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Resisting Islam Causes Wars For Which The Infidels Are Responsible

Deputy head of the illegal Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, said in a Friday sermon that the West is behind religious wars in the world.


According to the video of the sermon posted by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute), Khatib said of the Paris attacks: “What happened in Paris is not [proper] Muslim conduct, but still…120 [sic.] dead?! What are 120 dead compared to the 40,000 Protestants killed by Catholics in that very same Paris?” The West has “pitted the whole world against Islam, portraying the Muslims as criminals, as bloodsuckers…. Every Muslim living among you has become a target!” he said.

Israeli Islamic Movement Leader Kamal Khatib on Paris Attacks: The West Leads to Religious Wars

“Who is behind these religious wars? As I said at the beginning, when you look at the world today, you see that it is bracing itself for religious wars. But who is causing these wars? They are.”

“You dare to talk about human rights?! Who is behind these religious wars?” he added.

The sermon took place in the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque in the northern Arab town of Kafr Kana.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended outlawing the group, headed by Raed Salah, by accusing it of seeking to undermine Israel, inciting violence, cooperating closely with Hamas and seeking to replace Israel with a caliphate.

Khatib used the example of the expulsion of Muslims from Spain to argue that the West has consistently been acting against Islam.

“What did they do to us in Andalusia [Spain]? What did they do to us there? We Muslims conquered Andalusia and lived there for 800 years alongside the Christians. Why did the Muslims leave Andalusia all of a sudden, in 1512? Not a single Muslim stayed there after that year,” he said. “They formed the famous Inquisition courts, in order to search for adherents of Islam, down to the very last one. They would look for homes in which the lights were on early in the morning, in order to check if people had gotten up to pray, or for people wearing clean clothes on Fridays, whom they suspected of honoring this day. They would search for anyone who kept torn bits of Koran pages in his home, or anyone whose name sounded Muslim…. They would kill them, burn them, slaughter them and drag their bodies through the streets. This is what they did to us.”

Muslim scholar Bassam Tibi explains:

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Bob Carr and the cleansing of Jews from the history of Jerusalem, “this great Arab city”

Andrew Bolt

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.59.04 AMBob Carr, that despicable swine, was the first western politclown who  flew first class to Egypt, only to hand $20 million dollars of our taxpayer money to Egypts Muslim Brotherhood. That same man is relentless in his jihad against the Jews:

Labor’s campaign for Muslim votes in western Sydney is corrupting its values – and betraying our own:

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has lashed out at Israel, accusing the Jewish state of fabricating history and bribing Australian polit­icians, in an attack condemned by the Turnbull government.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop hit back at Mr Carr’s tirade, describi­ng his remarks as deeply unhelpful and provocative.

The one-time titan of the Labor Right let loose at a dinner in Sydney late last month at an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People function in a speech that has appeared online, accusing Israel of eliminating the Arab character of Jerusalem.

Mr Carr praised Greens senator Lee Rhiannon, the leader of the party’s so-called “water­melon” faction and an arch-foe of his old NSW Labor colleagues. “The people of Palestine are seeing street by street the character, the nomenclature, of Jerusalem being changed,” Mr Carr told the gathering. “The story of Jerusalem is now being fabricated. Juda­ising and eliminating the Arab character of this great Arab city is a shocking thing to take place.”

He singled out his former colleague in the NSW parliament and on the federal frontbench, Tony Burke, for his efforts to change Labor Middle-East policy at the party’s national conference in July. 

I was on holidays in Jerusalem only a couple of years ago and know that Carr exaggerates grotesquely, in a way sure to inflame that deadly Muslim victimhood. I saw the Arab quarter of Jerusalem with my own eyes, still there and still overwhelmingly Arab.

Moreover, I also saw the old Armenian quarter, part of the city for 1500 years, as well as the Jewish quarter, built over the ruins of Jewish buildings from 2000 years ago. I know that to simply characterise Jerusalem, still home to the ruins of King David’s Palace and the Second Temple of Biblical times, as a “great Arab city” is a kind of verbal ethnic cleansing. It is a denial of history. Does Carr truly not know there was a time when Jerusalem was a Jewish city and the Arabs still remained in the Arabian Peninsula?

