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Philippines: Marawi city shows military was unprepared for this firefight

Here’s what’s going on with ISIS in the Philippines, as President Rodrigo Duterte seeks to extend military rule.

Al Jizz claims Mindanao was “never really part” of the Philippines.

Philippine leader seeks congress approval to keep military rule in Mindanao region until end of 2017 amid ISIL threat.
Duterte declared military rule across Mindanao in late May [Reuters]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has asked congress to extend martial law in the southern Mindanao region until the end of the year, to allow armed forces to quell the threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group.

Duterte declared military rule over Mindanao, an island of 22 million people, for 60 days on May 23 when hundreds of ISIL-linked fighters occupied parts of Marawi city.

ISIL’s presence led to clashes that have killed more than 500 people.

But with scores of armed fighters holding out against government forces, Duterte met politicians late Monday and asked them to extend the law when it lapses on July 22, his spokesman Ernesto Abella said.

READ MORE: Filipino Muslim rebels pin hope on new peace deal

“There is a looming situation in Mindanao which needs to be totally and completely addressed,” Abella said on Tuesday, adding that the primary objective of the extension was “to allow our forces to continue with their operation, unhampered by deadlines.”

The country’s constitution allows the president to impose martial law for up to 60 days.

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“Killer cop well suited to be on the street”

Lawyers for Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman call for autopsy to see if victim was on Ambien

Like so many Muslims before him, it looks as if Mohamed Noor has opted to defend himself by blaming the victim.

According to, “Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. Zolpidem affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with sleep problems insomnia). Ambien is used to treat insomnia….Ambien may impair your thinking or reactions….Some people using this medicine have engaged in activity such as driving, eating, walking, making phone calls, or having sex and later having no memory of the activity.”

That Noor’s lawyers would choose this scurrilous course of action is astounding, but not at all surprising.

“‘It should not have happened’: Mayor of Minneapolis slams cop shooting of Australian woman and says officers should have had bodycams turned on,” by Jennifer Smith,, July 21, 2017:

The mayor of Minneapolis where an Australian woman was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday has said the killing ‘should never have happened’.

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ISIS fighters dress up as WOMEN with make-up and padded bras in desperate bid to flee Mosul

ISIS fighters dress up as WOMEN with make-up and padded bras in desperate bid to flee Mosul – but are caught after neglecting to trim their facial hair!

  • Mosul was liberated from ISIS control after a nine month battle on July 10
  • With scores of ISIS fighters in jail, hundreds are trying to flee the city 
  • But some of their disguises are dead giveaways, with facial hair still visible
  • The Iraqi army is sharing photos of men with beards in pantomime dame style make-up after they are captured 

A Jihadist attempted to flee Mosul in a disguise similar to a pantomime dame, but was caught when he forgot to shave off his beard and moustache.

The ISIS fighter was trying to get away from the former militant stronghold as the city was recaptured, but didn’t quite get his escape plan right.

Dressed in women’s clothes and with elaborate make-up, the bearded man forgot to get rid of his facial hair.

In one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to fleeIn one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to flee

In photos released by the Iraqi army after his capture, the man can be seen to have slathered on powder, eyeshadow and lipstick, even adding some beauty spots.

But the large moustache and beard as well as full eyebrows, rather give the game away.

Other photos released by the army show the men in padded bras as they try to slip through the net and out of the city.

Mosul’s Old City, which once stood as a neighborhood of densely built alleyways and homes on winding lanes, has been reduced to rubble by a months-long war to root out the Islamic State.

The effect of the battle, which ended as jihadists made their last attempt to hold on to the region earlier this month, can be seen in stark before-and after satellite photographs.

Other images shared by the Iraqi army show the hapless attempts by men who are trying to get out of the city to look like women, including wearing padded bras

Other images shared by the Iraqi army show the hapless attempts by men who are trying to get out of the city to look like women, including wearing padded bras

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Exhumation of Dali’s Remains Finds His Mustache Still Intact

Dali’s Mustache Still Intact

In other news:

JAFFA — Friday prayers normally held at hundreds of mosques in Arab towns in Israel were canceled in dozens of locations following pressure from local Muslim leaders to encourage thousands to throng the Temple Mount.

