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The NSW Judiciary Is a Cesspool

She got off because she was “unlawfully body searched. Police did it wrong.”

The Daily Telegraph

A WOMAN accused of punching an officer and threatening to slit the throat of another during a counterterrorism raid has had the charges against her dismissed because police unlawfully body-searched her.

The 24-year-old, whose name is suppressed, pleaded not guilty to intimidating and assaulting police in the execution of their duty during the pre-dawn raid of her home last year.

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The woman leaves Parramatta Local Court after being found not guilty. Picture: Jonathan Ng
Woman held in police raid has charges dropped
A WOMAN accused of punching an officer and threatening to slit the throat of another during a counterterrorism raid has had the charges against her dismissed because police unlawfully body-searched her.–DAILY TELEGRAPH
Another example here:
No jail for rapists or terrorists… when did the Islamic State take over our legal system?

Charges against Melbourne teenager Harun Causevic, accused of plotting an Anzac Day terrorist attack, will be dropped today, his lawyer says.

Causevic, 18, has been in custody since April, accused of being part of a plot to drive a car into a police officer, behead them, steal their weapon and launch a public attack at Anzac Day commemorations in Melbourne.

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Bangkok Bomber a “reclusive and secretive Muslim who seldom ventured out…”

Mystery man in Bangkok bomb probe ‘never said a word’
Mystery man in Bangkok bomb probe 'never said a word'
Documents found at the house of a man arrested for being a suspect of the recent Bangkok blast are seen in this Thai Royal Police handout. Photo: Reuters

BANGKOK – The evidence seized by police investigating Thailand’s deadliest bombing includes an apparently damning trove of explosives, fertilizer, and piles of fake passports, but the shabby-looking foreigner they arrested on Saturday remains a mystery.

There has been no word of his nationality, affiliation or whether the evidence seized in a shabby Bangkok apartment block amounts to a smoking gun for the attack on a crowded downtown shrine that killed 20 people two weeks ago. (Continued below the fold)

In other news:

This guy was just looking for a good job, like all of them:

Controversial Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into U.S. over Mexico border
Said Jaziri, who called for the death of a Danish cartoonist who drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, was arrested with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Deliberately Misleading Reports About Bendigo Mosque Protests



The governments allow protests and anti-protests at the same time and in the same space. The anti-protests are designed to stop the protesters and ordinary people who support the issue from coming out. Adolf Hitler found the same tactics as those being used by the “Anti-Racist” protesters today very effective. Some things don’t change.

Minor clashes at Mosque protest in Bendigo

Sky News (for video)

Is this a picture of ‘Anti-mosque protesters in Bendigo’ as the caption suggests? Or a deliberate attempt to discredit the UPF? These thugs were with the leftwing clowns. True proud Aussie patriots don’t need to hide behind a mask.. (And we weren’t waving smash fascism signs either like the one seen in the photo). Leftist media tards distort the truth and deliberately misinform:

 Do you want to see a freshly minted lie? Here it is. These ratbags were with Antifa…..not the anti-mosque protesters. Furthermore, there were nearly 1400 anti-mosque people and only 250-300 Socialist scum……big win for freedom lovers.

Ugly scenes have erupted between rival protesters at an event to condemn the construction of a mosque in Bendigo.

An Australian flag was burnt at the end of the protest.

(Clearly burned by the ferals, supported by ALP & the Greens, Anarcho’s and the criminal unions, so why not mention it?)

About 300 people opposed to the mosque broke through police barricades and started punching anti-racism protesters on the steps of the Bendigo Town Hall this afternoon.

Not the other way around? And what race is Islam again?

Mounted police intervened and were able to restore order after spraying the crowd with capsicum spray.

The United Patriots Front had organised the rally, marching on Bendigo Town Hall today over plans to build the mosque in the regional Victorian city.

Road blocks have been in place since last night and this afternoon hundreds of protestors carrying Australian flags have marched through the main street.

The United Patriots Front spokesman, Blair Cottrell, says residents do not want the mosque.

‘It’s a demonstration of community strength and pride,’ he told 3AW on Friday.

The City of Greater Bendigo’s chief executive says residents have the right to practise their religion.

In Muslim countries non Muslims have no rights. Once Muslims have the upper hand we will also have the right to practice… their religion.

‘We are proudly a multi-faith community,’ Craig Niemann says.

