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After Barcelona, Jihad continues in Finland….

Allah is  the Greatest! Today Finnish shoppers pay in blood for the great experiment in cultural enrichment. How much longer can career politicians defend the indefensible?

Two Dead, Several Injured in Finland, Police Shoot Knifeman

Police have shot a suspect after several people were stabbed in Turku, Finland on Friday.


Finland Terror Attack: Killer is 18 Year Old Moroccan Asylum Seeker, Victims are Finns, British, Swedes, Italian

Two people have been killed, reports Helsinki newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, after police used a firearm to stop a knifeman during an attack in the city of Turku, in the southwest of Finland. A manhunt is underway as police search for what they described as “more perpetrators” in the city, suggesting there may have been a brawl or even mass attack.

Passers-by working as a group are understood to have driven the attacker away while rendering aid to the victims.

A police press conference Friday evening after the attack confirmed two had been killed, eight injured, and that officers had hit the suspect in the thigh with a single shot.

Armed police shoot ‘multiple attackers with knives in terror attack’
Police have confirmed “several people have been knifed” in the centre of Turku this afternoon – and there are reports ‘a woman and a baby’ was…

Finland Terror: Two Dead, Several Injured…

More on the Islamic terror against Spain:

Single officer killed 4 suspects in Spain attack

Australian Woman in Barcelona Cheats Death at the Hands of Terrorists for Third Time

An Australian woman cheated death for the third time in three months when she narrowly avoided being directly caught up in the Islamist terror attack that convulsed Barcelona on Thursday.

Julie Monaco, 26, from the Victoria state capital of Melbourne, was shopping with friends in a mall when terrorists drove a van into pedestrians and shoppers in the Las Ramblas district of Barcelona.

This was the third time Monaco had brushed with terrorism since she began a European tour in May but she told an Australian radio station she will not be deterred from seeing the world or enjoying all the sights that Europe has to offer.

In June, she was put in lockdown on the London Underground when terrorists plowed across London Bridge before going on a murderous knife rampage in nearby Borough Market.

Is he really dead this time?

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton refused to confirm Sharrouf’s death.

Therein lies the rub.

Khaled Sharrouf died many times before. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he or his brood pop up in an other theatre of jihad somewhere else.

It’s not every day there is some good news in the fight against barbarity and evil.

And just because a jackal is born in a stable, does not make it a horse. This guy is about as Australian as a rabies infested Middle Eastern donkey.

ISIS thug who forced son, nine, to hold soldier’s decapitated head is ‘killed with his two kids in Syria’

KHALED Sharrouf, 36, is believed to have died while driving near Raqqa with sons Abdullah and Zarqawi

AN Australian ISIS thug who forced his young son to hold the decapitated head of a soldier is believed to have been killed in an airstrike in Syria.

How do we know that he “forced” his young son?  Is that not fantasy based reporting?

Khaled Sharrouf, 36, reportedly died alongside his sons Zarqawi, 11, and Abdullah, 12, near the city of Raqqa on Friday.

AN Australian ISIS thug who forced his young son to hold the decapitated head of a soldier is believed to have been killed in an airstrike in Syria.

How thin can excuses wear every time an atrocity is committed in the name of Islam?

Is a Tolerant Culture Being Replaced by an Intolerant One?

by Saher Fares, Gatestone Institute

  • One need not go back centuries to the Muslim conquest of the Christian late classical world — the medieval Barbary corsair raids, the Ottoman yoke in Central and Eastern Europe or the slave markets of Kaffa in Tatar Muslim Crimea — to understand that this violence clearly predates the European colonial era, the creation of the modern state of Israel, or the issue of climate change.
  • Countries such as China, Nigeria or Kenya that are not Western, not“imperialist”, not whatever the excuses that Islamists make, are still spectacularly attacked by similar stabbings. Month on month, there seems almost nowhere that Islamic terror did not strike.
  • Volumes of revered Islamic texts establish in great detail the grounds of violence and oppression of non-believers and those deemed heretical. These supposed grounds — made alive daily in madrassas and mosques across the world before being acted upon by religiously-trained terrorists — are childishly dismissed by Western liberals as immaterial.
  • The first step towards a solution is to question the received knowledge tirelessly dished out by media pundits in the West. What is lacking is simply seeing a huge body of evidence of theological justification for Islamist terror.

How thin can excuses wear every time an atrocity is committed in the name of Islam?

