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Hamas Blood and Guts


Abbas group rejoices over U.S. deaths in Iraq

By Aaron Klein
© 2007

Mahmoud Abbas

JERUSALEM – Members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah militias are celebrating a suicide car bombing that killed nine U.S. soldiers in Iraq earlier this week, stating the attack bolsters their belief the U.S. will soon be defeated and retreat from “Muslim lands.”

“It was a very happy day for us Palestinians to hear nine American dogs were killed in Iraq. We feel encouraged and we feel great solidarity with our brothers in Iraq, and we consider this heroic operation, which aims to humiliate the Americans, as proof that the will of the our resistance is more powerful than any [big] American war airplanes,” Abu Ahmed, the northern Gaza commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group, said in a WND interview today.

The Brigades is the declared military wing of Abbas’ U.S.-backed Fatah party, which American policy largely considers moderate.

Abu Ahmed was responding to news Monday of a suicide car bomber that struck a patrol base northeast of Baghdad, killing nine U.S. soldiers and wounding 20. It was one of the deadliest attacks against American ground forces since the Iraq war started more than four years ago.

“The Iraqi people, with the help of the mujahedeen fighters all over the world, are teaching the American dogs a huge lesson that will serve for generations for anybody who will dare attack lands of Muslims,” Abu Ahmed said. “Iraq will be the beginning of the collapse of the American empire.”

The Palestinian terror leader said he believes the U.S. will soon withdraw from Iraq, and he labeled any retreat a victory for “resistance.”

“Bush is speaking about bringing more soldiers to Iraq as a way to hide his crisis, but by the end of the day the Americans don’t support the occupation and Bush will give up the conflict, which is judged from Allah to fail,” he said. “This is the era of resistance. Bush is staying [in Iraq] now only because Cheney and the Israelis are pressing on him.”

Abu Ahmed said Palestinians are learning from the Iraq insurgency for their own war against Israel.

Read it all.    And don’t forget that we are feeding these turds…

Its mind boggling why the EU and America support these genocidal maniacs:

Al Qaeda, Al Schmaeda….

The 6 arrested Muhammedans in the UK on terrorism charges belong to a group that calls itself Al Muhajiroun-, one group of many, a group like a thousand others that share the same goals, that live by the same rules and read the same book: The Koran.

Hamas or Fatah, the ‘Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades’-, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, Jemah Islamiyah in Indonesia, Taliban in Afghanistan and so-called Janjaweed in Darfur; To us infidels or ‘kuffars’ it should be irrelevant what these Islamists call themselves: All belong to a totalitarian belief-system called Islam, all are soldiers for Allah, all are willing to kill and die to make Islam dominate,  to make the world Islamic,  and to either kill or forcibly convert us infidels, unless we submit to live as slaves under Islamic rule and pay the Jiziyah ‘with willing submission’...

All are united under the black flag of Islam and use terror, illegal immigration, intimidation, blackmail, kidnappings, all kinds of fraud, deceit and genocide to make the world Islamic.Their ultimate goal is to bring about the caliphate, which is nothing other than world domination under the sharia.

Nevertheless, the 6 arrested in Britain are all well known proponents for the future caliphate, and their records speak for themselves:

The six men on the list are: Sulayman Keeler, Omar Brooks (Abu Izzadeen), Rajib Khan, Shah Jalal Hussain, Omar Zaheer and Ibraheem (Abdul Haq).

These men are all members of Al Muhajiroun (under its different names). Sulayman Keeler was the one who officially founded the “new” group Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. Abu Izzadeen is well known. Shah Jalal Hussain is a member whose name came up in a Parliamentary Question from Mr Dismore to the Home Secretary David Blunkett way back in 2001. Omar Zaheer was arrested for his part in the Danish cartoons protest organised by Al Muhajiroun. Abdul Haq is also a spokesman for the group. The only one of the six who did not come up was Rajib Khan but by association it seems likely that he too is a member of this group.

