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Sweden: “Never Again!”

Patriotic anti-immigration party by far the largest in Sweden now: Yougov poll

Support for the Swedish Democrats increased by an unbelievable 5.5 percentage points in the latest survey from Yougov, reaching 28.5 per cent, Metro reports.

According to Yougov’s June survey, the Swedish Democrats are the biggest party by a large margin. In second place come the Social Democrats, with 22 per cent, followed by the Moderates who polled only 17.3 per cent.

“This is like a dream setting,” SD party secretary Richard Jomshof tells Metro. He describes the new numbers as “amazing”.

Metro mentions that some of the participants in the study stated that they had switched from the Social Democrats to Swedish Democrats. A 53-year-old man from southern Sweden says:

“Social Democrats have repeatedly deceived the people, dismantling welfare, increasing taxes by 45 million since their inauguration.”

“They allowed migration without proper impact assessment and effectively destroyed Sweden. They avoided discussing issues and showed contempt for democracy. Never, never again!”

Swedish Bråvalla Music Festival Permanently Cancelled After Wave of Sex Attacks

Sweden: Three Dead After Drive-By Shooting in Multicultural Malmö


Three people have died and several more were wounded after a gunman fired at a crowd of people in one of the main shopping streets in central Malmö Monday evening.

City authorities said that two of the victims — at least three of whom were “very well known to police in a criminal context”, according to local media — died overnight while another three people were injured, one seriously. Three people have died in all.

The attack took place at just after 8 pm Monday when the men were shot while leaving an internet cafe in the south-eastern part of Sweden’s third largest city, reported Sydsvenskan.

Witnesses said they heard around 15 to 20 shots from an automatic weapon, which was reportedly fired from a parked vehicle just a few hundred yards from a police station.

The Swedish authorities are preparing the population for wartime conditions

The following report on the Swedish apocalypse was published by the Danish site NewsPeek. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation & to the Gates of Vienna for posting this:

According to the Swedish authorities, such a disaster could be triggered by “climate change” or “tensions in the Baltic states” — allegedly caused by the Russians.

The Swedish state’s warning and recommendation for people to prepare themselves comes hand in hand with public reports by the country’s police that they can no longer handle extremely violent immigrant crime. Furthermore, the police warn that thousands of ISIS sympathisers are wandering about the once safe country. On social media many people suspect that the Swedish authorities are using the threats of climate change and Russia as an excuse to prepare citizens for a real collapse of the Swedish society as a result of extreme and uncontrolled immigrant crime and terror.

Katie Hopkins links Paki Mustards to Grooming Gangs, Police Investigates….

Katie Hopkin’s has revealed she was investigated by the police for linking child grooming gangs to the Paki “community.”

Truth telling = race hate. The police investigated me for this crime.

Police investigate Katie Hopkins for linking Paki Muslim men to child grooming gangs

The controversial journalist admitted that the Police investigated her for ‘race hate’ after linking Pakistani men to child grooming gangs.

It is a fact that 80% of grooming gangs are run by Paki Muslims.

Spain rescues 569 migrants crossing the sea 

Who will save Spain from these savages?

France:  Police Wondering Why Allahuakbaring Mental Patient Stabbed People

A crazed 30-year-old (Musel-)man was arrested in the French city of Tours after he attempted to stab random people with a knife on a bridge while yelling “Allahu Akbar”.  The man demanded that the officers shoot him while he yelled “Allahu akbar”. Police are still investigating a possible motive for the incident as the man is said not be on the French terror watchlist.

Delingpole: Thirty Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Great Global Warming Scare

Like the scare itself – the claims were dishonest, hysterical, misleading, unscientific, needlessly alarmist, and cynically stage-managed.

A demonstrator dressed as a polar bear joins others gather infront of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, during a rally against President Donald Trump's Energy Independence Executive order. Trump signed an executive order aimed at moving forward on his campaign pledge to unravel former President Barack …
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
June 23 is the 30th anniversary of the great global warming scare.

The scare began in Washington, DC, on this day in 1988 when testimony by a then little-known scientist called James Hansen before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources caught headlines across the world.

Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, declared that the four hottest years ever recorded had all been in the 1980s, rising to a peak in 1987, and that 1988 would be hotter still – “the warmest year on record.”

This triggered the first of many thousands of headlines over three decades warning that “man-made global warming” – “climate change” as it later became known – was the most urgent crisis of the age.

EUrabian Breakfast

Once in a while, a Mohammedan tells the truth:

The Islamic State, in order to impose sharia (Islamic law) on Earth, is leading a war,” he said. The war is not to gain land or oil, he said, but to “impose Sharia on earth.” ...  Uzbek-Born Man Charged In New York Killings Touts Islamic State

Macron Lashes Out at Italy over ‘Sickening’ Efforts to Curb Mass Immigration

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron has censured Italy’s decision to refuse debarkation to a migrant-laden NGO vessel as “sickening,” while scolding Italy for its supposed “cynicism and irresponsibility” in dealing with migrants.

