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Invasion & Fear

Slovakia refuses to accept Muslim migrants
Country will refuse entry to Muslims among quota of 200 migrants, on grounds that country has “no mosques”, as German mayor threatens to seize private homes to house asylum seekers
UK: Mohammed Cartoon Exhibit Canceled Over Threats of Muslim Violence
Why do Western countries allow Muslims in if the result is threats of violence against non-Muslims for exercising their rights? So much for this video post a few…
 This is very strange:

Arresting Tommy Robinson over some trivial if not trumped charge whilst ignoring those who threaten to rape his wife and children before burning them alive, smacks of complicity with the devil.
Very disturbing  indeed that the British Police can act in this way.  The English Bobby has morphed into a Stasi clone. Britain is slowly changing into a full-blown sharia state:

Tommy Robinson Arrested AGAIN Upon Return from Family Holiday
Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, has been arrested again, moments after returning from a holiday
Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily – and the FBI Is Warning About… Me – 
As the FBI libels me as someone who inspires violence, I am getting death threats every day.–Breitbart

The torn Koran: the oldest trick in Rageboys Arsenal

Berlin (AFP) – Seventeen people were injured in a riot at a refugee shelter in central Germany over a torn Koran, police said Thursday, in fresh tensions as the country…
This Islamist psychopath is still on the streets spewing his bile. Why hasn’t he been charged?

Why hasn’t he been charged? For the same reason Louis Farraklown or Al Sharpton haven’t been charged. Our so-called authorities are a bunch of wusses who don’t dare to do their job for fear of false accusations and a blowback from the ‘muslim community’. We are already in an advanced state of dhimmitude.

In March this year Jason Morrison and I lamented the fact Ismail al-Wahwah hadn’t been locked up. Here’s The Australian today

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Al Guardian: Muslims in “Trauma” Over Infidel Resistance

Seriously, you couldn’t make it up. Is there not one, one single upstanding Aussie who walks in there with a baseball bat and whacks the shiite out of them?

Australian Muslims in trauma over politics of ‘war on terror’, forum hears
Islamic Council of Victoria’s president tells anti-racism forum proposed laws to allow the immigration minister to revoke citizenship were aimed at Muslims
Find Out What Swedes Are Now Saying About Their Left-Wing Values…
Eritrean asylum seekers invaders  in Sweden are risking serious backlash after a week of unprovoked, migrant violence towards their native hosts–BREITBART.COM
Slovakia agrees to accept migrants – as long as they’re Christian
Bratislava officials claim any Muslim refugees wouldn’t feel at home because the country has such a tiny Islamic population.
Rob Mooney's photo.

Americans are concerned about muslims coming to the USA. These are here already, millions of them, and their leader farrakhan has issued a fatwa to kill whites, numerous times.…/farrakhan-green-lights…/


Terrified Britain Cancels Mohammed Cartoon Exhibit

Free speech and freedom of expression are not even an option in the UK anymore. They are gone. Former Labor Party politican Anne Marie Waters Laments…….You may think it obvious to state that Britain is frightened, but I think it is worse than most people imagine. Just the word “Islam” evokes fear in the majority of the people I meet, and this is amplified upon mention of “Mohammed cartoons”.

Will Australia be able to avoid the same fate? Or will our leaders, and political class capitulate?

Please help us to inform more Australians about the true nature of Islam. Support Q Society with a donation, sign up to their newsletter or register as supporter and as always: share this information and spread the word.

The Mohammed Cartoon exhibit that I and others had planned for September in London has been cancelled

They are soldiers of allah, invading Europe. Everything else is a lie.

In Europe, the Islamic invasion goes into overdrive:

Europe struggles to respond as migrants numbers rise threefold
More than three times as many migrants were tracked entering the European Union by irregular means last month than a year ago, official data showed on Tuesday,…ROBERT-JAN BARTUNEK | Kathimerini
Australia: WTF are we stopping these a$$holes from meeting their virgins?
Islamic State: Gang of five would-be terrorists stopped at Sydney Airport

Simon Benson, Daily Telegraph

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton would not confirm the interceptio

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton would not confirm the interception. He said he did not comment on the airport counterterrorism operations.

