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Las Vegas Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ From Yesterday’s Vehicle Jihad

Female Killer In Las Vegas Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ As She Ran Over 40 Innocent People Last Night


Authorities identified Portland woman Lakeisha Holloway as the suspect in the late-night vehicular rampage on the Las Vegas strip that killed one woman and injured dozens.

According to one eye witness, “As this unfolded, the only thing I recall as this happened is the insane sound of her car accelerating and the voice from the car was screaming “Allah Akbar!” I’ve heard the sound enough times on the news that I was waiting for a bomb to blow up or guns to start firing. ”

Now The End Begins Reports:

This was an act of Islamic Terrorism, perpetrated by an Islamic woman driving a car with a three year old child inside, who INTENTIONALLY rode onto the sidewalk to strike innocent people. Police, however, have been instructed by their superiors to NOT use the word “terrorism” in relation to this incident, because Las Vegas does not want tourists to be frightened away from the city.

A woman in a car with its windows down screamed “Allahu Akbar” as she ran up onto the sidewalk and ran-over upwards of 40 people in Las Vegas last night

According to one eye witness  “As we were walking across the street, this car comes flying through the red light. She ran up on the sidewalk and smashed into a group of people walking accross the street and into the group of people at the corner. She did not slow down and appeared to accelerate as she hit the sidewalk.”

According to that witness. there is a huge row of plants and bushes separating the sidewalk and the strip, but the woman driver ran through both, at a speed he guessed to be 40-45 miles per hour. “People were flying off the front of her car and people were smashing into other people as she plowed through the crowd.”

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Syria: Assad makes surprise Christmas visit to Damascus church

The West presents Assad as a monster. The reality is that he protected Syria’s minorities, whereas al Nusra, al Qaeda and all the other sunni headchoppers want to annihilate them.

The U.S wants to use Islamist terrorists to get rid of this guy why? I think the U.S has been lying. BIG TIME!

A Christmas choir had a surprise visitor overnight after Bashar Assad made an appearance at a church in the Syrian capital of Damascus where rehearsals were taking place.
The Syrian president and his wife, Asma, visited the Notre Dame de Damas Church, an ancient cathedral located just 2 kilometers from the rebel-held neighborhood of Jobar in the eastern suburb of Gho

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Assad makes surprise Christmas visit to Damascus church (PHOTOS)
A Christmas choir had a surprise visitor overnight after Bashar Assad made an appearance at a church in the Syrian capital of Damascus where rehearsals were…RT.COM

Las Vegas: Allahu Akbaring Muslima Crashes Car Into Dozens of Pedestrians

Tomorrow’s headline: Las Vegas Muslims fear “backlash” over vehicle jihad….. not all Muslims… most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding…. shocked!  (etc, etc….)


Las Vegas ‪#‎ISIS‬ Operative @CNN refuses to expose picture seen here. She ran over dozens killing at least one last night while screaming Allah Akbhar with child in car she used as killing machine!


“Allahu akbar” she screamed, which has nothing to do with Islam:

One Person Killed 37 Taken to Hospital After Car Crashed into Pedestrians in Las Vegas
One Person Killed 37 Taken to Hospital After Car Crashed into Pedestrians in Las Vegas–BREITBART.COM
Vehicular jihad “not an act of terrorism”, (how  does this clueless cop know this?)
Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.56.08 AM

Las Vegas police say car crash that left one dead and 36 injured intentional

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Turnbull warned on stifling Islam debate (Australia rejects Islam Muzzle)

“You can’t shut this debate down…”


Malcolm Turnbull (grey hair, glasses) and Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie campaigning in the Canning by-election at Halls Head.

Malcolm Turnbull is being warned against trying to shut down the growing debate over the link between Islam and terrorism, as Coalition MPs insist on the need to air conflicting views in order to avoid a more explosive social rift.

The furious dispute is turning into a test of power within the ­Coalition partyroom as MPs push back at the Prime Minister’s ­efforts to shape the discussion, amid controversy over the intervention of spy chief Duncan Lewis.

Liberal MPs told The Australian the Prime Minister needed to assure his colleagues he wanted an open debate that lived up to his pledge last week that “nobody” could tell MPs what to say.

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Next Mufti Wants To Kill Us All

Seriously, why would we want any of these people in Australia? They all need to be  removed from our soil. Sooner is better.


