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That embarrassing theatre of English guilt

Paul Weston is the leader of Liberty GB, and one of the few people running for office in Britain who speaks forthrightly about the menace of Islamization. Please consider supporting Liberty GB; there is an appeal for donations at the bottom of this essay.

Allah’s Little Whelpers
by Paul Weston thanks to the Gates of Vienna

When three Muslim girls domiciled in England decided to leg it to Syria to enrol in Allah’s Auxiliary Field Mattress Regiment, the left/liberal establishment went into meltdown and started asking all sorts of questions about how such a scenario was able to happen in wonderfully diverse, happy and communally cohesive Britain.

There was one particular question which was never asked however, that should have gone something like this: “These girls have watched videos of beheadings, torture and murder. They have seen a man burned alive in a cage. What kind of savage, primitive, sadistic, evil little excuses for human beings are they, and do we in all honesty want them back in our country?”

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Killing Charlie all over


Shiite from their mouths:

Why Charlie Hebdo attack is not about Islam

Mark LeVine is a professor of Middle Eastern History at University of California, Irvine.


The Shameful Assault on Charlie Hebdo

Apparently, just killing the staff of Charlie Hebdo wasn’t enough.–(Salon)

UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights
What country deserves more condemnation for violating human rights than any other nation on earth?–FOXNEWS.COM
“Islam is over 1400 years old and has 1.5 billion followers across the world while terrorism in the name of Islam is few decades old.”Riaz Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Central Queensland
The Reclaim Australia Rally is planned to be held at Rockhampton’s Central Park on Saturday.

Cartoon - Iran Threat to US


The despicable Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘my best friends are Jewish’

How’s this for a warped perspective? “Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a columnist for The Independent, has much a long history when it comes to poisonous diatribes against Israel and Jews who support the state. She regularly describes Israel as a ‘racist’ and ‘apartheid’ state yet claims that some of her best friends are Jewish.

Her latest screed continues in this vein with some particularly disturbing comments even by her low standards. Chief among these is this statement:

‘Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous.'”

From the BBC:

The talentless, overpaid, man hating, anti white Yasmin Alibhai-Brown got a  Birmingham Conservative  arrested for sending a tweet about this  Bitch.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


UK Columnist: ‘Israel Now More Wicked and Dangerous Than Hamas’
The Independent’s Yasmin Alibhai-Brown claims that Israel is “now more wicked and dangerous than Hamas” and praises anti-Zionist Jews who demonize Israel.–HONESTREPORTING.COM
Other offerings by this muselmanic swine:

‘With Jews Gone, the Muslims Persecute Christians’

“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people…”

Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words, and wipe the unbelievers out to the last,  —AYAT al-Anfal 8:7

‘With Jews Gone, the Muslims Persecute Christians’
Israel’s UN ambassador delivers scalding speech on abuse of religious minorities in the Muslim Middle East.
Turkey: NGO; over 100,000 sex slaves, half are children
Turkey: NGO; over 100,000 sex slaves, half are children, NGO reveals in an extensive report on prostitution, – General news –

‘There was no insult, but an intention to intimidate me.’

The chief rabbi of the French city of Toulouse, Harold Avraham Weill, was ordered Sunday to remove his kippa inside a polling station before voting in the city’s local elections.

‪#‎PEGIDA‬ Getting Stronger!


This is going to be a HUGE event Australia wide…/reclaim-australia-organisers…/

Reclaim Australia organisers ‘overwhelmed’
ORGANISERS of next Saturday’s Reclaim Australia rally in Civic Park say they have been overwhelmed by support for the event.
Women are being subjected to ‘brutal, abnormal’ sex acts after marrying Isis militants
Women living under Isis’s self-declared ‘caliphate’ are being subjected to ‘brutal, abnormal sex acts’ and are becoming too scared to leave their homes, a local…  INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
Highly Placed Iranian Defects, Leaks STUNNING News of How Obama is Deceiving America on Nuke Talks
The editor of a government newspaper in Iran has defected to the west but as he comes over to our side he has revealed the stunning news that Obama is defying… RIGHTWINGNEWS.COM

The appalling stupidity of Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou

Muslims do not invade Australia to become Australians. Muslims come here to make Australia Islamic. That’s a fact. Denial is complicity. It borders on subversion and treason.