THE largest single group of suspected jihadists attempting to leave the country bound for Syria and Iraq have been intercepted at Sydney Airport.

A senior intelligence source has confirmed five young ­Sydney men had triggered an alert at Sydney Airport last week as they all tried to leave the country together bound for the Middle East.

It is believed they were “red-flagged” at the immigration checkpoint, with the new counterterrorism units called in to intercept them before boarding an initial flight to Malaysia.

It is understood all were carrying large amounts of cash. It is also understood other ­materials were discovered.

They were then prevented from flying. At least some of the men were known to ­government authorities.

Why do we have “a humanitarian responsibility to Syria”, Mrs Plibersek?

WTF? Why do we have a humanitarian responsibility to Syria?

The Daily Telegraph

Ms Plibersek, who has twice described Africa as a country instead of a continent, said Australia had a humanitarian responsibility to Syria, in contrast to Mr Shorten’s position that stopping Islamic State is a priority / Digitally altered image

TANYA Plibersek wants to send aid to Syria rather than bomb terrorists.

The deputy Labor leader yesterday split with her boss Bill Shorten and criticised the Abbott government over ­discussions with the US about expanding aerial bombing raids from Iraq to Syria.

Ms Plibersek, who has twice described Africa as a country instead of a continent, said Australia had a humanitarian responsibility to Syria, in contrast to Mr Shorten’s position that stopping Islamic State is a priority.

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The Aussie Mussie

There is no such thing. A Muslim cannot be Aussie, and if he is Aussie he can’t possibly be a Muslim.  Kuranda Seyit, the ABC’s go-to Muslim tries to inflict a little da’awa on us by warming up to the term. It changes nothing.

Please scroll down below the fold to read the whole thing. Here, some links and updates from the Saltshakers:

  1. Australia: Police told to cover up Muslim identity behind 14 x brutal gang rape of young mother


The Muslim Issue

  1. Why did the ISIS Caliph rape American Kayla Mueller?First Things
  2. Belfast Pastor on Trial for Offending IslamGatestone Institute
  3. Will Britain Pass the Choudary Test?Gatestone Institute
  4. Afghan women imprisoned by their cultureThe Sydney Morning Herald
  5. Defining the Aussie MussieOnline Opinion
  6. This Islamist psychopath is still on the streets spewing his bile. Why hasn’t he been charged?

Michael Smith News

  1. Australia: Police told to cover up Muslim identity behind 14 x brutal gang rape of young mother

The Muslim Issue, August 15, 2015

“No, this is not about the Bendigo Bank’s rapacious associates who have a financial interest in the land surrounding the proposed mega mosque. Nor is it about how the Bendigo Bank cancelled the accounts of all those who objected to the rape of their city. Nor is it about the corrupted Bendigo councillors who did not declare an interest. And it’s not even about the Bendigo Bank’s violation of community sentiments in promoting the crass Islamification of one of Australia’s historic and iconic cities. No, but do you recall that ghastly gang rape of a young Bendigo mother… a case that had completely disappeared under a media blackout?…”

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The Guardian (of Muslims): Today’s Headlines

We don’t need to feel sorry for people who fill their heads with BS,  we need to protect ourselves against  their idiocy. Just take a look at the garbage leftoids from the Guardian inflict on the fools who believe they are buying genuine news. Here,  the headlines from today’s Guardian:
Asylum Racket:

Exclusive: Investigation exposes failings by IHMS, the company responsible for the health of asylum seekers in Australia’s care, and reveals pressures inside firm

IHMS, the healthcare giant at the heart of Australia’s asylum system – explainer‘Significant risks’ to health of asylum seekers in firm’s failure to meet targetsImmigration healthcare firm ‘likely to fail’ on child protection – briefing note

Globull Worming Racket

Climate scientists say 2015 on track to be warmest year on record

Scared of sharks?

