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Turncoat Gubmint Pulls Hijab Promo For Australia Day After Aussies Revolt

Kim, a scribbler for Newscorp, dutifully reports “an Islamophobic backlash (after) threats of violence by members of far right social media groups”.

Social media erupted with an Islamophobic backlash after this photo of a billboard in Melbourne began circulating.
Australia Day billboard pulled after far right backlash

MEMBERS of far right social media groups are celebrating a win for “people power” after an Australia Day billboard depicting two Muslim women was hastily pulled following an Islamophobia-fuelled outcry.

Social media erupted after a picture of the billboard began circulating last Friday, with many Facebook users slamming the Melbourne freeway advertisement as “un-Australian”.

On Tuesday, Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott revealed the image would be removed, after the company behind the ad, QMS, received threats.

Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott  should be put on notice. Treason is still treason. This is intolerable.

But he warned the issuers of the threats not to take the action as a win.

“Anyone who considers this a victory needs a refresher on the true meaning of Australia Day,” Mr Scott said.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott needs some education about Australia Day. There are many here among us who wouldn’t mind to set him straight.

However, members of far right Facebook groups — many of whom had earlier lamented the depiction of two women in hijabs front of an Australian flag was the ultimate insult to our country’s scared, national day — were quick to celebrate.

“POWER TO THE PEOPLE at last,” wrote one commenter.

“Good. Should have had a BBQ at the beach scene instead. That’s more Australian,” wrote another.

“It should have been burnt to the ground!!!”  Continue reading Turncoat Gubmint Pulls Hijab Promo For Australia Day After Aussies Revolt

French Politicians “shocked” that Christianity is a value of the republic?

There seems to be a lot of confusion among those who want to lead France out of its horrible predicament: they simply don’t know how to go about it and they don’t seem to get their value system in order. Gallia Watch keeps an eye on it. We have posted some excerpts below the fold.


France’s left-wing government is as big a lame duck as Obama and Kerry. Hollande is wildly unpopular and a thorough failure. While his Socialist economic policies also failed miserably, his mishandling of terrorism helped turn life into a nightmare for many in France.

And now Hollande is lecturing Israel on “settlements” when he would be better served worrying about the Muslim settlements around Paris. And instead of pushing his absurd summit, Hollande might have tried for a summit with the representatives of the Islamic occupying forces in the No Go Zones of France.

Hollande shamefully equated Jews living in ’67 Israel with Islamic terrorism. France has seen enough terror under him that he ought to know better than to legitimize Islamic grievances by justifying its xenophobic hatred of non-Muslims or upholding its demands for Apartheid states for Muslims.

The French government is very worried about Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Hollande might want to spend less time worrying about whether Jerusalem will be Jewish than whether Paris will be French.

Le Pen wants foreigners in France to pay for own health costs for first two years
Le Pen wants foreigners in France to pay for own health costs for first two years
Photo: The carte vitale which is used to get health costs reimbursed by the state. Photo: AFP
Foreign citizens legally living and working in France could have to pay for their own health care for their first two years in France, under Marine Le Pen’s plan.

Le Pen’s desire to give priority to French citizens when it comes to benefits and the health system means foreigners will have to pay the price.

On Monday the leader of the far right National Front party and presidential election candidate revealed details of a plan to bar legal foreign immigrants from being reimbursed for health costs by the French state for the first two years of their time in France.

“Someone who arrives legally should wait some time before benefiting from the reimbursement of health costs,” Le Pen told RTL radio on Monday.

That means that even if foreigners pay their taxes and social charges to the French state just like French people, they would still not be allowed to claim money back for treatment, under Le Pen’s plan.

In France patients will normally pay a fee up front for their treatment, before being reimbursed through a combination of the state’s social security system and insurance companies known as “mutuelles”.

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How about we put up billboards with Aussie bikini girls in Muslim countries?

Mohammedan mores, hijabbery and  Islamoprop is offensive. Muslims do not represent Australians. Muslims have no part of Australia Day.

Islam belongs to Australia like a pig in a mosque. The scribbler who penned this, Mel Buttigieg, goes looking for supporters of this abomination and finds a few Moonbats. In the end  she (or he?) resorts to race and Aborigines, because we’re all boat-people, or something….

‘Where’s the BBQ?’: Australia Day billboard featuring two women wearing hijabs causes outrage

A billboard promoting Melbourne’s Australia Day festivities has caused controversy by featuring two women wearing hijabs.

The sign advertised details of an RACV-sponsored event at Melbourne’s King’s Domain Gardens.

The two smiling women were the only people on the advertisement, which also included an Australian flag.

