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Merkel Hires ex-Stasi Agent To Censor Critics of the Mohammedan Invasion

It gets better every day:…

Merkel making use of her Stasi connections by putting former Stasi apparatchiks into positions of power.

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Sheik Spear's photo.
The German government and Facebook are working with an organization led by an ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program that will identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences.

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Kicked ‘Refugee’ Is Al Nusra Terrorist

Hungarian Camerawoman Petra Laszlo Fired

Do you remember the video with  the Hungarian photo-journalist and that Syrian “refugee?” She stuck her leg out  on purpose, so that he stumbled and fell with his son in his arms. The camerawoman, Petra László, it lost her  job, and the “refugee”, Osama al-Abdelmohsen, managed, much to the admiration of our media,  to travel to beautiful Berlin (without his wife, of course). He was a popular football coach in his native Syria, one could read in the press. But what the media did not tell you: Osama al-Abdelmohsen,  recently on his Facebook page flew the flag of the Islamic terrorist association Al-Nusra Front. [more]

Hier in German from PI:

Stolperflüchtling ein Al-Nusra-Front-Terrorist?






Manch einer erinnert sich vielleicht noch an den syrischen „Flüchtling“, dem in Ungarn von einer Kamerafrau ein Bein gestellt wurde, sodass dieser mit seinem Sohn auf dem Arm zu Boden stolperte. Die Kamerafrau, Petra László, verlor darauf ihren Arbeitsplatz, und der „Flüchtling“, Osama al-Abdelmohsen, schaffte es zur Begeisterung unserer Medien ins schöne Berlin (ohne seine Frau, versteht sich). Er sei in seiner Heimat Syrien ein beliebter Fußballtrainer gewesen, konnte man der Presse entnehmen. Was man aber nicht lesen konnte: Osama al-Abdelmohsen zeigte bis vor kurzem auf seiner Facebook-Seite die Flagge der islamischen Terrorvereinigung Al-Nusra-Front. [mehr]

An other posting on FB:

Cheri Nocita Berens's photo.
Cheri Nocita Berens's photo.
On Sept. 8th I made a post about a Hungarian who witnessed first hand Muslim “refugees” acting like animals, attacking an old woman and dragging her by her hair, throwing poop, etc. Right after that incident, a Hungarian reporter hit the news because she was filmed tripping “refugees”. One of which had a child with him, so people were “outraged”. The result was people feeling even more pity for the refugees. The “tripping” incident went viral and prompted more Muslim refugees to be taken in (or is it westerners who are being “taken in”??). The Hungarian reporter had witnessed the refugees bad behavior and had simply had enough. But, it turns out, the man she tripped is a radical Muslim extremist. He is an al-Qaeda supporter who used the “refugee” crisis to infiltrate into Europe.
Patsy Barrett Barb Stotler Pat Cowan Howard Downes

Here’s the text from the youtube vid:

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Watch: This is what the media Refuses to Broadcast on the Muslim Migrants

Share this video until all the people of America and Europe will see what the media tries to hide about Muslim refugees.

Why are mainstream media outlets like CNN and BBC only broadcasting footage which shows the migrants Muslim invaders in a positive light?

And then this:

A Jewish man died “as rocks pelted his car”

Rocks, apparently self-propelled, just magically appeared to pelt his car!– From the New York Times, reporting on a stoning murder as if it was a natural event!


Migration as Jihad  (Bill Warner)
(Video) Migration is part of the doctrine of jihad. Migration is so important that the Islamic calendar is based upon the Hijra, Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina.

“The aim is to help children…”

…and if you’re against ‘helping children’ you are a racist-bigot-Islamophobe, among other things.

Thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

The aim is to help children in distinguishing between Islam and Islamism – between fact and propaganda. To help them overcome issues of identity and belonging.

No one ever managed to distinguish Islam from Islamism. To distinguish between fact and propaganda may help some. But to help Muslims overcome issues of identity and belonging is an exercise in futility.

Only then will we help young women at risk of extremism create a home of their own, right here in Britain.

