ISIS.(Needless to mention that Alan Colmes himself is a deranged creature and birds of a feather….)

Confusion reigns:

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s Parliament House on Monday lifted a short-lived ban on facial coverings including burqas and niqabs after the prime minister intervened.

An Ontario woman is challenging a policy that forbids the wearing of face-covering veils during the oath of Canadian citizenship.

Spine sighted in Canberra:

Universities starting to shun their Islamist foes

Universities are now taking a welcome standard against Islamist extremism, refusing to give a platform to an ideology which threatens not just lives but the freedoms on which universities depend.

Hizb ut-Tahrir can speak at its own conferences. It should not be privileged with a platform at a university.

But who are the people who keep inviting Hizb ut-Tahrir to come speak?

Unsurprising. Dogooders and the service industry demand we do more:

In line with Obama’s foreign policy, which has been consistent since the day he took office:


You can’t make this up. At the same time we learn that  ‘Trojan horse’ Islamists are still working in Birmingham …

UK: Christian school “downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly”

Nicky-Morgan_3000284bAre any Islamic schools being downgraded for failing to invite Christian priests or ministers to lead assemblies? Doubtful in the extreme. In the wake of the Trojan Horse takeover plot of British state schools, British authorities appear to have decided that the remedy is to further the Islamization of schools. They appear intent on rushing their nation toward civil strife and disintegration. “Christian school ‘downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly,’” by John Bingham, the Telegraph, October 19, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A successful Christian school has been warned it is to be downgraded by inspectors and could even face closure after failing to invite a leader from another religion, such as an imam, to lead assemblies, it is claimed.

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