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Islamic Fashion Statements

Manchester Muslims spread a message of peace following Monday night’s suicide bombing aimed at women and girls.

Apparently “love” has a different meaning among this crowd:


After the recent horrific terror attack in Manchester, journalists hit the streets with their leading questions, intent on proving that Islamic violence is caused by Islamophobia rather than vice versa. This video features a Muslim in a highly appropriate burka:

When they promise to improve the lands they colonize with their love, compassion, and mercy, we now know what they mean by “love.”– Moonbattery

Mohammedan headbanger tells Muslim women it’s sinful to show their ears

Islam is no place for wannabe princesses who believe Islam is an oriental fashion-trend:

A Muselmaniac from Sydney’s west has told hijab-wearing Muslim women it’s sinful for them to reveal their ears or their neck in public.
Nassim Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni, has castigated Muslim women for trying to copy the fashion styles of other Muslim women.


  • Hardline Muslim preacher Nassim Abdi has delivered a sermon on fashion
  • The western Sydney religious leader says women can’t show their ears or neck
  • He said failing to wear the hijab properly by copying other women was sinful 
  • The Sunni lecturer also had stern words for men with funny haircuts, tight shorts 




Anne Marie Waters

When things go wrong, that’s when leadership is both tested and defined. Only weeks after innocent people were murdered in Westminster, we have again in Britain have had our way of life assaulted by Islamic killers. The aim of Islamic killers is clear, regardless of how it is sanitised by our politicians; Islam won’t tolerate freedom and we are attacked for being free.

It is written in every other page of the Koran, the persecution and punishment of the unbeliever. Some say these verses apply only to defence, but rarely do they describe (or even know) what it is that Islam defends itself from. It defends itself from disobedience to its rule. To clarify, our freedom is deemed an attack on Islam, and killing us for our defiance is deemed an act of defence.

The increasing terror attacks in the West, as well as the criminal acts such as child marriage or FGM, are the inevitable result of globalisation. When you shift huge populations to live in countries where their values and way of life will clash with the natives, enormous problems will result. When they have, it is globalisation that has been defended, because most of our politicians are dutifully on board.

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BBC wakademic: bombing caused by “structural racism, inequality and our society”

Alan Jones and Rita Panahi speak to Eddy with their thoughts on what should happen moving forward.

Leftoids’ main reaction to the Manchester bombing was not to demand the toppling of the terrorist-friendly British government, but to worry about an upsurge in “Islamophobia.”

‘You have no answers!’ Radio host shuts down professor who blames terror on Brit society

BBC radio host Emma Barnett shut down a left-wing professor after he urged Britain to examine its own society for the Manchester bomb attack.

Dr. Rizwaan Sabir, a Muslim agitprop,  is answering alright.  Emma Barnett is just not listening. She doesn’t understand how Muslims tick, and she doesn’t understand what she is up against.


5 Live presenter SHUTS DOWN academic who has ‘no answers’

BBC radio host Emma Barnett slapped down Dr. Rizwaan Sabir, who campaigns against some anti-terror laws.

The academic, who works at Liverpool John Moores University, said Britons had to reflect on how the British way of life had contributed towards devastating terror attacks.

Salman Abedi blew himself up in the Manchester Arena on Monday, killing 22 people and injuring dozens more.

Dr Sabir shocked the Radio 5Live host when he blamed the bombing on “structural racism, inequality and our society”.

Emma BarnettBBC

BBC radio host Emma Barnett slapped down Dr. Rizwaan Sabir, who campaigns against all terror laws

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They should be… dangling!

Sitting on a wall, their legs dangling off the ground, they could be any pair of fashionably-dressed teenagers.

But one would grow up to be a suicide bomber and the other a gang rapist.

Manchester concert bomber Salman Abedi used to hang around with Bilal Ahmed, who is now serving a nine-year prison sentence for luring a schoolgirl into a hotel room and raping her along with a mob of attackers.

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If you have to repeatedly assure people that not ALL members of your religion are terrorists, then your religion naturally breeds terrorists– Bosch Fawstin

Manchester bomber’s friend in jail for gang raping girl, 16
Manchester concert bomber Salman Abedi used to hang around with Bilal Ahmed, who is now serving a nine-year prison sentence for his part in the gang rape of a…

SALMAN Abedi’s younger brother Hashem is allegedly a member of Islamic State and was planning his own terrorist attack, according to a Libyan militia, as he father expressed disbelief his son was involved in the Manchester Arena bombing.

According to the Special Deterrence Forces, which has arrested Salman’s father Ramadan and Hashem, the younger brother 20, was linked to the attack upon the Arianda Grande concert and was on the way to withdraw 4,500 Libyan dinars ($A745) sen…

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Bomber’s brother ‘planning attack too’
SALMAN Abedi’s younger brother Hashem is allegedly a member of Islamic State and was planning his own terrorist attack, according to a Libyan militia, as he father expressed disbelief his son was involved in the Manchester Arena bombing.

A Muslim psychiatrist born in Bangladesh has called for a restriction on Islamic migration in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack and slammed the failure of multiculturalism.
Tanveer Ahmed, who has a practice in Sydney’s west, says this week’s killing of 22 people in the United Kingdom, watching an Ariana Grande concert, meant the public had a right to be concerned about Islamist extremism.
‘A short-term response of restricting Islamic immigration is reasonable and on

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Muslim psychiatrist calls for Islamic immigration cut after Manchester
Tanveer Ahmed, a Sydney Muslim psychiatrist born in Bangladesh, has called for a curb on Islamic migration in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack….DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

The father of the parasitic filth that killed those kids in Manchester claims his son was not the bomber and blames it all on a secret false flag operation by UK authorities…

Father of Manchester terror attack ‘suicide bomber’ believes son is INNOCENT

He doesn’t believe that, he lies. What he means is that the bomber was innocent in the eyes of allah because he did what the religion demands of a mujahid: murdering infidels who are having fun.

Ramadan Abedi claims 22-year-old son Salman Abedi, who killed 22 and injured 119 in a suicide attack at Manchester Arena, was ‘always against extremist attacks’–MIRROR.CO.UK
Manchester attack: Fears over ‘second bomb’ after police find huge chemical explosive cache in Salman Abedi raid

The Manchester suicide bomber may have built a second device which is now in the hands of fellow jihadists, police fear.

Officers who raided the home of Salman Abedi discovered a working bomb factory with a huge stash of explosive chemicals and other components.

Security sources now believe that Abedi assembled the bomb himself after learning his trade in Libya. (Source)

Defending Abd el Maggot
Yassmin ‘inappropriate, not offensive’
Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs has strengthened her public defence of Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, linking the backlash to her controversial ANZAC Day social media posts to rising anti-Islamic sentiment.

Look what they’re doing to us!

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, Breitbart & others.

Parents Fearful to Allow Children Out as Islamist Terror Sweeps Europe

France to extend state of emergency.

Paris (AFP) – President Emmanuel Macron wants a sixth extension of France’s state of emergency since the Paris attacks of November 2015, his prime minister said Wednesday, adding that the terror threat “remains very high”.

United Kingdom:

Katie Hopkins asks: Who is going to protect our kids from the terror the politicians let in?

‘We are stronger,’ they reminded us. Over and over. A propaganda machine in full flow.

The BBC created a little video of people telling us they were not angry, they would not be beaten. Students, affluent metropolitans, telling us they were not afraid.

Reminders were sent to the inboxes of school teachers, telling them to amplify this message. We are stronger. We will not tolerate hate.
Tell that to the family of little Saffie Rose, whose mother is still in a coma. Who does not know even her baby is dead.

KATIE HOPKINS: Who’ll protect OUR kids from terror politicians let in?

What planet are we on when in the face of all these red flags, our leaders allow such deeply suspicious characters back into Britain and then expect us to swallow their lies that we will not give in to terror?

We didn’t just give in. We put out the WELCOME HOME mat for them too.

‘Business as usual,’ they said.