You are stupid, Craig Niemann.

Residents held a barbeque and multicultural soccer event in other parts of town, hoping to spread the message that Bendigo welcomes everyone.


What is it that brings about the unusual alliance between Islam and the  left?

The burning of the Australian flag:

Burning the Australian flag – XYZ
“Demonstrators clashed” today in Bendigo over the proposal to build a large Mosque with the capacity to accommodate up to two thousand religious adherents, in a city that has only a small handful of practicing Muslims.
Kim Vuga's photo.
Kim Vuga's photo.
Kim Vuga's photo.

The media and the lefties would have you believe that we are here today to stir up trouble….well there’s an awful lot of Bendigo residents that are here to t

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The most ironic thing is, if Islam gained the rights they are defending, many of these braindead leftoids would be beheaded or hung at the end of a rope, or tossed off a high building for marching in support of their ‘ Gay’ rights friends. I’d say they have it coming.

PuffHo Flogs Islamic Slavery

College Professor Defends Muslim Sex Slavery

By Onan Coca


That will go down well with their Moonbat readership:

Liberal Boston University professor and Muslim apologist Kecia Ali recently wrote an article for The Huffington Post that attempted to make excuses for the pervasive nature of slavery (particularly sexual slavery) in the modern Muslim world. Right off the bat her arguments begin to feel as ridiculous as they truly are, and even without knowing for certain that something is wrong, a reader can feel that something is wrong – both with her reasoning (which is limited) and with her arguments (which are specious and easily disproven).

Ali writes the piece in an effort to distance “mainstream” Islam from ISIS’ brand of Islam. She argues that while ISIS may participate in horrible and debauched practices, many of their beliefs are not actually part of mainstream modern Islam. Sadly, she is more than a little mistaken. One doesn’t need to look solely at ISIS to find these horrible practices still pulsating and thriving in the Muslim world. Slavery is well established, though illegal, throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The sexual domination of male over female exists wherever Islam exists. The sexually perverse practices that ISIS engages in can be found in a much quieter and accepted manner throughout the Muslim world, where instead of being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, children are simply given into it by their willing parents.

Ali takes on the enormous task of absolving Islam of the sins of ISIS, but in the end she fails. Her arguments are as flimsy as the cloth on the backs of the enslaved women and children that she ignores in her efforts to defend Islam.

Thankfully, there are people willing to tell the truth about Islam. Thankfully, there are people willing to take Kecia Ali’s argument and prove it false point by point. Robert Spencer writes:

“The Truth About Islam and Sex Slavery History Is More Complicated Than You Think,” by Kecia Ali, Huffington Post, August 19, 2015 (thanks to David):

…Others scholars point out that just because the Quran acknowledges slavery and early Muslims, including the Prophet, practiced it doesn’t mean Muslims must always do so; indeed, the fact that slavery is illegal and no longer practiced in nearly all majority-Muslim societies would seem to settle the point. It is one thing for committed religious thinkers to insist that scripture must always and everywhere apply literally, but it is ludicrous for purportedly objective scholars to do so. Anyone making that argument about biblical slavery would be ridiculed.


Kecia-AliThe disingenuous reasoning here is appalling. Can’t anyone in academia deal with a topic honestly anymore? I know Kecia Ali is a university professor, and university professors today are mostly muddle-headed ideologues more interested in pushing their far-Left agenda than having rational discussion or searching for the truth, but this is ridiculous. There are so many things wrong with that paragraph that it is a breathtakingly compact example of how contemporary academics obscure, rather than expose, the truth. Here are a few of the ways Kecia Ali outrages the truth in that paragraph:

“Others scholars point out that just because the Quran acknowledges slavery and early Muslims, including the Prophet, practiced it doesn’t mean Muslims must always do so.”

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Bangkok Bomber a 28-year-old Turkish National

Police arrest Erawan bomb suspect

Bangkok Bomber: Thai police name Adem Karadag as suspect arrested over blast that killed 20

Police have arrested a man who is not of Thai appearance, finding bomb making materials and fake passports in his apartment.


Police in Bangkok have named Adem Karadag as the man who they arrested earlier today as a suspect connected to a bomb which killed 20 people on 17 August.

Thai authorities say that Karadag is a 28-year-old Turkish national.

The blast happened inside the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok’s Pathum Wan District and injured 125 people.

