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Trash Talking Catmeat Sheik Blames Oz Gubmint For Jihad

“Imported Radicalism”

Taj Din al-Hilali says it’s a mutant form of Islam.
We beg to differ. It’s the tenets of Islam that drive, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Al Shabab, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jamaat-e-Islami, the jihadists who flock to Syria from Australia and those recently arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on our home soil. They are not following a perverse or misinterpreted version of Islam. They are following the teachings of Islam to the letter and emulating their Prophet Mohammed. They constantly let us know what inspires their actions, by quoting passages from the Koran. How condescending of us to presume they are wrong and that they don’t understand the Islamic doctrine.  (Rick Morton, The Australian thanks to the Q-Society)

Imported radicalism has snared thousands: Taj Din al-Hilali

Controversial former Islamic leader Taj Din al-Hilali has ­declared there are potentially “thousands” of young Australian Muslims willing to join Islamic State, the result of a creeping ­radicalisation and a mutant form of Islam about which he claims to have warned the Howard­ ­government.

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Pamela Geller: “we cannot submit to the assassin’s veto”

A cartoon image of the profit of Islam could be coming to a bus near you.

Free-speech firebrand Pamela Geller has submitted an ad to the Washington, D.C. transit authority featuring the winning image from the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest held earlier this month in Garland, Texas.

AFDI’s New Free Speech Bus and Train Ad Campaign Featuring Muhammad Cartoon


Because freedom of speech is under violent assault, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has announced a new ad campaign to defend freedom of speech and stand up to violent intimidation kicking off in the nation’s capital. (More below the fold)

Geller To Use Winner From Muhammad Cartoon Contest In New DC Transit Ads
Pamela Geller’s anti-Muslim group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, will attempt to launch a new ad campaign in Washington, D.C., using the winning… TALKINGPOINTSMEMO.COM
Pamela Geller to Juan Williams: I Have Fought in Court & Won Against Fierce Bullies Like You (VIDEO)

“The fact is, the liberal, cultural and academic elites are censoring this cartoon, the winning cartoon in the Mohammad art exhibit by a former Muslim, Bosch Fawstin, to show the American people what is being kept from them. What is being censored by the media. No one elected the media or academia our proxy to relinquish our freedom of speech… I have fought in court and won and it is fierce bullies like Juan Williams who want to impose the Sharia. This is the Shariah, Juan. Where are you going to stop? Are you going to stop drinking beer? Are you going to stop girls from wearing short skirts? “-Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller and AFCI are bringing their free speech ads to buses and trains in Washington DC. The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has are…  THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM
Pamela Geller is to blame for deaths, says Juan Williams
Juan Williams will not let up on blaming Pamela Geller for the deaths of two terrorists, instead of blaming the terrorists themselves and their twisted ideology. — THERIGHTSCOOP.COM
Muslim cleric: Satan and Jews are the enemies of Muslims, Jews will meet their end by gathering in Israel…
This would make a great bus ad:

Egyptian Clerics Repeat Franklin Prophecy Myth, Call the Jews “Donkeys” and “Apes and Pigs,” and Say: Making Our Children Loathe the Jews Is a Form of Worship of Allah


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Yet Another Muslim Marriage Ruse To Remain In The West

 by Hugh Fitzgerald

 The West — the West that is to be hated, but all of its many benefits, including the security, the freedom from violence, that the advanced non-Muslim provides, as well as all the expensive government-supported education, health care, housing — so sedulously taken advantage of by  Muslims have proven so remarkably adept at profiting from every last bit of aid that is on offer, now has another thing to worry about and monitor.


LONDON (AP) — Klara Balogova was 18, penniless and heavily pregnant when she rode thousands of miles from Slovakia to England to marry a man she had never met.

She knew he did not want her, or her child. He wanted her European identity card. The marriage was arranged so the 23-year-old Pakistani groom could gain the right to live and work in Europe.

Balogova was promised a clean place to stay in Britain and maybe even some money. But she says within days of arrival, she was moved from Manchester to Glasgow in Scotland, where she was kept in an apartment with her future husband. When he wasn’t around, his younger brother would stand over her, and her identity documents were taken away.

