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Hannity and Colmes on the Democrats’ Radical Imam

The convocation for the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting was delivered today by Shi’ite Imam Husham Al-Husainy, of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center in Dearborn, Michigan, and it’s amazing what this spiritual leader managed to get away with saying, in front of America’s Democrat leadership: Video: Imam prays to stop ‘oppression and occupation’ at DNC meeting.

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compassionate. We thank you, God, to bless us among your creations. We thank you, God, to make us as a great nation. We thank you God, to send us your messages through our father Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. Through you, God, we unite. So guide us to the right path. The path of the people you bless, not the path of the people you doom. Help us God to liberate and fill this earth with justice and peace and love and equality. And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation. Ameen.

“Not the path of the people you doom?”

No one in attendance thought this was a bit … odd?

Robert Spencer rips them to shreds:

German Shyster for Ex-Gitmo Jailbird Sues US for Release of Vital Documents

Sheik yer’mami covered this story extensively- check out ‘Kurnaz’

Murat Kurnaz spent over four years in Guantánamo Bay after the US military decided he was an enemy combatant.

Now his lawyer is suing the Pentagon for the release of documents that could exonerate his client.
0102078879500.jpgA lawyer acting on behalf of the former Guantánamo prisoner Murat Kurnaz is taking the Pentagon to court to try to force them to hand over vital secret files. (*Good luck brother, knock yourself out!)
According to a report in the Wednesday edition of the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Baher Azmy, Kurnaz’s US lawyer, is hoping to secure the release of documents that would exonerate the German-born Turkish citizen. “There are a whole lot of them,” Azmy said. “The one problem the government could have with their release is that that it could be embarrassing for them.” *Needless to mention that the ‘lawyer’ is a hardcore commie-shyster…
Kurnaz, a Turkish citizen who was born and raised in the German city of Bremen,
(last time I checked he was born in Turkey and his German residence permit was expired)was arrested at the end of 2001 in Pakistan, where he claimed he had travelled to study the Koran. He was held in a camp in Afghanistan before being transferred to the Guantánamo Bay detention camp on Cuba in 2002.

Among the documents that Azmy is hoping to obtain is “R-19,” a short unsubstantiated memo by an unidentified government official which claimed that Kurnaz had terrorist connections. The R-19 memo was enough for the Combatant Status Review Tribunal to rule in 2004 that Kurnaz was an enemy combatant and that he be detained at Guantanamo indefinitely. However, US District Judge Joyce Hens Green ruled in January 2005 that Kurnaz’s imprisonment was illegal. It took until July 2006 before he was eventually released.

Azmy expects that a US federal court will rule on whether to release the R-19 memo by this summer at the earliest. He is also demanding the release of the transcripts of Kurnaz’s several hearings before the military tribunals. The documents had been declassified for a time but have subsequently been reclassified. “They could provide the proof that the American government was already convinced of the innocence of my client in 2002,” Azmy told the Tagesspiegel.

The Kurnaz case has put the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier under immense political pressurein recent weeks. He is accused of preventing Kurnaz’s release from the US military prison while chief of staff to former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Steinmeier denies that there was an official US offer to release Kurnaz in 2002. The embattled minister is due to appear before a parliamentary committee investigating the case on March 8.


Schily nennt Aussagen von Kurnaz “unglaubwürdig”

Otto Schily (SPD) hat die Aussagen des ehemaligen Guantanamo-Häftlings Kurnaz als unglaubwürdig bezeichnet. “Wer sich kurz nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 einen Kampfanzug, ein Fernglas und Schnürstiefel kauft und, ohne sich von seiner Familie in Bremen zu verabschieden, nach Pakistan reist, will dort ja wohl nicht mit dem Fernrohr Allah suchen”, sagte Schily der “Zeit”.
Eine Entschuldigung bei Kurnaz lehnte Schily indessen ab: “Das sähe ja so aus, als hätten wir eine Art Mitverantwortung für Guantanamo. Vielleicht sollte eher Herr Kurnaz seinerseits bedauern, dass er unter sehr merkwürdigen Voraussetzungen nach Pakistan gereist ist. Ihn jetzt als einen Märtyrer aufzubauen, den die Bundesrepublik angeblich auf dem Gewissen hat, ist eine sehr üble Geschichte.”