It appeared alongside the Peninsula Link Freeway, in Melbourne’s south east, and sparked online outrage after a photograph of the sign was first shared by far-right Facebook groups on Friday.

The billboard promoting Melbourne’s Australia Day festivities. Source: Facebook

The post was shared thousands of times and sparked hundreds of comments from people who claimed the women, who appeared to be Muslim, did not represent Australians.

“That billboard does not represent Australia,” one person commented.

Another added: “Where’s the BBQ, beach, sun, bikinis? At a quick glance looks like a billboard for an immigration school.

“This board does not represent Australia and how we celebrate it!!”

A third person wrote: “I wonder what would happen in a Muslim country if they put up a billboard with girls in bikinis and shirtless guys having a beer around a BBQ?????”

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Uzbek assassin arrested in Istanbul nightclub massacre

Istanbul nightclub attacker who killed 39 in New Year’s Eve nightclub massacre caught in city’s Esenyurt district
Abdulkadir Masharipov, an Uzbek national, is the main suspect in the Reina nightclub rampage captured by Turkish police after a gunman killed 39 people, including many foreigners, in an attack at an upmarket nightclub in Istanbul where revellers were celebrating the New Year

A gunman devout Muslim who killed 39 people during an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year’s celebrations has been caught in a police operation, Turkish media reports said last night.

The suspect was caught in a special operations police raid on a house in a housing complex in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, private NTV television said. The report said he had been staying in the house belonging to a Kyrgyz friend.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the nightclub massacre, saying the attack was in reprisal for Turkish military operations in northern Syria. The man identified as the suspect had been on the run since the attack.

Hurriyet newspaper and other media have identified the gunman as Abdulkadir Masharipov, an Uzbek national. The suspect was to undergo medical checks before being taken to a police headquartres for questioning.

Dogan news agency published what it said was the first image of the attacker. It showed a bruised, black-haired man in a grey, bloodied shirt being held by his neck. Private NTV television said the gunman had resisted arrest. 

Jihad means war against unbelievers

BOSTOM: John Brennan: Witless for the defense

Jihad means one thing – violence

– The Washington Times 

A dry pun asks, “When is a door not a door?” – the answer being, “When it is ajar.” But dry humor is clearly preferable to the deluded warping of the lexicon by the Obama administration’s lead counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, which leads to this question, and requisite answer, “When is jihad not jihad?” – “When it is bloodless, spiritual struggle.” Mr. Brennan vociferously advocates an exclusive, bowdlerized definition of jihad in the public discourse as “to purify oneself or one’s community,” lest the tender sensibilities of Muslims be offended. He further claims that, somehow, self-described jihadists “have truly just distorted the whole concept” of jihad. But it is Mr. Brennan who, irrespective of whatever flimsy, ahistorical rationale he provides, thoroughly misrepresents jihad – a living, bellicose Islamic institution that dates from the advent of the Muslim creed almost 14 centuries ago.

The dangerous absurdity of Mr. Brennan’s jihad denial is self-evident: More than 15,600 jihad terror attacks have been committed by Muslims worldwide since the cataclysmic acts of jihad terrorism committed against the United States itself on Sept. 11, 2001. These data should remind us that there is just one historically relevant meaning of jihad, despite contemporary apologetics. Jahada, the root of the word jihad, appears 40 times in the Koran. With four exceptions, all the other 36 usages in the Koran, as understood by both the greatest jurists and scholars of classical Islam (including Abu Yusuf, Averroes, Ibn Khaldun and Al Ghazali) and ordinary Muslims – meant and mean “he fought, warred or waged war against unbelievers and the like.”

The Muslim Prophet Muhammad waged a series of proto-jihad campaigns to subdue the Jews, Christians and pagans of Arabia. Numerous modern-day pronouncements by leading Muslim theologians (see Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s “The Prophet Muhammad as a Jihad Model,” 2001) confirm that Muhammad remains the major inspiration for jihadism today. Jihad has been pursued continuously since the seventh-century advent of Islam, through the present, because it was institutionalized by seminal early Muslim theologians based on their interpretation of Koranic verses, and long chapters in the “hadith,” or acts and sayings of Muhammad. Within a century of Muhammad’s death, violent jihad conquests – achieved by religiously sanctioned massacre, pillage, enslavement and deportation – Islamized a vast swath of territory, extending from modern Pakistan to Portugal. The permanent goal of jihad is to bring humanity, en bloc, under the jurisdiction of Islamic law – a totalitarian system of religious governance particularly oppressive to all non-Muslims and women.

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The UN and Obama’s Act of Aggression

by Maria Polizoidou/Gatestone Institute

  • UNSC Res. 2334 is an act of political aggression against foundation of the Judeo-Christian civilization and should be treated as such. The Jewish nation has every right to consider this attack as an act of war against it.
  • President Obama sometimes seems to have an indifference to historical truth that often borders on antagonism. Obama has again tried to re-write history by claiming that Greece, with the help of the winners of World War I, was an aggressive and imperialistic state that cared only to re-build its Empire against the Turks.
  • The notion that ancient non-Muslim nations are occupiers in their own lands, is repeated in the UN Resolution 2334.
  • Historically, Muslim forces began invading Syria in 634, and ended by conquering Constantinople in 1453. They invaded not only all of Turkey — obliterating the great Christian empire of Byzantium — but then went on to conquer all of North Africa, Greece, southern Spain, parts of Portugal and eastern Europe.
  • President Obama apparently did not learn about the Trojan War in school; he apparently never read Homer to know that the inhabitants of the Bosporus and much of Asia Minor were Greeks — just as he apparently never read the Bible, or the Greek and Roman historic records of the Jewish people and their capital, Jerusalem.
  • The US and the UN are not who determine what is historically true and what is not. These shameful votes should be reversed immediately; if not, all funding should be withdrawn from the United Nations. They are now, to paraphrase the words Vladimir Lenin, “paying for the rope with which members of the UN will hang them.”

If US President Barack Obama were uneducated, if his staff consisted of people who had never been taught history at school, if the government consisted of savages who have just emerged from the Amazon jungle, we could somehow “justify” their ignorance about the history of the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern people.

But that is not what is going on. This ambush against Israel in UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which considers the Jewish people “occupiers” in their own ancient capital and the holiest part of it, is an act of jihad and an act of political violence – perpetrated by governments to achieve political goals.

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Paris: will it be a “peace agreement” or a hudna?

Paris peace conference: No “acceptable” solution for Israel and “Palestinians” except two states

“The participants also stressed the need for the final peace deal that would give full statehood to Palestinians while satisfying Israel’s security needs.”

Is that possible? No, given the Qur’anic imperative to “drive them out from where they drove you out” (2:191). Any “Palestinian” state would simply become a new base for jihad attacks against a diminished Israel. Because these political elites have resolutely refused to face the reality of the jihad, they cannot and will not recognize that fact.

Paula Stern, of Israel, Has Some Things To Say To Those Who Will Be Attending The So-Called “Peace” Conference in Paris 

You will find them at the following link.  An article well worth reading, and worthy of the widest possible circulation.

“An Open Letter to the Paris “Peace” Summit Delegates”.

Mrs Stern proposes a graduated series of intelligent and pointed questions that the infidel participants in that conference might ask – if they dared – of the so-called ‘Palestinians’, who might be more accurately referred to as “mostly-Muslim Arabs from assorted locations in and around Israel”.

Most important of all, she advises those infidel participants that they should ask the “Palestinians” this: “Are you offering a permanent peace agreement or are you offering a hudna?”

And then, for the further instruction of those Infidel participants, she explains“A hudna is a temporary ceasefire – like the one Mohammed signed as the Treaty of Al-Hudaybiyya.  In that treaty, a ten-year peace/ ceasefire was negotiated… and then broken.”

Embedded in her article is a link that offers some further instruction on the subject.

However, since wikipedia is not necessarily the most helpful source (though this particular entry, as it stands, contains – at time of viewing, this evening of 15th January 2017 – the crucial information that “Muhammad broke this treaty with a surprise attack against Mecca 2 years after the signing, conquering the city” and even states that “the treaty of al-hudaibiyah is used by Islamic scholars as a learning tool on how to lie and deceive in the service of Islam”), I will offer a link to a brief article by “Hugh Fitzgerald” on the same topic.

Hugh refers people to Majid Khadduri’s “War and Peace in the Law of Islam”, where the topic of Al-Hudaybiyya is thoroughly discussed.

These days no Infidel diplomat, politician, businessperson, journalist or general – indeed, any Infidel who is unlucky enough to have to have anything at all to do with members of the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, should ever presume to engage in that contact without having first spent some time thoroughly studying and reflecting upon the meaning and implications of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, in conjunction with the meaning of taqiyya (and the full gamut of carefully-worked-out methods of misdirection, deception, and confusion, encompassed by terms such as tawriyya, taysir, mudarat and muruna), and the Jihad doctrine of Islam.  It would save us all a great deal of time and money, as well as lives, and grief.

Comedy Gold From Germany

In other news:

Germany: Muslims “devastate” Christian parish centre, write “Islamist” slogans on walls, police search for motive

“Despite the nature of the slogans, however, police have said they ‘do not assume’ they are relevant to the motive for the attack.”

Of course, they’re completely irrelevant. To think otherwise would be to interfere with Germany’s glorious multiculturalist project. Onward to the future! Who needs these old churches, anyway? No one goes to them. They can be converted into mosques easily enough.

“Parish Centre Vandalised, Islamist Slogans Written on Walls,” by Nick Hallett, Breitbart, January 13, 2017:

Vandals “devastated” a Christian parish centre in Germany, writing Islamist slogans on the walls, in another example of an attack on a Christian site during the New Year.

In a statement released this Thursday, police in the town of Brühl in the Rhein-Neckar district of Baden-Württemberg confirmed the parish centre had been broken into on the evening of 30 December.

They said the vandals had left a “picture of devastation”, destroying glass panes, breaking doors and writing “Islamist” slogans on the walls.

Despite the nature of the slogans, however, police have said they “do not assume” they are relevant to the motive for the attack.

A number of Christian sites were attacked in Germany and Austria during the New Year period, with the perpetrators still largely unknown….

Angela Merkel gets honorary doctorate for “diversity,” amid public outrage

There is a glaring disconnect between the public and Angela Merkel, along with her establishment cronies. Merkel will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Belgian KU Leuven and UGent universites in Brussels, for “her diplomatic and political efforts to boost Europe’s political strength, and to defend the values which allow the continent to find unity in diversity”; the public is outraged.

 “Angry campaigners held placards with slogans reading ‘Merkel not welcomed’ and “’Merkel must go’”.

More than a million migrants have been absorbed into Germany in the last year, which has proved disastrous, bringing sex attacks, surges in crime and a critical economic drain to Germany, not to mention the Christmas market truck jihad attack.

Furious activists also held posters emblazoned with the face of Angela Merkel and the message: “Terror Berlin 19-12-2016 GUILTY”.

“MERKEL MUST GO: Furious protesters demand Angela LEAVES as she receives honorary award”, by Rebecca Perring, Express, January 12, 2017:

Angry campaigners held placards with slogans reading “Merkel not welcomed” and “Merkel must go” following a spate of terror attacks against Germany.

It comes just before Mrs Merkel is handed a honorary doctorate from Belgian KU Leuven and UGent universites in Brussels.

She was chosen for “her diplomatic and political efforts to boost Europe’s political strength, and to defend the values which allow the continent to find unity in diversity”…..

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Bosnian Imam Sheik Omerdic Charged With Conducting Child Marriage

Melbourne imam Ibrahim Omerdic charged with conducting marriage ceremony involving child bride

No matter how many of these *&%suckers get caught, leftoids will always point their fingers at Catholic priests and claim what they did was far worse. They ignore that Muslims follow their religion, while priests know very well that they are breaking every law.

Ibrahim Omerdic leaves the Melbourne Magistrates court. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Ibrahim Omerdic leaves the Melbourne Magistrates court. Picture: Nicole Garmston

The girl, aged under 16, was allegedly married in a traditional Islamic ceremony by prominent cleric Ibrahim Omerdic.

Is is alleged that in the days after the wedding last year the girl was raped by her husband.

The man, who cannot be named, is currently behind bars on remand after being charged with sexual penetration of a child under 16 and forcing the girl into marriage.

He appeared via videolink at the Melbourne Magistrates Court today where he broke down in tears several times.

Sheik Omerdic, who is on bail, also appeared in court facing a single charge over the alleged marriage.

Court documents allege he engaged in conduct that “caused another person … to enter into a forced marriage.”

The victim, who was in court for the hearing, has made several statements to police.

Sheik Omerdic is the imam of the Bosnian mosque in Noble Park where it is understood the marriage took place.

He was engaged by the defence team of Harun Causeivc to provide mentoring services while the teen was placed under a federal control order.

Causevic had terrorism charges dropped against him after he was arrested in the Anzac Day raids in 2015.

Sheik Omerdic gave evidence for Causevic during a Federal Court case and told Judge Norah Hartnett he provided religious counselling to Causevic.

Both men will reappear in court next month.


Fairfaux Journaille Fails Miserably In Smearjob Against Kirralie Smith of Q-Society

Kirralie has the last laugh – at poor Peter’s expense

Some important fact checking for Marie Claire Magazine. The writer, Peter Munro, uses a fake name, “Robert Hardy”,  to write fake news.


Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph / 

Exactly why Munro works under a pen name for the magazine is unknown, and so far Munro hasn’t offered much by way of explanation. He’s become a figure in hiding, you might say. Enjoy Kirralie’s terrific takedown: