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The hoax is OVER. It’s done. They tried and failed

The hoax is OVER. It’s done. They tried and failed

All The Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back To John Brennan 

Trump is the most vetted president in history. He has been subjected to 3 years of non-stop investigations by the FBI, Congress, News Media, Journalists, Foreign Intelligence, and Foreign Governments, all of which WANT him to be guilty of something, ANYTHING.

They found nothing.

Lindsey Graham officially opens investigation into Joe Biden & son, and their dealings in Ukraine

CNN and other liberal journo-activists act like prosecutors when a Republican is in the White House and defense attorneys when a Democrat is in the White House

War Heroes Bash Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘Operative,’ ‘Disgrace’

“We learned that Princess Vindman was offered the position of Ukrainian Defense Minister 3 times by the Ukrainians. Let me suggest that people don’t extend offers like that unless you have an open for business sign.”

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 19: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, National Security Council Director for European Affairs, testifies before the House Intelligence Committee in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill November 19, 2019 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony during the third day of open hearings in the …
Vindman Testifies At The #SchiftySchiff Show Trial He Is A #NeverTrumper Obama Loyalist & Leaker But We Are Supposed To Be SILENCED By His Uniform And His FAKE Claim Of Impartiality

War heroes slammed Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official who testified Tuesday in the impeachment inquiry’s third public hearing.

Vindman is a disgrace to all who have served. Transcript of his previous closed-door testimony he clearly admits to undermining the @POTUS foreign policy and now he has chairman Schiff advising him on how to answer questions. Continue reading The hoax is OVER. It’s done. They tried and failed

Paki holy man threatens to behead Geert Wilders in front of thousands

Khadim Rizvi is not ‘crazy’, he is devout. He is devout, violent & dangerous like a billion of his coreligionists.

Norway: Police ordered to stop Qur’an burnings for fear that Muslims may carry out jihad massacres in revenge

Norway: Anti-islamization rally turns violent over Qur’an burning

“The contest turned deadly when two men opened fire.”

“Journalist” Claire Goforth obscures who was shooting at whom in jihad attack on Muhammad cartoon contest

Sri Lankan Priest on Picking Up the Pieces After Surviving Easter Bombing

Islamic State radicalization came knocking on the doors of Sri Lanka’s Muslim community.

I don’t think it came knocking. It was always there in their mosques, in their quran & in the teachings of their prophet.

But remember: “Islamophobia” is the real problem here:

Security personnel inspect the interior of St. Sebastian's Church in Negombo on April 22, 2019, a day after the church was hit in series of bomb blasts targeting churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. - The death toll from bomb blasts that ripped through churches and luxury hotels in …

Father Neville Fernando, TOR, froze. He was standing in the middle of St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, Sri Lanka, on Easter Sunday in the immediate aftermath of a jihadist attack that would kill over 250 people and injure 500 others in three churches and three hotels in the Colombo area.

“I heard the explosions, I saw the bodies, you know — the parts of the bodies, legs and hands and all. I was just trapped in the middle of the church, I could not do anything,” Fernando told Breitbart News in an interview on Tuesday.

UK: Judge attacks “abhorrent” foster parents for serving bacon to children taken from “abusive Muslim household”
Human Excrement Smeared at Vandalised French Church

Two (Musel-)men are accused of breaking into a church in the French commune of Tarbes and vandalising the place of worship and soiling books with faeces.

That’s typical Mohammedan behaviour.

The church attack occurred on Wednesday afternoon and saw the pair, who are still at large, take out prayer books which they proceeded to tear up, set on fire, and soil with human waste, French broadcaster Franceinfo reports.

The worst corruptocrats in America conspiring to remove the most successful president ever

The pontificating, the grandstanding & the virtue signalling in this Schitt Show have become unbearable. The final insult is bug-eyed homosexual, Adam Schiff, holding up one of the most corrupt black race hucksters of all time. Elijah Cummings,  as  “being better than that”.

The worst corruptocrats in American politics conspiring to remove the most successful president ever. They will not succeed.

Here’s how Schiff closed the hearing:

Schiff delivers closing statement for today’s impeachment hearing: “There is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law…We are better than that!”

