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‘Write SOMETHING about Saddam…’

I am getting e-mails telling me ‘your silence about the death of Saddam is deafening’- , so I guess we better mention that the Iraqi dictator has been executed today.

Am I surprised that the execution came suddenly? Yes I am. Is this NEWS that matters to this website and the global jihad? Not really…
Does his execution make any difference to the global jihad, to the building of mosques and madrassahs behind enemy lines, to the ever increasing numbers of Mohammedan infil-traitors, who keep coming to settle and conquer our lands, the dar-ul-harb, who undermine our security, who cost billions of dollars of taxpayers money in monitoring, who spread an ideology far worse than communism or Nazi-fascism ever were, and who steadfastly hold on to a belief system that teaches them to lie and to deceive, to hate and kill unbelievers, lest these filthy kufr’s pay the Jiziyah with willing submission and live as dhimmies under their Mohammedan masters?

Saddam is dead and that is good. Does his death make any difference in the war against the global jihad? Perhaps, perhaps not. At least there is no official reward of $25.000.00 dollars any longer for the families of suicide bombers. There is also no safe haven for terrorists like Abu Nidal who found shelter in Iraq after he hijacked the ‘Achille Lauro’ and killed Mr. Klinghoffer in his wheel-chair and threw him over board. For the foreseeable future there won’t be any scuds out of Iraq threatening Israel. Big deal? Hmmm, but at what a price…
Anyway, the purpose of this website is not to smear the American administration for its failings in the ‘WoT’, but to to bring awareness to the global jihad, to the effect of ever increasing numbers of Mohammedans in our midst and the the impact on our freedom, freedom of expression and speech, freedom which we had taken for granted and which is now under threat by the
“believe it or else ” brigades…

The threat to us by demographics, by out-breeding and continuous unhindered Muhammedan immigration, is far greater than the threat of jihad-terror.
If you’re interested to learn more about Saddam go to:


The global jihad continues. It is permanent and relentless. Saddam Hussain did play his part in it. His death doesn’t move me or anyone I know. Good riddance….

Alternative Reality from Al Jizzeera

A letter from an American to the Qatari Jihad-propaganda network al Jizzeera:

Hi Sheikha,

What is Jihad? We keep hearing this word even in our media, however, regardless to the negative portrayal the main stream Western media provides, I’m sure many Europeans and Americans, as much as I, don’t know the exact meaning of the word.

Is it terrorism? Is it carrying weapons to attract more adherents to your religion?

Or is it carrying weapons to fight the infidels, like what the Muslims used to do some 1400 years ago?

Steve B. from the States

Here’s Sheika defending the ‘Religion of Peace:’

And here’s Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch taking her to the cleaners:

Volkszorn in Pankow/Berlin

An update on the Ahmadiyah mosque in Berlin:

The Movement by Joachim Swietlik and the residents of Heinersdorf in Pankow/Berlin against the building of a mosque seems to be sabotaged by the authorities. In typical misguided authoritarian fashion it appears the links on the web have been disabled for the time being, in order to prevent mass-demonstrations and possible street fights. All opponents to the building of the mosque are stigmatized as ‘racists’ and the fact that NPD skinheads (similar to the British BNP) are trying to get a piece of the action doesn’t help the cause.

If you know somebody in Berlin or in Germany please check with them and see if we can get some news-updates, possibly in English.

For the moment I found only this link accessible:

Some more links from Germany on current stories:

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‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes again in Thailand

Another 2 Buddhist teachers shot dead, burned in southern Thailand.
From Reuters

Now this is something we will cover in depth as soon as we get a bit more of a routine in this blogging business. The Thai’s have been hard done by, the Mohammedan ‘insurgency’ in the south needs to be addressed, not with origami swans and financial gifts to the Mohammedan menace, but with internment and re-education camps, a severe purge on all hate-preachers and militants, a massive military presence (without the Mohammedan coup leader who sacked Taksin Shinawatra and who is now driving the country to the abyss, because as a Mohammedan his loyalty is, (how could it be any other way?) with the ‘ummah’ the Islamic cause. More later!
YALA, Thailand (Reuters) – Suspected separatists shot dead two Buddhist teachers on Friday and burned their bodies in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south, police said, the latest attack in a three-year insurgency that has killed more than 1,800.

The teachers were ambushed in their pickup truck only 300 meters (yards) from the village school where they taught in the southern province of Yala, police said. Security forces are bracing for a new round of attacks on government buildings, officials and civilians to mark the third anniversary of the renewed insurgency on January 4, police said.

“We knew they were going to do it, but we didn’t know the target,” Police Colonel Pumipetch Pipatpetchpoom said of the attackers. “Our security checkpoints have blocked them from entering the city, so they had to do it in a village,” he added.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the violence which has seen almost daily gun and bomb attacks in the three predominantly Muslim southern provinces bordering Malaysia.

Thailand’s military-appointed government has embarked on a peace drive in the Malay-speaking region, an independent sultanate until the Buddhist-dominated Bangkok government annexed it a century ago. But the attacks have continued.

The Education Ministry said this week 110 schools had been hit by arson attacks and 71 teachers and school staff killed in attacks since January 2004.

Lawssuits for Abuse of Islam and the ‘Profit’ Mohammed?

Seems to be their ONLY problem. Forget poverty, disease, illiteracy; Nothing else matters! That’s what Mohammeds cult seeks to achieve: No criticism of terror & murder in the name of Islam, no obstacles in the way of peaceful da’awa, (proselytizing especially in the prisons) the building of mosques and most of all no mockery of this belief-system that is so utterly bizarre and holds more than ONE billion people in shackles: ‘Say we are a religion of peace of we will kill you…’

The peculiar and clueless illogic of the jihad-apes…

JEDDAH, 28 December 2006 — A two-day conference organized by the Makkah-based Muslim World League yesterday called for a consultative commission in order to take legal action against those who abuse Islam and its Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islamic sanctities, at local and international courts of justice, the Saudi Press Agency said.

