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Dutch Lawmaker: Jail Women Who Wear Burqas


* Of course the Associated Press has to smear the courageous Geert Wilders as a ‘right wing’ lawmaker, as if the misogynistic black sack was some kind of fashion statement that ‘liberates’ women. But the AP-turd who wrote this simply presents a spitting image of our degenerated society. That Geert Wilders lives in hiding and must fear for his life because of Muhammedan fanatics that invaded his homeland is not mentioned.

A right-wing Dutch lawmaker wants women jailed for wearing the head-to-toe Islamic robe known as a burqa, calling it a “symbol of oppression.”

Geert Wilders, whose Freedom Party has nine lawmakers in the 150-seat lower house of Dutch parliament, filed a proposal Thursday to make wearing a burqa in public a crime punishable by up to 12 days jail.

* It might be a good idea to jail the men who force women into the black sack as well.

“The burqa and niqab are a symbol of oppression of women,” Wilders told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. He said burqas and the niqab — a full-faced veil with only a slit for the eyes — hindered integration of Muslim women into Dutch society and also posed a security risk.

An Islamic community spokesman, Ayhan Tonca, called Wilders’ proposal “totally out of proportion” and accused him of seeking to broaden a rift between Muslims and the rest of Dutch society.

* No, he is noting the rift that already exists, and trying to heal it.

Last November, the Dutch government said it was drawing up legislation to ban burqas, but that administration was defeated in elections the same month. The new centrist coalition of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende has no plans to implement a burqa ban, meaning Wilders’ proposal has little chance of becoming law.

Few women wear the burqa in the Netherlands, but the debate over whether to outlaw it underscores a drift away from traditional Dutch tolerance and unease with the growing influence of Islam in the country. About 6 percent of the Dutch population of 16 million is Muslim.

Denmark: Cartoon Racket Continues

Danish Muslims call for fatwa against Jyllands-Posten

Jyllands-Posten, you may recall, is the newspaper that originally published the notorious cartoons of Muhammad that ultimately touched off worldwide Muslim riots. Now it appears that Muslims in Denmark, seeing that the Danes have not punished the cartoonists for exercising their freedom of speech, are bent on exacting some kind of retribution.

Here’s an article from Reuters with much better background information:

Muslim group loses cartoons libel case in Denmark

A court ruled that Pia Kjaersgaard, leader of the Danish People’s Party (DPP), did not libel the Islamic Faith Community when she accused some of its members of treason for traveling to the Middle East to publicize a Danish newspaper’s publication of the drawings, which caused a worldwide uproar in 2006.

The court said the term “treason” was not libelous because it was used extensively in public debate.
It ordered the plaintiffs, a loose network of Danish Muslim organizations which says it represents 50,000 members, to pay Kjaersgaard 40,000 Danish crowns ($7,400) in costs.

Flemming Rose, the Jyllands-Posten culture editor who made the decision to publish the cartoons, writes at Pajamas Media (thanks to Blicher):

Islamic Society of Copenhagen can’t accept the secular laws of Denmark, and therefore they plan to seek support in the Middle East for a fatwa against Jyllands-Posten, if the newspaper is acquitted in a pending civic case, which a number of Muslim organizations has initiated against the paper, and if the European Human Rights Court also makes a decision that goes against the legal demands of the Muslims.
This is tomorrows top story in Jyllands-Posten.

Until now nobody has had to answer for insulting our prophet. We have no choice but to ask for a fatwa,” says Kasem Ahmad, spokesman for Islamic Society, referring to the publication of the 12 cartoons of Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten September 30, 2005….


Now this is Denmark speaking: 

Kasem Ahmad, Its YOUR ‘profit’- not ours. Muhammad was a caravan raider, serial rapist, child molester, arsonist, torturer and genocidal mass-murderer. If you think you have no ‘choice’-  you better leave Denmark before Denmark smokes your sorry ass…

Are you reading this, Ahmad? 



All of us who have followed the cartoon brouhaha from the beginning owe a debt of gratitude to Flemming Rose for his courageous efforts to break down the Islamic “haram” barrier and restore universal freedom of speech. Nothing is more harmful to the Muslims and their faith than to bar their religious texts and leaders from the normal exegesis and historical analysis that allows religions to advance with the advancement of civilization. Just as some early Jewish and Christian practices (such as having meals with corpses in the catacombs) are obsolete, there is no shortage of Muslim practices (such as eternal jihad) which need to be reconsidered in view of current humanitarian values.

What constitutes “insulting the Prophet” was basically the cartoonists’ juxtaposing Muhammad’s 7th Century values with those of the current century. It’s not Muslims who should feel insulted, but rather all of humanity by those who insist that those values are timeless, sacrosanct, and superior to all other values.

Bravo, Mr. Rose.




Malaysian Muslims call for ban on movie (or else…)

* Won’t be long before we see burning cinemas, burning embassies and mass-riots again. Routinely followed by the inevitable western weasel apologetics to appease the Muhammedan madness:


Morgan Freeman

Malaysian Muslims have called for a ban on the blockbuster movie “Evan Almighty,” saying it is offensive to their religion, state media reported Friday.

Malaysia’s influential Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) said the comedy, which plays on the story of Noah’s ark and features actor Morgan Freeman as God, was insulting to Islam.

“The movie refers to the big flood during the time of Prophet Noah, but this has been turned into a comedy which is insulting to Islam,” Secretary-General Maamor Osman told news agency Bernama.

