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Pope Rage Again? Pope’s Aide Knocks the ‘Religion of Peace’


Pope’s secretary speaks of Islamic threat for Europe

BERLIN — Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretary has warned against the spread of Islam in the West in an interview with a German newspaper published Friday.

“We cannot deny the attempts to spread Islam in the West. And we should not be too understanding and let this blind us to the threat to Europe’s identity,” Georg Gaenswein told the weekly magazine of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “The Catholic Church sees it clearly and is not afraid to say so,” he added.

Gaenswein described as “prophetic” the highly controversial speech that the Pope made at the University of Regensburg when he visited Germany last September in which he seemed to link Islam to violence.

“The speech was precisely meant to counter a kind of naiveté. It is clear that there is not only one Islam and the Pope does not know anybody who speaks with binding authority to all Muslims,” he said. “The concept groups many different schools … some of whom use the Koran to justify reaching for a gun,” he said.


In the speech at the University of Regensburg in his native Germany, Pope Benedict quoted a medieval Christian emperor who criticized some teachings of the Prophet Mohammed as “evil and inhuman.”

* Actually, its worse…

The lecture sparked days of sometimes violent protests in Muslim countries, prompting the pontiff to say that he was “deeply sorry” for any offense and to attribute Muslim anger to an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

But he stopped short of apologizing for the remarks.

The Vatican Web site posted an annotated version of the speech, in which Pope Benedict wrote that the offending phrase “does not express my personal opinion on the Koran, for which I feel the respect that is due to the holy book of a great religion.”

On a lighter note, Gaenswein revealed in the interview that the Pope always wears white, even in private, but declined to confirm reports that he wears shoes by the Italian luxury brand Prada.

* What? The Devil doesn’t wear Prada?

‘Day Of Unrest’ in Pakistans Red Mosque

Pakistan Islamists retake mosque, paint walls red

While bombs go off in the neighborhood, -just to make sure that everyone knows that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’-, there is not even one shred of evidence that the bomb blast has anything to do with the red mosque.

* It must be the Joozzz again…

Update: 4 dead, at least 20 severely wounded

Change that: 14 dead, 40 severly wounded, many policemen among the victims 

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Islamists occupied Pakistan’s Red Mosque and began repainting its walls in their original colour after it reopened following this month’s bloody army raid, an AFP reporter and police said.
Source: AFP via Al Jazeera

Islamabad – Islamists turned mid-day prayers into an angry protest demonstration Friday in the Lal Masjid mosque – the scene of a deadly assault earlier in the month when government troops stormed the compound to battle against armed militants inside.
The mosque was reopened to the public three weeks after violent clashes erupted there between security forces and Islamic militants beginning on July 3, which climaxed with the July 10-11 commando assault that left scores of people dead.
A few bearded men stood up in the mosque’s main hall Friday as soon as a cleric began to make the call to prayer at around 12:35 pm.
Soon most of the people began chanting slogans of jihad and refused to offer the prayers led by a government-appointed cleric to replace Lal Masjid’s chief administrator, Maulana Abdul Aziz, who is currently in the custody of police.
The cleric, Mohammad Ashfaq, was led out of the mosque safely.
The protesters and other worshippers were allowed entry into the mosque after being frisked by police, who had cordoned off all access points leading to the Lal Masjid.
Security was on high alert in Islamabad with intelligence reports of possible suicide bombings by militants.

* But suicide bombings are forbidden in Islam, so there is nothing to worry about, right?
Pakistan has witnessed a surge in attacks on security forces since the mosque siege, with extremists calling to avenge the deaths of ‘innocent sisters, brothers and sons.’
The government said some 75 militants were killed in the raid, in which the security forces also suffered about a dozen casualties. But the full extent of the casualties has not been able to be confirmed by independent sources.

© 2007 dpa – Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Haneef released to home detention

TERROR suspect Mohamed Haneef will be released but forced to stay in residential detention.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Dr Haneef would be freed from immigration detention, but he’d stay in what he called ‘residential detention’ at his Gold Coast home for the time being.

“That means that rather than being detained in immigration custody, namely in Villawood or some facility such as that, he will be released into residential detention which means that he can reside at his unit on the Gold Coast,” Mr Andrews told reporters.

“Or if he wishes to reside somewhere other than that unit on the Gold Coast, then any reasonable request in that regard will be taken into account and met.”

Mr Andrews said he would seek further advice from the commonwealth solicitor-general about whether he would need to reverse his decision to cancel Haneef’s visa.


Haneef terror charge a ‘mistake’

THE Federal DPP has dropped the terror charge against Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, branding it a mistake by a prosecutor in a hurry to get to court.

