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Ameer Ali: Blow me a kiss!


Ameer Ali: Islam’s coming renaissance will rise in the West

A wave of rationalism is spreading from emigre Muslim intellectuals

With thanks to the Australian

* Really? Not that anyone ever noticed. It takes a taqiyya master like Ameer Ali to bring us up to date with these ‘Muslim intellectuals’…

IN the minds of many Muslims, an imagined West is the source of all or most of the problems afflicting the world of Islam. Similarly, in the West, an imagined Islam, purposefully structured and popularly propagated, has created a perception that this religion is a threat to Western civilisation. Between these mutually exclusive mind-sets a new phenomenon is emerging in the real West, laying the foundations for a new wave of Islamic rationalism in the 21st century.

* Was there ever a ‘new wave of Islamic rationalism’ in the history of Islamic jihad over the last 1400 years, Ali? Tell me more. I must have missed it.

The Islamic resurgence of the post-1970s strengthened the hands of the religious orthodoxy and engendered the spectre of political Islam but failed to rekindle the spirit of intellectual rationalism that once pushed Islam to the frontiers of science and modernity. That failure was compounded and worsened by the rise of tyrannical regimes in the Muslim world. The absence of democracy and lack of popular support forced these regimes to look for legitimacy elsewhere.

* What?

‘…failed to rekindle the spirit of intellectual rationalism that once pushed Islam to the frontiers of science and modernity…’

* I totally forgot that Islam invented the wheel. Islamic ‘science’- straight from the Koran.

The telephone, electricity, nuclear science, medicine, airplanes, spaceflight … how could I forget?

By championing the cause of religious orthodoxy of the dominant variety in each context, these regimes masqueraded as champions of popular and populist Islam. Any intellectual pursuit that threatened this state-mullah alliance was aggressively curtailed. In Egypt, in Pakistan, in Syria, and in many other Muslim countries Muslim intellectuals who challenged populist Islam faced condemnation not only by the religious hardliners but also by the secular elite that governed these countries.

One happy outcome of this tragic situation was the voluntary exodus of Muslim intellectuals to the West. From an inhospitable environment of political tyranny and ideological oppression Muslim scholars migrated to find refuge in the West, where the mind enjoys more freedom to think, debate and express. As a result, the migrant Muslim intellectuals are now producing a new genre of publications, many of which are questioning centuries-old interpretations of the primary texts in Islam. A new era of ijtihad (independent thinking) rooted in scientific, objective reasoning is spreading from the West and is beginning to make its mark in the Muslim mind-set.

* Last time I checked the doors of itjihad were shut, long ago

These intellectuals are not necessarily religious scholars by training, like the graduates from al-Azhar University in Egypt or Zeituna from Tunis or Qarawiyin in Morocco, but scholars trained in other fields such as social sciences, medicine, engineering, physical sciences and law.

* Right. So where do they study social sciences, medicine, engineering, physical science and law?

For example, Mohammed Arkoun, an Algerian Muslim, is an emeritus professor of Islamic thought at the Sorbonne, Paris, who approaches the Koran and other classical texts in Islam from historical, social, psychological and anthropological angles. The methodology of his research, the sharpness of his arguments and conclusions of his writings are dynamite to traditional Islam. Laleh Bakhtiar, a Chicago-based American female convert to Islam, is not a classically trained Arabic scholar, but has translated the Koran after years of research and is questioning the conventional meanings of some of the Koranic concepts.

* Horse manure, Ali. And you know it. They haven’t got a leg to stand on. Nobody gives a hoot for them in the Dar al Islam. They are at best apostates, and they must be killed.

YOU KNOW THAT, Ali. Why are you so desperately trying to pull the wool over the infidels eyes and ears?

Who in the Islamic world gives a dog turd for the opinions of some female ‘revert?’

You are trying to pull one on me, Ali, right?

Bassam Tibi, a political scientist, who writes mostly in German, applies sociological and anthropological theories to study Islam and finds that the cause of Muslim underdevelopment lies not in the West but in Islam as understood and preached by the orthodox clerics. Amina Wadud, an Afro-American Muslim convert from Bethesda, Maryland in the US, has a PhD in Islamic Studies and Arabic from the University of Michigan and is pioneering the research on gender relationship in Islam and retheorising Koranic hermeneutics. Abdelwahab El-Affendi, a former Sudanese diplomat based in London, published Who Needs an Islamic State? in 1991, in which he questions the theological arguments advanced by the protagonists of an Islamic caliphate.

And finally, Abdullahi An-Naim, a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, questions the inadequacies of Islamic sharia and its suitability for a pluralistic society.