When 13 people were killed and scores more injured this week in a vehicle-ramming attack in Barcelona, Spain, and stabbing men shouting “This is for Allah!” on London Bridge and in Borough Market in June, what the victims least cared about was the Western elite pontificating that the latest atrocity “had nothing to do with Islam”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said, “It is time to say enough is enough” and promised a review of her country’s counter-terrorism strategy.

In the absence, however, of an honest and tempered look at the root causes of this terrorism, sacred or not, and a painful soul-searching by Muslims themselves of the grounds in their religion that give rise to such violence, it will never be “enough”.

On June 4, British PM Theresa May said, “It is time to say enough is enough” and promised a review of her country’s counter-terrorism strategy. In the absence, however, of an honest look at the root causes of this terrorism, and a painful soul-searching by Muslims of the grounds in their religion that give rise to such violence, it will never be “enough”. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

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Islamic terrorist who drove van into tourist hotspot in Barcelona remains at large

Stop saying terrorist attacks won’t change our way of life. They already have.

Three men are in custody, five have been shot dead and at least one remains at large after two linked terrorist attacks in Spain.

The driver, identified by reports as Moussa Oukabir, fled on foot after ploughing into crowds on Las Ramblas.

This is jihad. Jihad is waged against non-Muslims to establish sharia. You either submit to the sharia or fight back. Not with candlelight vigils. Not with  ‘standing together’ -BS, worthless solidarity declarations or steel barriers. Tommy Robinson is right when he says  “We are at war & the enemy are being invited into our homelands. We house them , we feed them & they kill us for Allah”. Just about all western politicians are in denial over the Islamic expansion project  because their policies have caused it. They own it. They are responsible for each and every Mohammedan atrocity. Meanwhile, the alt-left & CNN were more upset about Trump’s General Pershing tweet than the Islamic terror attack in Barcelona. Let that sink in. Our political clown gallery feigns outrage over Hanson’s burqa “stunt”, offended on behalf of our spectacularly fantastic Islamic community.
Then they switch to outrage over an “extremist” terror attack in Spain,
claiming Hanson is contributing to “extremism” by wearing the burqa, by MOCKING a religion.

So tell me again: WTF caused the attack in Barcelona?

Barcelona terror suspect Moussa Oukabir hunted after ‘kill infidels’ rant

Police and security services across the country said they were hunting Moroccan, Moussa Oukabir, 18, who was suspected of being involved in the van attack on Las Ramblas, in which at least 13 people were killed.

Oukabir’s older brother, Driss, 28, was reportedly held by police in his hometown of Ropill, around 65 miles north of Barcelona.

Barcelona and Cambrils attacks: Police name suspected van driver after five terrorists shot dead

Five terrorists wearing fake suicide belts have been shot dead by police after ramming civilians with a car in a Spanish seaside town in a second vehicle attack, as police named a man being hunted as the suspected Barcelona van driver.

Seven people, including a police officer, were injured in Cambrils – hours after a rampaging van driver left 13 people dead and more than 100 wounded around 70 miles away in Barcelona.

Police have named the suspected Barcelona van driver they are hunting as 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir. He is the brother of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan who is alleged to have rented the vehicle.

Investigators revealed that a 12-strong terror cell thought to have been behind the two Spanish attacks is believed to have been planning an atrocity with gas canisters.

In Cambrils, holidaymakers ran for their lives as gunfire broke out close to the coastal town’s beachfront promenade early on Friday. A British tourist told how families and residents were ordered to take cover as bullets tore through the air.

The van who ploughed into the crowd, killing at least 13 people and injuring around 100 others is towed away from the Rambla in Barcelona

Hunt for van driver after Barcelona rampage

A manhunt continues for the driver, who escaped the scene on foot after ploughing into crowds on Las Ramblas.

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Spain: Four jihadis killed as police foil second jihad mass murder plot

Massive explosion at house linked to Barcelona jihad massacre

“Inside the house, which police believe was occupied for a few months, they found around 20 canisters of butane and propane gas.”

That suggests that more jihad violence was being plotted.

“Massive explosion at Alcanar house on Wednesday night linked to Barcelona terror attack,” by Harriet Alexander, Telegraph, August 17, 2017:

A huge explosion at a house 120 miles south of Barcelona on Wednesday night is now being linked by police to the terrorist attack a day later.

More on Jihad Watch.

Just imagine what Spain, and all of Europe, will look like in five years, thanks to the mass Muslim migration into Europe, actively encouraged and brought about by Europe’s political elites.