“Featuring a human being as God in the movie is also against Islam,” he added.

“Evan Almighty” is the sequel to “Bruce Almighty,” which was banned from cinemas here after arousing objections among conservative Muslims.

Censors eventually approved the movie for DVD and VCD release and it has since been broadcast on television.

Other foreign movies to have been banned from public screening on religious grounds include “Brokeback Mountain’ and “The Passion of the Christ.”

“Evan Almighty” is scheduled to be screened in Malaysian cinemas from August 23.

In it, Steve Carell plays a newly-elected congressman ordered by God to build an ark.

Muslims in Australia

Author: Philip Atkinson
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.


Have you noticed that those who try to resist the hysteria of multiculturalism are immediately stigmatized as racists, red necks, chauvinists or fascists? FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson’s piercing analysis implicitly suggests that Western culture may be in decline.

Muslims in Australia

By Philip Atkinson

Muslims, the traditional enemy of Christians and Jews, are allowed to become citizens of Australia, a Christian country, because of the popularity of the notion of Multiculturalism: the belief that all the different cultures can live like one big happy family as soon as we get rid of the bad people—the racists, sexists, fascists, chauvinists, bigots, red necks, fundamentalist teachers — all those people who will not change their beliefs to match fashion.

The flaws in the notion of Multiculturalism are easy to realize as different cultures have different beliefs that make them incompatible. For example, either:

• Adulterers are stoned to death or they are not.
• Thieves have their limbs amputated or they do not.
• Women must cover their faces in public or they may not
• Men can slay female relatives who dishonor their family, or they cannot.

All of these conflicting values are the choices of cultures with adherents in Australia, but it is clear that only one course of action can be followed, so one culture must dominate.
The single set of values that reign in Australia is Australian culture, which is the law of the land, and anybody attempting to inflict opposing cultural values will suffer legal penalty; which means that to uphold law, and order, the values of other cultures must be denied. Indeed, Australian society does not only forbid practices that contravene Australian common law, but it has extended Commonwealth statutes precisely to proscribe behavior that has no impact upon Australians, but which is considered unacceptable.

Our Multicultural regime has judged female excision as too awful to allow, even though it is practiced by millions throughout the world and affects only those belonging to alien cultures. This prohibition is a clear admission by the Multiculturalists that there are barbaric practices that cannot be allowed, which is a claim that there are people who practice barbarism, Barbarians, who must be resisted. This is a contradiction of their own Multicultural creed.

Multiculturalism is not a rational idea, but is part of the tyranny of wishful thinking that inevitably accompanies the decay of reason inherent in social decay; and our civilization has been decaying since 1791 (see “A Study Of History” by Professor Arnold Toynbee). Anyone who tries to resist the hysteria of multiculturalism is immediately stigmatised as a racist, or red neck or chauvinist or fascist or whatever and subject to persecution. In this way the nonsense of multiculturalism is promoted while truth is suppressed.


The undeniable explosions of violence caused by the clash of cultures, such as the razing of the Twin Towers in New York, and the Cronulla riots in Australia, which were spontaneous mob attacks upon those identified as Lebanese, have been ignored by the Multiculturalists. The Multiculturalists describe the Cronulla riots as the actions of a few ‘racists,’ who should be prosecuted by the law, and they pretend that the world wide acts of mass murder committed by Muslims, if not justifiable reactions to racism, are the result of a few evil Fundamentalist teachers.

This is merely a denial of the truth that cultures clash, as well as a confirmation of the demented state of the Australian community, for many Australians clearly do not know what a culture, or a community, is. To understand what a culture is requires understanding what a community is; a community is a shared understanding, with the character of that shared understanding being the culture of the community. As all understandings are founded upon notions of right and wrong, and notions of right and wrong are an arbitrary but a permanent part of understanding, as different cultures have different notions of right and wrong then they must have irreconcilable beliefs. And the only way to resolve the irreconcilable beliefs of different cultures is for one culture to force its beliefs upon all the other cultures by violence.

Thus different cultures are enemies who will struggle to dominate each other with violence; so deliberately to allow Muslims to settle in Australia is deliberately to import conflict into Australia. It is now only a matter of time before Australians see suicide bombers in Australian cities.

Read also: Bulls#*it and other Arabian Fairytales


Allah allows men to use slave girls as young as 6 for sex

Under Sharia law men have the right to have sex with infants

The Cronulla Betrayal

Islam-propagandist Nada Roude (C) a representative of the Islamic Council of Australia,  talks to young Australian surfers at North Cronulla Beach near Sydney, 15 December 2005. The beach was the venue for a meeting of Australian and Islamic community leaders as the NSW state parliament was recalled to pass new control laws that will enable an extra 1500 police to confiscate vehicles and close liquor outlets in a bid to crush any further outbreaks of the ethnic violence that has swept the city.

Australian Riots – Cronulla Beach Boys Rumble in Sydney!

December 19th 2005

Australian Riots - Cronulla Beach Boys Rumble in Sydney!

Cronulla Beach

Neo-Nazis, that’s what they were—brutal neo-Nazis! Cronulla’s beach boys; suicide surfers! Hooligans! Thugs! Fascists! Vigilantes! The descendants of apes and pigs! Brown-shirts—though many of them were bare-chested. (It’s warm in Sydney this time of year) Racists! Bigots! That and more!