Shark attack on surfer Mick Fanning: I punched it a couple of times – video

Sharks don’t like to eat people’: attack statistics contradict untested theories

Mick Fanning’s shark escape mesmerised me – just as Jaws once did | Jonathan Jones

Socialist Bullcrap:

If you want a living wage, be prepared to go on strike for it | Boots Riley

The Socialist Republic:

Peter FitzSimons is hell-bent on selling an Australian republic to Gen Y | Tim Mayfield

Homo Marriage

Warren Entsch makes emotional plea to Liberal colleagues over gay marriage

People the left loves to hate:

Bronwyn Bishop has never welcomed the kind of scrutiny she applies to others | David LeserAfter a career of subjecting others to pitiless interrogation, many are tempted to see Bishop’s $5,000 helicopter flight as her political death knell. But Bishop has fallen and risen before, writes her biographer, and her ambition, determination and imperviousness to criticism should not be underestimated

The man who would be king:

Bill Shorten popularity at all-time low but Labor on four-month high, says poll

In other words: there is no real news of any value to anyone. This is mental mush of the worst kind. And then you wonder why leftoids are so f*kced up. The next time you meet somebody who reads the Guardian, whack him over the head with it.


Facebook Enforces Shari’a, Supports Islamic State

Facebook Save Islamic State From Ridicule By Taking Down Image Poking Fun At Terrorist Group


Facebook has taken down a post poking fun at the Islamic State saying it had to remove it because it did not meet its community standards.

The post showed what was intended to be the Islamic State flag reproduced as toilet roll and was posted on the social media site by Britain First leader Paul Golding. It was captioned: “Soon to be stocked in the Britain First shop.”

islamic state militants

 Islamic State have been blamed for the deaths of tens of thousands of people but they must be shown the same level of respect on Facebook as anyone else, the internet company has said

After being notified that the post had been taken down Golding wrote to Facebook’s chat support asking why.

Facebook support worker Dora Zganjer replied: “Obviously it was not complying with Facebook community standards.”

She continued: “I understand where you’re coming from, but posts like this will be taken down without a doubt.”


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Elmo Rubs It

After dumping on Australia and Aussies like only a muselmanic headbanger can, Elmo claims victimhood. I can’t wait to see this arrogant, supremacist piece of shiite behind bars and deported. El-Mouelhy is suing an anti-halal campaigner, Kirralie Smith, and members of the “Islam-critical” Q Society for defamation over their claims the industry is corrupt and funds “the push for shariah law in Australia”.

Its quite obvious that this is what this is all about. The denial only confirms it. Its the Mohammedan modus operandi.

Take a deep breath before you read this:

Muslims were free and honest men here in Australia well before the arrival of the British. Muslims built Mosques to worship God in, built the Telegraph line, the latest communication technology at the time and opened interstate roads that exist to this day

In the meantime the peaceful white Christians used Aboriginal women as sex slaves, killed Aboriginal man whom they regarded as sub human, kept the lot in concentration camps, stole their wage and abducted their Aboriginal c

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Aussies Supporting Muslims's photo.

The oldest surviving mosque in Australia, although we know that some Australian Muslims have ancestors who were here long before the British. Arriving in the 15

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Halal meat
 ‘It is against the law to vilify Jews … but Muslims can be thrown to the wolves,’ says the Halal Certification Authority Australia. Photograph: Alex Segre/Alamy

“Hate campaigns” are detracting from the reputation of Australia’s $13bn halal industry overseas, according to one of the country’s largest Islamic certifiers, which says anti-halal campaigners are “manipulating the public to harm the Australian economy”.

The halal industry has been reluctant to comment on the Senate inquiry into food certification, instigated by Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, but broke its silence on Tuesday in a submission obtained by Guardian Australia.

“Under Australian law it is not acceptable to vilify one’s race or ethnic background but it seems acceptable to vilify Islam,” Mohammad El-Mouelhy, from Halal Certification Authority Australia (HCAA), wrote.

“It is against the law to vilify Jews and it is not politically correct to denigrate blacks or gays. But Muslims can be thrown to the wolves.”

El-Mouelhy, whose agency certifies mostly processed foods, hit back at claims that products such as Vegemite were being altered to be granted halal status.

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