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Hamas, Fatah truce collapses in bloodshed, 8 dead

Once again Al Reuters Nidal Al Mughrabi dutifully reports that some kind of  ‘truce has been broken’ between the ‘Palestinians’- 

At what point will the media start calling this what it is—a civil war—and stop trying to hoodwink the public with this ridiculous “truce” nonsense?

Palestinian gunmen fought inside a hospital and fired on the prime minister’s offices after a truce collapsed on Monday, killing eight people in factional violence that cast fresh doubt over the future of the unity coalition.

“Everybody is shooting at everybody,” a doctor at the Beit Hanoun hospital in the northern Gaza Strip said as a gunbattle raged between the Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah groups.

A member of Hamas’s Executive Force, two Fatah fighters and another person, who was not immediately identified, were killed and 19 people wounded, hospital officials said.

The heavy fighting doomed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announced just hours before and threw a shadow over long-term prospects for the unity coalition that Hamas and Fatah formed three months ago.


AP Photo: Palestinian mourners carry the body of Hamas supporter Mohammed Rifati during his funeral

The truce was the latest attempt to end internal strife in which some 620 Palestinians are estimated to have been killed since Hamas beat Fatah in a 2006 election.

The hospital battle, waged inside and outside the facility, was triggered by the shooting of a bodyguard of an intelligence officer affiliated with President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Relatives of the dead man and Fatah fighters then stormed the hospital, which is guarded by the Executive Force, a security contingent loyal to Hamas.

In a separate incident, two gunmen — one from Fatah and the other from Hamas — were killed in a clash in a refugee camp in Gaza City. A Hamas fighter was killed in violence in the town of Beit Lahiye in northern Gaza.

Earlier, gunmen fired on the offices of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. No one was hurt in the attack, which an aide to Haniyeh blamed on Fatah.

But the cabinet session that had been under way in the building was suspended because of the gunfire from a nearby rooftop. Fatah denied its fighters were involved. Only one Fatah minister attended the meeting.


Gunmen also stormed a mosque in Gaza City, damaging a library, Hamas said. The incident touched off a gunbattle outside the house of worship. Fatah denied any involvement.


Palestinian Hamas militant takes position in front of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s office during clashes with gunmen in Gaza, June 11, 2007. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Militants battling on the rooftops of Gaza fired on the Palestinian government headquarters on Monday, forcing the ministers to flee the building. The unusually brazen factional fighting left seven Palestinians dead, including three killed in a hospital gunbattle.

Fighting between Fatah and Hamas forces resumed over the weekend, and the attacks have grown bolder. Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s home was shot at early Monday, and hours later a Hamas supporter was killed in a firefight near Beit Hanoun Hospital, witnesses said. The fighting shifted into the hospital, where three people with ties to Fatah were killed.

On Sunday, two militants from the rival sides were dragged onto high-rise rooftops and thrown to their deaths.

* As always we are rooting for both sides in this conflict… 

Clowns and other Assholes

Summer is not far away and the nutroots are out in force for some serious demonstrations:


Germany: Heiligendam G8 Summit Protester


THOUSANDS of naked cyclists toured the streets of cities around the world yesterday to protest against oil dependency and the car culture. 20070609romeanarchy01.jpg

America, the evil empire: Who could could argue with that?


Rome, Italy





Zombie has more if you can bear it: 

Some of the comments from other blogs:
p.s. – and when shariah law is imposed in major parts of their country,these same cycling tree monkeys will wonder why and how it happened—

Would have been an interesting sight, though not as interesting as a scrotum caught in a bike chain.

Any comments?

Catmeat Sheik Hilali Replaced by ‘Moderate’ Jihad Mufti



Downer says good riddance to Catmeat sheik

Unfortunately old catmeat has not been stripped of citizenship and NSW police chief Mick Keelty didn’t have the guts to shake him down for supporting Hizbullah with money for their jihad against Israel and Lebanon. No, old catmeat Hilali and his brood will be with us for some time to come, make no mistake about that.

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Outgoing Islamic leader Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly did a bad job and embarrassed Australia’s Muslims, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today.

Sheik al Hilaly stood down from the position of mufti yesterday after making a series of controversial remarks in the past year.

“I have to say I think that Sheik al Hilaly has done a very bad job as the leader of the Islamic community,” Mr Downer told Sky News.

“I know many Muslims who have been embarrassed by him and have felt he hasn’t done Islamic Australia any good at all.

* Downer is lying whenever he opens his mouth, just like Al Hilali, can you tell?

“Him standing down and a new mufti taking over, it has to be a step forward.”

Mr Downer said all religious groups in Australia had a duty to promote tolerance and compassion.

“Their leaders need to preach a message of moderation.

“They need to preach the message that we’re all Australians and we have some core Australian values.”

Wishful thinking by a filthy kuffar, Alexander…

However, the new leader of Australia’s Muslim community has defended his outspoken predecessor, saying the former mufti was misunderstood.

* You bet. They might have just as well elected Keysar Trad instead.

Here is the whole thing, read it:

* Same old, same old. They all believe in the same Koran, they all worship the same ‘prophet’ and they all are commanded to ‘fight the unbelievers and strike at their necks until they pay the jiziya or accept Islam, until all religion belongs to Allah’- Because the only thing that matters is Islam, nothing but Islam.

Andrew Bolt has a take on the new/old mufti of Melbourne:

Small steps, and far too late.

But while he’s still the imam of our largest mosque, at least the extremist Taj Din al-Hilali is no longer Mufti:

A 79-YEAR-OLD Lebanese-born cleric who had a stroke last year has been elected the nation’s new mufti after the controversial Taj Din al-Hilali quit yesterday.

Sheik Hilali was initially reappointed mufti by the nation’s imams, but decided to relinquish the position to prominent Melbourne-based cleric Fehmi Nagi al-Imam.


The new spiritual leader of Australia’s Muslims, Fehmi Nagi al-Imam, with his predecessor, Taj Din al-Hilali, in Melbourne. Picture: Michael Potter Hilali makes way for new mufti

Sheik Fehmi
, spiritual head of Preston Mosque in Melbourne’s north, is a former senior member of John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group.

The imam, who is also the general secretary of the Victorian Board of Imams, battled ill-health last year following (a) stroke.

Fehmi, a Victorian, is a moderate with excellent English, and I’ve enjoyed my conversations with him. I’ve long argued he should be Mufti instead.

But let us be clear what “moderate” means. It’s a purely relative term which still allows Fehmi plenty of opportunity to disappoint us in ways like this:

Only last week I’d praised Sheik Fehmi as a good man, who’d condemned the London bombings. But a day later he was asked about fellow Melbourne sheik Mohammed Omran, a friend of a suspected al-Qaida boss, who’d claimed September 11 was really the work of a US-based conspiracy.

“He is entitled to his own thinking,” Fehmi
replied meekly. Then, asked if Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists had committed those attacks, he added: ”We cannot say. We do not know these things.”

And this:

Why is a man who supports an Islamist group which the Australian Government has listed as a terrorist organisation serving as one of the Prime Minister’s Muslim advisors? …

Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam: “Long live freedom fighters [Hezbollah]… But we have to remember that we are still proud of what is taking place in Lebanon… We are proud of the freedom fighters.”

* Translation: Killing and being killed for Islam is ‘freedom’- suicide bombers and genocidal lunatics are martyr’s…

What else is new?


Hilali makes way for new mufti

Richard Kerbaj from The Australian

Fatwa forbids PA Muslims to emigrate

Obviously, the jihad needs fighters against the ‘occupation’- what could be more important than the annihilation of the Jooozzz?


Evidently the Palestinian jihad, like Islam itself, has no exit door. By Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post

cross posted from JW

Alarmed by the growing number of Palestinians who are emigrating from the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority’s mufti has issued a fatwa [religious decree] forbidding Muslims to leave.
Sources in the PA Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that some 10,000 Palestinians have filed requests to emigrate from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year. They said the requests had been approved.

“Every day we hear about hundreds of Palestinians who file requests for emigration with different consulates and diplomatic missions,” the sources said.

“According to our statistics, there are at least 45,000 emigration applications being reviewed by different countries.”

The sources said most of the applicants were young men seeking work abroad. They said the majority of them wanted to move to the US, EU and Canada.

What? To the Great Satan and other infidel strongholds? Why not to Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Of course, among the people who want to emigrate to the West there are doubtless many who are not ideologues, who just want to get on with their lives. But they are trapped.


Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

“among the people who want to emigrate to the West there are doubtless many who are not ideologues, who just want to get on with their lives.”
— from Robert’s comment above

I disagree. I disagree that there are “doubtless many who are not ideologues” and who “just want to get on with their lives.” My own observation of “Palestinian” Arabs is that they are full-time propagandists for the “Palestinian” cause, that some are practiced at expressing their sense of victimhood, and since they are capable of sensing the ignorance and naivete of the Infidels among whom they come to live, they are essentially dangeorus agents of, in the first place, the Lesser Jihad against Israel, but just as important, help to create an atmosphere of confusion about the Middle East, and about Islam. A few may not be this way, but we have no way to figure out who those “few” might be, and should not take a chance.


Furthermore, quite a number of “Palestinians” have been behind the shouting down of pro-Israel speakers at colleges. They have spearheaded all kinds of activiites, from “divestment” movements, to phony “Islamic” outreach in Christian churches. Several “Palestinian” minister/propagandists, having burrowed within, and then climbed high, in the hierarchy of various Christaian denominations, have done promoted the Lesser Jihad against Israel. They have been working at times in coordinated efforts with such “Palestinian” islamochristians as Nabil Ateek (of Sabeel) and Hanan Ashrawi, and this effort continues, even as the Arab Christians themselves are menaced and attacked and driven to leave the territories foolishly handed over to the control of the “Palestinian Authority.”

There are twenty-two Arab states. They possess the same language and culture. If they don’t like the hell they have created for themselves — and 70% of the Arabs in Gaza wish that the Israelis would come back, come back and save them from themselves, from their own lords of misrule, but why should the Israelis return to rescue them, since the local Arabs will never recognize that it is the spirit of Islam, the attitudes and atmospherics that arise naturally from Islam, that explain the current — and future — condition of Gaza, which is only an extreme case of what one finds all over the Arab and Muslim world, a world of aggression, warfare, violence as a way to achieve political power which, in turn, is the way to seize control of wealth.


No, let them stay there, and not be allowed to come to our countries. For they do not arrive as grateful refugees, like refugees from the Nazis and Communists, who hated Nazism and Communism and were prepared to alert us to their evils and work towards their destruction. These are not “refugees” at all, but come with Islam, or in some cases islamochristianity, packed in their mental baggage. And when they unpack it, unpack that Islam which they do not abandon but rather spread, and when they become full-time informal propagandists — in the case of “Palestinains” — for the Lesser Jihad against Israel which is only a local manfiestation of a world-wide Jihad, it is we Infidels who suffer, not least from the swelling of Muslim ranks and power, and the disruption and unpleasantness and greater insecurity that ensue (how much does it cost to ensure that speecehs can be given freely? How much does it cost to monitor more Muslims, especialy the kind created in the fanatical hothouse of the “Palestinian” cause?) it is we Infidels who suffer. Our governments, deciding on immimgration policy, have no right to do this to us.

