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Blackburn UK: Watch Your Neigborhood (before its gone)

Remember him?

Jackie the Straw:

He’s still there and he can’t put the genie back in the bottle…


Al Bebeeceera: A Warning to Britain

BBC Panorama had a scary little show tonight on the refusal of British Muslims to integrate into mainstream society, and their takeover of the town of Blackburn; with thanks to LGF

Britain’s growing racial divide

By Vivian White

BBC Panorama reporter

People share the shopping centre – but they’re not shopping together
Panorama visits Blackburn in Lancashire to investigate how increased separation and segregation between Muslim Asians and whites is dividing communities.

Blackburn presents a stark example of a difficult, national problem.

For all the hopeful talk about “integration”, “multiculturalism” and now “cohesion”, the reality on the ground appears to be that Britain’s Muslim Asian community and its white community have few points of contact, and that the white majority often feel they share little in common with the growing Muslim Asian minority.

Of course there are hopeful exceptions, but Blackburn – where Muslim Asians on the last census made up 24% of the population and whose local council takes the issue very seriously – demonstrates clearly what the problem is.


The risk is of separate communities, and of people breathing the same air but walking past each other
Jack Straw,
Blackburn MP

Anyone who goes to Blackburn’s town centre, and takes a look around, will see that whites and Muslim Asians are sharing the shopping centre and that everyone is behaving perfectly courteously to each other.

So what’s the problem? Well, look a bit more carefully, and you’ll see that they are both here doing their shopping – but they’re not shopping together.

They’re nearly always shopping separately. And that’s the typical pattern here.


People share the shopping centre – but they’re not shopping together

‘White flight’

Blackburn’s original Pakistani and Indian immigrants came to the town seeking work in the 60s in what was then the booming cotton industry.

Read it all:

More news from England:

4,000 suspected jihadists in UK

The Tiny Minority of Extremists doubles in size. “‘4,000 terror suspects in UK,'” by John Steele in the Telegraph

Up to 4,000 terrorism suspects and their supporters are active in Britain, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens said yesterday.
Lord Stevens said the security service MI5 had recently suggested a figure of 2,000 but the true number was “probably nearer 4,000”.

Police and MI5 were “still too underfunded and undermanned to cope with the task they face in the decades to come. And that’s how long this will last,” he said.

The “infection” had spread out from “hot spots” such as Luton, the West Midlands and Finsbury Park in London and those involved in the fertiliser bomb plot case which finished this week were “ordinary and British”.

And all Muslim, of course, and all committed to jihad against the infidel, but that is the unifying factor among them that Must Not Be Named.

Lord Stevens also gave warning that al-Qa’eda-linked extremists were already trying to infiltrate the police and the security services and that dozens had already been weeded out.
He urged that known terrorism suspects and “hate clerics”, such as Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, should be deported, adding: “Our human rights come first. Yet, incredibly, our so-called Human Rights laws, and our enviable history of religious tolerance, mean that foreigners preaching death and destruction to our way of life are allowed to stay here because their own countries won’t tolerate such evil.”


Other news:

The totally demented George ‘georgeous’ Galloway condemns Labour voters to hell for eternity:

France: As Fundamentalist Islam Spreads, so does Demand for Hymen Repair

Doctors split on hymen repairs

Adam Sage, Paris via the Australian

A DEBATE is raging among doctors over Muslim women who demand operations to reconstitute their hymens before marriage and medical certificates stating they are virgins.
The controversy has flared in France, where gynaecologists say they are facing a growing number of requests from women desperate to avoid the repudiation that can follow the loss of chastity.


The phenomenon, which is also dividing doctors in other European countries, the US and Africa, is denounced by critics as a sign of social regression driven by Islamic fundamentalists.

Jacques Lansac, chairman of the French National College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, is leading the campaign against what he describes as “an attack on the dignity of women”.

He has also issued advice against hymenoplasty – a surgical operation that involves reconstructing the membrane usually broken during the first act of sexual intercourse.

“We get more and more women coming in and saying that their brothers or fathers will kill them if they find out they’ve slept with a man. But it’s important to say no, because if we don’t we’re giving in to the fundamentalists,” Professor Lansac said.

However, he said some doctors were ignoring his advice in the hope of protecting patients from ostracisation or beatings.

Isabelle Levy, an author who studied the issue for her book Religion in the Hospital, said the search for chastity certificates and hymenoplasties stemmed from conflicting pressures among France’s five million Muslims.

