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What Trump Needs to Say to Abbas

World leaders react to Trump’s Middle East plan

Muselmaniacs go apeshit over Trump’s plan

World leaders react to Trump's Middle East plan


Trump unveils his long-awaited Middle East plan that is seen by some as ‘aggressive’ and ‘one-sided’.


Jordan: Muslim stabs eight people — six tourists, a guide, and a security officer — at popular tourism site

Islamic jihadis in Muslim countries hate tourists, who are often visiting sites of jahiliyya, the pre-Islamic society of unbelievers. And if they’re visiting Muslim sites, they’re trampling them down under their Infidel feet. Either way, they’re not welcome. “Jordan Charges Stabbing Attack Suspect with Terrorism,” Asharq Al-Awsat, January 26, 2020

Gaza Strip: Thousands of Palestinians Protest as Trump Unveils Peace Plan

Gaza Strip: Thousands of Palestinians Protest as Trump Unveils Peace Plan

Predictable as the ‘allahuakbar’ during the next terror attack. They don’t want peace, they want to kill Jews & destroy Israel.


Israel’s most highly respected authority on Islam gives his advice.


President Trump will be meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas this coming Wednesday.  Unlike his predecessor, President Trump understands that the major problems in the Middle East are Iran, ISIS and Syria, and that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has a minor connection, if any,  to the broader conflicts in the Middle East. Still, President Trump is looking to take a swing at solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a feat that has eluded all of his predecessors.  Is a solution possible, and if so, what needs to be done to reach it?

I spoke with Professor Moshe Sharon, professor emeritus at Hebrew University, and world renowned expert on Islam, about the possibilities of President Trump striking a peace agreement in the Middle East.  A former student of Professor Bernard Lewis, Sharon is considered Israel’s most highly respected authority on Islam, and served under Prime Minister Menachem Begin as his advisor on Arab affairs where he took part in the negotiations with Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat. Continue reading What Trump Needs to Say to Abbas

The Idiot Prince of Wales & his Befuddlement With “Islamic Culture”

‘Inshallah’: Prince Charles praises ‘Islamic culture’ and prays in Arabic for Middle East peace

Chuckles is known to talk to plants. Over the years, WoJ documented his infatuation with Arabiya & his cringeworthy Islamo-pandering on many occasions. There is good reason to believe he is a closet convert to Islam, especially since he declared himself to be a “Defender of Faiths”, rather than a ‘Defender of the Faith”. When Moslems say “Religions”, they mean Islam. Charles is giving us a hint.

Prince Charles “fascinated by Islamic culture,” prays in Arabic for peace in the Middle East, “inshallah”


No matter how energetically Prince Charles and other Western leaders engage in Islamopandering, they will not manage to blunt the force of the jihad. But that won’t stop them from Islamopandering even more.

… Charles said he prayed “very hard all the time” for peace in Iran and the Middle East. He added that sometimes he would even pray in Arabic, using the word “inshallah,” meaning “God willing.”

“I do think the most important thing [in the region] is a just and lasting peace,” the heir to the British throne said.

“‘Inshallah’: Prince Charles praises ‘Islamic culture’ and prays in Arabic for Middle East peace,” by Tim Pearce, Washington Examiner, January 26, 2020:

Prince Charles values Islamic contributions to society and prays for peace in the Middle East in Arabic.

The Prince of Wales has taken a special interest in the unrest in Iran and would like to visit the country again after last traveling to the Islamic Republic on a 2004 British Red Cross mission to help locals recovering from an earthquake.

“I know that Iran has been such an important part of the world for so many centuries and has contributed so much to human knowledge, culture, poetry, art. I mean, really remarkable people,” Charles told the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times. “I have always been fascinated by Islamic culture and architecture and craftsmanship for a long time.”…

Charles said he prayed “very hard all the time” for peace in Iran and the Middle East. He added that sometimes he would even pray in Arabic, using the word “inshallah,” meaning “God willing.”…

Naiveté gets you killed

Sanni Ovaska and Hasan Alqina: A Match Made in Moonbattery

To put a human face on the mass immigration situation, let’s consider a relationship emblematic of the relationship between Europe and the Third World colonists flooding in to obliterate it. Via Summit News:

Sanni Ovaska was reportedly killed last week by Hasan Alqina, who then committed suicide. Alqina was in the country as a Palestinian asylum seeker and had earlier been denied a residency permit.