“Barcelona attack: police shoot dead four terror suspects in Cambrils after van crashes into crowd at Las Ramblas, killing 13,” by Barney Henderson, James Rothwell, and Hannah Strange, Telegraph, August 18, 2017:

Terror returned to the streets of Europe on Thursday when a van ploughed into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing at least 13 and injuring more than 100 others.

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“Our” ABC Stands With Islam

ABC promotes “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”


Andrew Bolt

The ABC defends Islam: “Pauline Hanson slammed for ‘appalling and offensive’ burka stunt.” The ABC again attacks Christianity: “Shattering the silence: Australians tell their stories of surviving domestic violence in the church.”

Nor has the ABC retracted its latest false anti-Christian smear:

Overall the international studies indicate that intimate partner violence is just as serious a problem in Christian communities, as it is in the general community.

You’d never know from the ABC that Christians are less likely to be wife beaters.

The agenda is clear.

Here is the ABC horrified by someone wearing a burqa in Parliament to criticise Islam, when the ABC honors others wearing a nun’s habit in Parliament to criticise Christianity:

The Northern Territory Parliament’s May sittings launched with a unique sort of reverence in 1992, when politicians were bailed up by five nuns in pink habits and heavily tinted sunglasses.

The nuns’ mission — exorcise homophobia.

“We didn’t just turn up,” Dr Dino Hodge, one of the men behind the nun costumes, said.

“We manifested, darling.”

The ABC at times seems a protection racket for Islam. It is so obvious that even ABC listeners were ringing ABC presenter Raf Epstein this morning to complain about his refusal to allow a frank debate.


The ABC actually likes mocking a religion, provided it is Christianity, not Islam:

Barcelona attack live updates: Driver on the run as police foil SECOND plot 70 miles away


Van of Peace Culturally Enriches Barcelona

A TERRORIST who rammed a van into shoppers on Las Ramblas, killing 13 and leaving more than 100 injured, could still be on the run in Barcelona as police reveal he is not among those arrested.

Armed Police search Barcelona streets following attack
• Local reports say Las Ramblas attack driver made off on foot after mowing down dozens of tourists• Shortly after the attack shop workers reported a hostage situation in the Luna de Istanbul restaurant, near the La Boqueria Market – police later denied hostages were taken• Armed police stormed Barcelona city centre, while a second van was searched 40 miles away

• Two policemen were hit by driver outside of the city, but officials are yet to confirm if the events were connected

• Police confirmed 13 dead and more than 100 injured, 15 have sustained serious injuries. Belgian tourist confirmed dead, as well as three German nationals

• Two people have been arrested and another is currently on the run – local media have reported one man was also shot dead

• Another man has been reportedly been arrested in Catalan town of Ripoll in connection with the attack

• ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack

• Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has confirmed attack was ‘jihadist’

• Bomb squad have carried out searches across the city

• Man being hunted by police has claimed his ID was stolen

• Explosion at a house yesterday confirmed to be linked to terror attack, Spanish police have revealed

• And another terror plot been foiled in Cambrils, 68 miles south west of Barcelona, just after midnight on Friday

• Five suspects killed and one arrested, more injured in a shootout with the police



Terror attack on Las Ramblas, Barcelona, many hurt

Las Ramblas terror attack: People hit by van on Las Ramblas

And Spanish police have now foiled a terror plot shortly after midnight, 68 miles south west from Barcelona in the town of Cambrils.Five suspected terrorists have been killed in a shootout with Catalan police in Cambrils, with video footage appearing to confirm gunfire at the scene. Continue reading Barcelona attack live updates: Driver on the run as police foil SECOND plot 70 miles away

Vehicle Jihad In Barcelona: 13 dead, 20 injured


Another Islamist attack. At least 16 people dead as up to three men run them down in a van. One of the attackers is believed to be Morrocan. All are Muselmaniacs.

“In the latest incident, suspects wearing suicide belts were shot dead by police in Cambrils after ramming into a crowd.

Police were pursuing a suspicious van that then drove into a pedestrian area on an esplanade, running down six people before the vehicle overturned. A police shoot-out then followed, with five attackers killed.

Firearms were removed from the scene and belts they were carrying are being treated as potential explosive devices”

An Australian woman has been seriously injured, and two other Australians are also hurt.