It seems John Lyons, Associate Editor of the Oz, is hooked on the fantasy of “moderate” Islam, which is somehow (how exactly?) different from mainstream Islam. But there are a lot of worrisome details in this article, which  should make it clear to the most obstinate multiculturalist, that we will never be able to coexist.

Moderate Islam in danger from within


On August 9 this year, about 300 leading figures in Australia’s Muslim community gathered for a dinner at the Waterview reception centre in the Sydney suburb of Homebush.

While the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, sat at his table, the evening was not about him — instead it was about feting Sheik Abdul Salam Zoud, one of the leading candidates to be the next grand mufti.

Muslims  praise the guy , the way they always do. Profile: Sheikh AbdulSalam Zoud Sheikh AbdulSalam graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah with a B.A in Islamic Studies, with a major in Dawah and Usool ad-Deen. He has been actively involved in both the Arabic and English Dawah or Islamic propagation for the past 22 years in Australia. He is the Imam of Lakemba Musallah and giving inspiring Friday prayer sermons and lessons throughout the week. The Sheikh has captured the hearts of many with his unique character and teaching style. He is also the principal of the Islamic College of Australia, running in both English and Arabic.

Zoud is a Salafist — until a year ago a prominent member of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, an extremist Salafist organisation with strong Wahhabi inclinations. He was educated at the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia, the spiritual home of Wahhabism — a hardline sect of Islam from which emerged al-Qa’ida and Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks in the US.

The dinner was noteworthy for the fact the Grand Mufti did not speak — despite being the most senior imam, or Islamic scholar, in Australia. Instead, Zoud was the guest speaker and was celebrated as a returning son.

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The Obama Regime Promotes Islam, Terrorises Christians

She appears to be ‘channeling’ the Queen of Sheba.

NY Judge Not Only Swore In Using the Quran, She Turned Courtroom Into Islamic Circus 
Remember the video we posted of the muslim Judge who took her oath on a bloody Koran….(VIDEOS) —…
The Obama Regime Terrorises Christians
Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple -…
Proctor, VT — According to NBC News, a pastor at the Christian Proctor Church in Vermont, has been sentenced to one year in federal prison after refusing to marry…
Obama’s Pal Bill Ayers Appears on Iranian TV – Calls US a Terrorist Nation 
Barack Obama’s family friend and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers told Iranian Fars News Agency that the US is a terrorist …– The Gateway Pundit
More highlights:
Red White Blue News's photo.
What we would really love to see…..
Of course John Kerry also said ‘Americans have a right to be stupid’, he proves it every day.
Promoting the hijrah, Mohammedan invasion:
If the future belongs to Islam, we don’t have one:

Future “refugees” have some fun with a Christian in Syria.
Not profiling by religion apparently means having to take in people
who have no such qualm (for benefits that are never really clear).

WH Readying Release of Seventeen Gitmo Detainees

Another one of Obama’s “my people” moments….

‘Justified popular uprising’

Israel: Arab Muslims murder Jews, the complicit UN accuses Israelis of using “excessive force” against Islamic killer zombies; and the Pal-‘authority’ produces vile cartoons that project their genocidal fantasies on Jews. We live in interesting times.


After a terrorist rammed his car into a crowded Jerusalem bus stop on Monday, ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ President Mahmoud Abbas  Abu Mazenjustified the terror, saying that it was part of a ‘justified popular uprising.’

“We cannot ask the youth why they are going out (to revolt),” Abbas said in Ramallah. “They just despaired of the two-state solution.”–(Israel Matzav)

More Lies from Abbas about The “Intifada”

We still have never encountered even one case where a terrorist complained about the absence of a two-state solution. Also, contrary to Abbas’s claim, none of the terrorists has ever complained about checkpoints or settlements. 

This latest wave of terrorism is not about “despair,” unemployment, poor living conditions or freedom of movement. Instead, it is another attempt by Palestinian “youths” to eliminate Israel, again using the false excuse that Jews are “desecrating” and “destroying” Islamic holy sites.

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Rotherham Police Covering For Paki ‘Grooming Gangs’

Its much worse than you can imagine. And the ‘authorities’ are complicit:

Child sex abuse trial: ‘Police officer was having sex with girls’

A POLICE officer – who was told of the sexual abuse of children in Rotherham by an alleged victim – was also having sex with young girls, a court has heard.