Police were alerted after blood was seen seeping from under an apartment door in Hämeenlinna.

Finnish commentator Tiina Wiik … claims that the woman was murdered because she was trying to leave her boyfriend.

They’ll kill you for trying to leave Islam; why would they let you leave their loving arms?

“Not the first such case in Finland,” remarked Wiik. “One Afghan raped and burned his girlfriend, one Iraqi decapitated a middle-age woman who was trying to leave him.”

Such cases are not limited to Finland. For example,

Last year in Normandy, France, a left-wing student immigration activist was stabbed to death by her migrant ex-partner who had been staying at her home.

Naivety can get you killed. The same goes for moonbattery.

Jihad Watch provides context for Sanni Ovaska’s demise with a quote from the Koran (4:34):

Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.

It would be hard to imagine two cultures more incompatible than ultra-secular nicey-nice left-liberal Scandinavia and the Islamic savages pouring out of the war-torn Middle East. Moonbattery makes for strange bedfellows.

So to be clear, this happened on Monday in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The girl was murdered by the boyfriend she was trying to leave. Not the first such case in Finland. One Afghan raped and burned his girlfriend, one Iraqi decapitated a middle-age woman who was trying to leave him. Continue reading Naiveté gets you killed

Warming Panic is Nothing But Marxist Garbage

‘Imbeciles…moronic stuff’: Physicist Unleashes on European Green Deal’s as a ‘standard Marxist garbage plan’ – ‘Insane suicidal goal of net-zero emissions’

The truth that warmists continue to dodge

Image may contain: tree, sky, night, outdoor and nature

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun January 26, 2020

Activists are exploiting these terrible bushfires to whip up an astonishing fear of man-made global warming and hatred of sceptics like me. But know what makes me sure, even after this fiery devastation, that the global warming menace is exaggerated? It’s warmist scientist Andy Pitman, who has once again confirmed exactly what I’ve been saying. How horrified he’ll be to hear it.

You may remember Professor Pitman, the director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. He last year was recorded admitting to fellow warmists that droughts — like this severe one that’s fed the fires — are NOT caused by global warming.

“As far as the climate scientists know there is no link between climate change and drought,” he said.

“There is no reason a priori why climate change should make the landscape more arid.”

Indeed, despite the drought, Australia’s rainfall over the century has increased, not fallen. Continue reading Warming Panic is Nothing But Marxist Garbage

Merkel sells out Germany for a lousy mirror from Erdogan

The official death toll in China from the Wuhan Coronavirus has risen to 80, with 3,000 officially confirmed cases. A third case of the disease has appeared in the USA, in Phoenix, Arizona. Three possible instances are being investigated here in Virginia. Health officials are concerned by indications that the coronavirus may be spread via the mucus membranes of the eyes.

Merkel sells out 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the fairest deal of all? Angela Merkel poses with gift from President Erdogan as they discuss EU aid for Turkey in return for migrant crisis help

  • German leader Angela Merkel met with Turkish president Erdogan on Friday
  • The leaders attended opening ceremony of Turkish-German university campus
  • They are expected to discuss the migration deal between Turkey and the EU  
  • Comes amid fears of possible new refugee influx as thousands flee Syria attacks 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives a mirror as a present from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Spearheaded by Germany, the EU agreed in 2016 to grant Turkey up to 6 billion euros ($6.6 billion) in Syrian refugee aid money and other incentives to persuade the government in Ankara to stop migrants leaving for Greece.