It’s difficult not to laugh watching sleazy Adam Schiff try to muster up some fake emotion to sell Americans his line of bullshit during his daily closing-statement storytime.–Dan Bongino

Here’s a summary that’s quite accurate:

Pelosi: ‘Evidence Is Clear’ Trump Used Office for ‘Personal Gain,’ ‘Undermined the Integrity of our Elections’

Pelosi: ‘Evidence Is Clear’ Trump Used Office for ‘Personal Gain’

In other news:

Tuvalu Rejects Chinese Offer to Build Artificial Islands, Declares Support for Taiwan

Hardline Cleric Admits Intensity of Protests in Iran Surprised Officials

Hardline Cleric Admits Intensity of Protests in Iran Surprised Officials
France: Afghan Migrant Faces Trial for Sexually Abusing Five-Year-Old

Pope Claims Christians Forced Moslems to Convert by the Sword

It’s a real Schitt Show:

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi will lead a legal team defending against genocide accusations at the International Court of Justice

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi will lead the legal team that will seek to contest an accusation of genocide at the International Court of Justice @   The Hague, Netherlands, over the treatment of the nation’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

Von Storch: Merkel Govt Did Everything to Prevent the Prevention of Berlin Terror Attack

Von Storch

Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Beatrix von Storch has claimed that new revelations in the Berlin terror attack investigation show the German government knew attacker Anis Amri was a terror threat.Ms von Storch, who sits on the Berlin terror attack investigation committee, told Breitbart London that the government, particularly former Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, had been informed of the potential terrorist danger posed by Amri nearly a year before the December 2016 attack that killed a dozen people.Netherlands cuts aid to Palestinian Authority over terrorist salaries


The country had given about $1.6 million directly to the Palestinian Authority annually to pay the salaries of justice ministry employees.

Pope Francis Claims Christians Are Violent Like Moslems

“…the Muslims had to choose between baptism or the sword. That is what we Christians did,” he declared.

Fauxcahontas Vows to Tear Down Existing Border Barriers


Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra

“As one falls, two more will take their place.” Democracy does die in darkness and is being strangled in secret, back-door arrangements. In the third part of Glenn’s special series on the REAL Ukraine scandal, the team’s research exposes a much bigger story of what Democrats were doing in Ukraine. Disturbing details and explosive documents reveal how the Obama Deep State allowed the theft of a country and has set the stage for devastating consequences in our democracy today. Glenn explains how it’s all happening under the nose of the president and, more importantly, without the approval of the American people.

Iran reports: over 100 protesters have been killed!

Iran Protesters Target Clerics, Regime Kills Over 100 Civilians

Amnesty International said on Tuesday that Iranian security forces have killed at least 106 civilians in 21 cities during five days of protests, and there are “some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed.”

Adam Schiff Told Ukraine Officials.. ‘DON’T Investigate Bidens’…

This is INSANE…

Adam Schiff Told Ukraine Officials: ‘Don’t Investigate Bidens’

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff appears to be threatening Ukraine over its ongoing corruption probe of the Biden family.

Republican lawmakers have suggested Democrats, rather than President Trump, have tried to pressure the foreign government.

“If the Democrats and the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery, you would think they would take some interest in Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 a month,” said Representative Devin Nunes.

Berlin ready to give more refugee aid to Turkey: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that Germany is ready to provide further aid to Turkey for their efforts to host 3.5 million refugees in the country.

Little ‘Eichman’ gets award

German Jews protest award to top diplomat Heiko Maas.

The scandal-plagued Jewish Museum Berlin on Saturday awarded a tolerance prize to Germany’s foreign minister HeikoMaas who permitted his UN ambassador on the same day to condemn Israel 7 times at the UN, sparking criticism of the top diplomat.

An aerial view of the overcrowded Moria Refugee Camp in Mytilene, Greece.

Greece is reaching the point where it can no longer handle on its own the number of immigrants invading Mohammedans, the migration minister said.

Alibi negro for fake news CNN claims he ain’t no partisan hack:

This year’s Travel Risk Map, created by global risk experts International SOS, has listed eight Muslim countries in its top 10 most dangerous nations to visit.

Eight majority Muslim nations – Mali, Somalia, Central African Republic, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – were listed as being an extreme travel security risk.

Brave Iranian Woman Climbing Lamp Post, Tearing Down “Death to America” Sign as MASSIVE CROWD CHEERS!

Mass protests have now spread to over 100 cities (out of 1,080 in Iran) in Iran against the brutal regime.

At least 1,000 people have already been arrested there are reports that over 100 protesters have been killed.

Does Soros control the EUSSR?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the truth is seeping out:

“Spooky Dude” George Soros controls the EUSSR 

Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they?

