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South Koreans protest against fake refugees; promptly smeared as “racists”

Did you know? There is a mosque in North Korea:
The first and the only mosque in North Korea
The first and the only mosque in North Korea

Ar-Rahman Mosque hosts Shiite and Sunni Muslims in the capital of North Korea near Iran’s embassy.

As ABNA reported, there is just one mosque in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, built by the Iranian embassy, located near the embassy building.

The mosque, named Al-Rahman, drew inspiration from Shiite architecture.


The Iranian embassy allows other Muslims to take part in such religious activities as congressional prayers, Friday prayers and other religious ceremonies.

Every Friday prayers, most Muslims would pray at Ar-Rahman Mosque regardless of their differences in sect.

An Indonesian citizen has shared the mosque’s photos on Instagram.


It is said that there is no freedom of religion in North Korea and the Communist government doesn’t allow unauthorized religious groups to perform their religious activities.

But collaborating with rogue nations like Pakistan and Iran  makes all the difference, obviously…

In other news:

Anti-Yemeni refugee protest reveals South Korean racism

Islam is not a race and the illegal Yemenites in Korea are fake refugees who must be deported at once. But wherever you go, the fake news industry uses the same smears against everyone who opposes Islamisation.

Anti-immigration activists attend a protest in the South Korean capital of Seoul on June 30, 2018. They were protesting against a group of hundreds of Yemeni asylum-seekers who arrived on the South Korean tourist resort of Jeju Island in recent months. Th
Anti-immigration activists attend a protest in the South Korean capital of Seoul on June 30, 2018. They were protesting against a group of hundreds of Yemeni asylum-seekers who arrived on the South Korean tourist resort of Jeju Island in recent months. The refugees fled war and a humanitarian crisis back home.

Hundreds of Yemenis fleeing the war and humanitarian crisis back home have made their way to an unlikely destination in northeast Asia. The popular tourist destination of Jeju Island sits off the southern coast of South Korea. It’s more than 5,000 miles from the Arabian peninsula, but a combination of factors have led these war refugees to seek safety there. Se-woong Koo has been following the story from the South Korean capital, Seoul. He is the publisher of Korea Exposé, an online magazine that has reported on the situation in Jeju. The World talked with Se-woong about the refugees from Yemen and how they’re being viewed by South Koreans and their government.

The World: First, why have so many people from Yemen gone all the way to South Korea to seek refuge and safety?

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China, Spain, Austria, Sweden…

Ouch. That will not  go down well with Paki headbangers. The Chinese make the imams shave their beards, stop them for wearing Islamic clothing, make them dance in the town square and make them eat pork during Ramadan, among other things.

China’s State Media Suggests Pakistan Adopt Beijing’s Anti-Muslim Tactics to Protect Chinese

Chinese development projects and citizens are at risk of becoming “targets of terrorist attacks” in Pakistan, China’s state-owned Global Times recently cautioned in an editorial, citing deteriorating security conditions ahead of the Muslim country’s general election.

Beijing is one of Pakistan’s top allies and supporters, often defending Islamabad against U.S. assertions that South Asian country serves as a sanctuary for terrorist groups that operate in neighboring Afghanistan, including those that are known to support Islamic Uighur hardliners in China.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has suspended security aid to Pakistan over Islamabad’s reluctance to stop harboring terrorist groups, namely the Afghan Taliban and its al-Qaeda-linked ally the Haqqani Network, deemed the top threat against American troops by the Pentagon.

China Cracks Down On  (Uighur) People Who Grow Beards & Are Religious
Uighur Muslim crisis is not as you thought

For the past several years, barely more than a trickle of information has seeped out of the tightly controlled Chinese occupied territory, but what we do know suggests China is using an array of brutal measures to eradicate any vestige of Uighur culture.

Uighur Muslims who refuse to give up their Muslim identity is forced into what China calls “re-education camps”, which are designed to convert Uighur Muslims to the official ideology of the state: Atheism.

We target people who are religious… for example, those who grow beards despite being young,” one Chinese government officer admitted in a report.

Spain Tops Italy for 2018 Migrant Arrivals

More refugees have landed in Spain than in Italy so far this year after making the dangerous crossing from Libya

Spain leads European nations for new migrant arrivals in 2018 according to a new report from the International Organization for Migrants (IOM).For the first time since Europe’s migrant crisis began in 2014, Spain has taken in more immigrants than either Greece or Italy, IOM reports. As of mid-July, Spain has taken in 18,016 migrants, compared to 17,827 in Italy and 14,678 in Greece.

Austria Refuses to Take More Boat Migrants After Ship of 450 Arrives in Europe

Sweden: Muslim preacher teaches Muslims to hate non-Muslims, children wash in mosque after being with Christians 

The Liberal government of Canada announced Monday that it will hold emergency sessions on asylum seekers crossing into Canada illegally from the United States.

In other news:

Dawkins a “Racist” for Preferring Church Bells to Loudspeaker Calls

France Begins Release of Hundreds of Radicalized Inmates

Nation scarred by terrorist attacks braces as sentences expire; police launch unit to track ex-cons

What could go wrong?

Setback for Islamic Supremacists in Victoria’s Supreme Court: Freedom Sack Verboten

The tilt of an Islamic terrorist tried to force the judge to grant consent to let her wear her hideous Islamic shrouds, which cover everything including her face. She claimed anything less would be “oppression”. Here we have a judge who didn’t budge. Ironic that “(the woman) is under no legal compulsion to attend court.”

Justice Christopher Beale.
Justice Christopher Beale.

The wife of an accused terrorist has been banned from wearing an Islamic veil, or niqab, in the public gallery of the Victorian Supreme Court, with a judge ruling spectators must have their faces uncovered.

The woman made an application to wear a niqab during the trial of her husband, who with two co-accused is charged with conspiring to plan a terrorist attack in Melbourne’s CBD last Christmas. He will stand trial next week.

Judge Christopher Beale previously prevented a woman in a burka from entering his court. “I require anybody who comes into the court, and all are welcome, but anybody who comes into the court, for their face to be uncovered,” he said in February.


Lawyers for the wife of the accused made an application to vary Justice Beale’s previous order, arguing it was oppressive.

In a judgment handed down on Monday, Justice Beale rejected her application and ruled that people in the public gallery should have their faces uncovered in order to deter them from possible misbehaviour.

“While it is rare for physical violence to erupt, it is not so rare that things are said by spectators in the public gallery which should not be said,” he said.

Justice Beale said comments to other spectators, to witnesses, lawyers, even to the judge and jurors, may sometimes cause a mistrial and the court needed to minimise the occurrence of such incidents.

“Spectators whose faces are uncovered are likely to appreciate that if they misbehave, it will not be too difficult to establish their identity, even if they manage to get away from the court,” he said.

“Deterrence, identification and proof are all served by a requirement that spectators in the public gallery have their faces uncovered.

“The efficacy of an order for witnesses out of court is also facilitated by such a requirement.

“Once there are multiple spectators in the public gallery wearing niqabs and traditional Islamic dress, working out who was who if something happened in court might not be a simple matter, especially as such dress tends to be very similar.”

Justice Beale said he had considered the woman’s right of religious freedom and her right to participate in public life and the fact that the niqab was a “fundamental way in which (the woman) observes her faith”. Continue reading Setback for Islamic Supremacists in Victoria’s Supreme Court: Freedom Sack Verboten

Rita Panahi: Denial will not solve the problem of (African) gang crime

Bashing the media is nothing new but blaming homeowners whose property has been trashed by gangs is a little rich even by the standards we’ve come to expect from the victimhood brigade.

Rita Panahi

DENIAL, victim blaming and shooting the messenger is not what you want to hear from a community leader but that is precisely what one of Melbourne’s leading South Sudanese figures delivered in an extraordinary interview.

