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Obummer statement on Kenya School Massacre — NO MENTION of ISLAM, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS or JIHAD

Forever the “community organiser”


He did manage to blather on about “bringing communities together” – as if dialogue is what is needed to battle the al-Shabaab killers. (GWP)

Why Islamic terrorists target schools and universities

That Kenyan University Is Guilty Of Spreading “Christianity And Infidelity”

France  (RATP) And Its Selective Laicities

A telling tweet here. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

The RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens) — that is, the French subway-bus-rail system in the area of Greater Paris — has denied approval for the placing of posters announcing a gathering to protest the treatment, including mass murder, of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East, and to raise money to aid those Christians now displaced from their homes, and countries. The four priests on the poster were deemed to violate the principle of “laicity.” At the same time, the RATP has permitted  posters showing a hijabbed lady with her phone card, announcing cheap rates for telephone calls overseas, to her true home in North Africa, or the Middle East.

More comment on this here.

A case of selective laicities.

Dalil Boubakeur Wants To Double The Number Of Mosques In France

” 2,200 mosques represent inadequate amount for few million worshipers”– no matter how many, it’ll never be enough.


Dalil Boubakeur is the government-sanctioned “leader of the Muslim community,” certified moderate and so on. He wants the French government to build even more mosques all over the place. You see, all those mosques built with government money can then present the true face and message of Islam, rather than all that bad stuff that all those little mosques run out of storefronts or houses tolerate or encourage. Makes perfect sense


“White people terrorize people of color, queer people and poor women…”


Professor Cooper is malevolent, insane, and barely literate. But she’s black. She will go far in academia.

Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper Denounces Traditional Christians and the “Unholy Trinity of White Supremacist, Capitalist, Heteropatriarchy”

Thanks to Moonbattery 



Tis edukashon systim gav uz a prezident wit a lot of edukasion who am the smartist prezident wed ever had !

Boohoo: Mustard Council of Victoria Whines That Gubmint Didn’t Arrest Protesters

Totally unsurprising, of course. In an Islamic state any protesters against Islam would have been murdered in the streets. (Thanks to Marie)

ICV disappointed with government response to Anti-Islam rallies
Would you buy a used bigotry ticket from a guy like this?

“The Commonwealth has been quick to call on our community and leaders to speak out against extremism and hate preaching, yet when these are directed at us they have remained silent. We expect the Government to speak out strongly against these co-ordinated rallies and call them what they really are and that is nothing more than a racist and bigoted attack on Muslim.” – Mr Ghaith Krayem (ICV President)

Click on image to enlarge


Kenya & Nigeria: “If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot…”

Now you know why the Obamster had his ‘advisors’ in Nigeria to depose the Christian president. The country is now in the hands of radical headbangers and headchoppers; it will be all but impossible to reverse this. Muhammad Buhari and his thugs will murder anyone who stands in their way to make Nigeria a totally Islamic hellhole.

Will newly elected Muslim president impose sharia law on Nigeria’s Christian population?

via NIGERIA: Will the newly elected Islamist president impose sharia law on the Christian half of Nigeria’s population? – Walid Shoebat.

Or will he just allow Boko Haram to continue slaughtering the remaining Christians there? Barack Hussein Obama was behind the campaign to remove its Christian president from office and deliver Nigeria into the hands of the jihadists, the same way he was behind the Arab Spring and the ouster of Egypt’s Mubarak, Libya’s Gaddafi, and efforts against Syria’s Assad.

 “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Mr. Buhari said. “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari supports violence because the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout Nigeria and Africa is an Islamic state? (Creeping Sharia)

 Islamic terrorists shot and killed over 140 Kenyan students who declared their faith in Christ.
Radical Islamic Terrorists Target Christians at Kenyan University
“If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun, I thought I was going to die.” That’s Collins Wetangula, a student in the dormitory…  | American Center for Law and Justice
Kenya: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” only shot those who couldn’t recite Qur’an
Not that this has anything to do with Islam. Garissa University College jihad massacre update: “Kenya’s most wanted: Police hunt teacher Islamist terrorist…

Shorty stands with the Muslims. Again.

