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Europe: The Natives Revolt

The indomitable Fjordman about the Rape of Europe in the Brussels Journal:

Violence by Muslims is usually labelled simply as “crime,” but I believe it should more accurately be called Jihad. Those who know early Islamic history, as described in books such as The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer, know that looting and stealing the property of non-Muslims has been part and parcel of Jihad from the very beginning. In fact, so much of the behavior of Muhammad himself and the early Muslims could be deemed criminal that it is difficult to know exactly where crime ends and Jihad begins. In the city of Oslo, for instance, it is documented that some of the criminal Muslim gangs also have close ties to radical religious groups at home and abroad. As Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen points out, the Koran is seen by some Muslims as a God-given “hunting licence,” granting them the right to assault and even murder non-Muslims. It is hardly accidental that while Muslims make up about 10% of the population in France, they make up an estimated 70% of French prison inmates.


Aggression by Muslims is not directed against brothers and sisters, but against whoever is a kafir, a non-believer. Young Muslims justify their behaviour towards women who do not wear the headscarf, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, by referring to the Salafist teaching which says that these women are whores and should be treated as such. They told me this. I wrote it down in my reports, but the authorities refuse to hear it.”


Citizens in Western European countries pay high taxes to a state that is totally incapable of protecting our most basic rights, and is frequently unwilling even to try. With hate speech laws we are deprived of the right to protest against being swamped by immigration that will eventually render us minorities in our own countries. The law is used to punish the law-abiding while the criminals rule the streets.


If the authorities refuse to uphold the laws designed to protect us and keep passing new laws that threaten the freedom of our children and the survival of our nations, we will sooner or later have to decide when civil disobedience becomes not just a right, but a duty. And I fear what will happen once we reach that point, which may not be too far off. Judging from the recent uprisings in Utrecht, this process has already begun.

Read it all…

Pauline Hanson Muslim warning

Article from Herald Sun:


PAULINE Hanson will urge major political parties to stop the flow of Muslim immigrants into Australia when she launches her bid to become a senator this year.


Stop the flow: Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says racial tensions are out of control in some European countries.
Warning Australia could go down the same road as some European countries, where she says racial tension are “out of control”, Ms Hanson says federal politicians will eventually have to decide on Muslim numbers in Australian.
“We have to decide now whether we want to go the way Britain, France and the Netherlands have gone,” she says in an exclusive interview in today’s print edition of the Herald Sun.

“England’s being lost. It’s losing its identity and its way of life.”

Ms Hanson also denies she is re-entering politics for financial gain, claiming the major political parties need a shake-up.

She says the Muslim way of life is totally opposite to the Australian way, citing instances of multiple marriages, the forcing of women to wear the burqa, closure of pools to males and shopping centre bans on Christmas decorations.

“The fact is they’re Muslim first and Australian second,” Ms Hanson says.

She is also releasing her life story, entitled Untamed and Unashamed, which is to be launched this month by Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones.

Moonbat Wankfest Downunder: ” Oh Muslim, Here Is The Jew, Come & Kill Him”


Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.’” [Hadith collected by Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177 (

Incredible Malice and Reckless Endangerment: Misrepresentations and journalistic malpractice by the Cairns Post put a man’s life in grave mortal danger:
In a rabid display of extreme left wing lunacy, a reporter for the Cairns Post accuses a well known businessman of ‘the man behind an anti-Muslim website campaign’ and puts the mans life, existence and family at risk, by naming him 5 times, listing his property holdings and businesses. The website itself was previously smeared as being a ‘hate site’

The allegations are evidently absurd: Winds of Jihad may be satirical, comical-cynical, and at times dripping with sarcasm. It focuses on the daily atrocities committed in the name of Islam, but most of all it is educational. It accurately presents unpleasant news, which rags like the Cairns Post and the MSM carefully avoid to do. But Satan hates to be mocked and ridiculed. However, what Winds of Jihad doesn’t do, is ‘vilifying individual Muslims’- it merely attacks a totalitarian belief-system that uses terror and violent jihad to conquer the world, since its inception 1400 years ago.

Winds of Jihad doesn’t incite, it doesn’t call for bloody murder, it doesn’t fly jets into buildings, it doesn’t cut off the heads of innocent hostages in front of video-cameras with rusty knives and it doesn’t engage in suicide bombing. Winds of jihad doesn’t call for Genocide and wholesale slaughter of unbelievers and Jooozzz…
Winds of Jihad doesn’t indoctrinate children to become ‘martyrs’ and to kill themselves and others for Allah…

Beheadings, suicide-bombings, killing people, that is what’s vulgar and awful. Winds of Jihad reports these things, like many other websites like it. The Cairns Post doesn’t. Neither does the mainstream media.

Hundreds of websites spring up everyday by organizations and individuals who are fed up with the lies and the distortions of the mainstream media. They want to know the truth. They learn what the Gavin King’s refuse to do: To educate themselves and the public. On most of these websites you are free to comment and you can ask questions. Thank G-d for the internet.

What does the said businessman have to do with Winds of Jihad? Does he comment in the comments section? Maybe. Maybe not. Who’s business is it?

Just take a close look at Gavin Kings smear: ‘Businessman who owns an expansive (?) house in ***** Beach, several commercial properties in the CBD and a shop at the Cairns International airport’.
Sure thing Gavin: For you, a staunch member of the pink brigades THAT in itself is a crime. God bless the child that’s got his own…

A quick Google search on Gavin King confirms that the guy is the prototype of the ultra-ignorant moonbat species:

America is the enemy, Bush-Hitler /Howard Satan. Democratic society inherently evil and must be replaced with some totalitarian cult, either socialism or Islamo-fascism. Rabid anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred, is a given, is part and parcel of this mental baggage. Here we find him, the ‘embedded reporter’ trooping through a (mental) desert with some fringe ‘Christian’ anti-war wacko’s who organized a demo against security installations, they get caught, kicked out and thereby get their 2 minutes of fame, kumbayahhh….