Among the names the press did not use to describe the rioters at Cronulla Beach were rebels, freedom fighters, insurgents, members of a ruthlessly exploited sub-culture. And no one referred to them as working stiffs

Ply as Aussie beach bum with a few tankards of ale, point him in the direction of some poor wretch who looks like he might be from the Middle East, whisper ‘Bali’ in his hear, and then get out of the way. It’s a recipe for a riot—a day of sheer nastiness. Nathan Bedford Forrest would have been ashamed of these fellows. The Ku Klux Klan had class; they worked in the dread of night their terrors to perform. There was no excuse for what the Aussie beach bums did—Sydney, Australia, will never be the sam

Among the associations the press missed were: Sitting Bull at the Little Bighorn; Winston Smith with Big Brother breathing down his neck, and East Side-West Side.

Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said, “We have witnessed this weekend amongst the worst violence that I have seen in my policing service of 40 years.” Maybe in Australia—Moroney did not witness Watts; he did not witness South Central LA; he did not witness the draft riots in New York City in 1863. No one was killed at Cronulla Beach and property damage was minimal. Most of the destruction took place in the after-riot period.

“A drunken mob (turned) on a woman,” he said, properly aghast. Yet there were no reported rapes. In New York City there are Wildings and the incidence of women being raped by Muslim immigrants, not only in Australia but all across Eurabia, is epidemic.

Police Minister Carl Scully said, “I’m horrified that amidst that large crowd were pretty much people who have pretty ugly views.” He wasn’t talking about Howard Dean and Ted Rall. “These actions don’t belong in Australian society in 2005.” Nor do they belong in the Gaza Strip, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sweden and a dozen other countries but that is another matter the authorities don’t want to talk about.

These were rich white boys, privileged bastards, waving Australian flags; drunken louts making racist remarks: a real national disgrace. Of course, Mr. Scully, of course, Mr. Moroney, round them up and ship them to Saudi Arabia for punishment and be done with it. They are neo-Nazis! Vigilantes! Fascists! Bigots! But don’t listen to what they have to say. It might be embarrassing.

Has there been a rush to judgment? The Paris rioters—the Paristinian intifada—were described as disadvantaged, poverty stricken, marginalized, disenfranchised—delinquents leading drab lives. Yet they destroyed far more property than the Cronulla beach boys and they did it amidst screams of “Allahu akbar!” and “This land is our land!” George Armstrong Custer telling Sitting Bull to get the Hell out! And what were the Aussies doing? They were singing Waltzing Matilda and Advance Australia Fair. Couldn’t somebody have sent them a copy of Yasser Arafat’s Intifada For Dummies? How about next time? Amateurs—that’s what they were. And when the riots come to America—and they will—what will one hear? I Get Around; Little Deuce Coupe; Barbara Ann?

Kuranda Seyit, director of the Forum on Australian-Islamic Relations, said, “It shows that there is an underlying racism running deeply in the Australian psyche.” No mention of the hatred of unbelievers burned into the psyches of Muslims by the Qur’an from the cradle to the grave. “The only thing I am worried about,” he continued, “is that it’s going to further play on the minds of young Australian Muslims, particularly of Lebanese origin…They are young Australians who don’t have a sense of belonging.”

Ah, the Paris syndrome! One should have known. They don’t have a sense of belonging because they don’t want to belong!

There is a cancer eating at Australia and the Aussie government has done little to combat it. It is called Islam and there is no known cure. George Washington had a bad cold; he was bled to death: Patrick Henry was wasting away with age; he was given essence of mercury: the Cronulla beach boys got political correctness—a living death and now it’s too late for radiation. The politically correct are always the last to know. A fact of life: the Bali bombing had as much to do with the riot as the A-bomb had to do with flattening Hiroshima. Take a good look and listen. Six women from Cronulla were killed at Bali. The area contains a memorial to their memory.

When two pastors, Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries and Daniel Scott, a Pakistani Evangelist, were convicted of hate speech for reading from the Qur’an during a discussion of jihad and were not allowed to read the verses as evidence at their trial, the handwriting was on the wall. This way to slavery and dhimmitude!

In addition to court costs, Nalliah and Scott were ordered to place ads in newspapers admitting they were wrong to criticize the Qur’an. They will not place the ads they say because they cannot bear false witness.

Crocodile Dundee and Surfer Bob of the Bra Boys are aware of what is going on in Australia. They are not racists; they are not bigots; they are not morons; they don’t read the Qur’an; many of them don’t read the Bible. They have had a sampling of what Islam is and they don’t like it. Australia’s radical left governments and their university running dogs, the Red KKK college professoriat (Kustodians of all Kultural Knowledge), reinforced by the usual campus S.W.I.N.E.  (Students Woefully Ignorant of Nearly Everything) have betrayed them. The decision convicting the pastors of hate speech was one more painful step on the road to Austrabia.

Pastor Nalliah said, “Your Honor, how can I vilify a Muslim when I read from his own text?”

The prosecutor said, “Your Honor, truth is not a defense in this law.”

Even it you speak the truth and someone is offended, you are guilty and they are not.

A multiple-choice test: Kafka, Swift or Saturday Night Live?  This is madness. A civilization is under assault and Australia’s politicians are playing Nero. The obvious answer would be to ban the Qur’an as hate speech; it seems to offend everyone, Muslims included, but that would take spine. So the beach boys rumbled in Sydney and the powers that be took fright—most of them—but they’re not going to ask any hard questions or seek too deeply for root causes because their own complicity in Australia’s decline is greater than their ability to comprehend what they have done and are still doing and their unwavering faith in political correctness has destroyed what little residue of democracy radicalism has left in their sorry souls. There will be more beach boy riots.