Reclaim Australia rallies ‘would have distressed new migrants’
Supporters of multiculturalism say Reclaim Australia rallies would have caused distress among new migrants.–ABC.NET.AU
Interesting. The ABC tards are not at all concerned whether Australians could be distressed by the Muslim invasion. They seem to believe Muslims need to be protected from citizens who had enough.

11018907_807788075923591_5953403644133595710_n-1“This idea somehow that there’s a big conspiracy amongst the Muslim minority to bring in sharia law is just completely exaggerated. I think it is really wrong to tar everyone in a minority with the view,” Mr Shorten said.

He said free speech was no justification for the demonstrations turning ugly.

“There’s no place for violence in any protests or any expressions of freedom of speech,” he said.

“You see rival groups saying that they’ve got a right to speak. People have got a right to state their view at a rally, but no-one has a right to violence.”

Go and tell your union thugs, Shorty! Its them who are violent.

Shorten condemns ‘exaggerated’ fears of Reclaim Australia protesters
Bill Shorten condemns the fears of Reclaim Australia protesters in the wake of yesterday’s heated, anti-Islamic rallies.
Violence is what the enemedia needs to condemn us:

A man at the Reclaim Australia rally in Hobart was arrested and charged with assault after his group clashed with the counter-rally supporting multiculturalism.

A large rally was held in Sydney, where police were forced to remove opposition protesters who stormed the Reclaim Australia stage.

Clare Fester, who organised a counter-rally in Sydney, said Reclaim Australia was racist and divisive.

“It’s quite clearly an attack on Muslims and Muslim communities in this country,” she told ABC News.

Clare Fester is a retard.

 Mel Gregson is removed by police. (File photo)
Slogan of the Day

 “I’m sorry, prime minister, a lot of Australians have an issue with paying a tax for halal certification when 98 per cent of Australians are not Muslim,” Ms Hanson said. …   More resistance to the halal racket at (thanks to Mullah, pub)

Protest outrage
April 05, 2015: Police were forced to intervene in some ugly scenes across Australia yesterday as thousands of people hit the streets protesting several views of towards races.
Hundreds protest against Islamic extremism in rallies around Australia
Protesters waving Australian flags and carrying signs such as “Yes Australia. No Sharia” rallied around the country on Saturday  | The Japan Times

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“Huge Green Spaces”

A token Negro tells Britons how to stuff their country with third world welfare seekers.

Britain’s ‘huge green spaces’ means immigration is NOT too high, says ex Labour minister

FORMER Labour minister David Lammy yesterday insisted Britain’s “huge green spaces” with no migrants showed immigration was not too high.


David LammyGETTY

David Lammy thinks that Britain has no immigration problem because of ‘huge green spaces’ 

The would-be London Mayor insisted the UK did not have too many immigrants.“If you look at our population, it can manage, there are huge green spaces in the country where there aren’t immigrants,” he told BBC Breakfast..

“It’s not too high, it’s not.”

Mr Lammy attacked the Conservatives for committing to a “silly target”, which they failed to hit, of cutting net immigration to under 100,000 a year – and for cutting the English language classes he said helped newcomers integrate into British society.

“The Tories spectacularly missed the target after ramping up the rhetoric,” he said.

“We’re not setting a silly target, there’s no need for a silly (target).

“What there is is a need to manage the system once people are here – no access to the welfare state, absolutely right; the ability to speak English – why are they cutting English language classes if you want people to integrate?

There are huge green spaces in the country where there aren’t immigrants–David Lammy

“Look at their record, it’s shocking, it’s appalling.”Tory Immigration Minister James Brokenshire told the programme his party’s target had been “blown off course” by EU immigration but that would be curbed by plans further to restrict new immigrants’ access to welfare benefits.
“We still think net migration does need to come down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands,” said Mr Brokenshire.

“We have been blown off course in this Parliament as a consequence of EU migration which has doubled.

“That’s why David Cameron has been very clear on cracking down on things like the welfare side of things so that you only come here to work.

“Actually it’s Labour that have not got the policies on this. They haven’t got controls.”

Last year Mr Lammy warned Labour against reacting to the political threat posed by the UK Independence Party by adopting too hard a line on immigration.

