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In Thailand’s South, Islam means Peace (of the grave)

Buddhist woman burned alive in Muslim south Thailand

By Surapan Boonthanom (Reuters)

A Buddhist woman was shot and burned alive in Thailand’s violence-torn Muslim-majority south on Wednesday, prompting angry protests in front of visiting army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin.

Watcharaporn Boonmak, 26, was ambushed by gunmen as she rode her motorcycle through a Muslim village in Yala, one of the three southern provinces roiled by three years of separatist insurgency in which more than 2,000 people have been killed.

“She might have been shot in the stomach before they set fire to her and her motorcycle,” a Yala police officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told Reuters by telephone. 2007-04-11t073752z_01_ban201_rtridsp_2_thailand_articleimage.jpg


One of her relatives told Reuters that witnesses at the scene heard Watcharaporn, a garage clerk, screaming and crawling along the road for help but nobody dared respond for fear of reprisals.

Even by the standards of a conflict that has seen well over a dozen civilians beheaded, it was a shocking incident.

Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has more:

In Defense of Alan Jones: Paul Kent speaks Truth to Power (but still doesn’t quite get it)

But don’t worry mate, close enough is good enough and you’re doing better than most in your trade…

Alan Jones was on the money about the rioters


IF EVER there was an example of how skewed our values have become, it was revealed in radio broadcaster Alan Jones’s reprimand.

Jones was found guilty of breaching Australia’s broadcasting code for these comments from a listener prior to the Cronulla riots in 2005: “It would be worth the price of admission to watch these cowards scurry back on to the train for the return trip to their lairs,” he said, a reference to the call-to-arms text messages that were circulating Sydney at the time.

“And wouldn’t it be brilliant,” he also read, “if the whole event was captured on TV cameras and featured on the evening news so that we, their parents, family and friends can see who these bastards are.”

Instead of a bollocking, Jones should have been given a standing ovation. His comments were spot on. He was one of the few with the courage to call it for what it was.

What got lost in the revisiting of Jones’s comments are the circumstances surrounding what happened before the riots, which take on a wholly different complexion if you take religion out of it. Some junior lifesavers patrolling Cronulla the beach got bashed by a group of older men.

Rather than just a one-off incident, locals revealed it was the latest in a long line of fights and they were so sick of it, they said, they were going to do something about it.

They were going to stand up for their mates. They were going to find the bullies that like to outnumber young kids and square up. Good on them.

Bullies are cowards turned inside out. Ill-equipped to finesse their way through life, they resort to muscle.

It is the only currency they understand, but the irony is you only need to chip away a small piece to find the coward inside. Power, you see, bows only to more power.

Given this mindset it is appropriate to believe the only language they understood was a good smack in the mouth and maybe that was what was needed to make them think twice about flexing their muscles on the beach again.

But the whole thing got ugly and twisted because racial lines were drawn. The bullies were Muslims, and of Middle Eastern appearance, and instead of the whole issue being treated as a stand against the kind of bullying we all condemn it was turned into a racial issue.

Here’s where the rioters erred. They failed to distinguish the difference between bullies and Muslims and when they attributed the whole sorry saga to Muslims – a careless point of identification — all Muslims were naturally affronted.

If they had steered away from the racial stereotypes and explained it for what it was, a square-up against bullies, then they would have got overwhelming public support.

Instead they resorted to racial stereotyping and it got ugly, and then it got even worse when they attacked other innocent Middle Eastern men, for no other reason than their ethnicity. But here is also where Muslim leaders erred. They should have clarified the difference. They should have condemned those who attacked the lifesavers and, given the difficulty police have infiltrating youth gangs, helped find them and bring them to justice.

Instead they let racial tensions fester, and cried racism when it spun out of control.

For a community allegedly well-mannered, no explanation was ever given for the actions of the hooligans who beat up the lifesavers.

If the racial overtones were removed, and the incident played for what it was, it would never have escalated.

By condemning Jones, the broadcasting authority is just perpetuating the racial tensions in Sydney. Muslims can feel justified in what happened, non-Muslims feel resentful.

Jones got it right, and the sooner we confront the issues for what they are, and drop the political posturing, the pointscoring in the religion battle, the quicker the road to harmony.

* Well, here’s where we beg to differ: ‘Religion battle’ is inevitable. Islam wants us dead or converted. That battle has to be fought. You can start right now, it won’t go away…

Truth is, it would have been good to see these bullies scurry back on the train. It would have been good if their faces had been captured on TV, exposing them for what they were.

It shouldn’t have mattered whether they were black, white or brindle, Muslim or Christian.

Bullies don’t deserve sympathy or false outrage to hide behind. They should get what they deserve

Red Brigades & Islamo-Fascists Unite: ‘NO TO THE RACIST WAR ON TERROR!”

* RIGHT. And they’re adamant that freedom of speech is a bad thing and must be banned, along with those who speak out for freedom:

 * with thanks to LGF

 There’s a panel discussion at UCLA tomorrow night featuring Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan, and Yaron Brook, on the subject: “Totalitarian Islam’s Threat to the West.”

Today the moonbats and Islamic student groups are mobilizing, with a special hatred for Daniel Pipes. Here’s the flyer being circulated via Los Angeles Nazimedia: 

The (failed) Assassination of Alan Jones


Support … Prime Minister John Howard has defended Alan Jones / The Daily Telegraph

The Islamo-nazi’s, the brain-police, the progressives and the enablers of the politically correct perverts came out in force today to back the assassination of Alan Jones. You see, Alan is a very popular, well known radio host and TV presenter in Australia, sharp as a razor, one who knows how to put complex things in words, and he makes sense. Common sense. Rare as hens teeth in today’s Australia.

The brown-shirts don’t like it, the Islamo-Nazi’s hate it, the commies smell blood and lick their chops, and when the proletariat unites (and it doesn’t take much for them to unite) then you can be sure that the shit hits the fan.

But Alan Jones has friends in high places. Today the PM John Howard came out in his defense:
Jones blasts riot ruling

Did Alan Jones go too far?

Sydney radio personality Alan Jones has blasted the radio regulator over a ruling that comments made on his program incited violence and vilified people of Middle Eastern descent.

Jones went on the offensive today during his program on 2GB Radio, saying findings by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) were biased and based on complaints of people who do not listen to his show.

ACMA said Harbour Broadcasting Pty Ltd, licensee of commercial Sydney radio station 2GB, had twice breached Australia’s broadcasting code in the days before the December 2005 Cronulla race riot.

* Which ‘race-riot?’ When Aussies demonstrated in Cronulla against the rapes, the assaults and the bashing of life-guards there were no riots, that was a demonstration.

* The riots came afterwards when 60 cars with armed Islamo-Nazis drove through the suburbs in high speed, bashed Aussies -because they were Aussies,- and smashed up a hundred cars, shot up and firebombed 4 churches and stabbed innocent people. All of this deliberately distorted and disseminated by the useful idiots and the creeps of the far-left bullshit media. Supported by incompetent polit-props and a police force that didn’t protect the citizens it was supposed to protect.

* Not one of the Lebanese thugs was prosecuted, although many of them were caught on video. One Aussie walking down the street with a tree branch got 3 months. What does that tell you?

The regulator found the Commercial Radio Code of Practice 2004 was breached by comments aired on Jones’ top-rating breakfast program during December 5 and 9, 2005.

Those comments contravened the code by being “likely to encourage violence or brutality” and “likely to vilify people of Lebanese origin….

* You see: Calling thugs for what they are is ‘vilifying’ them…

* Howard backs ‘racist’ Alan Jones

PRIME Minister John Howard has backed embattled Sydney radio identity Alan Jones a day after he was found to have incited violence and vilified people of Middle Eastern descent in the days before race riots in Sydney.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) yesterday found Jones breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice during his breakfast program between December 5 and 9, 2005.

The authority said the comments broke the code by being “likely to encourage violence or brutality” and “likely to vilify people … of Middle Eastern background”.

However, Mr Howard today called Mr Jones an “outstanding broadcaster”.

“I am not going to get involved in comments on individual decisions, but let me say this; I think Alan Jones is an outstanding broadcaster,” Mr Howard said.

* Indeed. He is.

The Australian calls him ‘Guilty’

but then changes the tune:

JOHN Howard described Alan Jones as an “outstanding broadcaster” and Kevin Rudd insisted he would be happy to appear on his show as the Sydney radio host took to the airwaves yesterday to savage the media watchdog that has found him guilty of inciting violence during the Cronulla race riots.

* Do something useful for once, Kevin! Knock yourself out!

* Not all have lost their minds: Here is some support from Paul Kent from the Daily Telegraph

* More links..

Courier Mail

* Needless to mention that the wankers from the Cairns Fishwrap, ‘those who must not be named’- a certain reporter and his editor, both experts on Islam and character-assassination, two pink shadows with a ‘collective view’- (to quote Australian Press Council Jack Herman) have already ‘collectively’ decided what the header must be:

“Jones Guilty of Racial Vilification”

Al Reuters truly sux: Four ‘suspected’ bombers killed in Casablanca

Nothing comes through the tickers of todays  news-services anymore without labels like ‘controversial, alleged, or suspected’- ah,  and don’t forget the ‘insurgents, rebels, militants, freedom fighters’ etc;- even if the bullshit bites those who report it in the arse. You wonder why many of them won’t sign their names to it, but it won’t be long before that is ‘controversial’ too…

Orwell sends his regards… 

So does Tom Pfeiffer from Casablanca:

CASABLANCA (Reuters) – Three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up on Tuesday following a police raid on a house in a Casablanca slum in which a fourth man was shot dead, police sources said.

