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Australia: Will Allah save us from Wakademia?

With thanks to Gramfan:

Traditional Aboriginal Imam from the Andrew Bolt blog

Who said academic theories had to make sense?

From the Sydney Morning Herald (of course)
Peta Stephenson, a doctoral fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute, says Islam doesn’t share the baggage of missionary Christianity, and has become one path by which Aborigines can affirm their pre-colonial identity.

“Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X are role models,” she says. “A lot of people see Islam as an answer to the ills of Western society. For communities suffering chronic levels of unemployment or underemployment and substance abuse it might have special appeal for those wanting to break away from the statistics.”

So to reject British colonialism and affirm a “pre-colonial identity”, Aborigines adopt a Middle Eastern faith with American role models.

Er, OK.

And to revolt against the statistics of unemployment, they take on the faith of that part of the world that suffers worst from poverty.

Actually, I’d suggest Islam offers an underclass something more primitive and dangerous – a revelling in an us-against-the-world victimology, and a legitimising of anger and force. No wonder that so many Aboriginal converts are convicted criminals and boxers.


Finding direction … Anthony Mundine converted to Islam after his manager gave him a book about Malcolm X.
Photo: Wade Laube

A FLAG is soon to flutter above the troubled suburb of Redfern, proclaiming a new religious face to Aboriginal Australia. At the centre of a backdrop of equal halves of black and red, the colours of the Aboriginal people, is a yellow crescent moon and star. It’s to be the symbol of the Koori Muslim Association, which will open the only Aboriginal mushalla in NSW at a shopfront location on busy Regent Street next month.

Conversion among indigenous Australians is growing, driven by the higher visibility of Islam, a rejection of Christianity as a post-colonial religion, identification with Islamic principles, and conversions in prisons where Aborigines dominate the population.

While no one knows how many indigenous Muslims there are in Australia, Aboriginal Muslims reject suggestions they are converting to the faith in droves. Some are descendants of Afghan and Baluch cameleers, North Indian traders and Malay pearl divers and have grown up in the faith.

Many converts are from cities. The boxer Anthony Mundine is the most famous of these and has become a role model. Their first contact with Islam sometimes, but not always, comes in jail, where as many as 22 per cent of inmates are indigenous Australians.

* Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson are obviously irresistible ‘role-models’

Rocky Davis, known as Shaheed Malik, converted while serving 14 years for armed robberies and other offences. It was the story of Malcolm X, the gangster and black American nationalist leader who became a convert to Islam, that first inspired Davis.

“What does Islam stand for? Islam offers a faith untainted by colonialism and racism. It is a liberating religion,” says Davis. “Though the Bible said you shalt not kill, they killed, thou shall not rape, they raped our women, thou shalt not steal, they stole our land. Islam at its essence is pure. My forefathers had no army and no guns and lived in Aboriginal townships and camps. That’s the difference between the Muslim and Christian faiths: one is for the oppressed and one’s for the oppressor, one’s for the coloniser and one for the colonised.”

* Right. And that is the view that wakademia presents to young impressionable Australians.

Peta Stephenson, a doctoral fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute, says Islam doesn’t share the baggage of missionary Christianity, and has become one path by which Aborigines can affirm their pre-colonial identity.

“Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X are role models,” she says. “A lot of people see Islam as an answer to the ills of Western society. For communities suffering chronic levels of unemployment or underemployment and substance abuse it might have special appeal for those wanting to break away from the statistics.”

Read it and weep: 2 more pages of similar absurdities..


To top it up, another piece from the Bolt blog:

Peter Manning, former ABC journalist and now a journalism lecturer, thinks Muslims are just yesterday’s Catholics:

Many of the things thrown at Australian Muslims in the past five years – bundled together as “un-Australian” – are features of other religions in our multicultural society: they’re breeding “us” out; their women are oppressed; the imams speak in Arabic; their sharia law is weird; their links are to Middle Eastern lands.

Is that all we’re worrying about? Birth rates and links to a homeland?

Why is it that Manning can’t make his familiar case – that concern about Islam in Australia is just proof that we’re just racists – without hiding the most relevant facts?

Search as hard as you like in Manning’s piece, you will not find a single mention of the things that have really provoked concern about Islam.

Where is the mention of imam’s preaching jihad, Muslims allegedly conspiring in terrorist attacks on Australian soil, Australians being blown up by Muslim bombs, Muslim organisations and imams praising and defending Osama bin Laden, Lebanese Muslim gangs, a Mufti praising suicide bombers and urging Muslims to fight Israel, Lebanese Muslims singling out “Skip” girls for pack rapes and the like?


Warren Raymond comments:

* Guys like Peter Mannings should be publicly humiliated and disgraced. They are either useful idiots or agents for Arab Imperialism: Islam.

Even ex-journo’s with a far left agenda have a duty to inform themselves. And we must not allow them to deliberately mislead and misinform the public.

