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UK: any resistance to Islam will be eliminated!

#Israel has warned #Palestinian Islamic Jihad that the @IDF would assassinate the group’s leader Jihad Ziad al-Nakhla if the rocket fire continues.

Mourners carry the body of Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al-Atta during his Gaza funeral
Mourners carry the body of Palestinian Islamic Jihad field commander Baha Abu Al-Atta during his funeral in Gaza City November 12, 2019. 

According to a report in the Arabic language al-Hayat newspaper, Israel’s message was delivered to Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) through United Nations Special Envoy for the Middle East Nickolay Mladenov.

UK: Calls For Banning Mosques “Inflammatory”

Shock horror! Opposition to Islamic takeover discovered!

Twenty-five sitting and former Conservative councillors have been exposed for posting Islamophobic and racist material on social media, according to a dossier obtained by the Guardian that intensifies the row over anti-Muslim sentiment in the party.

The disclosure that 15 current and 10 former Tory councillors have posted, shared or endorsed Islamophobic or other racist content on Facebook or Twitter will increase pressure on Boris Johnson after he backtracked on a pledge to hold an independent inquiry into the issue.

Inflammatory posts recorded in the dossier, which has been sent to the party’s headquarters, include calls for mosques to be banned, claims the faith wants to “turn the world Muslim”, referring to its followers as “barbarians” and “the enemy within”.

Dutch Court: Netherlands Must Accept Return of Children of Islamic State Harlots

Earlier this year, Syrian Hawar news agency reported that Syrian Kurds of the Autonomous Administration (AA) in the northeast of the country handed over to the Netherlands and France14 orphaned children of Daesh* terrorist group.

Reuters reported Monday that a court in The Hague ruled that the Netherlands must actively help repatriate the children of women who joined Daesh in Syria.

The ruling, however, notes that the mothers don’t need to be accepted.

The report says, lawyers of 23 Dutch women, who previously joined Daesh, asked a judge to oblige the state to repatriate them and their children from a camp in northern Syria.

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Israel, the coup against the president & the never ending climate racket

Massive early morning rocket fire from Gaza shatters brief overnight calm

Attacks resume after six hours of quiet; schools in south closed; cabinet to meet to reassess situation after 200 rockets fired into Israel

At least 12 Pal-Arabs, including Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu al-Ata &his wife, killed in Israeli raids on Gaza, as tensions flare.

The (predictable) Pali reaction:

Pali Prime Minister: Israel must immediately stop its aggression

He then called on the UN to take action and assist Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israeli missile launched from the Iron Dome defence missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, is seen above Gaza city on November 12, 2019. (Photo by BASHAR TALEB / AFP)
Israeli missile launched from the Iron Dome defence missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, is seen above Gaza city on November 12, 2019.

Palestinian terror groups resumed firing rockets into southern and central Israel after dawn Wednesday after a brief respite in the violence. The Iron Dome system intercepted several of the projectiles and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

And here a reminder of what we’re up against: don’t ever think this is about Mohammedans & Jews, or about land. It’s about Islam & nothing but Islam.

Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million 

It’s all there, documented for everyone to see. Corrupt & crooked as they come. Lock them up! Shake ’em down!

The coup against the president:

Dems aren’t interested in innocence or guilt. Their only interest is staging a political coup against @realDonaldTrump.

But this is even bigger than the president. It’s an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government from the inside

The climate racket:



Surprised? Greta Thunberg’s “Coach” A Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates Operative



Sir Richard Branson:

Australia must stop selling coal overseas to China and it must stop using coal in Australia.


Branson is in Australia to promote the launch of a partnership between Virgin Australia and his cruise line Virgin Voyages.

Richard, we’ll stop using coal when your jets stop using jet fuel and your ships stop using diesel.


“Anyone that believes in God deserves a second chance”

Not. Islamic State terrorists don’t deserve anything. And don’t claim you believe in God. You don’t. You believe in Allah.

Ireland Sending Military to Syria to Bring Back Islamic State Bride

by Robert Spencer

But it’s okay. She promises “I won’t kill anyone.” My latest in FrontPage: Irish authorities really, really want Lisa Smith back in the country, so much so that they’re sending military personnel to the foreign country where she is stranded in order to rescue her. And who is this Lisa Smith?

