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The Koranimal That Can’t Be Named


A (Musel-)MAN who married a 12-year-old child bride in an Islamic ceremony and got her pregnant has been sentenced to at least seven-and-a-half years in jail.

The 27-year-old (Musel-)man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to a maximum jail term of 10 years with a non-parole period of seven and a half years in the Downing Centre District Court today.
The pair “married” in an Islamic ceremony in the girl’s living room in the Hunter region last January and the man later plead

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Funny that he “can’t be named for legal reasons”. I don’t know of any law that prevents convicted crims from being named. If you oppose Islam they also drag you through the papers, call you all kinds of names and tell the Muslims where to find you, where you work and what your business is. (SY)

Lets Go Be Oppressed!

Pamela Geller, WND: Stop Obama’s flood of Muslim ‘refugees’ 
Europe accepting ISIS-supporting Muslims, refusing Christians: a firsthand account

CLWPsdrW8AA03P9 I received this harrowing account from an Egyptian Christian asylum seeker in Germany.– | Pamela Geller.

In other news:

Chanting mob storm tunnel entrance and pledge they won’t be stopped 
The trouble began in the early hours of Sunday when 200 migrants were yards from entering the Channel Tunnel on foot after storming down barricades.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
More than 300,000 seek asylum in Germany this year so far: report

Germany’s states, which are redistributing asylum seekers on the basis of their capacity to do so, have repeatedly sounded alarms and called for greater federal aid to cope with the influx.

The refugees’ office had initially been expecting 450,000 asylum seekers in 2015 but had to revise this forecast upwards to an unprecedented 500,000 people.

In 2014, Germany received more than 202,000 asylum requests, or 60 percent more than in 2013.

No, Senator Rubio: ‘Oppression is NOT a root cause of jihad

President Obama emphasized at the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit in February, “when people are oppressed, and human rights are denied…when dissent is silenced, it feeds violent extremism.”

That argument was discredited by Obama’s Arab Spring which brought Islamists to power leading to the rise of “violent extremism” including that of ISIS.–Read more @ American Thinker


Rutgers prof says US is worse than the Islamic State, then complains of “death threats”
Deepa KumarThis is the universal strategy of Leftists and Islamic supremacists as well: to claim victim status and endeavor to use it to deflect attention away from unwanted scrutiny. Daisy Khan, the wife of Ground Zero Mosque imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, claimed during that controversy that she had received death threats. The abysmallyignorantpseudo-academic Mia M. Bloom claimed to have been threatened after I published the rude, semi-literate rants she sent to me. Likewise Australian Professor Anne Aly claimed first to have received “hate mail” after I exposed her deceptions about beheading and Islam, and  then, when that didn’t get the traction she apparently wanted, upped the ante to death threats in an email to the Australian Prime Minister. (More below the fold)
And yes, they just keep coming:
Britain told by the EU to show ‘solidarity’ by welcoming in migrants
Mina Andreeva said the European Commission expected the UK to take its ‘share of responsibility’ in accepting foreigners even though … DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
  • European Commission expects the UK to take its ‘share of responsibility’
  • ‘Deteriorating situation’ shows need for 28 EU nations to show ‘solidarity’
  • Survey shows immigration is now the biggest challenge facing Europe
  • UK receives the sixth largest number of asylum applications in the EU

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Crimigrant Riots in Dresden, Germany

They won’t show this on Go Back To Where You Came From.
Syrian Muslims vs. Afghan Muslims in Dresden, Germany on Saturday. Where are the anti-racism activists when asylum shoppers are holding race riots?

Dresden, Germany (AP) – Eight people were injured Saturday When a quarrel between residents came to blows in a refugee camp in the eastern German city of Dresden, police said. Officers with 14 patrol cars and two lines of riot police ended the fight and Held off around 50 Syr…  See More

A group of “refugees” devastate a refugee camp in Dresden/Germany.

These are the traumatised doctors and engineers we so desperately need to enrich us in Western Europe. Interesting how they treat the goods that are funded with our tax-dollars.

After these scenes in the video, the police moved in.
No one was seriously injured.

They flee from the violence and the war in their own country
to bring the riots, chaos and crime to Germany.
Those people are not welcome here in Europe. These are the people our ‘humanitarians’ import by the millions ….
Liveleak video

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Devshirme: Yazidi Boys Taught How To Behead People

Devşirme[a] (literally “collecting” in Turkish), also known as the blood tax or tribute in blood, was chiefly the annual practice by which the Ottoman Empire sent military to abduct boys, sons of their Christian subjects (Rum millet and Armenians) in the villages of the Balkans and Anatolia.[1] They were then converted to Islam[2] with the primary objective of selecting and training the ablest children for the military or civil service of the Empire, notably into the Janissaries.[3]

The practise continues to this day:

“Taha, a 13-year-old Yazidi boy who managed to escape a ISIS training camp, described how jihadis “taught us the best way to cut a head off and where we should aim on the neck”.

ISIS militants arrived in his home town of Kocho in Iraq last August. Men were shot dead while women and girls were taken as sex slaves.

Boys were taken to the ISIS stronghold of Tel Afar, northwestern Iraq, where they were trained as fighters.

Taha said children were shown videos of beheadings and made to act out decapitations on each other.”

Captured young boys given BEHEADING lessons in ISIS-run schools
MILITANTS from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terror group are teaching youngsters how to carry out BEHEADINGS amid their other lessons, it has been…EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY ROB VIRTUE
In other news:
New ISIS Video, Kills Six People for Leaving Islam
By  via Tundra Tabloids
ISIS 435

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows the execution of 6 people for leaving Islam.

Czech President to migrants ‘No-one invited you’

“Migrants”- that’s what Mohammedan invaders call themselves.

The meaning of Al-Hijra is ‘to immigrate’, and the Islamic calender starts with that date, i.e. The date Muhammad ‘immigrated’ from Mecca to Medina, for which he had planned carefully and meticulously laying down the groundwork for the Islamic state, soon to grow after his death into a formidable empire ruled by the laws and regulations laid out by him, called the Shariah.  (More on this below the fold).


Czech President to migrants 'No-one invited you'

The Czech President has told migrants to leave if they don’t like living in Czechoslovakia.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Czech President Milos Zeman lashed out at illegal immigrants on Sunday after dozens tried to flee a detention centre, prompting police to use tear gas against the demonstrators.

“No one invited you here. But now you are here, you must respect our rules, as we respect the rules when we go to your country,” he said in an interview published on the website of popular newspaper Blesk.

“If you don’t like it, then leave.”

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Mendacious Muslim Grievance Monger Whines That anti-Muslim hate figures are extremely low

Jewish, Muslim and LGBT communities oppose hate-crime hotline plans

Don’t you just hate it when Jewish interfaith healers  join Muslims to  screw the infidel host society out of taxpayer dollars over fake “hate crimes?” The mendacious grievance monger here is -of course-  our notorious ‘Tell Mama’ clown Fiyaz Mughal, a  UK Muslim who faked evidence of “wave of attacks on Muslims”.  Almost in the same breath he calls for speech restrictions…


Mark Townsend, Guardian scribbler

Internal emails reveal Boris Johnson, mayor of London, intends to introduce single hotline for capital, but charities say plans will dilute community trust

Boris Johnson
 Boris Johnson Photograph: Nils Jorgensen/Rex, Shutterstock

London’s Jewish, Muslim and LGBT communities have joined forces to oppose plans by Boris Johnston for a hate-crime hotline, claiming it would dissuade victims from reporting antisemitic, Islamophobic and homophobic attacks at a time of rising attacks.

Not yet officially announced, internal emails from the mayor’s office for policing and crime, seen by the Guardian, reveal that Johnson is intending to introduce a one-number hotline for reporting hate crime throughout the capital.

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Picture of the Week


This picture from the  invasion of Europe resembles more than any other the madness of  open border ‘policies’, the chaos described in ‘Camp of the Saints’, the Mohammedan proletariat that demands rights it cannot possibly demand, and the catastrophic  impact of multiculturalism. It also shows the idiocy of Gaia worship, depicted in the windmill in the background, bringing back memories of Don Quichotte.

