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Yusuf does comedy (also)

July 19, 2008

“Muslim apathy & thick-Sheiks” Guest column by Eddy Rollnick/BKK *  Defending the indefensible is not an easy task, especially when increasing numbers of  alarmed infidels are reading the Koran and the sunnah without ideological blinkers and can no longer be hoodwinked with  ‘Religion of Peace’ and ‘ jihad is inner struggle’ crack-pottery. One who has taken […]

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Hamas bans pornographic websites in Gaza Strip

May 19, 2008

* Good one, that: in EUrabia its the Muhammedans who are the biggest consumers of porn. Now if Hamas is going to take this away from them, will it encourage some of them to break with Hamas? Because if that doesn’t do it, what will? Al Reuters:   Islamist group Hamas has told the main […]

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Arabiya, whole “Muslim World”, goes apeshit over Koran shooting

May 18, 2008

* The usual: Kissing that dirty book and begging forgiveness doesn’t do it. Apology ceremonies won’t do it. Infidel blood must be shed, nothing less will do: From Al Arabya/ Hourly updates over the marauding Koranimals who run amok will follow, stay tuned! * Germany’s SPIEGEL pays tribute to the ‘most powerful book in the […]

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Moe’s Inner Struggle, every day…

May 16, 2008

Moe & the ‘Peace Process’ Arab mediators reach deal to end Lebanon violence BEIRUT (Reuters) – Arab League mediators announced a deal on Thursday to end Lebanon’s worst internal fighting since the civil war, after the U.S.-supported government backed down in its conflict with Hezbollah. Al Reuters * From Iran, where the lunatics run the […]

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Bush in Israel: Arabs & Lefties Go Apeshit

May 16, 2008

Genocidal Fantasies: Jordanian prof: Let’s send suicide bombers with small nukes to Israel Professorial. “Jordanian University Lecturer Ibrahim ‘Alloush Suggests Sending Suicide-Bombers Armed with ‘Small Nuclear Bombs’ to Israel,” from MEMRITV * Hamas official: “After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity” Land for what, now? “Zahar: ‘We […]

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Rotten to the core: Hamas killer rabbit & dirty old man claim Tel Aviv was ‘Tel Al-Rabi’

May 15, 2008

* Cooking history so they can hate us better: The Hamas grievance mill is ever-churning, teaching the youngest children to hate Jews and aspire to kill them. In this latest video, the rabbit that wants to kill Jews and eat them up gets a history lesson from his grandfather, all about his wonderful city, Tel […]

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More Honor Killings In Jordan

May 13, 2008

* Where is queen Rania when you need her? ‘Dispelling stereotypes’ on youtube? From the ‘Muhammedanism is a mental disorder’ department: Jordan: man kills pregnant sister to “cleanse family honor” AMMAN – The Jordanian authorities are questioning a 22-year- old man, who allegedly killed his pregnant married sister for reasons related to family honour, the […]

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