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“We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women…”

Terrorism is simply not bad enough: The enormous cost involved with monitoring, the inconvenience of the security requirements, the physical insecurity because of the constant threat of terrorist attacks, hijackings, car-bus-train bombings and the ever increasing numbers of hijabs, burkhas, niqabs, jilbabs on our streets are only the beginning: Houari Boumédienne, Algeria’s undisputed ruler until his death in 1978, said it clearly In 1974:

Boumedienne said in a U.N. speech: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends.
Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

To this very day the planned, systematic Muhammedan immigration, infiltration and invasion of infidel countries, the Dar-al-harb, (lands of the infidels) continues unchecked.

We keep treating the enemy like a friend. Why don’t we listen to them? Why don’t our politicians, our elected leaders start listening to us?


I covered this line in one of my songs:


The Debate That Never Happened (The Daniel Pipes v/s Red Ken Debate)

Yes folks, this is the kind of BS we have to put up with in the year 2007. Or do we?
Our despicable news-media that is supposed to inform and educate us pretends not to know. There are things just ‘not worth reporting’- like the undercover mosque affair here which was covered up with this:

* We’ll cover this debate here:

My Debate with London Mayor Ken Livingstone


Dr. Daniel Pipes:

It all began with a faxed letter from Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, arriving out of the blue on April 4, 2006:

I will be hosting a conference to discuss the thesis of the “clash of civilizations” first popularized by Professor Samuel Huntington’s book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. I would like to invite you to debate this thesis with me at the opening session of the conference, which will be held 10am-1pm on Saturday, 10 June 2006.

The conference was twice delayed, before finally taking place two days ago, on January 20, 2007. It was quite an event, held in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, across the street from Westminster Abbey. The mayor told me in a private chat before the event that when he conceived of the event two years ago, he wondered if anyone would show up. He need not have worried; the Greater London Authority’s website indicated there had been “an unprecedented demand” for tickets and several days in advance of the event shut the ticketing. One organizer on the mayor’s staff told me that the audience numbered about five thousand and that over 150 media had registered for the conference.

The mayor and I each invited a seconder to help us make our arguments: he chose Salma Yaqoob, a councillor in Birmingham, and I chose Douglas Murray, the London writer. Due to the large crowd, the event started a half hour late but even truncated, it still went for slightly over two hours.

Despite the many journalists and video cameras, and despite the GLA having recorded and simultaneously transcribed the event, and despite two and a half days having passed since it took place, there has been – quite to my surprise – not a single media account of the debate, nor a video made available, nor a transcript. (This reminds me in a way of my University of California-Berkeley talk three years ago, which created quite a stir but had zero media coverage.)

* Here’s the link….

The Crying Game: The Whining, Whingeing Victim Song of the Koranimals

A real wankfest from a Muhammedan apologist: I got the creeps reading myself through this:

* I picked it up from

which appears to be a popular website somewhere in Londonistan, operated by sympathetic ex- (?) commie Harry Hatchet who, according to Wikipedia, was active in British anti-fascist and Marxist politics in the mid-to-late 1980s, and in this period was also a member of the Straight Left faction of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

* Even if he, or ‘they’ are no longer the commies they once were, you’ll find that the blog is highly censored; expect any comments you make to be deleted. Harry’s promo for this piece of Muhammedan indulgence is a rather foggy cloud of nothing and if you want to comment, you are directed to the site:


The fight against the double whammy facing Muslims


The rhetoric of the War or Terror grows ever more insidious. Terrorists and extremists are held up as representatives of the wider Muslim community. Dispatches on Channel 4 ran a programme entitled “Undercover Mosque”. The theme was “a reporter attends mosques run by organisations whose public faces are presented as moderate¦” but which then went onto ‘expose’ the extreme views of the Saudi backed, trained or inspired speakers. (How do you ‘expose’ something that has been prevalent for years and years and public domain knowledge?) By creating a context that these people claim to be moderates but in fact hold abhorrent and hate-filled opinions, all Muslims that claim to be moderate, or in fact any Muslims at all, immediately become suspect.

Here she confirms that she was aware that hate speeches ‘have been prevalent for years’-, so why didn’t she do anything about it?

