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Are our universities becoming propaganda centres for dangerous savages?

University gives the stage to imam Trad to preach a very dangerous resentment

Andrew Bolt

It is reckless beyond belief for the University of Western Sydney to give a platform to an Islamic bigot that the courts have rightly described as “dangerous”.

It is grossly irresponsible for The Age to then report his rabble-rousing speech, likely to inflame dangerous passions and resentments, without any criticism or reference to Trad’s past hate-preaching:

Young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution and international atrocities committed by the West, a local Muslim leader has warned.

Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, told a university forum that his comments may be “dangerous” and “politically incorrect” but they were crucial to understanding why more than 200 Australians have taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.

In a scathing assessment of Australia’s efforts to create a harmonious society, he said constant persecution, hypocritical Australian laws, vitriolic media and repeated invasions in the Middle East were pushing young Muslims “to the margins of society” and driving them to radicalisation. 

“Denying the root causes is like applying a Band-Aid to an open wound before cleaning and disinfecting it,” he told an anti-radicalisation forum at the University of Western Sydney on Wednesday night.

Mr Trad, a controversial figure who described himself as a “roving imam”, said he could understand why young Australians were driven to join Islamic State but he tried to convince them it was not the solution…

Mr Trad said Australian Muslims were confronted with “systemic discrimination”, opportunistic political commentary, unemployment and “duplicitous standards” in law enforcement.

“It is hard to argue with a young person who starts to cite all these issues, you can see the fire in their bellies, you in fact feel the same fire yourself,” he said.

“All the above factors compound to different extents the sense of victimisation and alienation amongst youths in general and Muslim youths in particular.” 

Paul Murray deals with some of the worst passages of Trad’s lecture, which, we must further note, may well have been a more moderate version – tailored for his university audience – of the pitch Trad gives a Muslim audience:
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The Arabs, a “complete failure” in the battlefield

Muslims joined the Nazi army to murder Jews, long bevor Israels rebirth

The Muslims who fought with the Nazis

Rare footage uncovered of Arab units in service of the Third Reich; researcher Stefan Petke tells Ynet the Free Arab Legion was a ‘complete failure’ in the battlefield and was not used in the extermination of Jews.

Refaella Goichman, Attila Somfalvi

Dumbing Down: Socialist Rabble Under False Flag

They know they can’t pull it off with commie flags, so they tried it with Green. But Australians know that the Greens are loons, so now they  use  Aboriginal grievances to move the bleeding hearts:

Andrew Bolt

How else would such people use force if given power?

Blocking traffic? Holding up commuters just trying to get home? This was a protest not to persuade but to impose – which once again underlines the dangerously totalitarian instincts of such socialist groups:

PROTESTERS have brought the city to a standstill, causing traffic and tram chaos in the CBD.

Thousands of people, some waving Socialist Alternative banners, gathered on the steps of the train station at around 4pm.

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Informed WoJ readers know that Huma Abedin from the Muslim sisterhood  is Shrillary Rotten’s shadow, her constant companion and her….. (fill in yourself, you know what.) When Michelle Bachman and Louis Gohmert called her out on her MuBro connections, the RINO’s went apeshit and nearly ran them out of town. But reality is incorruptible, and keeps coming ’round and this time it keeps floating around like a turd that won’t flush.

State Department IG Investigating Huma Abedin’s Job Under Hillary Clinton
The State Department Inspector General is now investigating the arrangement between Huma Abedin and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Inspector…

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“Obsessed with pressure cookers”

New York: Museltard who wanted to kill Americans spoke for Islamic “charity” ICNA

Thanks to Creeping Sharia


via CBS New York. h/t Atlas

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, [Noelle] Velentzas spoke some time ago on behalf of the Islamic Circle of North America Relief Agency, talking about becoming a Muslim when she was 17 years old.

She was touted as a success story after she moved from the organization’s Jamaica, Queens homeless shelter, where she had lived for a year.

On the video, she shows a sense of humor.

“I’ve had Muslims try to marry me to their relatives so that I can get them a green card,” she said.

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A Teacher’s Pamphlet Tells the Truth About Islam; CAIR Goes Apes#it…

When its not “hate speech”, the truth is “controversial”.

A Texas teacher is under scrutiny for his perceived “lack of fact checking.”

But he knows his stuff.

Some of the claims the document makes:

  • 38% of Muslims believe people that leave the faith should be executed.
  • Muhammad posed as a prophet.
  • Islam is not a ‘religion of peace.’
  • Muslims believe the entire world will one day be ruled by Sharia Law.
  • Jihad is obligatory for all Muslims.

A Muslim student at Foster High School shared the document with his parents, who then proceeded to contact the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhoodfront group, is upset:  the teacher cited well known data by reputable organizations such Pew Research. In short – he told the truth. (BCF)

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

CAIR-Houston Seeks Disciplinary Action for Teacher Who Promoted Anti-Muslim Hate in Class

(HOUSTON, TEXAS, 4/7/15) – The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston) today called on officials at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, to take appropriate disciplinary action against a teacher who allegedly passed out virulently anti-Muslim materials in class.

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Zut alors! You can’t say he said it because it “distorts the image of Islam”

No surprises here. Koranimals like this Soddy Barbarian ‘grand mufti’ hate it when infidels get wind of the vomit they spew in the mosques. So now he denies it. Until the next fartwa:

Top Saudi cleric denies issuing fatwa ‘allowing husbands to EAT wives if they are hungry’

A SAUDI religious leader has denied reports he issued a fatwa telling husbands they can eat their wives if they are hungry enough.