For five consecutive days, Muslim rioters have engaged in violent clashes targeting Israeli security forces in Jerusalem’s Old City near a main entrance to the Temple Mount.

Only three out of six mosques held Friday prayers here in Jaffa. The other three were closed and worshipers were sent to Jerusalem. But Israeli police organized beforehand and reportedly did not allow buses to reach Jerusalem. In protest, the Islamic Movement decided to hold a mass prayer in the main public park in Jaffa.

Islamic Movement members claimed that representatives of the police and the Shin Bet gave bus drivers an order forbidding them to continue driving towards Jerusalem.

Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’

Orban: Europe Needs to Build Border Walls to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’
Viktor Orbán: “A Country That Cannot Defend Its Border is Not a Country”

Posted on July 22, 2017 by Baron Bodissey

During his weekly interview on Radio Kossuth, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed some of the same crucial issues that came up during the state visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this article from the Fidesz website:

Weekly radio interview with the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Border defense is a National Task

A country that cannot defend its border is not a country, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday in a three-hour program on Kossuth radio.

The head of government said: every nation has its marshal’s baton in its own pocket, and any country that waits for Brussels deserves its fate. “A nation that cannot defend its interests is not a nation, or if it is still here today, it will disappear,” he said.

Viktor Orbán advocated a meaningful division of labor within the EU, according to his assessment that the [migrant] flood cannot be stopped in Brussels and if we are to conduct a good migration policy. “We do not need a common European asylum policy, and we do not need a common European asylum agency; it will only cause chaos, trouble and suffering,” he said.

According to his assessment, in Brussels, “paper-tasting” [bureaucratic, detached from reality — translator], passive proposals are being drafted, appearing in the mask of humane leadership, while hundreds of people drown at sea, and terrorist threats and anti-Semitism are growing in Europe.

As an example, he said that Hungary waited for three months for the European solution during the Balkan [migrant] flood, and then it closed its borders, changed the necessary laws, built the fence, and stopped the invasion. “I recommend this to everyone,” he said.

Regarding the letter from the Visegrad countries to the Italian Prime Minister, Italy has two options: either they “close the shop” or accept assistance. He said the Austrians and Germans had “had their fill” and if they closed the border, the migrants would be stuck there. He referred to Italy as one of the most important cradles of European culture, which is a key factor in the Mediterranean region, and there is a great need for a stable and strong country.

The PM also pointed out that the V4 expressed its willingness to join the German and Italian EPP ministers’ proposals to stop immigration in Libya. In the event that a government of a failed North African country does not ask for help from the EU, he said military action must be taken.

Viktor Orbán criticized the EU for supporting the NGO organizations that cooperate with human smugglers. The Italian press is full of evidence that organizations supported by George Soros work together to create a mixed-breed continent from Europe, he added.

The Prime Minister also reported on the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Budapest in the interview, which he described as of historic significance. He said the PM came to discuss how to cooperate with Hungary in the coming decades. “We have also found a key to the door,” he said, for example that Israeli high-tech companies will admit Hungarian engineers, students, developers who want to do advanced work in this industry and thus give access to state-of-the-art Israeli technology.

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Pentagon Withholds Pakistan Military Funding over Tolerating Taliban

Pentagon Withholds Pakistan Military Funding over Tolerating Taliban

‘I Want to Die for Allah’ Shouted Migrant Who Stabbed Police Officer

Migrant Shouts ‘I Want to Die for Allah,’ Stabs Cop

Paper: Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump Victory, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’

Paper: Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump WIN, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’

Another Muslim Beauty Queen & the New Super Home Office Security Ministry

She is under fire for the stupid and offensive statements she made such as “Islam is a religion of peace” and “the Quran has nothing to do with violent acts around the world.”

A lot of people couldn’t care less that she is a Muslim, it is the obligatory agitprop  that exposes her agenda.

Beauty queen attacked for being Muslim
NEWLY crowned Miss World Australia Esma Voloder has fired back at “hurtful” people who claim the Muslim woman does not represent our nation, saying: “Life if too short for negativity”.
DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU– More below the fold.
Do we need a super Home Office security ministry?