Here’s another one:

ISIS Muslima who urged Muslims to “spill blood” of Americans wants to return to US: “I want to have my own car”

“U.S.-born ISIS bride says ‘everyone deserves a second chance,’” by Luke Denne and Gabriel Chaim, NBC News, November 9, 2019:

AL-ROJ CAMP, Syria — An American-born woman who once urged jihadists in America to “go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood,” says she “regrets every single thing” and believes she should be given the option to return to the United States with her young son.

“Anyone that believes in God believes that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how harmful their sins were,” Hoda Muthana, 25, said in a wide-ranging interview with NBC News from a refugee camp in Syria where she and her 2-year-old son, Adam, live in a tent. Continue reading “Anyone that believes in God deserves a second chance”

Ban Ki Moonbat claims America “missing out on climate”


Islamic State Executes Catholic Priest in Syria

Priest and His Father Gunned Down by the Islamic State…
Gaza Terror Rocket Slams into Israeli Highway

Three car bombs, exploding nearly simultaneously in the largely Kurdish city of Qamishli in northeastern Syria, killed at least six people as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) armed group said it shot dead a priest and his father.

From al Jizz:

From the Religion of Peace:

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German police detained three people in the western city of Offenbach on Tuesday on suspicion of planning a bomb attack for the Islamic State militant group, prosecutors said.

Shrillary: I Want to ‘Retire’ Trump

I’m Facing ‘Enormous Pressure’ to Enter 2020 Race…
Dems Shift from ‘Quid Pro Quo’ to ‘Bribery’ and ‘Extortion’
Scarborough: A Lot of People Believe Trump an ‘Agent of Russia’

The stupid of these news hounds bitches gets worse by the day. Why a New York billionaire-arch capitalist would be a Russian agent is just too dump to contemplate.

House Votes to ‘Enhance the Border Security’ of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia — Not the USA

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has voted to fund efforts to “enhance the border security” of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia while moving to deny all funding to build walls, fencing or any other structures to enhance the border security of the United States.

Ilhan Omar Accused of Antisemitic ‘Dog Whistle’ over Remark on Michael Bloomberg

Ilhan Omar Accused of Antisemitic ‘Dog Whistle’ over Bloomberg Remark

Climate Racket:

Trump and the Paris Climate Accord–Another Promise Kept

“On climate, Trump turns us into losers”

Ban Ki Moonbat was once the highest-paid polit-clown in the world, pulling in an astonishing $96 million between October 2018 and October 2019, a nearly $60 million lead over his closest competition.

This wily Korean shyster has an estimated net worth of $275 million!!!

Creepy corruptocrat Ban Ki-moonbat whines in the NYT that the UN will lose out on billions thanks to Donald Trump, who doesn’t buy into this fraud. Cheap & stupid as he’s always been, he politicises the California wildfires & blames them on “climate change”.

Firefighters working to contain the Easy fire in Simi Valley on Oct. 30.

President Trump made good on his promise this week to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. This wasn’t a surprise. But it still baffles us. Try as we might, we cannot see how America’s interests are served by this decision.

Our climate emergency does not respect borders. California’s forest fires will not burn less fiercely, and rising sea levels will not spare Miami or Mar-a-Lago, just because Mr. Trump has chosen to opt-out of a treaty of nearly 200 nations that represents our best and only chance of saving humanity from the catastrophic effects of rising temperatures.



‘Show Me the Man, and I’ll Find You the Crime’

Since this morning, Palestinian Islamic terrorists have fired more than 160 rockets on Israeli civilian targets.
That amounts to 160 war crimes.

This hall will fill up in an instant once Israel retaliates.

Trump has a way of getting the message across like a boss:

NewsBusters study:

Nets blast Trump with wall-to-wall impeachment news, 96% negative spin

Dershowitz Likens Dem Impeachment Obsession to Stalin’s KGB — ‘Show Me the Man, and I’ll Find You the Crime’

‘Decades of Darkness’

Michael Savage Raw and Unfiltered on Trump, Beethoven, & the Future of America

I share his concerns & his sentiment:

Conservative radio icon Michael Savage expressed doubt about the future of the United States in an interview with Breitbart News, warning that a second term for President Donald Trump would be the “last gasp” of the country.

“No, I’m pessimistic,” Savage, host of nationally-syndicated broadcast The Savage Nation and The Savage Nation Podcast, said when asked if he is hopeful for the country’s future. “I think Donald Trump, even if he wins a second term, it is the last gasp of America as we know it. I think we’re going to enter years and years, if not decades of darkness.”