“I don’t think that posturing and positioning each time there’s a new immigration poll is right for the Labour Party.

“We are a pro-immigration party, a pro-European party,” he told an interviewer last November.

Attacks on Muslims will become specific hate crime, say Tories in bid to establish full extent of Islamophobia in Britain

Punishing “Islamophobia”

Learn to obey your oppressors, kafirs! Submit, pay the jiziya with willing submission or die:

The ultimate perversion: a million British girls are”groomed”, plied with alcohol, drugs and gang-raped by Paki crime gangs, and instead of cracking down on Islamic crime gang this dhimmi government threatens patriots with trumped up charges. “Islamophobia” is not even a proper word, its an absurdity.

The move by Mrs May, pictured here with Prime Minister David Cameron, has been hailed by Islamic groups
  • All police would record anti-Muslim hate crimes if Tories win the Election
  •  Islamophobic attacks would be separate category, like anti-Semitic crimes
  • At present some police forces, including Met, record these crimes as such
  • Would create accurate picture of the extent of these hate crimes in Britain

Every police force in England and Wales will be required to record anti-Muslim hate crimes and treat them as seriously as anti-Semitic attacks if the Tories win the next General Election, Theresa May has announced.

In a move hailed by Islamic groups, Mrs May said that police will have to record Islamophobic attacks as a separate category, just as anti-Semitic crimes are recorded separately.

At present some forces, including London’s Metropolitan Police, do record Islamophobic crimes as such. Other forces categorise them as hate crimes or specific offences such as assault or grievous bodily harm. (Daily Mail)

In other news:

Everyone would benefit if sharia law were utilised in Australia– Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

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A Muslim father

A Muslim father stormed into a Catholic school and launched a tirade of racial abuse at teachers:

We have documented similar incidents on this blog. There have been violent attacks on teachers, especially when a Mustard insisted that certain parts of history are to be omitted or a muselmanic version of it is taught.

According to this report, the teachers were verbally assaulted and abused in front of the children and parents ‘without provocation’.

Fury of Muslim father after Catholic school orders Islamic students to shave off their beards
  • Mohammad Liaqat racially abused teachers at his child’s Catholic school
  • Muslim father, 34, was furious that pupils were not allowed to grow beards
  • Liaqat continued tirade at another school and shoulder barged headmaster
  • He was found guilty of racially-aggravated behaviour and assault

Mohammad Liaqat launched into a ‘racist tirade’ after Mount Carmel School headteacher Xavier Bowers (pictured) banned Muslim pupils from growing beards

A Muslim father stormed into a Catholic school and launched a tirade of racial abuse at teachers after two teenage pupils were banned from lessons for refusing to shave their beards.

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“They hate free speech. They use fascist tactics to try and shut us down”

Pauline Hanson was there to declare she is not a ‘racist’.

“I am not a racist. Criticism is not racism.” Ms Hanson said she was merely a proud Australian fighting for the country’s democracy, culture and way of life.

Reclaim Australia supporters, wearing Australian flags, blue and wielding signs like “Kill ISIL” and “No Sharia Here” cheered as speakers preached anti-Islamist views and castigated the United Nations for criticising Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. (From the Courier Mail)


These socialist blockheads are no friends of FREE SPEECH:

Andrew Bolt

Organiser Mel Gregson said No Room for Racism was formed with the express purpose of shutting down the 16 rallies across Australia planned by Reclaim Australia

Reclaim Australia Brisbane rally met with crowd of people protesting against them
A RALLY purportedly against extremism has been met with an opposing crowd of protesters in Brisbane.
Reclaim Australia plan second rally after Newcastle ‘success’
PHOTOS: Reclaim Australia is planning to rally again in Newcastle after organisers dubbed the group’s Saturday protest a success.
Fairfax commenters are as dense and clueless as their scribblers.
Lunatic Rabble Marching

The organizers claim they want “to show the people of Australia we have had enough of minorities not fitting in and trying to change our Australian cultural identity.

“We’re not out to demonize the larger Muslim population because we can see the good that they’ve done. You can see that they’ve denounced terrorism,” Reclaim Australia’s spokesman, John Oliver, said.