There are too many of these scholars to enumerate and the number is increasing. All these cases underline the revolutionary thinking among Muslim intellectuals that is setting the pace for a new wave of Islamic rationalism radiating from the West.

* Too many? Last time I checked Tariq Ramadan was the ‘leading Islamic scholar’- Ali, and he is hardcore. In spite of the sleazy taqiyya, Ali.

And no Muslim I know listens to the ones you mentioned here.

Even writers from Muslim countries who are afraid to publish their works at home are doing so abroad. For example, The Book and the Quran (Koran): A Contemporary Interpretation by Muhammad Shahrur, a civil engineer from Syria, is banned in his country. He argues that human understanding of the Koran is relative and changing and that it requires the continuous exercise of human reason.

His appeal to apply tools of modern epistemology and objective scientific reasoning to the study the Koran is anathema to hardline Islamists. Similarly, Hassan Hanafi, an Egyptian professor of philosophy, is well known for his rationalist views on Islam throughout the intellectual circles in the US, Japan, Germany and Morocco but is frowned upon by the al-Azhar establishment in Egypt. In short, scholars such as Shahrur and Hanafi have become intellectual prisoners in their own countries.

The situation is changing fast. The internet and electronic communication technology have revolutionised the production and distribution of knowledge. Sources of information that were only remotely accessible to a selected few are readily available to many at the click of a mouse. Inquisitive Muslim minds do not have to wait for a cleric to arrive for consultation on theological issues. With the help of the internet any verse or chapter of the Koran and any sayings of the Prophet can be accessed from multiple sources and the reader has the luxury of choosing from among a variety of interpretations, meanings and elaborations.

* The infidels good fortune, Ali. A mouse click and the cat is out of the bag. The Koran and the sunnah, all from the horses mouth. No more bullshit, thats right. Ali.

Hopefully just enough of us kuffars make use of it and learn about this perverted belief system before it devours us.

This revolution in information gathering has become a subversive tool and is eroding the power base of traditional clerics. The authority of the pulpit is collapsing by the hour. The traditional argument that one should be a trained Islamic scholar or an imam to interpret the Koran does not carry weight any more. There is a rising tension between the traditional guardians of Muslim orthodoxy and a new crop of secular educated Muslims, many of whom are better equipped with advanced methodological tools to handle the primary religious texts. An Islamic spring is dawning from the West.

While Western governments and the media are too preoccupied with fighting militant Islam and its terrorist offshoot, the more positive developments that are taking place within the Muslim intellectual world are being ignored. The wave of critical thought emanating from a new breed of Muslim scholars in the West is one of those positive changes. It is a good omen for a long-awaited Islamic renaissance. The hated West has become the surrogate mother of this wave of Islamic rationalism.

Ameer Ali, a former chairman of the Muslim Community Reference Group, is a visiting fellow at the business school at Murdoch University in Perth.

* You are saying a lot of things, Ali. But nothing is tangible, nothing gives comfort.

Nothing assures us that change is imminent and that Islam is not a mortal danger to all of us.

Now lets get back to reality:

Update to yesterday’s news:





Damn, Ali: They must all be misunderstanders of Islam, are they not?

Supporters of the arrested Muslim “activists” demonstrated outside the Paddington Green police station on Friday, but British media completely ignored the event; here are some photographs at Buzznet by “Gaiaseye.” (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

Video: Abu Izzadeen Charged

Muslim ‘activists’ on charges of terrorism in the UK

here’s video of Abu Izzadeen speaking inside the Regent’s Park Mosque, followed by MPACUK’s reaction to his arrest. ‘Terrorism is part of Islam”- he sez. Something we have been saying all along, you Islamophobe, you!

No kuffar is innocent”- and “all Jews must be killed”- “we will drink the blood of the enemy-” “Islam must dominate”

…the clip ends, of course never without the obligatory limp dick chorus line from Al Bebeeceera, (here via SKY news by an Islamic spokesman) who can’t resist telling us the old chestnut about ‘Abu Izzadeen and his group are just an ‘tiny minority of extremists’-

300.000 Secular Turks protest Turkish Government


From LGF

A protester holds a placard showing a bulb, the symbol of the ruling AK Party, wrapped with a black chador during a rally to oppose the AK Party’s presidential candidate in Istanbul April 29, 2007. Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul refused on Sunday to withdraw from Turkey’s presidential vote, ignoring pressure from the army and calls from tens of thousands of demonstrators worried about his Islamist past. Placard reads “We are aware of danger”. REUTERS/Osman Orsal (TURKEY)

UPDATE at 4/29/07 8:
The article above seriously understates the attendance at this rally; there were more than a million people.


* The original headline reads ‘Thousands Protest Turkish Government”- Why would AFP be interested to belittle such an event?


