Winds Of Jihad By Sheik Yer Mami

The new buzzwords of the scoundrels who brought us the sharia and flooded the country with Mohammedan headchoppers:

Tony Abbott’s cave-in to “divisive policy of backbenchers” a failure of leadership

Sydney Moonbat Herald becoming frantic in its support of followers of the false prophet

Australia’s social cohesion is at risk. The Prime Minister’s responsibility is not to play with it but to protect it.

How about protecting Australians from the soldiers of Allah?

877848-sydney-riotMore on Australia’s ‘social cohesion’ being destroyed by the otherers who divide us into muslim / non-muslim (and then complain about being othered)  Peter Hartcher at Sydney Morning Herald, thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

Newport: Muslims ‘under siege’, says lawyer shyster

Followers of false prophet attack us, our way of life and infrastructure – then claim to be ‘under siege’

 Ms Souki said the Muslim community was feeling besieged by growing suspicion. …

More on allah’s otherers who attack us then claim to be under siege at Monash Weekly by Goya Dmytryshchak….

dtho13October007.JPG / Muslim Women Naqab
Tony Abbott finds burqa ‘confronting’ and would not oppose parliament ban

Frankly, I wish it was not worn but we are a free country, we are a free society and it is not the business of government to tell people what they should and shouldn’t wear,” he said in Canberra. …

Its not about us telling people “what they should and shouldn’t wear.” Its about preserving the freedom to reject the freedom sack.

… The opposition leader, Bill Shorten, said Abbott should “stamp on the issue” and promote social cohesion. …

Romper Stomper. Every socialist hack is a totalitarian asshole and Shorty is the biggest of them all.

More issue-stamping and attempting to alloy iron with clay at, Wednesday 1 October 2014


Belated realisation of what once-Great Britain has become at London Evening Standard thanks to Mullah, pbuh:

Theresa May uses Tory conference speech to hit out at Tower Hamlets council’s ‘divisive politics’

“Across the country, there are concerns about the way Shari’ah law is being applied, the way women are told to live and the intolerant attitudes shown to people of different beliefs and ways of life.”

Mrs May warned: “We must not sleepwalk into separation, segregation and sectarianism.” …

Is Theresa May schizophrenic?
Why is Theresa May pretending that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? » Spectator Blogs
Home Secretary Theresa May
Here is Imam May on the terrorist group Isis:
‘This hateful ideology has nothing to do with Islam itself. And it is rejected by the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain and around the world. …# Thanks to Fahrenheit211, Douglas Murray via Mullah, pbuh


The dividing line between good and evil

by sheikyer mami on October 1, 2014

Mark Steyn:

Much of the progressive agenda – on marriage, immigration, and much else – involves not winning the argument but ruling any debate out of bounds.– Tiptoeing on ever-thinner eggshells


Tim Blair:

The rape, torture and enslavement of women are abhorrent acts, don’t misunderstand me. But what about the British in Malaya in the 1950s?–EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE

Robert Spencer:

NYU Prof: Myles Standish beheaded too; we’re all as savage as the Islamic StateNYU Prof: Myles Standish beheaded too; we’re all as savage as the Islamic State

In a certain sense it is true: the dividing line between good and evil is not between one group and another; rather, it is within every human heart. This article is trying to make that point, but also to go farther than that, to reinforce the fashionable relativism of the intelligentsia: no moral distinctions can ( / Comments]  Continue Reading »



A$$hole of the Month: Colin Barnett

by sheikyer mami on October 1, 2014

This clown had no time or place for Geert Wilders, but lies down with Mohammedan grievance mongers and rabid jihad dogs. Nobody, nobody looks good with brown lipstick, Mr Barnett, and it does even less for you!

Mr Barnett hosted the meeting with 12 senior members of the Islamic community to discuss issues in the wake of recent events.

“The meeting was primarily an opportunity … to reassure WA’s Muslim community that Western Australia is a harmonious and diverse community and it is the responsibility of all of us to demonstrate respect and tolerance for our fellow Western Australians,” Mr Barnett said

Those at the meeting raised concerns about threats and attacks on women wearing hijabs amid heightened tension following the raising of the terrorist threat in Australia.
“So more of these dialogues, working together, I think that is what’s going to promote that sense of belonging and that sense of unity to the wider community.”
Yes. This dialogue and working together worked wonderfully for Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and all those who were systematically wiped out under the Mohammedan system. Barnett is a lunatic, a traitor and a lackey for those who will destroy us.
Muslim community leaders raise concerns over a rise in racial harassment with the WA Premier.ABC.NET.AU
Is Shorty any better? You tell me:
Did Bill Shorten’s media minders forget to tell their boss to be mindful who he rubs shoulders with?
Photo: Did Bill Shorten's media minders forget to tell their boss to be mindful who he rubs shoulders with?
 From the Q-Society



China cracks down on ABC spin doctors

by sheikyer mami on September 30, 2014

The Chinese government has issued veiled threats to Australia’s national broadcaster that diplomatic relations could be damaged if the ABC broadcasts a report from its Beijing-based correspondent Stephen McDonell, according to ABC sources.