TERROR suspect Mohamed Haneef, here with wife Firdaus on the Gold Coast, has had the charge against him dropped.

In a media conference this afternoon, Dirrector of Public Prosecutions Damien Bugg said he had established that there was no basis for the prosecution’s assertion in court that Dr Haneef’s SIM card was used in a terror attack at Glasgow Airport.

* He only shared the same house with the terrorists and is closesly related to them. Not that he ever noticed anything, of course…

The prosecutor had been in a hurry and “made a mistake”, Mr Bugg said.

Haneef could face more charges

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police head Mick Keelty has not ruled out more charges being laid against terror suspect Mahomed Haneef.

Speaking at a news conference after the terror charge against Dr Haneef was dropped, Mr Keelty defended his agency’s handling of the case, and did not rule out further charges against Haneef.

Asked by a journalist whether the case had been a fiasco, Mr Keelty said: ”They are your words, not mine.

‘The police investigation has been thorough, I make no apology for that, nor should I in a terrorism investigation in this country.

”We have done our job well in this instance, we have done our job professionally.”

Mr Keelty listed challenges in the investigation, such as the enormity of information that had to be considered and the time difference between the United Kingdom and Australia.

“The organisation and the investigation team in particular has worked to a deadline to achieve those ends, and at the same time meeting some of the obligations that we have at an international level to provide some answers back to the UK,” he said.

“So the team has at all time acted professionally.”

Asked if he would rule out further charges, Mr Keelty said: “The investigation is continuing.

“We don’t intend to scale down the investigation,” he said.

* Good on you, Keelty. Show us the money. Or start reading ‘Prophet of Doom’ or the ‘Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades’- it might help you understand the meaning of jihad in the context of Islamic conquest.


Mufti Ali Goma’s doublespeak exposed:

Its all the fault of ‘secularists wo are trying to distort the image of Dr Goma’- of course:

Top Egyptian Cleric Denies ‘Freedom to Choose Religion’ Comment
Cairo: Egypt’s top cleric yesterday denied in a statement that he had said a Muslim can give up his faith without punishment.

Ali Goma’a, the mufti of Egypt, was quoted as saying in a posting on a Washington Post-Newsweek forum that Muslims are free to change their faith and this is a matter between an individual and God.

“What I actually said is that Islam prohibits a Muslim from changing his religion and that apostasy is a crime, which must be punished,” Goma’a said.

* Talking from two sides of his mouth in the Arafat tradition. The lies for the infidels and the truth in Arabic…

The alleged fatwa coincides with an uproar over the case of 12 Egyptians who converted to Islam from Christianity and now want to re-embrace Christianity.

“There is a campaign by secularists to distort the image of Dr Ali Goma’a,” a senior official in Al Azhar told Gulf News.

“He cannot deny punishment in this life for the apostate,” said Mustafa Al Chaka of the Islamic Research Centre.

Malta: They Just Keep Coming

Malta struggles with migrants


* Actually, they’re not ‘migrants’- they’re invaders. And the EU-parliament, already infiltrated by 20% Muhammedans (A puzzling phenomenon, because overall numbers of Muhammedans in Eurabia at this stage are just around 10%) is totally in line with the ludicrously corrupt UN- officials who support the invasion and the destruction of civilization with the new-age multiculti-diversity religion.

Malta is in the front line, and the Maltese are suffering badly.


Franco Frattini (right) one of the usual suspects, is urging EU members to bolster Frontex

By Alix Kroeger
BBC News, Valletta

Maltese anger grows

Malta is hamstrung by an EU regulation which says asylum seekers must make their claim in the first EU country they enter. By an accident of geography, Malta receives a disproportionate number.

“We are moving towards a crisis if the present trend continues,” Mr Borg warns. “It has created some right-wing opinions which before were hidden in the two mainstream parties. Now they have separated from the mainstream and formed their own party.”

That party is Azzjoni Nazzjonali, which launched last month and is now picking up between 4.7 and 6% support in opinion polls. It will contest next year’s election on, among other things, an anti-immigration agenda.


Somali migrant Abdul Far-Ali still wants to reach Italy with the mental baggage of the slave of Allah…

Its founder, Josie Muscat, calls the arrival of so many migrants “an invasion”.

“Where does Malta’s responsibility end?” he asks. “When we get 100,000? When we get 200,000? When will Europe or anybody in the world lift a finger and say, ‘I’m going to help Malta, because Malta can take no more’?”

The backlash is not just political. There were arson attacks last year against church groups and journalists who publicly supported the migrants.