The witness, giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court today, said she told the officer – who she named as Det Con Kenneth Dawes – about the abuse.

She also claimed DC Dawes would have sex with the girls and pass drugs on to “Ash.”

The woman (36) said: “He (DC Dawes) wrote it down in a book and said he would get back to me, but never did.”

Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting, asked how the woman knew DC Dawes.

She answered: “He used to come to the houses where we were.

“He used to have sex with girls and he used to take drugs from people and pass them on to Ash.”

The woman did not clarify which Ash she was referring to.

The complainant is the third alleged victim of the abuse to give evidence.

The jury has heard over the past three days that the woman was allegedly raped, sexually assaulted and beaten up by Arshid Hussain and his co-defendants Sajid and Majid Bostan and Qurban Ali.

The woman said the abuse began when she was 11 and put into care. She said it lasted until she was in her 20s when she became pregnant after Sajid and Arshid raped her.

She has also told the court Karen MacGregor and Shelley Davies forced her into sex ‘to pay her way’ when she lived at MacGregor’s Rawmarsh home.

The jury will hear this afternoon from the fourth alleged victim.

All defendants deny all the charges against them. The trial continues.


Its the “ultra-orthodox” we should be worried about, or is it?

Should we be concerned about the “ultra-orthodox” now?

Army of Darkness: A Recent History Of The San Bernardino Shooter’s Terror-Linked, Ultra-Orthodox Islamic Sect

SAN BERNARDINO, California – When Breitbart News attendedthe Dar Al Uloom Islamiyah mosque – where terrorist Syed Farook once attended – leaders seemed unwilling to answer some basic, straight forward questions about what they teach at their masjid. Do they subscribe to the idea of an Islamic caliphate? Do they believe that the punishment for apostasy from Islam is death? Answer came there none.

Now it is becoming more clear why the group may have been avoiding the requisite transparency that we rightly expect of religious and community institutions.–Breitbart

Meanwhile, our “orthodox” are up to their usual  tricks:

Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

In other news:

San Bernardino Terrorists Receive Traditional Islamic Burial…

Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel Armed with Iron Bars and Hammers

Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel Armed with Iron Bars and Hammers
Muslims are “the best of peoples”
Hamas Leader: Palestinian Stabbers ‘The Most Exalted, Noblest of People’
Paris fixer moving Aussie jihadis
The man believed to be responsible for helping the ‪#‎ParisAttack‬terrorists enter and leave Syria for training, is facilitating the entry of several Australian jihadis into the conflict zone.–THE AUSTRALIAN
Too weird for words:
Muslim World marks December 24 as MUHAMMAD’s birthday
Nothing is sacred. Everything non-Islamic must be co-opted, falsified, erased.
Superb Analysis Re The Mess In Syria and Why There’s Not a Hope In Hades It Can Be Fixed
Daniel Greenfield hits it out of the park with his succinct, spot on examination of Obama, Osama, ISIS and why Syria won’t be “fixed” any time soon, if ever.  (Scaramuche)

Did Turncoat prescribe the “soothing language” to appease Islamic savages?

This news story just gets bigger.
Did TURNBULL get ASIO chief Duncan Lewis to call Liberals who were critical of Islam, to shut them up?
Political journalist for The Australian, Greg Sheridan certainly seems to think so.
If this is the case, it is clear Turnbull has misused the office of PM. It also displays his lack of intestinal fortitude.

The message to the public from Mr Turnbull & his Chief of ASIO is that we must all be careful as to what we do and say re Muslims & Islam. They imply that this is because any muslim is a potentially dangerous would-be islamist terrorist who can be set off by an inadvertent, indiscreet or misconstrued word or what is perceived as a disrespectful and/or provocative act. Muslims on the other hand are free to do/say what they want to exercise our freedom of speech & action which we are being asked to give up.


The great politeness debate continues:

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says it is “appropriate” for ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis to “speak out” if the debate on counter-terrorism in Australia is concerning him.

The Australian has revealed Mr Lewis phoned Coalition politicians to urge them to use the soothing language favoured by Malcolm Turnbull in their public discussion of Islam.