“On the one hand, young Muslim girls born in France go out a lot more than they used to,” she said.

“They are modern and they have adventures like other Europeans – which never happened in the past.

“But on the other hand, fundamentalism is spreading and these girls are getting sent back to their countries of origin to marry. And they will be rejected if it is found out that they are not virgins.”

The plight was evident from the account of one woman of North African origin on a French internet chat forum.

She slept with her boyfriend because “he said that he was mad about me and wanted to marry me and I believed him because I was madly in love with him”. But he left her when she fell pregnant. The woman had an abortion, which she kept secret from her family until her mother discovered a letter from the clinic.

“I fainted and afterwards it was total despair – tears, insults, blows, disappointment and finally a dressing-down. She has asked her gynaecologist to redo her hymen because she says that ‘if not, it will ruin my future’.”

Several private French clinics carry out hymenoplasties. But some doctors agree to undertake the operation in public hospitals, where it is funded by the welfare state, a practice that is not in theory authorised by officials.

Stephane Saint-Leger, head of gynaecology at Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital refuses virginity certificates because “it’s not a medical problem whether you’re a virgin or not”.

While some doctors will not sign virginity certificates because it is not a medical problem, others will.

Jacques Milliez, head of the department of gynaecology and obstetrics at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris, said: “I worked in Algeria as a junior doctor and when I was on call at night I saw these young women whose throats had been slit because they were suspected of having lost their virginity. So if someone asks me, I sign the certificate.”

The Times

Bombing Las Vegas

Explosion at Las Vegas Casino

No, we don’t know yet if this is the first attempted suicide bombing in this great city. But we do know that Muhammed Atta paid a visit to Las Vegas on a scouting mission…


Very few details yet, but a bomb in a backpack has exploded in a parking lot of the Luxor casino in Las Vegas: 1 dead in casino parking lot explosion.

LAS VEGAS – A backpack exploded in a parking garage attached to a Las Vegas hotel early Monday, killing a man who had picked it up and injuring another person, authorities said.

The man had removed the backpack from atop his car when it exploded shortly after 4 a.m. on the second floor of a parking behind the Luxor hotel-casino, said Officer Bill Cassell, a police spokesman.

France Carbecue Night: How Many Cars Torched? (Media Lies)

Not only did the Associated Press bury their report that 367 cars had been torched in France, now it turns out that the media have been lying about the violence.


Because the actual number of cars destroyed by “youths” last night was 730—about twice the number reported by the AP.

This Reuters article also says 78 policemen were injured by the “youths,” and the violence was much more widespread than we’ve been told: Police hurt in French election violence.

PARIS (Reuters) – Hundreds of people were arrested in France overnight in clashes between police and protesters angry over conservative Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election, police said.

Official figures released on Monday said demonstrators set fire to 730 cars and injured 78 policemen across France, with 592 people arrested in the violent protests against the tough-talking former interior minister.

The tally was revised sharply upwards after an initial report appeared to downplay the clashes and was at odds with local police figures and eyewitness reports, which suggested widespread troubles in numerous French cities.

This comes as no surprise, because French media have openly stated that they will cover up the true extent of the violence. And the French Constitutional Council recently passed a law criminalizing the reporting of acts of violence by anyone other than professional journalists.

Read it all…

Mental Flatliners

Muhammedansim is a mental disorder.

The most bizarre thing is, when confronted with their hateful and idiotic behavior, they deny it. Check out Andrew Bolts blog today and see the comments:


Five-and-a-half years after al-Qaida terrorists hijacked four U.S. airliners, crashing them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, Democrats find themselves evenly divided as to whether President George Bush knew in advance the attacks were coming.


According to a national telephone survey of 1,000 adults, conducted by Rasmussen Reports from April 30 to May 1, 2007, 35 percent of Democrats believe Bush knew, 39 percent believe he didn’t and 26 percent say they aren’t sure.

This is the Age of Irrationality


Sheik yer’mami posted this AP picture in another thread yesterday:


Just like 9/11: Muslims become all ecstatic and declare the greatest atrocities a ‘victory for Islam’ – then they turn around and say: ‘Who, me?- It was the Mossad, the CIA, Bush…’

For the conspiracists who instantly want to believe the picture is faked, here is its original AP caption:

(Sayyid Azim, AP, 2006/02/10)
“An unidentified Kenyan Muslim woman demonstrates in Nairobi, Kenya Friday, Feb. 10, 2006. Police shot and wounded one person Friday as they sought to keep hundreds of demonstrators from marching to the residence of Denmark’s ambassador to protest against publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad first published in a Danish newspaper.”

My, its so tempting to publish the real gems again:





They do mean business, don’t they? Ask Nick Berg…

Jihad coming to the streets of America

 * More proof that the jihad ideology can affect any Muslim male any time, any place, especially in the Dar al Harb…

 US news

Eight Muslim men in St. Louis charged with buying automatic weapons and explosives

“We’re going to war” –Thaer Abde SUMAD, defendant

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

3 May 2007: In the HQ INTEL-ALERT Private Intelligence Report issued on February 4, 2007, we reported extensively about Muslim men inside the U.S., adhering to the Islamist ideology of jihad, preparing for war on the streets of America. The “insider” reports are very troubling and are purposely being downplayed by official sources and go largely unreported in the media. One case, however, can serve as an example of what is taking place all across the U.S. involving the procurement and disbursement of weapons to Muslim “jihadists.” On Tuesday, May 2, 2007, a federal indictment was unsealed in the U.S. federal court in St. Louis naming eight Islamic men as defendants in a case involving the buying, selling or hiding of automatic weapons, an anti-personnel mine and other explosives.


Defendant Thaer Abde SUMAD, 23″We’re going to war”

The case originated with the arrest of Mousa M. ABUELAWI, 22, of Creve Coeur, MO on December 29, 2006. He was charged with three counts of illegal possession or distribution of a machine gun and conspiracy to violate machine gun statutes. A superseding indictment unsealed yesterday, charges ABUELAWI and seven others with machine gun charges and charges of conspiracy, lying to the FBI and other firearms violations. The other seven defendants identified in the indictment are identified as: Thaer Abde SUMAD, 23, of Florissant, MO, Abdikarin WARSAME, 28, Charley M. HUNT Jr., 45, Darnell T. THORNTON, 25, and Hussein Ali NURE, 29, all from Jennings, MO, Mohamed JUDEH, 20, of Maryland Heights and Otha L. BAKER, 20, of St. Louis. If found guilty of the charges, the men face 5-10 years in prison.

As we reported last February, the more important aspect of this matter involves the stockpiling of weapons, including significant explosives, by core groups of Islamic terror cells inside the U.S. According to our investigation, these types of incidents are on the rise, but are being downplayed by federal officials and the media. A law enforcement source interviewed for our newsletter report stated: “Public information officers or spokesmen for law enforcement agencies are purposely downplaying and in some cases, lying outright to the public about arrests of Muslims in the U.S.,” stated one federal law enforcement official during our discussion last week. “We have been told what to say and just as important, what not to say, and warned not to deviate from that ‘template.'”

“We are discovering more and more trafficking in arms and even explosives, the stuff you see in the Middle East. These are the kind of things I saw after my stint in Desert Storm, when I was coming back and would see actual open-air markets where you could buy just about anything.”

This source agreed that the men involved in what has become known as the “paintball jihad” case are good examples of activities by Muslim men in the U.S. that is on the rise. In addition to buying weapons and whatever else they can get their hands on, they are practicing urban combat. Since it has become more difficult for them to leave the country or train with actual weapons, they will get together and train using paintball guns. They will engage in paramilitary-style training right under our noses, and lie about it to our faces. They are protected, in some cases, by the religious Imams, some who even encourage or schedule such outings.

We’re talking about professional Muslim men, mosque leaders, leaders within our communities who are actually helping young men train for the eventuality of urban combat. They know what they are doing, yet they lie right to our faces about these activities… and we’re told by our supervisors that we have to accept what they tell us at face value when they know damn well they are lying.” This federal official also added that they have to be cautious about what they write (in terms of reports, investigative files), and are told to write them as if they would be given to the local mosque. “In some cases, I think they are [showing Muslim leaders sensitive files].”

In the case of ABUELAWI and the other seven defendants, the men met at gas stations located in north St. Louis between August 2006 and January 2007 to buy or transfer automatic weapons and explosives. In the original documents charging Abuelawi, Sumad is quoted in a meeting with ABUELAWI and a government informer as saying that “he wants to buy as many explosives as possible because, ‘we’re going to war.'”

France: Sarkozy Wins – ‘Youth’s Riot’


The victory of Nicolas Sarkozy is major news. France now has a tough, unashamedly pro-American president with a clear understanding of the threat from radical Islam. It’s a real sea change in European politics.