And why should we, after all, invite into our home, as Fred Thompson put it, those who do not and can not, because of their Belief-system, wish us, or our legal and political institutions, well? Why should we invite in those who, at the very least have been raised up to hate Infidels, and with a special passion, Jews? Should we have 100,000 more Muslims enter, becuase the experience with large-scale Muslim immigration in France and Great Britian and other countries of Western Europe has been so wonderful –or has it been such as to serve as a warning to us? Should we allow in another 100,000 becase among them there may be a Wafa Sultan? Or an ibn Warraq? Or an Ali Sina? Do we want to invite in to share a country build entirely by non-Muslims, on principles that are flatly contradicted by Islam, those whose inculcated loyaltyis solely to Islam and to fellow Believers?

We have no obligation to allow in those whose Total Belief-System goes against everything that makes America America, or France France, or Italy Italy, or England England, or Denmark Denmark.

No obligation at all


Nutroot madness

German Cardinal wants to celebrate Mass in Saudi Arabia

Articles are cross posted from DW/JW 

Cardinal Karl Lehmann, Bishop of Mainz, wants to exercise a bit of reciprocity. Since there are now so many mosques all over Europe, he wants to celebrate Mass in Saudi Arabia. And why not? Because, of course, tolerance and respect for other religions is a one-way-street.

German-language article here from Spiegel Online

Meanwhile Bagdad’s Christians face extinction: 

Baghdad Christians have been in a heap of trouble for quite some time, and it is only getting worse. Now Al-Qaeda jihadists have issued them an ultimatum. “Insurgent group steps up its campaign against Baghdad’s Christians,” by Hannah Allam and Leila Fadel for McClatchy Newspapers:

BAGHDAD, Iraq –An al-Qaida-affiliated insurgent group is giving Christians in Baghdad a stark set of options: Convert to Islam, marry your daughters to our fighters, pay an Islamic tax or leave with only the clothes on your back.
A U.S. military official said American forces became aware of the threats only last month and now have erected barriers around the largest Christian enclave in Baghdad’s Dora neighborhood in an effort to protect its residents.

Christians in Baghdad refuse to discuss the threats for fear of retribution. But in Syria, where thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled, tales abound of families that were killed or driven from their homes because they either refused or couldn’t afford to pay the jizya, a tax usually levied on non-Muslim men of military age that’s been part of Islam for more than 1,000 years.

“Two or three months ago, we heard we were going to be forcibly removed from Dora,” said Rafah Elia Daoud, 53, who fled to Damascus, Syria’s capital, on May 24. “Not everyone got a paper with the threat, but we knew. The choice was to convert, pay the jizya or get out.”

“My brother was threatened; my sister was threatened. All of them had to pay the jizya,” added her husband, Jamal Antone Karoumy, 66. “One of my brothers got a note and a single bullet under his door. The note said, `If you don’t pay the jizya to the resistance, you’ll be killed.'”

According to classic Islamic law, these choices should be given to all who are not Muslim. No negotiations, no compromises.

Killers of Chaldean priest, deacons in Iraq wanted their conversion to Islam

No Compulsion in Religion Alert. “The killers of Fr. Ragheed and the three deacons wanted their conversion to Islam,” from AsiaNews:

Mosul (AsiaNews) – Before opening fire on Fr. Raghhed Gani and his three deacons, the killers demanded their conversion to Islam. These emerging details of the murder of the 4 Chaldeans have been posted by the Arab site which in these last few days has been re-creating the ferocious nature of the Mosul attack through eye-witness accounts.
This information confirms the theory of a target murder, well planned and in step with the vast campaign of persecution against Christians currently underway in Iraq. So far there has been no claim of responsibility for the “senseless gesture”, as it was defined by Benedict XVI who [yesterday met] president George W. Bush in the Vatican.
In the interim a press statement released by Iraq’s highest authority for Sunni Islam, the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) has condemned the murder of the Chaldean priest and his three sub-deacons, which took place June 3rd last following Sunday mass. The declaration attributes all blame for the deaths to the “occupation forces” and the “current Iraqi government”. The Sunni academics also denounce the fact that “what is happening on the ground in Iraq is pure terror, killing and destruction, due to a total deterioration in security”.