But if you take a closer look (I mean ‘follow the money’ you will find that Mannings has a vested interest to promote this kind of nonsense.

Former ex-presidents Clinton, peanut-Carter as well as some university professors like Mearsheimer and Walt have received huge amounts of money in ‘speaking fees’ or ‘donations’ in order to spread this kind of propaganda. Saudi (Arab) pockets are deep and ten trillion dollars go a long way in promoting the global jihad. That includes the building of mosques everywhere in the lands of the infidels as well as buying influence. It includes censorship, intimidation and blackmail against everything and everyone opposed to Islam.

Makes sense?

Holland: Geert Wilders calls for closure of all Islamic Schools

From Deutsche Presse Agentur


Den Haag – Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, the controversial leader and founder of the Freedom Party (PVV), has called for the immediate closure of all Muslim schools in the Netherlands in an article published Tuesday.

* Is there anything written by any journo these days thats not ‘controversial?’
The move was necessary ‘to protect children against the ongoing spreading of Islam,’ Wilders wrote on Dutch news website Nieuwsnieuws.
We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is effectively more a violent political ideology than a religion,’ he wrote.

During the 2006 elections, Wilders’ PVV surprised everyone by gaining nine seats in the 175-seat Dutch parliament.

Here is more on Wilders from Western Resistance:
Wilders had been an MP for several years – first for the Liberal- right VVD party and then as an independent member. Last year was the first time he contested the elections with his own party.
Yassin Hartog, interim director of the ISBO, the umbrella organization of Muslim schools in the Netherlands, considers Wilders’ words to be a ‘provocation.’

* Of course: Resisting Islam is a heinous crime. Wilders must be beheaded, at once!
‘I don’t think there is much reason for another controversy about Muslim schools in Holland. Muslim education in Holland is well-rooted in the national school system,’ Hartog said.
Holland is known for its uniquely broad range of schools and educational systems.
Some 40 per cent of Dutch schools are public. The remaining 60 per cent are special schools, some of which are based on specific educational systems such as Montessori, while others are based upon a religious denomination.
Public schools and special schools receive equal government funding.
In the last 15 years a few dozen Muslim schools have been established, predominantly elementary schools.
In recent months, however, several Muslim schools made the Dutch headlines after school inspections found they did not meet the minimum educational standards, especially for the Dutch language and integration into Dutch society.

Strange. Lots of controversy everywhere. Today we got the same kind of report from Germany as well. Muslims are not integrating anywhere. We must be doing something wrong, what could that be?

* Here is some of the stuff Geert Wilders says, he must be reading our blogs:

He wrote: “Islam is rapidly pushing our Western civilisation close to the edge of the abyss. We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is more a violent political ideology than a religion.”

In his column, he also alluded to the quote from the River War by Winston Churchill: “Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. No stronger retrogade force exists in the World. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step… the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome” (The River War, First edition, Vol. II, pag. 248-50).

I present more of WInston Churchill’s pithy observations about Islam HERE. Geert Wildlers in his column said: “Churchill was right. We are now more than hundred years further and Islam brings our Western civilisation rapidly to the edge of the abyss. We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is more a more violent political ideology than a religion. For this reason I put a new measure for: immediately closing all Islamic schools in the Netherlands. This to protect children from the distribution of Islamic thinking. Not the Moslems as people but Islam is the core of the problem.”

Wilders then states that if people do not believe him, they should listen to the accounts of those who had left Islam, the apostates. He mentions the website Apostates of Islam. On this site is a list of apostates.

Mr Wilders quotes from this website. “Yet Muhammad’s life is that of a gangster godfather. He raided merchant caravans, looted innocent people, massacred entire male populations and enslaved the women and children. He raped the women captured in war after killing their husbands and told his followers that it is okay to have sex with their captives and their “right hand possessions” (Quran 33:50) He assassinated those who criticized him and executed them when he came to power and became de facto despot of Arabia. Muhammad was bereft of human compassion. He was an obsessed man with his dreams of grandiosity and could not forgive those who stood in his way. Muhammad was a narcissist like Hitler, Saddam or Stalin”.

Geert Wilders concludes his column by saying: “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

No wonder Wilders needs police protection.

The real darkness at the heart of Islamist terror

* Here on Winds of Jihad we have always maintained that education about Islam and the the global jihad is the key to save western civilization and culture from barbarism.  It is good to see that more and more ‘infidels’ seem to wake up and smell the coffee. Michel Gove from the Times online is almost there. However, the term ‘Islamism’ is misleading.

Its about the global jihad and Islam pure, as it is in the scriptures. That’s why the ‘moderates’ have no leg to stand on. And that is the reason why the ‘militants’- those that take the scriptures seriously, are winning.