From correspondents in Istanbul/With thanks to Gramfan

Article from: Agence France-Presse
AT least 300,000 secular Turks waving the red national flag flooded central Istanbul to demand the resignation of the pro-Islamic government.

The second large anti-government demonstration in two weeks, it followed a sharp rise in tension between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the country’s powerful pro-secular military, which accuses the government of tolerating the activities of radical Islamic circles.


“Turkey is secular and will remain secular,” shouted thousands of flag-waving protesters, who travelled to Istanbul from across the country overnight.


The demonstrators sang nationalist songs and demanded the resignation of the government, calling Mr Erdogan a traitor.


Here’s another link from AP

* Some in Turkey smell the coffee

“They want to drag Turkey to the dark ages,” said 63-year-old Ahmet Yurdakul, a retired government employee who attended the protest.

More than 300,000 people took part in a similar rally in Ankara two weeks ago.

Sunday’s crowd chanted that the presidential palace was “closed to imams.”

Some said Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc was an enemy of the secular system, because he said the next president should be “pious.”

In the 1920s, with the Ottoman Empire in ruins, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk imposed Western laws, replaced Arabic script with the Latin alphabet, banned Islamic dress and granted women the right to vote.

The ruling party, however, has supported religious schools and tried to lift the ban on Islamic head scarves in public offices and schools. Secularists are also uncomfortable with the idea of Gul’s wife, Hayrunisa, being in the presidential palace because she wears the traditional Muslim head scarf.

“We don’t want a covered woman in Ataturk’s presidential palace,” said Ayse Bari, a 67-year-old housewife. “We want civilized, modern people there.”

The military, one of the most respected institutions in Turkey, regards itself as the guardian of the secular system and has staged three coups since 1960.

“Neither Sharia, nor coup but fully democratic Turkey,” read a banner carried by a demonstrator on Sunday.


Associated Press Writer Selcan Hacaoglu in Ankara contributed to this rep


Turkey: Four street evangelists jailed
Even as hundreds of thousands demonstrate in favor of secular government in Turkey, the Turkish government again demonstrates that it is not interested in according all religious groups equality of rights.

“Turkey: Four Street Evangelists Jailed,” from Compass Direct:

* Even as hundreds of thousands demonstrate in favor of secular government in Turkey, the Turkish government again demonstrates that it is not interested in according all religious groups equality of rights. 
ISTANBUL, April 27 (Compass Direct News) – Police jailed four Christian street evangelists in Istanbul for “missionary activity” this week, even as government officials openly defended the right of all religious groups to carry out evangelistic work in Turkey.
Officials released U.S. citizen David Byle this evening, more than 48 hours after he was arrested along with a Korean and two Turkish Christians, his wife said.

Christian sources maintained that Turkey plans to deport the Korean believer, though further details remain unknown.

The four men were detained Wednesday afternoon (April 25) while sharing their Christian faith with passersby at a park in Istanbul’s Taksim district.

Speaking earlier to Compass from his detention cell at the new foreigners branch of the Turkish security police in Kumkapi, Byle said that an official police report charged the evangelists with missionary activity, disturbing the peace and insulting Islam.


Turk Hypocrisy


Language Requirement ‘Against Human Rights’


* Yes. Because Turks know all about ‘ human rights’ and how these ‘rights’ can be twisted and turned to suit them. Not that they would dream about implementing some reciprocal ‘rights’- No. When dealing with those of the Muhammedan persuasion ‘Rights’ quickly become a one way street:


Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized the new German immigration bill which requires spouses coming to Germany to have a basic level of German.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized a new German immigration law which requires spouses to have a certain level of German before they are allowed into the country. He also emphasized that Turkish entry into the EU is not automatic and that Europe shouldn’t fear Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized the new German immigration bill which requires spouses coming to Germany to have a basic level of German.

Turkey has criticized a German draft immigration law which stipulates that if spouses wish to join their partners in Germany they have to possess a basic proficiency in the German language.

In an interview in Thursday’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper the Turkish foreign minister, Abdullah Gül, said “I wish that all Turks in Germany could speak German. But making it compulsory is against human rights. And it doesn’t solve the problem.”

The German cabinet approved the new immigration bill in March, but it still has to be approved by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament. Among other measures, the law stipulates that in the case of immigrating spouses, the person coming to Germany must be at least 18 years old and be able to speak at least basic German. The government says it wants to improve the integration of foreigners, while also attempting to reduce the number of forced and fake marriages.

Read it all***

In other News: Al Reuters

Afghanis protest US-led raids

THOUSANDS of Afghanis, some shouting “Death to America” and carrying shrouded bodies, protested in the east after up to six people were killed during a raid by US-led coalition forces.