‘UEBLE GESCHICHTE’-  I would rather call it a Mohammedan fairytale…

Saudi Fat Cat :”Peace is incompatible with the concept of a fortress Israel”

Because we just can’t have four and a half million Joozzz defending themselves against 300 million fanatical, bloodsucking Muahmmedans who want to slaughter them according to Koranic teachings….



Prince Saud on nuclear programs in the Middle East: “All countries in this region must be subject to the same, strict control.”

February 07, 2007

“Drawn in by the Crises that Surround us”

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, 65, discusses Iran’s power grab, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nuclear ambitions in the Middle East and a Saudi peace plan proposed two years ago that has received no response from Jerusalem…


Israeli troops arrest a Palestinian man in Hebron in the West Bank: “Who can watch this bloodshed in Palestine?”

*translation: Its okay when Arabs murder Jooozzz, we just can’t have it the other way around… 

SPIEGEL: Your Highness, your uncle, King Abdullah, has said that the Middle East is a powder keg that could blow up any moment. Do you share his opinion?
Prince Saud: Just take a look at the crises: Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel — how else would you describe this than as a powder keg? Each of these individual crises triggers others, leading to terror and instability. And the resources we need to build affluence are being spent to establish security.

SPIEGEL: Now a new conflict is being added to the mix. The king has said, without specifically mentioning Iran, that there are attempts to turn Sunnis into Shiites.

Prince Saud: We are talking to the Iranians. They feel isolated and unable to play the role to which they feel they are entitled. We tell them: If you want to be a leading power, you must respect the interests of others and cannot exclusively pursue your own strategy. Having good intentions is not enough. You must demonstrate, with your actions, that you are not inciting strife between Sunnis and Shiites. They have now approached us and declared their willingness to avoid further escalation.

All the usual slime from Arabia…

Terrorism suspect Willie Brigitte refuses to testify

The dead eyes of a terrorist

AM – Thursday, 8 February , 2007
Reporter: Rafael Epstein
TONY EASTLEY: French terror suspect, Willie Brigitte, has refused to answer charges in a French court that he planned to blow up nuclear and military facilities in Australia.

After three years and four months in custody, Brigitte told the court he would not cooperate because there had been a biased investigation into his case.

Europe Correspondent, Rafael Epstein was in the courtroom in Paris.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Willie Brigitte looks as he does in the one photo often used in the media. Thick set, with short dreadlocks, thin rimmed glasses and a beard.

He walked into the elegant wood panelled courtroom in handcuffs, wearing a black tracksuit, and he was flanked by two armed guards. He hugged his lawyer and looked impassively around the courtroom.

He told the court after three years and four months in jail he has no trust in the system, that all hope is gone now. He claimed an impartial investigation would show he’s not a terrorist, and that terrorism is against Islam and against his view of life.

He was quiet and appeared unfazed by the seriousness of the allegations. What’s curious is that much of the evidence against him is drawn from his own admissions under interrogation.

He supposedly detailed his extensive training in explosives, weapons and military tactics, taught to him by the militant group Lashkar e Toiba in Pakistan.

The court heard when he was arrested in Australia, it followed him telling the French consulate in Sydney that he’d lost his passport.

When arrested he’d had copies of publicly available website documents. They detailed Australian military and nuclear installations. He also had a copy of the classic Chinese text, the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

And there appears to be a few witness statements detailing his role as leader of training weekends in France in the late 1990s, and accusations he led a major terrorist cell in France before going to Australia.

The three judges only have to decide whether he associated with terrorist groups. But now says he’s unwilling to address any of those charges in court.

His lawyer is Harry Durimel.

HARRY DURIMEL: Because he felt that the interpretation that they were doing or giving of his first words were wrong, so he decided not to speak, and that’s what he said this morning.

He’s not going to say a word because he’s misunderstood.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: But can I ask how he can plead innocent if he has initially said he did go to training camps and that he did run training camps in France? How can he then say that he’s innocent of the broad charge against him?

HARRY DURIMEL: Is it a crime to learn your religion? Is it a crime to deepen your knowledge in your religion? Is it a crime when you go and work humanitarian action? Because they don’t say everything he did, but Brigitte went to Chechnya, to Bosnia. He went to do humanitarian action in his religion.

