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The warming racket is a communist insurgency

Make no mistake, this is a communist insurgency. Marxists are trying to bring in Socialism and turn the world into a disaster zone. This has nothing to do with climate

Greta Thunberg and more than a dozen other youth climate activists called on world leaders, executives, policymakers and other participants at the World Economic Forum to end investments in fossil fuels

Greta Thunberg will join climate activists and school strikers to pressure leaders at Davos

Greta Thunberg to Lecture Leaders About Fossil Fuels at World Economic Forum

Greta Thunberg to Lecture Leaders About Fossil Fuels at Davos



What Really Happened Behind the Scenes at the Melbourne Climate Change Protest?

If you think the protests on Friday were about the climate, think again. Chants included “fuck off Nazi fuck off”, and “Always was always will be aboriginal land”. Climate Change is nothing but a tool for various groups to use in their quest for power and influence, from street activists all the way up to powerful politicians, and various scientific and industrial groups caught in between.

Dia Beltran: There has been a lot of ‘Climate Change’ hysteria lately that has been perpetuated by the media and it has landed in full swing here in my home …

The agenda of this group is implementing Socialism and undermining democracy. They are confrontational and disrespect the established order, i.e. police that are there to maintain law and order. They have classes to teach adults and children how to defy police at protests.

The sad thing is that they attract large numbers of unsuspecting citizens to participate in their radical movement under the disguise of “Climate Emergency” hysteria. They See More

 Police scramble to recall guide issued to teachers putting climate activists alongside far-right groups

Iran Revolts!

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’: Hundreds of Iranians Take Streets Against Regime

Iranians students demonstrate following a tribute for the victims of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 in front of the Amirkabir University in the capital Tehran, on January 11, 2020. - Iranian police dispersed students chanting "radical" slogans during a gathering in Tehran to honour the 176 people killed when an …

The Iranian government’s admission on Saturday that it shot down a Ukrainian commercial airliner triggered widespread protests nationwide attended by hundreds chanting slogans against the regime and the former head of its foreign terrorist organization, Qasem Soleimani.

Britain’s ambassador to Tehran was arrested and held in Tehran during demonstrations today and then released.


‘DEATH TO LIARS!’: Iranians Turn On Ayatollah, Demand Resignation Over Shot Down Plane

Funny how they don’t blame President Trump for the plane being shot down, but the Democrats and the media do.


Iranian protesters in Tehran turn against regime and demand the Ayatollah RESIGN

If leftists were as outraged over Iran shooting down a passenger plane, killing 176 civilians, as they are about the killing of the terrorist “general”, their reputation might not be in the toilet.

It takes tremendous courage to protest in Teheran, where resistance against the mullahs can get you killed. These people are very brave.

Are we at war with Iran?

May-19:🇮🇷attacks ship in the Gulf.
Jun-19:🇮🇷knocks down American drone.
Jul-19: 🇮🇷 capture British ship.
Sep-19:🇮🇷 attacks saudi plant.
Dec-19:🇮🇷 attacks US bases.
Dec-19:🇮🇷 assaults US embassy.
Jan-20:🇺🇸 kill Iranian commander.

Democrats: Trump started this war …

Dear idiots on the left and right,

Our government’s job is not to “avoid conflict” with those who are at war with us, but to defend the American people by ending their threat.

US-Iran tensions after Soleimani killing: All the latest updates

Trump believes Iran was targeting four US embassies

Tensions rise as US hits Iran with more sanctions following Tehran’s retaliatory attack in Iraq after Soleimani killing.

Iranian soldier of allah arrested @ Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort

Police have arrested an #Iranian national, identified as Masoud Yareilzoleh, about 4 miles from #Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. Yareilzoleh was carrying a machete, pickaxe, two knives, and $22,000 in cash; he had a car parked at the airport. 

Trump killed one Iranian: Soleimani.

The Regime in Iran then:

1- Blocked roads to create a “sea of humans” during his funeral, causing a stampede: 40+ dead.

2- Shot down a plane, killed 176 people. Blamed it on Trump because they can’t tell the difference between planes.


France: Macron’s SS Against the People

Conditions in France are getting worse by the day:


Iran ‘unintentionally’ shoots down a plane, nutroots blame #Trump

Trump killed one Iranian: Soleimani.

The Regime in Iran then:

1- Blocked roads to create a “sea of humans” during his funeral, causing a stampede: 40+ dead.

2- Shot down a plane, killed 176 people. Blamed it on Trump because they can’t tell the difference between planes.



Five Years After Charlie Hebdo: The West is on its Knees

Tuesday was the fifth anniversary of the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, in which Islamic terrorists murdered twelve people in the name of Allah. In the years since the attack, the West has become even more craven, and is even less willing to engage in frank discussion about the nature of Islam or the Islamization of Europe.

As usual, Mark Steyn has the most cogent remarks on the topic:

Instead of sharing the risk, the bigfoot media behaved exactly as they had a decade earlier. At my old London home The Daily Telegraph some gutless pansies decided that their reporting on the story could only be accompanied by carefully blurred images of the late cartoonists’ work in order to avoid giving offense — turning Mohammed into a perpetually pixelated prophet, as if (to reprise a gag I did in 2005) poor ol’ Mo’s entered the witness protection program.

Which is in fact the precise opposite of what’s going on: cowardly media pixelate Mohammed as a way of fast-tracking themselves into the witness protection program, or so they hope. On TV, one of the few surviving Charlie Hebdo staffers attempted to hold one of the offending covers on screen, only to have the camera lurch away. Around the world, the dead cartoonists’ professional colleagues, almost to a man, agreed that the preferred response was some or other limpid, evasive, self-flattering variant of “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

But that line doesn’t work if your pen’s filled with White-Out…

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Australia: Bushfire Jihad

Australian Bushfires: Muslim Angle

Turns out the fires may have more to do with Islam than with harmless carbon emissions.

From the Daily Telegraph via the Geller Report:

Western Sydney teen Fadi Zraika — one of the two teens [the other being Abraham Zreika] accused of lighting a grass fire at a Guildford park while bushfires ravaged NSW — laughed outside court [yesterday] after appearing on multiple charges.

Maybe it was an accident, despite Zraika’s laughter — which was chilling considering the enormous damage the fires have inflicted.

Then again,

“‘Unleash Hell’: New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..with instructions on how to make ’ember bombs.’” — Daily Mail, May 3, 2012

“ISIS-linked media: California fires are retribution for Syria,” Preston Business Review, November 15, 2018

Muslim colonists have been suspected of starting Australian bushfires to please Allah for some time.