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A building application has been lodged with the Cairns City Council for a mosque to be built in 31 Dunn Street, Cairns North 4870

First reported here:
Jihad Close to Home: Mosque Development Application for Cairns!


Objections have to be lodged by the 9th of March. We’ve had quite a few concerned citizens who already wrote to the City council in order to stop this.

Sheik Yer’mami had a look at 31 Dunn Street and found it to be a narrow, quiet street opposite the pioneer Cemetery in a residential neighborhood.

Objections could be based on an impact-study. A mosque impacts severely on a residential neighborhood.

*1. Parking: Dunn Street is too narrow for 100 and more cars to park for Friday prayers. Ambulance and fire brigade would have insufficient access, which is a safety hazard.

*2. Noise pollution:

At this point in time it could not be ascertained whether the council allows the building of minarets and permits the call to prayer over loudspeakers 5 times a day. The cacophony of the Azzan as early as 4:00 am  and at various times during the day would impact severely on residents in the area and on businesses in the neighborhood. Friday prayers would attract several hundred worshipers, it can safely be assumed that this is not in the interest of the community.

*3. A mosque in the area would, over time, attract many more adherents of the Muhammedan persuasion. It is more than likely that the area would gradually turn into a Muhammedan ghetto, a virtual no-go area. A Ghetto where women are hijabbed or burka-clad and where aggressive, bearded men in Middle Eastern robes drive off other citizens, harass non-muslim citizens from coming through and prevent the police from doing their job. In France there are now over 750 such ‘No-Go area’s’ due to the liberal government that elevates negligence over policing:

Eurabia: Fruits of Liberalism

*4. What is a mosque? A simple place of worship?

No. There is ample evidence that mosques are monuments of Islamic conquest. Mosques are symbols of Arab Imperialism and supremacy. Mosques, as we can see around the world, are centers for plotting and subversion, they are used as bunkers and places for weapons storage. Mosques are fortresses in the Dar al Harb, bastions in the land of the infidels which is yet to be conquered for Islam. Mosques are indoctrination centers and will encourage the soldiers of Allah to wage violent jihad against infidels and Jews.

Take a good look what is taught in mosques here. Watch it now before YouTube censors them again…
Undercover Mosque


Impact on tourism:

A Mosque in Cairns will encourage many more Muhammedans to settle in Cairns. This will have a severe impact on tourism. Hijabbed and burkha-clad females with lots of children, sinister, aggressive Middle Eastern males in robes and henna-dyed beards will not contribute to what we call a multicultural Australia. It will impact negatively and drive other tourists off.

So much for now. I will be posting pictures of the area later in the day. In the meantime, please get the word out and forward this article to everyone you know and to every newspaper and every politician in the country.

Karzai wants ‘Dialogue’ with Taliban

From the ‘Suck up to the Enemy-Department’- or rather: ‘Why don’t we all just become Taliban,- for peace?

Afghanistan Open to Dialogue With Militants

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has said he is open to holding talks with moderate Taliban in order to secure peace in his country. But do the Islamists want to talk?

* ‘A ‘moderate Taliban?’ The mind boggles….

sounds like pygmy’s living in  iglu’s…


Is it time to talk with the Taliban? Here, Taliban guerrilla leader Mullah Hayatullah Khan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said he is willing to hold talks with members of the Taliban in order to ensure stability in the country.
The Islamist militants have threatened to launch a spring offensive in Afghanistan in the coming weeks but Karzai is hoping to persuade pragmatics to split from the hardliners. He would even consider including Taliban in his government, he said. “I will embrace Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for peace in Afghanistan. For stability in Afghanistan. But it is the Afghan people who should decide on the atrocities committed against the Afghan people,” he told DER SPIEGEL.


 Read it all…

‘There is NO Compulsion in Religion’- Part 2

Iraq’s Mandaeans ‘face extinction’-

Islamic Tolerance in Action :           _42633761_selwan203.jpg

Islamic militants forced Selwan to jump into a bonfire


Iraq’s Mandaeans ‘face extinction’
By Angus Crawford
BBC News, Damascus

The Sabian Mandaeans – one of the oldest religious groups in the world – are facing extinction, according to its leaders.
They claim that Islamic extremists in Iraq are trying to wipe them out through forced conversions, rape and murder.

The Mandaeans are pacifists, followers of Adam, Noah and John the Baptist.


Kanzfra Sattar is one of only five Mandaean bishops left


They have lived in what is now Iraq since before Islam and Christianity.

More than 80% have been forced to flee the country and now live as refugees in Syria and Jordan.

Even there they do not feel safe – but they say western governments are unwilling to take them in.

Victim voices

There are thought to be fewer than 70,000 of the Sabian Mandaeans spread across the world – only 5,000 are left in Iraq.