(‘Humanitarian action’ in Islamo-speak means killing and terrorizing infidels & Jooozzz…)

If these people that he was learning religion with were only teaching weapon fighting and killing, that’s not where he would have gone. He went there for the part that he needed, as he said, to fulfil his religion.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: One of France’s former intelligence chiefs says the case against Brigitte is weak, and the French court, he says, is doing Australia’s work, because it was only in Sydney that authorities could tenuously link him to any specific plot.

In Paris this is Rafael Epstein, for AM.

Video: Coulter condemns Imam; Ferraro and Colmes condone prayer

Husham Al-Husainy, the Imam who prayed to “stop the war” and “oppression and occupation” was a topic of discussion on tonight’s Hannity & Colmes. Ferraro and Colmes went as far to say the “war” Al-Husainy was talking about was not the Iraq war and suggested he could have been talking about Darfur. The lengths these anti-war and anti-Semetic apologists go is absolutely amazing. Colmes, who is Jewish (and said so on tonight’s show), should be ashamed of himself. He is truly an embarrassment to those of Jewish decent.


Frankly, I don’t believe that these two (H & C) are as stupid as they come across. Imagine all the fan-mail they are getting! Nobody can possibly remain that ignorant so long after 9/11. Too quick and rehearsed are the answers, the ‘change the subject, quick…’ the interruptions and the shouting down of guests (like Spencer) when things are said that might go against network PC-policy. These two are well trained, but its just a matter of time before somebody sinks them in their own slime.

We know who calls the shots. When Saudi prince Al Waleed calls Murdoch he changes the headlines. The power of money perverts everything!

US blackmailed by Turkey, our ‘friend & ally’

Turkish Minister Warns Against U.S. Genocide Resolution

Gul (left) meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on February 6

February 7, 2007 — Turkey’s foreign minister has warned the U.S. Congress that passing a resolution condemning as “genocide” the mass killing of Armenians early in the last century would harm relations.

Abdullah Gul, speaking after meeting top U.S. officials in Washington on February 6, said the proposed resolution would be an irritant to otherwise close cooperation with the United States on issues such as Iraq.

“I see this as a real threat to our relationship,” he said. “While we are having cooperation in these difficult fields, while we are fighting shoulder to shoulder in these fields, while we are supporting each other and facing these challenges, this resolution, if it is accepted, I believe that if that happens, it will be a real shock.”

U.S. officials have said they will try to block the resolution.

“In terms of the discussions within the U.S. Congress, look, we understand very clearly that this is a sensitive issue not only for the Turkish people but for the Armenian people,” U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormick said. “We have made our views known on the potential for a resolution or for a bill.”

Turkey denies the World War 1-era deaths of around 1.5 million Armenians amounted to genocide.


The last time we saw the Turks fight ‘shoulder to shoulder’ was when they raped and ransacked northern Cyprus 1974, killed about 8000 Greek Cypriots and drove 200.000 from their homes. The entire populations of several Turkish Cypriot villages were massacred in reprisal for the landings by Greek Cypriot paramilitaries. As of today, there are still thousands of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots unaccounted for. The events of the summer of 1974 have dominated Cypriot politics ever since and have been a major point of contention between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, as well as Greece and Turkey.

The most violent and systematic attack has been on churches, which are the most obvious and easily recognized symbols of the areas cultural identity. In all, of the 275 churches in occupied Cyprus, 75 have been converted into mosques, 141 have been desecrated, 13 have been converted into storage spaces or stockyards, 3 into icon museums, and 4 for propaganda purposes into cultural centres, whilst a further 20 are used by the occupying regime as military depots, barracks, restaurants and military hospitals. Churches throughout occupied Cyprus have been stripped of their contents and converted into mosques.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Update: Read it and weep how the West aids and abets the enemy:

Turkey’s New Threat to Peace

By Gene Rossides       
February 6, 2007

The government of Cyprus recently signed an agreement with Lebanon and Egypt for joint exploration of oil and natural gas in an area 125 miles wide between Cyprus and the Mediterranean’s southern coast.

The Turkish government has threatened to block exploration asserting, incredibly, that is has rights in the area. In early February the Greek Cypriot media headlined that there was unexpected movement of Turkish warships along the southern coast of Cyprus. They accused Turkey of “muscle flexing” regarding the oil and gas exploration agreement among Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt.

The Turkish television channel NTV reported that the Turkish warships had been sent to warn that Turkey “would safeguard its rights in the area.” Turkey, which is forty miles from the coast of northern Cyprus, has no rights in the continental shelf of Cyprus or in the area.

The Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt consortium has engaged a Norwegian energy-consulting company to begin a survey of the area. The potential energy wealth has been estimated as high as $400 billion.

The Turkish government has stated that the government of Cyprus “does not represent the whole of the island” and that “its agreement with other interested parties have no validity for us.”

Then you had Turkey’s puppet, the Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat say that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots “hold rights” regarding all natural resources on Cyprus and its area.

The Turkish and Turkish Cypriot statements were characterized by a government of Cyprus spokesman as “unacceptable provocation” and a threat to peace in the area. “Turkey is openly threatening” was the banner headlines of the Greek Cypriot daily Alithia.

France’s Szarkozy: “I prefer an excess of cartoons to the absence of cartoons”- Muhammedans enraged!

Szarkozy in the crosshairs of the Muhammedans since he called them ‘scum’ during the French intifadah. But even on a ‘normal day’ the scum torches about a hundred cars….

French Dhimmies coming to their senses?

Do we see the beginning of resistance to the Islamization of France?
by Eloi Rouyer Wed Feb 7,
PARIS (AFP) – A French satirical weekly won support from interior minister and presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy when it went on trial for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The message from Sarkozy, who is also minister for religious affairs, at the opening of the case seen as a test for freedom of expression brought a swift response from the French Muslim Council (CFCM).

Furious at what it saw as government interference, the CFCM called an emergency meeting amid reports that its board might resign in protest.

“The executive board of the CFCM deplores the politicisation of a legal case leading it to denounce (the interference) … as an act of provocation linking terrorism and Islam,” said CFCM president Dalil Boubakeur.

“The CFCM executive regrets this manipulation,” he said.

“It calls for restraint to keep the issue in its proper context, which is that of two cartoons offending Muslims.”

A source close to the Council said the question of the board resigning would also be discussed during the emergency meeting.

The case against Charlie Hebdo was brought by two Muslim groups that are part of the CFCM, the Paris Grand Mosque and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France.

“What is there left to do if you can’t laugh at terrorists? If we can’t laugh at them, we are done for,” Charlie Hebdo editor Philippe Val told the Paris criminal court.

Sarkozy, the front-runner in the presidential elections in April, seemed to agree, saying in his letter that Charlie Hebdo had followed “an old French tradition, that of satire.”

“I prefer an excess of cartoons than the absence of cartoons,” Sarkozy wrote in the letter read by the weekly’s lawyer Georges Kiejman.

Continue reading: Sarkozy angers Muslims over French cartoons trial

Peanut Khadr Accuses Jewish Group of ‘Slander’ After Questioning Book

Jimmah: Ongoing pain and suffering with mental flatulence

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
By Melissa Drosjack


Jan. 23: Former President Jimmy Carter addresses an audience while taking questions from students at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass.

*When he refused to debate Dershowitz?

WASHINGTON — Jimmy Carter has accused an international Jewish human rights group of “falsehood and slander” for launching a petition that resulted in thousands of signatures being sent to the former president in protest of his controversial book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“I don’t believe Simon Wiesenthal would have resorted to falsehood and slander to raise funds,” Carter wrote last month in a handwritten letter to the head of the human rights center that bears the name of the late Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter. The petition does not require payment to be sent, though Carter’s letter suggests it is being used as a fund raising tool.

*Look up ‘projection’ in the dictionary- Jimmah is on the money-grubbing trail and accuses the Jooozzzz….

“I believe that Simon Wiesenthal would have been as outraged by your book, ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,’ as I was,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, wrote in a Feb. 2 response to Carter.

Carter’s fiery exchange with Hier is the latest in the controversy over the book, which last year prompted resignations of a longtime Carter aide and 14 members of a Carter Center board.

Critics allege the book contains inaccuracies and distorts history to shape the reader’s opinion to one side of the issue. Carter has defended the book, saying he didn’t mean to offend anyone.

*No, he just hates Israel and loves Arab money…

Read it all….


Charles from LGF has more:

Peanut Khadr, America’s worst president ever, exposes himself as a corrupt fool who was always on the take and in the pockets of the Arabs.