‘We carry on as normal,’ they said.–Read more……

Britain raises terror threat level after concert carnage
Britain Raises Terror Threat Level after Concert Carnage
Judge Slams Law Firm Blocking Deportation of Rochdale Muslim Grooming Gang
Judge Slams Law Firm Blocking Deportation of Muslim Child Rape Gang

Frank Gaffney: McMaster and Obama Admin ‘Holdovers’ Promote False Notion Terrorism Is Inherently Un-Islamic

Gaffney: McMaster, Obama ‘Holdovers’ Promote False Notion Terrorism Is Inherently Un-Islamic

Thousands of civilians are fleeing fighting in the Philippines as troops seek to contain Islamic State-linked militants terrorists who have taken over large parts of a city, set building ablaze and kidnapped a Catholic priest and other Christians.

Martial law enacted on Philippines island
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law on the southern island of Mindanao.
Duterte Says ‘Spare No One’ as Islamic State Beheads Police Chief, Stages Mass Prison Break

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to expand a 60-day state of emergency in southern Mindanao to the whole country should the Maute group, a terrorist organization that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS), expand its killing spree beyond the island.

Duterte, who arrived home from an abbreviated trip to Russia Wednesday, elaborated on the implications of martial law on the island. The president suspended the writ of habeas corpus and announced that police would no longer require a warrant on the island to arrest anyone suspected of being a member of the terrorist group.

“Checkpoints will be allowed. Searches will be allowed. Arrest without a warrant will be allowed in Mindanao,” Duterte explained. “And I do not need to secure any search warrant or a warrant of arrest. If you are identified positively on the other side, you can be arrested and detained.”

“Anyone caught possessing a gun and confronting us with violence, my orders are shoot to kill. I will not hesitate to do it,” he vowed. “If I think that you should die, you will die. If you fight us, you will die. If there is an open defiance, you will die.”

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Lets bring on that “anti-Muslim backlash” BS!

How about “fretting” over a bunch of dead innocent kids? Sick sons of bitches literally pissing on the graves of the victims:

This is the knee jerk response of the enemedia and leftwing cultural elites as dismembered little girls lie in the morgues of Manchester’s hospitals, their tiny bodies wracked by nails, bolts and shrapnel.

VIDEO: ABC News Worried About Potential ‘Anti-Islamic Backlash’ After Manchester Terror Attack
This is the knee jerk response of the enemedia and leftwing cultural elites as dismembered little girls lie in the morgues of Manchester’s hospitals…  BY PAMELA GELLER
ABC: Manchester Attack ‘Likely to Inflame Anti-Islamic Sentiment’

Despite the horrific nature and impact, ABC was eager to downplay the motive behind the deadly attack. In fact, ABC was more worried about the perpetrators than the victims, warning that this could provoke an “anti-Islamic backlash” across Europe.

 On Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” co-host George Stephanopoulos and ABC Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz stated that the attack in Manchester could lead to anti-Muslim backlash.

Stephanapolous said that while people are determined to go back to their normal lives, “this is also likely to inflame anti-Islamic sentiment across Britain, across Europe.”

Child victims aren’t even buried yet and Muslim leaders of Manchester already “concerned” about Islamophobia..

Fawzi Haffar: Anti-Muslim attacks/BBC News
Jihadi bomber’s father, “respected member of Didbury mosque”, and brother linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda
Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s father, Ramadan Abedi, was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) also known as Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya , was an armed jiahd group whose members include alleged Al Qaeda organizer Abd al-Muhsin Al-Libi who now holds a key command position in the Libya Shield Force.–BY PAMELA GELLER
Andy Burnham: ‘Bomber doesn’t represent Muslims’

What a dolt.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says the terror attack “defies any reasoning”  and people will not let it divide the city.
Manchester Mayor: Bomber Was A Terrorist, Not A Muslim

Andy Burnham insisted people should not turn on the Muslim community in the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack.

Salman Abedi killed 22 people, including children as young as 8, when he detonated a suicide bomb outside the Manchester Arena on Monday night.

He was born and raised in Manchester to Libyan parents and worshipped in a mosque in Didsbury, not stopped going because the imam was speaking out against ISIS.

But the Mayor of Manchester insisted that this man was a terrorist who had noting to do with Islam. 

“Theresa May says such attacks ‘will not break us,’ but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues,

“Also, ‘will not break us’ means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration. The young people of Manchester are already broken – thanks all the same, Theresa.”

“Sadiq Khan says ‘London is united with Manchester’, but he does not condemn Islamic State – who have claimed responsibility for the bomb,” —Musician and songwriter Morrissey.

Manchester’s Islamist Appeasing Police and Politicians Have Blood on Their Hands
Muslim sex grooming paved the way for the Manchester Arena attack.–FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Newsweep: “Muslims in Manchester fear reprisals” after jihad massacre

Sick f*cks.

The establishment media is sticking to its narrative: Muslims are always and in every case victims who must be accorded special solicitude. When a Muslim commits jihad mass murder, the establishment media immediately kicks into “backlash” mode, behaving as if Muslims were the victims of the attack, and that the real threat is racist, bigoted “Islamophobes.”

This narrative is increasingly counterfactual, and has to be ever more frequently shored up with fake hate crimes. Those fake crimes are a no-lose proposition: the fake hate crime gets international front page headlines; the revelation that it was fake is relegated to page 37.

Three (Musel-)men Arrested in Investigation of Manchester Bombing

Police officers patrolling in central Manchester on Wednesday. The British government has put the country on its highest level of alert – “critical,” meaning that a further attack “may be imminent. (NYT)

Alan Jones rips Muslim leaders to shreds – watch now
Alan Jones and Rita Panahi speak to Eddy with their thoughts on what should happen moving forward.–AU.TV.YAHOO.COM
Britain’s fight within a warning to Australia
BRITAIN, like Australia, decided it was racist to ban Muslim immigrants. So now it instead must send its army into the streets.
Duterte says he had to declare martial law to fight ISIS in Mindanao

Martial law declared as Islamic State jihadis storm city and battle national army

(CNN) Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said his martial law declaration for the country’s restive south was necessary in order to fight militants there.
Mindanao. This is a global war, and of the most curious type imaginable: no one in authority wants to admit that it is actually going on, and Western governments generally treat each enemy attack in this war as a separate and discrete criminal incident.
25 wounded in Bangkok military hospital bomb blast
Police in Thailand say a bomb blast at a Bangkok army hospital on Monday has wounded 25 people. Three of them were in a serious condition.

The injured included retired army officers and civilians, who were promptly treated and released. Those seriously injured have remained under medical care at the hospital.

It is the third bomb explosion in two months: a blast outside the National Theatre injured two passers-by earlier this month, and another outside the former lottery office injured two workers in April.

Never buy your Islam from a Mohammedan female:

Dr Qanda Ahmed lies her a$$ off. She wants you to believe there is some kind of Islam that doesn’t want to subjugate us:

Manchester bomber part of a jihad family

Jihad: a family business:

Manchester jihad mass murderer’s father and brothers arrested, linked to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda

Remember: “Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure. ‘He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart.’”

His father, who has ties to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, is a well-known figure at the Didsbury Mosque. Why didn’t the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims there rebuke him and his sons for their jihadist leanings?

“Salman Abedi’s younger brother arrested in Libya over alleged Isis links,” by Will Worley, Independent, May 24, 2017:

Libyan authorities say they have arrested Hashem Abedi, the younger brother of Manchester attacker Salman Abedi, in Tripoli on suspicion of links to Isis.


Nearly 1,000 soldiers are being immediately deployed on Britain’s streets to support police in the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing, as the UK remains on critical terror alert amid fears Abedi did not act alone.

I would suspend migration as Trump tried to do, from certain countries which are going to increase the probability of us having to face something like what was seen in Manchester.– Jim Molan,  former Major General

Father and 3 family members of Manchester jihad bomber arrested, ‘was aware of all details’ and ‘planned own terror attack’

Geller Report:

The brother was arrested in Libya. He sang like a canary and knew everything about the plot to blow up a pop concert filled with little girls. The father was arrested in Libya, too, insisting his suicide bomber son was innocent. Under Islamic law, the father is correct. Murder and mayhem in the cause of Islam is righteous.

Libya — stop immigration from jihad nations. Trump is right.

Four men are now in custody, including three arrested in south Manchester on Wednesday and a 23-year-old detained Tuesday. Police have not yet found the bomb making equipment — the bomb maker must still be at large.

The mosque, which, it is alleged, funded al Qaeda, should be shuttered immediately.

A fifth suspect, believed to be carrying a package, has been arrested in Wigan today as detectives probe a “network” linked to the Manchester suicide bomber.

The man was taken into custody in connection with Monday night’s attack and officers are assessing the package, Greater Manchester Police said.

 Meanwhile, the terrorist’s father and brother were detained in Libya while police have confirmed that an off-duty female police officer was among the 22 people killed in the attack.

Libyan security forces said the brother “was aware of all the details” of attack plans.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins has said officers are investigating associates of Salman Abedi when asked if they are seeking a “bomb maker”.

Abedi’s father Ramadan has reportedly been detained by Libyan counter terrorism police while recording television interviews, according to ITV News.

Father of Salman Abedi, Ramadan
Father of Salman Abedi, Ramadan Credit:  

It follows an interview in which he denied his son Salman’s involvement in the blast and said: “We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.”

Every Muselmaniac lies for the cause. Its their second nature.

Abedi’s younger brother Hashem has also reportedly been arrested in Tripoli, Libya, on suspicion of having links to the Islamic State group that claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is believed he travelled there on April 16.

On Wednesday a Muslim community worker told BBC News that members of the public called the police anti-terrorism hotline warning about Abedi’s extreme and violent views several years ago.

Here’s an earlier report:

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Unfairly treated Maggot axed

The hole she dug for herself is deep enough to bury her, but ABC-tards are bitter clingers when it comes to African cultural enrichment:

Yassmin Abdel-Magied has lost her little ABC gig – but may be offered a new tax-funded job.

Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

A “sweeping restructure” is apparently to blame:

The ABC is axing the program hosted by Yassmin Abdel-Magied a month after the television presenter and activist sparked outrage over her Anzac Day comments.

Australia Wide is set to be shelved in the coming weeks as part of the national broadcaster’s sweeping restructure. As well as programming changes, as many as 200 jobs are being slashed in order to reinvest $50 million a year back into regional and online content.

But Yassmin fans shouldn’t despair:

The ABC is discussing future opportunities with Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, despite axing the show she hosts.

Abdel-Mageid recorded 7 months before Anzac Day, “If I (rubbished) the Anzacs & Gallipoli I would get crucified”
On 10 September 2016 Yassmin Abdel Magied was speaking at the Brisbane Writers Festival after a presentation from the author Lionel Shriver. This extract of the audio from that recording is unedited it commences about 18 minutes into the Facebook post above.

“… I don’t know, like I feel like sometimes people get annoyed if you
want to claim anything for yourself or want to say well actually something is sacred umm… and then, and, but I’m not able to take it the other way around. So if I went around saying well, the ANZACS were kinda rubbish, you know like Gallipoli, what is that, I would get crucified. I mean look  at me, I’m a brown Muslim woman. Like imagine if I went around hating on  Gallipoli? People would die. I would, like, but… anything that is  deem… that I deem as sacred, is fair game..”

And a tremendous debt of gratitude to Seeker of Truth for pointing out the location and contents of that recording.

Bye-bye Yassmin 
It may well be a month too late, but slow clap to the ABC for finally doing the right thing. Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s ABC show, Australia Wide, has been axed.
ABC axes Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Australia Wide
The ABC is axing the program hosted by Yassmin Abdel-Magied a month after the television presenter and activist sparked outrage over her Anzac Day comments.

An ABC spokeswoman told The Guardian the show’s been canned as part of a restructure. “ABC News is changing how we deliver long-form local journalism in order to better match our audience’s needs,” the spokeswoman said.

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Who wants to blow up Tony Jones Q&A?

Manchester bomb should’ve been exploded on ABC’s Q&A, Quadrant’s Roger Franklin says

Love it! Who would be more deserving than the sick and unhinged panelists on Tony Jones Q&A and his extreme left audience?

ABC demands removal of article after Roger Franklin says ‘if there had been a shred of justice that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio’ on Monday. (The Quadrant article is here)

Virtue signaling snowflakes and SJW of Oz are  triggered,  going apeshit.


Only on the ABC. The night before the Manchester massacre, Q&A panellists agreed Islamist terrorism was really no problem.  Mona Chalabi. “The chance of being killed by a foreign-born terrorist is one in 3.6 million.” Lawrence Krauss: “You’re more likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you.” False, but unchallenged.

Q&A host Tony Jones
warmist Lawrence Krauss last night explained on Q&A why refrigerators are more dangerous than Islamic terror, an obscene absurdity compere Tony Jones allowed to go unchallenged.
The online editor of conservative publication Quadrant wrote that the Manchester bomb should have exploded on ABC’s Q&A, and the show’s host Tony Jones and his panel should have been killed. Photograph: ABC TV

The online editor of conservative publication Quadrant has said it would have been preferable for the Manchester bomb to be exploded in the ABC’s Q&A studios on Monday night, blowing up host Tony Jones and the panellists.

In other news:

Sydney Lindt cafe siege inquest: coroner says police should have stormed sooner 

Follow  the coroner’s findings about the Lindt cafe siege, which resulted in the deaths of three people, including gunman Man Haron Monis

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How Social Media’s Useful Idiots Responded to the Manchester Suicide Bomb

The mental patients are rattling their cage. Flinging feces at truth tellers has become an obsession of the extreme left.

Notice how easily most of us accept these atrocities against civilization, but when you mention retaliation, you’re called terrorist by them.– (Bosch Fawstin)

You might have hoped after London, Mumbai, Boston, Paris, Nice, Berlin, and Stockholm that the message would have begun to filter through by now: that we’ve got the watches, but they’ve got the time and that they’re planning on continuing till they’ve won.

So why, every time, without fail, do we get the same achingly predictable response on social media….See More

DELINGPOLE: How Social Media’s Useful Idiots Responded to the Manchester Suicide Bomb 
This morning I woke to learn that 22 people had been killed and upwards of 50 injured by a Muslim terrorist bomber at an Ariana Grande pop concert in Manchester, England. So, based on past events, I thought I’d predict how it would pan out on social media.-– Breitbartmore below the fold.
British PM Theresa May: ‘The terrorists will never win’

They are winning every time they blow up our children, you degenerate swine!

“The cowardice of the attacker met the bravery of the emergency services and the people of Manchester,” May said.
Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

I spoke to Paul Murray last night about the shocking terrorism attack in Manchester that’s killed 22 people already.

We must face some cold hard facts. Australia must learn from the disastrous immigration experiments from across Europe and the UK. We should not take any further Muslim immigration here in Australia. Their political ideology, masquerading as a religion is not compatible with the Australian way of life.

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First pic’s of the Manchester suicide bomber

UK: Manchester jihad mass murderer “devout” Muslim who learned Qur’an by heart

He learned the Qur’an by heart and his father is a pillar of the mosque. Yet somehow he succumbed to what Theresa May and so many other Western leaders have repeatedly characterized as an outrageous misunderstanding and hijacking of the true teachings of Islam. Why wasn’t the peaceful, benign Islam that Abedi supposedly imbibed at home and at his mosque, and from the Qur’an itself, not strong enough to withstand the appeal of this twisted version? Authorities never answer, or even seem to consider, such questions.

“Salman Ramadan Abedi named by police as Manchester Arena attacker,” by Ian Cobain, Frances Perraudin, Steven Morris, and Nazia Parveen, Guardian, May 23, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

UK’s May vows to “defeat the ideology that often fuels this violence,” while refusing to name what it is

“The Prime Minister vowed to ‘defeat the ideology that often fuels this violence’, saying: ‘We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish but as an opportunity for carnage.’”

Struggling indeed.

The man who murdered 22 people and injured 59 others has been named as Salman Ramadan Abedi, a Mancunian of Libyan descent.

Police confirmed the 22-year-old’s identity after officials in the United States passed it to news reporters, apparently against the wishes of the British police and security services.

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