By Michaael Gove/with thanks to eloisdiablo


Michael Gove is Conservative MP for Surrey Heath. He worked on The Times from 1995-2005. He makes regular appearances on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and The Late Review on BBC2

Listen to any Radio 4 discussion on what motivates terrorists, and the same consensus is usually reached – it’s foreign policy, stupid. Bush and Blair, Iraq and Afghanistan, the West’s misguided interventions in the Muslim world, that’s what inflames young hearts with righteous anger, an anger which our leaders have allowed to become a killing rage.

Pay attention to the conversation of intellectuals, commentators and many self-proclaimed community leaders and the same message is amplified and elaborated. William Dalrymple warns us that ill-considered interventions provoke those who have hitherto been pious and peace-loving into taking up arms. John Humphrys tells the Prime Minister, as though it were an established fact, that the 7/7 bombings took place “because of Iraq”. The Muslim Council of Britain greeted news of the plot to bomb British tourists out of the sky last summer with an open letter to the Prime Minister asking him to “change our foreign policy”.

The degree of consensus is impressive. What a pity it’s not supported by the facts.

The reporting of the Operation Crevice trial has revealed much more than just the failings of the intelligence and security services. It has also reminded those with eyes to see of the real darkness at the heart of Islamist terror. Were the targets they chose symbols of Western foreign policy adventurism? Or was there another reason for their choosing to fantasize about mass murder in a shopping mall and a nightclub? Why did they choose to single out not our foreign ministry but the Ministry of Sound? And why, when they were enjoying the thought of murder on the dancefloor, did one of their number say, “No one can turn around and say, ‘Oh, they were innocent’, those slags dancing around. Do you understand what I mean?”

Unfortunately, all too many do not understand what Jawab Akbar did mean. Because so many of those who choose to comment on terrorism, its roots, motivations and methods, fail to understand the ideology that drives and justifies these actions. I have explored that ideology, Islamism, in a book, Celsius 7/7, which has just been republished.

* Here is where the writer gets it wrong: Its not ‘Islamism’- its about the global jihad. The rest of the article is pretty spot on.

And in the course of my exploration it became clear that the ideological motivation for the terrorist threat we face is an austere and pitiless twisting of Islam that offers young men redemption through violence, and the opportunity to exalt themselves by purging the world of the impure.

* Wrong again. The jihadis follow the scriptures. They are the good Muslims. That austerity and pitlessness is the pure Islam.

Just as the ardent young followers of Hitler in 1930s Germany were offered membership of an elite, a sense of special self-belief and a tempting opportunity to give vent to their resentments and frustrations through violence against those who were “impure” in racial terms, so today’s Islamist extremists are offered the same bewitching path, with the focus of violence being those who are “impure” in ideological and cultural terms. The impure, the targets for slaughter, we now know, are not just “apostates” who mock Islam, such as Salman Rushdie or the Danish cartoonists, nor are they even the architects of foreign policy adventures – the Bushes and Blairs, Reids and Rumsfelds, they are the clubbers and shoppers of modern Britain – in the eyes of the Islamist killers we are all slags, none of us innocent. That is the ugly, and troubling, truth which there should be no dancing around.

And yet, and yet. Few of those who rush to provide explanations for why these young men act as they do have troubled to study the thoughts and writings of their guides and mentors. The works of the founding fathers of Islamism, such as the Egyptian activist Sayyid Qutb, lay bare an antipathy towards the West, its culture, its freedom, its sexual liberties and the very idea of equality between the sexes. For Qutb and other Islamist thinkers the ideal goal is a world in which every action is governed by submission to an impersonal and unforgiving god. As his fellow Islamist ideologue Abul Ala Mawdudi argued, the goal is “a state [where] no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. The Islamic state bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states”.

And because those who follow Islamism are in thrall to a totalitarian world-view, like Fascism and Communism, the actions of others are always viewed through the skewed perspective of a narrow faith. And so whatever we do, unless it’s in conformity with their extremist vision, is provocative. If we support the right of women to choose what they wear, we are not respected for our tolerance towards all, we are damned for allowing licentiousness. And when it comes to foreign policy, when we choose not to intervene, when we decide that we shan’t get involved, whether in Bosnia, Chechnya or Kashmir, we are not respected for our modesty and restraint on the world stage. We are damned again, for not acting in accordance with Islamist ambitions.

Against this challenge there really is only one appropriate response – a determination to do what we know to be right in defiance of the demands of men and women who exalt in slaughter. If we changed our society to make ourselves less offensive to the extremists that would not be prudent politics. It would be submission.

‘Aimless Talks’ at Islam conference in Berlin

Most of the reports in German are rather negative about the current Islam conference in Berlin. Here is the only report so far in English, a heavily diluted version of events from Deutsche Welle:


Intercultural Dialogue | 02.05.2007
Many See Progress at Berlin Islam Talks, but Differences Remain

* Hmm, what kind of ‘progress’ would that be? Something like ‘you give, we take?’


The German government attempted to reach out to the country’s more than three million Muslims on Wednesday but faced criticism from a Muslim leader for organizing “aimless” talks.

