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Achtung, Gestapo!

Hundreds Of Germans Probed Over Anti-Migrant Comments On Facebook

German authorities have investigated hundreds of internet users over comments they made on a Facebook video posted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The massive police investigation is apparently meant as a warning to anonymous internet users critical of the country’s migrant policy

In other news:

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that the government will crack down on Syrian “refugees” who go home on holiday. Mr. Seehofer asserted that any Syrian who is able to return safely to his native country cannot credibly claim to be a victim of persecution.

Germany to Strip Asylum Status of ‘Refugees’ Who Go Home on Holiday

In other German migration news, a failed asylum seeker from Niger is on trial for emulating the Perfect Man by raping a 9-year-old girl.

Germany: Failed Asylum Seeker on Trial for Raping 9-Year-Old Girl

The Migrant Ferry “Open Arms”: Fake Everything

The latest:

More than 80 people African savages were being evacuated from a migrant rescue ship illegal alien ferry boat.

An Italian prosecutor ordered on Tuesday the seizure of the Open Arms migrant ship and the evacuation of the migrants on board, ending a prolonged stand-off between the Spanish charity and the government in Rome.

by Baron Bodissey

Another “refugee rescue” vessel, another scam.

This time it’s the Open Arms, whose owners say is packed with desperate children in ill health. It turns out that the desperation is fake, the children are fake, and the ill health is fake — it’s Fake News about fake everything.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Giornale di Sicilia:

Open Arms, inspection on board: “No emergency”. Migrants jump into the sea.

August 18, 2019

According to what we have learned from the inspection on the Open Arms, ordered by the Public Prosecutor of Agrigento, no particular critical health and hygiene issues have emerged to trigger the emergency. The inspection was carried out yesterday to check the hygiene/sanitary conditions on the ship where there are 107 people who were shipwrecked. The migrants are piled on the deck of the boat, they sleep on the floor without any mattress, they cover themselves with sheets and tablecloths, and according to the NGO they are psychologically exhausted.

According to the report of the doctors of Cismo, there may be cases of scabies but at the moment, there are no institutional confirmations in this regard. It is certain, however, that no evacuation has yet been arranged. For 107 migrants, those left on the ship, it is the 17th day on board, with the Open Arms still off Lampedusa, facing Cala Francese.

Obviously the controversy continues. “Imaginary patients, imaginary minors, now imaginary health emergencies … The Open Arms NGO and its accomplices are reaching the height of the ridiculous; the Italians are good but not stupid”. This was written by the Minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini, on Facebook.

“Day 17. Miserable. Miserable are those who use 107 human beings ‘without names’ and volunteers as hostages to make xenophobic and racist propaganda. All those who permit this and make jokes about their pain are accomplices,” says the NGO on Twitter.

Nineteen minors of the 27 people taken from the Open Arms will be transferred to Porto Empedocle by ferry. The other eight, who have admitted to being adults after the evacuation, will remain at the “hotspot” of the island, subject to medical checks, also to assess their real age.

“We can no longer contain the desperation. We can no longer explain. There are no words. You are cowards. Hashtag a secure port immediately”. That is what the Spanish NGO, Open Arms, (says) on Twitter, posting a video of four migrants who tried to reach Lampedusa by swimming, after throwing themselves in the water wearing life jackets. Three rescuers go after them, and after reaching them, take them back onboard the boat.

Was it a ham sandwich?

West Papua

Indonesia is waging jihad against the indigenous people of West Papua

Indonesia deploys troops to West Papua region as protests spread
Bigger protests expected on Wednesday as demonstrators clashed with police and attacked an airport on Tuesday.

Venezuela: the U.S. makes some strange bedfellows

The U.S. is engaged in talks with senior socialist party official and alleged “drug kingpin” Diosdado Cabello about the possibility of removing Nicolás Maduro from power in exchange for future immunity, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Kashmir dispute: Pakistan to take India to World Court

There’s a reason America refuses to outsource the law to socialist subversives like the ‘world court’, which is totally corrupted.

Italian PM Resigns…Gov’t Collapse…Rage at Salvini
WH: Omar, Tlaib ‘Clearly Against Existence of Israel’

TEL AVIV – Israel is actively promoting the emigration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, including providing financial aid and finding host countries willing to absorb them

Server in Paris No-Go Suburb Murdered Over Sandwich

Server in Paris No-Go Suburb Murdered Over Sandwich

What are the odds it was a ham-sandwich?