The radical Islamic front group Al Muhajiroun was allowed to operate in the UK for many years, spreading jihad ideology and poisonous hatred in full view of British authorities. In 2003, they held a celebration:


Reverse Assimilation

Reverse Assimilation
Mark Steyn

What is immigration for?

I don’t mean what are immigrants for. I myself have lived hither and yon over the years, and at a personal level I vaguely feel individuals who aren’t a charge on the state ought to be able to move around the world with reasonable ease. As it happens, Canadians do this a lot. You can meet the Dominion’s finest in Brussels, Delhi, Hong Kong, almost anywhere on the planet. And I’ve yet to be in a taxicab anywhere on earth and be told by the driver, “We’re now passing through Little Canada.” Canadians emigrate as individuals.


* The Future of Canada? 

But in the western world “immigration” is a phenomenon distinct from “immigrants.” For a start, it’s not about the immigrants, but about the host society. At some point, most advanced democracies decided that mass immigration was a virtue regardless of who’s coming and any economic or other consequences. This is a relatively novel way of looking at a nation-state. A few years back, Hedy Fry sneered that she couldn’t see why people were making such a fuss about illegal immigrants given that the first white men hadn’t asked permission from the people who were already here, either. Which in its delegitimization of the Canadian state, not to mention its other implications, might be considered somewhat inflammatory. Yet Ms. Fry was a minister of the Crown and no one seriously expected M. Chrétien to reprimand her. By contrast, to question immigration in even the most cautious way is to risk being demonized as a racist. Canadians see themselves as a nice people, and so even to raise the subject of immigration feels like an assault not on distant foreigners so much as on our self-image.

But here’s the thing. Whatever the virtuousness of immigration, a dependence on it is a sign of profound structural weakness, and, when all the self-congratulation about celebrating diversity has died down, that weakness ought to be understood as such. For example, the other day Statistics Canada released its 2006 census figures, and the press coverage was mostly the usual boosterism–“Canadian Census Sees Cities Surging” (The Globe and Mail). This is true: we are an increasingly urban nation. But it is not the most salient fact from the numbers. Canada, reported the CBC, “had the highest population growth rate among G8 countries.” Also true, and closer to the core statistic. Of the 1.6 million new Canadians added to the population between 2001 and 2006, only 400,000 came from natural growth–i.e., kids. The other 1.2 million–i.e., 75 per cent–came from immigration.

Compare this to the United States, where over 60 per cent of population increase comes from natural growth. That’s to say, this is not a good-news story but a bad-news story. Canada remains demographically weak: the American fertility rate of 2.1 children per woman is enough to sustain the population even without immigration; the Canadian fertility rate of 1.5 children per woman leads to steep population decline. Ten million parents have seven-and-a-half million children and 5.6 million grandchildren and 4.2 million great-grandchildren: an inverted family tree. You can imagine what shape Canadian social programs would be in under that scenario, and that’s before Junior decides he’d rather head south than pay 70 per cent tax rates just to prop up medicare for Gramps and his buddies.


* Migrants or Refugees? 

So immigration seems like an easy way to pick up the slack–until you unpick what the census is actually saying, and The Globe and Mail and CBC are so artfully avoiding. If native Canadians (if you’ll forgive the expression) are already a 25 per cent minority in the country’s population growth, they will be a small and ever smaller minority in the Canada of the future. Indeed, they’re already at such a low demographic ebb that it calls into question any kind of trans-generational inheritance: “Canada” is in danger of becoming merely a zip code. The novelty junkies have a point: maybe it is time to rewrite that “home and native land” lyric.

Prior to the boom of the nineties and oughts, the all-time blockbuster immigration year was 1913, when 400,000 “new Canadians” arrived. Whether they looked at it like that is another matter: most of them were British subjects moving from one part of His Majesty’s realms to another. In that sense, it was not “immigration” at all, or not as currently understood. The 2006 census numbers take as a given that the Canada of the 21st century will be a project built almost exclusively by foreigners.