The report, which is due to air on the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program on Tuesday night, deals with the Chinese government’s increasingly harsh crackdown on the Uighurs, a small Muslim community in the far-western province of Xinjiang. (Sydney Moonbat Herald)

(Nearly ten million head choppers is just “a small minority” for ABC journaillie.)

"We will be showing the program": the ABC's Michael Millett.“We will be showing the program”: the ABC’s Michael Millett. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Sure. Always on the side of the oppressed soldiers of allah. Doesn’t take much courage to damage our relations with China while we have a conservative government. The ABC needs to be put out of business.

The Uighurs, who are seeking an independent homeland, have been the subject of a brutal crackdown by Chinese authorities.

The Uighurs have  been running amok for much too long and murdered hundreds of Han Chinese in their jihad, which the ABC generously omits.

The Chinese government has been condemned internationally for the life sentence that was recently imposed on well-respected Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti.

“Well respected” by whom? Why would anyone with his head still screwed on side with Islamic savages?

A fortnight ago, while McDonell was returning to Beijing after filming in Xinjiang, the Chinese embassy in Canberra contacted the ABC’s managing director, Mark Scott, to express their concerns about the program. They requested it not be aired.

Because they know how biased the ABC is.

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If they don’t rule over us they are “marginalised”

by sheikyer mami on September 30, 2014

Europe’s ISIL recruits ‘victims of discrimination’
Stripping citizenship from dual nationals and refusing re-entry to those suspected of fighting with ISIL “not helpful”,  claims  Ahmet Yukleyen,  assistant professor of cultural anthropology Ahmet Yukleyen from Istanbul Commerce University. (Everything that stands in the way of the Islamic expansion program is “unhelpful”).

Instead, he calls on European countries to develop youth programs where the hybrid identities of young second or third-generation citizens are welcomed. He also called for an increase in “social acceptance” to prevent young people joining ISIL from Europe.

Europe's ISIL recruits 'victims of discrimination'Real and perceived discrimination against second and third-generation minorities in Europe is the reason why some young people from the West have decided to join ISIL, a Turkish academic claimed.

“Social and perceived discrimination” is the reason why young people from Europe are going overseas to join dangerous extremist groups like the ISIL, a Turkish academic has claimed.

Turkish wakademics are the avant-garde in scientific research, we all know that.

The same here in Oz:

Was Numan Haider, who stabbed and nearly killed two police officers “disavantaged” and living with “high unemployment”, watching “opportunity passing them by”?

Afghan refugee Barat Ali Batoor plays that victim card that unfairly – and dangerously – moves the guilt from Islam to Australia: Forget the victim card

Don’t cancel the Australian passports of aspiring Islamic radicals headchoppers— just let them go


HOW smart is it to cancel the passports of wannabe jihadists and keep them in Australia like angry little pressure cookers? 

Denied the opportunity of “adventure jihad” in Syria and Iraq, aspiring radicals may just turn their attention to homegrown terrorism, as we saw on Tuesday night in Melbourne.

The cancellation of a passport may, in fact, interrupt a natural process in which a young hothead decides not to travel to the killing fields of the Middle East and just gets on with the good life in Australia.

Instead, his cancelled passport automatically gives him the status among his peers of a jihadist hero, and a fixed identity, without his having taken the conscious step to leave his family and fly to a war zone.

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Andy Choudary lies his a$$ off on Hannity

by sheikyer mami on September 30, 2014

This is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” September 29, 2014. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

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“Workplace Violence”

by sheikyer mami on September 30, 2014

Allahu akbaring headchopper was not Muslim:

Oklahoma Beheader’s Sister: “I Don’t Think He Converted to Islam” (GWP)

Maybe he was just a little bit pregnant, is that what made him do it?

Alton Nolen’s Mother Apologizes for Son: ‘There Are Two Sides to Every Story’

Yes. The other side is dead. But so is the headchopper, and that is good.

“Workplace violence” my arse. (Allen West)

"Workplace violence" my arse. The Oklahoma beheader was tied via his imam to al-Qaida and the Tsarnaev brothers
 Alton Nolen, a committed Islamist who goes by the Muslim name of Jah’Keem Yisrael, stands in front of the gates of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. (Breitbart)


Behind every head chopper is a mosque:

Breitbart Investigation Forces Transparency From CAIR-Connected Oklahoma City Mosque

Shortly after Breitbart News revealed that the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) had deleted its past two Friday sermons from its website, the mosque responded by making the sermons again available to the public….

Latest Liberal Lunacy:

Global Warming Created ISIS

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, September 30, 2014, GWP

60,000 Syrian Kurds fled their villages as ISIS advanced in northern Syria in September.
syria isis refugeesSyrian Kurds withdraw from ~60 towns as ISIS advanced. (Great Whatever)

But, leftists believe the real threat in Syria is not ISIS. It’s global warming. In fact, the left believes climate change created ISIS and imperils Afghan girls who want to attend school.

Yes, really.

EXCLUSIVE Interview: