Saving White South Africans is “Racist?”

‘Racist’ Dutton’s comments signal return to White Australia policy, Di Natale says

Bringing white South African farmers to Australia as part of a special humanitarian program would be a return to the White Australia policy, Greens leader Richard Di Natale has said.

Turncoat runs for cover:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not directly respond when asked if the Government stands by Mr Dutton’s comments.

“We have a non-discriminatory humanitarian program,” he said.

Commenting on a documentary, Mr Dutton said the farmers “need help from a civilised country like ours”

  • South African Government denies whites deliberately targeted, says farm murders part of a wider violent crime problem

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said white South African farmers are being persecuted and need to be brought to safety in Australia.

Senator Di Natale called that “racist.”

I would suggest we take South Africa’s white farmers and send them our Watermelons.

Anne Aly
Labor MP Anne Aly responds to @PeterDutton_MP’s calls to grant humanitarian visas to persecuted South African farmers: I would hope that offer extends to all persecuted minorities, not just white South Africans.
Hard to believe a politician so ignorant. Australia will settle 18,750 “persecuted minorities” aka refugees 2018-19. From Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. What’s wrong with including a few white South African farmers? Don’t like their skin colour/Christianity?

Several MPs are calling for a special humanitarian intake of “persecuted” white South African farmers.

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“Hey hey, ho ho, western civilization has got to go”

Dumbing down in institutions of higher learning:

“Hey hey, ho ho, western civilization has got to go” is a despicable chant that was heard around colleges yesterday.

I would suggest these brainwashed morons won’t like what comes after.

Our South African Future

The looming disaster in South Africa may appear to have come from nowhere, but it the fruit of a decades long Marxist plan.

David Hilton elaborates.

To sign petitions urging government action to help white South African farmers, you can follow these links:



You can also view David Hilton on DTube.

Matty is calling on everyone to stand up for freedom of speech.

Enough is enough, the governments of the West have sold us out it’s time to stand up for what we believe in!

Computing Forever weighs in on the precipitous decline of formerly great Britain, which moonbattery has been reducing to a sad, authoritarian shadow of its former self at an alarming pace:

Even if the British had succumbed to the Nazis, there would still be such a thing as British culture. This is not true of succumbing to progressives.–Moonbattery

Police officers investigating the Telford grooming gang scandal, possibly the largest in UK history, were sent an internal memo telling them “in most cases the sex is consensual”.

The initial police probe, Operation Chalice, identified at least 100 potential victims in Telford targeted between 2007 and 2009. However, fewer than ten men were jailed despite the police admitting as many as 200 groomers may be involved.

West Mercia Police sent the memo the year after Chalice was closed, to officers investigating on-going child sexual exploitation in the force area, The Mirror reports. Officers also considered some of the young victims as prostitutes.  –BREITBART.COM

Islam promoter Tim Sebastian has a go at Zoltan Kovacs, gov’t spox of Hungary

Do you support Hungary’s right to defend itself and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from?

Islamo- lackey Tim Sebastian tries to give Hungary’s sec of state a hard time over his countries rejection of Mohammedans who are invading Europe in the guise of “refugees”.

No refugees, new regulations and more sovereignty? How long will Viktor Orban’s government keep playing the bad boy in Brussels? Tim Sebastian meets Zoltan Kovacs, international government spokesman and secretary of state for public diplomacy,

Hungary on EU dispute: We’ll be “unrelenting”

Hungary: Secretary of state Trashes the EU “We will not open our doors to illegal immigrants”

Poland, Hungary and Slovakia don’t want Immigration policy imposed on their countries by Merkel. Every country has the right to defend itself by closing its borders.

Hungary’s PM: Europe is under a migrant invasion – those who don’t block it at their borders will be lost


Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said at a massive rally that Europe and Hungary are in the middle of a civilisational struggle. The rally marked the 170th anniversary of anti-Habsburg Revolution of 1848 and was preceded by a large ‘Peace March’.

“We are expected to willingly hand over [our country]  within a few decades…to foreigners from other continents who don’t speak our language, respect our culture, our laws or way of life, Orban said.

According to the Prime Minister, “Hungary and Europe face a mass migration wave which endangers the way of life of their peoples, Europe is under invasion. The situation is that those who don’t block migration at their borders will be lost”

With his eyes on the election of 8 April, Orban vowed to fight for the future of his country: “This is our homeland, our life, and since we don’t have another one, we will fight for it till the very end and we will never give it up,” he said.