Norway doesn’t want any more mosques either…


What is the world coming to! And I have such fond memories of  Kristiansand!

What a pretty and very pleasant seaside village,  and now this:

Three Muslim organizations in Kristiansand have outgrown the two existing mosques and have applied to local authorities for help in finding a site where they can build a new mosque.

Things have changed. In the seventies there wasn’t anything Islamic in that neck of the woods….

Tony Blair and Islam…

It is astounding how shameless left wing politicians sell out to Mohammedan invaders who are given the right to vote in the Dar-al-Harb, the lands of the infidels (why?) the land of war, which is yet to be conquered by Islam, because ‘all religion must belong to Allah…’
But they do, and they make good use of these privileges, in order to keep left-wing nut-roots like Ken Livingstone, the Jew-hating Major of Londonistan, Jack Straw (“the alternative would be to horrible to contemplate”…) and the male whore ‘gorgeous’ George Galloway in positions where they don’t belong. Does anyone remember Blair, how he went on a whirlwind tour around the Middle East after 9/11, exasperated about the triumphalist attitudes of the Arabs (who always perceived the 9/11 attack as a ‘great victory’ for Islam) how he sat like a schoolboy with the (now deceased) Emir of Qatar in front of the Al Jazzeera media circus, who lectured him on Bin Laden and asked him whether he ‘respected him now’- (meaning OBL) which sent Tony Blair, this empty suit, in a spinning frenzy as he tried to babble his way out of this embarrassment, while trying to make some sense of all these grinning, smirking sons of Allah…

He may have said some of the right things during his years in power, yet he could always be relied upon not to do anything when it mattered. He promised to deport 500 Islamic clerics after the 7/7 London bombings, but not one has been deported to date. One (Omar Bakri, one of the most notorious hate-preachers) left of his own accord. Blair is not the only one who blabbers absurdities with both sides of his mouth, but his latest display of stupidity is a complete sell-out.

December 28, 2006

Tony Blair speaks of “progressive” Qur’an, says “the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands were breathtaking”
Tony Blair strikes again, this time in Foreign Affairs (thanks to Andrew Bostom). For him to relate the Qur’an’s delegitimization of Judaism and Christianity as akin to the Protestant Reformation is unsurprising, but his papering over the bloodiness of the conquest of the formerly Christian lands of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as of Persia and India, is unconscionable.

To me, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is how progressive it is. I write with great humility as a member of another faith. As an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, much as reformers attempted to do with the Christian church centuries later. The Koran is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and far ahead of its time in attitudes toward marriage, women, and governance.
Under its guidance, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands were breathtaking. Over centuries, Islam founded an empire and led the world in discovery, art, and culture. The standard-bearers of tolerance in the early Middle Ages were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian ones.

Read it all, if you have the stomach.


The Muslims Are Coming!,1518,druck-456751,00.html

I finally managed to put it up! Bear with me while I’m learning this program, but I’ve been watching this story unfold for a while now: The former East Germans are par tout against this Ahmadiyah mosque, 90% of them are against having to hear the call to prayer over their rooftops 5 times a day and won’t have the government impose it on them.

Joachim Swietlik leads a citizen-rights group and made himself pretty knowledgeable about the cult(-ure) of the  invading usurpers, he sez ‘ they believe the Muslim Jesus will come on judgment day and break the cross and kill all the unbelievers and swine, and guess who the swine are? That’s US!’

Read it all until I learn to make hyperlinks:
By Michael Scott Moore and Jochen-Martin Gutsch in Berlin
A citizens’ group in Berlin turned out this week for a candlelight vigil to protest plans for a new mosque in their neighborhood. It will be the first to be built in the former East Berlin, where almost no Muslims live — but no one can quite explain why it shouldn’t be there.

A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Berlin stands in front of a sign that reads, “There is no God but Allah.” The community has just won approval for a new mosque in an eastern district of the German capital.

At the end of a rundown suburban street lined with bare trees and flaking apartment facades, a small group of people hold candles or colored Glo-sticks. A few hold signs — “Democracy yes! Caliphate no!” — and some carry German flags.
“The mosque is supposed to go up right here,” says Günter Bronner, a blustery white-haired man with glasses pushed up on his forehead who’s lived in the neighborhood for 42 years. He points to a drab piece of land at the end of the street where a defunct sauerkraut factory stands. “They want to have a minaret with a muezzin who gives the call to prayer five times a day. Can you imagine? Five times a day over our rooftops.”

Please click on the link above for the whole thing!

Australia:Pastors’ conviction for quoting Quran overturned

Good news from Australia about a sad and wrong attempt to stifle free speech by a misguided judge.  Remember, one of the things they were censured for was…reading from the Qur’an. From

Two Australian pastors who were convicted of “vilifying” Muslims when they quoted from the Quran during a seminar on jihad have had their appeals upheld by the Victorian Supreme Court.

And while that means they will return to a lower court for another trial, that actually is a good result, according to a new report from Voice of the Martyrs.

“In a sense we are happy with this decision… It means this case will be kept alive in the public consciousness,” Pastor Danny Nalliah said in a VOM report. “There’s a need to keep these vilification laws in sharp focus to reveal the problems this law is creating.”

The Australian law was imposed in order to prevent the denigration of people based on their race or religion, and similar laws also have been approved in Canada, where critics of the law say they include sexual orientation and forbid pastors from condemning homosexuality as a sin.

Many of the “hate crimes” proposals in the United States are based on a similar concept: designating as “crimes” the statements people make about their own beliefs or convictions.