Not only is the Canadian state insouciant about this ultimate outsourcing, it welcomes and celebrates it. For example, anti-monarchists such as John Manley and Brian Tobin routinely build their case on the line that in an ever more diverse Canada immigrants from Syria and Belarus can’t be expected to relate to the Royal Family. This would be a very curious argument even in countries with robust immigration traditions–that a foreigner admitted by the state at its discretion should have the right to decide not which of his old country’s customs he was going to retain but which of his new country’s customs he was prepared to accept. It would ring very odd in most places–go on, get a job in Saudi Arabia, and try the same line on their royal family. So, when we buy the Manley-Tobin pitch, we’re essentially accepting the principle of reverse assimilation, the obligation that Canadians assimilate with immigrants rather than the other way round.


* Moving to Canada soon, (and they won’t be dental floss tycoons..)


And thereby lies great peril. Not for the Queen. She’ll get by, whatever Canadians decide. But the Manley-Tobin line raises some very interesting questions. If our Liberal grandees are so convinced new Canadians won’t accept the Crown, what other features of our inheritance will they also reject? How many Canadians will be saying “eh?” in 20 years’ time? Or following hockey (assuming there are still any hockey teams up here)? How many will recognize “Sir John A. Macdonald”? What would such a nation be remembering on Remembrance Day?

Commenting on the latest census trends, the Toronto blogger Mark Collins remarked that “it’s not one’s grandfather’s Canada.” Mr. Collins was referring to the accelerating urbanization of the country, but it might be truer to say that contemporary Canada is a land without a grandfather, a land without an inheritance, and that the remorseless shrivelling of a continental nation a mari usque ad mare into half-a-dozen megalopolises is merely a symptom of that. According to StatsCan, 93 per cent of immigrants who arrived between 1991 and 1996 live in urban centres. Again, this is a point of divergence with Canada’s neighbour: in the U.S., the population is moving to exurbs and rural districts. That, in turn, helps explain the healthy fertility rate: America is one of the cheapest places in the developed world in which to find a four-bedroom house with a big yard. Who wants to raise three kids in a city apartment?

So Canada’s urbanization seems unlikely to do anything for that near European fertility rate, but it will inevitably place strains on our constitutional settlement. Can six metropolitan areas still be governed as a confederation of ten provinces? To be sure, the CBC will conjure the usual fantasies–wacky sitcoms about a lovable Janjaweed militia living on Newfoundland, et cetera. But the reality is that nothing but nostalgia will justify maintaining the Atlantic provinces as separate jurisdictions, and how nostalgically inclined the multicultural utopia of Greater Toronto will be inclined to be is anybody’s guess.

In 1913, when those 400,000 newcomers arrived, we knew more or less who they were. We have no very clear idea who the 300,000 or so immigrants per annum of the next few years will be. We assume it’s like those Immigration Canada posters from 1997 marking the 50th anniversary of Canadian citizenship and showing people of many lands holding hands around a globe: Canada is like a neat stamp collection, with one of everything. In practice, it’s not like that. There will be more of some, less of others. Will the Chinese decide there’s greater economic opportunity at home? Will fading European populations prefer to spend their sunset years far from the turbulence of the Continent? Will the recent upsurge in French Jews emigrating to Quebec continue? Or will it degenerate further into, as Le Journal calls it, Montrealistan?

Well, StatsCan is rather coyer on those details. But that’s the reality: the Canada of tomorrow will be built by who shows up. For the sake of multicultural virtue, we decided to outsource the future. Nothing much to do about it now except hope the gamble pays off.

Ethiopia: The Bullshit from the Main Stream Media versus Reality


Deadly oil field attack in Ethiopia

From AP

* Some bleeding examples of how the MSM doctors and distorts facts, deflects from reality with fantasy products like ‘rebels, gunmen and militants’ and thereby obscures the global jihad:
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Rebels stormed a Chinese-run oil field near the Somali border yesterday, killing 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese workers.