And in what now seems to be an unrelated attack:

Another man believed to be linked to the attack was shot dead after running over two police at a roadblock on the outskirts of Barcelona.

by BREITBART LONDON, 17 Aug 2017

Spanish police have confirmed a rented truck has struck a crowd on a popular tourist street in central Barcelona in what they are calling a “coordinated terrorist attack”, with authorities confirming 13 dead and over 100 injured.

Update, 17:39 PM EST: According to El Mundo, the police briefing noted that, of the 100 injured, 15 are in critical condition. The newspaper notes that three of the victims are now known to be German citizens.

The man driving the car is not among the two arrested or the third killed and is suspected to be on the loose. Police say witnesses did not see him visibly armed and did not hear any Islamic proclamations from the car as it ran people over. Jihadists often shout “allahu akbar” – “allah is the greatest” – and Islamic State sympathizers, in particular, are known to pledge allegiance to “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during terrorist attacks.

Police did not address any reports involving the names of those arrested.

Update, 17:07 PM EST: Police have confirmed that two suspects are in custody: one, a Moroccan citizen, and the other a Spanish citizen from Melilla. Melilla is a Spanish territory on the African continent surrounded by Moroccan land.

Barcelona terror attack: Horror as ‘two dead’ after van ploughs into pedestrians and hostages taken at restaurant

Two people are feared dead and at least 20 people are believed to have been injured in a terror attack in central Barcelona.

A van ploughed into pedestrians along a famous promenade – sparking a manhunt for the driver – and hostages have been taken at a Turkish restaurant.

Photos posted online show victims being helped by police officers and witnesses at Placa de Catalunya in the city centre after the van struck people on a pavement.

© @Vil_Music/TwwitterVideo shows a stampede as terrified witnesses flee through the streets after the vehicle slammed into people on tree-lined La Rambla, which is highly popular with tourists.

Video shows a stampede as terrified witnesses flee through the streets after the vehicle slammed into people on tree-lined La Rambla, which is highly popular with tourists.

Local media reported that the driver of the white van fled on foot and is being hunted by police.

Locals officials have requested that metro and train stations shut while rescuers deal with the emergency, and they urged people to stay away from the crash site.

More below the fold.

Spain: Police say Barcelona truck crash is “terrorist attack”

Last June, the Islamic State published a poster depicting an SUV driving over a heap of skulls and bearing the legend “Run Over Them Without Mercy.”

And the Islamic State issued this call in September 2014:

So O muwahhid, do not let this battle pass you by wherever you may be. You must strike the soldiers, patrons, and troops of the tawaghit. Strike their police, security, and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents. Destroy their beds. Embitter their lives for them and busy them with themselves. If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be….If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him….

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Welcome to Oz, where it is okay to dress as nuns abusing aborigines, but it’s not okay for “right winger” Pauline Hanson to dress as a Muslim woman in parliament.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, August 17, 2017

Watch the blathering dolts heads explode:

Yes, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is guilty of pulling a stunt by wearing a face-covering burqa into Parliament.

But the reaction to it of our political elite – huffsters like Attorney-General George Brandis – is what scares me more.

How dare Pauline Hanson perform a “stunt”! Only left activists are allowed to do that!

As for George Brandis , his bluster was pathetic. Every time he draws attention to himself he demonstrates clearly what worthless tosspot  he is, and a hypocrite to boot.

He is  devoid of    credibility,of stature and the only reason he  is in his job, just like quite a few of the others , is as a reward for backing Usurper Turnbull.

Have to laugh at the howls of outrage from the commentariat who claim this stunt is an insult to all Muslims. Umm the burqa is banned in some Muslim majority countries. It’s a symbol of oppression, not faith.

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has shocked onlookers after she entered Australia’s Senate Question Time wearing a burqa.

Senator Hanson took her seat while wearing the full-face black garment.


Muselmaniacs in Canuckistan praise the “Benefits of FGM”, blame Jews

Muslims In Calgary: “Jewish controlled media” denies benefits of female genital mutilation

Muslims In Calgary believes that female genital mutilation is Islamic, and just great, and that the “Jewish controlled media” is the only reason why anyone thinks otherwise. Will the Trudeau government bring Muslims In Calgary up on “hate speech” charges? Not on your life! Those are only for “Islamophobes”!

“Female Circumcision in Islam,” by Asiff Hussein, Muslims In Calgary, n.d. (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women

Female Circumcision is an Islamic tradition, and involve only the removal of the clitoral prepuce and no more.

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