More muslim chaff and baggage in the dying nation by Nikita Malik, Researcher @ the Quilliam Foundation at The Telegraph


You really wanna help their children?

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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: The Caliphate Will Eliminate the West in Its Entirety

During an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on July 24, Sheik Ahmad Al-Dweik said that Allah had promised to restore the Islamic Caliphate and that it would “fight the U.S. and bring it down” and would “eliminate the West in its entirety.”

Obama Blasts ‘Un-American,’ ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Sentiment Rising in American Politics
No kidding.
“Islam will be the death of Europe,” shout anti-Muslim protesters in the Czech Republic, Poland,…
Large mobs of supporters joined anti-Muslim invader protests in 3 eastern European capitals today after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
when good intentions trump experience and wisdom, you’re asking for trouble – in this case, civilization-threatening trouble.
Italy: Muslim terrorists display victory signs as they arrive on “refugee” boats into Europe 

migrant isis terroristBut don’t worry, government analysts and academics dismiss the idea that jihadis could be entering Europe as refugees . Here’s the story from May that blows up that myth. In February, the Islamic State threatened to send half a million Muslim migrants in a “psychological” attack against the West. And  in May, I reported that [Geller]READ MORE

Germany Highway Banner: “Your Children will Pray to Allah or will all DIE!”

I keep telling you: their children will murder our children!

german banner copyGermany’s vice chancellor said today it could take in one million migrants this year. Despite reinstated border checks, Sigmar Gabriel says anyone seeking asylum in Germany can stay until ruling on their case is made. Here’s what they can expect. This al hijrah is a Muslim invasion. The above photo was taken over the weekend […]READ MORE


Open up, or else!

Refugees start hunger strike on Hungary-Serbia border
Refugees start hunger strike on Hungary-Serbia border

As main official Serbia-Hungary border crossing point was closed, refugees hunger strike demanding border open

World Bulletin / News Desk

Refugees stuck on the Hungarian-Serbian border have declared a sit-down hunger strike Tuesday, demanding to be allowed to proceed further into the EU, according to Russia Today. Newly declared hunger strikers are reportedly holding banners, saying “No food no water until open border.”

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EU on collision course over refugee sharing
EU on collision course over refugee sharing

Many member-states expressed unhappiness with scheme that would oblige them to take in thousands of refugees

European Union members were on collision course on Monday over proposals to distribute asylum-seekers across the continent, a plan back by safe-haven Germany but resisted by several ex-Communist states in the east. (Continue reading: World Bulletin / News Desk)

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Muslim leaders hopeful of new direction

Its disgraceful that the Oz media’s go-to Muslim is catmeat spokesturd Keysar Trad, a hateful dolebludger who never worked a day in his life since he set foot in Australia.

Karlis Salna-AAP

MUSLIM leaders have called on Malcolm Turnbull to bring an end to the politics of blame they believe impacted their communities under the prime ministership of Tony Abbott.


KEYSAR Trad, spokesturd for the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, says he is hopeful Mr Turnbull will serve the interests of all Australians.

Trifecta on the Muslim Invasion of Europe

An Illegal Immigrant Catastrophe… In Europe? ISIS Refugees!


Bill Whittle and friends explain why the invasion of Europe is even more serious than what is happening to the USA, and why it potentially gives Putin stranglehold leverage over Western Europe:

At least America is being invaded primarily by Mexicans and not by Muslims from a terrorist hot zone — although Democrats are working to change that.

Migrant crisis: Refugees must be prioritised on their beliefs

Henry Ergas, Columnist/Sydney

Muslims are unassimilable and destructive. They cannot, by the law of allah, become part of a  tolerant western society.

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke Source: Supplied

Just as the government, in allocating the 12,000 places it has added to the humanitarian intake, has every right to screen out security threats, so it has every right to test whether applicants are capable of integrating peacefully and effectively into the community.

And like it or not, religion is a crucial factor in that respect, all the more so with refugees from the greater Middle East.

It is therefore entirely proper for Australians to be concerned about the religious composition of the expanded intake the government has announced.

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