“He didn’t let me out at any time. He told me it was not possible to go out there,” said Balogova, a shy, petite Gypsy woman who spoke reluctantly, never making any eye contact when she was interviewed. “Once a week we went out together. I was never allowed to go alone.”

Each year, dozens of women like Balogova from the poorer corners of eastern Europe are lured to the West for sham marriages.

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Picture of the Week


I’d like to return to Australia and blend into any community  that needs a depraved homicidal, bloodthirsty criminal minded lunatic…..

In other news:

‘I would not want my children sitting in a classroom next to the kid who held a gun in one hand and a severed head in the other.”

So the onus will be on teachers and students to spot potential jihadis. What planet are our leaders on? It’s like putting out spot-fires. Instead of relying on teachers and children, our politicians need to get a backbone, call a spade a spade and address the root cause of the problem. Islam. –HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Teachers and students trained to spot potential terrorists in classroom ‘jihadi watch’ scheme
TEACHERS and students would be taught how to spot potential jihadis in the classroom under plans before the Federal Government.


Larry Pickering

Islamic organisations are now fighting back to protect a billion dollar industry that thrives on labelling Australian products as “halal certified”. Now that the extortion racket has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are shunning the “certified” products to the dismay of Australian manufacturers and processors.


An avalanche of Australian companies are now declaring their products as “non-halal certified” to protect their domestic market, and the Muslim mobsters who control the racket are incensed at their potential loss of income.

Not to be outdone, Islamic certification activists, who go by the names of Charkawi Wesam and Abu Hanifa, are fighting back, naming and shaming Australian companies who are refusing to pay (or who are avoiding paying) outrageous sums of money to be “certified” as halal.


“Rape is OK in our culture…”

The Muslim Obssesion With SEX
Islam is fundamentally a religion built on signs of uncontrolled sex addiction. Muslims are complete and out of control sex addicts. All they talk about is sex. All they think about is sex. 6-year …
Pamela Geller, WND: “U.K. Rape Jihadis: ‘This Is OK In Our Culture’
Larry Pratt: Obama Follows In Hitler’s Footsteps, Creating A Race War To Take Away Our Guns
We recently noted that Sen. Ted Cruz has agreed to be the “first of several” Republican presidential candidates to join the far-right gun group Gun Owners of…
Disgrace……..but then again, “what difference does it make?”
Shrillary Emails Reveal She Didn’t Know Murdered Ambassador’s Name
Among the revelations from Hillary Clinton’s emails responding to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, which were released by the State…  TRUTHREVOLT.ORG
Radical London preacher Abu Haleema banned from promoting his views online
A radical  preacher from London has been banned from using social media to promote his views after being arrested by Met detectives on suspicion of…  WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK
Democrats want Obama to relocate 60,000 Muslims from SYRIA into the U.S.!
Democrats are demanding that Obama move to bring in 60,000 Syrian refugees and resettle them in America, with  the majority being Muslim. — JEWSNEWS.CO.IL

True Aussie Battler

Thanks to Tim Blair

little Aussie battler considers the cost of failed legal action:

Muslim spokesturd Keysar Trad says he will be made homeless after being ordered to pay 2GB radio station almost $550,000 in costs, having lost one of the country’s longest-running defamation cases …

Mr Trad said he would appeal against the costs ruling.

“If I’d known the system was stacked so much against a plaintiff such as myself, then in hindsight I would not recommend to anyone to instigate court proceedings because there are so many elements that are against the ordinary Australian battler, such as me,” he said.

Nothing that some crowdfunding can’t fix. Come on, lefties. Help a brother out.


In other news:

Head choppers just wanna go home:

The family that slays together doesn’t stay together:

Notorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children, including the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are seeking to return to Australia.


Fairfax Media understands the family of Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, is trying to help her and the couple’s five children return to Sydney.

Sharrouf himself is sticking it out in Syria, where he’ll still have plenty of companionship.