Mark Latham on Sunrise’s Spin Free Zone: “I don’t see the need for it here, I’d rather see a stronger focus on radicalisation in schools and a travel ban. Lets stop bringing people in from countries where there’s known trouble”

There seems to be some confusion over the new security structure.

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“Nobody can stop people who want to die”

Some of us would dispute that. They can be indeed be stopped. We just have to adapt  their strategy of warfare in our defense. Why is that so difficult?

FATAH OFFICIAL ABBAS ZAKI  “nobody can stop people who want to die”

Fatah Official Abbas Zaki Warns of Escalation: Jerusalem Shooting Attack Due to Failure of Political Process

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that the July 14 shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, carried out by Israeli Arabs, pointed to an escalation in the situation, which, he said, was heading toward a “big explosion.” “If the political process fails, nobody can stop people who want to die,” said Zaki, speaking on Mayadeen TV on the day of the attack. He further pointed to U.S. President Trump’s visit to the Al-Buraq [Western] Wall, where he “performed the rituals performed by Jews,” and said: “This is very dangerous.”

Transcript below the fold. 

Israeli Islamic Leader Kamal Khatib on Jazeera TV: Israel Inserted Chemical Substances into Al-Aqsa Mosque Wall to Cause Corrosion

In a July 16 interview with Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV network, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, the deputy head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, said that Israel has been injecting chemical substances into the walls of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to cause its corrosion. Sheikh Khatib explained that these substances have a delayed effect, enabling Israel to claim that the cracks and fissures in the mosque structure are the working of nature.

Transcript below the fold.

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Effects of Centuries of Extreme Inbreeding Among Muslims: Low IQ, Violence and Terrorism


Taboo: Almost half of Muslims are inbred. How does that affect intelligence and health? And is there a connection to terrorism and violence?

Lise Egholm, longtime school leader in the Muslim-dominated area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently warned against not talking about the widespread practise of inbreeding among Muslims“A study shows that infant mortality doubles, along with a high risk of congenital malformations, also that increased birth defect rates and inheritance of recessive traits are more common in consanguineous marriages. I think it’s time to express concern. We must talk about this problem. All parents want healthy children. Fortunately, we live in a society where our health system does much to ensure that a pregnancy ends with a viable child. What amazes me and has made me wonder for years is why we do not talk about, maybe they even ban, the many cousin marriages?”

While health systems in otherwise less-developed countries in the Muslim world are openly discussing and warning against consanguineous marriages, it is considered politically incorrect in the West to regard as a problem the vast genetic and societal difficulties resulting from this religious-cultural practise.


Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguineous (cousin marriages), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arab Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs). In Pakistan, 70 percent of marriages are consanguineous, and in Turkey, the percentage is 25-30. There seems to be no national data on Indonesia, but there are reports on 17 percent consanguinity on East Timor and a high level of consanguineous marriages in some areas of Java.”

Full story at

In other news:

Clashes continue outside Al-Aqsa Mosque after Israel put up metal detectors and barriers around it.
Allah could kill all Jews, but Allah wants Palestinians to carry out Ribat (religious conflict)

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi, teaches Islam twice a week in the Al-Aqsa Mosque:‎
‎“Allah can annihilate all the Jews down to the last one, throughout the world. But what ‎does Allah want? He wants us to fulfill His command. If we ask ourselves: ‘How can I ‎fulfill Allah’s command?’ The most important thing I can do to fulfill Allah’s command ‎when I am in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed ‎to be Islamic) in the Al-Aqsa Mosque… ‎
The Prophet [Muhammad] says about the Martyr: ‘His sins are forgiven with the first ‎gush of blood.’‎
Some privileges are bestowed upon the Martyr. The first: ‘His sins are forgiven with the ‎first gush of blood.’‎
The Martyr’s second privilege: ‘He marries two of the Dark-Eyed (i.e., virgins) of ‎Paradise.’‎
His third privilege: ‘He advocates on behalf of 70 members of his family.’ […]‎
Let’s compare the privileges that are bestowed upon the Ribat fighter to the privileges ‎of the Martyr: ‘The Ribat fighter marries 70 of the Dark-Eyed (i.e., virgins).’‎
The Martyr gets two of the Dark-Eyed, while the Ribat fighter gets 70. 35 times more ‎than the Martyr. ‘He marries 70 of the Dark-Eyed, and can advocate on Judgement Day ‎on behalf of anyone he wants.’”‎
‎[Al-Msjed Al-Aqsa YouTube channel, Oct. 27, 2015]‎

Pauline Hanson blamed for pig’s head at Islamic college

You can’t ‘demonise’ the demons of allah. 