By Denis Schulz
Freelance Writer  Contact Denis

Moammar Mashni: Muhammedan Agit-Prop & Enemy Agent

Moammar Mashni is a member of ‘Australians for Palestine’

Australia’s Herald Sun becomes, magically, almost over night, a tool for Muhammedan propaganda:

FEW topics seem to polarise people as much as the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

But the blame game is an exercise in futility. Until the facts are reported or exposed then, sadly, we are in for many more years of misery.

The Palestinians have endured 59 years of dispossession, occupation and colonisation. Israel, staunchly supported by the US and Australia, among other countries, has ignored more than 65 UN Security Council resolutions.

It has repeatedly breached the Fourth Geneva Convention in its responsibilities as an occupying power.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel’s concrete mega-wall was contrary to international law and should be torn down.

But despite these violations, Israel continues to be staunchly supported while Palestinian rights are swept under the carpet.

Israel’s existence should not have priority over Palestine’s existence.

The futures of both peoples are inextricably linked, and working on a solution that would allow the Palestinians to realise their right to self-determination is the best chance Israelis and Palestinians have of living in peace.

Why is Israel, the occupier and oppressor, able to use illegal measures to repress the Palestinians without censure, yet any resistance by Palestinians is called terrorism?

* SAD. What the f*#k is wrong with the Herald Sun?

Yes, Moammar, it’s time to stop the blame game. Stop blaming Israel for the plight of the Palestinians. Stop blaming Israel for building the mega wall in an attempt to keep out suicide bombers. Stop blaming Israel for retaliating for all the rocket attacks and suicide bombing in Israel. Your continued blaming does nothing to help in resolving the conflict, but only serves to harden the resolve of those seeking the destruction of Israel. The whole conflict can be over in an instant if all Palestinians in particular, and all Muslims in general, accept the existence of the nation of Israel. It was not Israel that launched previous wars to annex more territories, but it was the surrounding Arab countries that launched them to destroy Israel and lost lands in the process, which Israel has returned after the signing of peace treaties with them. Now these countries are finally at peace with Israel. So why can’t Palestinians? Yes, it’s time to stop the blame game. But will those hell-bent on Israel’s destruction ever learn?

Just last week we had the Los Angeles Times Whoring For Hamas and now we have the Herald Sun whoring for the genocidal lunatics of Palistan.

Amazing. Truly amazing. Almost like 1938







Hostage Haggling With Libya’s Dictator Gaddafi

* The ongoing saga with the 5 Bulgarian nurses accused of injecting the AIDS virus in some Libyan children makes some Europeans nervous: Some would rather pay the extortion money just to get it over with. The outgoing BLiar nearly released the incarcerated Lockerbie bomber in exchange for nothing


News of the reformation of Libyan strongman “Colonel” Muammar Gaddafi (He of the Many Spellings) may have been premature. He now says he’ll release the doctor and nurses ludicrously convicted of injecting children with AIDS, if the EU and the US compensate the “victims’ families,” and release the terrorist convicted of the Lockerbie bombing: Bulgaria: Qaddafi Wants Money and Lockerbie Attacker for Nurses’ Release. 

Muammar Qaddafi has officially stated his conditions for the release of the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor sentenced to death in Libya, a website of the Libyan opposition claims.

Cited by the Bulgarian national radio, the site claims that Qaddafi has sent an official note to the EU country members and the US, requesting compensations for the families of the HIV-infected children and the release of the terrorist from Lockerbie.

In his note Qaddafi admitted that there were problems in his country’s health system. He vowed that if Bulgaria pardons Libya’s debt, then Libya would offer the Balkan country options to take part in programs for fixing Libya’s health system.

Qaddafi also stated that a Bulgarian non-governmental organization should be the one to negotiate the financial compensations with the medics’ relatives.

The UK should help with the release of the Lockerbie bomber, the note also says. He could be released because he has already served his sentence, or he could receive amnesty, or be extradited to Libya, Qaddafi suggests.


Bush doesn’t mind to suck up to Gaddafi: 

 Bush writes to Kadhafi to push for closer ties: US President George W. Bush has written to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi calling for the development of ties between Washington and its one-time foe, the official JANA news agency said on Tuesday… The message was handed to Kadhafi by Bush’s homeland security advisor Frances Townsend during a visit to Libya… JANA said Bush described as an “historical and brave measure” Libya’s decison to end programmes which could result in weapons of mass destruction.

And the EU proves  itself once again to be a despicable talk shop: 

 EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said in a separate statement: “I firmly hope that clemency will be granted to the medical staff.”

Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said his country,
which holds the EU presidency, would do all it could to find a

In Brussels, EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini said
his reaction to the ruling was “absolutely negative”.

Who sez El Baradei is NOT a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Egypt Coordinating With IAEA To Advance Nuclear Facilities

* Fox in charge of the chicken coop alert: But who is really surprised when a Muhammedan, who’s belief-system teaches him that all his loyalties must lie with the ummah, pulls the wool over infidel eyes and ears to further proliferation and to get nuclear technology in the hands of our enemies?


ElBaradei in good Iranian company

From LGF: This is Mohamed ElBaradei’s super-intelligent plan to reduce nuclear proliferation by increasing it, starting with countries in danger of takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Coordinating With IAEA To Advance Nuclear Facilities

Egyptian Energy and Electricity Minister Hassan Younes has said that Egypt is coordinating with the International Atomic Energy Agency in conducting 17 studies on establishing nuclear power stations in the country.

The studies are to be completed by the end of the year.

Oh, and remember the statement by ElBaradei that Iran’s nuclear enrichment activities had slowed down? Ahmadinejad disagrees.

Ahmadinejad: No Slowing In Uranium Enrichment

At a press conference he called yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected statements by International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed ElBaradei that there has recently been a slowdown in uranium enrichment at the Natanz facility.

Ahmadinejad said that there has been no change in Iran’s nuclear policy, and that no one should expect Iran to stop uranium enrichment.


Fitzgerald: We don’t need to be friendly with Muslim countries 

The US really needs to be friendly to Muslim countries,” he [Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar] told retired Malaysian diplomats. “This is not a good development as they have just appointed a special envoy to OIC.” Malaysia heads the 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Conference.– from this news article

Why do we “need to be friendly to Muslim countries”? Muslim countries need to explain themselves, and the contents of Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. For these are now widely available to Infidels for intelligent inspection and study without the apologists — whether Muslim (those safis, those nasrs, those khalidis) or non-Muslim (those armstrongs, those espositos, those ernsts). We have available the writings of the great Western authorities on Islam, who studied and wrote in the period 1870-1970, before the Arab money came on the scene to buy up pre-existing, or to even start up, academic “Centers” for the study of Islam or matters related to Islam, before Muslims and non-Muslim apologists for Islam began their steady creep into and rise within the academic ranks until now they hold all but a few places firmly in their grasp — long before the publishers got scared, long before academic standards collapsed, long before all kinds of things.

 Essential reading…

Al Schmaeda Coming to Get You

Al-Qaida Has Rebuilt, U.S. Intel Warns

* Yabbadabbadadooo: If global warming doesn’t get you, Al Schmaeda will: Get your shoes and socks on people, the next attack is right around the corner. The Winds of Jihad -bullshit detector just exploded again: Its the demographics, stupid!

Lets round ’em up and ship ’em out: Internment & Deportations, NOW!

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded al-Qaida has rebuilt its operating capability to a level not seen since just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The Associated Press has learned.
The conclusion suggests that the group that launched the most devastating terror attack on the United States has been able to rebuild despite nearly six years of bombings, war and other tactics aimed at crippling it.

Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack.


* Clueless Arab ass-kissers, left and right. Tell ’em what you think. Tell us too!

*Experts: Terror Suspects NOT brainwashed, Not Stupid & Poor


Astounding Revelations from ‘Experts’ in Intelligence:

Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida’s No. 2. George Habash of the PLO. Mahmoud Zahar, the Hamas strongman in Gaza. All trained as doctors — as did at least seven suspects in the failed bomb attacks in Britain.

The general public often is shocked to see that doctors — the world’s healers — can become militants or even terrorist killers. But some experts believe it is part of a socio-economic trend in which wealthy families highly educate their sons, who sometimes become radical and have the education they need to become leaders.

“People often assume that terrorists are poor, disadvantaged people who are brainwashed or need the money. But the ones who actually perpetrate violence without handlers and manipulation are highly intelligent by necessity,” said Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College in Stockholm.

“It’s only the smart ones who will survive security pressures in a subversive existence. Sometimes they are doctors, a profession that provides a brilliant cover and allows entry to countries like Britain,” he said in an interview Tuesday.

At least five of the eight suspects in the failed terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow, Scotland, were identified as doctors from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and India, while staff at a Glasgow hospital said two others were a doctor and a medical student.

“It sends rather a chill down the spine to think that people’s values can be so perverted,” said Pauline Neville-Jones, former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, which advises the British government.

“It means obviously that you can’t make any assumptions, or have any preconceptions about the kind of people who might become terrorists. It does mean that you widen the net, obviously,” she said on BBC-TV.

Newspapers carried headlines such as “Dr. Terror,” “Doctor Evil” and “Terror cell in the NHS,” the country’s National Health Service.

“It’s really shocking,” said Elaine Paige, an office manager in London. “Given what doctors do in clinics and operating rooms, how could they want to destroy lives?”

But Robert Courtney, a designer in the British capital, said: “Nothing surprises me these days.”

“People from all walks of life are being pushed toward violence by the horrible situations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel and Palestine,” he said.


* Sure. When our own people are too dumb to look what Islam teaches then we will never know what hit us.

* Sure. Soil your own nest. Never blame Islamic terrorists. They couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it…

Read it all…

Muslim Loyalties in the US:


Mona Khalil, 20, of Dearborn Heights holds her 3-month-old daughter, Zahraa, during a picnic in Dearborn hosted by a Muslim association.


“For us, being American comes along with being Muslim, and many of my generation feel a responsibility to change the mistaken impressions about Islam and to take the responsibility to challenge some Muslims when they do things wrong.”

As Muslims, we need to have our piece of the pie and to press our points,” said Sayed Aatif Ali Bokhari, 27, of Dearborn, who says he started his own newspaper, Islamic Insights, to present news and information from a Muslim perspective.

The younger Muslims say they must actively teach their fellow Americans about Islam.