But Farage, who seems to take great delight in agitating his fellow MPs, was just warming up. He went on to provide yet another example of an EU parliamentarian working on behalf of George Soros, this time against Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, who has accused the financier of seeking to create “a Europe of mixed population.”

“We even had last week Mr. [Guy] Verhofstadt lobbying on behalf of Mr. Soros at the Conference of Presidents in a battle that is going on with Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary,” Farage said, pointing directly at Verhofstadt as he spoke.

“I wonder,” Farage continued, “when we are talking about ‘political collusion,’ I wonder if we are looking in the wrong place.”


Farage described Soros’s influence in Strasbourg and Brussels as “truly extraordinary.” And that influence looks set to increase dramatically now that Soros has donated the bulk of his wealth – $18 billion – into his Open Society pet project, which campaigns for open borders and supranational structures such as the European Union.

Farage concluded his short, fiery monologue with a weighty statement: “I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international, political collusion in history.”

On the surface, there seems to be some legitimacy to Farage’s claim. According to public sources, Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI), the EU policy arm of Open Society Foundations, met with members of the European Commission on 44 separate occasions in 2016. And now that the organization has just been energized with $18 billion, it would seem apparent that that influence is set to increase.

Moreover, the Soros organizations published a pamphlet providing details on a list of 226 reliable “friends”who serve in the European Parliament. Farage said he would call on the parliament to set up a special committee to investigate the issue.

Who are Soros’ 226 EU ‘friends’?

In a 177-page pamphlet published by Open Society, entitled “Reliable Allies in the European Parliament (2014-2019),” 226 EU MEPs are listed and labeled according to their political orientation and views.

Continue reading Does Soros control the EUSSR?

Taliban goes from “not our enemy per se” to “deadliest terror group”

Taliban Overtakes Islamic State as ‘Deadliest Terror Group’

Bah, humbug! We all know that the Talibandits are “not our enemy per se”, and why do we know that? Because former VP Quid Pro Quo  Joe Biden told us so!


The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday published the 2019 edition of its Global Terrorism Index.

The survey of terrorist incidents over the past year found that the Taliban has surpassed the Islamic State as the world’s deadliest terrorist group. The Islamic State (ISIS) was seen as the deadliest threat in every edition of the report since 2013.

The rise of the Taliban and fall of ISIS in the 2019 report, which uses data from the calendar year 2018, were almost perfectly symmetrical: the Taliban racked up 70 percent more murders to reach 6,103, while the Islamic State killed 70 percent fewer people and sank to 1,328 kills. The Taliban is now responsible for about 38 percent of all terrorism-related deaths around the globe.

In other news:

China: Only Communist Courts Can Interpret Hong Kong Law

That means protesters will be abducted and tried in China, where they have no way to defend themselves. Horrific.

Chinese Facebook Employees Upset by Zuckerberg’s Criticism of Communist Government

A dictatorial regime insists that everyone bow to its demands.

China Throws Fit over ‘Vicious’ U.S. Hong Kong Human Rights Act

Who needs ‘human rights’ when you have the communist party already?

Facebook Lobbyists Linked to 29 Members of Congress Including Nancy Pelosi

No corruption to see here. Move on.


Fraudster jailed for claiming $110,000 Centrelink payments while running a multi-million-dollar business

By all means, he was a rather entrepreneurial Mohammedan.


A Perth man who defrauded Centrelink of more than $110,000 while running a multi-million-dollar shopping trolley collection business has been sentenced to three years’ jail.

Key points:
  • Ali Ayad’s Centrelink fraud was described in court as “breathtaking in its greed”
  • Over seven years he failed to claim income from a business with a $3.6m turnover
  • Ayad came to Australia in 2004 as a refugee after fleeing persecution in Iraq

Ali Ayad, 49, received Newstart payments and carer allowance between May 2010 and December 2017 while he was operating the business, which had a turnover of almost $3.6 million.

The District Court was told most of the defrauded money was used to fund Ayad’s gambling and drinking problems, but he also made four trips to the Philippines where he bought property.

He was required to tell the Department of Human Services about any income he received, but he failed to do so.

The Rape of Europe

Afghan, Iraqi, and Iranian Asylum Seekers Arrested For Gang Rape of 14-Year-Old German Girl

Police have arrested three asylum seekers for the gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl on Halloween night in the German city of Ulm.

The three asylum seekers, from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, in custody are aged 15, 16, and 26 and are three of five suspects in the case. Investigators say there could have been even more people involved in the suspected gang rape, newspaper Münchner Merkur reports.

Investigators say the German teen had met one of the suspects on Halloween night and agreed to join him and his group. Once they arrived at the home of one of the asylum seekers, the men raped the girl. Toxicology examinations later found drugs in the girl’s blood, with investigators suggesting the suspects may have drugged her before the assault.

In other news:

The “Great Pleasure in Destroying Christians”
Merkel’s Germany: Seven Syrians Arrested After 18-year-old Gang Raped 

Italy Rocked by Alleged Drugging, Rape, and Murder of Italian Teen Girl by ‘Africans and Arabs’ 

Imam tells Muslims to take over Ireland

Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate MUSLIM IMMIGRATION
The warming racket:

“Migrants” storming the beaches of Europe

Over 1,350 Migrants Arrive on Greek Islands in Single Weekend

Mohammedans & other undesirables storming the bastions of Western civilisation.

FILE - In this Thursday, March 16, 2017 file photo, piles of life jackets used by refugees and migrants are left in Molyvos village, on the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos. About 1,500 asylum-seekers were being transported from Greece's eastern Aegean island of Lesbos to the mainland Monday Sept. 2, …

The Greek coastguard has said more than 1,350 migrants arrived on various islands in the Aegean Sea over the weekend, as tensions boil in the already overcrowded camps.

The coastguard said they picked up a total of 658 migrants from Friday to Monday morning and added that another 730 migrants had managed to land on the coast of one of the Aegean islands near Turkey, newspaper Courrier International reports.

Turkey’s Islamist President Makes Fresh Threat to Flood Europe with Migrants 
During a recent visit to Hungary, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again threatened to open the gates for Syrians to head to Europe in large numbers.
‘Condemned’: The fate of an Iraqi refugee deported from the US
Hussein Yasser Hassan is afraid to return home because he says al-Qaeda and others who fought US-led forces in Iraq see him as a traitor

Misbehavin’ Mustard cries foul. But what’s petty misdemeanours, such as possession of cannabis, to felonies such as rape and murder and burglary got to do with his “human right” to stay in the U.S.?

Who should be tackling Bosnia’s migrant crisis?

According to al Jizz there are currently 50,000 Mohammedans, all men of fighting age, hauled up in Bosnia, biding their time to invade the EU. None of them should be allowed to enter the EU under any circumstances. It is the duty of every patriot to keep them out.

Bosnia says it is struggling to cope with the influx of people fleeing war and poverty and taking Balkan route to Europe.

That’s the entitlement claim.

No running water or electricity; portable toilets that are rotting; flimsy, leaking tents; and rubbish everywhere.

Poor widdle Moslems, have a heart & take them in, infidel!

Built on an old landfill site, next to a minefield, migrants at Bosnia‘s Vucjak camp say it is a nightmare. Conditions are appalling and about to get even worse, with the onset of the Balkan winter.

OMG! They might starve! OMG! They might freeze! How can we stand by and do nothing!?

About 50,000 people have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina in two years.

Many get stuck at the border with Croatia, and now tough new measures are in place to restrict their movements.

Bosnia has emerged as a new transit point to Europe after northern Balkan routes were shut following the 2015 refugee crisis.

Rights groups are now warning of a new humanitarian crisis.

F*kc these “rights groups” & their financiers!

Iran: Mullahs blame U.S. For Revolt, Revolutionary Guards Murder 106

‘Horrific pattern’: Amnesty says 106 killed in Iran protests

Rights group calls for end to ‘brutal crackdown’ on anti-government demonstrations, reporting 106 deaths in 21 cities.

'Horrific pattern': Amnesty says 106 killed in Iran protests
Iranian authorities have not offered a definitive account of how many people have been injured or killed in the protests [AFP]

Days of protests in Iran over rising fuel prices and a subsequent government crackdown have killed more than 100 people across the country, according to rights group Amnesty International.

In a statement on Tuesday, the UK-based organisation accused Iranian security forces of using “excessive and lethal force” to crush the demonstrations since they started on Friday.

“At least 106 protesters in 21 cities have been killed, according to credible reports,” Amnesty said. “The real death toll may be much higher with some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed.”

No immediate reaction was available from Iran’s government to the estimated death toll.

Continue reading Iran: Mullahs blame U.S. For Revolt, Revolutionary Guards Murder 106