Read it all.. 

BBC Aids And Abets Islamic Terrorists

* Al Bebeceera, arguably the most heavily left-wing, gay and Muslim infiltrated broadcaster in Europe, is going all out to ‘expose’ the CIA, ‘the worlds most powerful secret service’- (when did the CIA ever get anything right?) In a shameless display of terrorist sympathies it divulges names of CIA agents involved in shuttling captured terrorists around Europe on so-called ‘secret flights’, whines and winches over long debunked ‘torture’- (Al Bebeceera would never mention anything about the Al Qaeda manual lesson 18, wherein captured terrorists are instructed to whine about torture, especially when it never happened)

Khalid Al Masri, the poster boy for the international left’s campaign against the CIA practice of “rendition,” has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of arson. Upon his release in Germany’s Neu Ulm Al Masri immediately set out to burn down a shophouse in Germany . Al Masri is now in a nuthouse somewhere. Heaven knows why he was not immediately deported.


Nutroots and bleeding hearts in a demo for Islamic terrorists here in Scotland

Fresh calls have been made for a full inquiry into whether American planes carrying terrorist suspects to be tortured have landed in Scotland.
Campaigners said it must finally be established whether the country had been used to refuel so-called “extraordinary rendition” flights.

The demands followed a police inquiry which dismissed claims rendition flights had landed at English airports.

The CIA flights are alleged to carry suspects to secret detention camps.

Campaigners have claimed in the past that rendition flights regularly landed at Glasgow and Prestwick airports to refuel before carrying terror suspects to prisons elsewhere in Europe, Africa and the Middle East where they may have faced torture.


It is alleged that the CIA flew their planes to 29 different countries

I think it is high time we had a formal inquiry and that really needs to be on both sides of the border

Shami Chakrabarti
Liberty BBC

The English inquiry by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) had examined specific allegations made by campaign group Liberty in the wake of an investigation by the Guardian newspaper.

Liberty claimed 210 CIA flights carrying terrorist suspects had landed at English airports since 2001 and provided dates and locations, but Acpo said there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Acpo released its findings just hours after the Council of Europe said there was evidence to prove the CIA had run secret jails in Europe.

The Council of Europe had previously also alleged rendition flights did pass through the UK and other European countries.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, slammed the Acpo inquiry as a “whitewash”, and said she still wanted to know whether Prestwick and Glasgow had been used as stop-off points by the CIA flights.

‘Cast-iron assurances’

She said: “I think it is high time we had a formal inquiry and that really needs to be on both sides of the border.

“The work of the Guardian journalists suggests that Prestwick has had a lot of CIA flight activity through it.

“What we need to investigate is who or what was on those planes, and has Britain’s airspace or British air bases been used as a transit post for extraordinary rendition?”

Ms Chakrabarti’s demand was echoed by Christine Grahame, the SNP MSP for the South of Scotland.

She said: “I’d dearly love an inquiry. It would be much better if it could be held in Scotland but failing that I think an inquiry through European channels is likely to be more reliable than one through Westminster.”

But the Labour MP for Ayr Central, Brian Donohoe, said: “I have been given cast-iron assurances by two Secretaries of State that there have been no rendition flights through Prestwick since 1998.”

Shedding light on CIA mystery flights

By Olenka Frenkiel
Reporter for This World: Mystery Flights

It is alleged that the CIA flew their planes to 29 different countries

“This World: Mystery Flights” pieces together the jigsaw of “extraordinary rendition”, the alleged illegal CIA transfer of terror suspects to secret prisons in Europe.

In far eastern Poland in 2002 and 2003 strange planes landed on an old disused runway in a secluded forest – nine times.

The airport was closed but Mariola Przewlocka, the airport facilities manager, was told to accept the planes or “heads would roll”.