* Sure. Doing da’awa, spreading Islam and breeding for the jihad is the Islamic duty of every Muslim. No surprises here…

Why Won’t Al Qaeda Cooperate?

[Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Gordon Brown doesn’t want to offend anyone, so his government’s to avoid little words like “Islam.” So can his government even talk about Zawahiri and his latest threat, in which he says, in part:

“Is Britain longing for al-Qa’eda’s bombings? We, and the whole world has seen what Britain has done … their intention to honour Salman Rushdie who insulted and slandered Islam.”

Salman Rushdie honour enrages Al-Qa’eda

By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

Osama Bin Laden’s second in command issued a warning yesterday that Britain faced fresh terror attacks as “punishment” for Salman Rushdie’s knighthood.

Link above!

Arafart died of AIDS, CONFIRMED!


Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command: I Was Told by Abu Mazen’s Team that Arafat Died of AIDS

Following is an excerpt from an interview with Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command, which aired on Al-Manar TV on July 5, 2007:

Ahmad Jibril: When Abu Mazen came to Damascus with his team, I asked them: “What happened to the investigation into the death of Abu Ammar [Arafat]? The Israelis killed him. He was my colleague ever since 1965 and used to sleep at my home. He and I followed the same path.” Is it conceivable that when Rafiq Al-Hariri was killed, all hell broke loose, even though he was just a merchant in Saudi Arabia, who later entered politics, whereas the death of Yasser Arafat, who for 40 years had been carrying his gun from one place to another, is not investigate? Is this conceivable? They were silent, and then one of them said to me: “To be honest, the French gave us the medical report, that stated that the cause of Abu Ammar’s death was AIDS.” I am not saying this, they did. Now they pretend that they miss Yasser Arafat, and complain that [Hamas] entered his house in [Gaza] and so on… I say to every honorable member of the Fatah movement that he should be happy that we got rid of the plague, which had been imposed upon them and upon the Palestinian people. The Fatah movement now has an opportunity to renew itself.


New Ali Hirsi Interview


Click on the picture for the link to the video

The interviewer, Avi Lewis is about as dumb, biased and clueless as a politically correct talk shop wanker can be.

He fits the picture of the deliberately stupid, unwitting Islam-supporter, who would never question Islam as a violent, totalitarian ideology, but believes as a ‘religion’- Islam is above critique. For Avi Lewis, the US government is the enemy.

Sad that the MSM is stuffed with these types.

Ali Hirsi rocks. Avi Lewis is an empty suit, this interview made it clear.

Khudayr Taher: Europe and America Should Deport All Muslims – Including Myself

Arab Liberals on the “Terrorist Doctors” Plot

The recent failed terror attacks in London and Glasgow provoked a great deal of commentary among liberals in the Middle East and North African media, in particular due to the alleged involvement of a number of doctors in the plot. Some writers dwelt on the paradox of those trained to save lives becoming terrorists; others pointed to the suspects’ backgrounds in order to argue that poverty and ignorance are not the main cause of terrorism; and a number of writers addressed the issue of Muslim immigration in Europe and the U.S.


The following are excerpts:

* Make no mistake: Such views can only be aired in the relative safety in the the Dar-al Harb, the lands of the infidels. In Islamic countries people who are know to hold such views are usually assassinated, rather quickly:

Khudayr Taher, an Iraqi Shi’ite writer living in the U.S. and a regular contributor to the liberal Elaph website, had a quite illiberal suggestion – he asked why Europe and America shouldn’t deport their Muslim populations. He wrote:

“Countries have the right to defend themselves and assure their citizens’ safety from terrorism. Likewise, it is clear that the source of the terrorist crimes in Europe and America is the Muslims who live in these countries.

“The security services cannot know people’s intentions and sort out who is the noble immigrant and who is a terrorist criminal. [But] wherever there are Muslims, their presence has produced crimes of terrorism and murder.

“Among those Muslims in Europe and America who do not practice terrorism, most of them do not have loyalty and sincere attachment to these countries that have offered them all of the means of life in dignity – housing, studies, work, and citizenship…

“The legitimate question is this: Since the security services cannot sort out the good immigrant from the bad terrorist… why don’t these countries deport all Muslims, of all races, from Europe and America, and [thus] find rest from the danger of terrorism, and protect their peoples?

“I, as an Arab Muslim immigrant, sincerely call on the countries of Europe and America to deport all Muslims from their territories – including myself, despite my love and my sincere attachment to the U.S…”



Britain Under Siege

By Vasko Kohlmayer | July 11, 2007

Although last week’s terrorist attacks in Britain were shocking in their murderous intent, they were not at all unexpected. They are merely the latest in a long series of attempts – successful, foiled and failed – in what is in effect a war waged from within Britain’s Muslim community against the host country.
Even a cursory recounting of recent terrorist activity makes it immediately evident that Britain is a country under attack:

On June 30, two Muslim men drove an explosive-laden car into the main terminal building at Glasgow airport. Most of the explosives failed to detonate.

On June 29, two cars loaded with explosives were discovered and defused in London’s nightclub district. Had the detonation gone off according to the plan, hundreds would have been killed.

On June 15, seven men received lengthy jail sentences for being members of a sleeper cell that was planning an extensive terror campaign across the UK. Their targets included buildings, aircraft and water supplies. On learning of the verdict, Home Secretary John Reid warned: “The outcome of this trial once again shows the extent of the very real and serious threat the UK faces from terrorism.”