How should Muslims respond? The extreme views of those particular individuals shown on the programme “ and most Muslims come across these views every day and disagree vehemently with them “ these extreme views are clearly outside the parameters of Islam, contradicting it both in letter and in spirit. These are views that need to be roundly and forcefully rejected. But how to do this without supporting the devious subtext of the programme which tries to paint all Muslims with the same brush?

Most muslims disagree? Do they really? Yes, they ‘disagree vehemently’ – so she claims, and then this: “ these extreme views are clearly outside the parameters of Islam, contradicting it both in letter and in spirit. These are views that need to be roundly and forcefully rejected.”

Liar! Absolutely not. This is a steaming pile of taqiyya, because these ‘extreme views’ are exactly what is in the Koran and sunnah, these are the fundamental teachings of Islam.

Read yourself through it if you’re in the mood for a mind-bender, but expect nothing but your worst fears confirmed:

If every Muhammedan is by nature a ‘victim of oppression’- I just wonder why they’re so adamant to remain among us kuffars….

* Ah yes: They are here, they are here to stay, ‘learn to live with it’- they tell us, and ‘what are you gonna do about it?’

Right: What are we doing about it?

Bali Bomb-Maker Wounded in Fierce Filipino Gunfight

Bali bomber hurt in Filipino gunfight
Emma-Kate Symons, Jolo Island, Southern Philippines
January 26, 2007 With thanks to The Australian


SOUTHEAST Asia’s most wanted terrorist, Bali bomb mastermind Dulmatin, has been wounded in a fierce gunfight on remote Jolo Island in a significant win for US-backed Philippines forces battling to “eliminate” the Jemaah Islamiah kingpin and his Abu Sayyaf cronies.
The Australian, in a series of interviews with the top Philippines and US commanders in the southern Philippines, has also learned that Dulmatin, along with his JI Bali bomber partner Patek, are on the run for their lives on Jolo. The pair spend no longer than six hours in one place on the jungle-covered volcanic island.
According to Philippines Brigadier-General Ruben Rafael, they have even resorted to sporting wigs and burkas to evade 6000 troops hunting them.

Dulmatin, who has a $US10million ($13 million) bounty on his head, has hidden two of his children away on the nearby island of Basilan, probably with the widow of Abu Sayyaf founder Abburajak Janjalani, one commander said.

However, he is unable to leave Jolo to see them because of intense coastguard surveillance and regular reconnaissance flights by US Orion spy planes.

“Dulmatin is here till he dies,” Captain Abdurassad Sirajan, of the 104th Brigade of the Philippines army, in Jolo, told The Australian. “His assignment is to lead the Abu Sayyaf group – that is why he was sent here from Indonesia.”

JI, the Southeast Asian affiliate of al-Qa’ida, is aligned to the Philippines-based Abu Sayyaf.

* Read it all….

SHE WAS A VIRGIN (from the ‘Religion of peace’ – wanna bet…?)

AFP doesn’t wanna tell us that:
You see, ‘all religions are bad’- thats why we can’t just single muslims out or tar one billion muslims with the same brush, right?

Right! Or are you Islamophobic?


This story is from network Source: AFP

Man shoots daughter in honour killing
From correspondents in Amman, Jordan
January 26, 2007

A FATHER shot dead his 17-year-old daughter, having suspected her of having sex, and surrendered to the police in the latest of the “honour killings” that have brought international opprobrium on Jordan.
An autopsy found the girl to be a virgin.

Weeks earlier the girl had returned home from a family protection clinic after doctors had vouched for virginity and the father had signed a pledge not to harm her, a state forensic pathologist said.

The father shot her four times in the head, said the pathologist.

The authorities have not disclosed the names of the father or the daughter or even their town, saying only that they lived in a southern province.


Muslims get angry at films depicting them as terrorists

Crude and exaggerated stereotypes are fuelling Islamophobia, says study

Lucy Ward, social affairs correspondent
Thursday January 25, 2007
The Guardian


Translation: Love us or we’ll bomb you, but if you don’t love us we’ll bomb you anyway!