DIVERSITY is “their” strength, right?  The article doesn’t mention Muslims or Islam, but we all know that Seine-Saint-Denis is firmly controlled by Arab-African cultural enrichers. But the murder doesn’t matter, because “stigmatize the neighbourhood:”

Brigitte Marsigny, Mayor of Noisy-le-Grand, gave her sympathies to the family of the victim and said, “We can not stigmatize the neighbourhood from this unfortunate event.”

Romania, a beacon of coexistence for Muslims in Eastern Europe

Romanian Muslims, some with Ottoman roots, largely spared Islamophobic rhetoric seen in neighbouring countries.


Australia: Muslim leaders urge PM to outlaw “Islamophobia”

Sonia Kruger outburst in focus as Muslim leaders urge PM to outlaw “Islamophobia”

Australia has an extremely weak government and a largely ignorant, apolitical populace. There is a high likelihood that a well organised Moslem push to criminalise an imaginary condition, “Islamophobia”, succeed. That would enable Moslems to use litigation jihad to render all opposition to the Islamic expansion project illegal. 

The Moonbat comments on this NewDaily article are amazing.

Sonia Kruger was heavily criticised in 2016 over her comments about Muslims
“Heavily criticised” by Moonbats & Mohammedans.

Television host Sonia Kruger’s vilification of Muslims, and men telling women wearing hijabs on trains they are “terrorists” should be against the law, Islamic groups say.

Australian Islamic leaders have urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to tackle Islamophobia as he prepares to unveil new religious discrimination laws.

Australian National Imams Council spokesman Bilal Rauf, who attended talks with Mr Morrison on August 5, said the comments by the former Dancing with The Stars host on Channel Nine’s Today show was a perfect example of the problem.

Dancing With The Stars host Sonia Kruger.

“There was the case of Sonia Kruger, who said we should ban all Muslims and not let them come into our country,” he told The New Daily.

“Now the [NSW Civil and Administrative} Tribunal found clearly that was a comment that would incite contempt and hatred.

“Yet, the tribunal said there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s actually not unlawful.

“In the same way that someone shouldn’t be able to paint a swastika, Islamophobia should not be acceptable.”

Kruger was found to have vilified Muslims when she called for Australia to close its borders on Today.

But the tribunal found she had not engaged in racial vilification because Muslim people living in Australia are not a race.

Continue reading Australia: Muslim leaders urge PM to outlaw “Islamophobia”

Fact-Check: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib’s ‘Egregious Lies’

Two terrorists infiltrated Congress. One represents Hamas and the other

Israel turned Omar and Tlaib away because they support the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment, sanctions” (BDS) movement, which aims to choke Israel economically.
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (Adam Bettcher / Getty)

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the oldest pro-Israel group in the U.S., released a comprehensive takedown of the press conference Monday by Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MN), who were denied permission to enter Israel last week en route to a tour that was to be led by a radical Palestinian organization.

Israel turned Omar and Tlaib away because they support the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment, sanctions” (BDS) movement, which aims to choke Israel economically. The Israeli government granted Tlaib a humanitarian visa to visit her grandmother in a Palestinian village, but Tlaib canceled her trip because a condition of her visit was that she not advocate for a boycott of Israel.

Continued below the fold.

Hundreds of refugees live under threat of eviction in Glasgow

What responsibility has the West to accommodate Mohammedan welfare fraudsters?

“The Home Office has to live up to its responsibilities. It is not acceptable.” – Aileen Campbell, Scottish government’s communities secretary.

Private contractor Serco reportedly locking asylum seekers out of accommodation in Scottish city, angering campaigners useful idiots.

Afghan refugee Rahman Sahah, right, and Mirwais Ahmadzai went on hunger strike last year in Glasgow after they faced eviction by social housing provider Serco [File: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]
Afghan refugee Rahman Sahah, right, and Mirwais Ahmadzai went on hunger strike last year in Glasgow after they faced eviction by social housing provider Serco

These are people from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq. They are living in limbo and are not allowed to work or do anything and have to rely on charity and handouts.

Iran, Somalia, Sudan,Algeria,  Afghanistan and Iraq.

All of them are Moslems. No Moslem qualifies for asylum in the West. No Moslem is a genuine refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah. All of these people are men of military age. They must be returned from whence they came. ASAP. Continue reading Fact-Check: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib’s ‘Egregious Lies’

Germany: “We have to deprive them of their refugee status”

Somebody noticed something.

Not every African crook is a refugee.

“If the situation permits, we will carry out repatriations.”

Germany To Strip Asylum Status of ‘Refugees’ Who Go Home on Holiday

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has announced the government will be cracking down on Syrians with asylum status who go on holiday back to Syria.

Bavarian centre-right leader Horst Seehofer said that the government would be looking to strip Syrians who visit their home country on holiday of their asylum status, saying that those who regularly travel to the country cannot make a serious claim that they are being persecuted there, Kronen Zeitung reports.

“We have to deprive them of their refugee status,” Seehofer added and said that the Interior Ministry was monitoring any such activity from Syrians with refugee status living in Germany.

He also said that the government was watching the situation inside Syria closely and said, “If the situation permits, we will carry out repatriations.”

The revelations of asylum seekers and refugees making holidays in their home countries — where they allegedly fled persecution — are not a new development. As early as January of 2017 it was shown that asylum seekers in Switzerland were using welfare cash to go on vacations to Eritrea, despite claiming they risked death if they were ever sent back to the country.

The twisted psyche of Muqtada al-Sadr

Iraqi Shiite headbanger Muqtada al-Sadr suggests that it is better for the oppressed Yazidis to live without rights under Shiite Islam than fleeing into “the arms of Israel.”

Iraq: Shia Cleric Accuses Yazidis of Fleeing From ISIS Into The ‘Arms of Israel’

Iraqi cleric and leader of the winning coalition in recent elections, Muqtada al-Sadr. (Photo: AFP)

Iraqi cleric and leader of the winning coalition in recent elections, Muqtada al-Sadr. (Photo: AFP)
Yazidi survivors fled from IS to ‘arms of Israel’: Sadr.

Iraq’s populist Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr slammed Yazidi survivors after a visit to Tel Aviv.

Sadr accused the activists, who had survived abuse at the hands of IS, of fleeing from the militant group into “the arms of Israel.”

Sadr’s comments were published in an article in which he discussed the need for moderation and advised against dealing with things in a reactive manner.

“Calls for extremism and liberalism can be heard everywhere,” he said, adding that “one wants to enslave the masses while liberalism wants freedom from all restrictions to be a slave to everything”.

“While it is logical to flee extremism, it does not mean one should throw themselves into the arms of extreme liberalism,” he added.

Continue reading The twisted psyche of Muqtada al-Sadr

How dare Americans have a talk show panel with no Muslims on it

Bill Maher vs Trashida

Like South Africa before it self-immolated on the altar of political correctness, Israel is a wealthy and advanced Western nation surrounded by hostile savages. Both were targeted for eradication for being outposts of Western Civilization. The strategy is the same — economic ostracization, compelling national suicide.

Read the whole thing on Moonbattery

Rep. Omar suggested the U.S. refuse to give Israel its annual foreign aid unless it stops expanding its settlements. “We cannot let Trump and Netanyahu succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation. Barring members of Congress from seeing it does not make it go away”.

Ilhan Omar: Trump Wants to Pit Muslims, Jewish Americans Against Each Other

Omar: Trump Wants to Pit Muslims, Jewish Americans Against Each Other

“We know Donald Trump would love nothing more than to use this issue to pit Muslims and Jewish Americans against each other. The Muslim community and the Jewish community are being othered and made into the boogeyman by this administration.”

She forgets to mention that Islam has a genocidal mandate to exterminate all Jews. Moonbats might ignore that, we don’t.

Ilhan Omar Falsely Claims That ‘White Men’ Are Greater Threat Than Jihadis

I don’t remember when ‘white men’ made a dent in the Mohammedan population explosion, do you? But I do remember when ‘some people did something’ and 3000 Americans died.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Fail to Criticize Palestinian Terrorism at Anti-Israel Presser

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Fail to Criticize Palestinian Terrorism at Anti-Israel Presser

Of course, they did not “fail” – they would never criticise Pali terrorism because they support it.

The Washington Post said that “Omar and Tlaib’s trip to Jerusalem and the West Bank was planned by Miftah, a nonprofit organization headed by Palestinian lawmaker and longtime peace negotiator Hanan Ashrawi.” The New York Times described it as an organization “headed by a longtime Palestinian lawmaker.” In its editorial, the New York Timeseditorial board identified it as a group “that promotes ‘global awareness and knowledge of Palestinian realities.’”

This is a whitewash. Thanks to a Twitter thread from the Washington Examiner’s Seth Mandel — who pointed to multiple additional sources — I started looking at the articles and views published on the Miftah website, and it was like peeling an onion of evil. There was layer upon layer of vile anti-Semitism.

First, the group actually published blood libel, posting an article that accused “the Jews [of using] the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.” When pro-Israel bloggers condemned the article, Miftah first claimed that the attacks against the piece were part of a “smear campaign” and minimized the reference to blood libel as merely “briefly addressed.”


Hong Kong wants to be as free as Americans, yet leftist protestors want to be enslaved like the Chinese.

Quite ironic & pitiful

Europe’s Migrant Invasion

Thirty illegal immigrants were arrested in Slovakia after they entered the country by hiding under a freight train. Some of them were discovered under the train, while others were detained after they escaped on foot.

In other migration news, more than 300 migrants were “rescued” in the Mediterranean by the Libyan navy in a series of separate operations.

The latest batch of doctors and scientists have arrived in Barcelona. As usual, no women or children – just well dressed young men of fighting age abandoning their homes and family’s.

Open Arms rejects offer to dock in Spanish port

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it would be a good thing if the “rescue” of migrants in the Mediterranean were able to resume. She would like to see EU member states’ navies doing the rescuing, as they did during the now-suspended Operation Sophia.

Illegal Moslem ferry ‘Open Arms’ carrying more than 100 migrants soldiers of allah on Sunday rejected an offer from Spain to dock in Algeciras, a six days’ journey away, citing an “extreme” emergency on board.

The “poor” recovering .. The psychologist aboard the “OPEN ARMS”: “the situation is unbearable, we are at risk of living a tragedy”

A charity that operates a rescue ship carrying more than a hundred migrants off the coast of Italy on Sunday said that it could not accept an offer from Spain to dock in Algeciras, citing an emergency situation on board.

The migrants, most of whom are African, were picked up by the Open Arms boat off the coast of Libya and have been waiting to disembark on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

Londonistan’s murder rate now tops New York City’s

London’s murder rate surpassed New York City’s for the first time. 

In other news:

Iran tanker heads to Greece after release, Iran warns U.S against seizure attempt 

DUBAI (Reuters) – An Iranian tanker sailed through the Mediterranean toward Greece on Monday after it was released from detention off Gibraltar, and Tehran said that any at U.S. move to seize the vessel again would have “heavy consequences”.

Court: German Populists Can Only Field 30 Candidates in Regional Election

The judiciary is totally in the tank of the Merkel regime. Just as it used to be under the Nazis.

The Saxony Constitutional Court has ruled that the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) will only be allowed to field 30 candidates in next month’s regional election.

Islamic State Fighter ‘Jihadi Jack’ Has Citizenship Stripped By British Government

ISIS Fighter ‘Jihadi Jack’ Has Citizenship Stripped By British Government

Who pays for this?

Does anyone else wonder where all the Antifa girls in Portland got the matching helmets?

Yeah, I realize some were males but a man doesn’t need to hide his face to speak his mind!!

It’s almost as if someone ordered a load of matching helmets and provided them.

I wonder who??

The benefit of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization is that Donald Trump can unleash the full force of the law—from surveillance to RICO prosecutions to the prospect of Gitmo—on these brownshirts. This will be the worst news for fascism since the Normandy landing.

ANTIFA is a domestic terror group. They beat journalists, fight cops and vandalise cities. They are hard-core communists, not in any way “anti-fascists”.

92% of left-wing kaputniks live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds 

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

Joy Turns to Horror as ISIS Bomber Kills 63 at Kabul Wedding

ISIS Bomber Kills 63 at Kabul Wedding

These right-believing Sunni warriors really hate their Shiite coreligionists… will they be fighting for the virgins in Moe’s bordello now?