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Wally, when did you stop beating your wife?

Islamo agitprop Waleed Aly  puffs himself up as a defender of women’s rights.

Don’t you just hate it when Mohammedan headbangers lecture us on what is essentially a much bigger problem in their community?

Waleed Aly: “Thirty million dollars for something that you yourself as a government are referring to as a crisis. Do you genuinely believe that’s enough?”

Waleed Aly confronts Malcolm Turnbull over domestic violence on The Project
Waleed Aly didn’t mince words when he faced off with Malcolm Turnbull on The Project over the plague of domestic violence in Australia.–The Sydney Morning Herald –
Build it and they will come:
Bendigo mosque ‘to attract more Muslim worshippers’ as population grows

A MOSQUE in Bendigo was being built solely to attract more Muslims to the city as there were currently only 35 Islamic worshippers in the area, a tribunal has been told.

Unfortunately, Australians are more interested in Johnny Depp’s dogs.


Wally culture goes beyond beating:

Hidden profits from halal certificates should be exposed and stopped

ABC’s Fact Check was so lame…

Andrew Bolt:

IMAGINE the media uproar if we had a food tax that quietly steered millions of dollars into the hands of Catholic priests.

That, of course, would be an outrage. Wouldn’t hear the end of the Left’s attacks on this sneaky sponsorship of a controversial dogma.

So why is there absolutely no protest from Left against a de facto tax on food that steers millions of dollars into the hands of Muslim imams?

ABC signalled the all-clear on halal certificates — yet I was struck by how lightly the ABC’s Fact Check presenter, John Barron, skipped over the true problem he unwittingly revealed when he presented the little he’d discovered about the largely secretive finances of the organisations issuing halal certificates.

“In Australia, there are at least 21 organisations that certify food as halal,’’ he told the ABC’s Lateline. One organisation that does publicly disclose their earnings from halal certification is Muslims Australia (otherwise known as [just one of the many groups] represented by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils).
In 2012, they collected a little under $650,000 from certification …

“Certification organisations say the money is used to fund mosques, schools and missionary work.”

Just one of the 21 organisations earned $650,000 from certification, and in just one year?

Clearly, the amounts being raised by all 21 groups together amounts to millions of dollars. This actually seems a substantial fundraiser for Islam.

Barron passed no comment on the fairness of companies effectively getting consumers — most non- Muslims — to subsidise mosques and Muslim missionaries.

But would those consumers really feel happy about sponsoring a faith whose most prominent practitioners often seem at odds with Australian society?

IMAGINE the media uproar if we had a food tax that quietly steered millions of dollars into the hands of Catholic priests. HERALDSUN.COM.AU
Why aid Indonesia at all?
Jacqui Lambie says foreign aid to Indonesia should be cut further – 
TASMANIAN Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie says the Federal Government should have gone further in its cut to foreign aid to Indonesia in the Budget. “Indonesia has said it doesn’t need the aid so the Government should have cut the lot,’’ she said. Click on the link to read more…

Education minister to look into reports school scrapped national anthem, banned piano on the grounds it is evil and stopped boys and girls sharing corridors

 Islamic school allegations to be investigated by Christopher Pyne
Islamic College of South Australia protest
 Parents of children at Islamic College of South Australia protest against ‘mismanagement’ by its board. Photograph: Leah Maclennan/ABC News

The federal education minister Christopher Pyne will investigate allegations of stricter Islamic practices being introduced at the Islamic College of South Australia.

Pyne will write to the state government and to the principal of the school in Adelaide to inquire into the allegations that sparked protests on Friday.

According to media reports, the school has scrapped the singing of the national anthem, banned the playing of the piano on the grounds it is evil and stopped boys and girls sharing corridors, among a range of new measures.

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Allah is not merciful with “Migrants”

Africa  is on the Move!

About 900 migrants land in Indonesia and Thailand
Almost 800 found in the middle of sea near Aceh province of Indonesia as Thai navy saves 106 refugees on a small island.
“Not Bangladesh’s Problem”

More than 700 migrants have arrived on Indonesia’s island of Sumatra, a day after Malaysia turned away two vessels carrying hundreds of people.

Rights groups (OIC financed UN stooges)  have accused governments in the region of failing to help the Rohingya, Myanmar’s persecuted Muslim minority.

Back in 2012, Bangladesh’s PM, Sheikh Hasina, told Al Jazeera the Rohingya crisis was “not Bangladesh’s problem.”

Sheikh Hasina spoke to Al Jazeera on July 27 about her country’s stance on Myanmar’s Rohingya.
Q: if Mohammedans show no compassion and reject their religious obligation to give refuge to their coreligionists, why should we, the hated kuffars, take them in?
Good News:

More than 400 asylum-seekers have left the processing centre at Manus in Papua New Guinea, to return to their home countries.

And 129 people deemed to be genuine refugees are being ­offered the opportunity to live in PNG, but most are still awaiting resettlement.

Dr Farrukh Salem: ‘800 million Muslims out of 1.4 billion are illiterate’
Fact to realize is, Muslims have been poor, illiterate, war mongering savages for 1,400 years because they are kept hostage by Islam – a medieval hate ideology…
Islamic Supremacism: The True Source of Muslim ‘Grievances’
In the ongoing debate (or debacle) concerning free speech/expression and Muslim grievance—most recently on exhibition at Garland, where two “jihadis” opened fire…

French mayor: “We must ban the Muslim faith in France…”

French mayor seeks to ban Islam in France

Good luck to him. I hope he gets all the support he needs.

French mayor seeks to ban Islam in France

Southeastern town mayor sends tweets with the message: ‘We must ban the Muslim faith in France.”

World Bulletin / News Desk

The mayor of a small town in the southeast of France is sending out tweets with the message: “We must ban the Muslim faith in France.”

Under the terms of French law, Chardon could be liable for criminal prosecution for making these remarks.

Instantly, the Muselmob springs into action:

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Abdallah Zekri, president of the National Observatory against Islamophobia, denounced Chardon’s comments describing them as “unacceptable” and as a breach of France’ secularism “that grants citizens the freedom of belief.”

” It is not up to a racist mayor, who knows nothing about religions to decide such a thing,”Zekri added.

Is France going to ban Islam in 2017?
It is claimed that a state of emergency act may be used to do it, if Front National wins the election and Marine Le Pen becomes President in 2017, which is likely.–BY SPEISA

In other news:

Greek Defense Min. threatens to send migrants to EU
Greek Defense Min. threatens to send migrants to EUThe Greek Defence Minister has warned that his party will not accept a bailout and threatened that if creditors hurt Greece they will ‘flood of migrants to Berlin’.
Meanwhile, back in Gaza:
Get this, 30 of the wounded are women and children, ….at a jihadi training camp. Then the Left tries to blame Israel exclusively for the death of women and children…  TUNDRATABLOIDS.COM

Shahid Malik Was Right

Number of UK Muslim MPs Doubles

Here’s what Shahid Malik said in 2010:

Ex-Labour MP Shahid Malik shows what the aspirations of Islam are for the UK. This is at a major Islamic conference in the UK.

LONDON – Making a new record in British parliament, a record of 13 Muslim lawmakers have been elected in one of the most unpredictable and extraordinary general elections in Britain, doubling the nu…  ONISLAM.NET
No one will be shipped back against his will
Beats me how people like Federica Mogherini,  the socialist Foreign Minister of the EU, can live with themselves. People like her are committing open treason against their society, their culture and civilisation.

Britain is cracking down on Islamist extremism Islam
And now Muslims are speaking out throwing hissy fits. WATCH and please share your thoughts.


Who benefits when infidel taxpayers have to foot the bill to feed him halal grub in prison for 14 years?

Man jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl
A “predatory” restaurant boss has been jailed for 13 years after becoming the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex…
Digbeth snooker club saw predators hiring out rooms to abuse underage girls, police report claims
Big Break Snooker Club closed down after being linked to child sexual exploitation, robberies, thefts and drugs

Ethnic minority woman cannot be racist or sexist towards white men…

Tim Blair



Bahar Mustafa, a student union diversity officer who tried to stop white men attending an event at her British university, explains why she isn’t a racist:

I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describes structures of privilege based on race and gender.

They don’t, but please carry on:

And therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist because we do not stand to benefit from such a system.

In order for our actions to be deemed racist or sexist, the current system would have to be one that enables only people of colour and women to benefit economically and socially on such a large scale and to the systematic exclusion of white people and men, who for the past 400 years would have to have been subjected to block colonisation.

Mustafa is describing the idiotic rules of leftist grievance poker, which might make a fun board game.

(Via Elizabeth Foley)

If that is so, who benefits from this system here?

Women were segregated and asked to sit at the back of a lecture by the radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir at a Muslim students group at the University of Western Sydney last — SIT AT THE BACK

Women forced to back of lecture theatre at Hizb ut-Tahrir lecture
A UNIVERSITY address by radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir saw women sent to the back of the lecture theatre while men took their place at the front.–NEWS.COM.AU

Obama and the West has given the signal to Arabs that it’s Jew Killing Season

Two articles from the Elder of Ziyon:

Michael Lumish:

Pope Francis Recognizes anti-Semitic Genocidal Organizations

To European Jews: If you can go, you should go. Europe is hostile territory and things seem to be getting worse. There are only a few places on this planet where Jews, as a people, can live without significant hostility. These places, for the moment, include North America and Australia. They do not include Great Britain.

The Vatican recognizes ‘Palestine’, but does it also recognize Palestinian terrorism and the intent to wipe Israel off the map?

In the Middle East, of course, Obama and the West has given the signal to Arabs that it’s Jew Killing Season.

They honestly think that 300 to 400 million Arabs have every right to go after 6 million Jews because they tell themselves that those Jews were mean to the “Palestinians.”

To American Jews: Your faith in Barack Obama was misguided from the start, as was mine. (Good to see Lumish admit that he is -or rather was- a gullible fool) One thing that differentiates you from your more thoughtful co-religionists is that some of us were not so ideologically blinkered as to fail to acknowledge that which is before our nose . Now that the Pope has turned on Israel we can expect American Catholic support for the Jewish people to erode, with the full passive-aggressive support of the American President until, hopefully, the next election.

  • To Israeli Jews: Declare the final borders of the State of Israel and defend yourself without apology.
  • Eliminate Hamas and point to their charter, which calls specifically for the genocide of the Jewish people on religious grounds.

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In other news:

Families of dead Gaza terrorists protest lack of payment by foreign “charities”

Palestine Today, an Islamic Jihad media outlet, reports that the families of dozens of “martyrs” tried to break into branches of the Bank of Palestine in Gaza today, saying that their payments from charities abroad have been stopped for several months.

Bank employees and police tried to calm them down.

If you believe Hamas you believe anything:

Hamas says Islamic State has no foothold in Gaza Strip
Gazan rulers say IS exists ‘only on the Internet’ in Gaza, while Israeli official says it is unclear whether IS has a presence in the Islamist-rule enclave.–YNETNEWS.COM

“If you don’t help counter the hijra, we are doomed…”


Breitbart/Alex Swoyer

In 2007, Ann Corcoran successfully stopped the State Department from discreetly unloading Muslim refugees in her hometown in Maryland, and now she has written a book directing other Americans to do the same, warning that the immigration is part of a religious obligation to spread Islam.

“I wanted to know who gave permission for what amounted to the dropping off of needy people in our county seat,” Corcoran explained in a YouTube video.


According to Corcoran’s research, the federal government has been relocating Muslim refugees into rural communities with little to no say from local and state officials for roughly 35 years. She claims the United Nations is the driving force behind the resettlement process.

“We only need to look to a troubled Europe to see the path ahead for America if we can’t stop this migration and stop it soon,” said Corcoran. “There is no reason on earth that we should have brought over 100,000 Somalis and another 100,000 Iraqi Muslims to America. Soon, we will be settling Syria Muslims in large numbers. The UN at the moment has over 10,000 in a pipeline destined for our towns. The FBI told Congress recently they cannot be properly screened.”

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The Age of the Ka-but-niks

KABUTNIK  is variation of the German word ‘kaputt’- which means broken.

A Ka-but-nik is one who proclaims to be all for free speech, but….. These days, America seems to be ruled by KABUTNIKS.

Tony Abbott calls ISIS ‘death cult’ and the Left goes wild

 Ezra Levant of talks about the latest incidence of Orwellian newspeak,, this time out of Australia, where PM Tony Abbott is in trouble for calling the Islamic state a ‘death cult’…
Media rushes to abandon the principle of freedom of speech

Here is a terrific video showing the mainstream media rushing to abandon the principle of the freedom of speech and to establish and reinforce the principle that in the face of violent threats, we should surrender and give those doing the threatening what they want.

This only means that we will get more violent threats. After all, they work.  (thanks to Jihad Watch)


BBC Degenerates compare Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela

Looks like al BeBeeCeera scribblers cannot wait to live under shari’a:

Freedom is dying in Britain, and the BBC is leading the charge to kill it. Real defenders of democracy and freedom are barred from the country, while jihad preacher Anjem Choudary is celebrated as a hero. –

BBC compares jihad preacher Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela

“BBC under fire after Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton ‘compares extremist preacher Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela,’” by Steph Cockroft, MailOnline, 14 May 2015:

The BBC is under fire after the Home Affairs Editor appeared to compare notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs:…

Just for the record: I’m no fan of Gandhi or Mandela….


If we don’t call it Islamic terrorism, will it go away?
The American Media’s War on the Word ‘Terror’
Unlike the French, who called the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo for what it was, we Americans were too scared, too politically correct, too narrow minded and blinded by tunnel vision to call Dalla…

 Jerry Newcombe defends Pamela Geller, others in their ‘battle for freedom’

By now, gallons of ink have been spilled on the recent meeting (over the May 2-3 weekend) in the Dallas area where a contest was held for who could draw the best picture of Muhammad.
Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. They are fighting the West’s battle for freedom. If they lose, so does freedom. As one pundit recently noted, if free-speech protections do not protect unpopular speech – at the height of its unpopularity – then they aren’t really free-speech protections.

The German Approach:
The left portal is for resistance, the  right  leads to the beer….
Pakistan: Muslims tell Christian, “stop building churches or we will kill you”
Pakistan: Muslims tell Christian, “stop building churches or we will kill you” Islam: The War on Jihad 1 Comments This case is an exact parallel of our cartoon… | Pamela Geller,…
Commie Pope: Environmental Sinners Will Face God’s Judgement
God’s holy minister on climate. Pope Francis warned “the powerful” that it was their responsibility to feed the planet and that environmental sinners will face God’s judgement. The Guardian reported: Pope Francis has warned “the powerful of the Earth” they…
Varney & Co.'s photo.
Varney & Co.–Another swipe at FOX news?
Muslims In Bangladesh Free To Do What They Can’t Do In Texas

Secular Bangladesh Blogger Hacked to Death in the Streetclear

That is, kill those who “blaspheme” Islam in one way or another. A blog, a cartoon contest, you name it. A third secular Bengali blogger is hacked to death by a Muslim mob in the middle of a city, in the middle of the day, and there is no one to stop it.  (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Poster of Bangladeshi blogger Ananta Bijoy Das held by activists protesting against his killing, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 12 May 2015.
Ananta Bijoy Das was stabbed to death in the street – in daylight, on his way to work in a bank

A secular blogger has been hacked to death in north-eastern Bangladesh in the country’s third such deadly attack since the start of the year.

Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked by masked men with machetes in Sylhet, police say. He is said to have received death threats from Islamist extremists.

Picture of the week from the Religion of Peace:

Pam Geller and what’s left of atheist blogger Ananta Bijoy Das
– or, as comedian Dean Obeidallah would say, the “Islamophobe”
that got away and the one that didn’t.  Obeidallah is a Muslim who
makes fun of people that think his religion is dangerous even as
his co-religionists are hacking them to death in the name of Allah.