When did they do that? Have we missed something? 

Anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ marches are planned for 16 major cities on Saturday. Opponents have lashed out at the event in social media, calling it ‘Nazi’,… RT.COM
Anti-Muslim rallies take place Australia wide
Anti-Muslim rallies take place Australia wide

Combined force of anti-Islam groups – marching under banner ‘Reclaim Australia’ – clash with opposition protesters.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Tempers flared and mounted police intervened as protesters took to the streets to march against a combined force of anti-Islam groups across Australia on Saturday.

Marchers draped in the Australia flag carried signs screaming anti Islam messages such as “Sharia Law equals Pedophilia,” and “God Save Us” in Sydney, while in Perth a line of mounted police and other officers, some with dogs, kept opposing sides apart.

A media release on behalf of Rise Up Australia – a group participating under a “Reclaim Australia” banner – stated that the “grass roots movement” started off with just a few Aussies who “were sick of staying silent while Islam, through Multiculturalism, was slowly but surely taking away all of our rights and freedoms.”

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“New York City Women”– (don’t mention Islam!)


We also have a “Philadelphia mom.” The enemedia goes into overdrive to obscure the reality: Pamela Geller

How much longer can Islamic leaders keep saying this has nothing to do with their faith?  (Andrew Bolt)

Court drawing of Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui in federal court after being arrested in an alleged conspiracy to wage a "terrorist attack"  in Brooklyn

Islamic leaders must urgently reform their faith – or admit that this is a consequence of it: 

Two New York City women have been arrested and accused of planning to carry out a “terrorist attack” in the United States, according to a federal criminal complaint made public on Thursday.

Noelle Velentzas, 28, and Asia Siddiqui, 31, plotted to hit police, government or military targets based on their “violent jihadist beliefs,” according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

It said Velentzas and Siddiqui were conspiring “to prepare an explosive device to be detonated in a terrorist attack in the United States.”

The complaint said Velentzas had praised al Qaeda’s Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and said she and Siddiqui were “citizens of the Islamic State.”…

When they were arrested, agents found bomb-building materials including propane gas tanks, soldering tools, pipes, a pressure cooker and fertilizer, authorities said.

The women also voiced support for beheadings of Western journalists and others by militants in control of territory in Syria and Iraq, the complaint said…

Separately on Thursday, Muhanad Mahmoud Al Farekh, a U.S. citizen accused of training with al Qaeda in Pakistan, appeared in Brooklyn federal court on charges he had conspired to provide personnel to be used by Islamist militants in support of efforts to kill U.S. citizens and members of the U.S. military abroad.


Instead of reform we get this, from Victoria’s biggest Islamic school:

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has asked the principal of al-Taqwa College to explain why he told students that Islamic State was a Western plot.

The move comes as a former teacher at the school said principal Omar Hallak also told students that Israel did not exist and Jews were horrible people.

Don’t mention Islam

Strangely, no mention in the Lateline report and interview of the words “Islam” and “Muslim” in discussing the slaughter of more than 140 Kenyan students, almost all Christian, by the Islamist al Shabab.

About that attack:

New details emerged Friday about how a handful of fighters from the Shabab militant group, with just a few light weapons, managed to kill nearly 150 students in Kenya’s worst terrorist attack since the 1998 bombing of the United States Embassy in Nairobi.

Survivors said many students had fallen for the militants’ trick, voluntarily leaving their dorm rooms and obeying commands to lie down in neat rows, only to be shot in the back of the head…

The Shabab tried to justify the attack on Thursday by saying this part of Kenya was “a Muslim land under colony.” A Shabab spokesman called the university part of Kenya’s “plan to spread their Christianity and infidelity.”


Why does ABC host Tony Jones still treat Robert Fisk as his oracle – and the ABC’s preferred guru – on the Middle East? This time Fisk is soft-soaping Iran.

Obama Releases Statement on Kenya College Massacre Without Mentioning Islam, Christians,…
The Islamic extremists devout Muslims who slaughtered 147 people at a college in Kenya as they shouted “God is great” appeared to have planned extensively, even targeting a…  THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM