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UK fights to keep Islamic terrorists; Stockholm Commuters Run Gauntlet of ‘Refugees’…

The UK banned Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller from the country for opposing jihad terror. The jihad terrorists, on the other hand, they fight to keep.

Three Muslim terror suspects can not be extradited from Britain because they might be mistreated…
Terror suspects accused of targeting politicians across Europe are set to remain in the UK because they might be mistreated in Italian jail.–PAMELAGELLER.COM
Stockholm Commuters Run Gauntlet of ‘Refugees’…

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

How Europe’s most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks: The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx
  • Stockholm train station is where a ‘group of neo-Nazis attacked refugees
  • Around the same time as woman, 22, was allegedly murdered by migrant 
  • Despite reports no migrants have told police they were assaulted at station
  • If exaggerated, it could have made Swedes less ready to voice their worries

Stockholm railway station isn’t a nice place at nine on a winter evening. Smart young Swedes run to catch trains to the suburbs watched by groups of men in hoodies leaning against pillars in the shadows as they swap plastic bags of cannabis or heroin for wads of krona, the national currency.

Occasionally, police in twos and threes patrol through this scene of Nordic Noir as chimes ring from the nearby 16th century St Clare’s Lutheran church, with spires piercing the dark sky.

Yet the police rarely stop and no one takes much notice of them anyway. ‘I am here to buy cannabis with my friends,’ Mustapha Drummeh, a 31-year-old Ghanaian who came to Sweden seven years ago told me, as he hung around the station amid other African and Arab migrants.

Unsettling: Groups of men gather outside Stockholm’s railway station as commuters hurry past
Unsettling: Groups of men gather outside Stockholm’s railway station as commuters hurry past 

Suddenly, his friend, a 43-year-old Eritrean called Mahoud, darts off to dance a circle round two Swedish women in their early twenties, walking briskly by us towards the trains.

The girls, who show no surprise, sidestep him neatly as he tries to pat their bottoms. ‘The Swedish women, they’re nice,’ says smiling Mahoud on his return, unabashed by the rebuff. ‘People here are kind to us, but it’s difficult without a job, nothing to do, and more migrants arriving all the time.’

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Government Funded Imam – Europe’s Largest Mosque – Celebrating Religious Murder

British Ummah Channel Politics Editor – Government Funded Imam – Europe’s Largest Mosque – All Mourn ‘Apostate’ Killer Qadri’s Death

Celebrations of horrendous religious murder should have no place of any kind in Britain.

Yet they do in the Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton, and it is far from alone.

One must presume that nothing will be done about this.

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton: Celebrating Religious Murder

By Habibi/Harry’s Place

The mosque links to the foul post of Bradford imam Muhammed Asim Hussain for Qadri the “ghazi” (hero). It is as brazen as it is sickening: A dark day in the history of Pakistan; the day Ghazi Mumtaz was wrongfully executed and martyred in the way of Allah, when he did what he did in honour of the Prophet. Allah raise the ranks of this true servant of Allah and lion of the Ahl ul-Sunnah wal Jama’at. Allah guide the leadership in our Muslim countries. Ameen.

by Amjad Khan

Mumtaz Qadri had been tried for the murder of Governor Salman Taseer, on the basis that the latter had violated the anti-blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Taseer had campaigned against the Islamic blasphemy laws that are used in Pakistan, arguing that they are used to deliberately oppress minorities “[of those tried under the law] How come over 50 per cent of them are Christians when they form less than 2 per cent of the country’s population. This points clearly to the fact that the law is misused to target minorities.”

Many in Pakistan had laid rose petals to commemorate the “martyrdom” of the murderer Qadri, celebrating his killing of Taseer – or “defending Pakistan’s Islam.” Muslim figureheads in Pakistan and in Western Europe should be polar opposites on this issue, as the latter has a respect for human rights and democracy, right?

Mohammed Shafiq, the politics editor of the Ummah Channel, had expressed his regret at Qadri’s death stating “Salam Mumtaz Qadri [in Arabic: May God have mercy on him].” Now this is very concerning. This is because Mohammed had made death threats to Maajid Nawaz for tweeting a bland cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed, however he later issued an apology….a year later.

Mohammed Shafiq, who has a TV channel that broadcasts 6 hours a day, has expressed public regret and wish for wellbeing to Qadri in the afterlife – does this mean he has swept away the murder Qadri was responsible for? Does Shafiq see the legitimacy in killing apostates the same way Qadri had? As one Facebook user asked:

However this isn’t the first time Mohammed Shafiq has defended violent preachers, which includes defending Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who called to action the destruction of world Jewry.

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TIME apologist reports about the “Islamophobia awards” in Londonistan

“The point is this: if Charlie Hebdo says they have the right with satire to make fun of anyone, then why can’t we have the same right?”


Note that Muslim humour means they have to right to murder those who criticise their filthy religion.

Donald Trump Named Islamophobe of the Year by Muslim Group
Presidential candidates Donald Trump pauses during the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate at University of Colorados Coors Events Center Oct. 28, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.
Justin Sullivan—Getty ImagesPresidential candidates Donald Trump pauses during the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate at University of Colorados Coors Events Center Oct. 28, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado. 
British advocacy group cites “arrogant, unapologetic bigotry and hate speech”

This is one win Donald Trump may not be crowing about.

A Muslim group in the U.K. named the Republican frontrunner the world’s worst Islamophobe on Saturday for his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

His victory was announced during the ‘Islamophobia Awards’ in London, a satirical event held by the advocacy group Islamic Human Rights Organization (IHRC).

“It is bad enough that anyone can come out with such arrogant, unapologetic bigotry and hate speech but I think what is really frightening is that Donald Trump is supported by such a large number of voters in what is the most powerful nation in the world” IHRC’s Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said in an e-mail.

Trump’s rivals in the 2016 ‘International’ category included far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders and the country of Tajikistan, which has instilled a campaign to eradicate conservative Islam. British Prime Minister David Cameron won in the U.K. category for his “comments about Muslim women needing to learn English and being ‘traditionally submissive’” the organisers wrote.

In a statement, the group said that the awards aim “to subvert Islamophobia through comedy and revue while simultaneously addressing a serious and significant issue in a creative manner.”

The IHRC was criticized for insensitivity in 2015 for giving French magazine Charlie Hebdo the international Islamophobe award in 2015, months after 12 members of the magazine’s staff were killed in a terrorist attack.

“I think people misunderstood the award that was given to Charlie Hebdo, it wasn’t anything to do with the act of terrorism in Paris” says Shadjareh. “The point is this: if Charlie Hebdo says they have the right with satire to make fun of anyone, then why can’t we have the same right?”

It had everything to do with the mass-murder in Paris.  It was rubbing salt in the wounds and celebrating their victory over the slaughtered infidels.

Reports in Britain’s conservative media have also said the group supports Hezbollah, a Lebanese militia classified by the U.S. as a terrorist organisation, a claim Shadjareh says is “outrageous.”

Germany: integration is unislamic.

More than a question of meat: Germans catering to demands of Islam ‘creating parallel societies’
Germany must integrate Muslims because otherwise it will have a parallel society that leads to the neighborhoods where they will become the hotbeds of terrorism, says László Marácz, assistant Professor of European Studies at University of Amsterdam.
 László Marácz needs to get his a$$ out of university and into reality. There is no single case in the 1400-year history of Mohammedanism where the soldiers of allah integrated  into infidel society. That would be unislamic. (SY)

READ MORE: Merkel ally fights to keep pork on menus despite concern over offending Muslims 

RT: What do you make of this initiative? Is it really on the menu of concerns when it comes to integrating immigrants into the EU? Do you think that German culture is in danger and by who?

László Marácz: You can think that the meat issue is just a minor issue, but it seems to me that it is an element of a much larger pattern that makes authorities accommodate to especially the Islam people coming to Europe. So, that’s a problem.

Petr Bystron from Alternative for Germany party (AfD) commented on the issue: “This is a question of integration. We have schools where Muslims are minority and they are removing pork from the menu. This is the question of who should be integrated into the society and how? It is not so much about the pork and meat, but the hard question is: are we not doing that integration in a wrong way?”

RT: Do you think Europe as a whole will change in the face of the influx of Muslim refugees? Isn’t it that Europe invited those people? Isn’t it appropriate to accommodate those invited?

Europe never “invited those people”. One may accuse the demented chancelorette of Germany, Angela Merkel, and a cabal of destructive  one worlders, but not ‘Europe’.

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Swiss prison guard helps Syrian rapist to break out of jail, runs off with him….

