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Ouch! British Top Cop Steps Out of Line….

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

Will the British authorities expel this top police officer? They banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for saying such things, did they not? But …..
Australia: Muslim leaders’ radical unity – against Tony Abbott 
by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Andrew Bolt, writing in the Herald Sun of Melbourne, realising that there is no real distinction betoween ‘Islamists’ and ‘moderate Muslims’. There is only Islam.

AS news broke of the beheading of US journalist James Foley, 80 of Australia’s Muslim representatives issued a statement denouncing the extremism of … Tony Abbott. Last week’s statement is the most frightening yet from our Muslim “leaders”.

It attacks the Prime Minister for proposing anti-terrorism laws it falsely claims “specifically target Muslims”. It ludicrously claims the threat from Muslim jihadists returning from Iraq or Syria is “trumped up” and then savages the true villains — the West and the Jews.

The message is clear. There can be no co-operation on laws to save Australians from being blown up unless Australia abandons Israel and stops fighting jihadists abroad.

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Here’s the video, article below the fold:

UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children | FrontPage Magazine

by Daniel Greenfield

We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the horrifying crimes committed by Muslim settlers against the children of the UK. …

From the Q-Society:

“I can’t vouch for the authorship of this remarkable online document, apparently produced by members of the public, but it discusses in impressive detail some of these issues – and documents a decade of cover-up and cowardice by the media, politicians and law enforcement. It shows that what has been happening on our streets is better understood by ordinary members of the public than by the people who run their cities.”

The remarkable online document is Gavin Boby’s report int… See More

Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It? The notorious Sydney gang rapes in 2000 were committed by Lebanese… BREITBART.COM

Think Mooch Obama will do a hashtag appeal for muslims to stop raping British children? (Vlad)
Michaell never tweet-1

PuffHo Fantasy Productions: Muslims Stand Against ISIS, Too

Notwithstanding their differences, Muslims of all stripes — Sunni, Shii, Ismaili, Ahmadi, LGBTQ — must unite to amplify their efforts to isolate groups like ISIS and not allow Islamophobia to dishearten them. …

More on the followers of the false prophet and their collective fear of fear of islam at HuffPost–Junaid Jahangir
Canada West Coordinator – Universalist Muslims (Mullah, pbuh)

Sean Hannity Explodes on Imam: ‘Every Radical Islamist Like You Will Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth’

“Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, ‘convert to Islam or die?’ Do you support that?”

Fox News host Sean Hannity got into an explosive debate with Imam Anjem Choudary on Wednesday as the two clashed over the dangers of radical Islam around the world.

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O.J. Simpson finds… Islam

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

You knew this was inevitable. Allah is most forgiving and merciful.

O.J. Simpson finds… Islam

The National ENQUIRER reports that Simpson, 67, became interested in the religion through fellow inmates and was even put in touch with former pro boxer Mike Tyson, who is devout Muslim.

(US) For years now the faithful tell me that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world, however, that is by dint of birth rates. When we see how the population of each and every Islamic country around the world has virtually doubled in the past 30 years it isn’t hard to see that fact.
However, there is an actual growth industry of people turning to Islam, and that is inside prisons. For some strange reason, prisoners are flocking to the prison mosque in which to find… Allah. Peace or simply finding a faith which legalizes their blood lust and criminal ways.

Whatever the reason, it appears that another famous prison lag has found Islam… O.J. Simpson, imprisoned in Nevada since 2008 on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery.

Now remind me again what he was infamous for?

Video: Pali Children in Gaza Cheer for Rockets to Hit America

Bv-x7grIMAAgqXP.jpg-large(CNSNews) The terrorist group Hamas fired at least 117 rockets into Israel Sunday, CNN reported, as violence there escalated again. But major U.S. media have censored Palestinian’s anti-American reaction to this ongoing attack on an ally. In one Al Jazeera America video, children cheered on the rockets, wishing they would land in the United States.

This is just a tiny example of the impact and consequences of Islamic immigration to western countries:

Who needs a job when you got allah and UNRWA already?
 BDS Victory Over SodaStream Equals 900 Palestinians Out of Work

Unfortunately for [...] 900 Palestinian SodaStream employees, it seems the BDS supporters are more concerned with boycotting Israeli businesses who ‘occupy’ Palestinian settlements than helping the actual Palestinian people themselves.


The Muslim Conquest of EUrabia

by sheikyer mami on August 27, 2014

Ships that should never set sail


Once in the offing, it’s too late.

93,000 migrants — Muslim and African — have made it to Italy this year alone. They are a gigantic expense, a headache, and worse. They cannot be “integrated” in any sense that matters, if Italy is to be Italy, if Europe is to be Europe. They must be sent back. And sent back noisily, so that everyone else hears about it, instead of hearing how it is “possible” to get to Europe, if you try hard enough.