As Psalm 137 recorded, 1000 years before the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s birth and the subsequent Arab conquest of Jerusalem:

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, and we wept, when we remembered Zion. How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither. Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I remember thee not; if I set not Jerusalem above my chiefest joy.

Why would Carr so misrepresent the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish administration of it?

From 2012:

As The Australian then reported: “Mr Carr is believed to have spent an hour with Ms Gillard … explaining the electoral problems in Sydney” if she did not become less pro-Israeli.

The Sydney Morning Herald noted: “Many MPs in western Sydney, who are already fearful of losing their seats, are coming under pressure from constituents with a Middle East background.”

Frontbencher Tony Burke also insisted Gillard back the Palestinian cause — and here’s why: Burke’s Sydney seat of Watson now has an astonishing 20 per cent of Muslim voters. In fact, of the 20 seats with the most Muslim voters, Labor held all but one.

How far will Labor go to placate the Muslim vote?

Labor … notoriously reversed a decision to deport extremist preacher Sheik Taj El-Din Hilali.

[In 2013], the Mufti of Australia [Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed] wrote to Labor members to warn union boss Paul Howe had a “bias” towards Israel, and if he was not blocked from becoming a senator, Labor would lose the Muslim votes that helped “successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney”.

Even more shocking:

To know just what Tony Burke will say to win Muslim votes at an Australia Palestine Advocacy Network Fundraising Dinner:

If you are serious about justice, then we need to acknowledge and acknowledge the truth, that all Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal. If we’re serious about speaking the truth then we must unequivocally be able to say that East Jerusalem is occupied…

For those who are political advocates within Palestine itself, I will never know the bravery that comes with putting your life on the line and at risk, in engaging in politics in different ways.

I’d bet many of Burke’s audience heard that as an implicit endorsement of Palestinian terrorism.

…but, the real problem is ‘Islamophobia’

Fear of “Islamophobia” shuts mouths

The Left keeps drumming up fear of “Islamophobia” to stifle debate about Islamic terrorism. Did this fear of “Islamophobia” contribute to the carnage in California?

Spike in number of Islamophobia reports in Australia since Paris terror attack


Mendacious grievance monger MARIAM VEISZADEH: There’s approximately 5.4 incidents of Islamophobia being reported on average per week. Post-Paris that actually increased three-fold. …

Note that the three most recent terrorist attacks in Australia were all carried out by Muslim “refugees”.

Back to that debate about the 12,000 extra refugees – on top of the 14,000 a year already – that we will take from Syria and Iraq. Why won’t the Turnbull Government simply guarantee all will be Christian? (Jihad in America: , Andrew Bolt)

The usual “backlash” bullshit from Oklahoma Muslims:

they say they feel discriminated against and are worried for being criticized in the name of extremist terrorist attacks around the globe, such as the November attacks in Paris lead by ISIS. ..

While yesterday’s bloodbath in San Bernardino took most of us by surprise, we’re learning that there indeed were visible clues leading up to the incident — which, if heeded, potentially could have prevented unspeakable tragedy.

As authorities continue to investigate the home tied to one of the suspects, Syed Farook, one man who reportedly worked near the home is saying he’d grown suspicious of activity surrounding the home leading up to yesterday’s massacre.

So, you ask, why See More  (Allen West)

Neighbor Suspicious of San Bernardino Shooter WOULDN’T Report Him Because he didn’t want to appear racist….

“Authorities now say that the Islamist jihadists in California were planning something really BIG. The CA slaughter was a spontaneous diversion. Their House was an IED Factory… innumerable “men” were coming in and out at all hours… delivering packages and boxes. FBI still won’t commit itself to the proper description of this jihadist slaughter which insults the VICTIMS. 12 Pipe Bomb Devices found at California home..See More

OBAMA Suggests San Bernardino Terror Attack was Workplace Violence Calling For More Gun Control.
As always, he stands with his Muslim brothers. That’s the only promise he ever kept.
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.26 AM
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Obama Regime & Media Clowns Covering Up For Jihad

To the intense annoyance of the government and the liberal media establishment that keeps it in power, the irrepressible facts are coming to light regarding the bloodbath in San Bernardino:

We now know that the shooters were Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. … While most of the news media seemed hesitant to mention it last night, Farook is indeed a Muslim who had recently “become more devout” and began growing out his beard a couple of years ago. He traveled to Saudi Arabia recently on a pilgrimage and returned with his new wife, Tashfeen.

It was almost amusing to watch Fox News struggle to avoid saying his name for as long as possible last night, before finally spitting it out hours after we all knew it anyway from Drudge. Ironically, the common Arabic name Farook (with the usual half dozen spelling variations) means “the one who distinguishes between right and wrong.” This Farook chose wrong — or rather, evil.

– See more at: Moonbattery

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.19.42 AM

Have our rulers learned anything from what has been going on in Europe?


No, and they are not likely to learn from San Bernardino either.

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France (unlikely)  to close down  160 mosques

Call back next year and you will see that no mosques have been closed.  The Hollande gubmint was voted in with the Muslim vote. They will come crawling back at the next election.
France to close down up to 160 mosques

Under the state of emergency laws, France will now might  be shutting down 160 mosques in France.

France is l”likely” to close up to 160 mosques in the next few months as part of national police operation that will function under nder the state of emergency which allows places of worship that promote radical views to be shut down, one of the country’s chief Imams has said according to a report in Al Jazeera. (World Bulletin / News Desk)

Hungary follows Slovakia’s lead on refugee quotas
Hungary follows Slovakia's lead on refugee quotas

‘The case has been filed,’ Hungarian justice ministry spokesman says

“As long as this government is breathing, there won’t be any quota, or any (failed asylum seekers) taken back,” Orban said last month.

Hungary said Thursday it had filed a legal challenge to the European Union’s plan to distribute 160,000 asylum-seekers among member states under a quota system. (World Bulletin / News Desk)

Anyone who doubts that the enemy is now firmly embedded within our gates has not been paying attention.

There are two countries that I once regarded as home: Canada, where I have spent most of my life, and Greece, where I lived for five years. Both are now lost to me. Governed by a leftist administration and effectively submitting to the adhan—the call of the muezzin—each is now under siege. (David Solway)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.29.11 AM

“Natural” Killers


Just about all of the American journallie are partisan, agenda driven hacks, as you can see here:

MSNBC Covers the San Bernardino Terror Attack

Here is how MSNBC chose to cover the latest Islamic outreach initiative:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.35.11 AM

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Al Azhar does not deny that the Islamic state is Islamic

Down The Primrose Path With The Three Islamostooges

Richard Butrick/American Thinker

Al Azhar is generally regarded as Islam’s most prestigious university and, according to NYT, is Sunni Islam’s leading religious institution. But just what is the position of Al Azhar regarding ISIS? Islamic or un-Islamic? Al Azhar has never come forward and denounced ISIS or the horrors committed by ISIS as un-Islamic. There is a reason for that. In a recent article by Raymond Ibrahim in the Middle East Forum, Ibrahim, one of the foremost chroniclers of Islam’s butchery and genocidal programs in the Middle East and renowned scholar, presents a forcible account of highly regarded disaffected graduates of Al Azhar to the effect that ISIS is in fact following the basic precepts taught at Al Azhar. Here is a key quote from a graduate and leader of the renegade Al Azhar graduates who boldly favor civil government:

It can’t [condemn the Islamic State as un-Islamic]. The Islamic State is a byproduct of Al Azhar’s programs. So can Al Azhar denounce itself as un-Islamic? Al Azhar says there must be a caliphate and that it is an obligation for the Muslim world [to establish it]. Al Azhar teaches the law of apostasy and killing the apostate. Al Azhar is hostile towards religious minorities, and teaches things like not building churches, etc. Al Azhar upholds the institution of jizya [extracting tribute from religious minorities]. Al Azhar teaches stoning people. So can Al Azhar denounce itself as un-Islamic?

Still, regardless of compelling evidence to the contrary, the Obama team, in their eagerness for rapprochement with Iran, have to maintain that ISIS is un-Islamic. Otherwise they can hardly maintain that Iran is nothing like ISIS and is a “rational” agent with whom one can negotiate and make treaties. In so doing, according Michael Ledeen of  FrontPage, they have ended up actually carrying out the agenda of Iran:

What it means is clear enough. We’ve got a President and a whole administration that have convinced themselves that his greatest legacy is the embrace of Iran. It’s not just making a nuclear deal. It’s not about nukes. It’s about embrace. It’s about strategic alliance. Whenever we do something in the Middle East and you find it surprising, just ask yourself: What do the Iranians want? And a huge percentage of the time what we have done is what the Iranians want done. Look, for Iran the most important person in the Middle East is Bashar Assad. Syria and the Assad regime are life and death to Iran. Hezbollah is based there. Hezbollah runs Syria. What would happen to Hezbollah if Assad fell and Hezedibes took over? People who don’t like Shiites. People who don’t like Iran. It would be a catastrophe for Iran, and so they have been in there for years buttressing Assad.

Obama and his team have become prisoners of their own cherished narrative that “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings” and are unable to deal with reality and thereby end up tools of their adversaries.

Frank Zappa – San Ber’dino (Never letting a good mass shooting go to waste…)

Fox today called a likely motive “mental illness” while other media outlets call it “workplace violence.”

See More

Shapeshifting Jews shoot up San Berdino

So let me see if I have this right. Syed Farook is an devout Muslim. Islam is a peaceful religion. Wouldn’t that make him a peaceful Muslim?

Pamela Geller: As I first reported this afternoon, dinosaur media is now confirming my reports. When the media won’t give names, you know it’s jihad terror.

FIRST PHOTOS: Syed Farook Confirmed as a Shooter in San Bernadino Jihad
Syed Farook has been identified as one of the suspected gunmen in the Wednesday morning shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino,… | Pamela Geller
Obama Calls For GUN CONTROL With Killers Still At Large in San Bernadino Shooting in GUN FREE…

NBC said a knowledgeable source said another member of the trio is believed to be Farook’s brother. The woman killed in the shootout has not yet been identified…  See More

Syed Farook ‘was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray,’ his brother 2nd man
Three gunmen linked to the San Bernardino massacre at the Inland Regional Center fled in a black GMC Yukon for three miles before police brought the vehicle to a halt.
 “When the President stands up and says ‘the Islamic State isn’t Islamic,’ that’s just nutty. Even schoolchildren can figure that out.” – Sen. Ted Cruz
What an a$$hole!
Obama On San Bernardino Shooting: ‘We Have A Pattern Now Of Mass Shootings’
  The shooting in San Bernardino was an act of Islamic terrorism. Hussein Obama seeks to disarm law abiding citizens, and simultaneously aids and abets the Islamic invasion. Can there be a bigger act of treason?
The family is shocked, shocked!

Kahn said he last spoke to Farook about a week before the massacre.

“I have no idea why he would do that. Why would he do something like this,” Kahn said. “I have absolutely no idea. I am in shock myself.”

 Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.09.12 PM

Mass shooting in California, at least 20 victims, suspect Farooq Saeed sought

Tomorrows headlines today:

“Muslims fear backlash”

Police say that “at minimum, we have a domestic terror situation.” The suspects came as if “on a mission.” It appears less likely that this is a workplace shooting

Obama calls for gun control

Confirmed already:

1:50 p.m.: With bodies still warm, victims being rushed to hospital, and gunmen on the loose, President Barack Obama has renewed his calls for gun confiscation.

I refuse to accept this as normal. We must take action to stop gun violence now. -H 


Still waiting…..

The scanner  reports a “Middle Eastern male” with “long beard, tactical shorts and a backpack.”

“Middle Eastern Males” Sought in #SanBernadino Mass Shooting at Christmas Party, 12 Confirmed…
“Middle Eastern Males” Sought in #SanBernadino Mass Shooting at Christmas Party, 12 Confirmed DEAD ByPamela Geller on December 2, 2015 Jihad in…

San Bernadino shooting (Reuters)

San Bernardino law enforcement authorities report a mass shooting involving at least 20 victims just before 11 a.m. Pacific time. Local news reports suggest that there are between one and three suspects, wearing masks and possibly body armor as well. (Breitbart)

Leftist loons media reports have indicated that the shooting is near a local Planned Parenthood clinic.

However, the clinic is over a mile away from the site of the shooting, according to Google Maps.

Puff Ho’s Sam Stein and Arthur Delaney are mocking people tweeting prayers for the victims and those in the line of fire

1:10 p.m.: Fox News reports that the gunmen attacked a Christmas party being held in a rented conference room at the center, and were wearing “military-style” clothing. None of the suspected gunmen are in custody and all are presumed armed and dangerous. Speaking with local ABC News reporters, police have confirmed “fatalities” and “some type of function” at the center.

“French Deradicalisation Expert Declares Jihad”

Lateline rubbish from the extreme left ABC stinker Tony Jones. Jones presents Mohammed Chirani, a “deradicalisation expert” from France and forgets to ask if he ever deradicalised anyone. Jones also insists that Chirani is a potential  victim of his own bravery, which he isn’t. His differences with the jihadists is merely over strategy: slow jihad (by demographics) instead of violent jihad.

Chirani is a French-born Muslim from an Algerian family, who promptly  pulls the Islamic taqiyya wool over Jones’s ears. The obnoxious Jones is of course too dense, too ignorant and too full of himself to ask the right questions or see through the bullshit:

Mohammed Chirani, an expert in de-radicalisation who’s worked in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis
Tony Jones speaks with Mohammed Chirani who made headlines in France by calling a jihad on “extremists” who carried out the Paris attacks. –ABC.NET.AU
If Jones wasn’t so pig-ignorant he would know that the caliph al Bagdhadi, who has a Phd in Islamic studies, has a worldwide following among Muslims. Chirani has none. Bagdhadi’s call for jihad resonates with Muslims around the world. Chirani offers nothing but a warped understanding of Islam covers it up with a thin layer of taqiyya  with a thick French accent.

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Oz Kangaroo Court & Premier Surrender To An Islamic Thug


The Premier, the Attorney-General and the trial judge all failed to slap a radical head chopper with a contempt charge.

If they can’t stand the heat they need to get out of the kitchen! What kind of spineless wonders are these?See More

The Daily Telegraph

Fucking Morons!


System surrenders to an Islamic thug
THE inability of our courts and politicians to force a Muslim man to stand for the judge during his trial for ­attempted murder degenerated into farce yesterday as the Premier, the Attorney-General and the trial judge all failed to make any move…
Islamic extremist Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai.

THE inability of our courts and politicians to force a Muslim man Muselmaniac  to stand for the judge during his trial for ­attempted murder degenerated into farce yesterday as the Premier, the Attorney-General and the trial judge all failed to make any move towards slapping him with a contempt charge.

Instead, District Court judge Gregory Farmer SC entered the court before Muslim extremist Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, apparently to avoid a confrontation.

Al-Ahmadzai is facing a judge-alone trial for the alleged attempted murder of a man outside a gay sex club in 2013.

And in another win for the convicted criminal, the Prisons Minister’s office yesterday admitted prison authorities had given up trying to make al-Ahmadzai kneel while he is handcuffed — common jail practice — because he refused to do so.

Al-Ahmadzai, 25, has refused to stand for four District Court judges in the past 18 months because he says he is “not at the behest of any authority other than Islam”.

His stubborn refusal to show respect compelled NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton this week to order Solicitor-General Michael Sexton SC to consider contempt charges.

But she could put no time frame on when Mr Sexton might act, other than saying it would be “as soon as possible”.

Milad Bin Ahmad Al-Ahmadzai at an Islamic conference in Parramatta Town Hall.

Yesterday al-Ahmadzai, who has already been sentenced to nine months jail for threatening to slit the throat of an ASIO officer, was able to avoid showing his disrespect to Judge Farmer SC by entering the courtroom after the judge on four occasions.

Before proceedings resumed his defence barrister instructed the court officer to bring al-Ahmadzai in last so there would be “no issues”.

But his rudeness was on display when he refused to stand each time Judge Farmer left the court.

When asked if al-Ahmadzai was brought up from the cells after the judge was seated on purpose, a District Court spokeswoman said: “It is not appropriate for the trial judge in this matter to respond to these questions.”

Premier Mike Baird couldn’t do anything either.
Judge Greg Farmer and NSW A-G Gabrielle Upton.

Al-Ahmadzai is facing a judge-alone trial for the alleged attempted murder of a man outside a gay sex club at Rydalmere on May 1, 2013. He has pleaded not guilty.

Even though Muslim scholars have condemned al-Ahmadzai’s actions, the Premier’s office again dodged the issue by referring it to Ms Upton.

Ms Upton, in turn, declined to comment on how the judge, who she herself appointed to the bench, was handling the matter.

Former judge Anthony Whealy QC said he had dealt with two defendants who would not stand: “They say (it’s because of) religion. I think they’re just thumbing their nose at authority.”

Cartoonist Warren Brown’s view.


A WITNESS at the trial of Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai for attempted murder yesterday refused to answer questions, saying he feared his relatives would kill him.

The prosecution witness, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, refused to reveal the identity of a man he had previously told police was involved in a shooting outside a gay sex club at Rydalmere in May 2013.

“I’m not going to name that man,” he told the court. “I’m not going to jeopardise my life or my family’s life.”

The witness was giving evidence at the judge-alone trial of al-Ahmadzai, 25, who has pleaded not guilty to six charges, including shooting with attempt to murder.

The man, who is not related to al-Ahmadzai, was cross-examined over a police interview in which he identified al-Ahmadzai as one of two men in CCTV footage that showed a man being shot.


Pilger may be a leftist loon, but he did absolutely stellar work on the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. He is probably the only leftie who got Kosovo, or did he? Kosovo was a massive Saudi- Clinton fraud that established a Mohammedan caliphate right in the middle of Europe. The people of Europe will suffer the consequences of this folly for many years to come.



Session: 2004-05
Date tabled: 14.12.2004
Primary sponsor: Smith, Llew  (Harry’s Place)


That this House welcomes John Pilger’s column for the New Statesman issue of 13th December, reminding readers of the devastating human cost of the so-termed ‘humanitarian’ invasion of Kosovo, led by NATO and the United States in the Spring of 1999, without any sanction of the United Nations Security Council; congratulates John Pilger on his expose of the fraudulent justifications for intervening in a ‘genocide’ that never really existed in Kosovo; recalls President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Cohen claimed, entirely without foundation, that ‘we’ve now seen about 100,000 military-aged [Albanian] men missing…..they may have been murdered’ and that David Scheffer, the US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced with equal inaccuracy that as many as ‘225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59′ may have been killed; recalls that the leader of a Spanish forensic team sent to Kosovo returned home, complaining angrily that he and his colleagues had become part of ‘a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines, because we did not find one mass grave’; further recalls that one year later, the International War Crimes Tribunal, a body de facto set up by NATO, announced that the final count of bodies found in Kosovo’s ‘mass graves’ was 2,788; believes the pollution impact of the bombing of Kosovo is still emerging, including the impact of the use of depleted uranium munitions; and calls on the Government to provide full assistance in the clean up of Kosovo.