Posing and pouting for the camera, the Swiss prison guard still on the run with Syrian rapist she helped break out of jail who is now believed to be hiding in Greece


  • Prison guard Angela Magdici, 32, helped Syrian rapist escape jail
  • Magdici and Hassan Kiko, 27, are now on the run, possibly in Greece
  • Video sees her posing in car her now-estranged husband bought for her
  • Ex-con who served in same prison say the pair are sure to be in Greece 

Evil: Kiko, 27,  is a serial sex offender  who had been jailed for raping a 15-year-old girl and the attempted rape of a 19-year-old woman


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Necla Kelek: “This Book is Dangerous to Me”

Necla Kelek on islam

The interviewer is your typical clueless dolt ho invokes the bible OT re “an eye for an eye”.

Necla Kelek is a Turkish-German sociologist. She was born into a secular Turkish family and lived in Istanbul until 1966, when she was nine, and then emigrated to Germany. Her family had been living a Western, secular lifestyle as members of the minority ethnic group collectively known as Circassians.

Ms. Kelek has written numerous books, including a biographical reflection on her life as a Muslim. She writes opinion pieces for German newspapers, but has not entered politics nor joined the political debates. She is said to be a practicing Muslim.

The  interview with Necla Kelek about Islam aired on the Swiss version of the television program “Rundschau”. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling, via Gates of Vienna


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“They’re all ISIL!”

SPECIAL REPORT: Yazidi refugees in Germany STILL threatened by Muslims

Ezra Levant of reports: In Warburg, Germany we met a Turkish-born Christian nun called Sister Hatune Dogan. Under her care were many Yazidi refugees, including Yazidi women taken by ISIS as rape slaves. Sister Hatune told me of the horrors those girls had faced at the hands of the Islamic State. MORE thanks to Vlad Tepes:

White House Says Extermination of Christians by Islamic State Is Not Genocide


Given that the explosive growth of the Islamic State is largely a result of Obama prematurely withdrawing our troops from Iraq, you would think the Administration would feel obliged to take meaningful action to stop ISIS’s well-documented genocide against Christians. Sure enough, Obama spokesweenie Josh Earnest has addressed the issue, putting an end to the genocide by proclaiming that it is not genocide:

Asked whether Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is practicing genocide in its extermination of Christians in Syria and Iraq, Earnest said: “My understanding is the use of that word involves a very specific legal determination that has at this point not been reached.”


In addition to defining the genocide out of existence, Earnest fires off some duckspeak for good measure:

“But we have been quite candid and direct exactly about how ISIL’s tactics are worthy of the kind of international, robust response that the international community is leading.”

Imagine taking Earnest seriously enough to try to make sense of his insincere blathering. If the “international community is leading,” who is it leading? Maybe it’s leading Obama, who by “leading from behind” is actually following. But that can’t be right, because everyone else says that genocide is genocide:

In March 2015, a report from the United Nations Committee on Human Rights stated: “The acts of violence [by IS in Iraq and Syria] perpetrated against civilians because of their affiliation or perceived affiliation to an ethnic or religious group … may constitute genocide.” …

Last December, more than 60 British MPs signed a letter written by Rob Flello MP and Lord Alton. They urged Prime Minister David Cameron to work with the UN to ensure the word “genocide” be used to describe the systematic killing of minority groups, including Christians and Yazidis, throughout Iraq and Syria.

This could explain why they disagree with Josh Earnest:

The 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, says genocide is “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group,” including by means of “killing members of the group.” …

The ongoing persecution of Christian minorities in Syria and Iraq has seen their numbers drop dramatically. In Iraq, Christians are down to around 300,000 from about 1.4 million in 2003, according to 2015 estimates from a UK-based Catholic NGO. In Syria, there are now just 500,000 Christians, compared to over 1.25 million in 2011.

Christianity, the report states, is on course to disappear from Iraq potentially within five years, and could face the same fate in most Middle Eastern countries.

Before it fell to Muslim invaders from Arabia, the region was mainly Christian. Whatever you want to call it, the Islamic State is putting the finishing touches on a fundamental transformation that was started centuries ago.

No worries; Josh says it isn’t genocide.


The Jihad against East Timor

The Jihad against East Timor

In this segment from MANUFACTURING CONSENT the invasion of east Timor is highlighted. It is known fact that the Indonesian military had ships docked in Dili harbor specifically for taking loot back to Indonesia aboard ships and that concentration camps were set up. This film will not mention that the ethnic Chinese population was exterminated and the women (and girls) were kept on board Indonesian ships to serve as sex slaves and nobody (at least to my knowledge) has ever investigated this aspect of the invasion. What this film and the activist community did NOT discuss for all these years was that these crimes are permitted under Islam as to how Muslims should treat non-Muslims should they capture their women. Designated as “right hand” possessions these women and girls serviced Muslims in the Indonesian military who were sent to East Timor. These same military personnel profited handsomely from the material thefts as they caroused in their brothels of sex slaves.

The activists simply were pushing the economic aspects such as Kissinger giving the green light for the invasion and publicizing the economic incentives to opening up the offshore oil fields to exploration and military sales to the Suharto regime. In all those years never did the East Timor activist community really talk openly and honestly about the activities of Muslim militias on East Timor (many were collaborators, converts or both). The lack of discussion also includes the role of the imams in Jakarta who encouraged this kind of behavior within military ranks. Taking this into account I say shame on the Left and the likes of Noam Chomsky for failing to publicize such things.

The team involved in the editing and production of this movie really had to steer the main focus of this segment in the direction of just discussing the economic aspects by making use of a lie of omission. It’s simply too easy to link these atrocities to Islamic teaching and the role of the ulema (Muslim clergy) back in Java. De-linking or engaging in apologetics that veer towards downplaying the central importance of Islam in order to explain the depravity of the Indonesian military and how Islamic clergy influenced and financed proselytization of Islam in east Timor during those occupation years is not a simple chore and perhaps the activist community decided that their policy was to maintain a muted and ambivalent platform towards Islamic fanaticism.

Not wanting to be more isolated than they already were in 1975 many east Timor activists decided not to publicize these awful truth lest they offend their pro-Palestinian colleagues on the Left. And in hindsight who could blame them? Outside of “leftish” intellectual circles their plight could not have been publicized to the extent that it was. Without the help of activists who also were active in promoting Palestinian rights it’s quite possible that the facts of the invasion and occupation would have never been heard at all. The academic networks the east Timor activists worked in were already dependent on the Palestinian cause as a framework for direction by the time of the 1975 invasion and so they had to play by the rules. One of them being to not mention Islam as a factor in these atrocities.

What must be mentioned is that the East Timor segment here was presented as an example of the propaganda model that he and Edward Herman had formulated in the Seventies. Chomsky used statistics of US media coverage of east Timor in comparison to coverage of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia that engaged in atrocities and came to the conclusion that the disparities in coverage between the two was evidence of media bias serving ruling elites. There is a grain of truth to all this when one views the post- WWII track record of known US interventions on a global scale but that doesn’t excuse the deliberate refusal to look at the role of religious elites that are, in fact, ruling elites in many societies. In this case Indonesia.

Further links:…

“The crusader Australian forces were on Indonesian shores, and in fact they landed to separate East Timor, which is part of the Islamic world.”- Osama bin Laden, 2001.

“We warned Australia before not to join in [the war] in Afghanistan, and [against] its despicable effort to separate East Timor.

It ignored the warning until it woke up to the sounds of explosions in Bali.

Its government falsely claimed that they [the Australians] were not targeted. ” – Osama bin Laden, 2001

وتناول بن لادن قضية تيمور الشرقية التي اعتبر أن ضغط الدول الصليبية على إندونيسيا انتهى بفصلها “خلال 24 ساعة بتهديد من الأمم المتحدة أيضا، إنها حرب صليبية صهيونية ضد المسلمين”.
“The separation of East Timor from Indonesia is a Zionist-Crusader war against the Muslims. In 24 hours, and under a threat by the UN, compelled Indonesia to let East Timor go.” – Osama bin Laden

The shameful complicity of the United States in the jihad against the Christians of East Timor:

Islamism’s Other Victims: The Tragedy of East Timor

By: Serge Trifkovic

The Left (not to mention the Islamists) never tires of depicting the War on Terror as a case of America vs. Islam. But as readers of this magazine will already know, Moslem fundamentalists have been brutalizing people all over the world for years, and 9/11 was just our belated introduction to the problem.   Take, for example, the murderous terror of Indonesian Muslims against Christians in East Timor, mostly unknown in America although Washington aided and abetted it.

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