That’s how they did it in the days of Muhammad:



French riot police disperse migrants trying to storm Channel Tunnel


Fox News:

COQUELLES, France –  French riot police have sprayed migrants with a chemical irritant as they tried to storm the Channel Tunnel.

The group, which broke down several security fences late Saturday, was forced to retreat by riot police as the migrants attempted to breach the final fence near the entrance of the tunnel, which links France with Britain.

The migrants, estimated to number around 200 by an AP journalist, faced off for close to an hour with security forces, chanting slogans including: “Open the border” and “We are not animals.”

The Channel Tunnel is a 50-kilometer (30-mile) rail tunnel beneath the English Channel.

Thousands of migrants have been scaling fences near the tunnel in recent weeks, hopping on freight trains or trucks destined for Britain. One man was fatally crushed by a truck. (by Rebecca Bynum)

Executions For Apostasy, Sex Slaves & ‘Good Quality Bras’

21+ WARNING: New ISIS Video, Kills Six People for Leaving Islam – 
 A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows the execution of 6 people for leaving Islam. —TLVFace
Sex Slaves

Islamic State, IS, has written an article about sex slaves in their magazine Dibiq. Now apologists for Islam say that IS has nothing to do with Islam. But IS makes it very clear that when they capture Kafir women and rape them they are only doing what Mohammed did. They quote four verses in the Koran about how Kafir women can be captured and used for sex. Mohammed had sex slaves and his closest companions had sex slaves.
Islamic State reminds Muslims that one of the benefits of sex slavery is that they convert to Islam to gain their freedom and produce Muslim children.–Islamic State is pure Islam.

‘Bring good quality bras’: Scots Jihadi bride writes SUITCASE CHECKLIST for schoolgirls wanting to join Islamic State fanatics


JIHADI bride Aqsa Mahmood has written a suitcase checklist for schoolgirls wanting to join Islamic State fanatics. The former private schoolgirl said: “Bring good quality undergarments, bras and underwear. (Dailyrecord thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

Every Muslim should have four wives and 80 children…

…all supported and financed by the generosity of social justice advocates who steal from the hard-working non-Muslim taxpayers of the West, the favorite destination for millions of illegal alien Muslim parasites and their oversized litters of dependents. (BNI)

Britain’s Bleeding Hearts and Its Open Border Disaster

From the Guardian (of Muslims) loony bin:

Britain’s island mentality is making the Calais crisis all the more difficult

“It’s a profoundly depressing idea that the most simple way to make the world more equal is to limit support and opportunity for one’s own citizens, because generosity of spirit might encourage others living further afield. But it’s the politically dominant idea in Britain at the moment. Ukip may not have achieved the electoral earthquake it sought, but the poison of the party’s rhetoric has seeped everywhere.”

It’s only when we’re trying to keep other people out that we realise how much we think of the English Channel as a moat. If we stopped thinking of migrants as…THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY DEBORAH ORR
Read it and weep.
The answer to such lunacy you can find here:

‘In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.’

A prophet yet an outcast: 100 years after his birth Enoch Powell has been vindicated 
When most people hear the words ‘Enoch Powell’ they think of the phrase ‘rivers of blood’. It was Powell’s misfortune — partly self-inflicted — that his monumental contribution to political ideas should still be eclipsed by a phrase that he never uttered, misquoted from the speech that still defines him.

DAILYMAIL.CO.UK (Full article below the fold)

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When they come here, they will still do the same things…

Thanks to the Religion of Peace.

They hate our culture and free speech, but love our money !

Robert Wall's photo.

They hate our culture and free speech, but love our money !


Yakub Memon a Indian Muslim from Mumbai was convicted and hanged today for the terrorist attck in Mumbai that killed hundreds of people. Capital punishment is aSee More

Counter Jihad Coalition's photo.


ISIS slave, Yazidi boy of four, learns Sharia, the Koran and how to behead his own mother
‘Hamo’, four, captured with his mother Bohar and three siblings in August Family forced to drink water filled with urine and eat food laced with glass Eventually sold…