While he bags millions from the Arabs he accuses the Jooozzz of ‘money grubbing’- Just how low can this ex-president sink?

France: ‘Racism’ used to shut down Freedom of Expression

Update on this story:

Mohammed in the picture crying, sez:

‘What did I do wrong to have such idiots follow me?’

Cartoon row goes to French court

By Tom Heneghan

Paris – The row over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed will be replayed in a French court next week when two influential Islamic groups sue a Paris satirical weekly for inciting hatred against Muslims by printing the caricatures.

The two Muslim associations aim to show that reprinting the cartoons was a provocation equal to anti-Semitic acts or Holocaust denial that are already banned under French law, Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Paris Grand Mosque, said on Friday.

Full article here…

“Free speech is not the issue here. The issue is that, in France, racism is not an opinion, it is a crime,” said Francis Szpiner, lawyer for the Grand Mosque, which has sued along with the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF).

“Two of those caricatures make a link between Muslims and Muslim terrorists. That has a name and it’s called racism.”

*Perhaps he should be asked to explain verses in the Koran like this one:

Qur’an:3:150, “Soon We shall strike terror into the hearts of the Infidels, for that …’ – ‘Terror made me victorious…’ said Mohammed-, and there is heeps more where that came from. Check our ‘Islam’ section on this blog!

During the cartoon controversy, offended Muslims demanded an apology and a ban on criticising Islam. President Jacques Chirac accused Charlie Hebdo of willfully provoking Muslims.

*Chirac of course was and always will be a whore for the Arabs and always in their pocket, so it is of little relevance what he says.

But Szpiner, a prominent Paris lawyer, said the Grand Mosque’s complaint was not about blasphemy because it singled out only two of the 10 cartoons printed by Charlie Hebdo as racist.

“We admit that one can caricaturise the Prophet,” he said, expressing a view contrary to a widespread belief in the Muslim world that images of Mohammad are forbidden. No French court would accept an argument based on that Muslim belief.

*Right: If they can’t shut free speech down with a ‘blasphemy’-charge then they play the race card.

The issue is not the principle of caricaturising the Prophet, but a racist aggression against French Muslims, telling them they are terrorists,” Szpiner said.

*Right again: Intimidation, death-threats, mass-demonstrations, French intifadah, torching 10.000 cars, burning people alive and firebombing 500 businesses is not enough. If all fails, play the race-card, that will do ’em.

Stupid infidels, why don’t you surrender already?

University of Toronto: ASC Promotes Genocidal Hatefest against Israel

ASC of course stands for ‘Arab Students Collective’- and the event is called

‘Israel Apartheid Week’ with thanks to Little Green Footballs:

This is the graphic used to promote the event and is hosted at the official University of Toronto web site.

Take a closer look: Could it be that Israel is missing from the map?


The university’s official statement here: Ooops, looks they’ve taken it off!

But we have it anyway:

Concerns have been raised by some members of the community about an upcoming series of events to be held on campus by the Arab Students’ Collective under the title Israeli Apartheid Week. Those opposed to the content of these events have urged the University to force the Arab Students’ Collective to cancel its activities. We will not. To do so would violate the University’s fundamental commitment to freedom of speech. …

The very fact that the Arab Students’ Collective and other campus groups exist speaks to a central value of the University of Toronto. As an academic community, we have a fundamental commitment to the principles of freedom of inquiry, freedom of speech and freedom of association. In this context, campus groups avail themselves of campus facilities for activities. …

With respect to the events planned by the Arab Students’ Collective, the University has no reason to believe that the activities will exceed the boundaries for free speech as articulated in the Statement on Freedom of Speech. The U of T upholds the fundamental principles of open dialogue and tolerance within its community. The ability to question, examine and comment on issues of the day, even when such commentary may be repugnant to some, is central to the mission of the University. Having said that, all University activity is subject to the laws of Canada, and behaviour or speech that constitutes hatred or incitement to hatred against any group will be dealt with quickly and appropriately.


Advocating the destruction of an entire nation: hate speech, or wonderful example of tolerance?

All of the usual crypto-fascist “peace” groups are represented; Christian Peacemaker Teams, International Solidarity Movement, Al-Awda, etc.

And this Friday, the Arab Students’ Collective is proud to feature America-hating fraud Ward Churchill