It was the first such attack on a foreign company in this Horn of Africa nation, in contrast to Nigeria on the western side of the continent, where rebel groups frequently attack international oil concerns.

* Any idea who these ‘rebel groups’ might be?

The assault by more than 200 gunmen lasted nearly an hour and followed a warning last year from the rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front against any investment in eastern Ethiopia’s Ogaden area that could benefit the U.S.-allied government.

Formed by Ethiopia’s ethnic Somali minority, the Muslim group has been fighting for secession of the Britain-sized region with 4 million inhabitants since the early 1990s, but it had mounted only occasional hit-and-run attacks on government troops in recent years.

* Right. A ‘Muslim group’ it is, the Muslims ‘who are fighting for their rights’- just like they are fighting for the global jihad in over 30 other theaters of war around the world. At least here AP names them a ‘muslim group’,- most of the other publications we checked omitted it.

The scale of the attack in the small town of Abole raised the prospect of a broadening of fighting in Somalia, where the Ethiopian army is supporting the UN-backed interim government in a war with Islamic insurgents. “This was a cold-blooded killing,” said Bereket Simon, a special adviser to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The rebels have fought on behalf of the Somalia insurgents, while Ethiopia and Eritrea are bitter foes. * Why is that? Could it be because the Ethiopians are Christians and the Somali Muslims are commanded to ‘fight the unbelievers wherever they find them?’

Eritreans won their independence from Ethiopia in 1991 after a bloody three-decade rebellion, and the two nations fought a 2 1/2-year war over their disputed border that ended in 2000. Ethiopia has accused Eritrea of waging terror attacks, a charge Eritrea denies.

Eritrea also is thought to be providing support to insurgents fighting Somalia’s acting government, which a hard-line Muslim militia defeated in December with Ethiopian support.

The Ethiopian government, which is dominated by Christians and has the strongest army in the region, has allied with the United States in the campaign against extremist groups in the Horn of Africa. It fears rising Islamic militancy in the region.

* This insipid article is by far the best report we could find. Check the others, they are beyond pathetic!

Next: Murdoch speaks of Bush, militant Islam
In Todays Courier Mail you will find another article just like the one above about Rupert Murdoch on George W. Bush, omitting everything Murdoch sez about the global jihad, it is as if it didn’t exist. Fortunately, The Sydney Morning Herald, (which is not a Murdoch publication) mentions it here:


He told the 500 or so businessmen and women sitting before him he was optimistic about the future and believed issues such as “alleged climate change” and the integration of China and India into the world economy were manageable.

He pinpointed the rise of militant Islam and nuclear proliferation, particularly in Iran, as the biggest threats.

“The two (challenges) that none of us have any answer for that I know of is the rise of militant Islam and the proliferation of nuclear weapons,” Murdoch said.

“I wouldn’t discount at all the dangers of nuclear proliferation.

“If Iran gets away with it, there will be another half a dozen countries going hell for leather to get in the same race.

“It can only end in disaster for us all.”

* The Sydney Morning Herald is to be commended for printing the truth.

* Charles from LFG has always kept a keen eye on the spin doctors from the MSM and repeatedly exposed the marriage between the Jihad apes and western News services:

Harvard: How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah


During Israel’s war against Hizballah, at LGF we were continually outraged by the media’s uncritical promulgation of terrorist propaganda, and their overwhelming bias against Israel. The barrage of staged and manipulated disinformation culminated in the infamous Adnan Hajj fauxtography incident; and it can be argued that the culture of tacit cooperation with terrorists was at least partly responsible for that stunning case of phony news.

How could Reuters’ experienced editors miss a fake picture that was so bleeding obvious, at every step of the way toward publication? Answer: because they just didn’t care.