They felled trees to block a road and vowed not to bury the bloodstained bodies until those responsible were punished and villagers detained after the incident were freed.

Nangahar province police spokesman Abdul Ghafur said the six dead were civilians, including three women, but the US military said four of those killed were Taliban fighters and a woman and a teenage girl died in crossfire.

Neighbours in the protest said five people died, including two women, with only a young girl surviving from the family.

The Sunday morning raid had targeted a car bomb-making cell near the provincial capital, Jalalabad.

“We are saddened at the loss of civilian life,” Major Chris Belcher said. “It is extremely unfortunate that militants put others’ lives in danger by hiding among their families.”

The incident occurred in the area where US Marines killed several civilians in March, opening fire after their convoy was attacked by a suicide car bomber. Those deaths also sparked angry protests and the unit’s early recall.


Today’s Video:

Saudi Professor Calls for “Positive Hatred” of Christians

Palestinian-Kuwaiti Sheik promises Heavenly Rewards for Martyrs

needs YOU to blow yourself up for Allah:

Al Jizzeera: Bolt, Carlton discuss Muhammed Dawoud (Hicks) Madness

Andrew Bolt just posted this on his blog.

On display is the rabid left wing lunacy which is politically driven by some in the judiciary, militant lefty journo’s like Carlton, a lying Hicks defender who goes to any length to drum up support for this convicted terrorist. And then there is (of course) Muhammed Dawouds totally unhinged father Terry Hicks:

Note that towards the end of part 2 Bolt asserts that we have a fundamental right to be protected from terrorism, which prompts Carlton into exclaiming “He’s mad, isn’t he, he’s mad…?!


Just to crack you up: Today’s Fatwa by Mufti Ibrahim Desai

With thanks to WoJ reader David England

Q: What is the ruling of Slavery in Islam? How can a person be a slave to someone other than Allah SWT.

Please explain the concept of slavery in Islaam. Is it allowed in this day and age? If there was an Islamic government then would slavery be allowed. Please explain te issue in detail as we are not knowledge in the islamic rulings.

Answer: Allah is our creator and ultimate Master. We, as his creations and slaves
are obliged to express our servitude to Him Alone. If one does not submit
his slavery to Allah, which of course is far more heinous and unjust to
Allah in comparison to the ‘injustices’ of slavery and sexual relationship,
etc. by a human master.

Since the human being did not willingly submit to the ultimate Master,
Allah, He condemns them to the unwilling slavery of his sincere slaves.

And by understanding the powers of a man master, they may understand the Powers
of the True Master, Allah.

In fact, the concept of slavery should be regarded as a concept of mercy, as the heinous crime of rejecting Allah as our Master demands immediate terminating of life. Allah, our kind Master, has granted an opportunity to his very negators to enjoy a second chance of life and redirect it to the right avenue by submitting to Him as the
ultimate Master.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Turkey on the Brink

Turkish army threatens to intervene to save secular gov’t

* The Islamo-fascists have been steadily chipping away on Ataturks reforms, which made Turkey ‘secular’ some 70 years ago. Illusions of grandezza and past glory and Ottoman conquests, Islamic propaganda about restoring the caliphate, drive Turkey into a tailspin.

Erdogan and his zealots won’t have it any other way. While Erdogan calls Europe a ‘Christian Club’ – Turkey is turning more and more into the next Islamistan:

Christans are being tortured and murdered, the few remaining churches are being firebombed, priests are being killed, editors are being intimidated and murdered and those who remember how the pope was received on his visit will do so with horror.


Kemalism on the brink. “Turkish government slams army intervention threat,” by Gareth Jones and Hidir Goktas for Reuters, with thanks to Morgaan Sinclair:

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey’s Islamist-rooted government sharply criticized an army threat to intervene in domestic politics and said on Saturday the military must remain under civilian control.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan spoke by telephone with Turkey’s top general, Yasar Buyukanit, after Friday’s statement in which the military said it was ready to act in defense of secularism, government spokesman Cemil Cicek said.

Cicek said the army statement was aimed against the government and was timed to influence the Constitutional Court which is set to study a legal challenge to the inconclusive first round of a presidential election on Friday.

“Turkey’s problems will be solved in the framework of the law, there is no other way … The chief of the General Staff is answerable to the Prime Minister,” Cicek told a news conference.

The army, which has ousted four governments in the past 50 years, expressed concern in its statement late on Friday over the election. It said it was ready to act in defense of the secularist system separating religion and politics.


* Turkey: back to the roots?

Turkey’s secular elite, including the generals and top judges, fear Erdogan’s ruling AK Party will erode the secular system if it captures the presidency.

