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Yazidis, Outraged Muslims, Chinese, Chechens and Jihad

The UN is too busy blaming Israel for all the world’s problems, to even notice the rape and slaughter of peaceful and unarmed Yazidi’s by ISIS. Those remaining have fled through Turkey looking for a safe haven, where their treatment is not a lot better.

Yazidi sex slaves tell of the horror they have experienced at the hands of followers of Mohammed.

One, a 19-year-old mother, says she allowed her first captor who ‘bought her’ to rape her ‘whenever he wanted’ because he would beat her one-year-old baby son if she resisted. Her son was the only thing stopping her from taking her own life. Her second jailer raped an elderly mother and her daughter.

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Two teenage Yazidi sex slaves relive the horror of being ISIS slaves
EXCLUSIVE: A 19-year-old Yazidi mother (pictured) told of how she ‘gave in’ to her captor after he beat her son, one. Another woman, 25, says an ISIS fighter…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Muslims Outraged, Humiliated As Chinese Authorities Force Them To “Sin”

But its not really a problem for Muslims, because Allah is all merciful and oft forgiving….

China is by no means the epitome of freedom and democracy, but one thing’s certain — they provide absolutely no room for a religious and political ideology that subjugates all others to its inhumane law.
No matter the race, nationality, or class, Islamic elitism is consistent in every country Muslims infiltrate. Raucous calls to prayer, pompous public praying, flagrant…

Islamic radicals come to Obama’s Ukrainian Nazis defence…this could only end up well right?

Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels
Acknowledging Moscow as an enemy shared with Kiev, one leader from Chechnya said, “We never ran from our war with Russia, and we never will.”–NYTIMES
(Which has nothing to do with Islam, as we all know…)
Members of the Abu Alkian Clan in Israel are Joining ISIS
The Negev remains a ticking time bomb.
Allah is unforgiving and never merciful
Pakistan: Muslims offer bounty for murder of “blasphemer” if she is freed
Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are an ongoing human rights abuse, and the case of Asia Bibi ought to be an international scandal. But no one much cares. |BY ROBERT SPENCER

No Muslim is a refugee. No Muslim deserves our protection

The EU’s policy on maritime refugees has gone disastrously wrong.

The next time you eat a fish from the Mediterranean, just remember that it may well have eaten a corpse. As the Italian author Aldo Busi told the press just the other day: ‘I don’t buy fish from the Mediterranean any more for fear of eating Libyans, Somalis, Syrians and Iraqis.

Africa’s boat people
The policy change, driven by a perverted mix of human decency and political correctness, was pure folly: it has acted as a green light to wannabe boat people everywhere, whose numbers soar as the chaos in Africa and the Middle East escalates.
Islamist nabbed ‘for plotting attack on Pisa leaning tower’ 
Italian police arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan man near Pisa Monday on charges of instigating Islamist terrorism and jihad (holy war) against a rash of suspected…ANSA.IT
Happy Ramadan

Activist group the Syrian Revolution General Commission said “hundreds of civilians were assembled for an Iftar gathering with the Al-Nusra Front in the Salem mosque in the west of Ariha when the blast went off during evening prayers.”

Syria mosque blast kills 25 Al-Nusra fighters 
BEIRUT: An explosion in a mosque in northern Syria killed 25 members of Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, including one of its leaders, as they attended Ramadan…| The Watchdog
Not sure if this is an actual picture or an archive photo from crucified Christians.
ISIS crucifies Syrians for breaking Ramadan fast 
“The roads are filled with crucified men who violated the group’s strict regulations during Ramadan. There are dozens of victims who remain hanged on electricity poles across the province.”
ARA News Erbil, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) crucified dozens of Syrian civilians for breaking Ramadan fast, sources in Deir ez-Zor…– ARA News
UN criticizes Hungary for new asylum bill 
The United Nations and the Council of Europe say Hungary’s new asylum bill is a blow to refugee protection-– World Bulletin
Not. Its keeping undesirable Mohammedans out. None of them is a refugee. None of them deserves protection.
Pakistan Bans Translating Allah as “God”

Muslims know that ‘Allah’ is not the God of Jews and Christians. In the West the taqiyya gigolos keep spouting this nonsense, but back in Islamistan they have long given up any pretences.

Apologists for Islam insist that Allah is the same as God and that Islam is just like Judaism and Christianity. That’s not a comparison that Muslims, outside the Taqiya spinmeisters in the US, care for.”
Clueless Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull says Islamic State is “not Hitler’s Germany, Tojo’s Japan or Stalin’s Russia” and despite the terror group’s own aspirations to world domination, “we should be careful not to say or do things which can be seen to add credibility to those delusions”.