Nine-year-old Selwan likes watching cartoons and playing football.

But he is too scared to leave his flat. The other children tease him.

He has burns all down the side of his face and on 20% of his body.

He was kidnapped by Islamic militants who forced him to jump into a bonfire – because he is Mandaean.

Now his family lives in a tiny flat in a slum in Damascus.

I meet Luay. He is too scared to be identified and does not want to use his full name.

He was dragged off the street by armed men and forcibly circumcised – a practice not allowed in the Mandaean religion.

He is 19 and is now unlikely ever to find a bride from his own faith.

Worse, he was forcibly converted. That means in the eyes of those same extremists if he now declares himself Mandaean he is apostate.

That makes him a traitor to Islam, who may be murdered. He says he will not be safe in any Muslim country.

‘Convert or die’

Then there is Enhar, raped by a gang of masked men in front of her husband – because she would not wear a veil.

Our ethnic minority and out ancient religion will die off
Kanzfra Sattar, Mandaean bishop
Mazen used to be a prosperous jeweller. Now he lives in a cramped flat, with his wife and children. Water drips through the ceiling.

His legs are peppered with machine-gun wounds, he can barely walk.

Shoaki wears a Manchester United hat and shows me the scars where a gang beat and cut him with a knife – he watched his brother murdered in front of him.

Mandaean elders use words like annihilation and genocide – they believe Islamic militants, both Sunni and Shia, offer them two choices – convert or die.

“Some will not consider us people of the book… they see us as unbelievers, as a result our killing is allowed,” says Kanzfra Sattar, one of only five Mandaean bishops left worldwide.

‘Wait in line’

He believes they are a litmus test for modern Iraq – in a secular state these doctors, engineers and jewellers would thrive.

In the country as it is without law and in the grip of religious extremism, he fears they will be destroyed.

“We are small in numbers, we ask all the governments of the world to extend a hand of help,” Kanzfra Sattar says.

He says he wants the West to accept his people as refugees.

I ask him what will happen if they do not – he replies simply: “Our ethnic minority and our ancient religion will die off.”

The UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR, says there may be as many as a million Iraqis who have fled to Syria.

“The numbers that will be resettled are tiny compared to the very large numbers that are here,” says Laurens Jolles, the head of a UNHCR team.

He acknowledges that the Mandaeans will just have to “wait in line”, with other vulnerable groups.

Roughly two million Iraqis have fled to Syria, Jordan and Turkey. But there are no plans to welcome large numbers to the West.

The US has offered places to 7,000, while Britain says it will consider every case “on its merits”.

So the Mandaeans wait in line.

Shoaki puts it more simply: “Here, we live in despair.”

Karzai: Punk in Drag

Karzai slams Afghan deaths after raid on U.S. force



Karzai (r) is a great fan of the Malaysian lunatic Mahathir Mohammed

As long as AP allows Muhammedan stringers to cook the news for them, you will be spoonfed with BS like this:

Associated Press writer Rahim Faiez reports on an incident in Afghanistan, in which civilians apparently were caught up in a terrorist ambush on US Marines; in their headline, the AP emphasizes the anti-US claims, of course:

Afghans: U.S. troops shot at civilians.

Yes, that’s ‘our man’ in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, who is always eager to bite the hand that feeds him:

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday condemned the deaths of 10 civilians shot by U.S. troops after an attack on their convoy over the weekend.

The U.S. military said its troops withstood a “complex” Taliban ambush involving a suicide attack and militant gunfire in a populated area outside the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday.

It said the soldiers fired in self defense and 16 civilians were killed in the suicide attack and subsequent firing.


No provincial or central government official has confirmed the U.S. military’s account that the convoy came under rebel fire. The killing of civilians by NATO and U.S. troops is undermining public support of the foreign mission here, analysts say.

Two provincial government officials on Sunday said 10 civilians were killed and more than 25 wounded in firing by the U.S. soldiers fleeing as they fled the site of the attack.

“Karzai strongly condemned the incident that took place,” the palace said in a statement.

Karzai has ordered an inquiry, but previous such investigations by NATO and the Afghan government have done nothing more than confirm witness accounts that those killed were civilians.

The Taliban have threatened an offensive in coming weeks after the bloodiest year since their 2001 ouster. Mor than 4,000 people died last year, a quarter of them civilians and dozens of those killed by foreign troops, mainly in air raids.

Cry me a river! How do you make an omelet without breaking the eggs?

Cardinal George Pell sez “Muslims too sensitive – must get used to criticism”

Cath Hart from The Australian


Cardinal Pell criticises Muhammedan ‘leaders’…

…and he should. Non Stop! Especially this one above.