Ring Mayar

The chairman of the South Sudanese Community Association of Victoria, Ring Mayar, said homeowners shared the blame for their homes being trashed, denied that there was a gang crime problem and appeared to hold the media responsible for much of the malaise afflicting his community.




Bizarrely, Mayar also told The Australian’s Richard Ferguson that the South Sudanese community believed that the mainstream media was contravening “the law of this country” by its reporting.

“Stereotypes and discrimination become the forefront of reporting, therefore young people are unsettled in schools, some of them become homeless … this is the ripple effect of unfair reporting,” he said. “The overwhelming feeling of the community is that the mainstream media is not really following the law of this country. That’s how we feel about it.”

Bashing the media is nothing new but blaming homeowners whose property has been trashed by gangs is a little rich even by the standards we’ve come to expect from the victimhood brigade.

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“Dumb deal” goes ahead. America will resettle 1.250 fake refugees with ‘mental health’ issues

You can thank Hussein Obama for all this cultural enrichment.

Middle Eastern Refugees from Australia Who Need ‘Mental Health’ Treatment Being Resettled Across Five States

refugees-Eoin Blackwell:AAP Image, via AP

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Middle Eastern refugees who will need major mental health treatment are being resettled across five states in the United States, under an Obama-era immigration deal that President Trump has failed to shutter.

Former President Barack Obama signed the Australian-U.S. refugee deal during his last months in office — promising to take 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees off Australia’s hands.

The refugees are being held in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru Island and, despite Trump’s original statement calling the deal “a dumb deal,” the first group of roughly 50 of the mostly male, Middle Eastern refugees have already begun being resettled in the U.S., as Breitbart News reported.

The states who will be taking the refugees include Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, according to the Guardian. Under current federal law, states do not have to be notified before the federal government resettles foreign refugees in the region.

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France, Greece, Sweden & Quilliam…


Only 845 cars were torched over the July 14 (Bastille Day) weekend in France. That number is lower than last year’s, but more people were arrested over the weekend than during the same time last year.


In other news, 57 migrants were rescued off the Greek island of Lesvos and safely brought to shore.

Czech Republic:

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said that his country would refuse to take in any migrants from Mediterranean “rescues”. He referred to Italy’s request to do so as “the road to hell”. Meanwhile, Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said much the same about his country.

In other migration news, Spain rescued 479 migrants over the weekend. Also, Algeria deported 400 migrants, sending them back to Niger.

Swedens Rotten Luck

“Well, these poor people are from a dangerous part of the world. Very violent place. You bring those poor people to Sweden, a very safe part of the world. And wouldn’t you know it, just as soon as these poor people show up, Sweden becomes a violent, dangerous part of the world. Just like where they came from. What rotten luck.”

Father & Son Bomb Project Ends With a Bang


GAZA, July 15 (Xinhua) — Two Palestinians, a father and his son, were killed and one injured Sunday in an explosion that wrecked their house in western Gaza city, medics and security sources said.

Police reports reveal that Ahmad Hassan is a member of al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah movement. The explosion might be a result of a technical mistake while Hassan was preparing a bomb in his house.

Bank robber in burqa attempts robbery of bank in Vienna

The man fled empty handed. The police were unable to apprehend the suspect.

A burqa clad robber in sunglasses attempted to rob a bank in Vienna on Friday, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports.

According to reports, the would be robber was a man, who entered the bank in Vienna-Floridsdorf during peak hours.

Quilliam and Co.’s Undeserved Reputation for Effectively Countering Jihadism

A previous Jihad Watch article detailed the inadequacies as a counter-jihad tool of the Abdullah Xonline animated series produced by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD). Such failings are part of a wider pattern of ideological incoherence at interrelated Anglo-American “counter-extremism” think tanks such as ISD and Quilliam, which have undeserved reputations for effectively combating jihadism. Continue reading France, Greece, Sweden & Quilliam…

UK: Twitterstorm over UKIP Leader Who Said “Muhammad was a Pedophile Who Kept Sex Slaves”

Communist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today denied there was a ‘particular problem’ with Paki Muslim men grooming white girls as he faced a backlash for sacking a Labour frontbencher who highlighted the issue.

