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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: never too young to get married…

August 6, 2008

10-year-olds aren’t too young to be brides in Saudi Arabia An 11-year-old Saudi Arabian boy gave out invitations to his classmates for a big event his family was planning this summer – and it wasn’t his birthday party.   It was his wedding to a 10-year-old cousin. 

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Saudi Arabia: “Al-Qaeda threat is serious”- Grand Mufti Al-Asheikh gets the jitters…

July 4, 2008

* The inbred scum of Sowdi Arabia sees the writing on the wall: for more than 70 years they’ve been preaching hatred and financing violent jihad against the rest of the world and groomed their offspring to make the world Islamic. Now the “chickens come home to rooooost” and they don’t like one bit: Arab News […]

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