Savage pointed to the continuous flow of illegal immigration from South America into the U.S. as the chief source of his melancholy assessment.

‘Low-life scumbag’ Schiff couldn’t get away with ‘star chamber’ if Americans knew their founding documents

Meanwhile, in Rome:

Pope Francis Calls for New Models of ‘Inclusive Capitalism’

Why is this f*kcwit obsessed with other peoples money?

Israel kills a senior leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza airstrike

Instant retaliation follows:

Israel kills a senior leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza airstrike

Our NATO partners, the Turks: “paradise is under the shade of swords.”

‘The Lord Commands Us To Be Violent Against The Unbelievers’

‘In Times Of Jihad’ A Muslim Army Makes ‘Its Enemies’ Blood Flow Thunderously Like Waterfalls’

Mashhad Friday Sermon by Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda on Eve of Anniversary of the 1979 Takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran:

We Want America to Die a Painful Death; One Day It Will Be Toppled and Destroyed

Richard Branson, the latest climate worrier who wants to  impoverish us all:

“I’m afraid that Australia must stop selling coal overseas to China and it must stop using coal in Australia,”

Branson should stop polluting our air with pollution from his planes. What a shameless hypocrite! Heavily promoted & brought to you by Bloomberg, who is heavily invested in the climate racket.

As 'unprecedented' bushfires threaten NSW, Richard Branson has called on Australia to become a world leader in the renewable energy space.


As ‘unprecedented’ bushfires threaten NSW, Richard Branson has called on Australia to become a world leader in the renewable energy space


Authorities Strong-Arm Katie Hopkins

UK: Muslim rape gang faces 36 counts of rape and forcing children into sexual activity

Why does this keep happening? Because British authorities for years were too terrified of being called “Islamophobic” to do anything about it. And while sexual assault occurs in all cultures, only in Islam does it have divine sanction.

Authorities Strong-Arm Katie Hopkins

Looks like countermoonbat Katie Hopkins may soon follow Tommy Robinson into prison, and for the same thought crime — drawing attention to the Pakistani gangs that make sex slaves of underaged British girls on an alarming scale:

Disgusting treatment.

But then this is modern Britain where the guilty are treated better than the innocent, prisoners treated better than pensioners, criminals treated better than their victims. Anonymity is given to rapists, child killers at the cost of taxpayers.

Virginia Muslim Doctor Tied Women’s Tubes Without Their Consent

Don’t ever trust a Moslem doctor.

“Childbearing is a type of jihad that pleases Allah”--Iranian army representative, Abbas Mohammad Hassani

Javaid Perwaiz, 69, of Chesapeake (Western Tidewater Regional Jail)

The details of this case are simply horrifying. One woman tried for years to conceive a child, but couldn’t. When she finally consulted a fertility specialist, she discovered, according to the Virginian-Pilot, that her “Fallopian tubes had been burned down to nubs, making it impossible to conceive naturally.” It turned out that her physician, Dr. Javaid Perwaiz of Chesapeake, Virginia, had tied her tubes without telling her was doing it or obtaining her consent. And she was by no means the only woman whom Dr. Perwaiz victimized in this way.

Dr. Perwaiz’s website is the soul of helpfulness, noting that he has “practiced in the Chesapeake region for over 30 years, providing expert and individualized care to his patients.”

U.S. Scandal:

NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Says Schiff Star Witness Alexander Vindman Will be Removed From National Security Council.

Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine.

So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department.

Hong Kong:

Protesters in Hong Kong are distributing flyers over social media calling for another round of demonstrations Tuesday morning.

Carrie Lam labels protesters enemy of the people, vows they ‘will never win’

Lam’s stern language came a week after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping on the mainland, and on a day in which 60 people were injured, two seriously, as police appeared to toughen their response to protests.

The HK police have turned into the Gestapo of the ChiComs

When Officers stop protecting & serving the people they give up the oath they swore on.  They become Agents of The State doing the bidding of the regime. They now represent the tyrannical government of China.

Priceless fourth-century Buddha statues intercepted at Heathrow when customs officers suspected they were part of a drug shipment are returned to Afghanistan after a 17-year stay in the UK

Yes, because we all know how much Mohammedans treasure Buddha statues, don’t we? This foolishness is devastating.