Is Sarkozy the Beginning of the End of Muhammedanism in Europe? 

Mainstream media apparently have better things to report, because there’s almost nothing on the wires about the disturbances in France. Luckily we have the blogosphere, and No Pasaran is on top of the news as the “youths” begin ratcheting up the violence and Islamic leaders issue threats: More violence following Sarkozy’s big win.

Mohamed Mechmache, President of AC Le Feu — an association created following the November 2005 riots, has ominously warned that that “France did not understand the message sent during the riots in October and November of 2005.”


In Lille, just before 22h00, around 200 anarchists French youths with black flags grouped around the Grand Place and chanted “Fascist Sarko, the people will have your hide”. After pelting riot police, the demonstrators were dispersed. One demonstrator was injured.

Firemen in the south of Lille have answered 20 alarms for torched vehicles.

Around 100 demonstrators grouped around the Place Kléber in Strasbourg slightly after 21h00 and chanted “Sarkozy fasciste”.

Stay tuned. This is going to be interesting!



This story is from The Times

The Left accepts its election defeat in France with its customary grace:
A commentary from Andrew Bolt:

VIOLENCE marked Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in the French presidential election last night as police fought running battles with demonstrators in Paris and other cities.

Clashes erupted in the centre of the capital when about 2,000 people gathered at the Place de la Bastille – the traditional meeting place of the French Left – in a show of support for the defeated Socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal.

What began as a peaceful protest swiftly turned sour as about a hundred protesters smashed cars and bus shelters and threw bricks and bottles at the police.

This is violence provoked not be anything Sarkozy has actually done, since he hasn’t even assumed the presidency. It is violence provoked simply by the result of a free and democratic vote.

Police fire teargas at French protestors

(it is somehow assumed that the protesters are ‘French’ )

Adam Sage in Paris

VIOLENCE marked Nicolas Sarkozys victory in the French presidential election last night as police fought running battles with demonstrators in Paris and other cities.
Clashes erupted in the centre of the capital when about 2,000 people gathered at the Place de la Bastille – the traditional meeting place of the French Left – in a show of support for the defeated Socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal.


What began as a peaceful protest swiftly turned sour as about a hundred protesters smashed cars and bus shelters and threw bricks and bottles at the police.

One climbed the statue in the centre of the square, while others held a protest on the steps of the Bastille Opera House. Riot police responded with teargas followed by several charges across the Bastille.

To the south of the square a car was set alight, and to the north a hail of projectiles and fireworks rained down on gendarmerie units brought in as reinforcements. The clashes lasted about an hour and a half before officers drove a final group of casseurs away from the Opera House and into the surrounding roads.

A long-haired man was frog-marched away, limping between two large riot police officers. Behind him a local prostitute in a tight, white dress, caught in the violence, staggered out of a cloud of teargas, holding her face and coughing.

A police officer said: “This has been quite violent and was similar to the sort of things we saw during the demonstrations last year. It’s always the same story, with the professional thugs getting in on the demonstration and wreaking havoc.”

Noemie Capart, 24, a psychology student and supporter of Ms Royal, said: “There weren’t very many demonstrators, but all of a sudden the police charged out with extreme violence.

“I really don’t think it was justified. They used an incredible amount of teargas and I was caught in the middle of it. I was choking and very, very frightened. I think the police wanted to put on a show of force and I hope this isn’t an indication of what Sarkozy’s presidency is going to be like.”

* A true sad saying from a typical left wing moonbat

Standing next to an Opal Corsa with its windscreen smashed, Pascal Poiset, 39, a chauffeur, said: “We always get these thugs in France and I wasn’t at all surprised that the evening ended in violence here. But we have known worse over the years.”

As he spoke the police made a final sweep through the square, leaving behind a scene of desolation. Barriers had been torn down, rubbish bins overturned and graffiti scrawled on walls. The road was covered in broken glass, stones and empty CS gas canisters. A youth ran past shouting: “Mort à Sarkozy (Death to Sarkozy).”

* Didn’t I say this will become interesting?

In Nantes, 600 demonstrators were dispersed by police using teargas as they approached Mr Sarkozy’s local campaign headquarters.