Erdogan held emergency talks on Saturday with his candidate, Abdullah Gul, who is Turkey’s foreign minister, and other key officials.

Cicek, who is also justice minister, said the government would not allow its foes to whip up tensions between it and the military. He also stressed the government’s commitment to the basic values of the constitution, which include secularism.

The army statement came hours after Gul failed to win enough votes in parliament in his first bid for the presidency. A second vote is set for next Wednesday.

Secularist opposition parties boycotted Friday’s session. One of them has asked the Constitutional Court to annul Friday’s vote because there were fewer than two thirds of deputies in the chamber at the time. The government says the vote was valid.

This just happened last week:

* After Necati read a chapter from the Bible the assault reportedly began. “The young men tied Ugur, Necati, and Tilman’s hands and feet to chairs as they videoed their work on their cell phones,” ICC said, adding that what “followed in the next three hours is beyond belief.”

ICC said the men were “disemboweled, and their intestines sliced up in front of their eyes. They were emasculated and watched as those body parts were destroyed.” The group added that “fingers were chopped off” and “their noses and mouths and anuses were sliced open” as part of what it called “satanic torture.”

It added that “possibly the worst part was watching as their brothers were likewise tortured. Tilman was stabbed 156 times, Necati 99 times and Ugur’s stabs were too numerous to count.” Finally, their throats were sliced from ear to ear, and their “heads practically decapitated,” ICC said.

Read it all…

Karen Armstrong attacks Robert Spencer

With thanks to LFG:


Western apologists for Islam invariably resort to ad hominem attacks and obscure deceptions when they attempt to confront a knowledgeable critic like Robert Spencer; at Jihad Watch Spencer replies to a review by Karen Armstrong of his biography of Mohammed: Karen Armstrong reviews Spencer’s The Truth About Muhammad.

The conclusion of Spencer’s rebuttal contains a perfect example of the deception mentioned above. In her review, Armstrong says the Koran condemns “all warfare as an awesome evil.”

In the comments field below, Jihad Watch reader “Great Comet of 1577” has found the Qur’an verse to which Armstrong was referring. It’s Qur’an 2:217:

“They question thee (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred month. Say: Warfare therein is a great (transgression) [or an ”awesome evil“], but to turn (men) from the way of Allah, and to disbelieve in Him and in the Inviolable Place of Worship, and to expel His people thence, is a greater with Allah; for persecution is worse than killing. And they will not cease from fighting against you till they have made you renegades from your religion, if they can. And whoso becometh a renegade and dieth in his disbelief: such are they whose works have fallen both in the world and the Hereafter. Such are rightful owners of the Fire: they will abide therein.”

Thus, contrary to Armstrong’s statement that this verse refers to “all warfare” as “an ‘awesome evil,’ in fact the verse refers only to warfare during the sacred month as evil at all, and then goes on to say that ”persecution is worse than killing.“

In context, this verse was revealed to justify a Muslim raid on a Quraysh caravan: the raid took place during a sacred month, during which war was forbidden. But the Quraysh were allegedly persecuting the Muslims, so this verse absolves the Muslims of guilt for the raid — since ”persecution is worse than killing.“

So in fact, the verse that Armstrong is using to argue that the Qur’an teaches that war is an ”awesome evil” actually teaches that moral precepts, such as the prohibition on fighting during the sacred month, may be set aside to benefit the Muslims.

Fjordman comments:

I wonder how much the Saudi’s are paying her. (it is a fact that Armstrong has received ‘grants’ from our ‘friends’- the Sowdi’s…)

BTW: Here is a rather different conclusion:

Islam is the most Warlike Religion

A Danish language researcher has spent over three years analyzing the original texts of ten different religions, and concludes that the Islamic texts stand out by encouraging terror and violence to a larger degree than other religions do. Four years after the terror attacks at the World Trade Center, Danish linguist Tina Magaard presents an analysis that questions Islam’s relationship with terror, violence and Holy War.

Islamic texts encourage terror and fighting to a far larger degree than the original texts of other religions, concludes Tina Magaard. She has a PhD in Textual Analysis and Intercultural Communication from the Sorbonne in Paris, and has spent three years on a research project comparing the original texts of ten religions. “The texts in Islam distinguish themselves from the texts of other religions by encouraging violence and aggression against people with other religious beliefs to a larger degree. There are also straightforward calls for terror. This has long been a taboo in the research into Islam, but it is a fact that we need to deal with,” says Tina Magaard.

Moreover, there are hundreds of calls in the Koran for fighting against people of other faiths. “If it is correct that many Muslims view the Koran as the literal words of God, which cannot be interpreted or rephrased, then we have a problem. It is indisputable that the texts encourage terror and violence. Consequently, it must be reasonable to ask Muslims themselves how they relate to the text, if they read it as it is,” says Tina Magaard.