He also warned Western Europe has already changed in large part: ‘The youth of Western Europe will still live to see when they become a minority in their own country and lose the only place in the world to call home,’ he said.

Broken noses, freedom of speech gone & Australia rejects white refugees?

Police are now understood to be investigating the alleged attack.

WTF? Why did they stick him into a prison where they knew he would be attacked by Mohammedan savages? What’s there to “investigate” when there is no doubt whatsoever about what happened?

British establishment dhimmies failed to get Tommy Robinson killed in jail. Kevin Crehan was not so lucky. He was murdered in jail for  leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque.

Britain First leader has ‘nose broken’ in prison attack

Paul Golding, 36, was beaten up in HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent on Wednesday by two inmates
This is the shittiest report I have seen in a long time. Not a word about Islam or Muslims, but a lot of gibberish about how Golding and Fransen were found guilty  of “religiously aggravated harassment” by a complicit Moonbat Court.–MIRROR.CO.UK
FREE SPEECH in the UK is under attack from the House of Lords. We all need to ask the question: ‘Why is Tommy Robinson being criticised for entering the Houses of Parliament?

Tommy Robinson ‘Forced by Police to Leave Speakers’ Corner Ahead of Free Speech Talk’

People in Britain are now living in a “post-freedom of speech era”, anti-Islamisation activist Tommy Robinson has said.

U.N. Planned International Flood of Migrants

U.N. Planned International Flood of Migrants, United Nations, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Forced flood of international migrants, globe, obliteration, national borders, sovereignty
Michele Bachmann Calls Muslim Migration A ‘Planned Invasion’ To ‘Destroy Western Christendom’
That’s no longer a secret. The question is now what we can do about it to reverse it.

‘Racist’ Dutton’s comments signal return to White Australia policy, Di Natale says

Degenerates. They must never be allowed to hold the reins of power.
The crazies are out in force tonight in Melbourne protesting against Peter Dutton and his support for South African farmers being slaughtered.
When the issue of assisting white South Africans is rejected by ppl like Arif Hussein of the Human Rights Law Centre, you know we have a problem. They literally are protesting because those in need are white.

Theresa May Wants A ‘New’ Internet Monitored By The Government

The British politician wants the government to censor what people can post, share and publish online., censor, data, Internet, Privacy, Social Media,…

Philippines tells UN it will quit ICC

Please click on the image to enlarge it

MANILA – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will withdraw his country’s ratification of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Rome Statute, due to what he said were attacks by United Nations officials and violations of due process by the ICC, according to a draft statement.

Philippines tells UN it will quit ICC

Philippines tells UN it will quit ICC

The move comes days after Duterte announced his nation would quit the court over its preliminary inquiry launched last month into allegations his crackdown on narcotics amounts to crimes against humanity.

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Philippines said on Friday it had given official notice to exit the treaty that created the International Criminal Court, which is examining President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly drug war.

Philippine police say they have killed roughly 4,000 suspects who fought back during arrest, but rights groups say the actual number is three times higher and accuse the authorities of murder.

On Thursday the Philippines said in a letter to the United Nations, which oversaw negotiations to found the court, that it was pulling out of the Rome Statute.

“The decision to withdraw is the Philippines’ principled stand against those who would politicize and weaponize human rights,” the letter said.

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South Africa is a Killer


Sticks, clubs, an anti-roll bar and a vuvuzela: South Africans arm themselves in 2015
Sticks, clubs, an anti-roll bar and a vuvuzela: South Africans arm themselves in 2015.

Lies & statistics can prove … anything!

Tim Blair Blog Posts

South African crime statistician Gareth Newham says there is no evidence to suggest white farmers are targeted more than anyone else in his country:

“In fact, young black males living in poor urban areas like Khayelitsha and Lange face a far greater risk of being murdered. The murder rate there is between 200 and 300 murders per 100,000 people,” he said. Even the highest estimates of farm murders stand at 133 per 100,000 people, and that includes both black and white murder victims.

Leave aside racial issues and just consider those numbers. They are absolutely stupefying. By comparison, during 1990, New York’s worst year for homicides, the city-wide murder rate was 31 per 100,000 residents. Its most violent borough, the Bronx, recorded a murder rate that year of 54.2 per 100,000.

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UK: Telford cops said of Muslim rape gang activity that “in most cases the sex is consensual”

Sex with children is now “consensual?” Like “no compulsion in religion?”

“A person under 16 cannot be deemed in law to have consented to sex, but the word ‘consensual’ was used to describe offences involving children four times in the memo.”