Airport staff were told to stay away while the passengers were unloaded out of sight. Mini-vans with blacked-out windows drove them away to a former Soviet military intelligence base, where it is believed the CIA has its own zone.

Extraordinary rendition

Was Poland a staging point in the network of secret prisons established by the United States in their “extraordinary rendition” programme? Did these mystery flights bring al-Qaeda suspects to Poland?

“It didn’t occur to anyone then that it might have something to do with transporting prisoners,” says Mariola Przewlocka. “All the rigmarole surrounding the flights – now I think it may have been possible.”

“Extraordinary rendition” is the CIA term for taking prisoners abroad for interrogation, a policy the US administration defends as a necessary tool in the “war on terror”.

It denies that prisoners are taken to be tortured.

But it offers no explanation for transporting them around the world to countries that are known to use torture, such as Uzbekistan, Morocco, Egypt and Syria.

Obviously, the nutroots have no problem with mass-murdering Islamic terrorists. Their problem lies entirely with Bush, the CIA and defending the free world against Islamo-fascism. Surely a lengthy Gitmo vacation would be helpful to cure some of those wankers from their allures…


Binyam Mohammed claims to have been horribly tortured

Torture denials

Binyam Mohammed, a British resident from Ethiopia was “rendered” to Morocco in a Gulfstream N379P after he was arrested in Pakistan.

He says he was tortured there until he agreed to sign a statement his captors had prepared. The statement said that he was a member of al-Qaeda; that he had met Osama bin Laden and that he was part of a plot to explode a radioactive bomb in America.

His lawyer Clive Stafford Smith believes US denials on torture cannot be true.

There are too many shysters out there whoring for Arab-Islamic interests. They have to be exposed and shown for what they are.

Read it all…

Clearly, for Al Beebeceera it is a crime to defend  pro actively against Islam terror:

Q&A: CIA jails allegations

Fourteen European states have colluded with the CIA in secret US flights for terror suspects, a report for Europe’s human rights watchdog has concluded.
The seven-month inquiry was sparked by media allegations that the US intelligence agency ran secret jails abroad for terror suspects

Reports claim al-Qaeda members are being held in clandestine jails

The US admits to picking up terrorism suspects but denies sending them to other countries to face torture.

BBC News examines the investigations, accusations and legal implications of the claims.

What have investigators found?


Read it all.. 

Mapping the Jihad Mosques in America


Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has an interesting article up on a new movement in the US that sets out to expose the Mosques, the hate speeches and the introcution of sharia by stealth:

* Just wondering: Are there any other ones? I mean are there any mosques anywhere that don’t teach and preach hatred of infidels and Jews and don’t instigate the believers to wage jihad against the filthy kuffar?

Washington, DC – The Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) announced today the launch of the Mapping Shari’a in America Project, the world’s first effort to systematically evaluate the threat that a nation faces from efforts to impose Shari’a within its borders.

The project will collect information about America’s 2,300-plus mosques and associated day schools, provide information to both law enforcement officials and the public, and test the proposition that Shari’a amounts to a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government.

Today’s announcement comes after a week-long pilot study of the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, which uncovered clear and convincing evidence of direct and indirect links to violent Jihad. The project is already making this information available to law enforcement and the public.

“Shari’a is not merely speech, and it is certainly not religion as understood by the West,” SANE’s President, David Yerushalmi, said at a morning press conference. “Rather, it is a political and ideological mandate to destroy the West. We believe that every act to teach, preach, and live according to traditional, historical, and authoritative Shari’a contributes to a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our government.”

Thank G-d someone is doing this.

Dave Gaubatz, who will direct the project, added, “We will rank the mosques and schools in terms of their adherence to Shari’a and, in turn, the risks they pose in terms of future Jihadist attacks. We hope that our efforts help inform both law enforcement authorities and the public at large.”

Get out there people. It is up to you and me. Report what you see.

Here’s how the project would work:

Continue reading “MAPPING SHARIA” »

Gaddafi wants Horsetrade: Lockerbie Bomber in Exchange for Bulgarian Nurses

A repeating pattern when dealing with the Musulman:

Blair pressed on prisoner exchange deal

THERE were renewed calls today for Prime Minister Tony Blair to explain fully a prisoner exchange deal with the Libyans, amid claims that the Lockerbie bomber was central to the agreement.

Number 10 has denied claims that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, serving life in a Scottish jail for the 1988 outrage, is included in the memorandum struck last month.

First Minister Alex Salmond said he wanted an answer “forthwith” to a letter he had written protesting to the Prime Minister about the deal.

Mr Salmond suggested the arrangement could lead to the transfer of Megrahi and complained Scotland was not consulted in advance.

Sources close to the agreement made on May 29 were today reported to have said the Lockerbie bomber was the “whole point” of the talks in Libya.

The source said: “Megrahi was the whole point of the talks as far as the Libyans are concerned.

“It was made perfectly clear to the British officials involved in the talks that the whole aim for them was to get Megrahi back.”

Responding to the claim, a spokesman for the First Minister said: “We believe that the Prime Minister must answer the substantive questions from the First Minister in very earliest course.”


Muammar Gaddafi

Here you can watch ‘injection’- the real life story of the accused nurses in Gaddafi’s jail:

Injection is the real-life story of six health care workers falsely accused and jailed by an Arab dictator, the deplorable conditions that led to their arrest, and the simple solution that might have prevented not only this injustice, but millions of needless infections.

In Libya in 1999, five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were arrested and convicted of infecting over four hundred Libyan children with HIV in a Benghazi hospital. Libyan dictator Moammar Khadaffi proclaimed before the trial that the nurses conspired with the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad to maliciously infect the children


The practice of taking hostage’s and then bartering for something they want is a time honored tradition in islam, and considered business as usual.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what an appropriate response should be if your intent is to dissuade them from this proud part of the islamic culture.

Gaddafi Goes for the Shakedown

News of the reformation of Libyan strongman “Colonel” Muammar Gaddafi (He of the Many Spellings) may have been premature. He now says he’ll release the doctor and nurses ludicrously convicted of injecting children with AIDS, if the EU and the US compensate the “victims’ families,” and release the terrorist convicted of the Lockerbie bombing: Bulgaria: Qaddafi Wants Money and Lockerbie Attacker for Nurses’ Release. Muammar Qaddafi has officially stated his conditions for the release of the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor sentenced to death in Libya, a website of the Libyan opposition claims.

Cited by the Bulgarian national radio, the site claims that Qaddafi has sent an official note to the EU country members and the US, requesting compensations for the families of the HIV-infected children and the release of the terrorist from Lockerbie.

In his note Qaddafi admitted that there were problems in his country’s health system. He vowed that if Bulgaria pardons Libya’s debt, then Libya would offer the Balkan country options to take part in programs for fixing Libya’s health system.

But chances are good that Gaddafi will get his way:

Guardian Online

Libya, BP to sign $900m oil deal

Libya announced on Tuesday it will sign a $900-million exploration deal with British energy giant BP, which London says plans to return the North African country after a 33-year absence.

“We are going to sign with BP an oil-exploration and -prospecting accord on Libyan territory worth $900-million,” said the head of Libya’s National Oil Corporation, Shokri Ghanem.

The announcement came ahead of a visit to the oil-rich nation by British Prime Minister Tony Blair who is starting a tour of Africa before he leaves office next month.

“BP will be announcing that they’re going back into Libya,” a spokesperson for Blair said, confirming that the outgoing premier was due to hold talks with Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi.

There has not yet been any official confirmation from BP itself.

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries member is the African continent’s second-largest oil producer at 1,7-million barrels per day. It also has natural-gas reserves estimated at 1 314-billion cubic metres.

The Financial Times reported in January last year that BP had entered negotiations over a multibillion-dollar gas-exploration and -development agreement in Libya.

