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‘The Tommy Robinson video every Jew must watch’

Journalist Avi Yemini speaks to Jews who believe EU Parliament candidate is anti-Semitic.

In other news:

Dutch Minister Resigns After Serious Migrant Crimes Hidden from Data


The Dutch immigration minister has stepped down following outcry over a government migrant crime report which hid serious migrant crimes including rape and murder under the category of “other”.Resigning from his position on Tuesday, Mark Harbers stressed that no “deliberate concealment” of the figures had taken place, but said he took “full responsibility” for having “misinformed” the Dutch Parliament with regards to the report.The Ministry of Justice document, which recorded crimes in which asylum seekers were the suspects, listed the number of various misdemeanours, such as shoplifting and pickpocketing while failing to identify much more serious offences like murder, child abuse, and rape as these were simply lumped together under the heading “other”.

Disgrace: Leftists Throw Milkshake Over Elderly British Army Veteran

Don’t forget – segments of the media endorsed this. Now an elderly British Army veteran has been assaulted with a milkshake. Still endorse it? Every Brexit supporter needs to celebrate on Sunday by drinking milkshakes & posting pics of it.

A British Army veteran was attacked with a milkshake outside a polling booth today in yet another disgraceful example of leftist violence.

UK citizens are voting in the European elections today, where the euro-skeptic Brexit Party is expected to dominate.

Pro-EU Remainers assaulted an elderly British veteran by dousing him with a pink milkshake.

“This man in Aldershot served his country in the Armed Forces for 22 years. Today he went out to exercise his democratic rights on an election day and this is what disgusting Remainer scumbags did to him,” tweeted Leave.EU.

“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries…”

Amazing stuff. Juncker, a demented alcoholic at the helm of the EUSSR, calls tens of millions of Europeans stupid because they reject being ruled by communist apparatchiks from Brussels, who want to replace them with a Mohammedan proletariat.

“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” Juncker told CNN in his Brussels office.

By Frederik Pleitgen and Luke McGee, CNN

Brussels (CNN)European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has lashed out at “stupid nationalists” on the eve of European elections in which euroskeptic politicians are expected to make gains in the European Parliament.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, the outgoing president said he was only too aware of the threat that nationalist politicians pose to European solidarity, which Juncker called the “main objective of the EU.”
Some polls project that populists may become the most powerful group in the parliament following this week’s elections in all 28 EU nations, resulting in a lasting impact on the future of the bloc and the continent at large. “These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” Juncker told CNN in his Brussels office.

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Australia’s Cultural Enrichment Process

Teacher accused of punching and spitting on students because she’s ‘not Muslim’ plans to sue police because the kid’s claims were MADE UP

  • Primary school teacher, 58, to take police to court to pay her costly legal fees
  • Teacher was cleared of allegations she assaulted students in western Sydney
  • She was accused of pinching, pushing and punching three boys and a girl
  • Magistrate Daniel Covington declared some of the evidence was ‘implausible’ 

The southwest Sydney teacher, 58 – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was cleared of all charges that she mistreated her year three and four students on Monday after a judge slammed the evidence against her.

She has been out of work since last May after she was accused of pinching, pushing and punching three boys and a girl, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Bomb-making tools found in Sydney (Musel-)man’s backpack

The man was arrested and charged with possessing explosives and being armed with the intention to commit an indictable offence.

A Sydney man has been arrested and charged after police allegedly found the items needed to make an improvised explosive device in his backpack. 

Officers were patrolling Parramatta on Wednesday morning when they stopped the 18-year-old Telopea man for a search on Church St.

Police allege they found bomb-making tools, jewellery, a mobile phone case, and earphones they say were stolen from a nearby shopping centre earlier in the day.

The 18-year-old is due to face court next week.

The 18-year-old is due to face court next week.

The man was then charged with possessing explosive powder with intent to injure, being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence, possessing ammunition without a licence, malicious damage, and two counts of larceny.

The man was refused bail and remains in custody while police continue their investigations.

He will appear in court next week.

“Saying “Merry Christmas” Offends Muslims

Is this happening to your children too?

My daughter was told that Christmas might offend other religious groups so she is not allowed to say Merry Christmas at school. But the school emptied out a classroom during Ramadan so that the Muslims had a place to pray. How messed up is that ?

Morrison vows to crack down on social media trolling and online child abuse material

This is just another ploy to crack down on free speech under the guise to protect children. We already have existing laws that cover ‘online child abuse material’.

SBS: Australia’s new parliament is no more multicultural than the last one

The BS in SBS has meaning!

Politicians often say Australia is the most successful multicultural country in the world – but it would seem the country’s growing diversity is failing to make its mark in the corridors of power.

Australians take the lies of their politicians with a grain of salt. We are not the “most successful multicultural country in the world”. We have the same problems every country has that’s bought into the multiculti idiocy.