More from Fjordman:

Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies

Police worry about Kansas City ‘catering’ to Islamic rituals


* If the imposition of the sharia is not resisted at ground levels the demands will increase daily:
The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer, WND has learned.

The move concerns airport police who worry about Middle Eastern men loitering inside the building. After 9/11, the airport beefed up its police force to help prevent terrorist attacks.

“Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?” said an airport official who requested anonymity. “Why are we catering to their rituals? We don’t do it for any other religion.”

Other major airports also are dealing with increased demands from Muslim cabdrivers.


For instance, cabbies at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recently caused a stir when they refused to carry passengers possessing alcoholic beverages or accompanied by seeing-eye dogs. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam, and dogs are considered unclean.

There are approximately 250 taxicab drivers operating at KCI Airport in Missouri, one of the largest airports in the U.S., linking some 10 million passengers between mid-America and other U.S. cities. Approximately 70 percent of the drivers are of Middle Eastern heritage and practice the Islamic faith, sources say.

KCI Airport Police are responsible for the cab drivers, including the holding areas of the building. The KCI Aviation Department, which oversees the police, recently expanded the taxicab facility restroom area to include the construction of four individual foot-washing benches.

The cost of the project is not immediately known. A spokeswoman for the engineering department said she could not break out the figures.

KCI Airport Police Capt. Jim Harmon declined comment, explaining, “This is a touchy subject.”

He referred questions to the KCI Aviation Department.

* Prostrating yourself before our enemy, are you, Capt. Harmon?
In a cleansing ritual known as ablution, Muslims are required to wash their feet before praying to Allah five times a day. They often complain that public restroom sinks do not accommodate their needs. Floor-level basins make it easier for them to perform their foot-washing ritual.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has pressed government agencies and businesses to install the foot basins in restrooms.

* CAIR is a front for the Hamas terrorist organization that has recently received $ 50 million dollars to spread Islam in the US

The controversial Muslim lobby group advises employers to allow Muslim workers time to perform both the washing ritual and prayer, which “is usually about 15 minutes,” according to a pamphlet CAIR publishes called, “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.”

The Islamic purification ritual, known in Arabic as “wudu,” involves a 10-step process, which includes:

Read it all from World Net Daily:

Peanut Khadr of Arabia

Hate Campus Invites Carter


The University of California Irvine, where the Muslim Students Union called for jihad and genocide following a disrupted speech by Daniel Pipes, has invited America’s disgraceful Israel-hating ex-president Jimmy Carter to the campus: Jimmy Carter to visit UC Irvine, talk with students.

This despicable human being should be shunned; instead he’s being feted by academia and used by radical Islamic front groups to promote their demonization of Israel. This is going to make the already appalling, out of control situation at UC Irvine much worse.


UPDATE at 4/28/07 8:58:44 am:

Alan Dershowitz writes about Jimmy Carter’s connections to the absolutely insane Arab “think tank” known as The Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-up: The Real Jimmy Carter.


LGF was one of the first to expose this vile organization, in the months following the September 11 attacks. But we shouldn’t forget that Jimmy Carter was not the only American politician to associate with this place.

You might have heard of some of the others: former president Bill Clinton, former vice president Al Gore, former secretary of state James Baker, and President George W. Bush’s brother, Neil Bush.

The corruption goes deep.

Today’s Video:

Islam: The Culture of Hatred

Pali Blowjob Alert: “WE WILL BE HUMAN BOMBS”


* There will never be a ‘TWO STATE SOLUTION’- its a fable. The Arabs have to be resettled in Arabia, the sooner the better.

Fatah Women in Gaza Announce: “We Will Be Human Bombs”


Gaza – Ma’an – Four Palestinian armed groups have confirmed their readiness to retaliate for the Israeli threats to invade the Gaza Strip by forming a joint operations room to coordinate their action.

The ‘Homat Al-Aqsa’ (‘Al-Aqsa Protectors’); the ‘Al-Liwaa As-Saroukhi’ (‘Missiles brigade’); the Martyr Hassan Al-Madhoun brigade; and the ‘As-Sa’iqa Al-Wataniya’ (‘Homeland Strike Force’), who are all part of the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa brigades, announced in a press conference the formation of a joint operation room in order to respond to the expected Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip in a coordinated and forceful fashion. They also declared a state of high and comprehensive alert in all areas.

Many female members of the Al-Aqsa brigades also declared in the press conference their readiness to die for the Palestinian cause. “We will be human bombs and we will explode in the face of the occupation,” they warned.

