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Mawdudi revisited

Thanks to MCB Watch

The division of Islamic Jihad into “offensive” and “defensive” is not permissible. Islamic Jihad is both offensive and defensive at the same time. It is offensive because the Muslim Party attacks the rule of an opposing ideology, and it is defensive because the Muslim Party is constrained to capture state power in order to protect the principles of Islam in space-time forces.
Sayyid Abul A’la Mawdudi, Jihad fi Sabilillah (Jihad in Islam),

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L’Oréal Ö ak’bar

L’Oréal Paris chooses anti-Semitic Amena Khan for its new campaign

Brain dead. Don’t look for signs of intelligence in the cosmetics industry.

Next week a woman in a burka will be advertising Gillette.

“Woke” grandma embodies spirit of Women’s March 

‘Woke’ must be just about the dumbest word ever invented by a bunch of mental flatliners who run around in pussy hats & hate people who don’t.

Never mind the spelling mistakes what a moronic sentiment…what fundamental rights are women deprived of in America? I’d have some respect for these hysterical banshees if they showed the slightest concern for the plight of genuinely oppressed women around the world.

Any movement that has sharia advocate Linda Sarsour as one of its leaders is not only morally & intellectually bankrupt but is counterproductive in advancing women’s rights. –Rita Panahi

Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!

March, You Sorry A$$ MF’s!

How to Talk to Leftists on Australia Day

By Lucas Rosas

To the well-educated, mindless drones that infest our institutions, wrapped in their unearned sense of superiority while sneering at the plebs below them who make their existence possible, there is no greater joy than finding something that ordinary people like and crapping all over it.

If, by unhappy chance, you happen to be in the presence of one of these noxious and noisome toads on our national day when they begin to bleat the imbecilities that their university lecturers taught them with eyes half-closed, nose pointed to the heavens and possibly a finger in the air, I ask you to resist the natural urge to punch them in the face (after all, they may be a family member).

Instead ask them: if Australia is such an illegitimate country built on stolen land, why do they continue to reside here?

I suspect that lot never bought and paid for a piece of land, that’s why they hate those who did.

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UK: Knife Crimes, the “Nuances” of FGM & Whites Must Not Apply

Londonistan: the Mohammedan mayor is insouciant to knife crime committed by Islamic cultural enrichers against native Brits. He has no intention to do anything about it.

Mayor Khan: ‘I Can’t Solve London Knife Crime,’ Blames Right Wingers

The London mayor has said he “can not solve knife crime by myself” when pressed on the issue in the London Assembly.
In other news:
Dear white people. Why are you paying your license fee? You are not wanted:

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UK: Police top dog excuses lack of FGM convictions by saying “there are many nuances to this crime”

No, Balhatchet, there is only one “nuance,” and you and I and Theresa May and all of Britain knows what that one nuance is: the people who practice female genital mutilation are Muslims, and you don’t want to offend them, and so you don’t prosecute FGM cases. It really isn’t any more “nuanced” than that, although you will batter your interlocutors with all manner of bafflegab to try to cover up that fact.

“Police Commander on Lack of Female Genital Mutilation Convictions: ‘There Are Many Nuances to This Crime,’” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, January 19, 2018:

The police commander tasked with tackling female genital mutilation has excused the lack of convictions for the crime by saying it has “many nuances”.

Ivan Balchatchet, the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s lead on ‘honour’ violence, female genital mutilation, and forced marriage, was responding to a letter from Jonathan Nicholas, a writer who served as a frontline police officer for 30 years, asking why there has yet to be a single conviction for FGM despite tens of thousands of recorded cases since it was criminalised in 1985.

“Thank you for your letters received dated 10th October 2017 and 12th January 2018 [sic],” wrote Balhatchet.

“May I apologise for the tardiness in my response, you can appreciate that as the National Policing Lead for this portfolio the need to prioritise resources to tackle all forms of Honour-Based Abuse, including Female Genital Mutilation. This includes working with both statutory and non-governmental organisations, in ways to prevent FGM and protect girls and women.”…

“There are many nuances to this crime type, which even third-sector charitable organisations, do not claim to share a nexus with your rationale of concerns for the lack of successful prosecutions [sic].”

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Should an anti-Semitic Imam receive political asylum in America?

Daniel Greenfield

Last winter, the local media was touting Imam Abdullah Khadra as a victim of President Trump’s travel ban. Khadra, a Syrian, was here on a religious worker visa and was applying for political asylum.

The refugee Imam living in North Carolina called Trump’s move, “absolutely inhumane and ridiculous.”

Jewish leftists agreed. Lucy Dinner, the clergywoman from Temple Beth Or in Raleigh, denounced “singling out an entire group of people based on their faith.” Lucy Dinner had previously signed a letter in support of anti-Israel activism by Eric and Jennifer Solomon. Eric Solomon was affiliated with the anti-Israel hate group, T’ruah, and Jenny Solomon ran controversial educational programs at the NC Hillel.

But the local media’s favorite Syrian refugee was soon caught preaching the murder of Jews.


Meet the 2018 UN Human Rights Council. No joke.

It is our policy to remove Australia from the farcical UN framework on refugees and review all other international treaties.

Farce: Meet 2018 Membership of U.N. Human Rights Council 

Meet the 2018 membership of the U.N. Human Rights Council, elected by the United Nations with the mandate to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights“:

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Melbournistan: “Groups of Teenagers” Misbehavin’

Teenagers accused of bashing and robbing Australian Open tourists face court

Melissa Cunningham from the AGE doesn’t dare to mention that the “teenagers” are the same African enrichers who have been terrorising Melbournistan for quite some time.

A group of teenagers have faced court accused of bashing and robbing foreign tourists visiting Melbourne for the Australian Open, leaving one US man seriously injured.

Five teenagers, including one who was on bail, have been charged by the Melbourne’s Embona Robbery Taskforce following two separate robberies in Melbourne’s CBD on Wednesday night.

Charge sheets allege one of the teenagers intentionally caused serious injury to a victim in circumstances of “gross violence’’ in that at the time of the assault the victim was “incapacitated’’.

Police allege in one incident a 52-year-old man and 17-year-old boy, both from the United States, were bashed and robbed in the Queen Victoria Gardens just after 11pm.

The two US citizens have been identified as highly acclaimed American doctor Edmund Pribitkin and his teenage son Edik.

Edik is believed an avid tennis fan and player who dreamed of going to the Australian Open with his father.

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PuffHo Manufactures “Backlash Fears” After Fake Hate Crime is Exposed


Here’s another one:

“Muslims fear backlash” over fake “Islamophobic hate crime”

See how the establishment media narrative works? When racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims.
FUREY: Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology
It was the assault that pulled on the heartstrings of a nation.

The Huffington Post here spectacularly illustrates the accuracy of my observation here: “When racist, bigoted ‘Islamophobes’ supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims. And when Muslims fake ‘Islamophobic hate crimes,’ Muslims are victims. Not only that, but when Muslims scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and murder infidels, Muslims are victims. Always and in every situation, Muslims are victims, to be appeased and accommodated in every possible way.”

Danielle S. McLaughlin writes: “Rather than call for an apology (what good would that do?) from the girl and her family, I believe we owe her an apology for not remembering that, even though she is well-spoken, she is still a child. She even told us, although it was while describing her fear at the fictitious attack: ‘I am a kid.’ Exactly.”

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Look over there! A Nazi! Isn’t he horrid!

Shut up and keep paying taxes!

The Melbourne media, academic and political elites have recently had a little bit of a problem crop up in relation to the ongoing vibrant diversification and enrichment of that once fine city.

The problem being that no matter how hard they try to cover it up, make excuses and even commission whole fictional television series to distract from it, the fact remains that young men of South Sudanese background are victimising the native population at a distressing rate.

Naturally of course these are just teething problems in the journey towards the greater vision of a multicultural utopia without so many of those unfashionable white working class Bogans cluttering up the place. But sadly the mouth breathing denizens of the outer suburbs have been agitated by a nefarious conspiracy no doubt orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch (as he swirls his cognac in an oversize glass seated on a throne of skulls stroking a chained hyena) and by other disreputable gutter diving reporters who rudely insist on going around telling the dirty-handed proles things they don’t need to know.

Not proper journalism at all, clearly.

The last few weeks have been a frenzy amongst the better educated, better bred, better informed and all around better class of Melbourne citizens to prove to the easily swayed imbeciles who live beyond Northcote that there are no African gangs, that there is no problem with African crime and that the Police are working with African community leaders to help solve this problem of African crime that isn’t real so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Now shut up and keep paying taxes.

Strangely enough some citizens have become sceptical of this official response. Personally, I can’t imagine why.

One such group held a meeting in the South eastern suburbs this past week. Surprisingly, considering the impeccable reputation for fairness and impartiality possessed by the Australian fourth estate, media access was strictly limited with only a brief interview being granted by two of the organisers to Channel 7.

Any frequent reader of XYZ (and is there any other kind?) will have read this publication’s excellent write up of what happened next. In short about half the prominent leftists in Australia both in print, on social media and online held a gigantic hissy fit.

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Australia Day brings out ferals & patriots

Blair Cottrell:

Australia Day is coming up, which means it’s that time of year when Leftists deliberately inflame Aboriginal people with racial nationalism based on exaggerated ideas of their ‘oppression’, just to divide society a little more to help them sell Communism as a solution later on.

National pride is such a powerful defence against Globalism, that media personalities & upper-class political bureaucrats are looking for any excuse they can find to take Australia Day away from the people.

‘Tens of thousands’ to join Australia Day activist WAR

Pia Akerman The Australian January 17, 2018

Indigenous activists calling for the abolition of Australia Day expect tens of thousands of protesters to swamp Melbourne’s CBD next week, saying a groundswell of support is building for more drastic action than changing the date of the national holiday.

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Far-right group vows vigilante action in Melbourne
The far-right True Blue Crew has planned vigilante action to respond to the perceived African youth gang wave in Melbourne.

Where Australia Day means ‘thankyou’

WHILE some denounce Australia Day as Invasion Day, an Aboriginal clan from northeast Arnhem Land uses it to welcome doctors, nurses, teachers, police and the community to their land and to thank them for their contributions.
Who let in the Sudanese? Amanda Vanstone

The crime wave in Victoria by people of African descent has been astonishing, with the latest victim a young woman who was stopped while cycling and carved up by three Africans.

Sudanese Australians are people of Sudanese ancestry or birth who now live in Australia. The 2011 census recorded 19,369 people born in Sudan. Of these, the largest number were living in the state of Victoria, (6,085), followed by New South Wales (5,629), Western Australia (2,722) and then Queensland (2,582).

Religion plays an important role in Sudan, with 97% of the country’s population adhering to Islam. The vast majority of Muslims in Sudan are Sunni belonging to the Maliki school of jurisprudence.

Due to the process of Arabisation common throughout the rest of the Arab world, today Arab culture predominates in Sudan. The ethnic groups of Sudan are Arabs 70%, others being Arabized ethnic groups of Nubians, Copts, and Beja. Others (Fur, Nuba, Fallata).

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