It’s interesting that in an age of obsessive media focus on scandals, no wire service or newspaper has ever followed up on that story in any real way. Adnan Hajj seemed to simply vanish off the face of the earth; no interviews, no photos of him, no investigations, just one statement—reported by Reuters—in which he claimed his fakery was to “remove dust,” then poof! Adnan who?

For blowing the whistle on Hizballah’s manipulation of Reuters, LGF was smeared by numerous leftists; the diversionary tactics ranged from personal attacks to attempts to minimize the importance of the faked photos.

Now the Harvard Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, hardly a bastion of neocon wingnut thinking, has issued a paper that absolutely skewers the media for their outrageously biased and terrorist-enabling behavior. Maybe this will be a little harder for them to ignore: How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah: Harvard’s Cautionary Report.

Read it all, there’s more!

Australia: The Perversion of Justice


* Rape victim, Rapist, Catmeat mufti:

Incitement, moral and ideological support for rape of infidel women.

Ian Moore: Court frets about the rapist, not his victim

The state’s ability to bring criminals to justice has been harmed

Ian Moore, with thanks to the Australian

THE decision of the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal in finding that senior prosecutor Margaret Cunneen should be removed from the retrial of a convicted rapist has, if nothing else, illustrated the prescience of her remarks to law students at Newcastle University in 2005.
In her Sir Ninian Stephen lecture, Cunneen questioned whether courts had become obsessed with the rights of the accused at the cost of the rights of the victim. She cited examples in establishing her thesis, including technicalities used by defence lawyers that had resulted in a number of retrials. Her point was that the technicalities flew in the face of the weight of evidence against the accused. She also spoke to students about the admissibility of evidence in a series of brutal gang rapes perpetrated by young Muslims in southwestern Sydney, which she prosecuted.
“Perhaps it is time for us to consider whether public confidence in the courts is now being eroded by the perception that the pendulum has swung rather too far in the direction of the protection of the rights of the accused person,” Cunneen said.

The decision of the appeal court has shown just how far it has swung. While the decision may be applauded in legal circles as an example of the impartiality of the judicial system, in the court of common sense it has done nothing to serve the course of justice and has impugned the reputation of one of NSW’s leading prosecutors.

Cunneen was the prosecutor appointed to the retrial of a rapist known as MG, who had been convicted of two other rapes and is serving 15 years in prison along with the notorious Bilal Skaf. Defence lawyers applied to prevent Cunneen from prosecuting in the retrial because they believed her comments to students in 2005 regarding evidence against MG indicated she was biased against their client.

The appeal court upheld the application, with a non-publication order on the decision until the conclusion of the retrial.

So let us analyse the consequences of this decision:

Read it all…

Piers Akerman, one of Australia’s best-read columnists is also onto it:

Alan Jones debacle mocks justice


THERE is something seriously wrong with a justice system that favors known criminals aged under 18 but goes heavy on upright citizens.

The self-acclaimed leaders of the media, who will be out in force to tut-tut over incursions on press freedom tomorrow night at a dinner to be addressed by Jonestown author Chris Masters, have kept their mouths smugly shut.

They only want freedom for their speech, not that which challenges their politically correct vision of how the world should be.

Jones was found guilty under a rarely used law designed to protect innocent young victims of crime and children involved in criminal activities. The section of the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act holds: It shall be conclusively presumed that no child who is under the age of 10 years can be guilty of an offence.

That Act defines a child as a person under the age of 18. Tell that to the train drivers who had a brick thrown at the front of their train, or try convincing a victim of the mobs now ruling George St, that those responsible for bashing them cannot be guilty because they were too young.

The law against publishing is even more ridiculous, prohibiting naming individuals even when they are dead at the time of publication or broadcast.

It means, as one legal eagle has said, that should the premier of NSW have a child murdered by al-Qaeda, that child’s identity could not be disclosed by the press during any subsequent court action.

Jones’ case involved members of a large Pakistani Muslim family, four of whom are convicted gang rapists and their late father was facing perjury charges when he died.

