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Anything but the truth….

Obama Now Openly Telling Media What Propaganda to Print
We’ve hit a new low–FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Trump: Syrian refugees might be a massive terrorist army in disguise

No Muslim is a refugee. All Muslims are soldiers of allah.

”Military tactics are very interesting. This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time. A 200,000 man army, maybe. Or if they sent 50,000 or 80,000 or…SPEISA.COM|BY SPEISA
Chadi  Ahmad's photo.
Putin does the job Obama refused to do: The Russian air force strikes convoy of trucks carrying ISIS oil for sale in turkey. (Archive photo from Taliban attack on US trucks in Afghanistan)
For the Obamedia, nothing is what it is. Everything is what they want it to be:
Media Narrative: Half-Black Oregon Killer is a “White Supremacist”
Was he a Half-White Supremacist?
EU Corruption:
EU Commission urges to fight anti-Muslim prejudice

Great logic:”The horrific events in Paris and Copenhagen at the beginning of this year have made clear the need for urgent action.” And what is the action? Measures to stop non-Muslims expressing revulsion for those horrific murders.

New research points to rising level of anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim prejudice in Europe- – World Bulletin
To the leaders of the Western Countries: Stop the Muslim Invasion 
by Ali Sina · October 1, 2015–
Uncle Sam's Misguided Children's photo.

Chris Mintz, 30 year old Army veteran who served for 10 years, is currently in the hospital after suffering 5 gunshot wounds during the Oregon community collegeSee More


So a pro-life guy who speaks about how every life matters starting from the womb gets deported, but if you want to speak of killing homosexuals, Jews, Christians and beating women you can have an event at a university. How freaking tolerant of hate we’ve become!

The media now appears to be in charge of Australia. The media sanitizes news re Islamic terror to the point they are made to look like misunderstood choir-boys.

Extremist  Devout Muslim group to hold workshops at Deakin University
An extremist Muslim group will hold workshops at Melbourne’s Deakin University this weekend based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have…–THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU
PEGIDA head Lutz Bachmann charged for anti-migrant rhetoric

No diversity needed. If you reject Islamisation,  you’re a pariah:

East Germany has experienced totalitarianism as both national Socialism and international Socialism. After the Nazis and the Communists, they are now feeling the effects of EU Multiculturalists and Angela Merkel. Totalitarianism is rising in Germany again.

German prosecutors have accused Lutz Bachmann, leader of the controversial anti-immigrant group, with inciting hatred. It is the culmination of an investigation that…News | DW.COM | 02.10.2015
 Entitlement whores of the ME:
Freeloading Muslim Migrants Complain About Slow Internet, Bad Food and Boredom At Netherlands…

The Muslims who are never pleased who abandonment their homes and women are now not pleased with the free handouts they are recieving. …CULTURALMARXISM.NET

“Allah is the only God:” when did Tennessee submit to Islam?

Tennessee School District: It Would Cost Too Much To Reveal Our Lesssons On Islam


The American Center for Law & Justice, a law firm that generally promotes conservative and Christian principles, sent its open records requests to all 146 taxpayer-funded school districts in Tennessee earlier this month, reports The Tennessean, Nashville’s main newspaper.

A Pro-Islam Nashville attorney, Chuck Cagle of the law firm Lewis Thomason, has generously provided almost 80 school districts (all represented by the firm) with a sample letter which district officials are customizing to deny the conservative group’s open records request.

“Our client denies your request in full,” the sample letter reads. “Among many other defects in your demand, the Tennessee Open Records Act only requires that certain public records be made available for personal inspection by Tennessee citizens. See Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-503(a)(1)(B). A public records request made by an agent on behalf of a foreign business entity is invalid.”

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Japan” “here’s some money, keep them the hell away from us”.

Japan Pledges More Money for Migrant Crisis than Saudi Arabia

John Hayward/Breitbart

In his remarks before the U.N. General Assembly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a large increase in aid money for Middle Eastern refugees, but notably declined to allow migrants to resettle in Japan.

The New York Times describes Abe’s offer as $810 million for “assistance to refugees and internally displaced people in Syria and Iraq this year, about triple the amount from last year.” Japan is said to be the second-largest donor to the United Nations refugee relief agency, behind the United States.


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Uighur Muslims hack 50 Han Chinese to death at coal mine

Al Reuters hastens to report the grievances and makes it sound as if innocent Muslims were wrongly blamed:

…. exiles and rights groups say China has never presented convincing evidence of the existence of a cohesive militant group fighting the government, and that much of the unrest can be traced back to frustration at controls over the culture and religion of the Uighur people who live in Xinjiang.