A number of priceless fourth-century statues of Buddha that were stolen from Afghanistan and intercepted at Heathrow have been returned after a 17-year stay in the UK.

Officers stopped two wooden crates from Peshawar, in Pakistan, after suspecting the Buddha sculpture and nine Buddha heads inside might contain drugs.

After no narcotics were found, the items – which date back to between the fourth and sixth century – were seized by the Met’s Art and Antiques Unit.

ISIS brood: ‘We are going to slaughter you’

Leftoids & their Mohammedan handlers in the West are insisting that this human garbage is allowed to return to murder us & our children.

‘We are going to slaughter you’: Syrian camp full of thousands of ISIS brides and their children has turned into a ‘mini caliphate’ despite the death of its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

  • 70,000 stay at al Hol camp, thousands are alleged ISIS brides and their children 
  • Despite death of ISIS boss Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi last month they remain strident
  • Women and children alike speak fondly of the ‘caliphate’ and pray for its return 
  • Turkey’s incursion into Syria has sparked fears of escapes in the violent chaos

A camp full of ISIS brides and their children has turned into a ‘mini caliphate’ despite the death of its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in a US raid last month.

Nevada: Muslims building a “Muslim Village” in the heart of Las Vegas

“You can hear the sound of adhan [Islamic call to prayer] here for 25 years or so in this neighborhood,” said the imam.

‘Bolivia is shattered’: Election crisis leaves deeply divided nation

Memo to socialists: when socialism fails, (it always does) just bring in some more through the back door.

At least three people have been killed in street battles that erupted after Bolivia’s opposition accused Morales of rigging an Oct. 20 election, threatening to end to his 14-year rule amid signs his support is waning among the police and military.

Once great Britain:

UK: Jewish conservative’s door broken down, he is handcuffed and jailed on suspicion of “Islamophobia”: Sharia on steroids. Blood chilling.

Sweden today:

– Car blown up in Malmö.
– Explosion in Rönninge.
– Explosion in Salem.
– 15yr old boy shot dead in Malmö.
– Woman brutally attacked in Malmö
– Woman raped outdoors by two men.

This is the new ‘normal’. This is what the ruling socialists are inflicting on their own people.

Turkey: Erdogan’s Campaign Against The West

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “has earned the title of Caliph” according to Turkish journalist Abdurrahman Dilipak.

Erdogan is the head of NATO’s second-largest army; he has spies throughout Europe through a network of mosques, associations and cultural centers; he has brought his country to the top of the world rankings for the number of imprisoned journalists and has shut the mouth of German comedians with the threat of legal action. By keeping migrants in Turkish refugee camps, he controls immigration to Europe.

Erdogan: “pay the jiziya or I’ll open the borders!”

Turkey, Hezbollah Order EU to ‘Kneel’ or ‘We Open the Gates and Send 3.6 Million Refugees Your Way’

Turkey’s Islamist President Makes Fresh Threat to Flood Europe with Migrants

Erdogan Fresh Threat to Flood Europe with Migrants

During a recent visit to Hungary, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again threatened to open the gates for Syrians to head to Europe in large numbers.

President Erdogan made the comments during a meeting with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, saying that he would “open the gates” to potentially millions of migrants if the international community did not provide Turkey with support and aid, France24 reports.

Spanish Populists Pledge ‘Impassable’ Barrier to Stop African Illegals

The Spanish populist party Vox have promised to build an “impassable wall” around Spain’s North African exclaves to stop illegal immigration as the party surges ahead of Sunday’s election.

Socialism will ruin Spain (again)

Madrid (AFP) – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Socialists were on track to win Sunday’s repeat election as first results confirmed a surge in support for the far-right Vox party, which was seen coming third with three-quarters of the votes counted.

Shampeachment! Schiff Rejects GOP Request for Hoaxblower Testimony

Shifty Schiff: World’s Biggest Whopper Teller

Adam Schiff is a lying, pencil-necked Pinocchio who continues to lie about President Trump. With every lie his nose grows longer and his pencil neck gets thinner.

For years, Schiff has been pitching his lies and deceptions to the American public. Fortunately, the public doesn’t believe Schiff and his cohorts, the fake news media.

What we are seeing now is an attempted coup. The Deep State got away with crimes and corruption for decades and especially under Obama, who allowed the plunder of Ukraine. Now he wants to plunder Trump, who is trying to end the corruption and restore the rule of law. All corrupt roads lead to Obama.