These films fuel “Islamophobia,” you see. Some even dare to link Islamic ritual to terrorist attacks. No one seems to have considered the possibility that actual terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists who perform Islamic rituals and ascribe their terrorist acts to Islamic teachings fuel “Islamophobia” far more than any film ever could. “From Aladdin to Lost Ark, Muslims get angry at ‘bad guy’ film images: Crude and exaggerated stereotypes are fuelling Islamophobia, says study,” by Lucy Ward in The Guardian, with thanks to D. C. Watson & Jihad Watch:



Do Muslims in Britain really want to lessen experiences of exclusion, hatred, discrimination and violence? Easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Stop blaming violent acts committed by Muslims in the name of Islam on the various sins of unbelievers.

2. Establish nationwide, compulsory programs in mosques to teach against the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism, by means including an explicit and definitive rejection of the literal meaning of many passages of Qur’an and Hadith.

3. Stop saying violent or hateful things in private when you think no non-Muslims are around. The most notorious recent example is the Dispatches documentary. There was also the imam Umar Abdul-Jalil, executive director of ministerial services for the New York City Department of Correction, was secretly recorded last year while speaking at an Islamic conference in Arizona. Muslims, he said, invoking Qur’an 48:29, must be “compassionate with each other” and “hard against the kufr [unbeliever].” In Britain, Hamid Ali, imam of the mosque frequented by the July 7 bombers, praised the bombers and called their terror attack “good” in a conversation secretly recorded by an undercover journalist. Publicly, he had condemned the attacks. In a mosque in the Czech Republic, a Muslim secretly filmed by a documentary filmmaker says Islamic Shari’a law, including the stoning of adulterers, should be adopted by the Czech Republic. Cleveland imam Fawaz Damra, who has since been deported for failing to disclose his ties to terror groups, signed the Fiqh Council of North America’s condemnation of terrorism, despite having declared at an Islamic conference that “terrorism, and terrorism alone, is the path to liberation.”

Do such incidents mean that every Muslim who professes to have adopted Western notions of pluralism and the equality of dignity and rights of non-Muslims and Muslims is dissembling? Of course not. But they do mean that non-Muslims are perfectly justified in being suspicious even when Muslim profess moderation and opposition to terror. Consequently deeds, not just words, are needed. To conclude my four recommendations, genuinely anti-terror Muslims should:

4. Actively work with Western law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend jihadists within Western Muslim communities.

But it is unlikely that any of that will be done. Instead, these poor mistrusted, misunderstood folks will keep crying “Islamophobia” and trying to manipulate the American legal and political systems.

New Australian Courses to Teach Moderate Islam

Seriously: This one cracked me up! I had to laugh so hard I spilled the coffee over my keyboard. Good luck boyz!
*Voice of America*
By Phil Mercer
24 January 2007

The ‘spiritual leader’ of Australia’s Muslim community, Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, in brown cape, joins members of Sydney’s Lebanese community in a march through Sydney’s central business district, 22 Jul 2006

Young Muslims are to be taught Australian-friendly Islam under a government plan to stop them being influenced by extremists. An approved curriculum will be introduced at universities in an attempt to counter the teachings of controversial Muslim clerics. Phil Mercer in Sydney reports.

The program announced this week is aimed at challenging firebrand clerics in Australia, who preach a radical version Islam that is peppered with intolerance and hate.


Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch could help them out:


Let’s see…sura 9 will have to go. And much of sura 8. And 47:4. And 2:62-5; 5:59-60; and 7:166. And 5:82. And 98:6. And dozens of other passages. And after that you’ll have to tackle the Hadith…

    A better course of action….

Muslim Professor: Koran Gives Holy Land to the Jooozzzzz

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed, Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, is the latest Moslem expert to say that the Quran – the holiest Moslem work – is actually Zionist. 


Prof. Mohammed says that Muslim groups have frequently denounced him because “I am out of line with the geo-political movement towards fundamentalism. What your readers must understand is that fundamentalism is rapidly becoming mainstream. Moderation is not. A perfect example is in Akbar Ahmed’s “Islam Under Siege,” where he points out that the Taliban are no longer a fringe group in Pakistan; many Pakistanis are finding themselves drawn to their teachings. Right here in the US, I present a problem to those at mosques who use social pressure to coerce others into accepting their extremism.. Many Muslims stand against me for no other reason than I say that Israel has a right to exist… I in no way deny that Palestinians have rights. But this is generally not considered by those that criticize my position…”

* Could we have a few more of his kind? Click here for full story: 

Italy: Imam of Milan Demands Legalization of Polygamy

No, I’m not kidding.