Then we find King again with the peacenix, demonstrating against a US-navy vessel, harassing the crew over WMD… LOL

Childish nonsense. According to Gavin King, GWB is ‘worse than Saddam’… you get the drift.

In his bloody minded rage against his own culture, society and civilization this useful idiot becomes an informer for any Muslim thugs who believe they will go straight to the 72 virgins if they kill an ‘enemy of Islam’.

Gavin King cannot feign innocence or total ignorance:

He admits that he knows what a fatwa is and of course he knows about Salman Rushdie. Who doesn’t?

After 9/11, Bali 1 + 2, Beslan, Madrid, London, multiple train bombings in India and thirty (plus) jihad war’s in the world today you would think that by now even blind Freddy would know enough to smell the coffee and shy away from exposing anyone to terror and assassination.

No: Gavin King incites and encourages the soldiers of Allah to do their religious duty. Gavin King wants to see the blood in the street. For him the obsession to smear and to bring ruin to a businessman (the ideological enemy) who objects to the Islamization of Australia, is the most important thing. Nothing else matters.
Extreme malice. Reckless endangerment by a misguided fool. A despicable coward, this Gavin King.

To smear, to vilify, is the first priority here. The question of whether or not a mosque should be built in Dunn Street and how it impacts on the community is not addressed.

To question it is heresy, ‘RACISM’- what else?

But which race is Islam? Last time we checked it was an ideology, not a color.

Islam, like Socialism, Communism, Catholicism, Capitalism or Nazi-Fascism is an ideology.

A totalitarian Ideology. One that strictly divides the world in believer and unbeliever. Islam teaches that unbelievers must be forcibly converted or killed until the world is Islamic.

That is what Islam teaches.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

A longstanding member of the Cairns business community is now exposed to violent reprisals by the members of the ‘RoP’ –by a ‘useful idiot’ who, in Churchill-speak, hopes that the crocodile will eat him last.

Or could it be that Gavin King is already a ‘revert’ to Islam, one who said the ‘Shahada’ and joined up with the Islamo-fascists and now must prove his devotion to his new found religion?

Go ahead, folks: Ask Gavin King!


His e-mail is right here:

Muslims Destroy Europe’s Education System

France, the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité no longer has an education system. Voltaire cannot be taught. French history cannot be taught. The holocaust cannot be taught. Many classes have a majority of Muslims who not only boycott these lessons, but they either walk out or intimidate French students to support them in their boycott.


England has the same problem: God help Britain
The University of Leeds has canceled a speech by German author Matthias Küntzel on the connections between Islamic antisemitism and Nazi Germany—after complaints from seething Muslim groups caused the university to fear a violent reaction from the Religion of Peace™: Freedom of speech row as talk on Islamic extremists is banned.

And this is what the ‘RoP’ is doing to Canada’s universities:

You can watch the rest on LGF:

The Dutch Revolt: Utrecht: ‘Ethnic Riots’ after Dutchman is Killed by Police.

Sounds more like the counter jihad has begun:

The Brussels Journal reports on the riots in the Dutch town of Utrecht, following the shooting of a Dutchman by a Muslim police officer

The Ondiep residents have been complaining for months about harassment and intimidation by immigrant youths of Moroccan origin. The Dutch mainstream media do not go into much detail about what is going on. Most of them do not mention the ethnicity of the victim and the police officer, though the riots clearly have an ethnic nature.


Annie Brouwer-Korf, the Socialist mayor of Utrecht, has ordered Ondiep to be sealed off from the rest of town to keep non-residents out. She expressed some sympathy for the frustrated Ondiep residents. “I understand that residents are sometimes upset about the nuisance around their own house and neighbourhood. That does you no good whatsoever.”


Right. Because its the Muslim vote that keeps her in power. Otherwise she wouldn’t be where she is. Nature will take its course…

Read it all:



You see it – death by a thousand cuts. Everyday the jihad chips, chips, chips away at the foundations of our society. The devil is in the details. This is the same Islamic tactic Muslim cabbies used when they told the airport they wouldn’t bend in alcohol dispute . Remember alcohol-bearing passengers were being refused service an average of 77 times a month? ABC News: Muslim Cab Drivers Refuse to Transport Alcohol, and Dogs.


Customer service and faith clash at registers Some Muslim cashiers at Target refuse to handle pork, setting off another debate over the place of religion in society.

Beryl Dsouza was late and in no mood for delays when she stopped at a Target store after work two weeks ago for milk, bread and bacon.

So Dsouza was taken aback when the cashier — who had on the traditional headscarf, or hijab, worn by many Muslim women — refused to swipe the bacon through the checkout scanner.

“She made me scan the bacon. Then she opened the bag and made me put it in the bag,” said Dsouza, 53, of Minneapolis. “It made me wonder why this person took a job as a cashier.”


Instead of swiping the items themselves, they are asking non-Muslim employees or shoppers to do it for them.

It has set off a firestorm of comments — more than 400, as of Tuesday evening — on the Star Tribune’s community blog, People called the newspaper from as far as Tokyo to voice their opinion.

It remains unclear how many Muslim cashiers in the Twin Cities are declining to ring up pork sales.