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There is no evidence of any “threatening phone calls” to the ABC

But this is a rather common modus operandi by leftists to claim victimhood:

 THE ABC has ramped up security at major offices across Australia in response to threats following former terror suspect Zaky Mallah’s Q&A appearance, as the network’s chief Mark Scott breaks his three-day silence.

Herald Sun

An ABC spokesman said: “Security has been stepped up at major ABC offices across Australia as a precautionary measure to protect the welfare of staff. There have been a number of threatening phone calls.”

The spokesman said more than 1000 complaints had been received.

According to a leaked email, headquarters are operating in “after-hours mode”, with no access for the general public.

ABC employees will only be able to enter using their access cards, and all official visitors will be escorted through the building.

A sign at the entrance of the ABC offices in Southbank reads: “Staff ID cards and visitor passes MUST be displayed at all times whilst inside this building.”

It comes as Mr Scott robustly defended the Q&A program, saying the show that put a former terror suspect live to air should have at least a 20-year lifespan at the ABC.

And he directly confronted Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had queried whose side the ABC was on, saying the ­national broadcaster was “clearly Australian, it’s on the side of Australia’’.

Mr Scott made the comments in a defiant speech in Melbourne last night, hours after the Government announced a departmental inquiry into the ABC’s decision to give Mallah a chance to ask questions live on air.

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Tahir-ul-Qadri, counter terrorism guru, advocates murder for blasphemy

Author of “counter terrorism curriculum” advocates murder for blasphemy

Not only that, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is also the godfather of Pakistans horrific blasphemy laws, which are used to  systematically eliminate non-Muslims.
tahir-ul-qadri-A chink in Qadri’s moderate armor. Of course, I could have told you this would happen. “The author of the ‘counter terrorism curriculum’ advocates murder for blasphemy,” by Kunwar Shahid, June 25, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace and Robert Spencer):

After the UK’s youngest suicide bomber, 17-year-old Talha Asmal blew himself up while waging the jihad of ‘Islamic State’ (IS), also known as ISIS, David Cameron urged Muslim communities to do more to fight Islamist terrorism.

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The Zacky Affair

The ABC has put all its major Australian offices into security lockdown after threatening phone calls were made to the broadcaster following Monday night’s controversial Q&A episode.

ABC offices have been placed in security lockdown after threats following Q&A Zaky Mallah episode
The ABC has increased security at all its major Australian offices after threatening phone calls were made to the broadcaster following a controversial appearance…SMH.COM.AU
Seditious as always

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stopped short of backing Tony Abbott‘s “heads should roll” remarks in the wake of Monday night’s controversial Q&A program.

Turnbull refuses to back Abbott’s attack on ABC
Malcolm Turnbull draws on classic John Howard line to back away from supporting PM’s hardline stance.–SMH.COM.AU
How does the ABC justify showing this inflammatory tweet? UPDATE: clueless Scott must go

Andrew Bolt
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Where Peter Greste Comes From

Apologies: I earlier described Greste as an ‘Albanian’- Australian. That is wrong. He holds a Latvian passport besides the Australian one.

Al-Jazeera Disclosures Deserve a Closer Look…By the Feds

by IPT News

Al Jazeera’s run of bad publicity got a little worse this week, when the online Arabic newspaper New Khalij published an article citing part of a cable from the Saudi Embassy saying the network answers to the Qatar government and is stocked with reporters who are part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Australian-Latvian MuBro operative Peter Greste is one of them, which means he should not be seen as one of us.


The Arabic language cable was among a batch of internal records published by Wikileaks.

“[W]hatever has been said about the impact of the journalists working in Al-Jazeera, having their weight and their agenda, and most of them belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood or being sympathizers with it, the final say in the end is with Qatari decision makers, with them the ones who determine its objectives, and the ones who identify the direction of the channel to achieve their objectives,” the New Khalij report says, citing the Saudi cable.

The cable added that “the existence of a number of prominent journalists belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in the channel is a matter worthy of concern, as the rulers of Qatar and its Sunni people are of the Hanbali school, and believe in the movement of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and the Muslim Brotherhood does not have roots the Qatari society.”

Qatar wants to influence the political decision-making of neighboring countries through weaving good relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, the cable said. The reason the network turns to “religious leaders such as Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and political ones such as Hamas derives from Qatar believing that in order to be effective in the region, it must have bargaining chips in many countries, and this is what is achieved for it by the Muslim Brotherhood in its global structural organization and its presence in most Arab and even Islamic countries such as Turkey.”