Deadly protests continue in Indonesia after Jokowi’s election win

‘Constitutional Jihad’: Six Killed in Indonesian Riots After Islamists’ Candidate Loses Presidential Race

“Valid ballot papers were burned and not counted, many fake voter names were added to electoral lists, and the total number of votes was more than 110 percent,” she added. “The fraud was massive.”

Deadly protests continue in Indonesia after Jokowi’s election win

Hundreds wounded as protests continue for second day across Jakarta after incumbent Jokowi was confirmed president.

Deadly protests continue in Indonesia after Jokowi's election win

Over 20,000 police were deployed to protect vital installations and stop protests spreading in Jakarta [Al Jazeera]

Jakarta, Indonesia – At least six people have been killed as protests continue for the second day in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, after the results of last month’s election confirmed incumbent Joko “Jokowi” Widodo being officially declared president after getting 55 percent of the votes.

The protesters were largely supporters of presidential candidate and former military general Prabowo Subianto and they claimed widespread fraud took place before, during and after the election.

TOPSHOT – Carcasses that were burned by the mob are seen during an overnight demonstration near by the Elections Oversight Body (Bawaslu) in Jakarta on May 22, 2019. – Indonesian police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in downtown Jakarta early Wednesday after a rally opposed to President Joko Widodo’s re-election, an AFP reporter said. (Photo by BAY ISMOYO / AFP) (Photo credit should read BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)
Jakarta on alert as protests after election loss turn violent

Major roads and public transport routes were shut in the city centre on Wednesday, with over 20,000 police deployed to protect vital installations and stop protests spreading on the second day.

Thousands of protesters thronged near the Elections Oversight Body on Jakarta’s main thoroughfare, Jalan Thamrin, in the morning and early afternoon, with crowds growing by the hour.

Police shut off access to the office with rolls of barbed wire and heavy cement barricades.

“We are here because we want a president who is honest and fair,” said Lely Simanjuntak, a Prabowo supporter from East Jakarta. Lely had arrived at the protest with friends from Surabaya which is around 800km from Jakarta.

“We don’t care who the president is,” she told Al Jazeera. “But as Indonesians, we must care about our elections and make sure they are just and valid.”

Indonesian police said six men were feared killed during the riots overnight, with hundreds more injured.


UK Orthodox Jews mobilize for Tommy Robinson

At last we see change! For years Jews have been terrified of “right-wingers” by leftoids, who turned the concept of left and right on it’s head.

Members of Hasidic and Sephardic communities urge community to ‘do right thing for ourselves – and for country to which we owe so much.’

Arutz Sheva

Tommy Robinson addresses rally in London

Tommy Robinson addresses rally in London


A group of British Orthodox Jews including members of the Sephardic and Hassidic communities has mobilized in a mass outreach campaign to support independent EU Parliament candidate Tommy Robinson.

Thousands of flyers were distributed throughout Manchester today calling on “our fellow Orthodox Jews” to vote for Robinson in the May 23 elections, calling Robinson “a staunch friend of our people”.

“Please open your hearts and consider giving your vote to Tommy Robinson in Thursday’s European elections,” the flyer read. “Tommy is an independent, fearless fighter for a sane, decent, honest, traditional-values society, and justice for victims of terrible crimes, callously ignored through ‘political correctness’.”

A recent canvass by independent journalists revealed that many UK voters are afraid of losing their jobs if it were made public that they support Robinson.

“We all know that in the last few years England has become unrecognisable from the decent country we grew up in,” the flyer continued. “Who among us has not reacted in horror as each month brings new levels of moral decline and self-destruction in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘human rights’?

“For how long will we wring our hands helplessly, our activists trying to do their best, while the country carries on this awful march to the worst places, led by foolish, corrupt, ‘educated’ leaders?” wondered the authors.

“Can anyone with a shred of honesty think that by continuing to vote for those same “enlightened” people in charge who have …

  • launched sickening attacks on the purity of our beautiful children’s education;
  • enabled out-of-control immigration from violent backgrounds (millions upon millions!);
  • covered up the resulting unspeakable crimes against vulnerable English children … as if this is in any way seeking the welfare of the country?!”

Moshe Chaim Rowe, one of the flyer’s authors, said “Tommy Robinson has been a staunch, positive friend to the Jewish People, standing up for us many times, both here and in Eretz Yisrael. He puts himself in personal danger, against the real threats facing us – we need to support him.”

The flyer continued: “Of course, the official media hates him and lies about him day and night. Remember, it’s the same media that pumps out hate and lies about Israel, religious values, our schools & institutions … we all know what their poisonous opinions & ‘fake news’ are worth.

“Remember – in the voting booth there is only you and Hashem (G-d).

“You don’t have to listen to the anti-Torah ‘Jewish’ Newspapers, their ‘rabbis’ and their ‘leaders’.

“Please do the difficult thing: Be part of the fightback. Do something brave that you’ll be really proud of.

“Let’s do the right thing for ourselves – and for the country to which we owe so much.”

Qasim Rashid: “nothing in the Quran permits terrorism”

Qasim Rashid is a lunatic.

Qasim Rashid is a spokesturd for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, where he’s quite safe from the wrath of righteous sunni Muslims, who murder the Ahmadiyya whenever there are no infidels to kill.

Qasim literally lies his a$$ off.  But there is always the Saudi owned ‘Independent’ or the Guardian that publish his rubbish

American Taliban Abu Sulayman (John Walker Lindh), who fought and killed US soldiers, set to walk free Thursday

He should have faced a firing squad. Sulayman continues to call for violent jihad.

Lindh was a U.S. citizen who had converted to Islam and joined the Taliban. He was captured as an enemy combatant during the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan in November 2001. He was captured and detained at Qala-i-Jangi fortress. He took part against the US in the Battle of Qala-i-Jangi, a violent uprising of Taliban prisoners, during which the CIA officer Johnny “Mike” Spann was killed. Just hours before his death, CIA agent and America hero Mike Spann interviewed this traitor. Not long after, Spann was killed when Muslim prisoners emerging from the fortress rushed the guards, throwing grenades and grabbing their captors’ rifles.

Poll finds overwhelmingly that Islam is unwelcome in Germany

Despite over 95% of Germans polled saying Islam is unwelcome in Germany, Merkel will press on, bringing immigrants who will refuse to integrate and are unlikely to ever be of any benefit, causing a huge crime surge, especially rape against their hosts and in fact are causing other minorities to leave.

Cardinal: Resisting “Large-Scale Muslim Immigration” is Patriotic

Resisting “large-scale Muslim immigration” is “a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,”

Very well. But I won’t hold my breath. I’m not convinced that the palace eunuch’s are ready to revolt. Not yet, anyway.

Estonia’s new govt ministers join populist revolt, oppose “national suicide through immigration”

Good. Estonians start smelling the coffee. Good to see that more and more people are coming to their senses and reject the EUSSR.

Contact will Muslims will cure you of “Islamophobia”

Islamophobia is fuelled by ignorance and it is likely that the people posting (anti-Muslim posters)  have had little or no contact with any Muslim people in their own lives.

Ramadan Updates

Ramadan Rage 2019: Jihadis Massacre 364, Injure 404 in Two Weeks

Those who don’t expect this annual occurrence of mass killings and injuries known as “Ramadan” don’t know anything about Islam. Our beloved media “protects” us by not printing or broadcasting a freakin’ word of this worldwide Muslim insurrection.

Islamic terrorists have carried out an estimated 76 attacks in nearly 15 countries since the beginning of Ramadan this month, killing at least 364 people and injuring 404 others in the first two weeks of the holiest month for Muslims, a Breitbart News tally shows.

That means, on average, jihadis killed at least 25 people and injured about another 30 each day since Ramadan began at sunset on May 5. This year, the holy period is expected to last through sundown on June 4.

Breitbart News’ count this week covers the 14 days of May 6 through May 19.

Latest update here, from the Religion of Peace:

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The Qatar Connection: Judicial Watch Probes Funding of U.S. University

The Qatar Connection: Judicial Watch Probes Funding of U.S. University

MAY 20, 2019
A tiny and vulnerable country that punches well above its weight, Qatar takes a traditional route to security: it spreads money around and cultivates alliances far and wide. Contradictions abound. The Persian Gulf monarchy has strong business ties to Iran, angering its Saudi neighbors and the U.S. But it hosts the Americans at the critical Al Udeid Air Base—the forward operations post for the entire U.S. military effort in the Middle East. Qatar supports terror-aligned groups such Hamas, but sponsors the freewheeling Al Jazeera television network. A Sunni nation, its Shia minority worships freely. But its media is filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda. It’s an inconsistent partner in the American-led war on terror and terror financing. Regional players, led by Saudi Arabia and angered over Qatar’s ties with Iran and support for the Muslim Brotherhood, slapped an economic blockade on it in 2017. But Qatar’s dynamic economy, powered by vast oil and natural gas reserves, shook it off.

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Pope Francis Denounces National Sovereignty

Is there no way to get rid of this POS?

Pope Francis has blessed us with a revelation. It won’t come to many as a surprise. He reveals that the global warming hoax is a power grab intended to establish global governance at the expense of independent nations:

Pope Francis said that a “special authority legally and concordantly constituted” was necessary to facilitate the implementation of new climate change policies.

He went on to demand that power be transferred from nation states to “intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”

By intergovernmental, he means supranational — like the EU and worse yet the UN. If nations continue to be sovereign, they might protect the interests of the people who live in them. This would impede the far left’s agenda regarding centralizing power and eradicating capitalism in the name of the global warming hoax, as well as blending white majority countries into the Third World.