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Sons of apes & swine

June 3, 2008

Thug-in-Chief: “I do not believe that my declarations create problems,” but Israel is “doomed to go” *  EVIL TAKES A ROMAN HOLIDAY from Atlas Shrugs *  Kick the filth out of FAO from Andrew Bolt *  Iran calls on Muslims to ‘erase’ Israel Once he gets started, he just keeps going. “Ahmadinejad: Europe suffering because […]

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Only three and a half years for Afghan Assassin who stabbed Frankfurt Rabbi

May 20, 2008

Dhimmi Justice in Germany: Stabbing Jews is no big deal Update from this story: Rabbi stabbed on street in Frankfurt bank quarter From Jihad Watch Germany Three and a half years in prison for knife attack on rabbi  Update:  From Spiegel Online   A German court ruled that a Muslim man who admitted stabbing a rabbi […]

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German Interior Minister Scheuble Still Deluded About ‘Integration’

May 14, 2008

*  YOU will be integrated, Herr Scheuble. In other words, you are insane if you do the same mistake over and over again, hoping against hope for a different result. But, in the words of the despicable Jack ‘Chamberlain’ Straw: “the alternative is to horrible to contemplate…” German interior minister says Islam must accept female […]

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December 29, 2006

The Muslims Are Coming!,1518,druck-456751,00.html I finally managed to put it up! Bear with me while I’m learning this program, but I’ve been watching this story unfold for a while now: The former East Germans are par tout against this Ahmadiyah mosque, 90% of them are against having to hear the call to prayer over […]

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German bleeding hearts care for Hamas…

December 22, 2006,1518,455632,00.html The West classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization, but in the Gaza Strip, the Islamist organization is widely respected for helping families in need. International aid groups also praise Hamas for being free of corruption. By Ulrike Putz in Gaza City… Read more>> 

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SPIEGEL SUX FOR PC, ‘German Media Too White’ sez government…

December 22, 2006,1518,455751,00.html Germany lags far behind Britain and the United States in integrating its large immigrant population into the broadcast media. A government minister has called on the networks to start recruiting more journalists and TV presenters from ethnic minorities. The country has only just realised that this is a key step towards integration. Read more… […]

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