Canberra: Sheik n’ the bloody Mosque

Muslims to seek restraining order on hardline cleric

Richard Kerbaj-The Australian

MUSLIM leaders in the nation’s capital will take out a restraining order against a hardline cleric who is accused of inciting violence and “anti-Western” sentiment among his followers.
The move by the Islamic society of ACT to ban Sheik Mohammed Swaiti from Canberra’s Abu Bakr Mosque comes after a Muslim leader was bashed by a group of the cleric’s supporters.
The council’s secretary, Kurt Kennedy, yesterday told The Australian he was set upon by nine men aged in their 20s, including Palestinian-born Sheik Swaiti’s son, at the mosque’s front entrance last Friday.

The bashing followed the council’s decision to remove the imam from his position as the mosque’s spiritual head. Mr Kennedy had announced Sheik Swaiti would no longer deliver Friday sermons.


Sheik Swaiti ‘will be Imam till he dies’

Shortly after the announcement Sheik Swaiti stood in front of his worshippers and screamed “I am the imam of the mosque, I will be here until the day I die”, Islamic Society of ACT vice-president Mohammed Berjaoui said yesterday.

* Sounds familiar? Recently Sheik al Hilali, otherwise know as ‘catmeat sheik’ was also ‘sacked’ from the Lakemba mosque but is not only still there, he recently proclaimed that ‘only Allah can sack him’…

Waiting for Allah…

Mr Kennedy, 35, who was pushed and threatened by Sheik Swaiti’s followers inside the mosque following his announcement, was beaten up while waiting for a lift home. He was treated for cuts on his face and head at Canberra Hospital.

“There was a lot of blood coming out of the cut across my left eye-brow,” said Mr Kennedy, who converted to Islam 11 years ago. “What sort of teaching (has Swaiti) been doing to raise young children like this?”

* What kind of teaching? Shurely nothing that’s not in the Koran and the Sunnah…

Mr Berjaoui yesterday said his organisation would this week seek a restraining order against Sheik Swaiti, who is being investigated over claims he failed to pay income tax on thousands of dollars he allegedly received from the Saudi embassy.

We will ban the imam and his followers from coming to the mosque,” Mr Berjaoui said. “Our aim is to take out a restraining order, because he’s the one who is inciting violence.”

* “Kill the infidels, kill the Jews”- standard sermon in any mosque, why change now?

The Islamic council’s push to replace Sheik Swaiti with a full-time moderate Turkish-born imam, Yahya Atay, came after The Weekend Australian reported last month that Sheik Swaiti praised mujahideen (Muslim holy warriors) in his sermon.

A defiant Sheik Swaiti, who works full time at the Australian Tax Office, rejected the council’s notice to vacate his office by last Friday, Mr Berjaoui said.

The Pakistani embassy in Canberra backed Sheik Swaiti to stay on as spiritual leader in a letter obtained by The Australian.

* Is Sheik Swaiti an agent of Pakistan or of Saudi Arabia or is he a double agent?

The council wrote back to the Pakistani embassy advising it against meddling in community affairs. Council president Sabrija Poskovic wrote to Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, urging action against the embassy.

Mr Berjaoui accused Sheik Swaiti of preventing Canberra’s Muslim community from integrating into the mainstream.

* He is a good muslim, no doubt… ‘don’t take unbelievers for friends or protectors’- sez the Koran…
Sheik Swaiti has been spiritual leader at Abu Bakr mosque, which is run by the Islamic Society of ACT, for 13 years.

* Actually, there is no spirituality in Islam. Check it out…

The tax office, which refused to comment on its inquiry into Sheik Swaiti, is investigating allegations that he failed to declare clerical allowances of up to $US30,000 ($36,000) a year, allegedly paid to him by the Saudi Government’s Dawah (donations) Office.


Sheik Swaiti could not be reached yesterday.

Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

More genocide talk from jihadists, while the world continues to yawn. By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for PMW:carterhitlerjordan2.jpg

Bestsellers in Jordan (and Turkey) Carter’s ‘Apartheid’ and Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’

The extermination of Jews is Allah’s will and is for the benefit of all humanity, according to an article in the Hamas paper, Al-Risalah. The author of the article, Kan’an Ubayd, explains that the suicide operations carried out by Hamas are being committed solely to fulfill Allah’s wishes. Furthermore, Allah demanded this action, because “the extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”
The killing of innocent Jews by terrorist attacks is portrayed as Allah’s plan for the benefit of humanity.

It should be noted that Hamas’s justification for the extermination of Jews, both as God’s will and for the benefit of humanity, echoes Hitler’s words in Mein Kampf:

“In this case the only salvation remaining was war… If the Jew with the help of his Marxist creed is victorious over the peoples of this world, then his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity… Thus I believe today that I am acting according to the will of the almighty Creator: when I defend myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” (Mein Kampf)
In another parallel to the Nazi genocide of Jews, the writer says he wants to be sure that “everyone will know” that these murderous actions are “not of [Hamas’s] own accord” – an echo of the Nazi war criminals’ repeated justification of their actions with the defense that they were only following orders.