* In some of the reports from Germany it said exactly the opposite: That Germans were extremely frustrated about ‘aimless talks’

Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble gathered together Muslim groups in Berlin for a second conference in the space of nine months to tackle growing alienation between Germans and Muslim immigrants.

Schäuble, a conservative, insisted that progress had been made “on many points” and said open and frank discussions were the only way forward to ease the integration of Muslims in German society.

“We all agreed that this process is the right one and that it has made progress. It was a step in the right direction,” Schäuble told journalists after the meeting.

But the head of the Central Council of Muslims, Ayyub Axel Köhler, said: “We cannot go on like this, debating without any aim.”

“There must be an evaluation of this whole process,” he said. “We need to set concrete goals and we need to lay out a roadmap.”

* Roadmap? Where did we hear that before?

The meeting with Schäuble was a review of the first seven months of negotiations in working parties on plans for Islam classes for Muslims in German public schools and mosque demands for legal rights similar to churches. No agreements have been reached yet.

Who represents whom

Much of the debate ahead of the meeting focused on the role of the recently formed Muslim Coordination Council, a move which Interior Minister Schäuble has welcomed.

The council is an umbrella group comprising the Central Council of Muslims and three other organizations: the Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, the Islamic Council and the Association of Islamic Cultural Centers.

The groups have said they would try to find a joint stance on issues such as immigration, integration and extremism, while remaining independent.

But since it only represents the 300,000 people who belong to Islamic organizations, Schäuble says its ability to speak for the 3.4 million Muslims living in Germany is limited.

Of Germany’s Muslims, about 2.4 million are Turks or people of Turkish descent, many of them children and grandchildren of guest workers invited to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. Another 200,000 Muslims in Germany come from North Africa.

There are also about 55,000 Afghans in the community, 60,000 Iranians and 160,000 Bosnian Muslims, according to official estimates.

Germany’s Muslim community is overwhelmingly Sunni.

Divisions among Muslims

There were some divisions between religious and secular Muslims which came to light during the meeting, in particular when it came to women’s dress and the mixing of the sexes.

The government and secularists have rejected complaints by conservative Muslim families about girls wearing swimsuits in the presence of boys while being taught swimming at German schools.

Schäuble said it was the “rule” in Germany that girls and boys were educated in school together. He said he had heard the objections to mixed sports, adding: “We will continue to be talking about this.”

* Why continue, Schauble? If its a requirement of the school curriculum than stick with it, don’t ‘talk about it!”

The first meeting of the groups with the government last September was overshadowed by a row over the staging in Berlin of a Mozart opera, “Idomeneo,” which featured the severed head of the Prophet Mohammed in one scene.

The opera was pulled from the schedule over fears of violent protests by Islamic radicals, but was staged later amid tight security.

In yesterdays news it was reported that the head had mysteriously disappeared.

Islam is spreading like wildfire – January 18, 2007

GERMANY – A report prepared at the request of the German Interior Ministry revealed that 5,000 Germans converted to Islam between July 2004 and June 2005, a figure that is four times higher than that of the previous year. In previous years the average number of Germans who converted to Islam stood at only 300.

The researchers said that while in the past most of those who converted were women who married Muslims, today many university graduates and high-wage earners are joining Prophet Mohammad’s religion.

Video: Fertilizer Bomb Plots Detailed

A detailed look at the plots of the five recently convicted British Muslims, thanks to operative Kasper on LGF.

Includes surveillance video and secret recordings of the terrorists discussing attacking a British nightclub.

Jimmi the Dhimmi sez:

Q: What is the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?

A: One is a muslim who kills other muslims, the other is exactly the opposite.

Cleric preaches that violence is part of Islam

By Duncan Gardham

* Well, it sure is. Ever since Muhammad said ‘Terror made me victorious’ and ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemy’- but good Muslims always deny that, which is part of their indoctrination, but denial confuses gullible Westerners…


The mentor (absconded) Omar Bakri Mohammed

How it all started:

At a scout hut on forestry land in Crawley, West Sussex, Omar Bakri Mohammed encouraged his small band of followers to turn their ideological zeal to violence, training them in boxing and urging them on.

It was at one such meeting that Omar Khyam, the leader of the fertiliser plotters, first came into contact with radical Islam as an impressionable teenager.



It was Bakri’s boundless energy that drew together the various parts of the radical group he had founded.

Living on disability benefit in Edmonton, north London, he drove round the country encouraging members of al-Muhajiroun.

His friendly, sometimes comical persona belied a radical ideology, not only pushing the establishment of a worldwide Muslim Caliphate and the black flag of Islam flying at No 10, but also leading a group that supported violent means to achieve those ends.

Bakri helped organise a seminar after the September 11 attacks in favour of the “Magnificent 19” and went on to call the July 7 bombers the “Fantastic Four.”

In documents seen by The Daily Telegraph, al-Muhajiroun claimed: “Terrorism is a part of Islam” and “Allah made it obligatory to prepare and to terrify the enemy of Allah”.

The article advised: “The kuffar of USA and UK are without doubt our enemy.There is no such thing as an innocent kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims. Not only is it obligatory to fight them, it is haram [forbidden] to feel sorry for them.”

Al-Muhajiroun or “AM” included several distinct groups – Omar Khyam and Waheed Mahmood became involved in Crawley, Anthony Garcia in east London and Salahuddin Amin in Luton.

In Pakistan, after September 11, those groups came together under the guidance of Mohammed Babar, an al-Muhajiroun member from New York, and others, including allegedly Hassan Butt from Manchester.

Babar and Butt allegedly set up an “AM” office in Lahore, with Butt said to have boasted of sending British recruits to fight allied forces in Afghanistan.

At least two young men from Crawley and one from Luton were killed when the allied forces invaded in 2001. Bakri called them martyrs.

Another young man inspired by Bakri was Omar Sharif, from Derby, a student at King’s College London who went on to become a suicide bomber in Israel.

For some, the attention drawn to al-Muhajiroun was unwelcome and it probably encouraged the Crawley group to separate from it.

Six months after the arrest of the Crawley bombers in 2004, Bakri announced that he was closing down

al-Muhajiroun but other organisations have been set up by his followers.

New York Police Department said last year it believed that al-Muhajiroun and its successors had connections with Islamic societies in 21 British towns and cities as well as student bodies, publishers and a software company.

In a recent article in the London-based Arabic newspaper Al Sharq al-Awsat, a former leader of one group said: “The students of Omar Bakri continue to preach on campuses.”

Bakri now lives in the Lebanon and has been banned from returning to Britain, although his wife and seven children still live in Edmonton.

* Sure. What’s better for a professional Jihadi to leave his whole tribe safely deposited in the Dar’al Harb where the filthy kuffars provide them with their every need, like free medicare, welfare, housing, schooling and other allowances while they can freely do da’awa and continue promoting the jihad?

Even Allah himself is not THAT generous!

In a sermon in English, given over a secure internet site by Bakri last week, he talked of anti-terrorism arrests as a “good sign”. He said: “When you put people under pressure everywhere, I think you are leading to explosion.”

Barghouti Praises Al Bebeeceera Reporter: “He is one of us…”

Hamas Intercedes For BBC Reporter, Barghouti Praises Him

* Comical if not tragic: Different factions of terror organizations compete against each other in the great game of kidnapping and extortion…


Alan Johnston

( The Islamist terror group Hamas has agreed to intercede on behalf of missing BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniye has agreed to intercede, sending a threatening dispatch to Gaza’s Doghmush clan, which is reportedly holding Johnston. Haniye said he warned them that Hamas would react harshly if Johnston is harmed and not released soon, according to British Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.

Earlier this week, Hamas Parliamentary Speaker Ahmed Bahr called for the killing of every last Jew and American. Johnston is neither of those, working for a news agency that is considered one of the most sympathetic, outside the Arab world, to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.


Jailed terror chief Marwan Barghouti has described Johnston to the Associated Press as a “friend of the Palestinian people” and PA Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said of the reporter at a protest for his release that he “has done a lot for our cause.”

Johnston disappeared on March 12. Hamas has refrained, until now, from actively accusing the clan holding Johnston. Gaza criminal and terrorist groups have repeatedly kidnapped Western journalists, receiving jobs, funds and weapons in return for their speedy release.

Not a single kidnapper in the dozens of abductions that have taken place since Israel left Gaza have been put on trial or jailed by the Palestinian Authority.

But the demands of the particularly powerful Doghmush clan are reportedly beyond what Hamas can supply. The group may have been encouraged by Britain’s apparent willingness to negotiate with Iran over the release of its troops, and reasoned that the same applies to Britain’s national media conglomerate, the BBC. In addition to the size and armor of the clan, their willingness to shift loyalties from Fatah to Hamas and back again reportedly make it difficult for either Abbas or Haniye to attain Johnston’s release.

The kidnappers demands reportedly include such things as the release of an Iraqi female would-be suicide-bomber jailed in Jordan for attempting an attack in the Hashemite capital of Amman.

Johnston’s alleged kidnapping has also benefited Hamas, with the British government meeting Hamas officials for the first time due to the affair.

Despite Haniye’s tough words before a press conference attended by scores of concerned journalists, senior PA security man Rashid Abu Shubak told the Arabic Al-Ayyam that confronting the clan of kidnappers is not an option. Abu Shubak said that the kidnappers’ identities are known, but that due to the “volatile” situation in Gaza, they could not be confronted.

Another report cites a British request to Fatah chief and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas not to attempt a rescue operation, out of concern that it would endanger Johnston.

Here’s more from Al Bebeeceera 

Excerpt: “We in the government are deeply sorry and ashamed that this kidnapping is ongoing, especially since he is a friend of our people and has done a lot for our cause.