Radio Free Asia said the number of people killed in the 18 September attack at the Sogan colliery in Aksu had reached 50, with most casualties members of the Han Chinese majority. Police blamed knife-wielding separatists.

When police officers arrived on the scene, attackers “rammed their vehicles using trucks loaded down with coal”, the report said, citing its own sources.

“Nearly all the workers who were not on shift at the time were killed or injured,” police officer Ekber Hashim told the station. “Some workers were sleeping while others were preparing to work when the attackers raided the building after killing the security guards.”

Radio Free Asia is a little bit better in its reporting:

The death toll in a knife attack orchestrated by alleged “separatists” at a coal mine in northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has climbed to at least 50 people—including five police officers—with as many as 50 injured, according to local security officials who say nine suspects are on the run.

The attack occurred on Sept. 18, when a group of knife-wielding suspects set upon security guards at the gate of the Sogan Colliery in Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) prefecture’s Bay (Baicheng) county, before targeting the mine owner’s residence and a dormitory for workers.

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The whole world is submitting to violent intimidation…

On 10th anniversary of publication of Muhammad cartoons, Danish newspaper submits: reprints original page without cartoons


The President of the United States, the Pope, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and virtually every other Western leader has decided: the freedom of speech must be sacrificed to those who will kill us for exercising it. They have all told us that the proper response to violent intimidation is to give in to the bully and give him what he wants. That this will only embolden the bully and lead him to issue more demands does not bother them in the least. Those who dare to “provoke” Muslims and “poke them in the eye,” like Rose and Westergaard, must bear the consequences: ostracism, vilification, condemnation by all right-thinking people.

So it’s no surprise that Jyllands-Posten has surrendered now. Everyone else has. The defenders of the freedom of speech, those who understand that it is the linchpin of free society and that it is important to defend the freedom of speech even of those whose message one opposes, are few, embattled, despised and derided. A very dark age rapidly approaches. (More from Robert Spencer)

Controlled Media Blacks out German Mass Opposition to Nonwhite Muslim Invasion


The controlled media has deliberately blacked out mass German opposition to the nonwhite invasion of Europe, with the latest such example being the huge rally held in Dresden on September 21.


The rally, attended by tens of thousands of ordinary Germans, men, women and children—accompanied by a smattering of other European nationalities—filled the entire city center, but news of this possibly biggest ever public opposition to Angela Merkel’s treasonous policies was covered in a highly negative fashion by some German media, but completely ignored by media outside of that country.

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The Muslim Invasion: those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.

What happens to those who rewrite history in a way to demonize their ancestors while whitewashing the crimes of their ancestors’ enemies? The result is before us.

PJMEDIA.COM/Raymond Ibrahim

Europe’s Migrant Crisis Is Simply Muslim History vs. Western Fantasy
Progressive Europe erased or rewrote its own history. Now they can’t recognize an invasion by people to whom history is everything.

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“So what if all chicken in Australia is halal slaughtered. So what.”

So what if Australia becomes like Saudi Arabia

Labor senator ‘Sam’ Dastyari is a shiite agitprop, or, if you prefer, a da’awa gigolo from Iran. His family ‘migrated’ to Australia after the Islamic revolution in 1979, with a view to spread shiite Islam according to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who said “We shall export our revolution to the whole world. Until the cry ‘There is no god but Allah’ resounds over the whole world, there will be struggle…”

Friends of Q Society of Australia's photo.

Friends of Q Society of Australia.

‘So what’ was the eloquent response from Senator Dastyari, who stated the day previously that concerns about halal certification were ‘racist’ dog whistling:

When Australia adopts the cultural exports of Saudi Arabia, it should be no surprise that it ends up more like Saudi Arabia.

Bernard Gaynor:

So what if Australia becomes like Soddy Barbaria?


“So what if all chicken in Australia is halal slaughtered. So what.”

The question was not really a question. It was a statement. And, I must admit, I was a little taken aback by it.

Here I was sitting in a Senate inquiry into halal certification, putting forward the case for freedom. And here was an Australian Senator remarking that he did not see a problem if every single chicken in Australia was sacrificed to Allah in accordance with Sharia law. As such, this Senator was putting forward the case for submission.

So let’s be clear.

Sharia law is Saudi Arabia’s greatest cultural export. And when we adopt Sharia law, whether it be officially or merely just in practice, Australia becomes a little more like Saudi Arabia and a little less like the Western civilisation that made this nation great.

‘So what’, ‘who cares’, ‘don’t you worry about that’ or even just ‘she’ll be right’ is not the way that a democratic society should respond to the imposition of this totalitarian legal system. But that’s what we’re getting.