“Fear of Muslims”

AUSTRALIANS are comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity, but an overwhelming number of people have expressed concerns that Muslims are not integrating and are coming to Australia to impose their values on the nation.

International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People


Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, take note:


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Is Tutu a mufti?

Beware of Nobel Laureates! 


Desmond Tutu: Israel guilty of apartheid in treatment of Palestinians

Tutu, the Nobel Peace laureate, criticized Israeli policies toward the Palestinians in the territories as “humiliating.”

“I have witnessed the systemic humiliation of Palestinian men, women and children by members of the Israeli security forces,” he said in a statement.

“Their humiliation is familiar to all black South Africans who were corralled and harassed and insulted and assaulted by the security forces of the apartheid government.”

That’s not how it went. The nasty little creep needs to read up on South Africa’s history.



Father Gabriel Naddaf:  “The assertion of Israel as a so-called Apartheid state is complete nonsense.”

People who believe that believe anything:

Jewish suicide bombers are coming!

Over the weekend a number of Arabic websites “quoted” Israel’s Channel One website with a bizarre story.   (EoZ)

settler mosqueThe story supposedly said that there was a cell of 30 young Jews who are being incited by rabbis to carry out suicide bombings against Arabs in the West Bank. The story said that the Shin Bet warned about these impending attacks but didn’t want to do anything about them because of political considerations.

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Egypt: Muslim mob attacks church honoring Christian martyrs of Islamic State

Is there nothing Sisi can do about that? 

“It is forbidden to openly mourn the victims of Muslim savagery, as this is considered a form of criticizing Islam.”

Church-Minya“It is not permissible for Christians to build or repair churches.” — Egyptian Shaykh Sa’id ‘Abd-al-‘Athim

“Non-Muslim subjects…are forbidden to build new churches.” (Reliance of the Traveller 011.5; o119-10)

“Minya church commemorating beheaded Egyptians attacked,” by Mahmoud Mostafa, Daily News Egypt, March 29, 2015 (thanks to Patrick Poole via Jihad Watch):

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Global Warming Causes Everything!

Islam causes the rest:

Barbara Lee Reintroduces Legislation to Prevent Women From Being Forced Into Prostitution by Global Warming

Climate-Change-HookersCompliments of Stormfax. (Moonbattery)

Among the long list of terrible things allegedly caused by the imaginary climate change crisis, we find prostitution:

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., has re-introduced legislation that forces the government to address all “policies and programs in the United States that are globally related to climate change” through the lens of gender.

Why not? Climate change is total B.S.; feminism is total B.S. Perfect fit.

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TONY Abbott is “comfortable” Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification

We thought he was the lesser evil. Turns out he is just as evil. Or is he just clueless?

TONY Abbott is comfortable Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification, putting him at odds with two government MPs who want to curb the practice.


THE prime minister believes Australians want to see certified agricultural businesses thrive by being able to export produce to Muslim countries.

“If we want our exports to grow all the time, this is what we need to do and I think that’s what Australians want,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Hobart following a visit to a halal-certified meat supplier on Monday.That view isn’t shared by some of his fellow Liberals, including Senator Cory Bernardi who wants an parliamentary inquiry into what he claims is a “racket”.He wants to clarify whether funds from the certification process were being funnelled into extremist organisations as had been the case overseas, he said.Processors pay Islamic organisations to certify that foods are prepared according to Islamic law.The issue is becoming more important as Australia seeks to kick-start talks on a free trade deal with the Gulf states, as well as boost exports to Asia.Nationals MP George Christensen and independent senator Jacqui Lambie have also raised concerns, while a petition before parliament urges politicians to ban the practice.


Just a reminder where Bill Shorten and the Labor party stands:

 Labor stands shoulder to shoulder with Australia’s Islamic community and, now more than ever, we are committed to tolerance, social cohesion, mutual respect and multiculturalism.


More of that.