“His kidnapping is detrimental to our nation and our national cause,” Mr Barghouti said. 

Dhimmitude at the ABC: “9 to stand trial over alleged terrorism plot”

What kind of society have we become? What kind of cowardly, pathetic wimps rule our Main Stream Media and deliberately sell us out for stupidity and misguided political correctness?

Read this: Do you find the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’ anywhere?

Nine men accused of stockpiling chemicals and explosive detonators to carry out a terrorist attack have been ordered to stand trial in the Supreme Court in Sydney next month.
The men were arrested in 2005 in Australia’s largest-ever counter-terrorism operation and are accused of plotting to carry out an attack on a target in Sydney.

The office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) has confirmed the group will appear for arraignment in the Supreme Court in Sydney on the June 1.

Andrew Bolt comments on his blog:

* This is not reporting but censoring – denying the public information it requires to better understand. Clearly the ABC reporters feel there are some things its ABC readers had better not know, given their warped characters.

ABC News online

Fortunately the Australian informs, as they should:

Nine men to stand trial over terror plot
May 01, 2007

NINE Muslim men accused of stockpiling chemicals and explosive detonators have been ordered to stand trial on charges of planning terror attacks in Sydney, court officials said today.

Magistrate Michael Price yesterday ruled that the men must stand trial after they were arrested last year in Australia’s largest-ever counter-terrorism operation, a court official said.

“The nine were committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court and will appear in that court on June 1, 2007,” the official said.

The nine appeared in March in a magistrates court in Penrith, west of Sydney, under a heavy blanket of security to allow Mr Price to establish if they had a case to answer.

They were charged with planning terrorist strikes in Sydney, reportedly including the bombing of its Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.

They were arrested in Sydney in November 2005, days after the Government passed tough new anti-terrorism legislation making it easier for police to prosecute suspects involved in the early stages of planning attacks.

Prime Minister John Howard pushed the legislation through parliament after expressing concern that Australia could face attacks similar to the deadly London transport bombings in July 2005.

The missing link:

The above article is today up on Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, and he rightly points out that the 9 accused were disciples of Abdul Nacer Benbrika, a seriously nasty peace of work, featured here:

I must preach holy war, says teacher

By Michelle Grattan
Political editor

August 5, 2005


Abdul Nacer Benbrika
, also known as Abu Bakr.
Photo: Courtesy ABC TV
A Melbourne radical Islamic teacher last night described Osama bin Laden as “a great man” and declared he would be betraying his religion if he told students not to train in terrorist camps.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr, said: “My religion doesn’t tolerate other religion . . . Jihad is a part of my religion.”

ASIO revoked Mr Benbrika’s passport earlier this year, the ABC reported, and it recently raided and questioned him. But although it took papers, charges had not been laid.

Earlier this week former ASIO officer Michael Roach said Australia had about a dozen terrorist cells, with up to 60 individuals in Sydney and Melbourne. Australian Federal Police chief Mick Keelty has confirmed this.

Last night’s inflammatory statements came as Prime Minister John Howard said he had been briefed yesterday about possible changes to strengthen the law on terrorism. He said he would be saying something about the matter shortly.

It is likely to be discussed when Coalition leaders meet today for wide-ranging talks before Parliament resumes next week after the long winter break. The meeting will be attended by Mr Howard, new National Party leader Mark Vaile, Peter Costello, Warren Truss, Robert Hill and Nick Minchin.

Mr Howard said the Algerian-born Mr Benbrika, who lives in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and has been in Australia for 16 years, was “a person of interest to the relevant government agencies” and he had to be careful what he said about him.

Mr Benbrika told The 7.30 Report, which reported that some of his students had gone to overseas terrorist training: “According to my religion, here, I don’t accept all other religion except the religion of Islam.”

He said he was “not involved in anything here. I am teaching my brothers here the Koran and the Sunna and I’m trying my best to keep myself, my family, my kids and the Muslims close to this religion”.

“I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam.”

Pressed on why he did not tell students not to go abroad for terrorist training, he said: “If I do this, it means I am betraying my religion.”

“Jihad is a part of my religion and what you have to understand (is) that anyone who fight for this sake of Allah . . . when he dies, the first drop of blood that comes from him . . . all his sin will be forgiven.”

He described Osama bin Laden as “a great man. Osama bin Laden was a great man before 11 September, which they said he did . . . and until now nobody knows who did it”.

* He’s right. That’s because when Muslims commit atrocities, it is not them who rape, kill and murder: It is Allah himself. That’s in the scriptures, that was Muhammads excuse from the beginning.

He said the problem was that there were two laws – Australian law and Islamic law.

Mr Howard strongly rejected the notion of two laws. “Suggestions that there is an exclusivity of religious belief in this country is against the values we hold,” he said. “It’s also very unfair and damaging to those hundreds of thousands of Muslim Australians who share my view . . . that we should respect other religions and we should try and live in tolerance and harmony.”