Drama Queen Julian Burnside is trivialising the Holocaust

How dare Burnside use the Holocaust to play such cheap politics

Andrew Bolt


Leftoids like SHY imported people like this:

“…you’re a whore, you are Christian, you will burn in hell. You will be the first one in uniform to have your throat slit.”

Australia, 2015:

A WOMAN detained in a counterterrorism raid allegedly punched one police officer in the face and told another she would have her throat slit…

The Muslim woman, who declined to stand for Magistrate Margaret McGlynn during the Parramatta Local Court hearing yesterday, is charged with assaulting and intimidating police. (Andrew Bolt has more)


Burnside, Drama Queen:

First, some context.

Number of people killed at the Auschwitz death camp – between 1,100,000 and 1,500,000.

Number of people lured to their deaths at sea by Labor’s weakened border laws – at least 1200

Number of people who have died at the Manus detention centre – 2 (one bashed in a riot, the other from blood poisoning).

Now to the grotesque moral equivalence of “human rights” campaigner Julian Burnside, a QC:


Burnside is seriously suggesting that this is what Manus is like:

Burnside makes an analogy not just offensive to Australia but deeply disrespectful to those who suffered and died at Auschwitz. He is trivialising the Holocaust.

As for Burnside dismissing the 1200 drown boat people as merely “a few accidents”, what is left to say?


By Kirralie Smith 

Halal as a concept only exists because of Sharia Law. If there was no Islamic Sharia Law there would be no such thing as halal. “Halal” is simply a word that means lawful or permissible. There is no problem with Muslims eating halal food in this or any other country. The problem with halal certification is that producers pay fees to claim a product is “halal”.

saudi-arabian-men-at-a-feastIt It is both amusing and frustrating when we hear companies and Muslims alike trying to convince us halal certification is not about Sharia Law, or that the money raised is not about promoting Islam in Australia.

Have a look at the constitution of Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat on Australia (S.I.C.H.M.A)

Under point 2 titled “Objects of the Organisation” it states: “The Organisation shall be a non-profit RELIGIOUS organisation DEDICATED to the PROMOTION of the Islamic religion, culture and principles.” Their words, not mine (although I capitalised some to make a point).

It goes on to state that the objectives are to prepare halal meat “strictly to Islamic Sharia”.

The Islamic Council of Queensland confirms this by stating: “Islam is not a mere religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance.” They also spell out that the concept of halal in Islam has very specific motives. Among them is to preserve the purity of the (Islamic) religion.


“…To me it’s not a crime, to you it’s a crime…”

IS fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children seek return to Australia

Notorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s spouse and youngsters, together with the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are looking for to return to Australia. …

australia-146469638454More muslim murder and madness at Gazette Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“…just funding my innocent brothers and sisters…”

Terror-fund accused Hassan El Sabsabi on new charges


“I know what I’ve done and I know what you want to charge me for. To me it’s not a crime, to you it’s a crime,” he allegedly told police on his arrest.

“I wasn’t giving money to no terrorist,” he said, adding that he was “funding my innocent brothers and sisters”. …

More on the ‘brainwashed’ follower of the false prophet of islam at Herald Sun thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Kenya: Dozens of Police Killed in Jihad Attacks 
Kenya: Once the beacon of democracy on the dark continent, now under siege by jihad.| Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs: Islam, Jihad,…
Turkey’s wannabe caliph is becoming increasingly unhinged
‘Know your place’, Turkey’s Erdogan tells New York Times
“As a newspaper, you (the New York Times) should know your place,” he said in a televised speech in Istanbul. “You are meddling in Turkey’s affairs by writing…  NEWS.YAHOO.COM|BY STUART WILLIAMS
“Government language”, not jihad, creating fear and suspicion:

THE Islamic Council of Victoria has criticised the Abbott government for continuing to sideline Muslim groups when forming policy responses aimed at countering radicalisation.–The ultimate effect would only be to drive young people further towards radicalisation. …

Shitties vs Sunnies
Denmark: Armed criminal gangs dividing into Sunni and Shia
Islamic State forces Yezidi boys to convert to Islam, sends them into battle—-JIHADWATCH.ORG|BY NICOLAI SENNELS