The Labour leader was accused of ignoring reality and blocking ‘open, honest debate’ as he insisted ‘much crime is committed by white people’.

Leftoids who blame white people for all the worlds ills should be shot on the spot.

Corbyn denies ‘particular problem’ with Pakistani men grooming girls

UKIP Leader Alleges Rape Gangs Follow ‘Cult’ of Prophet Mohammad

Speaking at a London rally in support of the jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, UK Independence Party leader Gerard Batten told demonstrators that the rape gang members were inspired by the “cult of Mohamed.”

“The great British media do not want to talk about the group identity of the rapists, or the ideology that inspires them. The rape gang members are predominantly followers of the cult of Mohamed [prophet Mohammad]. They can justify their crimes to themselves because their ideology tells them that non-cult followers are lesser human beings,” he said, according to the copy of the speech, obtained by The Independent.

READ MORE: Tommy Robinson Supporters to March for His Freedom Amid Pro-Trump London Rally

He further said that “the founder of their cult was himself a pedophile who kept sex slaves.”

“And he is held up to be a perfect model for them to follow for all the time. But we, the infidels and kaffirs, are not supposed to talk about it. And people who do face possibly criminal prosecution under our so-called ‘hate laws’.”

His controversial remarks sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with many condemning his “vile comments about Muslims”:

In other news:

Hungary Welcomes White South Africans Fleeing Black Violence

Good to see that not everyone in the West is  still stuck on stupid worshipping on the altar of Mandela.| ROTR

Germany Hopes to Curb ‘Conservative’ Islam…

Germany’s annual “Islam Conference” is a sick joke. For decades now,  a bunch of belligerent Mohammedans make endless demands and a bunch of meek officials throw money at them, in the hope that the crocodile will eat them last. There is still psychobabble about a “German Islam”, as if that could be different  Islam from that propagated by Qur’an, sira & hadith. Sickening.

Germany’s Interior Ministry wants to curb the influence of organized and often conservative Muslim associations at the country’s annual Islam Conference. Critics say the move risks limiting religious dialogue.

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Gaza: Rocket Scientist Meets Virgins

Leftoids don’t hate Trump. They worship him:

Spot the difference:

Croatia loses the final: Party

France wins the World Cup: Riots all over the country

Imagine they had lost!

The riots that took place in France overnight were in Paris, Marseille and Toulouse. Three centres of enrichment.

Calls for Deep State to Oust Trump

Officially, the Deep State doesn’t exist, but what if it does?

CNN analyst Philip Mudd (L) and President Donald Trump (R).CNN analyst and former CIA intelligence official Philip Mudd wondered aloud Monday when a shadow government will emerge to oppose President Donald Trump following a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Coulter: Media, GOP, Democrat Reaction to Trump-Putin Summit ‘Exactly Like Muslim Ban’ Hysteria

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 26: Protesters hols up signs that read 'No Muslim ban' against U.S. President Trump's travel ban gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the court issued an immigration ruling June 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. The court issued a 5-4 ruling upholding U.S. President Donald Trump's …

New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the establishment media, Republican Party, and Democrat reaction to President Donald Trump’s historic summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin is “exactly like” the hysteria that followed the president’s call

A picture taken on July 14, 2018, shows Palestinian rockets being fired from Gaza toward Israel (AFP/Bashar Taleb)
A picture taken on July 14, 2018, shows Palestinian rockets being fired from Gaza toward Israel
Gaza: Rocket Scientist Meets Virgins

The head of a missile unit belonging to an offshoot of the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades was killed in a mysterious blast that rocked central Gaza on Sunday morning, Palestinian media reported.