The Saudi assessments fit neatly with claims made in recent federal lawsuits filed against Al-Jazeera America (AJA) by former senior employees. The lawsuits claim the network’s U.S. branch discriminated against non-Muslim employees and deliberately pushed anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli biases.

Shannon High-Bassalik’s complaint claims that Al Jazeera is a place “where truth and objectivity are set aside to cater to the Company’s pro-Arabic prejudices.” Instead, employees were told that AJA was here to bring “the Arabic viewpoint to America,” which explained in part why it aired programs critical of the U.S., Egypt and Israel.

It’s a network owned and controlled by a foreign government that aims to influence U.S. opinion, and by extension, U.S. policy. The Foreign Agents Registration Act(FARA) provides an exemption to media organizations and journalists who act on behalf of foreign principals, but only within designated parameters. Among those parameters, the media organization must be one that “is not owned, directed, supervised, controlled, subsidized, or financed, and none of its policies are determined by any foreign principal defined in subsection (b) of this section, or by any agent of foreign principal required to register under this subchapter…

The recent allegations in separate federal lawsuits and now in leaked Saudi Arabian cables raises the potential for significant FARA violations by Al-Jazeera America, and appears to be ripe for investigation.

UK: thousands of British children enslaved by Paki grooming gangs, police concerned about ‘backlash’

You can’t make this stuff up:

‘There is a potential for a backlash against the vast majority of law abiding citizens from Asian/Pakistani communities from other members of the community believing their children have been exploited.’

Two of the 300 Rotherham child sex gang suspects are councillors
The suspects in the sex abuse scandal are ‘predominantly’ Asian men from the South Yorkshire town, while their victims are mainly white, British, underage and…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Mohammedans are generally called “Asians” to obscure the Islam coefficient in the crimes they commit….
Rotherham child exploitation inquiry: councillors among possible suspects

From the Guardian thanks to  Esmerelda Weatherwax

Two current or former Rotherham councillors are among up to 300 men suspected of grooming and sexually exploiting girls as young as 12 in the South Yorkshire town, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The NCA, Britain’s answer to the FBI, began investigating child sexual exploitation in Rotherham following harrowing allegations of non-familial abuse in the town uncovered in a report by Prof Alexis Jay, which was prompted by an investigation by the Times.

In the sixth months since the NCA began Operation Stovewood, 32 officers have collected 92 boxes of files relating to abuse believed to have been suffered by girls in the town between 1997 and 2013, the period covered by the Jay report.

Forty-seven crates came from Risky Business, a specialist service in Rotherham set up to monitor children at risk of prostitution, which was shut down by the council in 2011. Workers at the unit complained that they were belittled by other agencies and their files were tampered with. The NCA said it could not yet be confident it had recovered all the Risky Business files.

Trevor Pearce, the NCA officer in overall command of Operation Stovewood, said the figure of 300 potential suspects should be treated with caution. “It is clear that some details provided will be duplicates of other details, names, nicknames or street names. Others may not prove to be offenders at all, or may be witnesses to abuse,” he said.

Police withheld Muslim grooming report to avoid general election row

‘There is a potential for a backlash against the vast majority of law abiding citizens from Asian/Pakistani communities from other members of the community believing their children have been exploited.’

‘These factors, combined with an EDL protest in Dudley in April and a General Election in May could notably increase community tension.

‘Police will be criticised if it appears we have not safeguarded vulnerable children, investigated offences and prosecuted offenders.’

See More

West Midlands Police were warned more than 100 predominantly white school children – some as young as 13 – were at serious risk of child exploitation —DAILYMAIL

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Wally rubs it (like you knew he would)

Despite all the outrage, Zaky Mallah was just what the government needed: an object of hate that justifies almost any conceivable “national security” measure and makes their aggression a virtue, writes Waleed Aly.

Infidels have no right to protect themselves against Mohammedan subversion. Wally and Wacky Zacky are brothers in arms. They may differ in the modus operandi; but in the end they both work towards bringing Australia under Islamic law. That’s why one is as undesirable as the other.


Why Zaky Mallah was a gift for the government
Comment: The debate over citizenship laws is now so charged, even the slightest form of resistance is interpreted as seditious, writes Waleed Aly.
Fasten your seatbelts: here’s one of the usual suspects with extremely sympathetic offerings:

The ABC’s Jonathan Green now says Zachy Mallah had a “fair point” in claiming that what turned young Muslims to extremism was … the Abbott Government.

Yes, seriously:

More from Andrew Bolt

Wally gets help, like you knew he would. Here is the hyperventilating deviant   Richard Ackland:
The hysteria over Zaky Mallah on Q&A would make Joseph McCarthy proud
The front pages of The Daily Telegraph in Australia, The Herald Sun in Australia, and The Courier Mail in Australia on 24 June 2015. The controversial front pages were in response to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s statement the previous day that ABC (the TV broadcasting channel) was effectively siding with ISIS by allowing Zaky Mallah to ask questions during Q&A.

‘Predictably, the Murdoch newspapers over-indulged in a bout of hyperventilation.’ The front pages of The Daily Telegraph in Australia, The Herald Sun in Australia, and The Courier Mail in Australia on 24 June 2015. Photograph: Newscorp

Zaky Mallah zhooshed up an otherwise tepid Q&A by questioning proposed new citizenship laws. We should be more hysterical at the silly answer he received | Richard Ackland
“Heads should roll” at the ABC, says Abbott

Andrew Bolt

I asked below what Tony Abbott would do about the ABC, after using a Muslim extremist to ambush a government Minister. His reply now follows:

The Abbott government has today launched its own investigation into Mallah’s appearance on Q&A last Monday, arguing internal ABC inquiries have often resulted in “virtual whitewashes” of wrongdoing.

The Prime Minister said the broadcaster’s decision to rebroadcast Monday night’s program in full yesterday was “utterly incomprehensible”.

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Jihadis and leftists, united in misogyny

Great piece by Jennifer Oriel. Scroll down for the story.

“After hearing the standard Islamist narrative on the ABC — that is, Islamists charged with threatening violence are victims of government ACTION to stop terrorism — Q&A’s audience applauded Mallah. That tells us a lot about the state of left-wing politics TODAY.”

UK: Muslim savage who beheaded 82-year-old white Christian woman gets off with an insanity defense
Nicholas Salvador, a convert to Islam (photo right), who was charged with the beheading murder of a great grandmother, Palmira Silva, in North London, was… BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Isn’t PC idiotic? Why show a picture that shows nothing?
Sharrouf’s mother-in-law pleads with PM to bring family home
The mother-in-law of Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf has pleaded with Prime Minister Tony Abbott to bring his family back to Australia.—9NEWS.COM.AU
Jihadis and leftists, united in misogyny
I was invited to appear as a panellist on the ABC’s political talk show Q&A this month.

This week, Q&A featured a self-described Muslim activist who tweeted about gang-raping female columnists in January and pleaded guilty to threatening to kill an ASIO officer.

Why would I want to appear on Q&A following such an outrage against women and our nation’s protective forces?

The man who tweeted the idea of gang-raping female journalists also has expressed support for an Islamic caliphate. I consider him such an inferior example of manhood that I would prefer not to stain the page with his name, but here it is for the record: Zaky Mallah.

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Turk media calls Wilders “extremist”, whines about free speech

Anti-Islam Wilders’ new scandal

If there is an old scandal I must have missed it. Mohammedans live in another universe; so keep that in mind when you read this.

Anti-Islam Wilders' new scandal

In the nearly three minute long new video aired on Youtube and Dutch national television, far-right Dutch politician Wilders shows cartoons of the prophet

World Bulletin / News Desk 

A far-right Dutch politician, known for his anti-Islam antics, has aired a new movie based on Prophet Mohammed’s controversial cartoons on a national television in the Netherlands that is expected to add more fuel to the global Islamophobic fire.

There is no “global Islamophobic fire” because there is no such thing as “Islamophobia”. To resist the spread of Islam is the sacred duty of every free Western cititzen that still has his head screwed on.

Muhammad Cartoons Shown on Dutch TV

Here’s the story from the Gates of Vienna:

As we reported last weekend, Geert Wilders’ video of the Garland Mohammed cartoons was scheduled to be broadcast on Dutch state TV last Saturday, but an alleged mistake caused the tapes to be switched and prevented the Motoons from being aired.

The second broadcast of them was scheduled for today, and went off as planned. The PVV just sent out the following notice:

Today, a selection of Muhammad cartoons were shown on Dutch public television. 

The cartoons were originally shown at an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Texas, last May, where PVV leader Geert Wilders gave a speech, and which was attacked by terrorists. 

Geert Wilders: “The only way to show terrorists that they are not going to win is to do exactly what they do not want us to do. I do not broadcast the cartoons to provoke; I do it because we have to show that we stand for freedom of speech and that we will never surrender to violence. Freedom of speech must always prevail over violence and terror.”

So is it time for mobs representing the Tiny Minority of Extremists to start torching embassies in Amman and Jakarta? Stay tuned.

Once again, here is the video that was broadcast on Dutch TV:

The Wall Street Journal has posted an article (requires subscription) about the broadcast of the Motoons.

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