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Lying About Israel

January 24, 2014

Lying Savage Scum Israeli Channel Exposes False Claim of Arab MK Who Heckled PM Harper The SOB has aircon, satellite dishes and… two wives! The Lies of Halper Fisking Jeff Halper’s diatribe at St. James Putin Vows To Nuke Mecca Relax, Muslims: its just a rumour: …. in light of the two terrorist bombings in […]

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“Muslims respect all prophets” urinate on Torah scrolls

September 7, 2008

* When the worshippers of Muhammad go proselytizing, (as they must)  they’ll tell you that they ‘respect all prophets’- that is plain BS. Muslims worship Muhammad (only) and accuse the biblical prophets of every crime ever committed. The slaves of Allah especially accuse the ‘people of the book’,- (Jews and Christians), of falsifying their holy […]

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California Muslim groups sue FBI

September 19, 2007

* Chutzpah, an old jiddish word, according to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, is best defined by somebody who murders his mother and father, only to claim leniency in the courts because he has now become an orphan. Only in America: California Muslim groups sue FBI Litigation Jihad: CAIR, abetted by the ACLU, goes after […]

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