The court heard that on April 10, 2004, a car thumping with loud music and bearing the number plate “ON DOLE” attracted some rude gestures from passengers in a taxi. The driver cut the taxi off at the next lights and at least two people got out and attacked the taxi and its occupants.

One of them, who later claimed to be 14 years old, used a metal pipe.

The taxi driver attempted to defend himself and struck out with a screwdriver, hitting one of the assailants, who later died.

Read it all…

War booty and the rape of infidel women

Denmarks Loony Left: Opposing Hijab is ‘Racism’

Chose your hijab, ladies: Which one is for you?


A case for the brain-police:

A blatant example of how racial vilification laws are being abused by leftist enablers and Muslims in order to shut up those who oppose the Islamo-fascist menace:

Three Danish lawmakers who made remarks critical of Islamic headscarves have been reported to the police for violating “racism” laws.

April 20 (Bloomberg) — Three Danish lawmakers, all members of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, have been reported to police for making remarks comparing Muslim women’s headscarves with swastikas.

The three were reported by the Documentation and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination, Line Boegsted, spokeswoman of the Copenhagen-based non-governmental organization, said today in a telephone interview. “The comments they’ve made were deeply unpleasant,” Boegsted said. “The question is now if they also were illegal.”

Parliament member Soeren Krarup was cited in daily Politiken and other Danish media on April 18 as saying that Muslim women’s headscarves, like Nazi Germany’s swastikas, symbolized totalitarian repression. Fellow lawmaker Morten Messerschmidt and a party representative in the European Parliament, Mogens Camre, repeated Krarup’s comments in Danish media today.

“We’re reporting them to police for violating racism laws on behalf of two Danes who have asked us to do so,” Boegsted said. The three can only be punished if the Danish and the European parliaments lift their immunity.

Krarup made his comments after Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a Muslim politician from the Red-Green Alliance Party, said she would wear her headscarf if elected to Denmark’s parliament.

Krarup confirmed today on his party’s Web site that he believes there are “common features between the Muslim veiling of women and other totalitarian symbols. The Danish People’s Party would like to underline that this is not a critique of the individual woman, who may wear a headscarf, but a general critique of Islam’s veiling of women,” he said.

Camre, quoted today by newspaper Nyhedsavisen as saying Abdol-Hamid needed psychiatric help if she thought headscarves belonged in the Danish parliament, said he regretted those remarks.

“It wasn’t my intention to comment on Abdol-Hamid’s mental condition, but rather the absurdities of the Islamic view on the world, so therefore I’m sorry about those statements,” he said in a press release posted on the party’s Web site.

* Why apologize at all? Headscarves don’t belong in parliament, not in schools or anywhere in Europe. Those who insist on it should hand in their residence permits and head off to Islamistan.

Catmeat Sheikh: Sure, I Gave Money to Hizballah

Sure he did. Except when he didn’t. There is one truth for the mujaheddin (in Arabic) and another (in English) for the filthy kufars. But not to worry, Hilali is quite sure that nobody in Australia will take him to the cleaners over this, it works everytime.

Well, just about:

The Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, has actually admitted to the London based Arabic newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat that while on a recent trip to Lebanon, he gave money to the terrorist group Hizballah.

But hey! What’s the big deal? It was only 50 grand! They couldn’t even buy a quarter of a missile with that!

In response to criticism about funds he contributed to Hizbullah, Sheikh Taj al-Hilali, the controversial mufti of Australia and New Zealand, said that the amount he had carried with him to Lebanon did not exceed $50,000. This sum, he said, would not buy “a quarter of a missile owned by Hizbullah.”

Interesting that a religious leader seems to know the price of a Hizballah missile.


Here’s more from Richard Kerbaj in today’s Australian:

Cash worth just part of a missile: Hilali
Richard Kerbaj

THE nation’s top Muslim spiritual leader, Taj Din al-Hilali, has played down the controversy surrounding Australian-raised donations he handed out in Lebanon last year, saying the money would not buy a terrorist organisation a “quarter” of a missile.
Sheik Hilali confirmed that he ordered part of the donations to go towards an Islamic radio station which The Australian revealed this month belonged to a Lebanese political leader with alleged links to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organisation.
The Egyptian-born cleric told the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat on Tuesday that $70,000 raised by the Sydney-based Lebanese Muslim Association in conjunction with other Islamic groups last year would not buy Hezbollah a missile.

“The amount would not sum up to the cost of quarter of a missile owned by Hezbollah,” said Sheik Hilali, after citing the funds he handed out in Lebanon last November with LMA representative Sheik Yihya Safi.

The Arabic international daily says Sheik Hilali said he left money in the possession of Sheik Safi for the development of the Islamic Unity (al-Tawheed) radio station.

“I left Sheik Safi in Lebanon to further develop a radio station called al-Tawheed,” said the 66-year-old mufti of Australia.

This month, The Australian revealed that Sheik Hilali had given $US10,000 ($12,000) to an Islamic radio station in Lebanon run by political leader Bilal Shaaban who has alleged links to Hezbollah.

It was also revealed that Sheik Hilali had made the donation without the LMA’s knowledge.

The controversy has tarnished the image of the LMA.

* For heavens sake: Cut the crap! How can one ‘tarnish the image of the Mafia?’ 

It is now being investigated by the Australian Federal Police over the donations, which were earmarked for war victims but allegedly ended up in the wrong hands.

* Question: Will Police Commissioner Mick Keelty now get moving and take Hilali down?

Asshole of the Month: Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Why is U.S. pushing European Muslim state?

Lantos explains strategy for Kosovo independence

© 2007

Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is pushing hard, as he put it, to create “a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe,” Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reports.

Why is that his goal?

In a committee hearing earlier this month, Lantos heard the U.S. State Department make its case for Kosovo independence. The Balkan state has been a protectorate of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization since 1999, when the U.S.(Clinton) and its allies bombed Serbia for 78 days and effectively broke off a Muslim-dominated piece of historic Serbia.

Lantos made clear where he stands on the issue:

“Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led governments in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe,” he said April 17. “This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and, in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.”

Why do elected U.S. officials feel this way? What are they trying to prove? What about the Christian minority in Kosovo?

Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has some extraorinarily graphic fotos up that depict the atrocities comitted against the Serb people, who just defended their homeland:



Albanians Set Fire to Serb-Owned Kosovo Forests 

 In last four days Albanians have burned over 200 hectares (490 acres) of Serb-owned forests in Kosovo-Metohija.

Albanian Way of Hijacking Kosovo Province — Burn It All!

After razing to the ground over 150 Serbian churches and monasteries, there are very few left to destroy and those that still remain are heavily guarded day and night by the foreign troops. The ground where glorious medieval Christian churches once stood is today mostly cleared and the new mosques, memorials and monuments to terrorist KLA/UCK have been erected in their place.
A number of Serbian villages have also been burned during the NATO-brought “peace”, since the summer of 1999, especially during the March 2004 Kristallnacht, another mass expulsion of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija residents. Three years ago, 7 Serbian villages were entirely wiped off the earth, along with 800 Serbian houses scattered in the tiny ghettos throughout.
But in a province that has been Serbian for over a millennium, there is still much more to destroy, more ways to force the remaining non-Albanians to flee, more devastation to cause in order to erase ten centuries of history and change the face of the region for good.

In the early morning of 23 April 1999 Nato aircraft bombed the headquarters and studios of Serbian state television and radio (Radio Televisija Srbije – RTS) in central Belgrade. 16 civilians were killed. There was no doubt that Nato had hit its intended target (it wasn’t “collateral demage”). It’s strange that Western civilization is so concerned about safety of journalists world wide, but, I suppose, they must be concerned about safety of THEIR journalists only… the rest of us are expendable, right?