Thai police say that the arrest took place today after they raided an apartment which they believe was being used by the suspect in northern Bangkok. They say that they discovered suspected bomb-making materials inside the property.

Police chief Somyot Poompanmoung told reporters: “The bomb materials are the same, similar, or the same type” as those used in the bombings at the shrine.

Photos said to be of the suspect’s passport are being shared through the social mediaand some are saying that it is clearly a fake. Even the capital “Istanbul” is spelled incorrectly in Turkish, sources say. Thai PBS reports that other passports were also found and the suspect had rented several rooms in the apartment. (Update: Thai police are now confirming the passport was forged.)

The PBS has just reported (5:30pm) that the suspect has been taken away from apartment and will undergoing intensive questioning. His nationality has not been confirmed.

(Thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Discrimination in Scotland, Muslims targeted
No infidel has the right to keep his countrymen safe from Mohammedan headbangers:
‘…the disproportionate targeting of Muslim travellers is undermining the integration of Muslim immigrants into Scottish society….’
Fact is, Muslims don’t integrate anywhere.
Discrimination in Scotland, Muslims targeted

Research study shows Muslim travellers fall victims to disproportionate security checks at Scottish airports

Muslims are believed to be specifically and disproportionately targeted during airport security checks in Scotland, according to a Durham University’s research study.  (World Bulletin / News Desk)

MuBro Operatives Sentenced

Al Jazeera retrial: Journalists Peter Greste, Mohammed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed sentenced to at least three years’ jail

Greste and Fahmy were given prison sentences of three years, while Mohamed received an extra six months for possessing a single bullet.

(These ‘Canadian’ journalists where clearly Muslim Brotherhood plants from the start. The classic new ‘Canadians for passports’ Also journalist + bullets = spy)  Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Egypt sends Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison
Egypt sends Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison

An Egyptian court has sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison

An Egyptian court sentenced three Al-Jazeera reporters to three years in prison on Saturday, despite a global campaign calling for their release.

Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed were present in court. Australian journalist Peter Greste was tried in absentia after his deportation early this year. The journalists  were accused of supporting the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood in their coverage for the Qatari-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera.–World Bulletin / News Desk

Endless Katzenjammer:

Al-Jazeera vowed Saturday to appeal an Egyptian court verdict to sentence three of its journalists to three years in prison, calling it a “deliberate attack on press freedom”.

The Qatar-based broadcaster said it would appeal the “grotesque” verdict as soon as the Cairo court has explained its decision, and would also “intensify” its campaign to get its reporters freed.

The mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war

Punish Turkey!

One day people will realise that the mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war, cynically driven by our enemies in Isis-Libya and in Turkey, with the wretched immigrants driven like cattle and deliberately sent to die so that we should expend our effort in trying to rescue them. And the answer? strike at the root. Punish Turkey – a total embargo backed by naval and military power would be good – and – as I keep repeating – ceterum censeo Isis delendum esse.

From the hadith:

“When judgment day arrives, Allah will give every Muslim a Jew or Christian to kill so that the Muslim will not enter into hell fire.” — Mohammed (Mishkat Al-Messabih, vol. 2, no. 5552.)

Back to the news:

If we are not going to have secure borders and the ability to send illegals home, we may as well not have a country. It seems feral leftists and their anarchist supporters are running Australia.

Australian mass visa check op dumped after backlash 

This was a half-assed attempt to stir up the rabid left. If our police is that incompetent there needs to be a shakeup.

A spot check on visas in Melbourne’s central business district was cancelled after community members expressed outrage over police state like laws.– World Bulletin
Disgraceful: EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements
EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements

John Gatt-Rutter says EU will ‘use more tools’ to force Israel out of Jewish settlements expansion

World Bulletin / News Desk

The European Union’s outgoing envoy to Palestine says the 28-nation bloc is moving forward with measures against Jewish West Bank settlements.


The envoy, John Gatt-Rutter, did not provide a timeframe. But his remarks to reporters Thursday underline European discontent with Israel’s continued expansion of settlements in Palestinian territory.

Gatt-Rutter says “there is support within the union to go on.” He says there are “more tools” the EU can use.

The EU, Israel’s biggest trading partner, is exploring guidelines that would require Israel to label settlement products. It already bars goods produced in settlements from receiving customs exemptions given to Israeli goods.

Gatt-Rutter’s remarks come as a grassroots movement promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel is gaining steam.

The invasion in full force. Are the Europeans mad?

France is braced for a 9/11-style attack or missile strike on a passenger jet as Islamist terror threat grows

So what do they do?  They prepare for “civil unrest”. Gotta keep the Muslim hatin’ rubes in check!


  • Security forces are preparing for civil unrest after a series of terror attacks
  • France’s equivalent of MI5 warns of a possible atrocity on the scale of 9/11 
  • Another source claims passenger jet could be targeted by anti-tank missile
  • The army has made plans to wrest back control of jihadi breeding grounds

Daily Mail— French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

Airlines told to expect ‘French 9/11’ as Hollande warns of more Islamist violence
Army prepares for civil unrest as Islamist threat grows amid fears of September 11-style attack or missile strike on passenger airliner
Iraqi priest: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam…ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent”
Fr. Douglas al-Bazi’s coreligionists in the West, and their leaders among the U.S. Catholic bishops, would be supremely embarrassed if they heard him talking this…

Number of migrants entering Britain breaks all records in blow to David Cameron

The true scale of the immigration crisis facing this country was laid bare tonight as damning figures revealed net migration had surged to a record 330,000 – a rise of 40 per cent in one year. It is a humiliating blow to David Cameron after his ‘no ifs, no buts’ pledge to reduce the number to ‘tens of thousands’. Incredibly, today’s figures do not include illegal immigrants in the UK, estimated to number 1.1 million. Pictured: Migrants climb in the back of a lorry on the A16 leading to the Channel Tunnel in Calais; and a family creep under a barbed wire fence near at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Fair Suck Of The Sav, Mate.'s photo.
Train attack shows impossibility of tracking all Islamic militants

“To give you an idea of the scale of the challenge, in the past two years we’ve charged more people with terrorism offences than in the 30 years before that,”

PARIS (AFP) – The thwarted attack by a gunman on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris has underlined the difficulty faced by intelligence services…
‘Terrible smell of death’ and dripping blood led police to bodies of FIFTY migrants who suffocated after people smugglers abandoned a chicken meat truck on Austrian motorway

Truck on Austrian motorway found to contain bodies of FIFTY migrants

As many as 50 refugees were found dead in a parked lorry in eastern Austria on Thursday, the country’s Interior Ministry has confirmed. The truck, which had Hungarian licence plates, had been abandoned on the side of the A4 motorway near the eastern town of Parndorf several days ago. Forensics teams at the scene (left and right) found many of the bodies were in a severe state of decomposition.

Building an Islamic State in America, One Church at a Time
Churches fall, mosques rise.

EURABIA: governments are planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

Thanks to Marina Marsal

Soyons prêts à accueillir des migrants  dans nos foyers, de gré ou de force…  La submersion actuelle de l’Europe n’est pas un fantasme, n’en déplaise a…    RESISTANCEREPUBLICAINE.EU

Excellent article. Here is the google translation:

Europe: your government is  planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

Let us be ready to welcome migrants in our homes, willingly or by force …
 The current flood of Europe is not a fantasy, not in deference to experts from TV sets, but a very dangerous reality.

Overwhelmed by the unprecedented influx of migrants, Western governments, the orders of the good Samaritans of the EU, no longer know how to manage the humanitarian disaster looming. So they cater to people to help them and appeal to their good heart, before proceeding to the next step, imposed by force of law the reception of migrants, by requisitioning of their property unoccupied. And if that was not enough, given the interrupted flow, they will lay citizens to welcome them into their home … while relegating the owners in the cellars, in order to accommodate these poor dignity “refugees”?

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Don’t be an extremist, or else

The increasingly  ridiculous Theresa May  fantasises about “Islamist extremism, but also neo-Nazi extremism.”

You barely hear a thing about neo Nazism.

And YES, they are complete idiots too. All 20 of them.

Anything but reality in what was once great Britain:

No picking and choosing which ‘extremism’ will be tackled – all must be fought without distinction – shut up and live in subjection, or be branded as an ‘extremist’!

That means standing up against racism and homophobia, against all hate crimes, against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, just as much as it means tackling the threat from terrorism in all its forms. …

May said: “In the not-too-distant future we will be launching an anti-extremism, counter-extremism strategy as a Government. That will be looking across the board at all forms of extremism – yes, Islamist extremism, but also neo-Nazi extremism.”

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