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UK: No money for flags

by sheikyer mami on April 20, 2014

No money for flags

Paying off the church

Writing in The Scotsman this Easter weekend, Labour Party strategist John McTernan argues that Cameron’s call to Christianity will turn ethnic minority voters away from the Conservative Party, and that David Cameron’s new pledge to faith organisations is simply his way of trying to “pay off” the Church following the passing of the same-sex marriage act.–UK’s Cameron Paying Off the Church for Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Islamist plot: six schools face Ofsted special measures

Six schools implicated in the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by extremists to ‘Islamise’ secular state education face being placed in special measures. The six schools are implicated in the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot by extremists to “Islamise” secular state education in Birmingham which has allegedly seen the illegal segregation of pupils and discrimination against non-Muslim pupils. (Andrew Gilligan)

 Anjem Choudary and other Islamic extremists take to the streets of London again

coper sem/via Mullah/pbuh

Christians, Jews, “unbelievers”, “idolaters”, “polytheists”, etc. are referred to — in the Koran and hadith – as “cattle”, “apes”, “swine”, “pigs” and so on. Even the New Statesman‘s Mehdi Hasan famously referred to all non-Muslims as “cattle”. And if a well-known Muslim member of our media establishment can use such language in 2009, then surely Steve Rose’s words can’t ring very true, can they?
Muslim spokesturds regularly tell us this is “Not true” 

It seems that Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama organization has overstepped its jurisdiction of “measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim attacks in the UK” to defend the Muslim hellhole that is Pakistan and the Islamic theocracy that is Iran.

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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered sarcasm in response to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s plea to Israel on Friday to “reverse” actions it took against the Palestinians.

“While the whole world is working to try to solve the crisis in Ukraine; while in Syria innocent people are still being slaughtered on a daily basis; while mass terror attack continue striking Iraq; and while there are many other areas of conflict that claims human lives around the globe – the European Union’s foreign policy chief found the real danger to world peace,” Lieberman wrote in a post on his Facebook page on Friday evening.

“It’s a good thing the European Union knows how to diagnose the world’s critical issues and deal with them swiftly and determinedly,” he added.

Why would Britain help Muselmanic savages  to set up an Islamic regime in Syria?

You can read, and also read between the lines, here.

His uncle was held at Guantanamo, until released back into the wilds of Tripoli.

His father says that he died as a martyr, wanting to help people. He died fi sabil Allah, in the Path of God Allah — that is, fighting to defeat those deemed the enemies of Islam, the Infidels. –‘He did a brave thing’ says father of Briton killed in Syria  (HF)

taliban martyr“Brave thing”

Father of teenage fighter killed in Syria calls on UK to arm rebels

Syrian rebels must be gifted arms by the British government to overthrow Bashar al-Assad following the death of a Brighton teenager in the conflict

 “Nobody’s intervening to stop the massacres there, this made him think of [this] action,” Mr Deghayes, who fled Col Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya to bring up his family in Britain. “British government should, if they want to help, step up the effort to stop Bashar and stop his killing machine, which is making this whole problem. …

His son was one of the ‘killing machine’


In other news:

Harry Reid vs “Domestic Terrorists”

ONCE AGAIN Harry Reid Calls Bundy Ranch Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” GWP)

Marx, the guiding light

Top Socialist Economist Says He’s Been Working With Democrats & Obama “For A Long Time”

French socialism as a model for America? LOL!


Jews ordered to register in Ukraine “face deportation, citizenship revoked and see their assets confiscated”

 Canada-Saudi arms deal has ‘significant risk’

“Under Canada’s own guidelines, this sale should not have gone forward, and in the future similar sales should not go forward”-As Canada prepares to ship $10bn worth of LAVs to Saudi Arabia, critics urge Ottawa to cease arming repressive regimes.



By Esmeralda Weatherwax

Yet another. I have not forgotten the case of the Peterborough men on trial at the Crown Court in Cambridge, but no newspaper is reporting it since the beginning of the month. According to the Court Lists that trial is still going on and I believe the girls have given their evidence. I have not heard that there is a reporting restriction so it may just be self censorship – lets think of  ’community cohesion’. Yeah right. 

From the BBC and the Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Five men have appeared in court charged with child trafficking and sex offences in relation to a 13-year-old girl. All five were remanded in custody ahead of their next appearance at the Crown Court Sheffield on 28 April.

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Facebook, Kumbaya & ‘Interfaith Dialogue’

by sheikyer mami on April 19, 2014

Kumbaya ‘Rabbis’ participate in Qatar interfaith dialogue

Facebook removes page of preacher using social media to back jihadists

Musa Cerantonio is the third most ‘liked’ person by western jihadists in Syria.
hqdefaultA radical Australian preacher revealed to be using social media to encourage acts of terrorism has had his Facebook page taken down following a Guardian investigation.  The California company confirmed it took action to remove the page following revelations that Musa Cerantonio, an Islamic preacher from west Melbourne, was urging about 12,000 subscribers to “assassinate” US politicians.  Musa will be heartbroken.

From the Religion of Peace:

Iran: Woman Protest Forced Wearing of the Veil, 1979  (Jihad Watch)

You’ve slipped a long way, baby.

Ending Mosque Surveillance on Bombing Anniversary  (Molschky)

Authorities in the U.S. all but ensured another terror attack on the very anniversary of last year’s high-profile marathon bombing.

Dhimmis in the UK  (Molschky)

Islam has added nothing positive to Britian.

Boston Bombing: One Year Later  (Robert Spencer)

Purging our highest law enforcement agencies of Jihad intelligence has had at least one catastrophic result so far.

 The New York Times?

Yes: even Walter Duranty’s fish wrap  cannot hide the truth any longer:

In Jordan Town, Syria War Inspires Jihadist Dreams

ZARQA, Jordan — Late one night, Abu Abdullah left his whole life behind.

Abandoning his wife, two children and a modest frozen foods business, he sneaked across the border to Syria to join an affiliate of Al Qaeda.

He thrived on the blasts and gunfire and relished the feeling of serving what he saw as a celestial cause. But his wife’s anguish soon persuaded him to return to this desert city, where he now longs for his days as an international jihadist.

“If I could go back and do it again, I would not come back,” he said. “Those were the best three months of my life.”

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Trojan Horses Everywhere

by sheikyer mami on April 19, 2014

Jihad Pedagogy in the UK:
As The Telegraph revealed last month, Mr Faraz, the brother of a convicted terrorist, is the administrator of a group of teachers, governors and school consultants called Educational Activists which pursues what he calls an “Islamising agenda” in Birmingham schools.

From the Telegraph thanks to Esmeralda

Schools in Birmingham are illegally segregating pupils, discriminating against non-Muslim students and restricting the GCSE syllabus to “comply with conservative Islamic teaching”, an official report leaked to The Telegraph discloses.

Department for Education inspectors said that girls in a school at the centre of the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were forced to sit at the back of the class, some Christian pupils were left to “teach themselves” and an extremist preacher was invited to speak to children.

A weak establishment is letting Islamists Muslims threaten British freedoms

Birmingham council and police must do all they can to uncover extremist subversion in the city’s schools. All Islamist Muslim schools of thought are hostile to democracy.

Jihad Pedagogy in Austria

The Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGiÖ) has (under pressure) withdrawn permission to teach from one of its religious teachers. He had published Islamist propaganda videos for the Syrian civil war on the internet. (GoV, Continue reading →)

Jihad Pedagogy in the U.S.A.

Basic CMYK

The Florida State Senate recently passed a bill drafted by Republican Senator Alan Hays that would change the way textbooks are chosen in the Sunshine State. This measure, which was opposed by every Democratic Senator, would alter a process that had been created to “avoid religious and political bias” and empower the local school districts to choose their own textbooks without the approval of the Florida Department of Education.

The Senate voted for the bill which was pushed in response to a backlash over national education standards called Common Core.  In November a protest erupted in Volusia County, Florida by outraged parents who claimed the school’s world history textbook had dedicated more pages to Islam than other religions. One of the protest organizers even recommended that students tear out the chapter on Islam.  (BNI)

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Did they follow the call for jihad? Probably.  Did they hurry off to Syria to support Islamic terrorists? Looks like it. Their (Muslim) families are in denial.

Sexual jihad in Syria provides ‘relief’ for Islamist terrorists

Underage girls are being proferred as sexual partners to multiple men each day among the Islamist terrorists fighting against the government of Syria.

The poster girls for jihad: Interpol searches for two Austrian teens ‘who went to Syria to fight for Islamic rebels’


PreviewScreenSnapz012Missing: Samra Kesinovic, left, and Sabinas Selimovic, right, have disappeared, leaving behind Facebook posts showing them in niqabs and wielding assault rifles


SafariScreenSnapz111But the parents say that they don’t believe the messages are being written by the girls. Authorities suspect they have been tricked into leaving the country. Samra and Sabina come from Bosnian refugee families who settled in Austria after the ethnic wars  jihad against the Christian Serbs of the 1990s, and were born in the country.

That means they are Muslims. The parents are religiously obliged to lie. This is called taqiyya.

  • Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, vanished on April 10
  • Social media posts then began, showing girls in Islamic dress
  • Interpol believes they have been tricked into going to Syria
  • Shocking photographs shown one of the girls with AK-47-wielding men

By KIERAN CORCORAN/Daily Mail (read it all).



Not all Libyans who arrive in Malta as tourists return home.

Libyan Khaled Baara was granted asylum in Malta after he converted to Christianity

It is increasingly easy for Libyans, who see Malta as a soft entry point into Europe, to apply for and be granted a Schengen visa. “The greatest numbers of applications by far, are for Schengen visas to Malta, with not less than 200 applications being received daily,” explained Mshihit, adding that approval rates for these visas sit between 80 and 90 percent. Both VFS and the Maltese Embassy in Tripoli are aware of possible visa fraud, keeping a lookout for sham companies, falsified invitation letters and fraudulent agents.

“At the end of the day, it’s an income for Malta, especially as the European economy is not doing well,” Mshihit said.

Its not an income for European taxpayers, who are forced to pay for this.

An increasing number, mostly young adult males, either overstay their visas or utilise Malta as a springboard to other Schengen countries. This trend is also common among Syrian refugees, who travel to Libya and then onwards to Malta and other Schengen countries where they hope to seek asylum.  (Asylum from Islam? al Jizz has the story)


From Barenaked Islam. Hard to believe that this is happening before our very eyes:
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF SWEDEN passes law to criminalize any criticism of Muslim immigration

How this will affect the Sweden Democrats, an anti-Muslim immigration party that is soaring in popularity?

A new law will come into effect in Sweden after Christmas 2014, that will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.

The Constitutional Committee’s report has been voted for in parliament, seen in a letter from the Parliamentary Offices. Member of Parliament Andrew Norlén, member of the Constitutional Committee, has been pushing the issue and he says it will rapidly become a deterrent.

“I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the internet is not a lawless country, the sheriff is back in town” Norlén said during a one-sided ‘debate’ on the issue in Swedish parliament.
SDLGteborgdemoad-viThis new law is meant to stop Swedish people from complaining about their country being turned into a third world nation.

Without freedom of speech there can be no democracy. If you are not allowed to say certain things then parties that support your ideas cannot exist and Sweden is at high risk of turning into a communist USSR-like country.