Sheikh Mohammed Omran is as creepy as a Muhammedan ‘cleric’ can be. He has a long record of Muhammedan insane rants, like Muhammedan rapists are unfairly judged in Australia, that his ‘religion doesn’t tolerate other religions (thanks for that) and a lot more, like “OBL is a good man who didn’t do 9/11,‘once we have critical mass we will ship out non-muslims…’

Unfortunately they have taken that link off the web. If somebody saved it please send it in.

* Here’s some links for starters:

“Even if you kill someone you don’t go for 60 years.”

“we believe we have more rights than you because we choose Australia to be our country and you didn’t”

“It’s not appropriate that Muslims regularly reply to criticism with insults, denigration and evasions while avoiding the point of issue, and unfortunately we’ve seen too much of this from some Muslim public personalities…”

THE Muslim community is overly sensitive and is the only migrant group to have plotted violence against Australia, Catholic Archbishop Cardinal George Pell has claimed.
Dr Pell said Muslim leaders needed to develop more appropriate responses to criticism.
“In a democratic society, every group is criticised – Prime Minister (John) Howard said quite rightly last year that if Catholics rioted in Australia every time they were criticised, there would be regular riots,” Dr Pell said.

“It’s not appropriate that Muslims regularly reply to criticism with insults, denigration and evasions while avoiding the point of issue, and unfortunately we’ve seen too much of this from some Muslim public personalities.”

The comments came during Dr Pell’s appearance on a panel about Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia as part of the national deliberative poll.

Dr Pell, who began studying Islam after the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the US, said he had met “many wonderful Muslims”.

“But there are Islamists who are at war with the Western world – most of the victims of these extreme Muslims are fellow Muslims,” he said. “So its important to distinguish accurately your real friends from your enemies and from those who only seem to be friends.”

Read it all…

Qur’an 2:256: “There is No Compulsion in Religion…”- Except when there is:

The Koran-verse above is from the early days when Mohammed started out and was still weak. Later on the tune changed.

When he came to power, he said:

3:85, If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him;

8:39, And fight them on until there is no more fitnah (dissention) and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.


Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert


Nicola Woolcock from the Times Online

Radical Muslims are being accused of blackmailing young Hindu and Sikh women into changing religion in “groomed conversions” on campuses.

The men aggressively target vulnerable university students by using the fear of being dishonoured to force them to convert, community leaders have told The Times. Many befriend their victims, then threaten to tell their families that they are in a sexual relationship with a Muslim. Some teenagers are said to have been drugged and photographed in compromising positions.

Many comply because they are so afraid of shaming their parents or being rejected by their communities.

Police are aware of the problem. Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, recently attended a Hindu conference where the issue was raised. But police are powerless to act unless incidents are reported. This rarely happens because the stigma of a child converting to Islam often silences Sikh and Hindu parents.

Community elders say that the practice is widespread but their estimates vary from 100 annual incidents nationwide to 120 in the past few months in the South East alone.


Read it all, click

* But its not only campus girls who get the forced conversions:
Convert or Die:

Jews in Nice who want to buy an apartment have to pay an added fee of €900-€7,000…

Twentyfirst century France:

From the Stephen Pollard Blog

Jews in Nice who want to buy an apartment have to pay an added fee of €900-€7,000…The proprietary edict from the Vichy government stating that Jews are not allowed to own, or have joint ownership of, property is still embedded in the current legal system employed by the city council of Nice, situated on the French Riviera.

Sheik Yer’mami made enquiries and has been informed that this came from the Nice Matin which fails to tell readers that (it appears that) this law has not been enacted on since 1945, but it is nevertheless on the books.

Utah Mall Shooter gets ‘Martyr’s Funeral’ in Bosnia. “US-Authorities Guilty” sez Father

Unbelievable BS-report from FOX:

“The authorities are guilty for not alerting us that he bought a gun. In the U.S., you cannot buy cigarettes if you are under aged, but you can buy a gun,” he said.

Body of Teen Who Killed 5 in Salt Lake City Mall Buried in Native Bosnia



The teenager who killed five people in a U.S. shopping mall and died in a police shootout was buried Saturday in his native village in eastern Bosnia.The father of Sulejman Talovic said his son “wounded the hearts of all our family” when he opened fire on Feb. 12 at the mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, killing five people and wounding four.

“I feel sorry for my child, but I also feel sorry for all the innocent people he has killed,” the 18-year-old’s father, Suljo Talovic, told The Associated Press.

Crack the case in’s Crime Center.

Suljo Talovic spoke while standing where his family’s house once stood in Talovici, an eastern Bosnian hamlet that still bears the scars of the 1992-95 war, including houses pocked with machine-gun fire or, like Talovic’s, reduced to rubble by shelling.