Seven cars belonging to the Jesuit Refugee Service were set on fire. The head of the JRS, Father Paul Pace, admits the attacks have had a chilling effect.

“(At first) you feel supported; there is a lot of solidarity. Then you realise you are dealing with persons who probably have less limits than you would have expected in a democratic society,” he says.

There have been no attacks for several months now, but no one has been arrested or charged. The editor of Malta Today, Saviour Balzan, was asleep in bed when his home, opposite a police station, was attacked last year. His newspaper had just published an article supportive of the migrants.

They put tires and petrol on the door but his dogs woke him up. “The fact that they had the gall to attack my house in front of a police station shows their intentions are clear,” he says.

So Malta is struggling to cope.

In a field off the road to the airport, a tent city has been put up to accommodate the overspill of migrants coming out of the closed centres. The Hal-Far open centre can hold up to 840 residents: at the moment, there are around 750.

Each tent holds 24 bunks, divided by sheets and cardboard. In the summer, the temperature reaches 40C. The migrants have scavenged bits of old furniture. The camp manager is putting in purpose-built blocks for cooking and washing.

There are migrants from as far away as West Africa at Hal-Far, but most come from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan. Most move on as soon as they can. Their aim is to make enough money to get to Italy.

Extra border patrols at sea may turn some of them away, but as long as conflict, poverty and, possibly, climate change impel them to move, the migrant flows will continue. The pressure on Malta will only increase.

Patrol vessel P-61 cuts through the waves off the Maltese coast, while overhead a helicopter from the German federal police flies past.

But this is not a real border patrol of Malta’s territorial waters: instead, it is a show of political support for the tiny island state.

The number of African migrants arriving in Malta has more than tripled: from 502 in 2003, to 1,780 last year.

Most of them are there by mistake. They wanted to get to Italy but were blown off course or were rescued at sea. They do not want to be in Malta and Malta does not particularly want them.

On board P-61 are EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, the director of the EU external border agency Frontex, Ilkka Laitinen, and Maltese Justice Minister Tonio Borg.

The patrol goes no further than Valletta harbour. It would take too long, around five hours, to get out to the real patrol zone, and anyway the seas are too rough: it is unlikely any migrants will be risking the crossing today.

Pressure of numbers

Malta has been appealing for help: more ships, helicopters and equipment to increase border patrols. It also wants “burden-sharing”: that is, EU countries less exposed by geography taking in a share of the migrants.


Most curious that nobody even talks about repatriation.

Feiz Mohammed Making House Calls

“The peak, the pinnacle, the crest, the highest point, the pivot, the summit of Islam is jihad”
Sheikh Feiz Mohammed


Nah, nothing to see. Nothing to worry: Jihad is ‘inner struggle’- right?

* The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ keeps close contact, because the ideology of hatred has to grow in a young mans heart. And the mosque representative where Feiz Mohammed used to hold fiery sermons in order to exhort the believers to kill and die in Allah’s cause, while calling Jews ‘sons of apes and swine’- and unbelievers ‘filthy kufars’- the vilest of creatures’- has only the fondest memories:

Mr Elomar defended Sheik Feiz as a “godly man” who was misunderstood and said he would personally advise the cleric not to go back to Lebanon.

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

“The Global Islamic Youth Centre, of which Sheik Feiz is the spiritual leader, yesterday would not be drawn on his comments on Jews and jihad but praised his commitment to serving Australia’s young Muslims.”

This is tacit approval of Sheik Feiz’s teachings & opinions, whether they admit it or not. These local imams are playing Aussies for simple fools – can the Aussies see this? Australia one way or another ought to get rid of all these imams who don’t loudly condemn Feiz and his demented ilk, and closedown any mosque that oozes any hint of violent antisimitism or jihad glorification. These are your enemies pure and simple, and they surely laugh at your gullibility when you show it. Time to laugh at them.

In order to help them overcome their savagery, Muslims must be “exorcised” from Islam. To do so, it must be discredited so it loses it appeal. Shame makes them violent, but it eventually will set them free. Therefore the answer to their violence is not to respect their faith but to shame them more. Only intense shame can break their shell and set them free.

Narcissism is fed through narcissistic supplies. Recognition and respect are narcissistic supplies. Feeding narcissism does not help the narcissist, It rather makes them worse. They become bullies, more arrogant and more demanding. Narcissists cannot be helped through appeasement. In the words of Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” The Germans and many European governments are trying to appease Muslims. They are not aware of the danger of Islam and the calamity that they are going to face in a very near future. Ignorance has a price to pay. The price of this ignorance can be civil war and blood of innumerable people, both Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe . 

Let Ibrahim Hooper Creep You Out

CAIR Plans to Continue Suing ‘John Doe’ Passengers

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Ibrahim Hooper of Saudi-funded unindicted co-conspirator CAIR talks about how they plan to use the “good faith” loophole of the “John Doe” amendment to continue suing Americans who report suspicious behavior.

Note: this video was posted at YouTube by CAIR themselves, who obviously want it to be known that they’re going to pursue lawsuits against passengers. And of course, they’ve disabled comments for the video


Here’s the background in case you missed the story: LINK

The Solution:


How to Beat Jihad

* An Iranian Muslim living in Germany sees a worrying trend and asks advice from the indefatigable Ali Sina, who’s marvelous website ‘Faith Freedom International’ has helped thousands of Muslims to leave the cult of Islam. The greatest favor anyone can do to Muslims is help them leave this perverted belief-system and free themselves from the slavery of worshiping Muhammad’s invention and alter ego, the pagan moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs, Al-Ilha. However, given the murderous fanaticism of Muslims this can be a dangerous undertaking:

Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I am also an Iranian (my e-mail name is not my real one) who was raised in Germany . I was living in Iran ( Tehran ) for 3 years and am now back in Germany . As I realised that Islam is a demonic, primitive and laughable cult, I am worried about education in German schools.

Some months ago, the authorities decided that besides catholic and evangelic religion, which can be chosen by the students (they’re not obligatory), Islamic education should also be offered. The scary fact is that a lot of students actually chose to study Islam which is taught by Muslims, of course.

As you know a lot of people who are not ”real” Muslims just chose it in order to ”show” everybody that they’re Muslims. And the authorities are happy that ”islamic education will be a nationwide subject soon”. I can pretty well imagine how these teachers feed them all these lies about islam, the quran and muhammad, and how these students will try to advertise Islam and try to ”islamize” the society, their friends and relatives.

I feel really bad about this and would like to ask you what I can do or how I can contribute to their enlightening, as I do not want these things to happen.

Best regards and millions of thanks to you, your website and co-editors.


Dear Farhad.

You have all the reasons to be concerned. It is said that ignorance is bliss. The non-Muslims, particularly the Europeans are blissfully ignorant of the danger of Islam. Only ex-Muslims, who have seen the extent of devastation that Islam causes, can understand the enormity of the threat that this cult poses to the world and human civilization.

Read it all…

Video: Taliban Terrorist Mansour Dadullah

Hostage taking and kidnapping for ransom is traditional Muhammedan business dating back to the early days of Mohammed himself. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Here  we have a video clip from UK Channel 4 via LGF, an interview with Taliban terrorist leader Mansour Dadullah. It’s the face of the enemy. These creatures do not hide anything about their intentions, their depravity, or their love of killing—and Dadullah, who was released in a hostage deal made by Italy, makes a point of noting that kidnapping is a tactic that very obviously works for them, and promises more.

Includes pictures of the Taliban’s failed 6-year old suicide bomber.

Canuckistan Cracks Down on Free Speech

Secular fatwa against Canadian conservative website

This just goes to show how deluded and ignorant the left army of civil libertarians is, when they facilitate and kowtow to perceived Muslim grievances at their own peril:

They don’t have that freedom of speech thing there, and so is in hot water for posts saying things like “I can’t figure out why the homosexuals I ran into are on the side of the Muslims. After all, Muslims who practice Sharia law tend to advocate beheading homosexuals” and “I defy Islamic censorship and speak about what I believe is the truth about violent Islamism and its threat to religious liberty in Canada.” Woohoo, pretty scary things to say.

Kathy Shaidle has details, and here is a Washington Times story about the ongoing controversy.

Activist’s remarks about Islam, sex probed

July 24, 2007

By Pete Vere – SAULT STE. MARIE, Ontario — Organizers of a conservative online forum in Canada say their free-speech rights are under attack after they received a letter saying a complaint has been filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The complaint, filed by a private citizen and accepted for further investigation by the commission, protested a critical posting on the forum’s Web site regarding Islam and homosexuality.

The remarks were posted on, a sister site to the conservative U.S. forum FreeRepublic, by FreeDominion member Bill Whatcott, a former homosexual prostitute turned outspoken Christian activist.

“I can’t figure out why the homosexuals I ran into are on the side of the Muslims,” Mr. Whatcott wrote on the Web site. “After all, Muslims who practice Sharia law tend to advocate beheading homosexuals.”

He also attributed the worldwide Muslim fury at the Danish Muhammad cartoons to “violence and discrimination inherent in Islamic theology.”

The complaint, which has not been made public, reportedly said the posting “has a discriminatory content against Muslims, and Free Dominion contributes to disseminating hate literature by allowing it to be on its Web site.”

A spokeswoman with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa said the commission tries to conciliate between a complainant and the accused and only if that fails is a tribunal set up to hear the case.

As a matter of policy, the commission does not discuss details of individual cases before they reach the tribunal stage, which has not happened in the complaint against Free Dominion, said the spokeswoman, Carmen Gregoire.

If the case does reach adjudication, she said, the tribunal would be empowered under the Canadian Human Rights Act to order the Web site to “cease and desist” the publication of hate speech or to impose a monetary fine.

Canadian hate speech laws are more stringent than in the United States and outlaw some remarks that would be protected in the United States by the First Amendment. Miss Gregoire said she was unsure whether a tribunal could order the shutdown of a Web site.

Conservative bloggers across Canada have rallied to the defense of the Free Dominion organizers, who suspect they are being victimized for their conservative leanings.

“I cannot help but think that this is a politically motivated attack on our members’ free speech; the commission is behaving like Voldemort’s Death Eaters in the new Harry Potter book,” said forum co-founder Connie Wilkins.

“Whatever your political persuasion, you can’t possibly condone this attack on free expression by an unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy,” wrote Kathy Shaidle of Toronto, who denounced the complaint as a “secular fatwa” on her widely read Relapsed Catholic blog. 

Read it all. A truly worrying trend… 

The Influence of Religion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

by Carlos

July 24, 2007 – “Jihad in the way of Allah, for the cause of Allah, can be pursued either with your financial resources or your bodily strength when you go to fight the enemy in the battlefield. So jihad, the highest form, is fighting in the cause of Allah.”

These words did not emanate from a Middle Eastern mosque. They aired on a “multi-faith” Canadian TV channel last week. The speaker was Israr Ahmad, who operates a bookstore and religious seminary in Lahore, Pakistan. Ahmad is also the leader of Tanzeem-e Islami, a group that wants to transform Pakistan into a fundamentalist Islamic state and to make it a base for Islam’s eventual global domination.

After a listener complained about the broadcast, reporting that it stated Muslims have the obligation to wage jihad until Islam dominates the world, station head Mark Prasuhn offered this lame defense: “Definitely, the viewer is correct. [Mr. Ahmad] does make the point about, you either contribute financially or through your body, and he uses the word fight. But none of this, as far as I could see, is in any way correlated or referenced to the present day. It is strictly a historical context and reading of the Koran by a Koranic scholar.”

Prasuhn’s defense of his station’s broadcast is wrong for two reasons.

First, it is the disingenuous defense that Muslim apologists often level against critics of Islam: that they take things out of context, while Islam’s pronouncements about Jews, Christians, and jihad are tied to specific historical situations. The problem with this defense is that even today, in the world’s most prominent and respected mosques, these same teachings are wrenched from their context and applied to the present. Today’s Jews are called “apes and pigs,” today’s Christians are “idol worshippers,” and today is the day of jihad. This is only natural, since Islam considers the Qur’an God’s eternal word not limited by time or place.

Second, a familiarity with Mr. Ahmad’s own writings makes his intentions clear. He predicts the “global domination of Islam,” calls Jews “parasites,” claims the Holocaust is their “divine punishment,” and looks toward the “total extermination” of the Jewish people. He writes in his book Lessons from History that Pakistan will spearhead Islam’s revival because only Pakistan “has the potential for standing up against the nefarious designs of the global power-brokers and to resist the rising tides of the Jewish/Zionist hegemony.” He predicts that Islamic rule will emerge in four stages: the Ultimate World War in the Middle East, the appearance of the Anti-Christ, the extermination of the Jews, and the “domination of Islam over the entire globe.”

So it is safe to conclude that in his broadcast Ahmad was not referring to ancient history.

Such expressions of religious hatred are becoming increasingly common, even in the West. Those who preach it do not predict the domination of “Islamism,” an unfortunate euphemism whose purpose is to deny an ugly truth. They are speaking of Islam. We may call it radical Islam, in the hope that other forms of Islam exist and will begin to assert more influence. But there can be no doubt that it is Islam.

My preferred term for “Islamism” is “radical Islam.” My preferred term for “Islamist” is “Islamic extremist.” These terms respect the Muslim authorities who so interpret their religion. They, not non-Muslims, have the right to tell us what Islam is. As Melanie Phillips stated,

Read it all