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Oh noes! Muselmaniacs are traumatised!

Muslims In Australia ‘Traumatised’ Over Government Plans Of Stripping Dual Citizenship

Unreal. Can you imagine a bigger heartbreak than  that?

A top Muslim leader in Australia feels the Muslim community is being targeted due to the plans of government of to strip the dual citizenship of suspected terrorists.–IBTIMES.COM.AU|BY REISSA SU
In other news:
Pay for Muslims to feel at home

AUSTRALIA’S top Muslim organisation wants taxpayers to finance the expansion of Islamic schools and halal food outlets into mainstream suburbs.

And in a sign of growing community tension, the nation’s peak Jewish authority has called for new migrants to be put on probation while their commitment to Australian values and laws is checked.

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Australian feminist Eva Cox finds gender segregation “trivial”

Eva Cox described gender segregation as “trivial” but pointed out her opposition to segregation on gender lines.


Other leftards are just as dense:

Tim Blair reports that In the last six months, 7News has attended several similar events in western Sydney. Each time, we observed attendees being told “brothers to the front, sisters to the back”.

There is more. Check it out!

Eva-Cox-hi-res-285x250“Sitting at the back of some religious group’s tacky way of separating men and women is not worth $100,000.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir leader says woman suing for sexual discrimination does not understand Islam

This is Australia, bro. Women may not understand Islam, but they sure know that you’re a vile misogynist pig.

TAYLOR AUERBACH/The Daily Telegraph

Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Ismail Alwahwah speaks at a Muslim protest.

THE leader of radical Islamist political party Hizb ut-Tahrir will argue a woman who is suing the organisation for $100,000 over claims of sexual discrimination simply does not understand Islam.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege is taking the hardline group to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal after she was asked to sit at the back of a hall with other women at a public meeting last October.

She claims that, despite her protestations, she was told she had to sit separately to the men in the hall and was the victim of sexual discrimminsation.

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United Airlines Submits To Islam

UNITED AIRLINES submits to Islam, fires flight attendant for alleged ‘discrimination’

United apologises to Muslim woman for soda incident, bans accused crew member

SHE LIED! Says United Airlines witness to ‘Diet Coke’ incident involving Muslim bitch who got a flight attendant fired for alleged ‘discrimination’–Barenaked

Amil Imani's photo.
 The usual  CAIR suspects milk it for all its worth:
 Full story below the fold. Meanwhile, cultural enrichment of EUrabia continues apace:
Astonishing images show 1,000 migrants squeezed onto boat in the Med
The rickety wooden boat was so overcrowded migrants were sat on each other on the top deck, with more crammed into the level below when they were found 30…   DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

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Liberty and Islam cannot coexist…

Liberty and Islam cannot coexist. Free Speech and Islam cannot coexist. Women’s Rights and Islam cannot coexist. Human Rights and Islam cannot coexist. CriticalThinking and Islam cannot coexist. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Islam cannot coexist. The future and Islam cannot coexist.–Eric Allen Bell
Imam, aunt: would-be killer of Pamela Geller not a terrorist, was ‘murdered’ 

Faaruuq also blamed the media for the violence, not Islam.

“Nothing of the religion teaches that. The media teaches our children….they are on the Internet and watching the media and watching the ‘Rambo’ movies more than they are influenced by what we teach them.” …

More nothing to do with islam, chaff and Rambophobia at Boston Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Any lie will do.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much danger a police officer may find himself in — the “black lives matter” crowd will still accuse them of racism.
Growing terror threat to UK: Plots by Islamic extremists see threefold rise in arrests
THE growing threat to Britain posed by terrorists was revealed today by a threefold rise in the number of terror-related arrests across the UK.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY JOHN INGHAM
Al Shabaab expands in Kenya, demands jizya from locals
ISIS Fighter Tweets Selfie And In Less Than 24 Hours He Gets a ‘Reply’ – from the U.S. Air Force
This gives a whole new meaning to “blowing up” on social media.
 Lambie: sedition laws need the death penalty
I’m beginning to like this woman:
 If the government wants to ‘set an example’ for jihadis the courts need the option of the death penalty says Senator Jacqui Lambie.

Tony BLiar gets himself a job “fighting anti-Semitism”

Double-talk. This is an EU-OIC ploy using anti-Semitism to go after Islam critics:

Tony Blair to head the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation to tackle anti-Semitism
291D879E00000578-0-image-m-4_1433379275303According to The Times, The ECTR’s model law includes a new crime of group libel, defined as “defamatory comments made in public and aimed against a group. . .with a view to inciting to violence, slandering the group, holding it to ridicule or subjecting it to false charges”. ...

More slandering and ridiculing by Joe Millis at International Business Times thanks to Mullah, pbuh

 “The legislation includes giving greater power to judiciaries to prosecute hate speech, lowering the barriers to what constitutes incitement to violence, making Holocaust denial illegal, entrenching state funding for religious institutions into law, creating clearer definitions of what is racist and antisemitic, and securing educational programmes about tolerance in national legislation.” …

More clearer definitions of what is racist at The Guardian

To hell with that bastard.

  • Tony Blair is to take up role dedicated to fighting racism and anti-Semitism
  • He will be chairman of European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation
  • The organisation encourages countries to fight racism and xenophobia

More fighting fear of Xenon at Mail Online

Geller to CNN clown: Will we stand against savagery, or bow down to them and silence ourselves?

“They’re going to come for you, too”

Islam has won against the American left. You can smell the fear. Why is the word “beheading” censored on the video title? It says “be*ea*ing”.

Pamela Geller and CNN Host Go at It Again in Another Tense Exchange
Conservative activist Pamela Geller told TheBlaze on Thursday that CNN host Chris Cuomo’s controversial claim last month that “hate speech is excluded from protection” under the U.S. Constitution shows that he has “no idea what the First Amendment is all about.”–full Blaze article below the fold….
In other news:

Shameless, disgusting Muselprop

The endless suffering of the Rohingya goes back decades and is considered one of the darkest chapters in Southeast Asia’s modern history. When they were denied citizenship in 1982 – despite the fact that it is believed they descended from Muslim traders who settled in Arakan and other Burmese regions over 1,000 years ago – their persecution became almost an official policy.

Even those who take to the sea to escape hardship in Burma find the coveted salvation hard to achieve. “In Myanmar, they are subjected to…” —

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Hate Spewing CNN Tard To Pamela Geller: ‘Do You Relish’ Being Hunted By Jihadists?

geller getty

CNN, the left-wing hate network that uses every opportunity available, including the threat of a beheading, to launch hate campaigns against its political enemies on the right, asked Pamela Geller Wednesday night if she “relishes the idea” of jihadists hunting her down to behead her.

That was an actual question mean-girl Erin Burnett asked Geller after learning of a plot that was/is afoot to take the free speech activist’s head.

Keep in mind as you watch the clip below, Burnett is well aware Geller has increased her security but still asks if she relishes being hunted.


Video: Robert Spencer on CNN on the jihad murder plot against Pamela Geller
On CNN’s “At This Hour” with John Berman and Kate Bolduan to discuss the jihad murder plot against my colleague Pamela Geller, and the war against the freedom of speech. A contentious, lively segment.

 These CNN clowns are as dense as donkey turds…..

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But what if jihadists represent the true Islam?

Andrew Bolt

Almost all the media and political debate about how to tackle radical Islam and terrorism is based on one critical assumption: that jihadists are unrepresentative and do not represent “true” Islam. That they therefore can be talked out of their dangerous attitudes. That they can be “deradicalised”.

But what if that is simply not true?

clive-kessler-285Clive Kessler is emeritus professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of NSW. He has studied Islam and the sources of militant Islam for more than 50 years:

Among Muslims worldwide today, about 10 to 15 per cent, it may be suggested, are modernist, reform-minded and democratic; perhaps another 10 to 15 per cent are militant, radical, extreme and potentially active in violent forms.

Between these two clusters, the 70 per cent in the middle represent what may be called conventional or quasi-traditional Islam.

The question is: what is the relation of the views of the radical extreme to those of the centrist mainstream? Are they opposed, a deviationist breakaway, or are they basically identical, or at least complementary?