The fact that these orders are said to be divine in nature makes Hamas’s justification for the murder of Jews even more ominous.

Following is the excerpt from the Hamas article:

“We find more than once condemnation and denunciation to the resistance operations and bombings [suicide attacks], carried out by Hamas and the Palestinian resistance branches. There is no other choice but to use restraint regarding the condemnation, the attaching of the label of terror [to “resistance”], and the assembling of conferences [for] condemnation [of the attacks]. [This] so that everyone will know, that we did this only because our lord commanded so, “I did it not of my own accord” [*] and so that people will know that the extermination of Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds on a land, to which Allah gave his blessing for the sake of the inhabitants of the worlds.” [Al-Risalah, April 23, 2007]
[*] Translation of Quranic verse taken from USC Compendium of Muslim Texts.

Thailand: The South is ‘restive’ again – Jihadists kill five, including two Muslim children

* Note that the jihadists — “militants” — are in this story shooting and killing other Muslims, and that meanwhile the Muslim women and children demonstrators are demanding the release of the “militants.” This suggests that Muslims who are perceived as collaborating with the government are being targeted (along with their families, apparently), in order to swing around the rest to supporting the jihadists.

By the way, “restive” has become the mainstream media’s Homeric epithet of choice for the jihad in southern Thailand.

“Five killed in Thailand’s restive south,” from AFP, with thanks to JW

Five people, including two Muslim children, have been killed by suspected Islamic rebels in separate attacks in Thailand’s violence-torn south, police have said.
A group of militants ambushed a motorcycle late on Friday (local time) and shot dead a 45-year-old Muslim man and his two children, an 11-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy, in Yala, one of three Muslim-majority provinces.

Also in Yala, a 37-year-old Muslim man was hacked to death by militants in public view at a market late Friday, police said.

They also found the body of a man in a river in the province.

While the case is still under investigation, police suspected he was a victim of Thailand’s three-year insurgency in the south bordering Malaysia.

Police said several hundred Muslim women and children also blocked a highway in Yala on Saturday as they continued their sit-in for the third consecutive day to demand authorities release suspected militants.

Update: 9 More Killed in restive Muslim -South 

From AFP 

At least nine people including three children were killed in a bomb attack and shootings by suspected Islamic rebels in Thailand’s restive Muslim-majority south, police said Saturday.

A 15-kilogram (nine pounds) bomb hidden under a bridge went off late Saturday, killing a two-year-old Muslim girl and two border patrol officers in Yala, one of three violence-torn southern provinces bordering Malaysia.

The adult victims were among six border patrol officers travelling on motorcycle, police said, adding the bomb was set off by remote control.

The attack capped a day of violence in Yala, where at least six people were killed in separate attacks by suspected Islamic militants.

A Muslim man was gunned down Saturday in a drive-by shooting, while rebels ambushed a motorcycle late Friday and shot dead a Muslim father and his two children, an 11-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy.

A Muslim man was hacked to death by militants in public view at a Yala market late Friday, and police found the body of another man in a river in the province, also a suspected victim of Thailand’s three-year insurgency.

Police said several hundred Muslim women and children blocked a highway in Yala Saturday as they continued their sit-in for a third consecutive day to demand authorities release suspected militants.

Earlier in the day, some 20 kilometres (12 miles) away from the sit-in, hundreds of Buddhists also took to the streets, demanding the Muslims end the road blockade.

More than 2,100 people have been killed in the ongoing insurgency in the three southern provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani.

The Muslim-majority provinces were once an autonomous sultanate, until the region was annexed by mainly Buddhist Thailand a century ago. Separatist unrest has erupted periodically ever since.

The military-backed government, which came to power after a September coup, has made peace-building efforts in a bid to rein in the unrest, but violence has escalated in the last six months.

More news: Army, police step up security after Bangkok bomb 

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s police and army will tighten security in Bangkok with extra checkpoints around the sprawling metropolis after a small bomb exploded near a royal palace, police said on Sunday.

Investigators later suggested Muslim militants waging a three-year separatist insurgency in the Muslim-majority southern provinces may have had a hand in the bombs. 

* Really? What makes them think so?