Australia: Muslim leader likens counterjihad Senator to ISIS, blames her for pig’s head at Islamic college

This is a common tactic. Anytime an “anti-Muslim hate crime” is committed, real or fake, Muslim and Leftist leaders place the blame on foes of jihad terror and their supposed “demonization of Muslims.” The goal is to silence all criticism of Islam and Muslims, including examination of how jihadis use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims, which would allow the jihad to advance unopposed and unimpeded. They do this by drawing a spurious moral equivalence between those who commit jihad massacres and those who oppose those massacres.

If non-Muslims dumped the pig’s head outside the Islamic college, rather than Muslims trying to claim a spurious victim status, they didn’t do it because of Pauline Hanson. They did it because of jihad terrorists, and because of the refusal of Muslim leaders such as Ali Kadri to admit that there is a problem within the Muslim community and work to clean it up. The endless whining and claiming victimhood, coupled with jihad massacres, has people disgusted. Not counterjihad politicians supposedly stirring up hatred against a poor victimized community.

“School boss blames Pauline Hanson’s ‘demonising of Muslims’ for pig’s head outside Islamic college,” AAP, July 19, 2017: (JW)

The “demonising of Muslims” by people like Pauline Hanson is to blame for a pig’s head being dumped outside the Islamic College of Brisbane’s gates, the school’s chairman says.

Police are investigating after CCTV showed a group of men dropping the carcass and a swastika-adorned backpack in front of the premises about 11.30pm on Tuesday.

Acting college chairman Ali Kadris [sic] said people such as the One Nation leader had incited the incident and were doing the same thing as IS by spreading propaganda.

“The shock jocks and politicians are mainstream demonising Muslims and Islam,” he told AAP on Wednesday.

“If ISIS is going to do propaganda and target Muslims to make them do stupid actions, I think people like … Pauline Hanson are doing the same thing.

“They’re the same kind of hate crimes. They have to take responsibility for what they say.”…

Islam claims the ‘Cordoba Mosque’- including al Andalus & the rest of Europe

Qatar, Saudi Arabia To Islamize One Of Europe’s Greatest Cathedrals

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,

The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba also known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Mezquita, whose ecclesiastical name is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption , is the Catholic cathedral of the Diocese of Córdoba dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and located in the Spanish region of Andalusia. The structure is regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture.
  • In Islamic symbolism, Córdoba is the lost Caliphate. Political authorities in Córdoba dealt a blow to the Catholic Church’s claim of ownership of cathedral by declaring that “religious consecration is not the way to acquire property”. But this is how history works, especially in the lands where Christianity and Islam fought hard for dominion. Why are secularists not pressing Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to give Christians back the Hagia Sophia? No one has raised an eyebrow that “Christendom’s greatest cathedral has become a mosque”.
  • The Spanish left, governing the region, would like to convert the church into “a place for the meeting of faiths”. Nice ecumenical words, but a death trap for the Islamic domination over other faiths. If these Islamists, supported by the militant secularists, will be able to bring Allah back inside the Cathedral of Córdoba, a tsunami of Islamic supremacism will submerge Europe’s decaying Christianity. There are thousands of empty churches just waiting to be filled by the voices of muezzins.
  • The Western attempt to free Jerusalem in the Middle Ages has been condemned as Christian imperialism, while the Muslim campaigns to colonize and Islamize the Byzantine Empire, North Africa, the Balkans, Egypt, the Middle East and most of Spain, to name but a few, are celebrated as a season of enlightenment.

Muslim supremacists seem to have fantasies — as well as a long history — of converting Christian sites to Islamic ones. Take, for example, Saint-Denis, the Gothic cathedral named for the first Christian bishop of Paris who was buried there in 250, and the burial place of Charles Martel, whose victory stopped the Muslim invasion of France in 732. Now, according to the scholar Gilles Kepel, this burial place of most of France’s kings and queens is “the Mecca in Islam of France”. The French Islamists are dreaming of taking it over and replacing the church bells with the call of the muezzin.

In Turkey’s greatest cathedral, Hagia Sophia, a muezzin’s call recently reverberated inside the sixth-century church for the first time in 85 years.

In France, Muslim leaders called for converting abandoned churches into mosques. thereby echoing The late writer Emile Cioran once predicted of Europe: “The French will not wake up until Notre Dame becomes a mosque”.

Now it is the turn of Spain’s greatest Catholic site, the Cathedral of Córdoba.Spanish “leftists” and secularists would now, it seems, like to convert to Islam the cathedral of Córdoba, the symbol of a time when “Islam was on the verge of turning the Mediterranean into a Muslim lake“. Now that Islam is again conquering large swaths of the Middle East and Africa, is it not a coincidence that this campaign is gaining ground?

In 550 the Cathedral of Córdoba was a Christian basilica, dedicated to a saint; then, in 714, it was occupied by the Muslims, who destroyed it and converted it into the Great Mosque of Córdoba during the reign of Caliph Abd al Rahman I. The site was returned to Catholic worship by King Ferdinand III in 1523 and became the current great Cathedral of Córdoba, one of the most important sites of Western Christianity. Now an alliance of secularists and Islamists are trying to turn the church back to Islamic worship.

The Wall Street Journal called it deconquista, playing with the word reconquista, the time when Spain was returned from Islam to Catholicism. “The Great Mosque of Córdoba” is what UNESCO — also torturing, upending and turning history on its head to rewrite the past of Jerusalem and Hebron — calls it. In the last six centuries, however, only Catholic mass and confessions have been officiated there. The WSJcharges “left-wing Spanish intellectuals” with trying to “de-Christianize” the site.

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U.S.: Muslim cop who shot Aussie woman refuses to be interrogated

Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot unarmed woman refuses to be interviewed by investigators

And so the questions just grow more intense. There is still no evidence that Noor is a jihadi or that this was a jihad attack. But this does seem to be yet another manifestation of the fear of “Islamophobia” charges resulting in a Muslim being placed in a position for which he was not qualified and was able to do harm to others. The quintessential example of this phenomenon is Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood jihad mass murderer.

with three complaints against him in two years, Mohamed Noor seems at very least to be dangerously reckless and/or incompetent. It is likely that Minneapolis officials were so anxious to have a Somali Muslim police officer they could showcase that they put Mohamed Noor on the force and kept him there when his obvious shortcomings would have had a non-Muslim officer fired or not hired in the first place.

“Investigators: Cop who shot unarmed woman refuses to be interviewed,” by Ray Downs, UPI, July 18, 2017:

July 18 (UPI) — The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot a woman who called 911 for help has refused to be interviewed by authorities investigating the shooting, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Officer Mohamed Noor shot 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk, who also went by her fiancee’s last name of Damond, in the abdomen as she stood in the alley behind her home and told the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension that we will not consent to an interview about the incident.

The BCA is conducting the investigation into the shooting at the request of the MPD.

“Officer Noor has declined to be interviewed by BCA agents at this time. Officer Noor’s attorney did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible,” said the statement.

But Officer Matthew Harrity, the other officer who was in the squad car when Noor opened fire has been interviewed….

Both Noor and Harrity are on paid administrative leave during the investigation….

The cop with only two years experience who shot pyjama-wearing Australian woman, 40, dead through the DOOR of his squad car while his bodycam was off after she called 911 over ‘home intruder’

  • Justine Damond was shot dead by police after calling 911 on Saturday night
  • She had reportedly been speaking to police through the driver’s side window
  • Damond was shot by officer sitting in the passenger seat through driver door 
  • Mohamed Noor has been named as the officer who shot 40-year-old Australian
  • His lawyer Tom Plunkett confirmed he fired his weapon on Saturday night 
  • City is steel reeling from the shooting death by cop of Philando Castille in 2016
  • She moved to Minnesota to marry ‘rockstar love of her life’, Don Damond, 50 
  • Noor has two open complaints against him from 2017 and one from 2016 

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