It would be reassuring if things were otherwise, but the basic facts are clear. Like the radical fringe or fundamentalist extreme, the Muslim mainstream adheres to, through explicit affirmation or by unreflecting habitual assent, the same underlying propositions that constitute the radical and militant world view. Like that of the militants, their Islam, or view of it, is basically supersessionist…

Many Muslims, not just the militants but those throughout the mainstream or centre ground of their faith community’s social spectrum, chafe against the ­humiliation the world of Islam has experienced in modern times at the hand of non-Muslims, believe this situation must and will be reversed, and that determined action on the part of the faithful is necessary to bring about that ­divinely ordained historical restoration of Islamic dignity, autonomy and even ascendancy.

The mainstream and the militants, including the violent implementers of militant ideas, share this outlook. The difference is simply, or largely, one of the means and measures and strategies…

Since the radicals and the mainstream share — if in different forms and style and emphasis — the same religiously grounded historical world view, the two orientations are basically complementary and congruent, not opposed. So there is no ground within the mainstream for calling back the deviant minority; no distinctive standpoint, authentic and authoritative, to which the radicals may be called to return by abandoning their own identifiable heresies. The moderates from the centrist mainstream stand bereft of the religiously based political and moral authority to make such calls persuasively, in ways that may prove enduringly convincing…

Increasingly, the militants and the mainstream share a common mindset and set of attitudes. The difference is that those in the mainstream tend to accept and go along with them habitually, while the radical Islamist ideologues take those framing ideas seriously and literally, and seek to affirm them actively…

If this is the case … then community-based, community-supported and community-driven strategies of deradicalisation cannot work. They are doomed from the start.

Of course, if Kessler is right, the implications for our immigration policy are profound – yet still impossible for politicians to publicly discuss.

Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

This is exactly what the exiled Iranian revolutionaries did in the seventies. They drove everyone crazy. All you ever heard was how bad the Shah was and the SAVAK, and how many political prisoners were in jail and how hard they were done by, by the Shah’s oppressive  system. And when Peanut Khadr dropped the Shah in 1979 to help the Ayatollah Khomeini to power, the Islamic revolution murdered hundreds of thousands. Up to this day, the Mullahs of Iran lead one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt wants the same thing, nobody should be fooled by their victimhood propaganda. All these MuBro supporters should be rounded up and shipped to Egypt. Sisi knows how to deal with them.

Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

A Muslima who apparently loves male abuse and barbarity – clearly an Isis and Muslim Brotherhood supporter – called Abdul Fatah al-Sisi a “nazi”. What a delusional hater these women can be. Germany needs to deport this burka terrorist asaps.

Sisi is no Nazi. Far from it. Sisi is a true hero of historic proportions. It’s almost unreal how he managed to quickly take control of Egypt while it was quickly descending into the hands of the mothership of all Islamic terrorism: the Muslim Brotherhood. The man is a saint. In addition, he has demanded that Muslim clerics take a deep look at themselves for what they teach in mosques, accusing them of breeding terrorism. One can only wonder how far it will be before we hear of murder attempts on Sisi.


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Pamela Geller vs Erin Burnett: “Are you stoking the flames?”

Here’s the video, via CNN:

The terror suspect fatally shot by law enforcement in Boston yesterday, had plotted to behead Pamela Geller. CNN reported on the Boston terror suspect reportedly planning to behead Pamela Geller, Erin Burnett spoke with Geller over the phone to get her reaction. And Geller said right off the bat, “This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against the savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?” Pamela Geller said that since her “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas was targeted, she’s had “an army of security” and has no intentions of “surrendering” to terrorists. Pamela Geller declared that “this is a war” and got a little fiery with Burnett when the CNN anchor questioned she’s being a little too provocative. Burnett asked, “Are you stoking the flames? Do you, on some level, relish being the target of these attacks?”
Pamela Geller took great offense and asked, “Who self-promotes to get killed?”

Geller, of course, is the activist who organized the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas that drew two Muslim gunmen that were shot and killed. CNN is reporting tonight that Usaama Rahim had been monitored by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and was believed to have been radicalized by ISIS. He approached law enforcement officials holding a knife yesterday and they shot him, fearing for their lives.