Moments later, several hundred people gathered at the nearby cemetery for Sulejman’s open-casket funeral. His crying mother, Sabira, collapsed after touching her son’s face and was carried away.

Suljo Talovic said he would not make excuses for his son, but did not understand how a teenager could buy a gun in the United States.

“The authorities are guilty for not alerting us that he bought a gun. In the U.S., you cannot buy cigarettes if you are underaged, but you can buy a gun,” he said.


Please note: He “would not make excuses for his son, but the authorities are guilty…”

Michael Savage puts it in perspective: 

The Talovic family had left for the United States in 1998 following years of violence and upheaval, after fighting broke out in 1992. Serb troops laid siege to Talovici, bombing it for a year before invading in March 1993.

Sulejman was just 4 when he, his three siblings, his mother Sabira and his grandfather fled on foot to Srebrenica, while his father Suljo hid in the mountains with other men from the village, relatives said.

Srebrenica was besieged, bombed and crowded with hungry Muslim families like the Talovics. One bomb killed Sulejman’s grandfather. Sabira Talovic and the four children — rescued by the U.N. along with other displaced families — made their way to the government-controlled town of Tuzla, impoverished but safe.

Sulejman’s father, meanwhile still in Srebrenica, narrowly survived the 1995 killing of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys there by Serb forces loyal to then-Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic. The Srebrenica massacre was Europe’s worst since World War II.

The family reunited in Tuzla later that year when a peace agreement brought an end to the war. They later obtained Croatian citizenship and in 1998 joined relatives already living in Utah.



* Anybody able to explain the absurd BS-apologetics of this bleeding heart reporter? Anybody? What does Srebrenica have to do with this assassin being 4 years old when he came to the US?

The Muslim is mandated to slay the infidels,” Apostate sez.- Windsor police board member wants anti-Islam lecturer arrested

“Catch the Fire” all over again:

Hate crime laws are used against us for the sake of stifling debate.
Hate crime or free speech?

Trevor Wilhelm and Dalson Chen, Windsor Star

A member of the Windsor Police Services Board says the anti-Islamic lecture held at a Baptist church Thursday night was a hate crime, and he’s leading the charge to have the speaker arrested.
Wally Chafchak, also a member of the Windsor Islamic Association, said he and other Muslims and Christians have approached police about the lecture by Zachariah Anani.
“In my opinion, this went far beyond religious discussion and debate,” said Chafchak. “In the Criminal Code there is a section that deals with spreading hatred in the community, and I think that’s what this is. This instance should fall under those laws. Justice can only be served if this person is charged. He’s talking about hate, this person. We will pursue it further until we feel we have our share of justice.”
The Campbell Baptist Church on Wyandotte Street West held a lecture Thursday called The Deadly Threat of Islam, with Anani as the guest speaker. Born in Lebanon, he has claimed on Fox News to be a former terrorist who killed 223 people in the name of Islam.
Now a Christian convert, Anani said Islamic doctrine teaches the “ambushing, seizing and slaying” of non-believers, especially Jews and Christians. He said Islam is a religion that worships a god “who strikes with terror.”
Pastor Donald McKay, who heads the Baptist church of about 350 members, also called Islam “oppressive” and “vicious.”
Chafchak said the Islamic association will hold a news conference today at Windsor Mosque in response to Thursday’s event.
Anani said he isn’t worried about being charged, because he only drew on facts from the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book.
“What I said was fact,” he said Friday.
“I wasn’t talking about my own interpretation. I picked facts derived from statements of the book.”
Windsor police Staff Sgt. William Donnelly said Friday evening he had no records of formal complaints against Anani.
But he said there are police records of Anani complaining of hate and harassment against himself. Donnelly said Anani complained of receiving threatening letters and phone calls.
Anani said he’s had letters stuck to his door, but he wouldn’t talk about it any further. Despite giving many public lectures and speaking to several media organizations in the past, Anani said: “I’m not really interested to be famous in newspapers,” said Anani.
McKay couldn’t be reached Friday evening to respond to the hate crime allegations. But earlier in the day, he said “it’s simply not true” that Muslims are peaceful people. The Qur’an, he said, supports his opinion.
“The Muslim is mandated to slay the infidels,” he said. “Islam is committed to the domination and destruction of the West. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. . . Frankly, we are frightened to death. We are concerned about the Islamic threat to Canadian security.”
Ward 2 Coun. Ron Jones on Friday criticized the lecture, saying: “We here in Windsor will not tolerate that stuff.
“I’m really disappointed with Pastor McKay, as a man I respect. For him to espouse those kinds of things, it’s just not worthy of the man himself,” said Jones.

Read it all…