On April 30, five men received life sentences for planning to bomb a shopping centre, a nightclub and a gas network with a giant fertilizer bomb. Expert witnesses testified that the explosion could have killed hundreds of people. The sentencing judge told the terrorists – all Muslim and British citizens – that they had “betrayed their country.”

In March, one Abdul Muhid was found guilty of soliciting murder during last year’s cartoon demonstrations in London. He was filmed chanting “Bomb, bomb the UK,” while brandishing placards with inscriptions such “Annihilate those who insult Islam.”

On February 7, a Muslim cleric by the name Abu Hamza al-Masri was sentenced to seven years in jail after he had been found guilty of 11 charges of inciting murder and racial hatred. He would regularly incite his flock in London’s Finsbury Park mosque with statements such as: “You must know the cause of Allah and you must help that cause in fighting, by fighting and when you fight you kill, you don’t fight just to negotiate or to show off or to make videos or to make audios, fight to kill not fight to tape.” Al-Masri’s followers included Zacarias Moussaui, ‘shoebomber’ Richard Reid.

Early this year, nine men were arrested in connection with a plot to kidnap, torture and behead a Muslim member of the British armed forces. They planned to broadcast the Iraq style execution on the internet.

In November of last year, an Islamist convert by the name of Dhiren Barot was jailed for life for conspiring to carry out a series of attacks across the UK. One of his schemes involved the detonation of a dirty bomb; another flooding the London Underground with the River Thames. Boasted Barot, “Imagine the chaos that would be caused if a powerful explosion were to rip through London and actually rupture the river itself.” The prosecutor said that the terrorist was preparing to carry out massive explosions “the principal object being to kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people without warning.”

In August 2006, twelve people were arrested in connection with a plot to bomb ten transatlantic airliners in mid-flight with liquid explosives. According to the authorities, the preparations were in their final stages. Home Secretary John Reid said that if the scheme had succeeded, it would have caused death on an “unprecedented scale.”

In August 2005, Muslim cleric Omar Bakri was barred from the United Kingdom after it had been discovered that he headed the jihadist radical al-Muhajiroun group.


On July 21, 2005, four men attempted to carry out suicide bomb attacks on the London underground, but their devices failed to detonate.

On July 7, 2005, a series of bombings targeting the London transportation system left fifty-two dead and more than one 1000 injured.

Numerous as they are, these episodes only represent the tip of the iceberg. Last year, the MI5 – Britain’s domestic spy agency – revealed that it was monitoring up to 30 high-priority terrorist plots involving some 200 groups and 1600 suspects.


The Master & his Slave

Intimately familiar with the extent of the threat, London Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair warned almost exactly a year ago that another successful terrorist attack was virtually inevitable. Last week’s events in London and Glasgow saw the fulfillment of his gloomy prediction. It was only a matter of good fortune that the attacks did not translate into massive casualties. This, however, is no great consolation, for more plots are being hatched and planned even as we speak. It is almost certain that Britain will be hit again. The chances are that the next time we will not be so lucky.

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Today’s Jihad Atrocities Committed by the Religion of Peace


* While the jihad rages worldwide our politicians and the mainstream media bend over backwards to deliberately obscure and deny the deadly activities of the ‘RoP’


Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Restive Thailand

Four more dead in the south Thailand jihad: Four killed as Thai PM visits troubled south.

The media seem to have decided to label the killers as “separatists” now.


Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Philippines

Fourteen dead at the hands of the Abu Sayyaf jihadis in the Philippines, some of them beheaded: Militants kill 14 Philippine marines, behead 10:


Religion of Peace Hits Algeria, Again

At least eight dead in a car bombing claimed by the Salafi Group for Preaching and Combat: Algerian car bombing kills 8.


* Now that we have a template we can concentrate on daily updates and just fill in the numbers of those killed or beheaded. Can you feel the peace coming on already?


New Industry discovered in Middle East:

200 Bomb Vests Captured in Truck from Syria

* Somewhere in Syria, there’s a factory churning out suicide bomb vests: Iraqi official says 200 explosive belts captured in truck crossing from Syria.

Iraqi security forces have seized 200 explosive belts in a truck that crossed into Iraq from Syria on Wednesday, Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said.

The incident occurred at the Waleed border crossing point, Khalaf said. The Iraqi government and US authorities have accused Syria of allowing foreign fighters to cross into Iraq, a claim that Syria denies, saying it is impossible to control the long desert border.


Islamic Rage Boy was not available for comment, but at the moment he is all the rage….



Anti-Shia Placard by true believers in the “My Allah is better than yours”-fashion

Duped And Living In Jihad Denial


Bruce Thornton: Reality & Censorship

Its not US, its not the Jooozzz; its not colonialism or the crusades:

Its the jihad, stupid!

Notice that metaphor: jihad––for that is what the terrorists are engaged in, as they repeatedly tell us––is a cultic deformation of otherwise healthy cells in the body of Islam, an alien growth that needs to be excised so health returns. Yet this received wisdom, repeated over and over, even by the Bush administration, is simply false to Islamic history, theology, and jurisprudence. If one attends carefully to that record, it is obvious that jihad is not an alien “tumor” but a vital organ of Islam.

Of course, one can try to avoid this unpleasant fact by denying that what the terrorists are engaged in is jihad. One can indulge the laughable rationalization that jihad is really “inward striving” to be a better Muslim. This minority interpretation of jihad appears late in Islamic history, and is looked on with scorn by many Muslims themselves. Listen to the Ayatollah Khomeini, creator of the first modern Islamic nation, writing in 1942: “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! . . . Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and the shadow of the sword.” And again in 1979, from a speech delivered at the Feyziyeh Theological School: “Islam grew with blood . . . . The great prophet of Islam on one hand carried the Koran and in the other a sword . . . . Islam is religion of blood for the infidels but a religion of guidance for other people.”


Some Westerners, following duplicitous Muslim apologists, no doubt would argue that Khomeini, a revered Muslim theologian, is distorting the traditions of his faith. But given that the 1979 speech was delivered at a theological school, where the audience is knowledgeable about their faith and so could identify distortions of its tenets, this rationalization is incredible. Common sense tells us that Khomeini and the other modern jihadists know their own faith and its doctrines, and are speaking squarely in that tradition, as can be documented from the Koran, Hadiths, and subsequent Muslim theologians, jurists, and other commentators (see Andrew Bostom’s invaluable anthology, The Legacy of Jihad). All these sources tell us that jihad indeed is the imperative to follow the example of the prophet Mohammed, who said in his farewell address: “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.’”

No, it is we who are the dupes of distorters, all those apologists, propagandists, and Western useful idiots who obscure the truth of Islam and its history. And they are successful: Washington Times columnist Diana West, writing on July 6 about Robert Spencer’s important web-site, reports that “very ominously, Mr. Spencer’s Web site is being blocked by assorted organizations which, according to his readers, continue to provide access to assorted pro-jihad sites. Mr. Spencer reports he’s ‘never received word of so many organizations banning this site all at once.’ These include the City of Chicago, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, GE IT, JPMorgan Chase, Defense Finance and Accounting Services and now, a federal employee in Dallas informs him, the federal government.” Why? “Some Internet providers deem the factually based, meticulous analysis on display at to be ‘hate speech.’”

This is the pass that we have come to: facts about the motives of an enemy sworn to our destruction are censored as “hate speech.” This betrayal of the truth demonstrates perfectly the West’s self-loathing failure of nerve that confirms the enemy’s belief in his spiritual superiority–– and his ultimate victory.


In support of Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Unblock Jihad Watch!

When Political Correctness Runs Amok:


Even the Washington Times Comes Out in support of Free Speech

In the last few weeks, e-mails began trickling to Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer that his Web site had been blocked on the senders’ office computers as “hate speech.” The same blocking was also happening in some instances against the site, a translator of Arabic-language media. The sites are being blocked by private firms such as General Electric and JPMorgan Chase, plus a few state and local government agencies, whose filtering services had somehow decided the sites were “hate speech.”

Hate speech” exists on these sites, all right, but not the kind that filters should be blocking — not as long as there exist doubletalkers who say all the right things in English but breathe anti-Western fire in Arabic. These sites shed much-needed light on this phenomenon, and as long as private firms are allowing political content on office computers, they should not be duped into blocking some. How they got blocked in the first place is a story of political correctness run amok. But it is also a story of what happens when citizens speak out in opposition.
First, the good news. Over the last four days, blocks have been lifted at Fidelity Investments, Whirlpool and a handful of other major companies, Mr. Spencer reports, following a wave of complaints by users. The complaints trigger a corporate reality check, which causes some to reconsider. “People need to realize that this kind of filtering is politicized, just like anything else. Leftists will be willing to use filtering services” just like any other medium, Mr. Spencer says. Various and sundry pro-Islamist Internet opinionists slap the “hate speech” label repeatedly, hope it sticks and sometimes, it does. But with a counter-campaign, their work can be undone.

The other piece of good news is that federal agencies, especially the ones we’d most like to read such material, have not been duped. The sites are available on computers at the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the State Department, according to our correspondents. Whether they are actually read there is a separate matter with a likely depressing answer. But at least the material is available.

We don’t doubt that the corporate blockers do their blocking in many cases unwittingly through politically unsavvy filtering services which in turn find themselves on the receiving end of various political campaigns. All these companies simply want to avoid social or political controversy.

But it is not really possible to avoid taking a position here, irrespective of these firms’ rights to block whatever they choose to, as long as the policy is fair and consistent. Essentially, these firms must either block all political speech — and we would counsel strongly against this heavy-handedness — or they would need to allow a wide range of material through, with only very obviously pornographic or incendiary material being blocked.

With any other approach, firms will be caught in the type of politicization that Jihad Watch and MEMRI know all too well. It does not serve anyone’s interests.


Asserting that terrorism is not inherent to Islam is either uniformed or willfully untruthful.

Let’s look at what one of Islam’s own “holy books” say about the subject. The reports of the Prophet’s sayings and deeds are called Hadith. Al-Bukhari’s Hadith is second only to the Qur’an in importance to Muslims. It is comprised of the most authentic traditions associated with early Islam and the words of Muhammad.

Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror. The treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.'”

Bukhari:V1B7N331 “The Prophet said, ‘I have been given five things which were not given to anyone else. Allah made me victorious with terror. The Earth was made for me…. Booty was made lawful for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else.'”

Other Hadith by other authors also go into this, but this one source alone reveals the lie about Islam being a “religion of peace.” The Qur’an and other Hadith also say that it is OK to lie and use deceit and trickery against the infidels in the furtherance of the muslim cause, and that’s what they are doing when they talk about the “religion of peace.”