Hungary Sounds Alarm over Soros Plan for Billion-Dollar Global University Network

Hungary Sounds Alarm over Soros Plan for Billion-Dollar Global University Network

George Soros’ $1 Billion Pledge to Fight ‘Nationalism’ Proves He Will Continue His Political Battles From Beyond the Grave

Three rockets in ‘direct hit on US embassy’ in Baghdad

The US embassy in Baghdad’s heavily-fortified green zone came under attack from rocket fire on Sunday evening.

A man pours medical fluid on the face of a demonstrator who was affected by tear gas during the protests in Nassiriya [Ahmed Dhahi/Reuters]
A man pours medical fluid on the face of a demonstrator who was affected by tear gas during the protests in Nassiriya
One killed, more than 100 wounded

Meanwhile, one protester was killed in Baghdad, police sources told Reuters news agency, and more than 100 demonstrators were hurt in violence in the capital and several other cities after the security forces tried to clear sit-in protest camps.

Palestinians threaten to quit Oslo Accords over Trump peace plan
Palestinians threaten to quit Oslo Accords over Trump peace plan
We all know that this is going nowhere. The Arabs don’t want peace. They want jihad to eliminate Israel. And the Jews.

Israel’s PM says he hopes to ‘make history’ on White House trip for unveiling of Trump’s ‘deal of the century’.

Macron, Testy and Petulant Outside a Church In Jerusalem’

The disturbing story is here.

“Go outside,” French President Emmanuel Macron demanded in English in a melee with Israeli security men on Wednesday, demanding they leave a Jerusalem basilica that he visited before a Holocaust memorial conference.

Here’s what he shouted, in English, to the Israeli security men:

“I don’t like what you did in front of me. Go outside. I’m sorry but you  know the rules.

“Nobody has to provoke, Nobody! We keep calm!

Emmanuel Macron was demanding that the Israeli security men who were standing at the entrance to the Church of St. Anne with only one purpose in mind – to make sure that he, President Macron, would be made as safe as possible in visiting the site– should leave, “go outside.” He didn’t think it right for Israeli police and Shin Bet to enter the church, which he considers to be the property of France, akin to an Embassy which, juridically, is a debatable proposition. Does he think that a Saudi-funded mosque in Paris would be off-limits to the French police?

Continue reading Merkel sells out Germany for a lousy mirror from Erdogan

The French Dilemma

Macron Sends Defense Chief to U.S. to Beg Trump to Keep Troops in Africa

As much as I detest Macron, he’s right on this one. The West cannot afford to let Africa deteriorate even more.

Macron Sends Defence Chief to U.S. to Beg Trump to Keep Troops in Africa

Syrian Refugee Arrested in French Anti-Terror Operation

Syrian Refugee Arrested in French Anti-Terror Operation

French Parliament Report: Migration Net Neutral for Economy, Not Positive

All these reports are B.S.

The invasion is a massive net negative.

The Muhammadan-African invasion with what, 70% on welfare? How is that ‘net-neutral’?

Other costs;

-Cultural destruction
-Civil society disruption
-No Go zones
-FGM (no cost?)
-Child marriages (no cost?)
-School degradation (no cost?)
-Welfare state implosion
-Crime, crime, crime, crime

– The collapse of tourism in the cities
– Productive J-people leaving
– Public health implications
– Overpopulation


TOPSHOT - Men look at a makeshift camp during its evacuation by police, along the Canal de Saint-Martin at Quai de Valmy in Paris, on June 4, 2018. - More than 500 migrants and refugees were evacuated on early June 4, 2018 from a makeshift camp that had been set …

A French parliamentary report has suggested that mass migration into France does not actually help boost the economy, as frequently claimed, but is only net neutral.

The report, released by Pierre-Henri Dumont of the Republicans and Stéphanie Do of President Emmanuel Macron’s Le Republique En Marche! (LREM) party, has concluded that due to the low skill level of so many migrants, mass migration has not benefited the French economy, Le Figaro reports.

The invasion of Europe by Muslims and Africans is not about economics. The white people of Europe are literally being diluted and destroyed through mass immigration, a form of stealth- genocide. France is a generation away from being majority Muslim, and then the world has a problem. We cannot have Muslims control France’s nuclear weapons. We’ll have seize them before that happens.

When the French were still colonisers

What comes to mind if you think about Algeria? Shithole country? You’re not wrong. Whatever works in this place is a remnant of French colonisation. But most things don’t work, and that is because of Islam. Here’s a rather amusing story on how the French used to deal with hostile Maghrebins.

The Shame of My Name

Algerians forced to adopt obscene family names by French colonisers bear the burden of ridicule for generations.

Filmmaker: Sameh Mejri

The Shame of my Name is the story of how some Algerians during the colonial period were forced to change their names by French colonial authorities at the time. Many of the names these Algerians were forced  

The burden of these forced names is still carried by some Algerians to this day.

The names were in the local Algerian Arabic dialect and cover a range of vulgar words, including descriptions of bodily functions and genitalia.

Continue reading When the French were still colonisers

Leftoids infiltrate ‘right-wing’ think tanks to “restrict expression”

‘Conservative’ Henry Jackson Society Includes Anti-Sharia Campaigners In ‘Extremism’ Report


The Henry Jackson Society, a British neoconservative think tank, has included anti-Sharia campaigners Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in a list of “extremism” case studies, placing them alongside radical pro-Sharia Islamists like Zakir Naik.

The think tank, whose international patrons have included the NeverTrump “conservative” Bill Kristol and Iraq war cheerleader Richard Perle, smeared Geller and Spencer in a new report, titled “Free to be Extreme.” According to a disclosure in the report, it was funded by Facebook.

Continue reading Leftoids infiltrate ‘right-wing’ think tanks to “restrict expression”

How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

Just got bumped off Twatter for the fifth time for wondering on a pic with Prince Chucklehead & Greta who the retard was. The Twatter speech police is relentless.

Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos.

In other Greta-related news: Associated Press is in trouble for this “racist” crop in a Thunberg/Davos report. AP says it was “purely on composition grounds.” I’m not sure I buy that. Miss Nakate’s distance from the white girls is not problematic, presentation-wise. I can understand how her feelings would be hurt by the cut.

Kill capitalism to save the planet

But of course. It’s the plan!

Direct quote from rotten Climate Shyster in Chief, Maurice Strong:

What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barnes Wants to ‘Stymie Capitalism’

MADISON — Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes believes we must “stymie capitalism” if we want to save the world from the threats of climate change.

MADISON — Fresh from his Climate Change fiesta in Madrid, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is ready to cram a costly Badger State Green New Deal plan down the throats of Wisconsinites.

That’s what the Democrat told a gathering of fellow doom-and-gloomers last month during a panel discussion at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid. 

Barnes was joined on stage by a bevy of North American bureaucrats, including Canada’s “Climate Ambassador” and Mexico’s “Climate Change Director.”

It’s time to stop feeling sorry for aborigines

How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

Thanks to XYZ

A massive stink has kicked off over a THOT-fight between Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Yumi Stynes.

Kerri-Anne had a crack at all the white slackers who were marching against Australia Day on the weekend, asking if they had actually been out to any of the remote communities which are suffering a rape, drug and suicide epidemic. Naturally, Yumi accused her of racism because, being a woman, she does not understand the following statistics:

Family violence impacts on Aboriginal people at vastly disproportionate rates and has devastating effects on Victorian Aboriginal communities. Continue reading How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

Bat Soup, Moonbattery, and Deadly Disease


As noted previously (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), progressive social engineers want us to eat bugs instead of proper food, for various ideological reasons that would seem reasonable only to a deranged moonbat. Eating weird stuff is perfectly normal, we are told. Other cultures do it; not being like other cultures is ethnocentric and therefore bad (except when they choose to denounce you for cultural appropriation).

However, there could be reasons why our highly successful culture evolved the way it did, with the tastes that have prevailed for generations. For example, we don’t eat bats. Eating bats caused Ebola. Looks like it might also have caused the deadly coronavirus coming out of China:

If not eating bats makes you a racist, let them call you a racist.