And let the dangers also be well-publicised.   As here. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

400px-LamericaNearly 2,000 people fleeing Africa and the Middle East have drowned in the Mediterranean this year, most of them in the past three months as they tried to reach Europe from Libya, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Al-Andaluz is high on the To-Do List of Muslim Lands To Recover. Javier Bardem and other ill-informed denouncers of Israel’s self-defense in Gaza appear not to know anything about the without-end Jihad against Israel, but one might have thought that they might have been hesitant, that they knew about the Muslim attitude not just toward the Infidel nation-state of Israel “on Muslim land” but toward all non-Muslims, and taken note of the desire to undo the Reconquista, and to re-reconquer, mainly through demography, Al-Andaluz. Here.

How strange in Spain that this has not been plain.

The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism 

Soeren Kern writes at Gatestone Institute:

The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.


Foreign Muslim clerics who preach hatred in Dutch mosques and who glorify terrorism face deportation, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher says in Monday’s Telegraaf. Imams with Dutch nationality will also be stopped from preaching, Asscher told the paper. From Expatica

They been talking about this for a long time, and talk is cheap. It may not be too late, but we are running out of time. This needs to be done, yesterday.

Sexual Attraction For Headchoppers?

They did nothing about the “Trojan Horse” plot to Islamise the schools either:


And that is just in Rotherham, one small part of England. What’s happened in Leeds? In Bradford? In Manchester? In Greater London? How many officials have been afraid to be accused of “racism”? And how many people will read the full report, and grasp how Muslims are taught to regard non-Muslims? Here.

From the eye on the world:

“Well, I am an Asian, I am not Pakistani, I am not a Muslim and I am not a Rapist.”

1,400 girls from one town, we’ve had Islamic rape gangs convicted in DerbyRochdale, OxfordTelfordBlackpool,Blackburn, BurnleyNewcastle, and I haven’t even bothered with Bradford, Sheffield, London, Birmingham. The one common thread with all these ugly stories is… Islam. Instead of looking into why Muslims feel a need to groom and rape little white girls, the powers that be differ. Just what is it about Islam that sanctions sex with little girls?

Here read the report into the above.


In, for example, the story here.

And any group who raised the matter was shouted down as racist.

More than 1,400 children abused in Rotherham sex abuse scandal ~ but No measures over abuse inaction

Two sides of the same coin:

Hamas Challenges PA with ‘Victory’ Rally in Bethlehem


Most Italian jihadis with Isis aren’t immigrants

From the Italian edition of The Local

Around 50 Italians have been recruited by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis), the majority from non-immigrant families, Italian media reported. The majority of the young “foreign fighters” were converted to Isis’ extreme ideology online and subsequently travelled to Syria and Iraq, Corriere della Sera said.

How China Dispatches Muslim Terrorists 

No trials lasting years, with voir dire, and court-appointed this and that, and endless motions for dismissal, and then appeals, and so on.  Here.

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Hezbollah Is Trying To Fool People Into Believing It’s The Moderate Alternative To ISIS In The Middle East

nazrallah-hezbollahYou can read more  about this deranged creature here….

There may be cannibals who have no table manners, and there may be some who know how to use fork and knife. What difference does is make? What’s behind the rush to separate the religion from its most notorious exponents?

“We And ISIS Are Totally Different Kinds Of Genocidal Barbarians”

More from the humor site PreOccupied Territory.

Robert Spencer

… Western leaders are in complete agreement about one thing: the new self-styled caliphate, the Islamic State, has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. …

Took a while…. I guess they had to drag them there kicking and screaming:

UN accuses Islamic State group of war crimes

New UN report says armed group has performed public executions and that Syria has used chlorine gas in combat.

War is Deceit, said Muhammad, profit of Islam

Thanks to Liberal MP Luke Simpkins, Australians for Palestine editor Sonja Karkar’s photo misrepresentation and subsequent lack of explanation or apology has been exposed. (The Australian)

THE activist group Australians for Palestine has prompted outrage by misrepresenting an image of children killed in Syria as young victims of the conflict in Gaza in an email to MPs that attacked Israel’s operations.  (Q-Society)
Behind Enemy Lines:
‘This’ being Islamization through Muslim immigration. People are waking up, but is it too little too late? via News – How The Hell Did We Let This Happen? – The Pickering Post.
ISIS Tells Syrian Rebels To Expect The Worst 

Islamic State Calls for Revenge Against Syria’s Rebels. The Islamic State alleges Syrian rebels raped and abused female relatives of IS militants when ousting IS from Aleppo. Here.

A rebel fighter stands on a street covered with dust following a reported air strike by Syrian government forces in the old city of Aleppo on July 21, 2014. A rebel fighter stands on a street in the old city of Aleppo, Syria.

al-ZaharBy Mahmoud A-Zahar, Hamas Leader
Zionist leader Binyamin Netanyahu tried to get the West to believe that the murderous, brutal Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is cut from the same cloth as our noble Resistance. I am here to tell you that such an analogy misses the mark egregiously, because the two organizations are completely different kinds of genocidal, power-seeking, barbaric movements. “We And ISIS Are Totally Different Kinds Of Genocidal Barbarians” (PreOccupied Territory)


Not eliminating these savages is a big mistake. We will pay dearly for it.

“It is impossible to make do with words and speeches to express this victory,” says Hamas leader after 50 days in hiding.

Hamas celebrates “victory” in ceasefire with Israel
Hamas celebrates “victory” in ceasefire with Israel

The original goal of Operation Protective Edge had been to destroy Hamas. That is now off the table, to the detriment of all free people. “Hamas victory celebrations should not be easily dismissed,” by David Horovitz, Times of Israel, August 26, 2014: The ostensible end of Israel-Hamas hostilities took effect at 7 p.m. Israel time […]Continue Reading »

Pamela Geller: Obama administration refuses to admit that Hamas is the same as the Islamic StatePamela Geller: Obama regime refuses to admit that Hamas is the same as the Islamic State

Still more denial and obfuscation of the reality of Islamic jihad from the Obama Administration. “Obama admin refuses to admit Hamas is ISIS,” by Pamela Geller, WND, August 24, 2014: On Wednesday, a reporter asked State Department spokesperson Marie Harf this question: “Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Hamas and ISIL were one and the same. […]/Comments/Continue Reading »

‘Great achievements for Israel,’ says Netanyahu

Prime Minister speaking following growing criticism of handling of 50-day…YNETNEWS.COM


Swedish PM on the cost of Muslim immigration: “we will not be able to afford much else”Swedish PM on the cost of Muslim immigration: “we will not be able to afford much else”

 (Prime Minister Reinfeldt to Alfons: “Alfons, I have invited a middle-sized Arab clan to live in our apartment, so in the future you will have to sleep in the kitchen and we will not be able to afford toys, cinema, cat food and so on. This is ok with you, right…?” Alfons: “I think you […]/Comments/Continue Reading »

Sweden put on notice:

The talk show is hosted by Rashid Hmami, a Moroccan who converted from Islam to Christianity when he was 19. Hmami proceeded to grill the caller about verses of the Koran and his methods of enforcing his religion.

“So why do you live in Sweden? Why do you live in a land of unbelievers? You know that it is haram, forbidden for Muslims,” Hmami pressed.
“And you receive benefits from Sweden. You take advantage of the state and its welfare and money.”
“No. It is not their money,” the caller said. “The money can only come from god allah.”
Not to worry, Sweden has an “exit programme”
Many other states in Europe have prevention programmes and exit strategies,” Gustafsson said.
“It can be done in several ways, but the most common is to create an organization with psychologists, social services, security services, and community police who will establish a relationship with the person and offer counselling and mentoring to get back into society.”
There is ample evidence that such programs are not worth the dirt under the fingernails of a jihadist. But this inbred stupidity is all the rage among European intellectuals.   This is an amazingly good article from The Local. Read it all!
Islamic State establishes faction in Denmark

Islamic State establishes faction in Denmark

(Left: Islamic State flag in front of the Danish parliament. Right: Islamic State members assembling in Vejle, Denmark) Via, translated from Uriasposten: The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) has created a faction in Denmark, with agents operating on direct orders from the leadership in Syria. … Ekstrabladet (newspaper) has learned that the Danish IS […] / CommentsContinue Reading »


Rape, exploitation and sexual slavery of white British girls on a huge scale.

Curiously, this crime is not seen as racism. But bringing the Paki Muslim bastards who did this to justice would have been “racist”. Not sure how this idiocy was implanted in the heads of British “authorities”, but heads should roll. Their heads. This cannot go on.
UK: 1,400 non-Muslim children exploited by Muslim rape gangs, authorities did nothing “for fear of being thought as racist”UK: 1,400 non-Muslim children exploited by Muslim rape gangs, authorities did nothing “for fear of being thought as racist”

You can write that as the epitaph of Great Britain. The British government kowtowed to Islamic supremacists “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government hounded counter-jihadists domestically and banned ones from the U.S. from entering the country “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government worked with Islamic supremacists it mistook […] / CommentsContinue Reading »

Girls left to be raped to protect multicultural ‘harmony’

Andrew Bolt

An incredible report by an independent inquiry that details depravity and social disintegration in Britain’s Rotherham:

No one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1400 children were sexually exploited over the full Inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.

In just over a third of cases, children affected by sexual exploitation were previously known to services because of child protection and neglect. It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.

This abuse is not confined to the past but continues to this day. In May 2014, the caseload of the specialist child sexual exploitation team was 51.

The report also details a great cowardice:

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