So here’s the so what.

If all food in Australia is produced in accordance with Sharia law, it would mean that all Australians are forced into culinary Sharia compliance.

It would mean that Islam reigned supreme at the dinner table. And at café on the corner. And at the pie stand at the footy.

And if all food outlets were halal certified, it would mean no more bacon. No more Christmas ham. No more licensed restaurants. The bottle shop would go. And that is exactly what the halal certifiers are trying to achieve. They want a nation where those who believe that Sharia law is God’s law feel right at home – and in our own homes too:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.52.14 pm

So a halal certified Australia would mean that Australia as we know it ceases to exist. Melbourne might still be called Melbourne, but it would be more like Mecca than the city we know today. South Australia would be a new version of Saudi Arabia. That’s the so what.

Furthermore, if Islam reigned supreme over all the food we eat, then there is no reason to believe that we would be free from Islam anywhere else either. After all, halal is not about food. It’s about imposing a way of life: a complete Islamic system that dictates everything from how one should go to the toilet (thou shalt not quote from the Koran while taking a bath and nor shalt thou turn thy back on Mecca when answering the call of nature outdoors) all the way through to how the imam should pray for rain (his arms should be lifted so that the whiteness of his armpits is visible).


Of course, Sharia doesn’t limit itself to inane rituals and nor is it about the peripheral activities of a fringe minority group in Australia. It regulates every aspect of life, from the minutiae to the major.

As such, this complete system of Sharia has a bit to say about marriage. For instance, women are not to consent to marriage. That’s a job for their guardians because, according Islamic jurisprudence, a woman is ‘partially unable to choose her best-suited husband’.

And this Sharia system has a lot more to say about jihad, or the waging of war for Allah. In fact, waging war to subjugate the unbeliever is the topic that Islamic scripture fixates on more than any other.

This excerpt from Volume 1 of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr Salih al Fawzan sums up nicely this most prominent of topics:

Muslim Cleric: we ask a person nicely to convert, if he refuse we fight him…

Thanks to MEMRI TV

Islam is a great religion. Islam stresses heavily on women rights. Islam is the religion which has given maximum rights to women. No other religion in the World has given rights to women which the great religion Islam has given to Women. Islam is the best religion for mankind and especially for Women. That’s the reason why Islam is spreading in Women all around the world…

No shiite…

US To Take 10 Million More Foreigners Than EU Countries COMBINED
Republican staffers with the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest are reporting a new analysis that confirms the UN and EU will be…TRUTHANDACTION.ORG
UN Program To Indoctrinate Every Child In The World Into Marxism Under The Guise Of Equal Rights…
What better way to take over the planet than to indoctrinate all of the children of the world to your way of thinking and shared beliefs?
Obama to UN: ‘Violent Extremism Is Not Unique To Any One Faith’
WTF is “extremism” anyhow? In my dictionary, its a weasel word to circumscribe Mohammedan terrorism. The bastard son of a Gramscian whore and a Kenyan Muslim uses it to obfuscate the global jihad. He should be arrested and put on trial for high treason. And his ideas are worthless: “Ideologies are not defeated with guns,” Obama claimed, referring to ISIS. “They are defeated by better ideas.”
Obama serves up cliches and falsehoods as his anti-ISIS strategy
Over at I dissected Obama’s grand strategy for defeating the Islamic State. Platitudes, self-righteousness, distortions, tortured reasoning,…
Former teachers of clock boy Ahmed Mohamed say he was a trouble maker

He could either be CEO or head of a gang’: Former teachers of alarm clock ‘inventor’ Ahmed Mohamed say 14-year-old was a trouble-maker who was suspended several times

Teachers from Middle School in Irving, Texas, said that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was a troublemaker in his younger years who was suspended on…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Young British Muslims alienated by ‘us versus them’ rhetoric of counter-terrorism
Young British Muslims are embroiled in a conundrum of non-belonging.
Would you believe it?


President Obama told a conference of world leaders at the UN that Muslims should never be targeted as perpetrators of violent extremism.–BREITBART.COM

Seriously, you couldn’t make it up. It was allah who divided the world in believers and disbelievers, and to wipe the disbelievers out to the last.

But allah’s sock puppets whine about it, as if it was the other way around….

We’re paying social workers, ‘community leaders’, youth workers and other ‘professionals’ to pave the way to Islamisation. It couldn’t be more absurd. If we didn’t import the problem, we wouldn’t need all those teachers, social and youth workers, community leaders and other professionals…


Tony Jones, Leftist host of the ABC’s Q&A, defames another conservative: 

ABC host likens Liberal to neo-Nazi thugs. Time Turnbull defended his…
Are you telling me Tony Jones is not a criminal leftist swine?

