Belgium: Hundreds of Mohammedan Invaders Demand Asylum

by sheikyer mami on January 17, 2014

In Pictures: Afghan asylum shoppers invade Belgium (Al Jizz)

Hundreds of Afghan refugees and their supporters held a three-day protest march calling for asylum.

For the second time in less than a month, hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers and their supporters held a three-day protest march in Belgium.

The 70-km march started on January 11 in Brussels and ended in Ghent. The aim was to publicise the situation of Belgium’s Afghan asylum seekers, and put pressure on the Belgian government to provide protection and legal residency.

After the first march, Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo expressed some sympathy for their situation. But Maggie De Block, the secretary of state for asylum and migration and for social integration, has taken a tougher line. During the march, the protesters stopped in front of her home and left her a symbolic bus ticket to Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

Many of the participants had been denied asylum despite the fact that Afghanistan is still insecure. Some Afghans have even been deported. The group of Afghan asylum-seekers, some of whom have lived in Belgium for years, began protesting last year after some of them were denied asylum. Two hundred of them, including women and children, have been occupying a church in the center of Brussels for the past four months – where they have access to only two toilets.

Belgium has had a military presence in Afghanistan since 2003, as part of the NATO operations there. Around 2.7 million Afghans continue to live in exile from their home country, and some 600,000 are estimated to be internally displaced.

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Mullah Lodabullah January 17, 2014 at 12:21 pm

How they brought the bad news from Brussels to Ghent

john Daniel January 17, 2014 at 3:30 pm

A special request to the (Parasitic) muslim invaders of Belgium.

You are being asked politely – Please Leave.
Why are you in Belgium – or even in Europe? – Oh Yeah! – The Caliphate Thing!

Go back to where you came from (Parasitic) muslim – QUICKLY – non muslim are now aware of your “Creepy Sharia” stealth invasion – and will not allow it to continue.

When you return to the Islamic country you came from ….
Make the same Humanitarian request of your Islamic Governments as you
are making in Belgium – see how you go with that one!

Western Demcratic Countries (this is Europe) are NOT RESPONSIBLE for
your Islamic welfare – you are a (Parasitic) muslim – stay with your own Thug relatives!
Seek your desires in your Islam (Parasitic) muslim country.

Remember – you HAVE BEEN politely asked to leave.
WHY? – because non-muslim see AND NOW KNOW what you are like in your home Islamic Country.
Go rape murder and pillage your own families and people not the non-muslims of Belgium.

WHAT – You’re still here – GET LOST – (Parasitic) muslim

PG January 17, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Mostly men, perhaps?

sheikyermami January 17, 2014 at 10:23 pm


john Daniel January 18, 2014 at 1:17 am

The Photo Captioned ….
“A Belgian woman looked outside as the march passed in front of her home”.

This photo’s caption SHOULD have read ….
A Belgian woman taking needed refuge in an anonymous doorway

How it looks to me – Why this photo has been incorrectly captioned ….
• The Belgian woman pictured is NOT standing in an open or even partially open doorway of where she lives – the door behind her is firmly SHUT – albeit she could be on the verge of going out.
• The Belgian woman pictured is taking needed refuge in an anonymous doorway” .

• The Belgian woman (to me) appears to be taking refuge from the HORDE of Afghanistani MEN who have taken over the footpath she was walking along – poor soul – she must have been stranded for hours.
• The Belgian woman IS standing with her back firmly pressed against the door on a very narrow step of the doorway that is NOT even wide enough to accommodate her foot length – her toes – even the balls of her feet – extend out beyond the narrow step.
• The Belgian woman (to me – if you look at her face) IS NOT HAPPY with the situation she finds herself inadvertently in.
• This mass of NOT DANGEROUS Afghanistani MEN showed no courtesy to this Belgium woman – do you really want this COWARDLY lot of (Parasitic) muslim in your country.
• To my eye this Belgian Woman was forced by this HORDE – who do NOT show her a common courtesy – to take refuge in a convenient anonymous doorway.
• These Afghanistani MEN and their local Assisters were to busy looking after themselves and their own feelings to consider an Elderly Belgian Lady – SAY NO MORE.

How about this great blob of (Parasitic) muslim testosterone do something useful and take themselves back where they came from and fix the cause of what they say they are in danger from – Oh – they are to COWARDLY (as usual).

Think differently – evaluate the photo yourself!

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