There is much, much more here

The Changing Face of Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Cairns, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is rapidly becoming a real multi-culti destination on the world map. See it before its gone, here are some ‘before and after’ images:


* Yes its beautiful! Enjoy it while it lasts. Cairns even has a Casino, but as you know: Gambling is ‘haram’- forbidden in Islam, and so far the city council denied that the Casino will eventually become a mosque.

But you know how that goes…

* Sheik yer’mami, who spends a lot of time in Tropical Queensland, recently received a lot of strange messages due to the despicable denunciation by a useful idiot from the Cairns Fishwrap who set him up for assassination. flash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold_thumb7.jpg

Fortunately most of these messages were in support of the cause, and after all these ladies here  immediately volunteered to offer their support.


* That’s right: They all came to protect Sheik yer’mami from anti-semitic scum and Islamic assassins. Thank you ladies!

But today we received an artists impression of what Cairns might look like in what- ten, twenty years time:

* Yeah well, but who are we to judge, right? All cultures, civilizations, religions, ideologies are equal, – our minders have decided we want diversity, muliculti-socialism, Islam is just what we need to fix everything that’s wrong with our society,

…right? RIGHT?!

images-31.jpgimages-12.jpgimages-21.jpg_1573897_011002islam150-1.jpgWell ladies, your future is in Allahs hand…afghanburkas.jpg

Ultimate Hypocrisy: Quaradwi presents the Islamofascist Viewpoint

With thanks to LGF
Impervious to irony and reeking of hypocrisy, Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, the Muslim Brotherhood cleric who has gone on the record many times supporting jihad, suicide bombing, and especially the murder of Jews, weighs in on the Virginia Tech killings in a sermon broadcast on Qatar TV, April 20, 2007 . (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

According to the Sheikh, the US was oddly quiet about the massacre. Hardly talked about it at all.


Sheik Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: The thing I detest most is unjustified bloodshed. I even felt great pain at what happened in America. An armed student killed 33 fellow students. What is this? This is the philosophy of violence, the outcome of violent films, the outcome of the violence used by America. America has made force the decisive factor in everything, and it uses its power to force peoples to do as it wishes. This philosophy has left its mark. We see in the schools of America… Even in high schools and junior high schools, we see youth who kill their fellow students. In that university, we saw that someone killed all those fellow students of his – and for no comprehensible reason. What is this? It is the philosophy of violence, which was instilled in these people. This philosophy of materialism and permissiveness does not instill in them religion, faith, moral values, compassion, or brotherhood. Instead, it instills in them selfishness and violence, and makes the rifle or the machine-gun rule supreme. This is the philosophy of American civilization, which it bequeaths to its sons.

* There are more than 30 jihad wars in the world today, and whenever you switch on the TV you can see Islamic zombies kill, get killed or blow each other to smithereens, if no kufars are available.

* Quaradwi is off his rockers, but such is the psychology of the musulman.

I wondered, when this incident took place, and when they said that 33 people had been killed at a university… I said that I wish I knew who the killer was. My heart was filled with fear, but I realized that they were not saying anything. They knew who it was right from the start. When they realized it was a South Korean, they kept silent. What would have happened if it had been an Arab or a Muslim? If it had been an Arab Muslim who had killed 3 people – not 33 – what would have happened? The world would have turned upside-down. There would have been commotion and turmoil, and all hell would have broken loose. But since he is neither an Arab nor a Muslim, they accepted it somewhat quietly. They did not talk about it much. This is what is called a double standard. A double standard, a triple standard, or even more… That’s America for you.

* On 9/11 a group of Saudi Arabs flew two jumbo jets into the WTC and killed 3000 Americans and caused billions in damage. Islamic Jihad, the Muhammedan hell, came to America. But there was no ‘backlash’-, no hell broke lose. Mecca and Medina were not nuked in return.

* Instead, George Bush went to the next mosque, took his shoes off and declared “Islam is a Religion of Peace’…