Refugees Welcome’ Activist Raped and Murdered by Moroccan…

She even looks dumb….

Germany: The body of social democratic politician Sophia Lösche found in Spain — Moroccan truck driver confesses rape and murder of “Refugee welcome” activist. For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan truck license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany.

Author’s note: Sophia Lösche is now yet another leftist extinguished by the totalitarian entity she worshiped. The 28-year-old “German immigrant activist” was recently murdered by a Muslim migrant. As Robert Spencer has aptly noted, “Lösche no doubt explained to many people who questioned her work with Muslim migrants that the ‘refugees’ were not dangerous.” In light of this latest, but very expected, murder, I have deemed it important to bring attention to this phenomenon of leftists habitually sacrificing not only others’, but also their own, lives in their romance with Jihad and Sharia.

UK Islamic School Head Found with Weapons and Cash…
Raid: police at the school last month

Raid: police at the school last month 

The headteacher of an independent Islamic school has been forced out to spare it from closure after a raid by armed police uncovered weapons and more than £400,000 in cash at a flat in the grounds.  Officers were called to the Darul Uloom school in Chislehurst on May 30

Austria: Catholic Children Forced to Sing Islamic Songs…

At an elementary school in Linz, Catholic children have to memorise and recite Islamic songs as part of the Islamic Ramadan festival. They were forced to take part and were punished if they refused.

“We were on our way home when he suddenly started to sing ‘Allah, Allah’,” a shocked mother of one of the students says. He learned that at school and had to sing it. “It felt like a slap in my face!” she adds.

Syrian migrant accused of sex crimes against 9 women in eastern Germany
Roughly 950 Hezbollah operatives raise funds in Germany for Hezbollah and recruit new members, according to German intelligence reports from 2017.

Murderers & rapists who pray are better than decent folk who don’t pray

Islam 101

Here’s a sample of what’s said in many mosques. This sermon was delivered in English; imagine what is said in Arabic, Urdu and Somali. Then imagine what is said when the cameras are not recording and the mikes are switched off. Imagine.


Australian preacher Mohamed Hoblos said in a lecture that if you miss one prayer, “you are worse than a murderer, you are worse than a rapist, you are worse than a terrorist, you are worse than a pedophile in the eyes of Allah.” He stressed that: “This person, one person, who commits all of these sins – he commits all of these sins on a daily basis – but he prays is better in the eyes of Allah than the one who doesn’t commit any of these sins, but doesn’t pray.” His lecture was posted on YouTube…

View Transcript Page


Sheikh Nassim Abdi gave a lecture at the ASWJ Auburn Mosque in Sydney, Australia, in which he criticized “new age heresy” and “new age atheism,” warning that “females are starting to give sermons” because we are in the age of equality, enlightenment, feminism, and intellectual thinking. Criticizing TV shows like the Australian “Muslims Like Us” and “The Mosque Next Door,” Abdi said that believing in Christmas is worse than committing fornication, but that Muslims who say this on a reality show a…
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UK Updates

Tommy Robinson’s lawyer lodges appeal, applies for bail

An appeal has been lodged. It’s an appeal of the sentence. It’s an application for bail. And it’s a request to have the hearing as soon as possible.

Majority back tough restrictions on immigration

A LARGE majority of voters back Theresa May’s tough stance on reducing immigration, a survey has found. There is even a majority of Remain backers among those wanting European Union immigration to be reduced after Brexit, it showed.

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(UK) Bristol Reported 200 New Cases of FGM in Past Year…

Victim Grilled in UK Court of Putting Curse on Rapist with 3 Wives…

Safia Akhtar Noor

UK: Muslim councillor who denied that the Islamic State existed is given anti-terror job

In reading the absurd, vapid statements made by Birmingham Muslim councillor Safia Akhtar Noor, it is obvious that she is actively shielding jihad terrorists. This signifies justification for their activity, yet nonetheless, Noor has been appointed to a “committee tasked with protecting children from radicalisation and terrorism.”

As rightly stated by Alex Yip, Conservative councillor for Sutton Wylde Green:

It is shocking to think that the Labour administration would appoint Councillor Akhtar, of all the ones available, to this scrutiny committee.

Continue reading UK Updates

Do you still believe this pope is a Christian?

Pope Francis urges nations to take in as many migrants as possible

Pope Francis urges nations to take in as many migrants as possible
Italy’s new government is trying to reduce arrivals of rescued migrants, but the Pope praised both Italy and Greece for being ‘most generous’ in taking in…

Caption this!

In other news:

Yassmin Abdel-Magied ‏says ‘she’s down’ to run the ABC 

Just what we need.

  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied has tweeted that she would be ‘down’ to run the ABC 
  • It comes during a heated debate around privatising the public broadcaster 
  • The Liberal membership went rogue and voted to sell the ABC off last week

I spare you the rest of the BS about this “controversial figure”.

Only governments of non-democratic and fascist countries disarm their citizens, not free countries

Indonesia hands death sentence to Islamic State-linked cleric for militant attacks

He killed Muslim police officers. That’s why he got the death penalty. If he had killed some infidels in a club in Bali he would be out of jail already.

JAKARTA (Reuters) – An Indonesian court on Friday sentenced to death a cleric linked to Islamic State, for masterminding from his jail cell a string of deadly militant attacks across the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

Islamic cleric Aman Abdurrahman leaves a court following his verdict in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 22, 2018. 

The ruling comes as Indonesia struggles to rein in a rising tide of homegrown militancy, inspired in part by the extremist group Islamic State, with parliament approving tougher anti-terrorism laws last month.

Nationalist ‘leprosy’ spreading in Europe, Macron says

He is a nasty little prick, isn’t he?

French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday likened rising nationalism and anti-migrant sentiment in Europe to “leprosy”.
 Macron urged the French not to give into anti-EU sentiment.
Italy’s new far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who refused to allow the Aquarius to dock, hit back at the French president.
Czechs Hit Back Against EU Crackdown on Legal Gun-Owners: ‘Free Countries Don’t Disarm Their Citizens’

Czech president Miloš Zeman has put his name to a petition opposing an EU diktat which would clamp down on legal gun-owners and backed a constitutional amendment which would guarantee citizens’ right to keep arms for self-defence and protection of the homeland.

The directive on tightening control of firearms under the guise of counter-terrorism was approved by the European Parliament in mid-March, and would see the Czech Republic — which combines comparatively liberal gun rights with low levels of crime and extremely low levels of terrorism — forced to impose new restrictions or face sanctions from Brussels.

Center for Civic Freedoms founder Václav Klaus Jr., son of former president Václav Klaus Sr., complained that the governments of non-democratic and fascist countries disarm their citizens, not free countries.

June 15, 1389: Islam Enters and Conquers Eastern Europe

If you don’t know your history you don’t have a future.


Editor’s note: The following account is partially excerpted from the author’s new book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West (with a foreword by Victor Davis Hanson). 

Why Eastern Europeans are much more reluctant to accept Muslim migrants than their Western counterparts can be traced back to circumstances surrounding a pivotal battle that took place today, June 15, in the year 1389. The Battle of Kosovo raged between Muslim invaders and Eastern European defenders, or the ancestors of those many Eastern Europeans today vociferously hostile to Islam.

Because the jihad is as old as Islam, it has been championed by diverse peoples (Arabs in the Middle East, Moors — Berbers and Africans — in Spain and Western Europe, etc.). Islam’s successful entry into Eastern Europe was spearheaded by the Turks, specifically that tribe centered in westernmost Anatolia (or Asia Minor) and thus nearest to Europe — the Ottoman Turks, so-named after their founder Osman Bey. As he lay dying in 1323, his parting words to his son and successor, Orhan, were for him “to propagate Islam by yours arms.”

Hungary Passes the “Stop Soros” Law!

The Hungarian Parliament Passed the Amendment of the Basic Law and the Stop Soros Law

Under the Stop Soros Act, the promotion & support of illegal immigration will be criminal offenses under the law.

The law required the support of 2/3 of all parliamentary representatives & was approved by 159 votes for YES to 5 votes for NO

More below the fold.

Europol: Homegrown Jihadis Behind Most 2017 Attacks

Europol Warns More Radical Islamic Attacks ‘Very Likely’ After 200 in 2017

Ignore the “radical” tosh, they are just devout Muslims who take their religion seriously. And yes, the attacks will increase with the numbers of invading Muslim soldiers.

Australia blows $70 Million to Support Bengali Muslim Insurgents in Burma


Additional $18.4 million humanitarian assistance “Rohingya” people

Bishop: The additional funding brings Australia’s total humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis to $70 million since September 2017.

WoJ readers know that there’s no such thing as “Rohingya” people. These wretched creatures are illegal Bengali settlers in Burma, Mohammedan insurgents who waged jihad against the native Buddhists. If this Turncoat/Bishop gov’t had any decency,  any financial support should be given to the native Buddhists, not to fuel an Islamic insurgency.

Humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh /Joint media release

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP
  • Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Senator the Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

Bishop: Today on World Refugee Day we announce the Australian Government will provide additional humanitarian assistance to meet the urgent needs of Rohingya people in Bangladesh.

The UN estimates that more than 900,000 Rohingya are now living in Cox’s Bazar, including more than 700,000 people who have fled Myanmar since August 2017.