The various armed groups also warned Israel that their retaliation will be “harsh,” saying that they “will turn the Strip into a cemetery for the Israeli soldiers if they invade.” The factions also said that “there is no truce with the Israeli enemy who only knows the language of rifles.”


Mainstream Caliphate Confessions a comment by Jerry Gordon

Andy Bostom author of ‘The Legacy of Islam’ and a forthcoming companion volume, ‘The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism’ has an interested ‘nugget’ of analysis he’s come up with from a survey of the Muslim world by a credible group and significant represenative sample. To wit:
‘Polling data just released (April 24, 2007) in a rigorously conducted face-to-face University of Maryland/ interview survey of 4384 Muslims conducted between December 9, 2006 and February 15, 2007—1000 Moroccans, 1000 Egyptians, 1243 Pakistanis, and 1141 Indonesians—reveal that 65.2% of those interviewed—almost 2/3, hardly a “fringe minority”—desired this outcome (i.e., “To unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate”), including 49% of “moderate” Indonesian Muslims. The internal validity of these data about the present longing for a Caliphate is strongly suggested by a concordant result: 65.5% of this Muslim sample approved the proposition “To require a strict [emphasis added] application of Shari’a law in every Islamic country.”

* What these survey data results that Bostom has analyzed tell us is that a clear majority of the Muslim ummah favor a caliphate and strict application of sharia law.

Tells me that ‘assumptions’ about moderate Muslims being in the majority of the ummah is a veritable misnomer. But then Muslim advocacy groups have bought into the Religion of Peace ‘branding’ to dissaude us with their soothing taqiyyah. They have even duped politicians at the highest levels in our government and a fair number of media pundits who believe that extremists are a ‘thin’ minority.
by Andrew Bostom,, April 27, 2007
Writing in 1916, C. Snouck Hurgronje, the great Dutch Orientalist, underscored how the jihad doctrine of world conquest, and the re-creation of a supranational Islamic Caliphate remained a potent force among the Muslim masses:
…it would be a gross mistake to imagine that the idea of universal conquest may be considered as obliterated…the canonists and the vulgar still live in the illusion of the days of Islam’s greatness. The legists continue to ground their appreciation of every actual political condition on the law of the holy war, which war ought never be allowed to cease entirely until all mankind is reduced to the authority of Islam—the heathen by conversion, the adherents of acknowledged Scripture [i.e., Jews and Christians] by submission.
Hurgronje further noted that although the Muslim rank and file might acknowledge the improbability of that goal “at present” (circa 1916), they were,
…comforted and encouraged by the recollection of the lengthy period of humiliation that the Prophet himself had to suffer before Allah bestowed victory upon his arms…
Thus even at the nadir of Islam’s political power, during the World War I era final disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, Hurgronje observed how
…the common people are willingly taught by the canonists and feed their hope of better days upon the innumerable legends of the olden time and the equally innumerable apocalyptic prophecies about the future. The political blows that fall upon Islam make less impression…than the senseless stories about the power of the Sultan of Stambul [Istanbul], that would instantly be revealed if he were not surrounded by treacherous servants, and the fantastic tidings of the miracles that Allah works in the Holy Cities of Arabia which are inaccessible to the unfaithful. The conception of the Khalifate [Caliphate] still exercises a fascinating influence, regarded in the light of a central point of union against the unfaithful (i.e., non-Muslims). [emphasis added] CONTINUE

London: Islamists Demonstrate Against Al Muhajiroun Arrests

* Arresting Terrorists equals ‘OPPRESSION’ – these filthy kuffars must be bombed into submission, no other way:

The associates of the 6 arrested Al Muhajiroun members demonstrated today outside the Paddington Green Police Station, chanting “Hands off Muslims!” and “UK — You will pay!”


About 100 Muslim men and women, some with scarves obscuring their faces, others waving placards and flags, walked from Regent’s Park Mosque to Paddington Green Police Station, where they believe outspoken Islamic militant Abu Izzadeen is being held with five others arrested Tuesday. …


* The usual suspects: Anjem Chaudary and Co.

After the 7/7 bombings Blair promised to deport 500 Islamo-fascist clerics, one (Omar Bakri) left of his own free will and the other 499 are still there, doing what they do best: Spew hatred, plot against infidels and Jews and rort the welfare system while breeding like rats.

The protest began shortly after midday prayers at Regent’s Park Mosque, where Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the outlawed militant group al-Ghurabaa, addressed the crowd, demanding that they join him in protesting the detention of Izzadeen — a former spokesman for his group.


“You are living under oppression, the government is terrorizing the Muslim community,” he told worshippers. “It’s about time you stand together.”