Don’t overestimate Islamic State threat: Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull knows nothing about Islam. His intellectual incuriosity is intolerable. You never underestimate your enemy….

The threat posed by the Islamic State terror group should not be overstated and critics of new national security measures should not be denounced,…
Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on ISIS
Amid growing alarm at the threat posed to Britain, the SAS has reportedly been given ‘carte blanche’ to kill or capture the ISIS leaders –

July 5, 2015: Britain’s secret war on ISIS: Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on terror leaders inside Syria and Iraq

Intelligence sources reveal SAS has been given ‘carte blanche’ to attack
Elite force of up to 100 troops expected to be committed to the secret war
David Cameron pledged a ‘broad spectrum’ response to Tunisian massacre

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Pat Condell on how to insult a “progressive”


Weapons caches found in forty Tunisian mosques

Nothing unusual. Churches, synagogues, Hindu and Buddhist temples also keep weapons in their places of worship, right?

Islamic State (ISIS) 14 year old Slaughters At Least 50 Kurds In Homicide Martyr Attack 
Islamic State (ISIS) 14 year old Slaughters At Least 50 Kurds In Homicide Martyr Attack | Pamela Geller…
New ISIS Video: The Reward for Jihad Is Doubled in the Month of Ramahan 
New ISIS Video: The Reward for Jihad Is Doubled in the Month of Ramahan | Pamela Geller, Atlas…

“Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas”

Who said that? Hussein Obama of course. Like No war in history has ever been won with guns.

Obama re GOP:“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” Obama re ISIS:’Ideologies are not defeated by guns’

As long as Obama occupies the white house, he will do nothing that would slow the Islamic expansion project.

Daniel Greenfield

The Failure-in-Chief would like to remind all the people at the Pentagon that what they’re doing is hopeless because guns don’t work. Guns are bad. We all know the idea that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun is crazy NRA propaganda.

Can’t be defeated with guns: according to Hussein Obama, these guys need jobs. And according to John Kerry, they need better restaurants.

We can’t win wars with guns either. Remember how we tried and failed to defeat the Nazis with guns, and the war didn’t stop until we appeased them? No war in history has ever been won with guns. Why should this one be any different.

Continued below:

Obama heads to Pentagon for meetings on Islamic State
In other news:
After Recent Controversial Decisions, a Growing Number of Americans Say ‘Ignore the Supreme Court’
“If we are going to tweak the Supreme Court…” |BY FRANK CAMP


On Monday afternoon, President Obama spoke at the Pentagon about the Islamic State, or ISIS, a terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

Obama stressed all elements of American power were going toward fighting the organization. “Altogether, ISIL has lost over a quarter of the populated areas it had seized in Iraq,” the President said, using an alternative name for the terrorist group. “ISIL’s strategic weaknesses are real.”

Obama said the terrorist organization is doing their best to recruit from “Muslim communities around the world.”

“In order for us to defeat terrorist groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda, we must discredit their ideology. This broader challenge of countering violent extremism,” Obama said. “Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas. We will never be at war with Islam,” Obama added, stressing that ISIS distorts Islam.

To summarize, we’re defeating ISIS, it has strategic weaknesses, but we can’t possibly defeat it with icky guns. Instead we must make more hashtags. Foreign Policy really suggested that gay marriage can defeat ISIS. That’s a plan alright.

How much territory has ISIS lost due to hashtags? Not so much as an inch. ISIS is winning the war of ideas among Muslims. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be defeated militarily.

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More Ramadan Offerings

How could he get his Islam so wrong? Did he read from the bible instead of the Quran?

Nigeria: Islamic State bombs mosque where imam preached peaceful coexistence
German Chancellor at Ramadan iftar: Islam belongs in Germany
Christians fleeing Islamic State must be given ‘priority’ for asylum in Europe

That would make sense. But we can’t have that, because it makes sense.

CHRISTIANS fleeing Islamic persecution must be given “priority” over others when applying for asylum in Europe, senior Bishops said last night.–EXPRESS.CO.UK
Nigeria: Islamic State murders 13, burns 32 churches and 300 houses
32 churches burned in one day, and the U.S. Catholic bishops forbid discussion of why this is happening, and the extent to which it is happening, for fear of harming…|BY ROBERT SPENCER
BOOM: Obama Takes Credit for Kurds’ Victory Over ISIS… But Kurds Fired Back With BRUTAL Response
Brazenly taking credit that belongs to others, while not accepting blame that belongs to him…..
They weren’t going to let him get away with this lie. Good for them.
Dinesh D'Souza's photo.