It said discussions involved a liquefied-natural-gas project that could supply the North American or European markets.

Libya is seeking massive investment to boost its energy sector, whose development was stunted under United Nations sanctions imposed after a United States airliner was downed in 1988 by a bomb over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 270 people. — Sapa-AFP

Colossal Evasion


From ABC News:

Document: Iran Caught Red-Handed Shipping Arms to Taliban.

NATO officials say they have caught Iran red-handed, shipping heavy arms, C4 explosives and advanced roadside bombs to the Taliban for use against NATO forces, in what the officials say is a dramatic escalation of Iran’s proxy war against the United States and Great Britain.
“It is inconceivable that it is anyone other than the Iranian government that’s doing it,” said former White House counterterrorism official Richard Clarke, an ABC News consultant.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stopped short earlier this week of blaming Iran, saying the U.S. did not have evidence “of the involvement of the Iranian government in support of the Taliban.”

But an analysis by a senior coalition official, obtained by the Blotter on, concludes there is clear evidence of Iran’s involvement.

“This is part of a considered policy,” says the analysis, “rather than the result of low-level corruption and weapons smuggling.”

Iran and the Taliban had been fierce enemies when the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan, and their apparent collaboration came as a surprise to some in the intelligence community.

“I think their goal is to make it very clear that Iran has the capability to make life worse for the United States on a variety of fronts,” said Seth Jones of the Rand Institute, “even if they have to do some business with a group that has historically been their enemy.”

The coalition analysis says munitions recovered in two Iranian convoys, on April 11 and May 3, had “clear indications that they originated in Iran. Some were identical to Iranian supplied goods previously discovered in Iraq.”

JFK Terror Probe Widening

With thanks to LGF

No doubt another ploy by the Halliburton hegemony, to keep the sheeple in a state of mindless panic so they can be manipulated into launching wars for oil while ignoring the root causes of terrorism and oppressing innocent Muslims: Official says JFK terror probe widening.


Passengers are seen at Terminal 4 in JFK International Airport in New York Sunday, June 3, 2007. The investigation into the thwarted plot to bomb John F. Kennedy International Airport is widening beyond the four men in custody, with more suspects sought outside the U.S. for their suspected roles, a law enforcement official said Friday. (AP Photo/David Karp)

NEW YORK – The investigation into the thwarted plot to bomb John F. Kennedy International Airport is widening beyond the four men in custody, with more suspects sought outside the U.S. for their suspected roles, a law enforcement official said Friday.

The defendants identified last weekend were “just a piece of it,” the official told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because of not being authorized to speak publicly. “We are definitely seeking more players. We are targeting others overseas.”

The official declined to provide details about the possible suspects, or in what countries they are being sought.

Law enforcement officials, through the use of an informant, were able to undermine the airport plot in its early stages.

The four suspects made trips to the airport, took video and photographs, drew diagrams and collected information. They then hoped to shop their information to individuals with the capacity to pull off their stated plan of causing “greater destruction than the Sept. 11 attacks,” the official said.

According to court documents, the men sought the help of Jamaat al Muslimeen, or JAM, a Muslim organization based in Trinidad — a known violent group involved in killings, kidnappings and weapons trafficking over the past two decades. The group staged a coup attempt in 1990, storming the Trinidad Parliament building and taking the prime minister hostage.

Some experts have called the plot far-fetched, saying it would have been virtually impossible to achieve the kind of destruction the suspects envisioned. But the official said that if the men had lined up with people who had the right resources, the plans could have been carried out in a short period of time.

Alleged mastermind Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen from Guyana, hatched the plan when he worked as a cargo employee at JFK 10 years ago, authorities said. He is being held in New York on conspiracy charges. His alleged co-conspirators, two citizens of Guyana and one from Trinidad, are in jail in Trinidad and were expected to fight extradition to New York.

Defreitas’ attorney, Drew Carter, was out of town and did not immediately return phone messages.