The Courts and Immigration

This article, like so many others, is based on the (false) premise that the invading Mohammedans are genuine refugees, which they are not.

This is migration in the way of allah, which is a most meritorious endeavour in Mohammedan ideology, since it helps to conquer infidel lands for Islam.

All Islamic migration must be seen as an invasion by hostile forces. Then, and only then, can the necessary measures be taken to preserve European culture & civilisation for futures generations.

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Problem Solved!

Belgium Launching Social Media Campaign Asking Illegal Migrants Not to Come

Too easy! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Problem solved. Or is it?


Unfortunately,  the Mohammedans who are invading Europe are mostly illiterate and will not read infidel pamphlets. They don’t give a stuff what infidels want, because migration in the way of allah, the conquest of infidel lands, is most meritorious…

The Belgian authorities will attempt to dissuade illegal migrants from settling in their country with a social media campaign.

The West European country, divided between the Dutch-speaking Flemish and the French-speaking Walloons, has long struggled with poorly integrated migrant and migrant-descended populations, with the infamous Molenbeek no-go zone one of Europe’s major hubs for radical Islam.

The Immigration Department (DVZ) will run the social media campaign for a minimum of six months, according to POLITICO, and focus on the dangers associated with illegal migration and highlight “myths” spread by the criminal people-smugglers who facilitate it.

The scheme has been compared to a similar campaign in Germany, which has received a larger influx of illegal migrants than any other European country since Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open the doors in 2015, headlined ‘7 big lies of traffickers’. (Continued below the fold)

Putin Name Drops George Soros at Press Conference with Trump
HELSINKI, FINLAND - JULY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin answer questions about the 2016 U.S Election collusion during a joint press conference after their summit on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The two leaders met one-on-one and discussed a range of issues including …

Russian president Vladimir Putin accused far-left billionaire George Soros of meddling in international affairs during a joint press conference Monday with President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland. Continue reading Problem Solved!

Mohammedans Downunder Threaten to Sue Our Socks Off If We Criticise Islam

…and useful idiots like Labor shyster Mark Dreyfus can’t wait to oblige:

Sharia by Stealth


Criminalising comments deemed offensive to any religious group intimidates those who wish to freely express their ideas and opinions, a liberty our democracy has always maintained should be available to all. Such laws are antithetical to all the West represents — and all it should be defending

18c logo IIIThe infiltration of non-Muslim countries by Islam is one of the strategies Mohammed devised when creating his ideology. His initial approach was persuasion through infiltration and, if that failed, he then adopted a military strategy through conquest and total domination. This is still Islam’s approach today. The financing of universities by Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for gaining critical leverage and massive influence has been endemic in the United States but also other Western countries, including Australia. This enables these oppressive Islamic regimes to strategically insert academics who become prominent and thus extremely influential in corrupting the minds of gullible students.

Samina Yasmeen

There is no Centre for Western Civilisation in Australian universities. However, there are plenty of centres dedicated to the promotion of Islamic states and societies. Take a look for instance at the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia. Its director is Samina Yasmeen (BSc Punjab, MSc Quaid-i-Azam, MA ANU, PhD Tas), a self-described expert in ‘the role of Islam in world politics’. When the media reported violent protests in Sydney by radical Muslims attacking the police, she dared to create a moral equivalence between the violence of Muslims and the so-called ‘violence’ of YouTube videos that ‘inflame emotions across the Muslim world.’[1]These videos ‘violate the special place assigned to Prophet Mohammed. Any disrespect is felt as an intrusion into this sacred space’, she said.[2]

This Muslim academic claims it is the disrespect of Islam that triggers the violent responses of radical Muslims against non-Muslims. Instead of addressing the appalling levels of intolerance and bigotry within the Muslim community, Yasmeen proposes a form of punishment of those who ‘violate’ the ‘religious feelings’ of Muslims.

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