Who says liberals don’t love America? They they just love a different America than we do! ‪#‎4thofJuly‬

Gary L. Bauer's photo.

BREAKING NEWS: The Army is charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. So it’s now official — Obama traded five Taliban “generals” for a deserter.

POLL: More than 50% of Muslims in America want to live under barbaric sharia law

I don’t give a hoot for these these polls. According to Islamic doctrine, each and every Muslim has to live by the sharia, and they do. So its quite meaningless to ask them. Half of them brazenly admit it, the rest lies.

And many of them would even support the use of violence to force imposition of sharia on everyone. So much for the lies and propaganda put out by politicians…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Euronews video on the Turkish protests of Chinese resistance to Islamic reshaping of their society

(Vlad Tepes)

Londonistan: St George flag “racist”, ISIL flag… no worries!

Man parading ISIS flag outside Big Ben allowed to walk free
The man can be seen walking past a group of scouts near Big Ben in London with a little girl on his shoulders – just days before the anniversary of the 7/7 terror attacks.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Police told man native Brit to hide ‘racist’ St George flag

A football fan says police ordered him to remove an England flag from his car – because it could be deemed racist.

Ben Smith, 18, was pulled over for a routine spot check by an officer who inspected his tyres and road tax.But the labourer was stunned to be told that a St George flag covering his Vauxhall Corsa’s parcel shelf was offensive to immigrants.
He initially thought the officer was joking until he was threatened with a £30 fine if he refused to remove it from view.45503_1

Mr Smith, of Melksham, Wiltshire, said: “I honestly could not believe what the police officer was saying.

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Today’s ‘nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ clown is Ali Kadri of Queensland’s oldest mosque

Blaming the West for Islamic terrorism fixes nothing

Andrew Bolt

WE need a frank debate about Islam, not the dangerous denials of Ali Kadri, president of Queensland’s oldest mosque.

All Muslims, like all dogs, have certain characteristics. Their lies, their phoney equivocations. their constant denial while blaming the infidels for the daily carnage just sucks. The sooner we get rid  of them, the better.

Holland Park mosque president Ali Kadri says young Muslim men can feel marginalised, which leaves them susceptible to all kinds of negative propaganda.

Kadri, of the Holland Park mosque, last week claimed recent Islamist terrorism had nothing to with Islam but lots to do with the United States.

Let’s go through Kadri’s response to my column on terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait to check the kind of blame shifting that stops Muslim leaders from taking responsibility for reforming Islam.

Kadri writes: “I agree with Bolt that these terrorists justify their actions on the basis of some interpretations within Islamic jurisprudence. However, to argue that the overwhelming majority of 1.6 billion Muslims live by the same interpretation is ludicrous.”

False. I acknowledged “the vast majority of Muslims hate the horrors we now see”.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Muslims hate “the horrors we now see”. On the contrary, thousands heed the calling of the Islamic state and are only too eager to leave  western society to join the head choppers. (SY)

But scholars of Islam suggest moderates cannot easily criticise what terrorists do because the terrorists find their legitimisation in the Koran, which they quote.

Then Kadri’s rebuttal becomes alarming: “In my view, the explanation that ISIS (the Islamic State) and other terrorist groups have gained some following is not to be found within Islam but rather the geopolitical situation of the countries in which they operate.”

(Read full article here, or scroll down below the fold)

POLL: More Britons Fear Islam NOW than They Did Immediately After 9/11 Attacks

11659493_832359286878430_6387757095260057973_nCry me a river!

Sharrouf family: Raqqa airstrikes ‘make lives harder than ever’
One of the largest bombing raids by US-led forces in Syria, targeting Islamic State’s de facto capital, will worsen a precarious situation for the wife and children of… THE AUSTRALIAN

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Londonistan needs a Muslim mayor to become a beacon of tolerance and respect

Ary News

A Muslim mayor of London would ‘send message to the haters’, says Sadiq Khan

Mustards say the most inane things.

Khan said politicians did need to be careful about their rhetoric – a concern highlighted in much stronger terms by former Conservative cabinet minister Sayeeda Warsi, who warned that Cameron was in danger of “alienating moderate Muslims.”
A Muslim mayor of London would ‘send message to the haters’, says Sadiq Khan

LONDON: A Muslim mayor of London would send a message to all “the haters in Iraq and in Syria” that the city is a beacon of tolerance and respect, Sadiq Khan, one of Labour candidates for the job, has said.

Khan, the first Muslim MP to be elected in London, set out his case for why it would be helpful for the capital to have a Muslim mayor just days after the terrorist attack on British tourists in Tunisia and ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings next week.

The former cabinet minister is the only Muslim running to be the Labour candidate. Syed Kamall, an MEP and potential Conservative candidate, is also a Muslim.

Khan, the son of a bus driver from Pakistan, said the extremist bombers who killed 52 people on 7/7 were against British values and the British way of life, so electing a Muslim mayor would send a “phenomenal message and would say something about our confidence as a city”.

This Paki turd wouldn’t know what British values are if they came to bite him in the toosh.

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“Islamophobia” causes terrorism…

No shiite. If we weren’t dumb, deaf and blind like the Quran says, we would see the light of Islam and submit. Then we could all be happy and sing kumbaya until the mullah kicks us out of the mosque, or something:

Only Muslim survivor of 7/7 says we must stand together against Islamophobia
by Esmerelda Weatherwax

I don’t know if she is blind to the truth or a taqiyya merchant. From the Sunday Telegraph and ITV News

The only Muslim survivor of the 7/7 terror attack in London is calling for unity in the face of increasing Islamophobia. Sajda Mughal was 22-years-old and travelling on the Piccadilly Line when four coordinated bombs were detonated by suicide bombers – including one on the train she was one. Now she says we should stand together against Islamophobia in the same way people did against terrorism a decade ago.


As part of a unique initiative, she runs courses for predominantly Muslim mothers on how to spot signs of extremism in their children, teaching them internet skills, how to search web histories and which websites to look out for. In the two years the project has been running, Mughal has helped 200 mothers, and in February she was awarded an OBE by the Prince of Wales.

Mughal’s own life has been irrevocably shaped by terrorism. On 7 July 2005, then aged 22, she was on the same Tube train as Germaine Lindsay, who blew himself up, killing 26 people as well as injuring 340 more.

That evening, Mughal started to hear news reports, first that it was a bombing and that the four men had carried out the attack in the name of Islam. For Mughal, a Muslim herself, this was devastating.

“It really affected me, having been down there and thinking I was going to die, then finding out it was done by men from my religion. Islam states if you take one innocent life it’s as if you’ve killed the whole of humanity – they had gone completely against Islam. . . But I couldn’t shake the questions I had. I was waking up every day thinking that 7/7 should never have happened. I kept asking myself, what could have been done to prevent those men doing that?”

The abuse of this verse explained below.

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The French State In Retreat

Hugh Fitzgerald:

The French State In Retreat Before Its Domestic Enemy

It is the Muslims who appear to be winning, for the French State doesn’t dare take them on as it should and must. Along with the astonishing remarks of Federica Mogherini, the EU Minister who thinks Islam a part of Europe that should be welcomed — and Muslims clearly to be seen only as victims of ISIS, never its supporters — this article worries and depresses.


Ivan Rioufol:

Among the blind, the blind are not helpful. Manuel Valls is one of them, both his lucidity is intermittent. While the Prime Minister has won the support on January 13, saying: “. Yes, France is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islam” However, since then he continues to apologize for having been too clear. He denounced the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists but invites them for “dialogue with the Muslim faith”.

The unfortunate case of decapitation Friday in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (Isère), Hervé Cornara by Yassin Salhi but illico swear “. We are not at war against Islam”.  On Saturday, he evokes a “war of civilizations”, to deny a clash with Islamic civilization. These delays are like walking backwards in a state of denial.

The official motto returns after each attack in the name of Allah: “This is not Islam.” Two flags of the Islamic state surrounded beheaded Hervé Cornara, hanging on a fence; It read in Arabic: “There is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” The same day, on a tourist beach near Sousse (Tunisia), Seifeddine Rezgui with his Kalashnikov  murdered Westerners (38 dead), sparing the Muslims!

“I have nothing against you”

These crimes, and the other from the same barrel, obviously have to do with Islam; at least, with a literal reading of the Koran. This aberration should be denounced by Muslims; some do. But they are discouraged by those who Valls in mind, refuse to play the game of “reactionary” by repeating their words, that is to say their diagnosis.

The facts accredit whistleblowers: they have repeatedly denounced leaders falling asleep in the face of radical Islami, the intellectual Naser Khader compared to “Nazis of Islam.” (The rest here)