Here it is, with thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland:

*In German:
Italien: Legalisierung der Vielehe gefordert

Mohamed Baha’ el-Din Ghrewati, langjähriger Imam von Mailand, hat öffentlich die Anerkennung der Vielehe (Polygamie) gefordert. Nur so könne die Diskriminierung muslimischer Frauen beendet und Rechtssicherheit für sie geschaffen werden.
Souad Sbai, eine Muslimin, die in der “Consulta” (einem Beratungsgremium von Muslimen) die italienische Regierung berät, zeigte sich wenig erfreut über den Vorstoß. (Quelle: adnkronos 22. Januar 2007)
akte islam

In English: Mohammed Baha’ al-Din Ghrewati, long time imam of Milan, demanded publicly upon the Italian government to recognize Polygamy, since legalization was the only way to save Muslims from the legal minefield they find themselves in. Souad Sabai, chairwomen of an advisory body for Muslim women did not receive the Imam’s demands favorably….
Souad Sbai


Rome, 22 Jan. (AKI) – Souad Sbai, a leading member of Italy’s government-appointed body on Muslim affairs, the Consulta, slammed on Monday a controversial appeal launched the previous day by a representative of Italy’s largest Islamic group to make polygamy legal. “I am worried and concerned about the plea made last night,” said Sbai of the call made to the government on state television by Mohamed Baha’ el-Din Ghrewati, a former imam in Milan with the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), to legalise a practice today banned in Italy so as to ensure, he said, that the rights of women living in polygamous families are protected.

“I am concerned that it is possible to make through a national broadcaster the apology of this practice as happened yesterday,” said Sbai, who also heads the national association representing Moroccan women in Italy.

Sbai also said she means to place polygamy at the top of the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the Consulta.

Earlier this month Italy’s main paper Corriere della Sera published a front page article in which a woman accused the leader of UCOII Hamza Piccardo of having married her as his second wife in a religious ceremony at a mosque in the northern city of Verona.

Though a Muslim religious ceremony would not be recognised in Italy without a civil wedding, Corriere’s report sparked a controversy as UCOII and other Muslim groups had publicly condemned poligamy.

Click here for the link…

‘Good Family, Good People, Good…….What?????

You have to read your way all the way down to find out that these good people are actually not Christians or Buddhists, they are, -you guessed it: The Usual Suspects:

Five arrested in Britain terror raids
David Byers and Agencies
January 24, 2007

From The Australian

FIVE men were arrested in Britain today in separate early morning raids in West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.
Two men, aged 25 and 29, were held in Halifax “on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”, police said. In a separate raid three others, two aged 24 and another aged 32, were arrested in Cheetham Hill and Longsight, Manchester.

Anti-terrorism officers from the Metropolitan Police supported by colleagues from the West Yorkshire force made the arrests in Halifax at around 6am. A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the arrests were part of an “intelligence-led operation”.

The two men are currently in custody and were today being taken to a London police station where they were to be questioned by officers.

The spokeswoman added: “The men were arrested at separate houses in Halifax. Both premises, plus two others in the area, are currently being searched.

“As part of the same operation, officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command today began searching a flat in north London. This search continues.”

Police would not confirm the address where the Halifax arrests were made, but an officer from the operational support division of West Yorkshire Police was this morning at an address in the Pellon area of Halifax.

A neighbour, who lives six doors down from the property said three brothers lived there with their family.

He said: “They are a good family, they are decent people.”

Well, at least he didn’t say they’re ‘good Muslims’- not yet:

* Believe it or not, while I was doing this story the Australian took it off. So I  had to replace it with this one from the Times Online:

The Times January 24, 2007

Dawn raid on men ‘who helped terror suspect’
Russell Jenkins and Daniel McGrory
Five arrested ‘but no imminent threat’
Police seek to placate Muslims



In London senior officers are discussing whether Muslim leaders can be given access to the intelligence behind raids so that communities can be assured that operations are based on sound suspicions.

There is also discussion about whether some trusted leaders may be alerted to operations before they take place.

* Good Night Great Britain!