Two of the men had been on the run since the dawn raid in Fida neighborhood in which one suspected Islamist militant was killed by police and an accomplice blew himself up after he was trapped on a roof terrace, the sources and witnesses said.

The four were members of a gang of up to 12 that police have been looking for since March 11, when the alleged leader of a suicide squad detonated his explosives belt in a cybercafe to stop police arresting him, the police sources added.

They said they believed the bombers had started wearing the belts all the time to stop security forces taking them alive.

Morocco has been on the alert for attacks since 2003 when 13 suicide bombers killed themselves and 32 other people in central Casablanca in an attempt to punish the country for being a staunch ally of the United States in its “war on terror.”

The MAP state news agency said two police officers were injured when the third suspect blew himself up later in the day, and that one of the officers died from his wounds.

“The fourth suicide bomber blew himself up when he saw there was no way for him to break through the police cordon,” a senior security source told Reuters, adding that he was the last suspect in a group targeted by the raid.

“At least 19 people including five policemen were injured when the fourth suicide bomber blew himself up,” said a policeman at the scene adding that the bomber appeared to deliberately target the police.

Read it all… 

You can always blame the Jooozzz…

Rabi` al-Awwal,
Congress Center of Anti-Saudi Hostility, Says Turki
Raid Qusti, Arab News

RIYADH, 11 April 2007 — Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the United States, accused the US Congress of being “the center of hostility” in America toward Saudi Arabia.

“The reasons for that are many, the first of which is the Zionist lobby in the United States,” Prince Turki said at a symposium entitled “The Role of Diplomacy in Political Crises,” organized by the Saudi Association for Media and Communications here yesterday.

He said that the lobby was powerful and had a direct impact on the decisions taken by members of Congress. “The lobby supports and encourages Congress members to take hostile stances toward Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Prince Turki said that before Sept. 11, 2001, public surveys showed that 45 percent of Americans believed that the Kingdom was a friendly nation. “After it was announced that 15 of the 19 hijackers who took part in the attacks were Saudi, public surveys showed that 60 percent believed that Saudi Arabia was a hostile country,” he said.

Read it all…

* Perhaps Turki would like to know that 7000 French Jews have applied for asylum in the US because they no longer feel safe in the land of Libere’-Egalite’ and Fraternite’ …

Andrew Bolts Prayer: ‘Please tell me it isn’t so…’

Andrew Bolt is Australia’s most courageous columnist. He doesn’t buy the Warmonista/Planetarian crap and he calls a spade a spade, well; As long as he is allowed to do so. He points out the failures and the depravity of the socialist Bracks government in Victoria, where reading from the Koran got the two Danny’s (preachers of the ‘catch the fire ministries) into the courts, and the failure by the neutered Police to control ferals, the result of a ‘progressive’ (sensitive) female police chief who knows best what’s good for all of us, like here:

And if we take the heavy censorship in Victoria into account (both: the voluntary self-censorship combined with the Bracks/Islamo-fascist imposed muzzling of the media) then Andrew Bolt should be commended and encouraged for speaking out.

In his latest essay in the Herald Sun Andrew despairs:

Stop the Hatred


Yvonne Ridley

MAYBE this time, I thought. Maybe this first Australian Islamic Conference would at last show us the moderate Muslim leaders we’ve searched for.

God, we need them. Look at the latest doings of the hate-preachers we have now.


No, we don’t need them. We need to see them gone.

Sorry Andrew, the next batch won’t be better. They only preach what’s in the Koran and the Sunnah… They only follow their ‘religion’-

The greatest pity is that Hilaly isn’t the only hate-preacher in our mosques.

Other radical sheiks have been accused of telling followers not to pay taxes to this infidel Government.

Worse, the Howard Government sidelined its Muslim Community Reference Group after finding a third of the 14 “moderates” it handpicked actually backed the Iranian-backed Hezbollah extremist group, notorious for its terrorist wing.

There is more, much more. Read it all…


Catmeat Update:

Mufti told to quit or leave
Richard Kerbaj

THE Howard Government has intensified its pressure on Australia’s most senior Islamic spiritual leader, Taj Din al-Hilali, demanding he consider leaving the country and step down from his position as mufti.
Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday expressed outrage at Sheik Hilali’s weekend visit to Tehran, during which he called on the Islamic world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime.
Muslim leaders from around Australia attacked the Egyptian-born cleric for becoming an “ongoing problem”.

From the Australian, read it all



The verdict is in: Andrew had  comments all day long and as you can see, the Aussies are becoming increasingly agitated  over the Koranimals:  Nothing but smoke and mirrors, before they finally become abusive.

Who guessed it? No surprises here: We have yet to see one intelligent comment from them or any kind of rebuttal, but its never more than bullshit and Islam, Islam and nothing but Islam….