Mr Howard said he thought Australians were more nervous because of the London bombings. “What has shaken people about the London attacks is that it was apparently carried out by native-born people. I think that shook people and made people realise, well if that can happen in a country like England . . . it could happen in Australia.”

Hitler wore suits and kissed children, Hilali cooks for Ben Chubby from the Sydney Morning Herald

…Who promptly gives him a clean bill of health and writes  an astounding puff piece on Dark Ages terrorist-supporting hate cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali:

The mufti we love to hate


Stirring the pot … Hilaly cooks dinner at his Greenacre home. He says he is happiest in the kitchen.
Photo: Bob Pearce

Age and experience have softened the outspoken Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, who talks to Ben Cubby.

* Why would that be, Ben?

SINCE arriving on a tourist visa in 1982, and overstaying, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly has lurched from scandal to opprobrium in a way that would have embarrassed Anna Nicole Smith. The holder of the disputed title of Mufti of Australia has politicians falling over each other to tell people how much they dislike him.

A stream of contentious public comments – comparing scantily clad women to uncovered meat, questioning the Holocaust, attacking the sentence given to the gang rapist Bilal Skaf and cracking jokes about Australia’s convict heritage – has given even potential supporters cause to edge away from the sheik.

* Glad you don’t have a problem with that, Ben. What did Hilali feed you? Hash cookies?

More recently, he has faced claims that donated Australian money which he passed on in Lebanon might have ended up with terrorist groups.

* Thats right. We’re waiting for the indictment…

Yet in parts of the Muslim community, especially among elements of Lebanese Australian society, support for Hilaly remains strong.

* Wasn’t he supposed to be sacked Ben? How come the support is so strong?

Away from the spotlight, Hilaly lives a relatively unglamorous life in the south-western suburbs of Sydney. The former sharia court judge is happiest in the kitchen, cooking. He adores his adopted country, he says.

* Why didn’t you ask a few questions about the flogging, the beheadings, and bout the sharia, Ben? Inquisitive Australian minds would love to know!

“I have fallen in love, after the age of 40, with a beautiful lady named Australia,” Hilaly told the Herald. “What many of those who do not know me, who are angered by some of my comments, are ignorant of, is that I am a person who loves literature, in particular satirical poetry.”

* The rest is just too embarrassing and to stupid to print, but read it all:

Here it is from the Sydney Morning Herald

Another One Bites the Dust

Good that he was shot- and how:


Abu Ayyub al-Masri

Update: Is he dead or is he not? Link to Jihad Watch here

With thanks to Andrew Bolt

What is hopeful is not just the alleged killing of al Qaida’s leader in Iraq, but the manner of his death:

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq was killed on Tuesday in a fight between insurgents north of Baghdad, the Interior Ministry spokesman said, but the U.S. military said it could not confirm the report.

There has been growing friction between Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and other Sunni Arab insurgent groups over al Qaeda’s indiscriminate killing of civilians and its imposition of an austere brand of Islam in the areas where it holds sway.

The death is not confirmed, But what is true is that insurgent Sunni sheiks are now turning on al Qaida, which means more hope of a negotiated peace in Iraq.

And among other good news:

US forces also killed an al-Qa’ida kingpin who had sent 12-year-old Iraqi boys to their deaths as suicide car bombers. The US command claimed Muhammad Abdullah Abbas al-Issawi, the al-Qa’ida “security emir” in eastern Anbar province in Iraq and a former Zarqawi associate, was killed on April 20.


Here is another link from the Australian

Split in al-Qa’ida behind Masri hit


U.S. soldiers take up positions on the roof top of a house in reaction to sniper fire that hit their vehicles while on patrol in Mosul, northwest of Baghdad, April 29, 2007. (Stringer/Reuters)

In other news from Iraq: Reuters

Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq funeral

Sunni/Shia jihad update:


By Dean YatesMon Apr 30,

A suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives killed more than 20 people when he blew himself up among mourners at a Shi’ite funeral north of Baghdad on Monday, Iraqi police said.

The attack took place inside a crowded mourning tent in the town of Khalis in volatile Diyala province, police said.

More than 35 people had been wounded, police said, adding they expected the death toll to rise.

Since U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a security crackdown in Baghdad in February, militants including al Qaeda have increasingly shifted the focus of their attacks outside the capital.

Diyala, a religiously mixed area, has been the scene of fierce fighting between U.S. troops and al Qaeda as well as Sunni Arab insurgents.

Five U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq over the weekend, raising the number of American troops killed this month to over 100 and making April one of the deadliest of the war for U.S. forces.

The toll could increase the pressure on U.S. President George W. Bush, who is fighting a plan by Democrats to set a timetable for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq.

Bush has vowed to veto a war spending bill from Democrats that requires combat troops to begin withdrawing by Oct 1. The Democrat-controlled Congress plans to send the bill to Bush on Tuesday.