Regrets? She Has a Few: U.S.-Born Islamic State Bride Seeks ‘Right’ to Return

U.S.-Born Isis Bride Seeks ‘Right’ to Return

Regrets? She Has a Few: Islamic State Bride Seeks ‘Right’ to Return

A U.S.-born woman who says she now regrets having joined the Islamic State terrorist group is appealing for help to escape Syria and bring her son to America to start her life again.

The government is refusing Hoda Muthana’s plea, arguing she is not an American citizen.

Muthana was born in New Jersey and traveled to Syria in 2014 with a U.S. passport. She burnt it on arrival. “Bonfire soon, no need for these anymore, alhamdulliah [thanks be to God],” she tweeted, with a photo of her and several other women’s Western passports ready for the flames.

Creepy Giant Mural of Greta Thunberg

In the weird religion spawned by the global warming hoax, Greta Thunberg has achieved the status of a prophet or a saint. San Francisco is putting the finishing touches on a creepy giant mural of the autistic teenager that looms 10 stories up on a building near Union Square so that she may be revered.

The artist should have painted a cartoon balloon coming out of her mouth with her immortal words, “HOW DARE YOU?”

NOQ Report remarks:

[T]hose of us who recognize the risks of climate change hysteria realize the absurdity of a movement taking cues from a teenager who doesn’t understand the science or consequences of her actions.

But the global warming hoax is about control, not about science. Erecting giant portraits of Greta Thunberg is as likely to stop the climate from continuing to fluctuate as any of the supposedly scientific measures alarmists have proposed.

Totalitarians do love their icons. China gets giant pictures of Mao, Cuba gets Che Guevara, Venezuela gets Hugo Chavez. We get Greta Thunberg.

Fake News Can Lead To “Online Islamophobia”

“An analysis of YouTube comments and tweets finds that anonymity online leads to the spread of fake news, conspiracy theories, and hate”, writes Imran Awan, a Mohammedan agitprop.

Increased anonymity is associated with increased “extremist and Islamophobic” language.

The solution is, of course, to take this anonymity away & to punish the evil “Islamophobes”. No resistance can be tolerated.

Women in Swedish Asylum Home Express Fear of Living with Migrant Men

They claim the men sexually assault them. But wasn’t the hijab meant to protect them from their fellow Mohammedans?KLADESHOLMEN, SWEDEN - FEBRUARY 10: Refugees attend to Swedish language class at the temporary house for asylum seekers of the Vattendroppen school on February 10, 2016 in Kladesholmen, Sweden. Last year Sweden received 162,877 asylum applications, more than any European country proportionate to its population. According to the Swedish Migration …

Women at an asylum home in Halmstad have claimed to feel increasingly unsafe around male residents who make abusive comments at them and try to sexually assault them.

The women, who make up one-fifth of the total population of the asylum residence, say they are so afraid of reprisals from the men living at the home that they do not dare to speak openly about their issues at the home, broadcaster SVT reports.

Cyprus Now Receiving Most Migrants Per Capita in Europe

India: Muslim MP demands ban of Islamocritical book and arrest of its author

A glimpse into the future of the West. And we are very close to this now, far closer than most people realize, as critics of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others are now routinely excoriated, vilified, demonized, deplatformed, and shunned by all decent people. What is the next step? This.

Toronto: Muslim charged with 54 sexual assault-related offenses, including many with children

Sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction. One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use….

‘Brunei’s prosperity owed to Islamic leadership’

Actually, it’s oil & gas. And it is western knowhow & technology & foolishness to pay them for sitting on a geological accident. But for these lunatics, it’s Islam that makes them rich.

The American Madhouse:

Devin Nunes Requests Adam Schiff Testify in the Impeachment Inquiry

Devin Nunes Demands Adam Schiff Testify in the Impeachment Inquiry

Schiff Coaches Witness to Ignore GOP Questions …

The National Security Council is a rat’s nest!


Maxine Waters Praises Schiff, Rants: Trump ‘Pack Up Tanning Bed and Leave’

Maxine Praises Schiff, Rants: Trump ‘Pack Up Tanning Bed and Leave’

Video: Jane Fonda Protests Climate Change at White House, Demands Trump Impeachment

Video: Jane Fonda Protests Climate Change at White House, Demands Trump Impeachment

More from the Religion of Peace:

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