… “It is nothing but lies … It has been circulated to distort the image of Islam, which has elevated and granted a dignified status to men and women without exceptions.” …


Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh of Saudi ArabiaGETTY

Grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh issued the fatwa

Saudi Arabian grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah was claimed to have said the ruling showed the “sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband”.
The reports said the fatwa allowed a man to eat his wife’s body parts if he is suffering from “severe hunger”.

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ISIS executes 10 doctors, evacuates hospitals to treat its wounded in Mosul

Iraqi News
Representational file photo.

( On Friday, a local source in Nineveh province revealed that the organization of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed 10 doctors in Mosul because of their unwillingness to treat its wounded element whose number had increased in hospitals due to the military operations and the attacks carried out by international coalition, adding that the terrorist group evacuated all the major hospitals in the city and allocated them to treat its own elements.

The source said in an interview for, “The ISIS organization executed 10 doctors in Mosul because of their unwillingness to treat its elements injured as a result of the military operations and air strikes by the international coalition,” noting that “the 10 doctors were executed in the south of the city 3 days ago, before delivering their bodies to the Forensic Medicine Department.”

Reclaim Australia (without the lame stream media dreck)

A Star is Born

Reclaim Australia speech Brisbane Oz. April 2015

This is an excellent speech by an Aussie who made sure he knows his stuff. This one will not be accused of ignorance. If you don’t watch anything else today, watch this:

Its a highly enjoyable 30 minutes. Worth every minute.

Thanks to Eeyore,  who wishes he was born in Melbourne

Reclaim Australia Rally a Voice For Average Aussies
by Christina McIntosh

Observations from the Reclaim Australia on the Gold Coast and in Perth

A couple of friends invited me to attend the Reclaim Australia rally at Bundall on the Gold Coast on Saturday morning. I didn’t know anything about the group except what I’d pre-read on social media. They say they want to send a message about Australian values and speak out against the rise of Islamic extremism.

Now, I have to admit I don’t see any evidence of Islamic extremism on the Gold Coast, but there’s plenty of evidence of it around the world, including incidents in Sydney and Melbourne, and 100 or more Australians who’ve decided to head off to fight for Islamic extremists. 

Reclaim Australia marches and demos exposed Australia’s bigots.

I’m not talking about the rally supporters, I’m describing those who turned up with the sole intention of ridiculing the rally participants, blocking the march and even burning the Australian flag.

The socialist ratbags turned aggressive when protesters burned the national flag and tried to intimidate with chants of racist – actions that are unlawful under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. I have written to the Human Rights Commission, requesting an investigation.– George Christensen


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The Social Media Exposes the Halal Racket

HALAL FEELS THE PINCH… as social media exposes the scam

David Ashton

It took a country mum by the name of Kirralie Smith of who was disgusted by what she learnt about halal and went on a mission to eradicate it. Now the Muslim extortion racket is coming apart at the seams along with the Islamic State’s source of funds from Australia.

By the WA Islamic Council President, Dr Rateb Jneid’s own admission, in his annual report, halal receipts are sent to terrorist organisations in Syria, disguised as donations to needy causes, through sham “charity” companies.

Muslims have never donated anything to anyone unless it’s a cause that kills infidels or other Muslims.

Major Australian companies are now running for cover as they hurriedly delete those little Arabic logos from their products.

One of the worst offenders, Cadburys, for the first time had to temporarily close their doors due to lack of orders.


Companies are now promoting that they have abandoned halal certification… but are the halal fees still being paid?

Halal certification, a mafia style extortion racket, began with the slaughtering of livestock to Islamic specifications but has spread to everything from fish and Vegemite to plastic containers and fruit, increasing the price to Australian consumers by billions.

Exporters are targeted by dozens of competing Muslim “certifiers” who threaten that their export markets will be trashed (and they have been) unless they pay up, but those exporters are now losing their domestic markets and are trying to obscure their compliance with Muslim demands.


No-one lies as well as a Muslim lies and when they say animals are allowed to be stunned prior to slaughter, it’s yet another lie. Livestock under the halal rite must first be mistreated and forced to watch the slaughter of other animals, trembling in fear as they anticipate their own fate.

They must be made to face Mecca as the slaughtering process starts. With their hearts pounding rapidly, so as to excrete as much blood as is possible from their bodies, they feel their throats being cut from ear to ear. The longer they stay alive the more blood is lost.

When the animal dies, only then will the unwanted blood flow stop. Only then has the halal slaughter of an animal been accomplished.

To extend halal compliance to fish and plastic containers is a nonsense but Islamic Councils world-wide have stumbled on a two trillion dollar industry that further imposes their will on the West. They will not give it up without a fight and it sure beats working for a living.

Do not expect Western governments to stop it, there are too many trade-exposed export industries at risk of being shut down if halal compliance isn’t met.

But social media is attacking domestic markets distorted by halal accreditation and it’s making huge inroads.

“Dominance” is a key word in Islam; dominance over women, little girls, animals and infidels, the visual dominance of mosques and the eventual dominance of Islam itself.

Is it any wonder the archaic cult of Islam has not been a positive factor in Western multiculturalism.

N.B. Islamic dominance over animals is entrenched in the teachings of the Koran where sexual gratification from an owner’s livestock is permitted but the Koran then instructs that the abused animal must not be eaten but can be sold for consumption to other Muslims.

Yet not a word from the Left who are besotted by the fallacious “mistreatment” of racehorses.