The crowd, escorted by police, made its way to Paddington Green, waving placards and shouting slogans. Abu Saliyah, one of the speakers, said the British government was at war with Islam.

“They bomb us, and occupy our land, and here they arrest at you early in the morning!” he said, to cries of “UK — You will pay!” and shouts of “Allahu Akbar! (God is Great)”

But he predicted the ultimate victory of Muslims over their enemies. “One day, my dear Muslims, the flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street!” he said, to renewed shouts of “Allah Akbar!”


Also see:

Muslims Publicly Demonstrate Six Arrests as “Crusade”, Privately Support Terror


Contrast this with the case of Brian Cork:

Bryan Cork shouted slurs including “proud to be British” and “go back to where you came from” outside Carlisle’s Brook Street mosque.


Check out Al Bebeeceeras BS report, they’re already afraid of their own shadow;

The International Herald Tribune reports it without giving too much away..



Muslims Stage Demo Outside Police Station

Islamic supporters of six Muslims arrested in London earlier this week today staged a rowdy demonstration outside the top security police station where they are being held.

Dozens of angry demonstrators branded Tony Blair a “terrorist” while carrying banners stating “Sharia Law – the future, free our Muslim brothers” and “Crusade against Islam”.

More than 100 Muslim men, women and children gathered outside Paddington Green Police Station in west London where the six suspected Islamic extremists – including firebrand Abu Izzadeen – are being detained on suspicion of inciting terrorism and raising funds for terrorism.

The group, dressed in traditional Muslim clothes including veils, chanted in Arabic: “God is the greatest! There is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is the final messenger of Allah!”

Around a dozen uniformed police barricaded the demonstrators inside barriers to keep them away from the main entrance of the police station, but there were no arrests during the one hour demo.

Jamaican convert Izzadeen – real name Omar Brooks – achieved notoriety when he confronted Home Secretary John Reid during a visit to east London last year.

One of the demonstrators who gave his name Abu Farooq, aged in his late 20s, claimed to be the relative of one of the suspects being detained.

He refused to disclose the identity of his relative but said: “The reality is all we are doing is speaking out against this oppression by the British Government.

“We are here as families and relatives in support of those arrested to give a clear message to Tony Blair that we are not going to tolerate this oppression.

“We are angry and furious. Islamic values have been attacked, Islamic women have been attacked by the Government and there has been a policy of spying on the Islamic community.

* Holy smoke! We can’t have that now, can we?


Kosovo/Bosnia Jihad pic

“They have raided and closed down Mosques. There have been more than 1,100 people arrested since the introduction of the terror laws after 9/11. We are not going to remain silent anymore.”

The organiser of the rally Sayful Islam, aged in his late 20s, said he was attending the rally because he was “very close” to Rajid Khan, who was arrested in Luton.

Mr Islam, who was born in Britain and also lived in Luton, said: “As Muslims we cannot remain silent when we see this oppression. This oppression is in the form of a war against Islam. We have to speak out.

“Thousands of Muslims have been arrested and there have only been a handful of charges.

“It is scaring the Muslim community from coming out and speaking about Islam.”

He would only be happy when Sharia law was introduced “all over the world”.

Mr Islam said: “We definitely want to see Sharia law in place here. We want to see it implemented for everyone. Only then will there be harmony and there will be peace and justice amongst mankind.”

* Unfortunately for Mr. Islam very few Brits would be happy under sharia…

Mother-of-three Umm Hediyah, who was a wearing a full hijab, said: “I am here because I heard on the TV that some of our brothers had been arrested.

“The thing is that nowadays everyone knows someone who has been arrested. The Muslim community feel like we are being oppressed. We feel like we are living in a police state.

* Muslims are always ‘oppressed’ as long as there is infidels implementing ‘man-made’ law, that can only be rectified by wacking these filthy kuffars into submission by terror, genocide and forcible conversion. Good Luck with that, Islam…

“It doesn’t matter whether you have a big beard or not. If you are Muslim and you speak out against British foreign policy you are labelled a fundamentalist or a terrorist.

“We believe that as Muslims Sharia is for everyone and it can actually help solve problems in the world today.

“We have a very good economic system that will deal with homelessness in this country. In Palestine, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully for over 500 years under Shariah law.”

* Flying pigs alert, anyone?

* There was never a ‘sharia in Palestine’- (Palestine was long gone before Muhammed and long before Muslims invaded the holy land) and Jews and Christians somehow managed to survive under the Islamic yoke as Dhimmi’s, (subjugated people) in slave-like conditions. Worse than the Christians in Pakistan today. Worse than the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Worse than the last few Jews in Yemen.

Peaceful? Absurd.

Our records tell a different story.