For British authorities, it appears as if no injustice, no abasement, no lie, no surrender was too low and abject for them. Anything, anything at all, to appease their new Muslim masters.

“Police slammed over memo saying Telford child sex abuse was ‘consensual,’” by Geraldine McKelvie, Mirror, March 14, 2018:

Police have been accused of “victim blaming” children who were targeted by grooming gangs in the Telford sex abuse scandal.

Officers investigating child sexual exploitation in the town were sent an internal memo telling them “in most cases the sex is consensual”.

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Muslims fake hate crimes, Theresa May falls for false flag op…

UK premier condemns targeting of Muslim lawmakers
UK premier condemns targeting of Muslim lawmakers

May says probe underway after 4 MPs were sent noxious packages and copies of Islamophobic ‘Punish a Muslim’ letter


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“Far-right anti-Muslim bigots have made their way to the White House…”

Trump stokes Sharia law conspiracy theories

Sharia conspiracy theories have crept into the highest echelons of power, giving them more exposure and credence among conservatives

Funny that. “Sharia conspiracy theories” -Really?

Islam is a conspiracy, not a theory. There is a concerted effort by hundreds of Muslim infil-traitors to replace the constitution with sharia. It is refreshing to see a return to normal, after 8 disastrous years under the slave of allah,  Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama.

Trump has mentioned Sharia law several times during his political career (Reuters)

An administration of Islamophobes

“What was once fringe has now become mainstream,” said Wajahat Ali, the lead author of a 2011 Center for American Progress report on the origins of the anti-Islam lobby in the US. “You can trace it to a small, incestuous network of what were once considered far-right anti-Muslim bigots who have now made their way to the White House and whose memes and talking points are now taken seriously by the Republican Party.” .. (Read the whole thing below the fold)

In other news:


HAMAS-CAIR official Nezar Hamze found time to train MB jihadis in mosques, but what about his own fellow deputies, the ones who held back, didn’t go in, while kids were being shot & killed?

Robert Spencer: Pro-Hijab Oppression at the University of Central Florida

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses an incident at the University of Central Florida on World Hijab Day: a Muslim student called for the expulsion of another student for declining to wear a hijab, thereby revealing the sinister authoritarianism at the heart of the whole enterprise.

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Mohammedans Attack Free Speech EVERYWHERE

…and once great Britain’s Freedom of Speech has just been gone….


After The Governments Attack on Free Speech, We Can No Longer Support The Phoney  Conservatives

THE Conservative Party has failed Britain.
Yassmin rants over Dutton’s ‘racist’ whites-only visa deal
She called Peter Duttons views on immigration an absolute joke.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied slams Peter Dutton’s fast-track visa offer for South African farmers

YASSMIN Abdel-Magied says we should help Muslim Rohingya instead of persecuted South African farmers. 

‘White people break the law all the time’

YASSMIN Abdel-Magied has lashed out at Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s “deeply racist” offer to fast-track humanitarian visas for South Africa’s persecuted white farmers, saying priority should instead be given to the Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority.
More below the fold….
South Africa criticises Australian plan to fast-track white farmer visas
“Security studies experts” say there’s no evidence to support claims that white farmers are more targeted than anyone else

Muslim Mayor of Londonistan Comes to USA to Attack Free Speech Online

As the treatment of Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone made obvious, freedom of speech is all but dead in Britain. It was destroyed by Islamophilic political correctness, which the U.K. now exports:

At the annual SXSW festival in Austin on Monday, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made a moving plea for tech companies to take on hate speech.

He presented hostile tweets directed at himself to “illustrate that big tech has further to go in making the internet free of hate speech.”

Khan urged companies like Facebook and Twitter to show “a stronger duty of care” so that “social-media platforms can live up to their promises to connect, unify, and democratize the sharing of information and be places where everyone feels welcomed and valued.”

By “everyone,” he means everyone who shares his point of view. Others must be banned, so as to “unify” the sharing of information.

The London mayor suggested that Facebook and Twitter remove offensive content and misinformation faster and face fines if they don’t.

Germans, whom the British once were willing to fight to the death to preserve their liberty, present the way forward:

In January, Germany began enforcing a new rule that gives social-media platforms 24 hours to decide whether something is hate speech. German police are investigating a far-right politician, Beatrix von Storch, who described Muslims as “barbarians” on Facebook.

Khan says he expects Londoners to pressure their representatives to create a similar rule.

Careful you don’t criticize Khan for trying to snuff out free speech. He is a Muslim. You don’t want to get banned for hate speech, do you? Continue reading Mohammedans Attack Free Speech EVERYWHERE