TONY JONES: You mentioned Cory Bernardi there and some on the right have urged him to start his own Right Wing party – Cory Bernardi’s Golden Dawn or something – do you think this will happen?

What a despicable slur. Bernardi is a Christian conservative, but Jones likens him instead to violent and militaristic Greek neo-Nazis and anti-Semites with links to criminal gangs.

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TONY JONES: You mentioned Cory Bernardi there and some on the right have urged him to start his…

Replacement Theology, Nothing To Do With Islam….

Muslims In Atlanta Encourage Children To Mutilate Themselves With Knives
(Front Page Magazine) – The hideous bloody scene you’re seeing isn’t taking place in Pakistan or Afghanistan. It’s happening in Atlanta.
The Islamic State CRUCIFY thousands of Christians *WARNING*

This is slaughter on an industrial scale.

SPECIAL REPORT: We realise that many readers will find this image shocking, but feel it is vital to show the true horror of ISIS.

For years, media, political and cultural elites gave been ignoring this unimaginable savagery on a scale not seen since Hitler. Hand-wringing over islamophobia.
In areas controlled by the Islamic State, Christians have been crucified, beheaded, raped and subjected to forced conversion. Christian children are also being sold as slaves.


CHAOS: French Cops Attack Muslim Migrant Camps With Tear Gas, Bulldozers –
In Calais, local French police unleashed an ugly surprise on squatters’ camps set up illegally by the migrants, causing controversy across the country… As a continued wave of Muslim refugees flood Europe, police in the port city of Calais, France, took major action on Tuesday against a number of ill…
Putin to those who supported “Arab Spring” in Middle East: “Do you realize what you have done?” –
Not only have delusional Western leaders not realized what they’ve done, Obama was boasting about his Libya success in his UN speech today. .DCCLOTHESLINE.COM
….at the UN yesterday, Obama tripled down on his politically correct Mideast fantasies, while Putin correctly analyzed the Islamic State and Assad. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both spoke at the United Nations on Monday, with Putin reiterating a call he made in September for an international coalition….
The Takeover Is Not Complete, Not Yet:
Obama Tracking Muslims For Military And Pentagon Positions, To Replace Patriotic Americans…
Obama is seeking to attract more Muslims to join the Military and Pentagon – the former officially having 4500 Muslims currently. The number of Muslims in the… TRUTHANDACTION.ORG
US Army to get new shoulder sleeve patch
Who came up with the idea of using Arabic scimitars for an US Army patch that resembles the patch used by the Muslim brotherhood.
Muslim Rape ‘Misunderstandings’ Come to Europe
It’s time to clear up all these misunderstandings.

Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, repeatedly raped Australian women and claimed that he was confused about consent due to “cultural differences”. Almahde Ahmad Atagore, a Libyan Muslim, sexually assaulted girls as young as 13. The judge told him, he was “very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences”. But it was really his victims who were ill prepared to deal with his “cultural differences”.

The “Refugees” and Demographic Conquest


They don’t even bother to hide what they doing, so certain they are that we have been sufficiently rotted away by liberalism that we will never face reality, even when it is shoved in our faces:

In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed said that the European countries are not motivated by compassion toward the refugees, but by their need for labor. “We shall conquer their countries,” he declared in the address, which was posted on the Internet on September 11, 2015.

Fools like Jeb Bush actually believe that displacing the native population with massive numbers of Third World immigrants is an “economic driver.” The only thing it is driving is the suicide of entire cultures.

– See more at:

Obamastan: “Moral Obligation To Act” Gets Green Beret Discharged

Green Beret discharged for beating alleged Afghan child rapist: “Kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the whole country knows it.”
Pamela Geller:
last week the Army rejected his appeal. This is the what the military, and the nation, have come to in the age of Obama. Sergeant Martland ought to be reinstated, given an official apology, and promoted.

“Green Beret discharged for beating alleged child rapist speaks out,” by Jake Tapper and Kim Berryman, CNN, September 28, 2015:

(CNN)Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, the Green Beret being separated involuntarily from the U.S. Army for kicking and body slamming an Afghan police commander he describes as a “brutal child rapist,” began telling his side of the story Monday.

Martland is under a gag order imposed by the Pentagon, but at the request of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, he wrote a statement detailing his actions on Sept. 6, 2011, which was obtained by CNN.

“Kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it,” Martland writes. Last week the Army rejected his appeal.

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