The U.S. military said three soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. A Marine was killed in western Anbar province on Sunday.

Another soldier was killed by small arms fire in eastern Baghdad on Saturday, the military said.

The security crackdown in Baghdad is seen as a final attempt to halt Iraq’s plunge into all-out civil war between majority Shi’ites and once-dominant minority Sunni Arabs.

U.S. commanders acknowledge that the offensive, which has led to the deployment of thousands of extra troops on the streets, has increased the risk of military casualties.

Before the announcement of the latest deaths, the independent Web site had put the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq in April at 99. Around half have been killed in and around Baghdad.

Some 3,350 U.S. troops and many tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

April has also been a bad month for British forces.

Twelve have been killed in April, the highest number of casualties in a single month since March 2003, when 27 were killed in the opening days of the war.

British Defense Secretary Des Browne made an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Monday and met his Iraqi counterpart, the British embassy said.

(Additional reporting by Ibon Villelabeitia, Mussab Al-Khairalla, Waleed Ibrahim, Aseel Kami)

The Return of the Body Snatchers

New business Opportunities in Iraq:

Iraqi bomb victims’ bodies held for ransom

By Aqeel Hussein in Baghdad and Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph

Criminals in Baghdad are stealing corpses from the scenes of car bombings and murders in order to extract “ransoms” from grieving relatives.

In a macabre off-shoot of the capital’s kidnapping epidemic, the gangs pose as medics collecting bodies to be taken back to the city’s overflowing morgues.

Instead, though, they take the corpses to secret hiding places and then demand payments of up to £2,500 a time to release them to relatives for burial. Because Muslim custom dictates that a body must be buried as soon as possible after death, many families simply pay up, rather than involve the police.

The new racket in “dead hostage taking” is thought to be run by gangs connected to the city’s sectarian militias, many of whom are already involved in conventional kidnappings.

Iraqi police said the gangs often responded to car bombings, which can leave more than 100 corpses on the streets. In the chaos, police and army units seldom questioned the credentials of people posing as ambulance crews.

Captain Falah Saab al Mamouri, of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior, described how one such gang – since apprehended – operated. “They would look for bodies that had identity cards on them and then get in touch with the family.

“They would then ring the family of the dead person, tell them that their relative has been killed, and then demand between $3,000 and $5,000 to return the body.

“Once the family had handed the money over to a middle man, they would dump the corpse near the city morgue with the name written on a piece of paper which was pinned on the chest. Sooner or later someone would hand it over to the morgue, and the family would find it there.”

Read it all…

Bomb hits market in southern Thailand

By SUMETH PANPETCH, Associated Press Writer


AP Photo: Thai soldiers stand guard next to a burnt down school building in Pattani province, southern…

* No it was not a Buddhist bomb.

* In addition to the shooting, burning, and beheading reported yesterday in southern Thailand, “insurgents” wounded 20 people when they bombed a market.

Suspected Islamic insurgents in southern Thailand exploded a bomb at a busy night market and wounded 20 people Monday, police said. Earlier in the day, police found the bodies of two Buddhist villagers, one beheaded, apparently slain by Muslim rebels.

Similar handwritten messages were left after both attacks, saying they were revenge for a deadly weekend bombing at a mosque, police said.

Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist, but Muslims are a majority in the deep south, where they have long complained of discrimination. Since the Muslim rebellion flared up in early 2004, near-daily bombings, drive-by shootings and other attacks have killed more than 2,000 people.

Insurgents have targeted Buddhist civilians in what is believed to be an attempt to drive them from the area and to rouse animosity between followers of the two religions. Muslim citizens — especially those seen as collaborating with the government — also have been killed.

On Monday, a bomb hidden in the front basket of a motorcycle blew up in front of a Muslim food stall in the market, causing customers to flee in panic, police Lt. Somjit Nasomyon said. Four of the 20 wounded suffered serious injuries.

A message written in red ink said: “This is revenge for people in the mosque in Nong Chik (district) who were cruelly killed by the soldiers,” Somjit said.

The mosque bombing in the town of Hutae Bongor killed a Muslim man and injured three people.

The message suggested the attackers believed the culprits in the mosque attack were members of the security forces of Thailand’s Buddhist-dominated government. Authorities said they suspected the mosque attackers were Muslim militants bent on stirring up communal tension.

Earlier, two burned bodies, one of them headless, were found on a road, police Lt. Natachai Janpho said. He said they were apparently killed Sunday night.

A spray-painted message on the road near the bodies said: “This is revenge for Hutae Bongor,” Natachai said.


Today’s Video:

PA leader calls for killing of all Americans and Jews

The product of a sick culture, and proof of the naivety of those who think peace with such people can be reached just by talking:

Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans ”to the very Last One”…

The Hamas spokesperson concluded with a prayer, saying: “Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them.”

And a reminder: Arafat in his own words